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Unveil the Secrets of the Cosmos

IT INCLUDES ALSO AFTERLIFE, ya, the additional biblical proof about reincarnation together with divine science

Long story short: many reincarnate very fast and are prisoner on planets like this one, some reach higher heavenly planets

and can stay on that place, and some can choose... and VERY FEW reach the highest Level (which I also call apocalypse)

Yes, NEW EARTH is already here, but through transmutation, transformation you step into it...and but this world is complete fallen and also the Arcanum is lost... not a place where someone with a mind wants to land again, thats what I mean

AND YES EVERYONE AT LC IS ALLOWED TO HAVE HIS OWN PERSONAL VIEW ABOUT AFTERLIFE, but what cannnot be denied, life goes on... even divine science tells us... and Iam fine if someone thinks bla bla bla (and afterlife topic is a big topic, and we do not know everything, its like with the many stars in the sky... we do not even need to know...)


The whole explanation for the apocalypse (and all the symbols) follows later, therefore dont get confused now!!!!!! 

Wherefore the explanation are not just given here, but also with Videos

but first one message in my language:

LC ist eine einfache Erlebniswelt... ja so baue Ich LC... und wenn ihr so recht hättest, warum seid ihr so langsam? JA, vielleicht will mich jemand in eine Schublade stecken, JA, dann bin Ich mehr der Philosopher Stone Typ (habe einige Texte erkläutert), Laozi, Jacob Böhme, bisschen Indien... also Vorlieben, oder die Art wie Ich es niederschreibe... und doch LC ist EIGEN... .

LC zeigt es euch später mit den KAMMERN und die heutige TECH hilft uns (LC building), aber gibt auch 3D Fließen etc.. das mystisches Auge wird dort gezeigt, erste Gebäude der Welt welche es hat... und dann die Säulen und Symbolsprache... alle Symbole oder Viele, alle Wichtigen...  wir verschwenden keine Zeit... Evolution interessiert uns... dann geht es dahin ==> NIX DA, Ich komme wie ein STURM und das Auge des Kosmos... ist eh so extrem... da wird nix langweilig und weder werden Leute respektlos... hast ja Alles... bekommst mehr und mehr... und die kleinen Kinder hupfen ja auch wegen den 4 Elementen, Shaman King oder wie es heisst im TV?...Zeichentrick... ===========> WO WIRD DIE GRENZE GEZOGEN, ja, ein Beispiel, eine härtere FEUERTAUFE, da legst du dein Leben ab bei LC...Ich halte dir die Axt auf deinen Schädel, da legst du ein Leben ab bei LC... und du überlegst es dir über mehrere Wochen...da gibt es GRADE... und du musst alle erledigt haben... und die Risiken kennen... da gilt es dann sich an etwas zu halten... man muss eingeschult sein über PSYCHE, "KARMA", RISIKEN... RESPEKT... welchen Weg man einschlägt... aber kannst du noch eine Frau haben? JA... aber... bei LC schauen wir es uns an... gewisse Grenzen sollte man dann nicht mehr überschreiten und der Astral realm verzeiht nicht... Und ausserdem wirst Du das LC ARKANE Symbol die ganze Zeit  tragen und du musst auf ein paar Sachen verzichten... aber es wird zumindest andere Leute geben...gleiche Weg/Freunde... und ob wir verwenden dafür den Holy Grail... nach dem Tunnel steht in den Sternen!... und JA, den Ring gibt es nur zusammen mit der AXT... und du wirst getestet... WOW, dass macht LC legendär, hoffentlich lest der Staatsanwalt nicht hier... oder er murmelt, wenn es stimmt, vielleicht... 

1) First of all you must understand when we would have12 main foundations (or aeons) also powers in the soul, every ascension step (here and now in this life), we can call it as to be RE-BIRTHED into it... WHY? Ya, because we have the ever born now in the apocalypse and we ascend with the triadic! Now, about reincarnation, THIS IS BY THE WAY AN ABSURD MODERN NEW AGE VIEW ABOUT REINCARNATION: that people just reincarnate again and again directly on this planet... many Guru teach that... in the ancient writings, those who believed that they could also reincarnate again into this realm, this were very long time periods with sometimes sheer big numbers (and their individuality did go with them to this heavenly planes, similar about purgatory...), and it is clear that the modern new age perspective does not work... it does not even fit with the number of people etc... and thats why they had in ancient texts also categories: gods, demi-gods, angelic, brahma planes, humans, and different heavenly planets etc., wherefore and also to add, I believe in Hinduism when they say that ghosts exist (here, we speak about humans), they stay only for a short time in this realm, which would be quite possible, but this are people who were in bigger confusion and who stay for a few days in the lower astral plane before they leave... and also Jacob spoke about them ==> wherefore you should avoid any contact with that stuff, leave the dead, and Jesus also said it, Luke 9:60. NOW, recapitulated, it is written that we reincarnate again also into this realm and that we have a bit forgotten our former life and we go through this very long cycles and here or there someone makes it into the highest heavens, and therefore we would need to ask ourselves if they have progress integrated in their ancient writings regarding the heavenly planes, like in the seven heavens, to go from the fifth into the sixth heavenly plane without reincarnating in this realm here... and some say yes, and they say some stuff like this would take billions of years or whatever... you know, they have also too much philosophy :-), and this is probably progress based in their philosophy, like the harder it is, the more progress can you make... I say, this is not so simple… ya, really we need this additional scroll (planet earth) to make bigger steps… but further learning can be included in the SLEEP STATE (ya, when we are in the other heavens, this is called sleep!, the other heavens are real like this realm but you know, spiritual… and… a kind of dream state). Ok, having said that, we go now on with some quotes: Saint Clement of Alexandria (150-220) "We were in being long before the foundation of the world; we existed in the eye of God, for it is our destiny to live in Him....Not for the first time does He pity us in our wanderings, He pitied us from the very beginning....Philolaus, the Pythagorean, taught that the soul was flung into the body as a punishment for the misdeeds it had committed, and his opinion was confirmed by the most ancient of the prophets." Stromata, vol. 3, p. 433... Saint Gregory of Nyssa (257-332) "It is absolutely necessary that the soul should be healed and purified, and if this does not take place during its life on earth it must be accomplished in future lives" (Great Catechism). In Saint Gregory's Life of his sister, Saint Macrina, whom he always referred to as "the teacher," he recorded that before her birth their mother, Saint Emmelia, "fell asleep and seemed to be carrying in her hands that which was still in her womb. And some one in form and raiment more splendid than a human being appeared and addressed the child she was carrying by the name of Thecla, that Thecla, I mean, who is so famous among the virgins. After doing this and testifying to it three times, he departed from her sight." Thus it was understood by her family that Saint Macrina was the reincarnation of the martyr, Saint Thecla, the greatest of Saint Paul's disciples. Because of this, all the family privately called her Thecla, though her public name was Macrina... Arnobius (290) "We die many times, and often do we rise from the dead" (Adversus Gentes)... Chalcidius (Third Century) "Souls who have failed to unite themselves with God, are compelled by the law of destiny to begin a new kind of life, entirely different from their former, until they repent of their sins... Nemesius, Bishop of Emesa (Fourth Century) "Moses does not say that the soul was created at that moment at which it was put into the body, nor would it be reasonable to suppose it....(NOMAD: not even possible!!!, understand our divine science)That the soul is not thus mortal and that man's destiny is not bounded by his present life is shown by the fact that the wisest of the Greeks believe in the transmigration of souls and that souls attain different grades according to the life they have lived" (De Natura Hominis)... Saint Jerome (340-420) "The doctrine of transmigration has been secretly taught from ancient times to small numbers of people, as a traditional truth which was not to be divulged" (Epistola ad Demetriadem)... Saint Sulpitius Severus (363-420)63 "But in the light of these words of Saint Sulpitius it is evident that they had a future incarnation of Nero in mind. So those commentaries are indirect evidence that the first Christians believed quite definitely in reincarnation... Saint Augustine (354-430) "The message of Plato, the purest and most luminous of all in philosophy, has at last scattered the darkness of error, and now shines forth mainly in Plotinus, a Platonist so like his master that one would think they lived together, or rather-since so long a period of time separates them-that Plato is born again in Plotinus" (Contra Academicos). "Say, Lord, to me...say, did my infancy succeed another age of mine that died before it? Was it that which I spent within my mother's womb?...and what before that life again, O God my joy, was I anywhere or in any body?" (Confessions)... Synesius, Bishop of Ptolemais (370-430) "Philosophy speaks of souls being prepared by a course of transmigrations....When first it comes down to earth, it [the soul] embarks on this animal spirit as on a boat, and through it is brought into contact with matter (NOMAD: this depends also upon the strength of the SOUL IMAGE, some people are a bit stronger and attach less dark fire, and here we realize again, there must be JUSTICE!!!)....The soul which did not quickly return to the heavenly region from which it was sent down to earth had to go through many lives of wandering" (Treatise On Dreams)... If you feel this is in error do the courtesy of using facts and properly noted citations to back up your claims as I have attempted to do here. (NOMAD: and you must also know their hidden speech, according to some other saints) ==> and what is also important, we understand fully that only humans received the Logos (knowledge of good and evil & descension and ascension) and so we understand the meaning in the Gospel of Philip (no transmigration to earthly plants or minerals...): There was a householder who had every conceivable thing, be it son or slave or cattle or dog or pig or corn or barley or chaff or grass or [...] or meat and acorn. Now he was a sensible fellow, and he knew what the food of each one was. He served the children bread [...]. He served the slaves [...] and meal. And he threw barley and chaff and grass to the cattle. He threw bones to the dogs, and to the pigs he threw acorns and slop. Compare the disciple of God: if he is a sensible fellow, he understands what discipleship is all about. The bodily forms will not deceive him, but he will look at the condition of the soul of each one and speak with him. There are many animals in the world which are in a human form. When he identifies them, to the swine he will throw acorns, to the cattle he will throw barley and chaff and grass, to the dogs he will throw bones. To the slaves he will give only the elementary lessons, to the children he will give the complete instruction. ==> once we (humans) received the LOGOS, we can no longer become earthly minerals or plants yet we have this innermost meaning about being born as an animal (very carnal, cranality) etc., again, only we are able to ascend or descend. ==> yet you will ask me, how can your book be justified??? You present here openly complete instruction and not all are ready!!! My answer, my book gets not known in a few seconds around the world... and also humanity as a whole must become a bit more mature... and it is given into Gods hand when my book gets more known or not... yet some will keep and preserve this book, thats for sure... And reincarnation, for example also 30 percent in USA believe in it, and the mystic eye is also today more known... yet not the whole science about it but they have bits and pieces. Therefore things like that are also adaptable... according to humanity and cycles... and it must be also a science which integrates more things, so also we need the second knowledge, yea, do not be foolish, you cannot even survive without it, or cannot even take care about your family. ==> and yes, the sages were aware of that, they understood the transmigration, yet what some wanted to add, also known in some ancient vedic text or “gnostic” text, that is, that some souls have done it all wrong or complete wrong, more then once... very wicked... and this souls get annihilated, ya this is written in some texts and it is called lowest hell where there is no more escape, like the abyss swallows them up, you know, like a black hole ===> GOD IS LOVE, FULL OF FORGIVENESS (as seen with Jesus) AND THERE IS ALSO JUSTICE (yet no insane justice like one dumb person in one dumb life does it wrong and comes no longer out of hell regarding after-life) AND THERE IS PURPOSE (to become sons of Gods or gods, spiritual evolution, NEW ADAM, higher then angels) ==>>> that is the universal plan (and complete folly religion/without any sort of spiritual teaching, that is cattle, dogs who are in the lowest teaching of religion, swine – we should not eat swine, those people often misuse religion for their own benefit and they will reap bigger consequences (they are also to weak to endure this book), and “slaves” 

