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the Movie includes also the

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Only One way to achieve Immortality

Start with the Well Chapter (Button) = introduction to the Symbols

wherefore the last 7 Questions in the EYE of the "About us" chapter get only later revealed

Next go to Divine Science, then Transmutation, Apocalypse/Symbols, and Science!

AND ITS NOT ABOUT DOGMA, AFTERLIFE (no one knows it all and you can have a broader view or not, thats fix!) AND IF JESUS HAD A SOUL LIKE WE HAD WHEN HE WALKED ON EARTH!!!

study it for yourself... and with divine science we rather say YES

Our Blog you find in the Well Chapter!, here it goes on, also with some Videos!


I tell Y what Y do

I tell Y what Y do

Video abspielen

16 April 2023

Only the Police and judges and lawyer know it, its all art (Kunst)... AKTE X... until summer time... and the blonde judge should be happy,

and it would be FOOLISHNESS not to go with the Flow... the other people end with nothing in their heads, and stand upon their heads! and if you dont like beauty like the reservoir, do not wonder when you become ugly... like annihilated(soul)... this and next life... how can you be worthy? only with foolishness?

German language, about the new nature reservoir in Austria etc.: Und von mir aus kannst auch noch einen Riesen Sportplatz dort bauen... Richter und seine Kinder... gibt genug Möglichkeiten und später die SUPER - SCHNELLVERBINDUNGEN... die Fläche haben wir... und für Spielereien ist dann auch noch Platz... und die Schneeleos haben es gut genug... auch wenn keine großen Berge... aber basteln paar Dinge.

Und am Ende müssen noch die Gifte weg, Vergleich mit dem Jahre 1780, und dann passt es, und ja mit Tech leicht möglich!!! ist schon hier die Tech! und ein Tal was versetzen etc. Und als wäret ihr unter einem dunklen Fluch und nur dämlich...ein Zirkus... kann man Ihnen nur mit aller Einfachheit zeigen... und paar Bilder... und dann macht es mal click! Und wir haben keine 5 Kinder mehr (nach Pille, Komfortfaktor/Pension etc), soziales Phänomen, blicken sogar komisch... und in Schulen kann man noch was lehren, richtige Worte....und die letzte Ausrede, Sie werden als Transhumanisten 2030 unsterblich (weil der andere Teil wurde nun zerstört, Ich meine ihre LÜGEN)... komplette Idioten - nur Lügen... nimm mein Video ernst und weil auch Ich meine es im Sommer mit euch ernst! so spielt ihr nicht mit mir... so nicht! und blicke dann auf die Clowns... wer Sie wirklich sind. Und Ich habe 3mal gesagt, da bist längstens in Space und etc. bevor irgend so ein Clown etc. etwas länger lebt, bla bla bla... ihr verspottet/verhöhnt euch ab jetzt selber...Und der "Zirkel Schwachsinn" zieht auch nicht, Gifte und Depopulation (manche denken so)... schau dir die Insektenwelt etc. an... da ist ENDE mit lustig. Und es steht in keinem Verhältnis, egal was... siehe LC BUILDING (scrolle ganz runter), die Zerstörung ist zu groß, verträgt die Insektenwelt nicht mehr... daher Pestizide weg mit Tech (Scanner am Traktor etc., die ganze Tech ist so gut wie da)


31 August 2023,

The dates of the astronomical summer season can vary from year to year. This year, summer began on June 21 and will end on September 23... lets go on!!!

dearth penalty.png

02 Oktober 2023,  (they attack me very hard but I go on, transformation!!!, and yes, they do not want that you get the higher Soma)

MILITARY, Universities... - Police (also all cities, per email) ==> firefighters & we have the protest people ==> flyer also (not just) for hairdresser! AND TELL THEM, WE HELP THE MILITARY & WE ALSO WANT THE NATURE RESERVE (so you are without shame)

Also the SOMA we reveal only later, that Soma we need for fast Ascension



The crazy Fight, you see it here, "7 questions" chapter & "Movie" chapter
Its about the SATELLITE WEAPON etc... and who is behind it etc. You can also just watch the Movie, part 1 - 7 + the final part!!!
(its all in the BUTTON: "Satellite weapon Summary, police report") & this are attacks on Austria/France ground!!!

