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Later, the 7 Questions will be answered here


Again, Videos found on YOUTUBE/RUMBLE/TWITTER
and UPDATE: 7 questions corrected, 21 August 2023, 13:21





Now, in the MAXIMUM we have the divine mind, in my case its already "saved" because of the first ascension!

They on the other side can never reach it, block themselves with their demons und play Transhumanist! (they do not understand the CUBE GRID, the river in all cubes, its both: standalone and not, and every transmutations setp dissolves the whole body... and the body is also the Halit, yes in some sense also the circumference)

The Sphere is indestructible...they are not! by which we can compare it with the universe,

and since they are not able to reach ever the MAXIMUM, now the FLUID DYNAMICS can never be on their side...

and their destruction awaits them! even afterlife... they stay animal-like... play gods but always in escapism but also in ESCAPE mode!

We can only speculate (when we have no prophetic Vision about it), how the FD will destroy them... yet there are so many possibilities...

that it is not worth to think about it! The real gods dwell on the best planet... and yes more planets exist and with life...

And they build their own prison... and want slaves... and become themsleves a tool!

GOOD, they destroy also many lives... even from pneumatic people by which they receive a bigger HAMMER upon their heads (naturally the FD will do it)...because they believe that they must push their own VIEW and opinions on all other people via force, because they are animals...

and yes, somehow some pneumatic people will still do better in afterlife... or most of them...

On a lower level we are a bit stressed out but from a higher perspective it is clear!

Water goes down, FIRE upwards... and when we imagine it is a fiery realm... the more subtle realm once the body is cast off... it must be the contraction of the DARK which draws them back... after the PAIN... and some people receive more PAIN... and... much FEAR... but I want

to figure it out for myself... how comes the fiery essence into action? They have the fire outward, thats why also the second sun burns them, that is clear and we in the apocalypse have the full flame inside... because the dark clouds are cast out... then they leave witht he soul!

YET fot he BELIEVER of LC and those who are on my side... its already a good sign... also the mind does matter and the evolutionary aspect of the soul versus those animals... so you can stay more calm and how you manage the FIRE later (at least you have that advantage)! and also how you go on with your life! That means, we simple can IMAGINE the higher heavenly planets, includes also planets where the real gods, if your soul is on a lower LEVEL (not the full flame) then this REALM seems like for your own eyes (just to explain it) like a very fiery realm... because you for yourself are NOT READY! = KEY KNOWLEDGE!!! ===> FOR SURE WE EXCLUDE NOW LC AND THAT WE HAVE "TOOLS" TO BRING PEOPLE HIGHER, ALSO WITH DIVINE FIRE... not the topic now! Lets go on, then you have not the FULL FORM, sacred geometry, like with Transmutation but be CAREFUL... your soul can be still advanced and still you grow old... and I always said... its not just that

HELL is a WORD... what is the meaning?... many old comparisons with whatever... even on this secondary level... Gehenna... I dont care...

Its their own deformation and sight. Yet I see many STARS, that means not just reincarnation on this planet, and the worst people, its like they get drawn to their SWAMP... and just stay there... they do not change their mind... they are like blocked... that means also that they reincarnate as ANIMALS which means in the lowest passions etc. Behold: LC is different, then we would need LFI (LIGHT FIRE IMPRINTS) and correspondences and etc... to train the mind

then DIVINE FIRE for fast ascension and other hidden stuff... so for those people who like it, then they go so or so fully into that stuff!

Therefore we must watch later the SEVENFOLD [carefully], even their qualities etc... because otherwise we cannot really understand afterlife... and thats why we call it DIVINE SCIENCE... its not done without it...

IT IS TRUE THAT HEAVEN & HELL EXIST CO-ETERNAL, even in man... but the MAXIMUM of HELL and as we learned... they produce a nothingness... like a silhouette!!! also they miss the element earth! And I also believe that they could live a bit longer and I do also not deny SCIENCE... no, what is useful... but dont think they can call themselves IMMORTAL... for sure not... you can cut off their heads (and their divine imprint is messed up?!!!)... and then what remains? Therefore IMMORTALITY comes first with the soul and the soul shapes also the body! and you leave with your SPHERE! to make it simple!

And since the SEVEN Spirits generate also the smell... even sound... so you know, ITS ONLY ABOUT YOU! Therefore there is no GOD who builds HEAVEN and HELL like a place where you go... and like it would be only about the place... you know now what I mean!!

I see the DARK & LIGHT as something like the finest Element, as we figured also out, light like most fast, BOW-LIGHTNING, fills the glass... therefore the dark contraction power throws people down... dark as opposite! AGAIN: To make it simple, you fill yourself with the 4 Elements... through ascension! and the DARK, to eat yourself into matter, like the first desire...And the FIRST MATTER you seek... only done via Spirit. NOW, so you also have this little inclinations... worldly stuff, just call it that way... and your soul more "dumb" or not... do you have a desire for higher things or not and so on... yet for sure there are really many aspects about souls... If we would believe Plato, some souls are allowed to choose if they stay in afterlife on this or that better place or... thats another story... and by which reason they are able to choose? we could only imagine that the magnetic power, that which draws them DOWN... has less influence... and with their will they are then able to choose, which is very possible... afterlife is so or so a bigger topic.... also so explained in the chapter... THAT MEANS, when they get drawn down, their MIND faces something like a huge emptiness and nothing can fill it... because simple their mind is not ready for it... yet I speak about the spiritual mind! the MAGNETIC part is STRONGER!

They fly down and already in the womb stuff attaches to them, because of WEAKNESS... not yet ready! its not like the guilt of the mother or...