I say, contemplate with bigger joy the divine reality, spritual people cant endure it to be without higher answers (the spiritual ones who are in all sorts of teachings, they often appear very open minded and etc.) ==> wherefore I must add, when I say that someone is a cattle, that can be irritating, because out of an inner rebellion against religion which never taught them better things, now, they say, there is no Creator or supreme being, or etc., but often this ones can become very spiritual, and it was just an inner rebellion because they are so disgusted about religion, therefore let us not just make boxes about anyone just because he said one time this or that, but rather cattle are those who are in any sort of lowest animal passions and really just dumb and etc. And further, we also realize, that in some people is a seed in them, they simple do no bigger atrocity even when fallen in bigger darkness and all that has also to do with the soul image!!!... And what we can discern for sure, that is, “dogs” who even have a sort of love for lowest teachings or they are satisfied with complete dumb answers regarding life and they justify all the lower emotions, they also do not appear like they have higher honour – because for example a real knight would never tolerate some stuff (ya, even when he would fall into darkness because of a rebellious life, it becomes still disgusting to him or he will not stop to “fight”, and other people embrace fear even in their teachings, maybe even draw in that way attention to their ministry, to gather together like-minded people, therefore let them be all together in escapism or whatever. And for sure, swine are well known (so also prophetic swines or those on this modern communication channels like Youtube, they like to fool on purpose, they like to swindle... and they want to be someone, even many seek praise, this is just an example about swines, the whole marketing show and ongoing manipulation)...

2) As long as you have the garment of skin, so long you do not have the garment of light (liquid flesh)… that you can also find as confirmation in the ancient writings... And about John the Baptist, maybe with Essenes background and a Nazir, he chose from out the many 'fruits from a tree yielding seed' that of the carob or locust-tree, which was considered by the Jewish allegorists the most appropriate food of repentance, and according the prophetic word, to suck honey out of the rock (wherefore when you know the Stone, you will know what that means, sweeter then honey)... Orpheus—the Fisher: Comparative Studies in Orphic and Christian Cult Symbolism, 1921 (again I use only nuggets):. A proselyte or a 'new-comer' (advena) who would join the church or ecclesia of Israel, had to submit to a baptismal rite, the pre-Christian origin of which is no longer disputed. It was a bath not only of purification but also of regeneration in the presence of legal witnesses. The candidate stood in the water and listened to a short discourse consisting of commandments from the Law. Thereon the gentile convert dipped completely under the water, signifying the drowning of his previous impious and idolatrous self. Thereafter he arose reborn a true Israelite. And this new birth was taken in a very literal sense, for after the rite the neophyte, or 'new-born babe,' could no longer inherit from his former gentile relatives... For John, from the standpoint of spiritual values, the Jews were no more a privileged people; they had forfeited their birthright; Israel itself was now no better than the heathen. Unrepentant they were no better than heathen idolaters... Though they were not 'fishers of men,' they were fish of Yahveh swimming in the holy stream, the life-giving waters of the Law. It was thus very natural for John, remembering the striking passage in Ezekiel (47:12) about the fish who repented, to contrast with them the unrepentant as a generation of vipers... [ancient rabbinic tradition, and if you will, gnostic meaning]... Wherefore Gnosticism does not emphasize the doctrine of reincarnation prominently, but it is implicitly understood in most Gnostic teachings that those who have not made effective contact with their transcendental origins while they were in embodiment would have to return into the sorrowful condition of earthly life (Nomad: reincarnation, sometimes it is a bit more hidden in their texts and again in other text it is total openly revealed, this cannot be denied, and yes, we share the same message… there is a margin in afterlife: those who received only some glimpses about the divine, whatever sort and etc. ya I already explained that in the divine science chapter of this book, some of them maybe still become gods… and yet have not expected it...). And Ptolemaeus, disciple of Valentinus, taught that even those not of pneumatic status, the psychics, could be redeemed and live in a heavenworld at the entrance of the Pleroma. In the fullness of time, every spiritual being will receive Gnosis and will be united with its higher Self -- the angelic Twin -- thus becoming qualified to enter the Pleroma. None of this is possible, however, without earnest striving for Gnosis... James M. Pryce. Reincarnation in the new testament (what is useful): HE views of the ancients with regard to reincarnation are inseparable from the fundamental propositions of the old philosophy, which asserts the identity of the spiritual principle in man and the spiritual principle pervading the whole universe, and predicates that man is a lesser world, manifesting in himself all the elements, forces and processes of the universe in its entirety, material and divine. This philosophy affirms the spiritual unity of all beings, and does not regard Nature as separate from Deity. It holds that God is in and through all things, present in every atom of even the material universe. The highest realm of Nature is a divine Unity, or true Being, undifferentiated, limitless, timeless, itself unmanifested, yet the source of all manifestation. Existence, or manifested life, is the going outward from this realm of true Being into the spheres of change and time, and [Page 11] Nature is Deity in manifestation. True Being is changeless, Nature is ever changing; Deity for ever is, the universe is forever becoming. Yet the universe is as eternal as Deity: there is an endless succession of worlds outbreathed into space and again indrawn, and these worlds are of every degree of spirituality and of materiality, for the essence of Being is one, and matter is but spirit outermost from its source... man has a physical body for the material world, a psychic body for the psychic world, and a spiritual body for the spiritual world... it is important to note that, while belief in reincarnation was almost universal in the time of Jesus, and was an essential doctrine in all the so-called pagan religions, it is nowhere denied, disputed or questioned in the New Testament. Wherever the subject comes under discussion, as it frequently does, the fact of reincarnation is either tacitly accepted or unequivocally asserted, as in the case of Elijah, Yet if it were a false doctrine it would undoubtedly have come in for the same denunciations that were hurled against idolatry and sorcery, nature-worship... From many passages in these writings it is clearly evident that the teachings of Jesus, imparted by him orally and in secret[Matt xiii, II; Mark iv 11, 33, 34; Luke vii 10] to his pupils, were handed down only to the "chosen ones". [“For many are the called ones, but few are the chosen ones” (Matt xxii 14] or those initiated into a secret order,[I Cor ii 6-8, 13; iv, 1,2,Eph. v. 32; I Tim iii 9] containing degrees, of which Paul [Page 16] mentions four.[“Unless I shall speak to you [the members of the Society at Corinth] either in an Unveiling, or in a Secret Lore (gnôsis), or in a Vision-seeing (prophêteia), or in a Teaching” (I Cor xiv 6). Through the New Testament the exotericists (hoi exô) are also spoken of as the “carnal ones” (hoi sarkikoi); while the esotericists (hoi esô) are distinguished as neophytes, or the “called ones’ (hoi klêtoi) and the “chosen ones” (hoi ekletoi), and the latter are classified as the “psychics” (hoi psuchikoi), the “trustworthy” (hoi pistoi), the “spiritual” (hoipneumatikoi), and the “perfect” (hoi teleioi) — the Initiates....John, as the Water-Lustrator, asserted that he had seen Jesus, the Spirit-Lustrator; but his only means of identifying him was the magnetic atmosphere, or aura, enveloping him. This aura, here referred to under the imagery of a dove, is the "Radiance" (doxa) so frequently mentioned in the New Testament, and as it is not visible to the physical eyesight, it is clear that John was speaking of a vision he had seen... David, therefore, calls him 'Master,' and how is he his 'son'? (He who has Davids key) - The conqueror, I will make him a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall not at all go outward any more... first and the last... we may also compare it to the archetypal man versus the perfected man, who has emerged triumphantly from the "spheres of becoming", returning with added knowledge and power to the realm of true Being, similar the OT is Demiurg mixed (like IAM A JEALOUS GOD, this sayings are simple not perfected!!!), the NT according to Jesus is perfect = it was fitting for him — for whom [are] all [things] and through whom [are] all [things] — in leading many Sons into Radiance, to make the First-leader of our Salvation perfect through sufferings. [A Son who has been made perfect throughout the Aeon] ==> Knew beforehand, predestined...glorified... the orderly evolution of hierarchies of souls... Matthew 16:17, Jesus addresses Peter as "Bar-Jonah," or " Son of Jonah," which expression, in the light of the context, may be regarded as a hint that Peter was Jonah reincarnated, and someone could argue about reincarnation: Peter is the same obstinate, self-assertive, combative, shrewd, but blundering individual like Jonah... He is ever speaking out ahead of the other pupils, often clownishly and with no sense of the fitness ofthings... Nomad: but he still does his thing, going ahead per se is not bad... like we have seen it when Jesus walked on water. He has the indomitable courage of Jonah, and his denial of his Master was certainly not from cowardice, but from a desire to extricate himself from a bad predicament by sacrificing truthfulness (we look upon similarities, divine causalities)... And even that we can put into the light of reincarnation: Woe unto you Lawyers also! For ye load men with loads hard to carry, and ye yourselves do not touchthe loads with one of your fingers. Woe unto you! For ye build the monuments of the Seers, and your fathers killed them. So then, ye bear witness to, and approve of, the works of your fathers: fort hey, indeed, killed them, and ye build their monuments. For this [reason] also The Wisdom of The God said... Now and further: and no one has gone up into the Sky, unless he who came down out of the Sky - the Son of the Man, he who is in the Sky.(ascending and descending, cycle, angels(souls) going up and down the ladder?). . . And indeed the majority [the "silent majority"— the souls of the dead] have become "priests"[intercessors for the living, or "guardian angels"], because of their stay being cut short by death; but he, because of his abiding throughout the Aeon, has the priestly office (Melchizedek) that does not pass over [to a successor], and hence he is able to save throughout the whole [world] those drawing near to The God through him, [as he is] at all times and seasons alive to interpose on their behalf.... So also in Plato's Gorgias Socrates is represented as saying: "I should not wonder if Euripides spoke the truth when he says, 'Who knows whether to live is not to die, and to die is not to live?' And we perhaps are in reality dead. For I have heard from one of the wise that we are now dead, that the body is our sepulchre, and that the part of the soul in which the desires are contained is of such a nature that it can be persuaded, and hurled upward and downward." Thus in the New Testament the physical world is constantly referred to as"Death," and its inhabitants as "the dead," who have to be born "from above," [See John iii 1-21] that is, born spiritually, before they become "living." (Nomad, see book of revelation, dead versus resurrected etc., its the land of the dead wherefore I already said, do not gte OFFENDED… you must understand the energy fabric, the energy “construct”)...And if JESUS is the SECOND ADAM or NEW ADAM, and we are Adam (or not less like Adam, his sons)... now, then, we should also become second ADAM, what is the difference? Are you so blind? I have not written it! He calls himself second Adam! And how can we be less then the second Adam when glorified? And that is true: being called a " rock" was but a mystical allusion to his Seership, which he had just demonstrated, for this "rock" (petros, a stone) is the "philosopher's stone", symbolical of the inner and spiritual sight, and it is identical with the "white pebble" (psêphos) which Jesus, in the Apocalypse, promises to the conqueror... ==> How can he call Peter the ROCK, this would be blasphemy according to the doctrine that Jesus is almighty God... Further, some believe, the allusion to "the Gates of the Underworld" brings in the fact of reincarnation, for they are the gates by which the souls pass to and from the earth... Having eaten of the first tree, that is, having fallen into generation, man was not to eat of the tree of life, that is, become consciously immortal, until he had passed through the vast cycle of reincarnations, tilling the hard soil of material existence, which, indeed, brings forth the "thorns and thistles" of sorrow and suffering... ===>>> Now, the whole tissue of horrifying beliefs which theology has woven, and which all right-minded Christians of today are anxious to cast aside, if they can do so without at the same time giving up the realities of religion, has been fabricated upon the erroneous theory that man has but one life upon earth. Not having eyes to see the plain statements of reincarnation contained in their Bible, the professional expounders of that book have denied even the preexistence of the soul. They have asserted the doctrine of "special creation", claiming that God makes a new soul for each body that is born, thus regarding the body as of paramount importance. The oddity of this theory is at once apparent, for it would naturally seem that while mortal bodies might become the temporary dwellings of immortal souls, there is a ludicrous incongruity in having an immortal soul created for the benefit of each mortal body that happens to be generated. Again, according to this theory, the souls are not derived from Adam and Eve, but come fresh from God, and are therefore pure and blameless; yet they are placed in bodies that are descended from the pair of original sinners, and when the bodies return to dust the souls are sentenced to eternal punishment for the sin of those primal parents. It would seem that absurdity could go no further than this; but, in fact, the most serious objection to this doctrine of "special creation " is yet to be stated. If the soul thus has a beginning, it must necessarily have an end. Eternity is not an indefinite extension of time, nor can it be expressed in such terms as past, present and future. NOMAD: the soul, if eternal, is beginningless and endless (pre-existed in the mind of God). Nomad says, the soul is created, from the very beginning…!!! ==> The "curse" is the vast cycle of incarnations through which the soul must pass before it can regain the divine state. NOMAD: yet, as the "prodigal son," it receives more honour on its return (evolution) than does the soul that has not gained power and knowledge by this journey through the lower worlds… WHY SHOULD EVEN A PRODIGAL SON RETURN TO GOD? DO YOU SEE YOUR FOLLY? The "Underworld" (hadês) is the world in which the soul makes its stay between incarnations. This world is of a dual nature, Paradise (the "pleasure-grounds") being the abode of the souls of the good, and Gehenna [Also called Tartarus in II Pet ii 4] (the "burning valley") that of impure souls... Heaven [highest] is the final state of bliss attained by the soul when freed from the "wheel of birth," and is thes ame as the Nirvana of Buddhism... The "Aeonian Life" [Erroneously translated “eternal life” in the Ancient Version] is the consciousness of immortality consequent upon the recovery of the memory of past incarnations, man's life being then one of unbroken continuity throughout the Aeon, even though his outer existence continues to be a series of incarnations on earth... And yes, so far we don’t know regarding the evolutionary cycle if someone can lose its vehicle for manifesting in the lower worlds… like it would pass away of the physical and psychic worlds (annihilation, I give that to my reader… but one thing is for sure, we have many many many chances and we should not fall further… and consequences exists and I speak nothing small...)... NOW, lets go on: Resurrection " (anastasis) is any ascent from a lower to a higher state of existence, whether of individual man or of the entire race. [Rev xx 5, 12; John v 29]. As relating to the Aeon, or world-period, the"first resurrection" is the awakening to spiritual life, during the cycle, of the "just men" who have been"made perfect"; while the "second resurrection" is "that of all mankind at the close of the world-period, when they are "judged every man according to their works"… ==> NOMAD: lets not forget that everyone gets also judged when he discards his body and we have the FIRST (divine reality, born of God), SECOND BIRTH (earthly parents), THIRD BIRTH (other heavens, also called sleep, and it does not matter if there exists seven heavens or whatever)... TRUE: Salvation" is freedom from the bondage of rebirth. Jesus is represented as a Saviour in that he taught and exemplified the right-conduct that alone can emancipate the soul from the material, animal existence, and awaken it to the realities of the spiritual life... "Faith" is intuitive knowledge, the dim reminiscence which the soul retains of its pristine state; true faith, instead of being but ignorant opinion, is the beginning of spiritual wisdom, " an assurance of things hoped for, a proof of things not seen... Righteousness" is right-conduct, the perfect performance of duty in the light of a purified conscience... Baptism", or lustration, is a ceremonial rite of purification, symbolizing successive degrees of initiation into the divine Mysteries. The exoterist, or "earthy man" (choïkos), when he first comes to recognize the reality of the spiritual life, becomes a "believer" (pistos); by the lustration of Water he becomes a "psychic" (psuchikos); by that of Air (pneuma), a "spiritual person " (pneumatikos); by that of Fire, a "perfect man" (teleios); and by that of Blood (ether), a full Initiate or Christos. [Christos be formed in you]... The "Atonement" is the union of man's purified human self with his spiritual and divine Self; it is"vicarious" in the sense that the sinless spiritual Self is incarnated for the salvation of the animal-human creature formed" of the dust of the ground " - that is, evolved from the elements... Regeneration" is the "birth from above' when the soul, freed for ever from the prison of clay, puts on its"first garment" - the deathless glorified body of the Initiate (with its degrees)…