NOTICE: when I write, "to kill them", I do only mean via law (death penalty, whoever is behind it), and any incorrect formulation = HACKER!

At the end I figured out its just a KLASSENKAMPF (class struggle) and also because its all a lie... even about sustainability (Nachhaltigkeit), because we manage it, my Website proves it!!! Its the Supercapitalism end USA and your mind is the target in this new kind of WAR!
BANKER USWEF Mafia versus us! 



UPDATE: remember, the MOVIE has now no clicks (wherefore only the MOVIE will show you the problem!!! we have!!!), therefore:


What matters, Y have to translate the rest,  JUDGE will love it... that it destroys also life force, consciousness goes down... less self control body, tongue - I mean awareness... so NEVER smile JUDGE! NEVER, big mistake - WE STUDIED IT, and its USA CRAP (behaviour control)

Want to hear that? all woke people must love SAT, makes Y to Transhumanist "Homos-homogen", Testosteron down... and full of dark fire and SOFT like a snail! better you leave Y b*stard for Y will receive the opposite

I know in that Video is the music too loud, I had no time

but Y get no erection as long as Y have it, got it... and later? we have it all through, Y can D*e (death penalty) or correct it, END of DEBATE

REST, READ the 17 POINTS in the MOVIE or better check the reports... and Movie PART5 shows Y very clear, we know who is behind it

You think I make a step back because of Edtstadler (chastize me), you errr greatly, you can have full blown "WAR"





DEATH PENALTY (if we get one) Edtstadler & co,for the case Calculate it: beam bullets, they have now all the data!, lets say 10 minutes 1 person (not perfect but...),6 in 1 hour, x 24= 144,144 x 365(year) = ~50 000x60 000 SAT which they want to have very fast(against all science etc.), how many 0?

If You have in a country like Austria 3 Million whom you do not like so much... make them more soft and... DEATH PENALTY... TOMORROW AT BEST...oder Zeugenschutzprogramm!!! (witness protection program)

ART: The Rosecrucian & many other would ask, why feminine? The answer (via art) is very simple, because of all the DARK FIRE!!! & I said Transhumanist Homo-Homogen,its not directly about Homos, complete artificial...& without rule of law = the JUDGE is done(mindless maleable mass)

That there is no rule of LAW, Y see it also with the FCC paper which has 12 or 14 flawed assumptions about EMF (6G Technology) versus 1000 peer review paper...the JUDGE is done,Y will not get away with it...Y become the "TARGET"!& just go into 70 GHZ etc.& in military field, but privately


WE HAVE THE MAJORITY OF EMF SCIENTIST who are against it!!!, Y know the old Blog which is but now deleted

We want a DEATH penalty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want no longer to hear that BUZZ or they shall D*e, do you get me JUDGE?

and that is just another paper, not what I mean and they use the strong stuff here

When we speak about the SCIENTIST, the REAL special EMF SCIENTIST LEADER, its the MAJORITY (we have them)

but for sure there are  more people in the peer review paper!!! 

and they had a few at the WHO, bought... I will break all Yr bones, and I get even bulges 

...they included not even that: “none of these studies modulated or pulsed the signal as required by 5G or used other features of 5G technology,”

I will BREAK all YOUR BONES...

All what they have is a FLAWED FCC paper & Censorship via google etc. so that Y dont see the papers or the majrority of the scientist who are against it,& the stuff here is in the military field...I will break all Yr bones...they still sit in the parlament after many months

You hear me right JUDGE!

and this PERVERT people, Epstein Island (already in news, even in militarynews) have the SATELLITE & do whatever they want

...and this FACT CHECKER are from Bill & Melinda Gates foundation etc. and...epochtimes and etc... knows it (many)... some should even stay before a judge and did hide in France and etc. 


And maybe they have a "Terrorism law" via Rockefeller UN & Washington = a SWAMP = nothing matters... this WHORE shall give an answer now

Gesendet: Dienstag, 22. August 2023 um 10:19 Uhr
Von: "Martin Mostbauer" <>
Betreff: Du willst mich umbringen

aber Ich werde dich TÖTEN... per GESETZ später

weil er dreht ja nur noch stark auf bei mir!



They gave me another song:

but later we go HARD or not?

Betreff: da kommt die Schutzfunktion hinzu (Gefahr in Verzug),

ähnlich wie bei Pandemie... merkt es euch

und fällt eh nicht auf mich zerstören zu wollen?