And all the "fractals" are in the womb, everything is reflected upon the mirror... as strange as it sounds, with their inward drive, they FEAR the fulllness of the be filled with all light! so to speak, they cannot pass fully through the FIRE... yes the fire will "cleanse" him but... the soul is not build... for... its like as I had spoken about the GRIP, even in "gnostic" Text you read it... yet I go by divine science... how that stuff is ATTACHED/ linked/ shackled/ adhered and like glue! I KNOW THAT ALSO BY FACT... I COULD SMASH SOMEONE WITH DIVINE WATER LIGHT... THE SOUL JUMPES OUT FROM ALL THE DARK CLOUDS.... but too much EMPTINESS, and a drawing back later... and therefore it needs a real transformation and training, also heart preparation!

Behold: NEWTON did know that with the water, when you spin it, you get this geometrical forms... and he got taught abut the sevenfold yet why he was because of that so interestet into gravity... I do not know!


NOW, for sure it is difficult to imagine on one side that it is SEVENFOLD and ONENESS yet the MIRROR helps us... and the eternal wheel... everything reflected upon it... and equilibrium... in that flow... like MOVEMENT & REST.... and then on top of that, different degrees of subtility and fixity... so we have a kind of ratio how they operate together... and with opposite points like darkness and light...etc. and for sure the CUBE, our salt... only possible via the sevenfold... its is most simple but... similar there no higher perfection than a circle... roundabout!...yet all that stuff is for later, the LAST 7 questions etc... now we just have a simple insight about afterlife! And I know, every scientist would ask why 7fold and not 13fold or whatever... yet the TRIADIC is clear... through it and you need it... the circle you need... and the mirror... so its for later (to figure out the rest)


When you ask me why more planets and with life and...? A simple answer would be, the souls are too different... but for sure for many is that not enough... then I could say that I have seen fantastic realms... and with the sounds... you could not even imagine... but I do not mean now like HEAVEN... as you know that stuff... and may it exist (as you believe that it looks like), and be wonderful or whatever but we have still human imaginations... and what I mean with some other realm... that stuff is so heavy... then you know what really BORING means... I cannot even live on this planet without divine vision... too BORING! I have not figured out now if this Planet is one of the lowest or whatever... on one side with divine vision... who knows how this planet could be transformed... but... there are great things... I do not know... This planet is for me a bit too "stable"... with matter, also with first matter.... for sure... good stuff we have here.... but another mixture would be also ok... and not necessarily matter is the problem as also FIRST MATTER we have in the apocalypse... but also with matter... a bit more subtle the realm... more fast... not so stable...would be not bad

2) New revelations (later):

What is with the SOMA? Answer, it was always and also Psylocibin (yet ignore all lower "visions", jut astral stuff), you find it in the gnostic churches yet I did not take it the last 6 years... only before that, opens the heart... but you have to live the "gnostic life" and at the end how much fire has one in himself depends upon the soul, reincarnation?! to go up... And with that the revelation is almost finished! and I can leave later



And Psylocibin is not for everyone and you should not eat something - 8 hour before you take it, otherwise the astral realm gets you, etc. and so on...

You would need to keep the HARD ANCIENT RULES! 

THE HIGHER SOMA I DO NOT REVEAL IT HERE, ITS NOT EVEN IN MY THOUGHTS (thats how secret I keep it via the Spirit)



UPDATE: its now in the FILE, BUTTONS you find on the main page (, 29.11.2023, we see later how it goes on!

No matter what part of this "conspiracy theory" is true or not: IAM NOT AGAINST SCIENCE, YET LET THEM BUILD THEIR DIGITAL PRISON, THEIR TRANSHUMAN SLAVE SOCIETY?... AND YET ALSO THEY THEMSELVES BECOME TOOLS (archonic) AND WILL TURN EVEN MORE CRAZY... AND THEY PRODUCE THE HUMAN EMERGENCY (even the "plandemy" AND WHENEVER IT BREAKS... IT GETS DESTROYED AGAIN... AND IT WAS DONE IN VANITY & FEAR etc., ==> AND A BODY to DIVINE IMPRINT as an REVERSE EFFECT does not exist!!! and will never exist... and the rest about transmutation I explained already... full dissolution in every transmutation step... and the cube grid with the river and so on!

====> the MESSAGE remains for every leader or future leader, does not work that way!!!


Light most fast, fills the mirror (ratio), fire like a blaze and so on

watery stone = glass

moon = coolest point

... rest later =====> final change: it will be found here: 



Yet as I said, some need a bit longer other not to receive glimpses about the divine Vision and so on... yet again, the revelation cannot be taken away from Y nor the desire (to use that word)... Y will be kept on the path, thats for sure... when Y have it now... it will remain!

The rest about the SEALING, you find on Twitter, and VIDEOS (144 000, also about Dogma, very important!!!)... its a kind of baptism yet they must share my teaching = a deed is necessary and its the SEPARATION because the enemy will never share it, one separation = get rid of the enemy and second one = only higher spiritual minded people will accept it!



AT THE RIGHT DAY ====> the ENEMY does not even want that I give that to You, shoots the hardest BEAM bullets this COWARD (now as I write it down and explain it all to You)






AGAIN: the crazy Fight, you see it here, "Movie chapter" & "main chapter ("- Its about the SATELLITE WEAPON etc... and who is behind it etc. You can also just watch the Movie, part 1 - 7 + the final part!!! 

(its all in the BUTTON: "Satellite weapon Summary, police report") & this are attacks on Austria/France ground!!!