3) Impressions, character, storing away essence, the form of feelings, characteristics, inclinations, likes and dislikes, affinities, attractions, repulsions, try to recall the experiences 10 years ago, only some events we never forget, on the surface we seem to forget, yet we got shaped... And I loved martial arts (yet it was not about violence, rather sport), Laotsi, native Indians... this and that... likes and dislikes, and I channel it towards the goal ==> the word IF I could have: wealth, fame, gratified ambition, success of various kinds = seed of remaining desire, not ready for the highest!!! Mystery (the strong), the outward is still too important for them… yet we do not ignore that we need also money and etc… this is clear… but we should seek something higher… have that inner drive…not all have it… and some have it very obious... Further: After death the soul in its development can go on or sink back - to fall into lower heavens or better to say, they are not suitable [mature] enough for the “upper angelic hierarchy”… also that can happen. And the pre-existence of the soul is for me without doubt, because sin (mud) alone cannot explain the different soul images and some are really driven to the mysteries of the kingdom (as Jesus said, to you it is given), they are drawn to it like a mouse to a piece of cheese, and there are many other factor which we have to consider. Do I speak about hardcore predestination? NO, free will is free will and theoretically everyone can climb the ladder and learn the lessons, and some are more willing and some are less... and some understand more and some less... Some go surfing because of the big wave and in search for the higher spiritual truth and others want to be just number one in the world, some need longer, some understand it earlier. There is even an amount of disinterest in some souls, some souls are so strong, that they are not in need of a lot of other stuff like lust for position, this and that (ya, they can be still knights, but they are stronger)... and others do not have that. Similar you cannot put a real knight together with a lolipop prophet as mentioned earlier in the book, for he will call him as someone who cries like a little dog (the protestant American religious show as we have it today, with many people in USA, sensationalism, cheap entertainment etc.), ya and the other person will think to himself, what an evil person that he looks on me in that way (yet he wants to play this or that and is in manipulation and folly). And also the little “DRAMA” with the PHOTOS or better to say when someone gets weak through mud, people are still different, it does not matter if it is about the mysteries of the kingdom or non-acceptance to some things and also how we go through some stuff, there are so many factor… it can only be explained via different SOUL IMAGES (ya, even with the 4 elements because some are more emotional and maybe also dreamer, other are more pragmatical etc.), and it is seen in my writings, even the PHOTOS cannot change me (because I look on some photos a bit more weak and I was totally weak yet had non-acceptance), there is still something in me. ALL THAT IS FACT, and I have checked all this so called born again Christians (those who received Christ, made one prayer and etc. water baptism etc.), ya and I have seen the difference and even how different they look on each other. And some look at me, because they want know how someone is build who overcomes (anointing) and others think to themselves, this person has problems and he is not in any way holy, we are much better and nor can we eat that what he tells us about new earth etc. And the list goes on... for example, I remember myself back when I was younger, with or without Christ, that does not matter, and many so called friends were more stupid (even when going in a better school or what else, it does not matter), no, they had less spiritual power and less insight, that is what I mean... And so there are all these are factors which I include, and I know that other people have no answer for that. Therefore, it does not matter if you believe in the Pre-existence of the soul or not, but do not let folly people lead you astray, so also with carnal Christianity, forget it, go to the Master, to all the people are more spiritual. And also we can say: most people say, I want a family, house, this and that and if I would die, it is ok, because I had it... and even when that is a good thing, to have a family etc., nevertheless such conclusions do not enter the mind of a true Mystic, ya, for a true Mystic, this is not the end of the story... ===>PREEXISTENT SOUL: Some people have a deeper seed of wisdom in them, they are naturally drawn to search the truth, and to go the real path, not like this worldly ones with their games out there (more worldly driven), why that is so? Behold, Job 38:21 cannot be ironic because it speaks clearly about the divine vision [without doubt, as the mature sons of God, they understand it], and when we look at Hebrews 2:14, then in conclusion about the question if we had a preexistence in other heavens!, and then later on partook in flesh and blood and that this could explain why some souls are more advanced [they are more ancient or etc.], for sure we could ponder about it if some souls were closer to father in a pre- state… and again, this differences in humanity, that is clearly recognized, we simply cannot say that we are all the same nor can we say that all want to come to the truth... They wanted it not when Jesus was on earth and also some wanted it not when they faced John who walked almost or in full resurrection level, therefore, there is predestination and a free will and some people simple do not choose the higher path. And who knows, maybe God shows us in other heavens of what he/we will face when we are send to this place here. And further, not all choose, chosen and to choose goes hand in hand, ya, some want to have it easy while wasting their time on earth [they speak a lot when the day is short but as it is seen, they are no true seekers of the truth]. CHECK ME for example, I explore the whole matrix...And we simply cannot argue everything away with inherited sin, because it is not the light level alone, some can stay determined in huge darkness [without blaming around or weasel or complain etc. and similar I did not learn it from my Bible in my first ascension, I just had it in me, the same with some other things which some saints teach, I have similarities with them] and some cannot do that or do not want that, we simple have this differences and much more could be said about it, therefore, people want to put it all into one box but reality shows that it does not work. And also I had my weakness… not enough pragmatical etc… we all learn and get confronted with it… earlier or later… And understand it rightly, all human spirits were placed within him before the foundation of the world… yet we all differ… Ya, and we need to be more open minded: Ya, and even via creation, he (Romans 1:20) can minister to us, the Holy Spirit is everywhere, or God ministers even to babies, as we know that it is written that some said: my God from my mothers womb etc. and therefore father draws people to him, knowing their thoughts and he sees it when they seek for the true God... And Jesus even separated them: When Jesus said, I speak my mysteries to those [who are worthy of my] mysteries - he spoke to his inner circle and he had even his innermost circle (see Mt of Transfiguration, only three disciples): To you it has been given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God; but to those who are outside, all things come in parables… CHECK: and every SOUL is QUASI TRIGGERED ON MANY OTHER THINGS, THE DEEPER ESSENCE OF THE SOUL (like a ground substance of his Self, independent from animal passion as an internal memory - soul image), YA IN SOME PEOPLE THEIR SOUL IS NOT DEVELOPED ENOUGH, THEY SIMPLE HAVE NOT OVERCOME until now SOME THINGS... therefore right training we need at LC!!! Ya, some are more receptive to worldly triggers and foolishness. And yes, also a painful experience can be re-contextualized (also shame - regret -change), and it is about lasting usefulness, and lasting abilities… And what is important: it is not the thing that’s being done, but how Iam doing it (as doer), focusing on the Good... similar about intent. And similar if we allow wrong friendships, then their thoughts can flow into our Spirit or we have spiritual vampirism (like or similar to Jezebel) or simple people which do not fit together stay together... therefore, we should share with everyone, yet we share in an approbate way, and the Bible teaches us that we should not stay with fools... and therefore in summary: LEARN and understand such things. And it is written: Romans 3:29, Is he the God of the Jews only? is he not also of the Gentiles? Yes, of the Gentiles also: Seeing it is one God, which shall justify the circumcision by faith, and uncircumcision through faith… Ya, and let us also not profane holy writ! Lets learn it directly