                                                               ========> und mit wem hängen Sie ab?
Betreff: Jetzt wollen sie mich umbringen

so weit sind wir schon, und Ich Sie

Betreff: Diese HURE, alle sollen mich lieben


wir bringen SIE alle um                                 ======> DEATH PENALTY, if we get one!!! (and Website saved viaWin G...)

fertig aus... JOKE hoch 10 hier                                      everyone shall do now his part, and Y have no chance even when you

                                                                               would delete this website
Betreff: und Frankreich Militär weiß auch schon Bescheid

solange verarschen und dann, gehe zu den scheiss Richter


Betreff: meine Stimme sogar im Arsch

Ich hetze dir das ganze Militär auf den Hals du scheiss Hund, du holst dieses scheiss Viech jetzt her

Betreff: Die Hure Edtstadler ist es???

jetzt nur noch stärkstes ZEUG, soll verrückt werden weil meine Webseite so gut dasteht!

gehe zu den scheiss Richter!

Und bleibt bei den FLYERN, es geht schon Monate lange so, hier stimmt es hinten und vorne nicht! und death penalty nur laut Gesetz


LAW AND ORDER??? (die if we get death penalty)

& here we find a hacker example but one time also I got very angry under EMF (such problems we have, just check the bulges picture... find it on the Website):

Social m.png

Its about death penalty!
in that case it was the HACKER!


WHY DEATH PENALTY?: check VIDEO 8 October 2023==>

1 minute 30 to 2 minutes (1min 40)

death beam bullets, body tremble!!! and I look horrible!

The views show you, that the people get it! wherefore I have also pushed him...

now already 34 million and on other channels some view!

why my post is up there?... and 3 days ago and just one hands up...LOL... we get it! cool song, also the other one which I shared yesterday (gave to me)... could have a bit more views...

UPDATE: I see now only my postings when Iam registered, its a JOKE!!! what they do!

Rich men.png

Those who have already turned around will be forgiven!, those who stay at the end with them, to 99 percent they die!!!

Why shall we forgive them? they had no direction and even the Arcanum was hidden to them yet all other... they shall die!

US first IDEA was to build it upon the Arcanum,its the hidden history,Y did it all wrong...Y will not rule! but EUROPE & Russia will not be angry (Fun) messed it first up...& India would be another strong country and etc...You USA will be just like other... but also could have a chance?

... but I could still leave... its up to other like with the FLYER...and I have enough done, showed it all, Iam Target Number One

Then Y say all Satellite to Austria??? ok, France and Swiss have the same problem... they follow and maybe Italy later

Its just one politician who does not obey can become a TARGET but when Logiacolumn is known... and their investigations etc... figured it out... then its the whole military and FLYER and... soon GOOD BY

martin mostbauer@Logiacolumn

... and You loose your face before other countries... like France or SWISS... FIND A SOLUTION... 

martin mostbauer@Logiacolumn

... and before there will be a negotiation the whole france military WAKES up to it! 

martin mostbauer@Logiacolumn

The time of IGNORANCE is soon over, everyone knows its true Edtstadler... whom do "Y" threaten next? Police? military? common people (happened already but)..

martin mostbauer@Logiacolumn

I will not go to the apartment and accept directly 8 beam bullets, but I DECLARE WAR if you play for a much longer time stupid


POST: thats on the MAIN page (Website): I shall just live in the cellar? I can put the computer to that place or... but I have enough of it

last post.png
best post.png

Where is your RESET?, one simple picture!



37 million views, my NUMBER!, was still up there (rich men song, Oliver Anthony)

Screenshot Edtstadler.png

UPON the head!
we have the evidence,
you ignore us!

ANZEIGE ERSTATTET, 25 August 2023 (reported Police etc.)

and additional  I told it also OE24,,

last failure USA.png

The last shower 1,5 weeks ago, always on the jump, and I have enough of it... time I said,I will K*ll you all... it was under EMF and the reason=when the BUZZ is here... every person can check it even without gauge!!!, and that is pure provocation for me (beam bullets another story),as soon as the police knows something or military & just play Boss?


I checked 3 frequencies and the real strong stuff is maybe Havanna syndrom! I believe so

(you will find it in the REPORTS, explanation)

... every police person acknowledges, sees it... we are able to figure it out!