(your decision, I will keep my word)

ONE LITTLE CORRECTION (Flyer), instead of SAT TERROR it should be written SAT BULLETS (SAT KUGELN)

Update 06 October 2023 (and Format must be correct)! and yes, the TEXT should be like on the business card! (the FLYER was just a test)


... the business card (thats even better!!!):

yet instead of "Konzept", I have to write "Projekt"!

FINAL PRINTING DATA, you get it here:

HE FUNNY JUDGE WILL TELL ME, WE JUST MAKE YOU SOFT WITH THAT SAT STUFF, I WILL ALSO DO SOMETHING WITH YOU, YOU DARK FIRE B*STARD, for the case that would be in your mind (wherefore to be REAL here, not said that the judge did know anything about it)

and yes, Testosteron down & etc., and you become stupid, make mistakes... yet you will not regenerate so fast like Iam... I mean You have no tricks

Gesendet: Montag, 21. August 2023 um 08:31 Uhr
Von: "Martin Mostbauer" <>
Betreff: Hätte nicht mal Sinn dass Ich hier bleibe

weil Sie sich komplett bewaffnen!!! wollen ja alles beschleunigen, gleiches mit SAT, schießen nun alles so schnell wie möglich hoch

also ist die Eingebung richtig und gut so

ENDE aus, so ihr nichts tut, kein Soma

gilt für ALLE, mein Wort halte Ich immer

===> would also not make much sense to stay here, they go now even more fast, one SAT after another which darkens the stars...

1000s and 1000s and more... and via POESY, they darken the stars in the night sky, so Your star light being!


(otherwise use rumble [censorship possible], check out the problem we still have, thats why we have no perfect Design regarding the whole website)


and therefore the opposite is true! and I have only problems

(please translate it via your browser)

ABOUT THE WEBSITE (how to build it...):


WHAT I MISS ON MY WEBSITE, THAT IS, AN ANIMATION, LIKE TO GO INTO A ROOM AND THEN CLICK ON PICTURES ON THE WALL or etc., with that it would be perfect! its like FINE GRINDING, to have a chapter (Top bar) with something like that! ...wherefore at least one last thing I would do beside the new templates, check VIDEO(change mouse cursor):






About the ENEMY, scripture, the Arcanum

In preparation to leave, destroy my stomach... and they do not stop with satellite, sat, their Satan)

Revelation 11? (divine fire because of the hard revelation which but torments the enemy!!!, ==> dry bones...they choose the plague and we release it (they cant accept our teaching, and go the other direction!!!) ===> the enemy is just carnal, he thinks only about the flesh... understands things only in the flesh (their dark birds, raven), heaven remains closed to them, they bath in their own plague and hope for the best!)

Addendum: little mistakes in divine science, ignore it...the cautious reader will figure it out. The CAUTIOUS READER shall focus upon divine science etc... and not on all the vulgar words etc. in the Blogs... its their SATAN THING!...never forget that... liberate yourself! You have to read every chapter and then

You will see the ARCANUM even when there are little mistakes in the chapter!

THE DEVIL CAN ONLY DESTROY THE FLESH AND ASCENSION/ LIBERATION IS WHAT IT IS, AND WHEN THE FLUID DYNAMICS WOULD NOT TAKE CARE ABOUT EVERYTHING ==> then, THERE WOULD BE NO LIBERATION (and many realms, planets... exist)... so also the DARK FIRE is their prison and DARK FIRE SCIENCE exists... the DEVIL ist upon his throne and wants to prove something... and seems to be so clever...

Ya good you ask about 144 000 and marriage and...

wait a minute, this WHOLE THING is a MOVIE, with cycles, rythm... always happened in some way or another... and sometimes it goes a bit towards a MAXIMUM, thats all that is... same with Jerusalem... its also in revelation, not one stone upon another but happened already!

1) Babel is fallen for everyone in resurrection life (Babel build with dark fire, eternal smoke etc... into nothingness! Babel is the old communication System and the name Babel means CONFUSION)

2) marriage, everyone with the mystic eye, also married the land...

3) so that you may eat the flesh of kings, generals, and the mighty, of horses and their riders, and the flesh of all people, free and slave, great and small.” ===> positive or negative meaning... some receive the revelation, other not (and the mystic eye saint rules in his own kingdom)

4) The true prophet can only be the one with the mystic eye, its not just about telling the future [this term]... so also always the abyss exists, both... and 1000 year = resurrected, beheaded = head in the mystic eye [Sphere]... and the city represents just the people, may they dwell in/on whatever heaven/planets

5) 144000 = 144 everyone sees the symbolic number, CUBE city... the angels I explained so also the seven Spirits, thats why in the east, sun...light fills the earth (gold) and so on... all the "Metapher"/Symbols (explained somewhere else)... also plagues in the bodies etc... or sun which burns them because not fully transmuted ===> its the SWORD, its about the SEVEN SPIRITS

so also the SEA OF GLASS = MIRROR... 

===> when there would be a FINALITY, then also NEW EARTH would not be already here...and there is nothing to put on people in the apocalypse... never was... also Laozi just taught his stuff... we naturally just teach about it: Mystic eye... and you woud need to bring 7 billion people into the apocalype = not possible and not even everyone wants it!... we could only say the CUBE gets more revealed... but wherever it goes...wherefore who knows what was in the past, ancient cities... And the JEWS have simple written it too symbolic even when the Symbols fit... you dont hear that in India etc., and also the Essense Book is better! as I see it

And as I see it yet not the orthodox church, it includes also reincarnation (with the fire), second death and bla bla bla... cycles, rythm... whatever stars as they shine...

but its not so black & white... check the apocalypse chapter


Point 41 Divine science: ESSENES: The Spirit of man is the flame that streams between the star light and the golden candle holder [Menorah], the sea of glass like crystal, and reflected within it are all the mountains and valleys of the earth and all the creatures abiding there in. Opposite or fall: Sweet air becomes stench, the clear stream darkens and the crystal water becomes thick with slime, the light of life is made into a false sun (and destroying earth), the song of peace (peace and joy flowing through the soul of man) is filtered and hearing only discontent, the alliance between man and the creator by which man created a sickle in the shape of a snake and so reaped hunger and death, seeing the secret of eternity and beholding the tree of life but man said there is no eternity [immortality] ===> read the whole text!