4) Nag Hammadi and other scrolls: Upon the discovery of these crucial and important documents, scholars have been able to confirm that Gnostic Christians also believed in reincarnation. Many people claim or believe that a certain council took the teaching of reincarnation out of the Bible. Origen stated: there were certain causes of prior existence, in consequence of which the souls, before their birth in the body, contracted a certain amount of guilt in their sensitive nature, or in their movements, on account of which they have been judged worthy by Divine Providence of being placed in this condition... the cause of each one's actions is a pre-existing one; and then every one, according to his deserts, is made by God either a !!!!!!!!!!vessel unto honour or dishonour.!!!!!!!!!!!! (REMEMBER THAT).. we are of opinion that, seeing the soul, as we have frequently said, is immortal and eternal, it is possible that, in the many and endless periods of duration in the immeasurable and different worlds, it may descend from the highest good to the lowest evil, or be restored from the lowest evil to the highest good... Nomad: most Christians didn’t have access to the scriptures... and because of the efforts of Justinian and many others, it didn’t take long for this doctrine to be systematically removed from Christian theology... The death of one tree or plant produces thousands of more lives.[appointed to die once, a unique individual every incarnation cycle]... Gospel of Philip, a Gnostic: “People who say they will first die and then arise are mistaken. If they do not first receive resurrection while they are alive, once they have died they will receive nothing. ==> REINCARNATION YES ==> and first resurrection is a SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE (inner eye)... And again,. when man got born as an animal, this means just that he got born in lowest passions... and we have spoken about the LOGOS... it would not make sense to be born as a plant or animal.... only humans can ascend or descend during their life...light or darkness... Geoffrey Hodson: A Council of Constantinople in the sixth century A. D. pronounced belief in the pre-existence of the soul to be heretical, an examination of the Scriptures strongly suggests that the doctrine of rebirth was generally accepted in those days and that Our Lord himself believed it... References are to be found in the works of the Jewish historian, Josephus: Do ye not remember that all pure spirits who are in conformity with the divine dispensation lived on in the lowliest of heavenly places, and in course of time they are again sent down to inhabit sinless bodies; but the souls of those who have committed self-destruction are doomed to a region of darkness in the underworld?... This is also made obvious in the instance of the man born blind, John 9:1-3... The identity or sameness is not of bodily person but of the God within which is undergoing a pilgrimage toward perfection in order that, as Our Lord further said, “the works of God should be made manifest in him.”... The inner Self may possibly have accepted physical blindness to assist him in the inward search for truth... for the fulfilment of some spiritual purpose... each life is the product of its predecessors, particularly as regards inborn capacities, qualities of character and special faculties (generations)... If reincarnation was an idea circulating among the early Christians, why did it disappear from the Christian religion as we know it today? It's hard to believe, but who outlawed the concept of reincarnation from Christianity was... a Roman emperor!… ==> I did not put in writing what I think because there is an esoteric Christianity which is not for everyone." St. Clement from Alexandria (150-220)... Why does the Church try so badly to discredit the reincarnation? The psychological impact of reincarnation may be the best explanation. A person, who believes in reincarnation, assumes responsibility for their own spiritual evolution through the rebirth. Believing in the reincarnation eliminates the fear of the eternal hell that the Church uses to discipline its flock. In other words, the reincarnation directly undermines the authority and power of the dogmatic Church. It is no weird then, that reincarnation makes the Defenders of The Faith so nervous. The Church was defending, in this outrageous act, the doctrine of heaven and hell and eternal punishment because it focused more power in its hands. And thus reincarnation was outlawed in one of the most serious mistakes committed by the Christianity (NOMAD: only partially true… and I have to mention that today many Catholics believe in reincarnation yet they say it often not openly)...There are many other things that Jesus did, that if they were written one by one, I think the world itself, could not contain the books that should be written.John 21:25. It is said that the Bible does not teach reincarnation because this teaching is not written in it and therefore there is no such possibility. Jesus gave His teaching laminated to the inner circle and outer circle, for public and private, as clearly these Bible verses highlight: Do not give holy things to the dogs and do not throw your pearls before swine. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces [yet search in the Bible and you will find hints, Job 38, Psalm 90 etc.)... And yes, the next pope launched a crusade to stop such heresy... ==> AND YES, NO ORTHODOX can explain to you why some souls are more advanced... they will just tell you that it is a mystery... they ignore all science... and all that which I have written... regarding this DIFFERENCES in souls… And I remind you further to the words of Paul, 1Corinthinas 15, If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable. And I remind you to the words of Solomon, Wisdom chapter 7, 8, For he gave me sound knowledge of what exists, that I might know the structure of the universe and the force of its elements. The beginning and the end and the midpoint of times...Whatever is hidden or plain I learned, for Wisdom, the artisan of all, taught me... As a child I was born to excellence (well favored, had a good Spirit), and a noble soul fell to my lot; or rather, I myself was noble, and I entered into an unblemished [or fair] body [a body which is easier to work with as a receptacle for wisdom] ==> FINALLY, some of us get born in an age full of deception or into hard circumstances because it is simple the current cycle, we are more spiritual but we fall and often its too late... and it makes no sense that some land in hell and stay there for all eternity just because of one failure or whatever... this is just ridiculous and everyone gets judged by his works... And further: if that would be the case... then Jesus would had taught much more aggressive and clear... even according to higher mysteries because look at the pressure which we would had... all this people land in hell and come never again out of it... yet even Pauls teaching goes so far, that he says, we keep meat for ourselves and most of you receive only milk. SEE, how absurd? And no, we speak still nothing small… there can be huge consequences… by no mean do you want to fall.

5) Freemasons [ I think I get no problem with copyright or they can also contact me, this here is the only thing which could make problems regarding COPYRIGHT, and I mention the full link:, and I have explained earlier, we don’t agree with everything regarding their teachings and I was never in any order… yet here, they have written some things very accurate so that I can say, I can point to your website… wherefore the writer is anonym, ya, and I have not taken the whole text… ya, and also about me.. when someone uses a little text… you can also point to my website! and I need not to be too hidden… because now I go back to the apocalypse and Iam already secure”… and what people think about me, shall not bother me ==> below some seek the TRUTH and above its like with the Vatican... where to find the DEVIL?, and Iam not freemason, never will be], so lets start: higher psychological types within the same biological species should not be suddenly created. Indeed, such a sudden creation of higher types who have done nothing to deserve that higher level would be unfair towards those who rise slowly to higher levels by conscious endeavour and effort. Why should others surpass us immediately from the beginning without having done anything to attain the goal of our own aspirations? only those who have attained something by themselves can expect Divine help to achieve more beyond their own deserving...The Ancient Wisdom teaching recognised that in all the Universe there is but One Life broken up and differentiated into innumerable forms, and evolving through these forms from less to greater degrees of perfection... In Masonic metaphor, Nature was seen to be the vast general quarry and forest out of which individual lives have been hewn like so many stones and timber, which when duly perfected are destined to be fitted together and built into a new and higher synthesis, a majestic Temple worthy of the Divine indwelling.... The Ancient Wisdom affirmed that all life has issued from out of the "East" (the Great World of infinite Spirit), and has journeyed to the "West" (the Little World of finite form and embodiment), whence, when finally perfected by experience in restricted conditions, it is ordained to return to the "East" ==>NOMAD: THE PRODIGAL SON RETURNS! Many mansions exist, different conditions and degrees of progress, ya even colours...The "serpent" which tempts to "sin" is the astral or magnetia self, which, recognising matter only, mistakes the illusory for the substantial. Yielding to the "tempter", the soul falls under the power of the lower nature [only mere mind cannot sin]... The seventh station (the world of human nature) is the world of the demigods and heroes of Greek myth, of the Saints of Christendom; and of the Buddhas of the Orient. Here man is no more merely a superior animal, for the nature of the beast is expunged, and new and more subtle senses replace the old; Divine illumination and transcendent knowledge have closed the avenues of passion and sin - this is the first Nir vana, or Resurrection. But one step more, and the second Nirvana is reached, and "Regina and Rex look face to face upon each other" (the Idea and the Realisation are poised face to face); for the plane of earth and of time is wholly transcended, the indissoluble, a selfhood and life eternal are gained - the manhood is taken into God…. NOMAD: ya, number 8, truly born of God!!!... The story of the building of the Temple is a myth enshrining philosophic truths, garbed in quasi-historical form, and relating to the structure of the human soul, the Temple of the collective soul of Humanity. This "magnificent structure" has now been destroyed and thrown down from its primitive eminence and grandeur; Humanity instead of being a collective united organic whole, has become shattered into innumerable fragmentary parts, not one stone standing upon another of its ruined building. It has lost consciousness of the genuine secrets of its own origin and nature, and has now to be content with the spurious substituted knowledge it picks up fro m sense-impressions in this outer world... YA, SELF MADE OPINIONS VERSUS TRUE WISDOM, INTELLECTUALISM AND FORGETFULNESS and the whole list and the whole LABYRINTH… and he goes on: Labour, understood in the sense here defined, and Refreshment after it, constitute a rhythm of activity and passivity: a rhythm similar to that which we daily experience in respect of waking and sleeping, working and resting... NOMAD: but some people who are fallen deeply into folly and darkness and etc., there will be no much refreshment for them!!! The world-old secret teaching upon this subject, common to the whole of the East, to Egypt, the Pythagoreans and Platonists, and every College of the Mysteries, is to be found summed up as clearly as one could wish in the "Phaedo" of Plato, to which the student is referred as one of the most instructive of treatises upon the deeper side of the science. It testifies to the great rhythm of life and death above spoken of, and demonstrates how that the soul in the course of its career weaves and wears out many bodies and is continually migrating between objective and subjective conditions, passing from labour to refreshment and back again many times in its great task of self-fulfilment. And if Plato was, as was once truly said of him, but Moses speaking Attic Greek, we shall not be surprised at finding the same initiate-teaching disclosed in the words of Moses himself. Does not the familiar Psalm of Moses declare that man is continually "brought to destruction", that subsequently a voice goes forth saying "Come again, ye children of men!" [Nomad: ya, Psalm 90:3) and that the subjective spiritual world is his refuge from one objective manifestation to another? What else than a paraphrase of this great word of comfort is the Masonic pronouncement that, in the course of its task of self-perfecting, the soul is periodically summoned to alternating periods of labour and refreshment? It must be labour, and it must rest from its labours; its works will follow it, and in the subjective world every Brother's soul will receive its due for its work in the objective one, until such time as its work is completed and it is made "a pillar in the House of God and no more goes out" as a journeyman-builder into this sublunary workshop ==> NOMAD: and in the apocalypse the WORKS will also follow me, because I go no more out and God works entirely through me...

6) NEAR-DEATH.COM (https//, I correct some stuff… lets start: communication in the spirit realm is mediated by thought. This is why the major world religions teach the importance of having good thoughts and intentions -- not just good words -- because thoughts are deeds in the spirit world...NOMAD, should be correct... ya, and we shall gain enlightenment, our goal... Every time you reincarnate (if that is your choice, Nomad: not everyone has this choice, I guess:-), a particular aspect of your greater personality (your spirit) incarnates as a new soul. Depending upon which level in the spirit realms you have earned, you realize how close you are to complete at-onement with God and what is needed to attain the highest spirit heaven. Nomad: soul growth without this additional scroll (matter), this is for me too much a “DREAMER THING”, not so much will be accomplished…as I see it ==> 1Samuel 2:6-8 The Lord brings death and makes alive; he brings down to the grave and raises up. The Lord sends poverty and wealth; he humbles and he exalts. He raises the poor from the dust and lifts the needy from the ash heap; he seats them with princes and has them inherit a throne of honor... Phytagoras, ya check that word: palingenesia ==> and understand it rightly: The one who is victorious I will make a pillar in the temple of my God. Never again will they leave it versus James 3:6 "And the tongue is a fire. [The tongue is a] world of wickedness set among our members, contaminating and depraving the whole body and setting on fire the wheel of birth (the cycle of man’s nature), being itself ignited by hell – yet that can be also simple the wheel of nature as we know the seven spirits... Apocryphia is biblical!!! "Then Tobit said: 'Blessed be God who lives forever, because his kingdom lasts throughout all ages. For he afflicts, and he shows mercy; he leads down to Hades (underworld, hell) in the lowest regions of the Earth, and he brings up from the great abyss, and there is nothing that can escape his hand." (Tobit 13:1-2)... ==> you could argue that this can happen also in our life-time like ascension and descension, yet rather it looks here not that way... the author seems to have referred to after-life...."I do not know how you came into being in my womb. It was not I who gave you life and breath, nor I who set in order the elements within each of you. Therefore the Creator of the world, who shaped the beginning of humankind and devised the origin of all things, will in his mercy give !!!life and breath back to you again!!!, since you now forget yourselves for the sake of his laws (2 Maccabees 7:22-23)...For our allotted time is the passing of a shadow, and there is no return from our death, because it is sealed up and no one turns back...' Thus they reasoned, but !!!they were led astray!!!, for their wickedness blinded them, and they did not know the secret purposes of God, nor hoped for the wages of holiness, nor discerned the prize for blameless souls (Wisdom 1:16--2:22)...By assuming the possibility that Jesus could be one of the prophets of Israel from ancient times, they implicitly acknowledged the possibility of reincarnation, because we read clearly: Others said, That it is Elias and others said, That it is a prophet, or as one of the prophets...NO ONE DID WORRY, NO ONE DID SCREAM, THEY JUST ALLOWED THAT VIEW ABOUT REINCARNATION!!! (don’t get fooled and Jesus would had said something when he wanted to get rid of the reincarnation idea, ya or the other apostles should have said something yet no one stood up… they just ignored it...). And I remember you also to new wine in new bottles... yet also here we have the convergence because of the transmutation of the body (earthly tabernacle dissolved) and receiving the translucent wine... wherefore also regarding that revelation, most people are not able to comprehend... ==> And reincarnation this fits with Gods love [and Justice] and with free will... and some people simple like wickedness more then the pure Spirit abode... ==> and correct, this kind of reincarnation as presented here in this book... it was also a bit hidden like the stone yet there were many more ancient texts, and they destroyed it and they did choose for themselves what shall be in the Bible. (similar with apocryphia, for some people it belongs clearly to the Bible, for others not)... ==> Life in this world is like the seed in the ground; life in the other world like the tree with blossoms and fruit…. YA, like work and rest ==> and facts include empirical knowledge, for we recognize the different soul images... And the apocalypse is the ELYSIAN FIELDS, the joys of the blessed, perfect purification effects the oblivion of all evils, no return, and in perfect purification is no desire for defilement like to get again a corruptible body!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ==> And further, also Zoroastrianism knows the concept of heaven and hell... and Buddhism is mixed up but Tibetian Buddhism, Dzogchen, they say, individuals can transform the body in an immortal body of light called the rainbow body – and here you see it again of how close they are to the truth in some of their statements but again, immortality must include a source, in which we are centered, praise JESUS! And ya, they taught also the 4 Elements...And we see all three aspects, creator God (creation, generating aspect in the flow), preservation (realm without decay, fractal universe, unmoved), transformation (matter as shapes and forms, energy completes it, moved) as a cosmic function, and when it “incarnates” in us (Jerusalem city descending into our heart), we are “avatars” or gods, that means when we realize and recognize it, now, then, that is how we have the pure breath (world soul). And check: forever is translated as: FROM AGE TO AGE [cycle], and length of an age, GREEK: AIONIOUS, this word is also used regarding the smoke about also John 13:8 (to the age), Revelation 19:3! And the WORLD(age) is in your HEART!!! And again, CHECK: Ecclesiastes 1:7,9,10,11 It hath been already of old time, which was before us. There is no remembrance of former things; neither shall there be any remembrance of things that are to come with those that should come after!!!! (WITH THOSE). Ecclesiastes 3:15, 22 That which hath been is now: and that which is to be hath already been; and God requireth that which is past (WORKS, REAPING AND SOWING). And Isaiah 28:18, 19, Jeremiah 18:1-6 And the vessel that he made of clay was marred in the hand of the potter; so he made it again another vessel. Jeremiah 32:27 Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh: is there any thing too hard for me? Amos 9:2, Though they dig into hell, thence shall mine hand take them; though they climb up to heaven, thence will I bring them down. Jona 2:2-6 (I was in eternal hell and you brought me out, and at least you see the figurative speech regarding the word forever)... WHOM JESUS DIRECTLY CHALLENGED, that were the Sadduccees and according to Josephus they believed: The soul is not immortal; there is no afterlife, there are no rewards or penalties after death, Man has free will; man has the free choice of good or evil, God does not commit evil. The Sadducees also rejected the notion of spirits or angels, Acts 23:8, whereas the Pharisees acknowledged them - overall, the Sadducees represented an aristocratic, wealthy, and traditional elite within the hierarchy. [what we call complete worldly people and also opposed to the Essenes, and even opposed to the Pharisee like an antithesis, we may compare them as some who embrace the climax of a complete secular world view, radical transhumanist]…JESUS never challenged the reincarnation doctrine which was widespread at his time… just check the Greeks and the Jews and etc. No one condemned it! ==> AND JESUS WOULD HAD BEEN IN NEED TO CHALLENGE THEM: TALMUD, "gilgul neshamot" (i.e., reincarnation) is constantly mentioned - The belief or the doctrine of the transmigration of souls is a firm and infallible dogma accepted by the whole assemblage of our church with one accord, so that there is none to be found who would dare to deny it... Indeed, there is a great number of sages in Israel who hold firm to this doctrine so that they made it a dogma, a fundamental point of our religion. We are therefore in duty bound to obey and to accept this dogma with acclamation... as the truth of it has been incontestably demonstrated by the Zohar, and all books of the Kabalists." (Nishmat Hayyim) ==> wherefore about GILGUL (the"revolving" of souls through a succession of lives, or "gilgulim"): these more esoteric aspects of Torah are not of interest to significant segments of the Jewish population, including some rabbis and scholars. (hidden like the STONE)... Behold, all these things does God do -- twice, even three times with a man -- to bring his soul back from the pit that he may be enlightened with the light of the living. (Job 33:29) ==>and I give you another secret, you must translate the word GENERATION rightly... and reincarnation is in most of the extra biblical books... they just condemned them as gnostic books or whatever!