===> that with the BEAST we read in every Alchemy Text!!!


like for example with EMF (Satellite terror), they produce dark fire with that Weapon... yet as I said, the guilt remains still upon them, not on those whom the hurt...

and as You see, I still do not go with them... NEVER...and I got also hit (many times)

ONLY ONE thing which the US WEF (Satellite people) could mess up... that is, that the final revelation/higher SOMA would not be here... that they could accomplish...


Und es gibt auch keinen Body soul reverse effect... das Feuer muss alles richten

FLYER perfekt3.png

No matter what you believe, new earth is already here and we just need to step into it, House not made with hands!!!, the city just represents the people, infinite treasure to them revealed and all symbols transferred towards the NEW city via DIVINE VISION!

Its not for fools who see only matter... and they can no longer participate in Babel [which is without divine vision]... its over...

About Symbols: You do also not seek the tree of life somewhere in the woods in Austria or wherever... you get it? And the nature reserve is also a symbol for paradise and this is called CORRESPONDENCE! The origin of this book comes from the Essene! read it! And its is a CUBE city because of DIVINE Vision, all symbols have a meaning! and who is clothed upon shall understand it! We do not seek a Stone in the river (Video), the PHILOSOPHER STONE is known to us... nor do we seek simple crystals as you know them but crystals are used because of the translucent realm! And I have at least 20 Symbols explained somewhere via Divine Vision (also the well, I dont go now through this book again, maybe one time via Video) And yes, you ask why all symbols need to be transferred? Answer, because of correspondence, they only see matter... at least they dont have the divine vision (and its the HIGHER LOGOS). And what happens when they see only matter? Answer, they "hunt" this or that thing and are not liberated... you get it? Every Symbol has also a meaning in the divine vision, it can be used to explain something about the divine Vision, transformation and so on... thats the LOGOS Gefährt (vehicle) from the lower to the higher level!

And everyone knows after the Judge I wanted only the reserve and offered a "deal" to delete the blogs, therefore they are in every sense guilty!

some emails, the situation before the Movie

Von: "Martin Mostbauer" <>
Datum: 11.06.2023 18:57:52
An: <>, <>
kein Internet, 1 T
elefonat und Satellit an (volle Stärke)

­zur Wohnung Handy checken und vorbei

Betreff: Benötige Polizei in Zivil und jemand

­muss die Vorgeschichte erläutern?

Von: "Martin Mostbauer" <>
Datum: 12.06.2023 05:33:31
An: <>, <>
Anonymer Nachbar mit Zugriff zur Wohnung

­Sie sind eine rechte Partei aber Ich Sie nicht gut kennen.
Helfen nicht mehr!

Schlaflose Nacht und muss jetzt zur Arbeit
Hauptsache Sie haben gut geschlafen!

Last thing to add: As it is written in the Well chapter Rothshield died on 7th (not wikipedia (8th November 2023, my negotiation day) but according to their family tree picture), and the Hemsey song is about the mirror, therefore who remains (Sat attacks)?

And yes, hits me now every day with SAT... and yes they produce massive DARK fire with SAT yet call it JESUS SINGULARITY

Von: "Martin Mostbauer" <>
Datum: 09.07.2023 12:11:31
An: <>
Betreff: Beweis MAGNETO, Satellit EMF ATTACKE, KÖRPER

siehst auch das FOTO dort und habe es etwas gerichtet, also die 7 questions, und ein letztes VIDEO
mit meiner letzten Prophezeiung!!!... und ja, dass mit DARK fire muss man richtig verstehen
meine science

So hart ist das Zeug, jeden Tag jetzt... paid of 2 years, another option:

You read it also in the Video:

Von: "Martin Mostbauer" <>
Datum: 09.07.2023 17:08:47
An: <>
Betreff: Und er will dich definitiv töten mit dem Zeug auf lange Zeit... zumindest mind

­weil TRÄUME nimmt er dir auch weg, auch im make a deal erwähnt... gibt jetzt einen BUTTON, 7 questions


Video:...massive dark fire production.. also es ist nicht die Lösung... vielleicht gibt es etwas für Gehorsam :-)...

aber holistisch daher zu 100 Prozent wird diese Welt zerstört (update, meine, wenn es weiter in diese Richtung geht)

Von: "Martin Mostbauer" <>
Datum: 09.07.2023 17:53:57
An: <>
Betreff: Überleben? nicht jeder, darum, siehe

­was JETZT noch ganz unten geschrieben (7 questions, über Träume und EMF)..

Und der ERSTE ist ein NARR... aber für den Nächsten... habt schon mal mich als Anhaltspunkt
und können es dann nicht mehr so stark ignorieren!!!! Landet halt jetzt in der Schublade... aber falls irgendwann... und aber ihr könnt es auch mit WIN G abspeichern,!
und musste am Anfang den Narren spielen aber bekomme es jetzt jeden Tag ab, dies alleine ist aber nicht der Grund warum Ich abhaue aber...

Last message to him:

Und dein scheiss Glücklich STRAHL (Hormonausschüttung, leichte science) kannst dir in den Arsch schieben… sind 100 000 Leute gleich zu Anfang wenn du nicht aufhörst, dann 500 000 und nehmen einfache andere Aussagen auf, mich auch mal erwischt und stimmt ja… kennen andere…(update: kennen 3 grundlegende Frequenzen welche er benutzt, superharte Zeug (Magenprobleme), was dazwischen und...)

Und wenn wir angefressen sind, nehmen wir die 1 Million welche da in social media etwas zusammenhängen... und wird sofort ein Thema für alle weil jeder den Scheiss hast...


Und ja EMF soll auch ein paar körperliche Probleme vertuschen, weiß Ich, Hauptsache das Ende kommt, und ja war jetzt gegen Ende immer etwas eingeschalten in Wohnung, nur halt öfters wurde umgeschaltet, (und UPDATE, ganz am Ende fast nur noch harte Tour gefahren/weil Ich immer besser dastehe)


Habe es nun genauestens studiert, er will mich darstellen als wäre Ich ohne Sinn und nur vulgär und etc…, damit bekommt ihr die höchste Strafe überhaupt und Ich habe die 100 Prozentige Versicherung den Körper später ablegen zu können [ohne irgendein Problem]. Und die SCIENCE bleibt., nicht Jesus Singularity aber massive dark fire production (EMF etc.)! == geht Richtung VERNICHTUNG!

Und es bedeutet aber auch für alle guten Leute, euch wird ZERO angelastet in afterlife!!! später die Erläuterung dazu! ==> Sie produzieren das BIEST, wird uns nicht angelastet, euer Wille ist nicht in diesem dark fire und es ist/war ein Angriff!, und euer mind im divine mind, da ist der wahre Verstand, wie ein Fraktal (siehe divine science)!

Ich habe es mir genau angesehen im Keller, anderes Gebäude, kommt auch sofort Kraft in den Händen zurück… und er hat wirklich die KRAFTWÖRTER heraufbeschworen und vieles andere nur um an mir dranbleiben zu können und seine wahre Intention ist mir einen RESET zu verpassen (und dieses Spiel einfach nebenbei, und auch wollen SIE alles vertuschen!)! Und er wird auch glauben gewonnen zu haben nachdem Ich den Körper abgelegt habe… und man müsste mich wieder zurückschicken was wohl kaum passieren wird! (UPDATE: falls es so kommt)

Und Ich sagte, massive dark fire production und gehen hin zur VERNICHTUNG!

...wobei dass mit Testosteron, Konzentration etc. hatte Ich ja woanders erläutert aber bekomme es zurück wenn EMF aus… Und natürlich musste Ich checken ob Ich mich von dieser unwichtigen Figur freimachen kann?!!!, also nicht mein AFTERLIFE versauen und nur Ihn im Kopf! Die ANTWORT ist JA, bin befreit davon… er ist trotz dem Dreck komplett unwichtig aber „euer“ VERSAGEN wird erkannt! ==> daher vieles was in der Wohnung geschrieben wurde etc… ist fake (vorwiegend Blogs, all die Wörter… und außer die science… etc… wer Sie sind) Das Ganze ist ein Witz, er will ein Schauspiel aus mir machen und nebenbei einen Reset, wobei diese Witzfigur glaubt dann wohl noch zu gewinnen weil Ich manchmal Degenerierter geschrieben habe…

Nun für die guten Leute, da ist keine Verklebung mit diesem dark fire, sollte euch nichts tun in afterlife! da steckt kein „natürlicher Vorgang“ dahinter, gehört euch nicht! wäre wie Fisch und Fleisch gleichzeitig essen, passt nicht zusammen… ==> Sie nennen es vermutlich Jesus Singularity aber produzieren das Biest und verdecken die Life force… darum meine Ansage, jeder Richter welcher mich noch anklagen möchte hätte hochgradig zu bezahlen in AFTERLIFE, also nach dieser Feststellung und kann man ja auch bei den 7 questions nachlesen!

Und noch einmal, gegen Ende war EMF nie ganz aus in der Wohnung, hat nur umgeschalten! Und die massive dark fire production, Sie sind die schlimmsten Verbrecher… => da ist nur komplette Umkehr oder Vernichtung möglich und umkehren werden Sie wohl kaum! ...und ja sie sind transhumanistisch veranlagt… Und ja, Sie produzieren nur einen SCHEIN mit EMF etc… und verdecken die life force… und ja im Keller im anderen Gebäude bin Ich auch gleich 3-5 mal so schnell, alles zusammen...versus mit EMF! Sie sind komplette Verlierer! UND ICH WERDE NIEMALS IHNEN GEHÖREN! ===> die VERNICHTUNG sogar eine logische Schlussfolgerung! (UPDATE: nennen wir Babel peak)

Von: "Martin Mostbauer" <>
Datum: 10.07.2023 21:59:25
An: <>, <>
Betreff: Selbst wenn Sie Gedanken überwachen wollen

wann auch immer mittels Tech,­ es ist nur das Fleisch mit dem dark fire... erreichen nicht den Spirit... Sie gehören der Verdammnis an... dieses Möchtegern Götter/Schöpfer




(should I leave, to make it fit:-) for fun

First the child born out of the Mysteries (zyklisch, und auch Ich hatte den ersten Aufstieg, darum das Wissen, und da war Ich auch geschützt, versteckt). Then Revelation 11
And if any man will hurt them, fire proceedeth out of their mouth, and devoureth their enemies: and if any man will hurt them, he must in this manner be killed. Alles was Ihnen bleibt ist eine schlechte Imitation aus der Hölle gleichwie der D
rache unten ist. Und dann die Freude dass mein Körper eingeht, und den Rest sollten Sie nie ganz sehen. Und der Prophet mit der harten Offenbarung wird zum Gespött. 
And when they shall have finished their testimony, the beast that ascendeth out of the bottomless pit shall make war against them, and shall o
vercome them, and kill them.
Aber wohl symbolisch wird der Leichnahm durch die Stadt gezogen = erfreuen sich daran! und als würden Sie sich gegenseitig Geschenke überreichen!...And after three days and an half the spirit of life from God entered into them, and they stood upon their feet; and great fear fell upon them which saw them.==> Und der Light body kommt zurück... auch wegen ersten Aufstieg... und warum 2 Zeugen?