7) Surely, we have to know the all-pervasive, all-pervader or worker!!! as protector or preserver of the universe etc.....ignorance is destroyed, embodiment of supreme knowledge, knowing the fountain head!!! the bearer of the river (mediator)... No,w about different HEAVENS (afterlife), and with a closer look to the books of Enoch, we recognize directly that some Spirits see Gods face from a distance… And for sure, even the American Protestant with all their SUPER HEAVENLY VISIONS… ya, I wonder why they never told us something about the divine reality or the stone? YA, maybe now they will come up also with that idea because they know my book but WE ALL KNOW… whatever visions they had about afterlife… they ignored this topic and also no Spirit seems to have known the apocalypse (divine reality), ya, whatever Spirits they met in their visions… ya, they were just happy in “paradise” or in the lower havens… therefore don’t get fooled for the case they change now some stuff… And yes, in Hinduism its a bit different… and I can give you an example: 1 Satya-loka: Brahma’s loka. Satya-loka planetary system is not eternal [wherefore some say that this is the eternal abode, it depends on interpretation] Abode of Truth or of Brahma, where atman are released from the necessity of rebirth. 2 Tapa-loka: Abode of tapas or of other deities. Ayohnija devadas live here. 3 Jana-loka: Abode of the sons of God Brahma. 4 Mahar-loka: The abode of great sages and enlightened beings like Markendeya and other rishies. 5 Svar-loka: Region between the sun and polar star, the heaven of the god Indra. Indra, devatas, Rishies, Gandharvas and Apsaras live here: a heavenly paradise of pleasure Indra. 6 Bhuvar-loka (aka Pitri Loka): Sun, planets, stars. Space between earth and the sun, inhabited by semi-divine beings. It is a real region, the atmosphere, the life-force. 7 Bhur-loka: The Vishnu Purana says that the earth is merely one of thousands of billions of inhabited worlds like itself to be found in the universe... And they have also seven hells (probably also a symbolic number).. And further about the Buddhism view: In accordance with the universal Law of Causality, death is followed by immediate rebirth in one of the thirty-one planes of existence as a result of previous kamma... That is to say, a being arises in the appropriate sphere to which past conscious actions and habitual tendencies culminating in the “death-proximate kamma”, or last conscious thought - moment, have led him... Below the human plane are four planes (asura, peta, thiracchana and niraya or hell) which are described as unhappy states of existence. Beings are born into these states as a result of their unwholesome kamma. Excessive greed and attachment to worldly belongings may cause re-birth in the peta plane and be drawn to the place of attachment. Above the human plane are the deva and brahma planes. As the level of plane becomes higher, more subtle is the state of existence and longer is the life span (and they speak of a long or short time, to get rid again of KARMA (in hell), like purgatory – painful experience, wherefore not everyone needs to land on this place)... Nomad: yet they have different concepts and they speak also about heaven and hell in man... Buddhist cosmology typically identifies six realms of rebirth and existence: gods, demi-gods, humans, animals (ya, normally they should also mean the animal like nature, a person in lowest passions), hungry ghosts and hells...==> and so also Christianity has the concept of different heavens and hells (yet, hell, that is always something which is less pleasant)… and I have told you about three resurrections: 1) born of God (divine reality or to have bigger glimpses… wherefore we have also a margin), 2) born via earthly parents, 3) afterlife… and we have different heavenly planets... Wherefore today, in USA. ==> In a 2014 CBS News poll, the most recent on the subject, 66% of respondents said they believed in heaven and hell, 11% in heaven only, and 17% in neither. Americans who don't identify with any particular religion or are atheist or agnostic are much less likely to say they believe in either heaven or hell. Just under half say they believe in neither, while 36% believe in both and 7% in heaven only. In a 2013 Pew poll, 27% of agnostics and 13% of atheists said they believed in some kind of afterlife. ==> and 2018 pew survey, 29 percent of Christians in the US hold the New Age belief of reincarnation - the belief that when one’s body dies, one’s soul lives on in a new and different body, unrelated to the first, the percentage of Catholics in the U.S. who said they believe in reincarnation was even higher -36 percent ==> and thats why I do not even belief that many catholic today would go rampant ==> Wherefore at LC we understand clearly that heaven and hell universally co-exists… and further: they will be much more likely drawn to the reincarnation topic, and then we have also agnostic.... but I said, you can decide for yourself and we give you all our science and tell you what we belief in OUR ORDER. 

8) ADAM DID FALL BECAUSE OF IMMATURITY (thats why the prodigal son returns… learned a lot), so we read also in “the first book of Adam”: What is this overhanging ledge of rock to shelter us, compared with the mercy of the Lord that overshadowed us? ==> endless spiritual summer in the apocalypse [the ROCK or STONE]... and the beastly Skin confirmed: Then God the Lord said unto Adam, "When thou wast under subjection to Me, thou hadst a bright nature within thee, and for that reason couldst thou see things afar off. But after thy transgression thy bright nature was withdrawn from thee; and it was not left to thee to see things afar off, but only near at hand; after the ability of the flesh; for it is brutish." ==> everything about the Book of revelation MOVIE gets confirmed ==> and the man-child is born out of the mysteries! Now, lets go on with “the apocalypse of Adam”. “Lower water” as confirmation: Then God said to Adam, "While thou wast under My command and wast a bright angel, thou knewest not this water."But after that thou hast transgressed My commandment, thou canst not do without water, wherein to wash thy body and make it grow; for it is now like that of beasts, and is in want of water. ==> we can also say, we bath in the glory in the apocalypse, and other people work in sweat...And we see that Adam could also remember like I have some remembrance kept (about my first ascension), and yes, now you got confirmed again why there is no more sea in new Jerusalem, anyway, lets go on: He then said to her, "Remember the bright nature in which we lived, while we abode in the garden!... And we may also realize in the following saying our apocalypse unity, the blameless church (our kernel reality):"But she and I were both in one bright light. I saw her and she saw me. Yet now since we came into this cave, darkness has come upon us, and parted us asunder, so that I do not see her, and she does not see me. AND further we confirm of what we said about SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION, because we recognize that God foreknew, there was a purpose behind it, for he could also just had done it in another way: Strengthen thy heart, and be not afraid. This darkness is not a punishment. But, O Adam, I have made the day, and have placed the sun in it to give light; in order that thou and thy children should do your work. For I knew thou shouldest sin and transgress, and come out into this land. Yet would I not force thee, nor be heard upon thee, nor shut up; nor doom thee through thy fall; nor through thy coming out from light into darkness; nor yet through thy coining from the garden into this land... Had I not been and spoken to thee, O Adam, concerning the tree, and had I left thee without a commandment, and thou hadst sinned--it would have been an offence on My part, for not having given thee any order; thou wouldst turn round and blame Me for it... ==> but for sure we must be careful with such texts, it is still more a story telling...yet also without it we come to the same conclusion, the answer to the WHY, and we also had the law as TEACHER!... And again, correct: And Adam said to God, "While I was in the garden I knew neither heat, nor languor, neither moving about, nor trembling, nor fear; but now since I came to this land, all this affliction has come upon me." (NOMAD: climate in the apocalypse)... wherefore we read also about the merciful God: Then God said again unto Adam, "Because thou hast borne fear and trembling in this land, languor and suffering treading and walking about, going upon this mountain, and dying from it, I will take all this upon Myself in order to save thee." = purpose.. And further, we have another confirmation about the natural praise behind the veil: Yet now look upon our blood which is offered upon these stones, and accept it at our hands, like the praise we used to sing unto Thee at first, when in the garden.... further we have another confirmation of how the eternal word is hidden: But now the Word of God is hidden from us; and the light that shone over us is so changed as to disappear, and let darkness and sorrow come upon us ==> its a story telling of how the primitive Adam had to face his first problems... and further we read: O Adam, when thou wast in My garden, thou knewest neither eating nor drinking; neither faintness nor suffering; neither leanness of flesh, nor change; neither did sleep depart from thine eyes. But since thou transgressedst, and camest into this strange land, all these trials are come upon thee... And we read even about the fire which scorches them [the STONE, book of revelation movie] ==> HAHAHA, maybe in a not so distant future, then it will be more easy on this planet regarding the revelation in this book (LOGIACOLUMN), yet right now, Nomad has gotten one of the most difficult jobs… wherefore the Protestant Christians are too brainwashed… they are like MADE WEAK… so its a special problem in USA… also that I see to some degree… in other countries people would understand me much better or and also just the spiritual ones in USA… which are also many… they also can understand my book better... And the angel said unto Adam and Eve, "God says to you that ye have not strength to fast until death; eat, therefore, and strengthen your bodies; for ye are now animal flesh, that cannot subsist without food and drink." ==>and this is enough confirmation for the book of revelation MOVIE