And said unto me, What seest thou? And I said, I have looked, and behold a candlestick all of gold, with a bowl upon the top of it, and his seven lamps thereon, and seven pipes to the seven lamps, which are upon the top thereof: [3] And two olive trees by it, one upon the right side of the bowl, and the other upon the left side thereof...Then said he, These are the two anointed ones, that stand by the LORD of the whole earth.
3,5 Jahre...Ihr möget es euch denken!
Wenn dieser Teil auch etwas wörtlich genommen, ihr wisst ja, Symbolik, höhere Sprache und etc... dann auch: Halleluja! das Heil und die Herrlichkeit und die Macht unseres Gottes! 2 denn wahrhaftig und gerecht sind seine Gerichte; denn er hat die große Hure gerichtet, welche die Erde mit ihrer Hurerei verderbte, und hat das Blut seiner Knechte gerächt an ihrer Hand. (5. Mose 32.43) (Offenbarung 6.10) 3 Und zum anderen Male sprachen sie: Halleluja! Und ihr Rauch steigt auf von Ewigkeit zu Ewigkeit
Das FEUER vom anderen TIER, ist wohl auch ihr EMF... die Erhitzung (Körper etc.)! Und der Odem (Tier), ist das dark fire!!! welches Sie massiv produzieren!... muss ja auch die Heiligen überwinden... aber deren innerliche Kampf... egal nun... und Ich falle ja auch nicht ab von Gott... habe es erläutert!... was ja trotzdem bedeutet dass wir es Geistig nie annahmen!
Und den Spirit erreichen Sie nicht mal, die Macher gehören der Verdammnis an!
Und die 1000 Jahre gelten für sehr VIELE...

Von: "Martin Mostbauer" <>
Datum: 11.07.2023 05:49:20
An: <>, <>
Betreff: Das Biest tötet Ihn aber wir haben es dennoch

­nie angenommen... weil den Spirit erreichen Sie nicht... erläutert im FINAL STEP, 7 questions

BEWEIS im "Loslegen" BUTTON:

Sendungsnummer Pforte: RO722115392ATwurde am 18.10.2022 um 08:58 zugestellt.

Und im "BABEL NICHTEXISTENT" Button steht: Schreiben „LOSLEGEN“: RO722115517AT wurde am 25.10.2022 um 08:14 zugestellt. ABGESCHLOSSEN

"Also, was ist die letzte Schlussfolgerung? Verhetzung Widerklage (irdisch), alles wird fallen gelassen [so auch alle BUTTONS]... aber Anklage Neuer Mensch (Kunst) samt Verhetzung, Sie verfolgen mich wegen meiner Religion, LC Ihnen ein Hohn, wollen mich kreuzigen in Sodom & Gomorrha... Ich sage: Wer von euch ohne Sünde ist, werfe als Erster einen Stein! Und die große Einsicht kommt, MM hat Reue, lässt ja alle Buttons fallen ==> wobei eine Gleichstellung ist es keine, so in der Richtung Ich lasse alles fallen... Gleichstellung wäre JA Rechtfertigung... es wäre nur der künstlerische Ausdruck, hat sich gereinigt, steigt auf [NEUE MENSCH], blickt zurück... lässt alles fallen (aber sollte sich eigentlich jetzt besonders stark fühlen). Die WAAGE kann man nur psychisch erfassen... anders kann man es nicht erläutern! Im künstlerischen Ausdruck könnte Ich sagen, ihr habt es mehr übertrieben wollt alle "impfen" bis in alle Ewigkeit aber Ich zeige den Weg raus aus dem Labyrinth (LC initiiert) aber im irdischen Kontext nicht möglich da mit der Waage herumzuhantieren... wird einfach alles abgelegt... und am Ende bleibt nur die Kunst!"

Von: "Martin Mostbauer" <>
Datum: 11.07.2023 06:39:01

An: <>, <>
Betreff: Euch als Zeugen gehört der Himmel

­mit dem anointing, also vieles von divine science etc... und nicht gegen mich...

reines Dogma spielt keine Rolle... nur essential = fear of GOD..

und abspeichern den letzten Beweis
daher auch den Kampf auf sich nehmen
siehe, findet ihr im LOSLEGEN BUTTON... noch notiert bei 7 questions
"Das Schwert trennt ab, andere werden blockiert..."

Von: "Martin Mostbauer" <>
Datum: 11.07.2023 06:44:01
An: <>
Betreff: Beweis im LOSLEGEN BUTTON

­und wer es schafft und wer nicht wird erläutert, nun bei 7 questions zu lesen
Gib es den 3 Richtern

WAS WIR AN WICHTIGEN DOGMA HÄTTEN, WÄRE NUR AFTERLIFE (egal, wenn fear of God remains, wie das Schlimmste könnte passieren)



Und am ENDE werden alle gerichtet... und nicht jedem Muslim noch etc. erwartet das Schlimmste... vergesst nicht diese Verse!