9) its like a computer game… and it includes some magic, and it is about a person who is on a voyage of discovery, ya which leads him into a big adventure (and also he must learn many things), and like magic points, he gathers virgin seals to secure his destiny. Yea, and there are more infant-like humans who like to reside in lower places, they have done something (whatever that may be!!!), they had some aspiration in them, but in after-life, they are set below them.. and ya, also harder consequences do exists… and not everyone goes up to Gods resting place… therefore we speak nothing small… OUR MOTTO: WE EVOLVE, WE ENDURE, WE SUCCEED!.. And yes, thats why the gnostic term for this earthly body is prison... only the liquid flesh makes us free Matthew 5:25, 26, 18:35, Luke 12:58, 59 reincarnation cycles…And the TRIPLE meaning is even necessary because of the LOGOS and the interwoven reality, as proven to you... because also through the philosophic stone we resurrect, and God is a generative power (every born now), and so we can expand this terms for afterlife (other heavens) and reincarnation. HE WHO KNOWS THE “ENERGY CONSTRUCT”, HE KNOWS THE DEEPER MEANING... ==> I was shaped in the circle of the riches of the light which is in my bosom, which gives shape to the many begotten ones in the light into which no complaint reaches. Jesus is my place of rest, O Son ES ES O E, the formless one who exists in the formless ones... CYCLES IN HISTORY: Dwapara Yuga (I use it because the words fit here): The fog of materialism begins to lift and man discovers that he is more than mere flesh and bones; he is an energy form. Men of this Age build great civilizations, more concrete and less spiritual than those of the Golden and Silver Ages, but still superior to any civilization of earlier times. During this Age, man has mastery and control of the “illusion” of space. He understands the finer forces of Creation which are reflected in many new discoveries and inventions. Knowledge of all kinds is accelerated tremendously, transforming all strata of life. AWAKE O SLEEPER, gospel of truth: He is the shepherd who left behind the ninety-nine sheep which had not strayed and went in search of that one which was lost. He rejoiced when he had found it. For ninety-nine is a number of the left hand, which holds it. The moment he finds the one, however, the whole number is transferred to the right hand. Thus it is with him who lacks the one, that is, the entire right hand which attracts that in which it is deficient, seizes it from the left side and transfers it to the right. In this way, then, the number becomes one hundred. This number signifies the Father... AROMA (STONE CONFIRMATION): For there are no nostrils which smell the aroma, but it is the Spirit which possesses the sense of smell and it draws it for itself to itself and sinks into the aroma of the Father. He is, indeed, the place for it, and he takes it to the place from which it has come, in the first aroma which is cold. It is something in a psychic form, resembling cold water which is [...] since it is in soil which is not hard, of which those who see it think, "It is earth." Afterwards, it becomes soft again. If a breath is taken, it is usually hot. The cold aromas, then, are from the division. For this reason, God came and destroyed the division and he brought the hot Pleroma of love, so that the cold may not return, but the unity of the Perfect Thought prevail.... All the emanations from the Father, therefore, are Pleromas, and all his emanations have their roots in the one who caused them all to grow from himself. He appointed a limit. They, then, became manifest individually in order that they might be in their own thought, for that place to which they extend their thoughts is their root, which lifts them upward through all heights to the Father. They reach his head, which is rest for them, and they remain there near to it so that they say that they have participated in his face by means of embraces.

10) Secret Gospel of Mark (A Letter Attributed to Clement of Alexandria): As for Mark, then, during Peter`s stay in Rome he wrote an account of the Lord`s doings, not, however, declaring all of them, nor yet hinting at the secret ones, but selecting what he thought most useful for increasing the faith of those who were being instructed... dying, he left his composition to the church in 1, verso Alexandria, where it even yet is most carefully guarded, being read only to those who are being initated into the great mysteries......But since the foul demons are always devising destruction for the race of men, Carpocrates, instructed by them and using deceitful arts, so enslaved a certain presbyter of the church in Alexandria that he got from him a copy of the secret Gospel!!!!!!!!, which he both interpreted according to his blasphemous and carnal doctrine and, moreover, polluted, mixing with the spotless and holy words utterly shameless lies. From this mixture is withdrawn off the teaching of the Carpocratians. To them, therefore, as I said above, one must never give way; nor, when they put forward their falsifications, should one concede that the secret Gospel is by Mark, but should even deny it on oath. For, "For not all true things are to be said to all men". For this reason the Wisdom of God, through Solomon, advises, "Answer the fool with his folly," , teaching that the light of the truth should be hidden from those who are mentally blind. Again it says, "From him who has not shall be taken away" and "Let the fool walk in darkness". But we are "children of Light" having been illuminated by "the dayspring" of the spirit of the Lord "from on high", and "Where the Spirit of the Lord is" , it says, "there is liberty", for "All things are pure to the pure"..... ==>>> Nomad: some people will also say that this FRAGMENT is FAKE, THATS HOW UTTERLY BLIND THEY ARE... AGAIN TO REPEAT IT: ONLY FOR INSTRUCTION, that is, total milk or below... just a surface... and just written by Mark and this other guys... and then he wrote another gospel, yet you western people worship the bible as the infallible word of God and you say in your heart, ONLY THE BIBLE IS THE WORD OF GOD! Yet it is even the same with Paul and I know that he had other letter, everyone knows and I know that Peter had secret letters and we even read in scripture a bit about it… And then they murmur about REINCARNATION or bla bla bla