Und vermutlich mein Letztes Zeichen von Gott, 10.07(17) 2023(7), 10:30 (3 und 13) Uhr Pickerl machen... bekomme Ich nicht und müsste selber Teile bestellen,

aber nach Inspektion ist es erlaubt noch 1000 km zu fahren! also muss Ich am Zettel noch notieren und bei Windschutzscheibe liegen lassen...

und dann bald das Ende... und geht sich aus, viel fahre Ich nicht, und noch mal später in Steyr... und Ende

Babel Zerstörung ==> und irgendwann viel später wird was aufgebaut, Zyklen...

und denke nicht Ich habe behauptet in dem Schreiben (alle BUTTONS, Richter) dass LC physisch erbaut wird [hier], also in diesem oder jenen Jahr und steht auch nur für den weiteren Werdegang (und Name nicht so wichtig)! Ich habe es nur ausgemalt wie es ungefähr wäre!

Und Symbole: horses (check divine science, apocalypse symbols etc.), fine linen (made pure, garment), and the birds (probably double meaning [same with birds], some get purified other...)as also with the city later some other people will be there... but finally only the new city remains! And it may also be possible...the other good people get "born here again"...with a new body...ya finally then later will be immortal! NEW EARTH!... wherefore again funny,to have my last 1000km with my car! and I had also my white horse car idea!

Und stellt es euch so vor, auch mein neues Hintergrundbild am PC


Der Schnee ist etwas fake wegen diesem dark fire, thats all that is

Wobei ob es 9 Monate EMF oder.. und davor schon mal erwischt?... weiß Ich nicht, bin erst später dahintergekommen

und Steigerung gab es!

Noch mal, Buttons checken wegen dem LC Gebäude:

Erkenne einen FEHLER ("Rote Faden" BUTTON - RICHTER):

LC IST DASS ERSTE oder vielleicht nicht das Erste aber in diesem Jahrhundert das EINZIGE GEBÄUDE IN DER WELT WELCHE DAS MYSTISCHE AUGE ZEIGT, das ORIGINAL

===> in diesem Jahrtausend sollte es sein, und aber indoktriniert wurde Ich nie...innere Kampf... wobei all diese Sprüche, wie können ja nicht mal ansatzweise mithalten und wir sind 1000 mal kreativer, so quasi wir sind die Besten usw... gibt es nicht mehr beim neuen Menschen... und war natürlich auch maximal in der Ansage was die Poesie betrifft (aber Poesie - mit Humor)... und der Teil war symbolisch: ​Schlusssatz, ist ja auch die letzte Antwort: MEIN GEWISSEN IST REIN, NICHT JEDOCH VON DUCKMÄUSCHEN und etc… UND SO WERDE ICH JETZT AUCH IMMER GLÜCKLICHER ERSCHEINEN AUF MEINEN VIDEOS (ab LOGIACOLUMN 37!!!!!!!), transformative :-), und Ich glaube nicht, Ich weiß, Leben nach dem Tod ==> wobei Erkenntnis auch glücklich machen kann!... und hier ein prophetischer Schmäh: Und Ich selbst, habe mich mit LOGIACOLUMN beschäftigt, mein PROJEKT und dieser Teil ist mir dazwischengekommen weil Sie an meinem Geburtstag strafen wollten (und darfst hier nicht mehr wohnen etc.)… und mein PROJEKT war noch gar nicht abgeschlossen!!! ==> weil Reservoir erst später erdacht! WIE AUCH IMMER, SONST HABE ICH AUF DIE SCHNELLE KEINE FEHLER IN DEN "RICHTER BUTTONS" GEFUNDEN!!! aber ein Fehler tut weh...

gut, die 1000 Jahre sind SYMBOLISCH in der Schrift... und Jahrhundert? nicht perfekter Sprachgebrauch... And the LC building chapter, I have not read it again, not fully corrected and there should be no date, and is also mixed with some jokes!!!

.. und daher sonst sehe Ich keinen großen Fehler (alle RICHTER BUTTONS)... nur Pfizer Gate könnte mir nachgesagt werden ABER gibt auch die spirituelle Komponente! wobei viele Prophezeiungen waren verdeckt, von den 15 bis 20... gut, ist egal dann... und ja Zahlen sind oft symbolisch außer du sagst ein Datum... genauen Zeitraum...wie im Jahr so und so...egal...und sehr starkes EMF gab es auch am ENDE... nicht vergessen!

Desk Bild.png

THE WEAPON: AND YES, I HAVE UNDERESTIMATED IT, it produces really massive dark fire... hard to go along with it... and for common people its like they are almost sealed with it... once they got hit {very often, or too often]... life forces leaves them and becomes senseless... care less... but I can only speculate to what it leads... yet its a problem for all people... because for the SPEED you need more "power" later... GHZ etc... and what we have today... its way not enough... yet I do not know why it is so... maybe EMF reaches a certain limit like to get later less out of it with 60 GHZ or etc... other people have to figure it out... and but also very rich people want to upgrade themselves with whatever TECH = same problem When it shoots me fully down, then for common people its normally game over... think about the implications... and etc. Therefore for a war I would recommend other weapons like laser etc. And its like life feels disgusting, no other words to explain it... I recommend also LASER against me... but anyway ready to leave... The solution is light!... And for sure it was first about the environment, but now I forget the environment... the other stuff is much more massive... normally this other stuff should be a suicide weapon... bring it to an end! wherefore I have also not much motivation to go higher again and be hit again... and stay here... And also I do not know the limit regarding future tech (yet speak not about the weapon) yet when they wear it all the time, not good.. you know... and also for sure, even when they hit them with the weapon, they will stick very long with their topic... whatever it is (they do not really win with that weapon)... and it should be a suicide weapon... And also I do not know what I should do then here... And that stuff is really not a small thing, Life force  is taken away and they have to live with it for the rest of their life versus common weapons...therefore its better to loose a finger or... but AGAIN it will become a problem for all people and also I have greatly underestimated it! And there is a difference between dark fire & dark fire... and that is made in some artifical way which does not fit in any way... life just becomes disgusting... and you could produce also artifical joy (still a kind of ecstasy) and zombification at the same time... its like they have that joy but its all not longer feel anything about themselves and so on... AND ON THE OTHER SIDE it could only be USED as a WEAPON for FEAR when it would be openly known... and I lived it through for ca. 9months and always the same purification... and when it is always on... nothing goes any longer and shooots you down... then you would need to hide...therefore I know it as a 100 percent FACT YET it was not fully worthless... the REVELATION is not worthless about it! And I guess it would be better for some harrasement (mobbing...) to pay a bill... but you know I dont care now... AND IF YOU THINK THAT IAM IN NEED TO SHOW MYSELF LATER ON VIDEO, YOU ARE WRONG, THIS WAS ALSO NOT THE CASE IN THE FIRST ASCENSION And with one word I have no idea why some people are so CONFIDENT like just Tech solves all problems... and when someone says something else... ya not good for some companies... but pessimistic? NO And the life force can be like a trap, what do I mean... ya could be taken away in little steps and they dont see it coming... but what shall be the substitute? as for me and with divine science... I would not have any answer!!! ===>Its like with this creatures in the astral realm, or call its subconsiousness thing or whatever... or lets say like this psychodelic movies... with robots who just go in equal step and once they have all what they need (they believe to have all what they need)... then they seek some living light...because they are too frozen... no longer feel themselves and are not able to understand it any longer... And if anyone knows bigger darkness, he knows that can be true... and in-between... its "ok", not that big problem, its like with Psychology... JOKE: If someone believes in me or in some stuff... where isthe problem? when I can only show what I know... or shall I separate all leader? you believe in that thing and you not? CRAZY? And what any leader does behind the scene in 5 years or 15 years? shall I know? CRAZY? At the end I can sit there like a Buddha (because he smiles so nice) and tell what I see... shall I buy Television? or news? NO, you have it.... and still fear me! CRAZY? I come on TV, and they say, you are the new leader who saves the world! CRAZY? or you have no other weapons? or then I jump from one place to another (run away)? CRAZY? CRAZY? CRAZY? And what else shall I say? someone will probably contact me later, not the other way CRAZY? CRAZY? CRAZY? Lets make a Blavatsky thing... the LEADER who saves all people in one second... or I run to RTV... here he is! CRAZY? And the other side does not need to build any trust? CRAZY? CRAZY? CRAZY? ...and even the BUDDHA smile would make them paranoid... therefore You are just a COWARD & BASTARD, and we gave You one chance after another!!!! also seen in the MOVIE! (we would not even be in politics, and LC would had been first build in a hidden way... not for all... but NOW... things changed) Von: "Martin Mostbauer" Datum: 12.07.2023 09:59:18 An: , Betreff: From now on the purpose is just to destroy me (they want to control me like COWARD BASTARDS want a puppet) ­without reason and so finally revealed at 7 questions/UPDATE:and the Movie THEREFORE DEATH PENALTY, WHAT I WANT! ​ Was seine Frequenzen anbelangt, einerseits produziert Er falsche habits (Gewohnheiten), und aber mit anderer F vertuscht er es wieder [also diese habits] und am Ende, wie gesagt er produziert nur MASSIVE DARK fIRE! und natürlich galt für mich zuerst zu checken wegen afterlife ob alles passt, und aber auch noch kleine mögliche falsche habits wären möglich welche in der divine vision so nicht existieren können ==> daher am Ende ist einfach nur dieser DRECK in Ihnen und trotzdem wird nichts richtig funktionieren! Und auch am Ende will er einfach dass Sie in ihrer Erscheinung schwächer/SOFT/gefügig/"homogenic" wirken!!! dass ist alles! Und er weiß natürlich dass Ich es durchschaut habe! so nun auch euer LEADER erkannt! und meine Prophezeiung steht und der Höchste wacht über mir und auch dass Ihr nun im Wissen seid... und wegblickt! so auch euer afterlife in einem weniger guten Lichte stehen wird! Und bei mir wäre es alles was er nocht hat (kleine habits)... also da muss Ich noch was checken...  Und klar sollst langsamer in Gedankengängen werden, dann die Artikulation nicht perfekt, langsamer sprechen... usw... kannst dir gleich selber auch komplett den Schädel wegkiffen und mit was anderem mischen... nur halt kein perfekter Vergleich und EMF ist was es ist... und wiederhole, Er weiß dass Ich alles durchschaut habe! und er weiß es zu 100 Prozent dass Ich es weiß

update military.png

Und so ihr keine Macht in Europa, nicht ganz möglich, so Ich weiß wo alle stehen... und dann später abhaue = 5 Minuten Ding, sieht niemand kommen! und man wird nur spekulieren, was wahr? SAT auf jeden Fall!... so das ENDE! auch hier! Und andere Lösung, ja FLYER etc.


Never give up, as first message! And I need it as warning for me to take a bit care
about my mouth, as 2nd message... but not everyone § I take serious(NO!),
first You get everything thrown upon your head!, nevertheless... and
also AGITATION/ HARD WORDS even in TV today (strange)
(but yes, I had some too hard words, thats all that is)
Someone could say, then you need the SAT
message? No, because its over...and/
but we check later USA, what they
figured out etc. And no, the
Judge did only his Job,
and/but I guess
everyone did
know that
Time will


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