11) William J. Judge, the ocean of theosophy, 1905, AGAIN I USE ONLY THAT WHICH IS OF USE FOR LC, and for INSPIRATIONS: How man has come to be the complex being that he is and why, are questions that neither Science nor Religion makes conclusive answer to. This immortal thinker having such vast powers and possibilities, all his because of his intimate connection with every secret part of Nature from which he has been built up, stands at the top of an immense and silent evolution. He asks why Nature exists, what the drama of life has for its aim, how that aim may be attained. But Science and Religion both fail to give a reasonable reply. Science does not pretend to be able to give the solution, saying that the examination of things as they are is enough of a task; religion offers an explanation both illogical and unmeaning and acceptable but to the bigot, as it requires us to consider the whole of Nature as a mystery and to seek for the meaning and purpose of life with all its sorrow in the pleasure of a God who cannot be found out. The educated and enquiring mind knows that dogmatic religion can only give an answer invented by man while it pretends to be from God!!!!!! What then is the universe for, and for what final purpose is man the immortal thinker here in evolution? It is all for the experience and emancipation of the soul, for the purpose of raising the entire mass of manifested matter up to the stature, nature, and dignity of conscious god-hood. The great aim is to reach self-consciousness; not through a race or a tribe or some favored nation, but by and through the perfecting, after transformation, of the whole mass of matter as well as what we now call soul. Nothing is or is to be left out. The aim for present man is his initiation into complete knowledge, and for the other kingdoms below him that they may be raised up gradually from stage to stage to be in time initiated also ==> Nomad: and yes, I read him right now the first time, we have just the same attitude, we are holistic!!!!!!! This is evolution carried to its highest power; it is a magnificent prospect; it makes of man a god, and gives to every part of nature the possibility of being one day the same; there is strength and nobility in it, for by this no man is dwarfed and belittled, for no one is so originally sinful that he cannot rise above all sin. Treated from the materialistic position of Science, evolution takes in but half of life; while the religious conception of it is a mixture of nonsense and fear. Present religions keep the element of fear, and at the same time imagine that an Almighty being can think of no other earth but this and has to govern this one very imperfectly. But the old theosophical view makes the universe a vast, complete, and perfect whole. ==>>> Nomad:yand we do not ignore that we should stay sober, and we labour also...we want to become victorious... and we do not ignore that now only HUMANS HAVE THE LOGOS, are in his image...dark and light... able to choose...ascend (apocalypse) or descend... And correct, reincarnation: This is the most ancient of doctrines and is believed in now by more human minds than the number of those who do not hold it. The millions in the East almost all accept it; it was taught by the Greeks; a large number of the Chinese now believe it as their forefathers did before them; the Jews thought it was true, and it has not disappeared from their religion; and Jesus, who is called the founder of Christianity, also believed and taught it. In the early Christian church it was known and taught, and the very best of the fathers of the church believed and promulgated it.... Christians should remember that Jesus was a Jew who thought his mission was to Jews, for he says in St. Matthew, "I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel." He must have well known the doctrines held by them. They all believed in reincarnation. For them Moses, Adam, Noah, Seth, and others had returned to earth, and at the time of Jesus it was currently believed that the old prophet Elias was yet to return. So we find, first, that Jesus never denied the doctrine, and on various occasions assented to it, as when he said that John the Baptist was actually the Elias of old whom the people were expecting. All this can be seen by consulting St. Matthew in chapters xvii, xi, and others.... St. John the Revelator says in Revs. iii, 12, he was told in a vision which refers to the voice of God or the voice of one speaking for God, that whosoever should overcome would not be under the necessity of "going out" any more, that is, would not need to be reincarnated. For five hundred years after Jesus the doctrine was taught in the church until the council of Constantinople. Then a condemnation was passed upon a phase of the question which has been regarded by many as against reincarnation, but if that condemnation goes against the words of Jesus it is of no effect. It does go against him, and thus the church is in the position of saying in effect that Jesus did not know enough to curse, as it did, a doctrine known and taught in his day and which was brought to his notice prominently and never condemned but in fact approved by him. Christianity is a Jewish religion, and this doctrine of reincarnation belongs to it historically by succession from the Jews, and also by reason of its having been taught by Jesus and the early fathers of the church. If there be any truthful or logical way for the Christian church to get out of this position — excluding, of course, dogmas of the church — the theosophist would like to be shown it. Indeed, the theosophist holds that whenever a professed Christian denies the theory he thereby sets up his judgment against that of Jesus, who must have known more about the matter than those who follow him. It is the anathema hurled by the church council and the absence of the doctrine from the teaching now that have damaged Christianity and made of all the Christian nations people who pretend to be followers of Jesus and the law of love, but who really as nations are followers of the Mosaic law of retaliation. For alone in reincarnation is the answer to all the problems of life, and in it and Karma is the force that will make men pursue in fact the ethics they have in theory. It is the aim of the old philosophy to restore this doctrine to whatsoever religion has lost it; and hence we call it the "lost chord of Christianity.... Wherefore William believes: That is, the head Atma (spirit) and Buddhi (something like intuitive intelligence but centered at the spiritual eye, therefore Wiliam means awakening to the mystic eye, but that is only a glimpse, spiritual soul) are yet in heaven, and the feet, Manas (sensory or processing mind, subtle matter thought substance, perceiving mind), walk in hell, which is the body and physical life. For that reason man is not yet fully conscious, and reincarnations are needed to at last complete the incarnation of the whole trinity in the body. When that has been accomplished the race will have become as gods, and the godlike trinity being in full possession the entire mass of matter will be perfected and raised up for the next step... This is the real meaning of "the word made flesh." It was so grand a thing in the case of any single person, such as Jesus or Buddha, as to be looked upon as a divine incarnation. And out of this, too, comes the idea of the crucifixion, for Manas is thus crucified for the purpose of raising up the thief to paradise... The physician knows not what life is nor why the body moves as it does, because the spiritual portion is yet enshrouded in the clouds of heaven; the scientist is wandering in the dark, confounded and confused by all that hypnotism and other strange things bring before him, because the conscious man is out of sight on the very top of the divine mountain, thus compelling the learned to speak of the "subconscious mind," the "latent personality," and the like; and the priest can give us no light at all because he denies man's god-like nature, reduces all to the level of original sin, and puts upon our conception of God the black mark of inability to control or manage the creation without invention of expedients to cure supposed errors. But this old truth solves the riddle and paints God and Nature in harmonious colors... AND CORRECT: Reincarnation does not mean that we go into animal forms after death, as is believed by some Eastern peoples. "Once a man always a man" is the saying in the Great Lodge. By looking into two explanations for the literal acceptation by some people in the East of those laws of Manu which seem to teach the transmigrating into brutes, insects, and so on, we can see how the true student of this doctrine will not fall into the same error... inasmuch as nature intends us to use the matter which comes into our body and astral body for the purpose, among others, of benefiting the matter by the impress it gets from association with the human Ego, if we use it so as to give it only a brutal impression it must fly back to the animal kingdom to be absorbed there instead of being refined and kept on the human plane. And as all the matter which the human Ego gathered to it retains the stamp or photographic impression of the human being, the matter transmigrates to the lower level when given an animal impress by the Ego. This actual fact in the great chemical laboratory of nature could easily be misconstrued by the ignorant. But the present-day students know that once Manas the Thinker has arrived on the scene he does not return to baser forms; first, because he does not wish to, and second, because he cannot. For just as the blood in the body is prevented by valves from rushing back and engorging the heart, so in this greater system of universal circulation the door is shut behind the Thinker and prevents his retrocession. Reincarnation as a doctrine applying to the real man does not teach transmigration into kingdoms of nature below the human. ==> CORRECT, SPIRIT GLOBE AND LOGOS ==>>> WHAT A TREMEDNOUS SIGN, Jesus FINISHED completely his course (AND ALL WHO SIT WITH HIM ON HIS THRONE ARE GODS, go no more out)... now, but this folly churches go against Jesus who taught reincarnation and this is obvious... they are utterly blind and dumb founded, or keep on lying.......................................NOMAD: Williams idea about other heavens: those whose attractions were preponderatingly material will be sooner drawn back into rebirth by the force of Tanha." Tanha is the thirst for life. He therefore who has not in life originated many psychic impulses will have but little basis or force in his essential nature to keep his higher principles in devachan. About all he will have are those originated in childhood before he began to fix his thoughts on materialistic thinking... If the person has led a colorless life the devachan will be colorless; if a rich life, then it will be rich in variety and effect... others - carrying out all that was not possible in life... Devachan is then neither meaningless nor useless. "In it we are rested; that part of us which could not bloom under the chilling skies of earth-life bursts forth into flower and goes back with us to another life stronger and more a part of our nature than before... But it is sometimes asked, what of those we have left behind: do we see them there? We do not see them there in fact, but we make to ourselves their images as full, complete, and objective as in life, and devoid of all that we then thought was a blemish. We live with them and see them grow great and good instead of mean or bad. The mother who has left a drunken son behind finds him before her in devachan a sober, good man, and likewise through all possible cases, parent, child, husband, and wife have their loved ones there perfect and full of knowledge. This is for the benefit of the soul. You may call it a delusion if you will, but the illusion is necessary to happiness just as it often is in life. And as it is the mind that makes the illusion, it is no cheat. Certainly the idea of a heaven built over the verge of hell where you must know, if any brains or memory are left to you under the modern orthodox scheme, that your erring friends and relatives are suffering eternal torture, will bear no comparison with the doctrine of devachan. But entities in devachan are not wholly devoid of power to help those left on earth. Love, the master of life, if real, pure, and deep, will sometimes cause the happy Ego in devachan to affect those left on earth for their good, not only in the moral field but also in that of material circumstance... The last question to consider is whether we here can reach those in devachan or do they come here. We cannot reach them nor affect them unless we are Adepts.... Such is one of their functions, and that is the only school of the Apostles after death. They deal with certain entities in devachan for the purpose of getting them out of the state so as to return to earth for the benefit of the race. The Egos they thus deal with are those whose nature is great and deep but who are not wise enough to be able to overcome the natural illusions of devachan ==>> because it is still not the ultimate reality yet rightly said, it feels real as this world, but a spiritual world or heavens, having an ethereal vesture (and before that in Kama loka they get rid of some habits, desires, to make them fit for heaven, wherefore here we just use different words, but it is the same, the slag pit or mud... and then everyone receives a place according to his capacity. And regarding KAMA LOKA: And all these various divisions (and degrees) are but the natural result of the life thoughts and last thoughts of the persons who die on earth – Nomad, or rather his whole compound which make his last thoughts! And the I (ICH) they wanted to explain with the 5 Skandhas: Gefühl, Wahrnehmung, Absicht, Kontake (Sinne), Aufmerksamkeit, and Kama or mud as portion of the Skandhas (because the whole old Adam body or old man body or physical body belongs to the dark fire when not resurrected = WITHOUT SINGLE EYE = whole body full of darkness, Matthew 6:22 and remember that via the philosopher stone, the earthly tabernacle gets dissolved ==> sure, mind stamp - dark fire – Spirit globe and upon that imprint as the person leaves, there is judgement based regarding the next life, that is, whatever we have done in the body, 2Corinthians 5:10, the animals passions (kama) disintegrate and the remainder consists of the essence of these skandhas)... Other heavens: The whole period allotted by the soul's forces being ended in devachan, the magnetic threads which bind it to earth begin to assert their power. The Self wakes from the dream, it is borne swiftly off to a new body, and then, just before birth, it sees for a moment all the causes that led it to devachan and back to the life it is about to begin, and knowing it to be all just, to be the result of its own past life, it repines not but takes up the cross again — and another soul has come back to earth... WHEREFORE THEY USE KAMA (bad kama, mud) also in connection to the microcosm: In kama (mud) are the really active and important ones which control rebirths and lead to all the varieties of life and circumstance upon each rebirth. They are being made from day to day under the law that every thought combines instantly with one of the elemental forces of nature, becoming to that extent an entity which will endure in accordance with the strength of the thought as it leaves the brain, and all of these are inseparably connected with the being who evolved them. There is no way of escaping; all we can do is to have thoughts of good quality, for the highest of the Masters themselves are not exempt from this law, but they "people their current in space" with entities powerful for good alone (NOMAD, yet so simple it may not be as he explains it here, but for sure the FIRE TEST exists… and souls go to judgement… and there will be no much refreshment for some very evil souls and etc.).............. Take for instance the case of a child born humpbacked and very short, the head sunk between the shoulders, the arms long and legs curtailed. Why is this? His karma for thoughts and acts in a prior life. He reviled, persecuted, or otherwise injured a deformed person so persistently or violently as to imprint in his own immortal mind the deformed picture of his victim. For in proportion to the intensity of his thought will be the intensity and depth of the picture. It is exactly similar to the exposure of the sensitive photographic plate, whereby, just as the exposure is long or short, the impression in the plate is weak or deep. So this thinker and actor — the Ego — coming again to rebirth carries with him this picture, and if the family to which he is attracted for birth has similar physical tendencies in its stream, the mental picture causes the newly-forming astral body to assume a deformed shape by electrical and magnetic osmosis through the mother of the child. And as all beings on earth are indissolubly joined together, the misshapen child is the karma of the parents also an exact consequence for similar acts and thoughts on their part in other lives. Here is an exactitude of justice which no other theory will furnish (wherefore it is also about LEARNING THE LESSON, tribulation brings us back to the right path)... And thus each one answers, as St. Matthew says, for every word and thought; none can escape either by prayer, or favor, or force, or any other intermediary. Matthew 12:36 A good man out of the good treasure of the heart bringeth forth good things: and an evil man out of the evil treasure bringeth forth evil things. But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment. For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned... The spiritual nature of man is never affected or operated upon by karma (or mud)... And the individual in race or nation is warned by this great doctrine that if he falls into indifference of thought and act, thus molding himself into the general average karma of his race or nation, that national and race karma will at last carry him off in the general destiny. This is why teachers of old cried, "Come ye out and be ye separate... Take, for instance, the United States and the Red Indians. The latter have been most shamefully treated by the nation. The Indian Egos will be reborn in the new and conquering people, and as members of that great family will be the means themselves of bringing on the due results for such acts as were done against them when they had red bodies. Thus it has happened before, and so it will come about again (but we do also not ignore Austria and the Jews, yet not everyone in Austria did know what was really going on in this camps, nevertheless... and so also many died in famine in Austria, 1944-1945, 1,5 percent of the population ==>>> this is often not counted and maybe even two times the number of deaths of Jews in Austria... we were without food supply – and then there was hunger from 1945 to 1949, in that sense Austria is counted to the countries who know fully hunger and cold, but here helped then a bit the UNRRA - United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration, which they had primary in mind for refugee and concentration camp victims, or this was the primary thought, anyway, this changed later and also churches in USA helped, care packet... etc.) =====>>>>>> THE GOLDEN RULE IS THAT, CHANGE YOUR INNER DISPOSITION AS LONG AS YOU HAVE TIME (=REPENT, TURN AROUND, weaken the mud), for otherwise you have to learn the LESSON in the next life... and for sure we call it not just DEVACHAN because heaven and hell exists co-etrnally and hell is for sure less pleasant, and for the wicked [WHO CANNOT ENDURE IT VERY LONG, their worm, and so the question remains when someone enters the fire stream...] ========>>>>>>> and about the globes: The earth is one of seven globes, in respect to man's consciousness only, because when he functions on one of the seven he perceives it as a distinct globe and does not see the other six. This is in perfect correspondence with man himself who has six other constituents of which only the gross body is visible to him because he is now functioning on the Earth — or the fourth globe — and his body represents the Earth... ===>>> this is also a philosophical system because of the SEVEN GLOBES (STARS or PLANETS) and so some people here are maybe from other planets and did reincarnate on this planet, yet, understand, their “dimension”(realm) is sometimes hidden to us regarding physical sight (yet also today we already found out that probably other planets exist on which life is possible… etc.)... 5Senses: Sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smelling do not pertain to the body but to the second unseen physical man, the real organs for the exercise of those powers being in the Astral Body (which I called second body or also simple spirit body), and those in the physical body being but the mechanical outer instruments for making the coordination between nature and the real organs inside…

12) Mahdi: In the time of the Mahdi, a Muslim in the East will be able to see his Muslim brother in the West, and he in the West will see him in the East... The Master of the Command was named as the Mahdi because he will dig out the Torah and other heavenly books from the cave in Antioch. He will judge among the people of the Torah according to the Torah; among the people of the Gospel according to the Gospel; among the people of the Psalms in accordance with the Psalms; among the people of the Qur'an in accordance with the Qur'an ==> this makes me in friendship to the Muslims, yet Koran I have not read yet (but I know some Sufis who are good ones, and yes, the Koran is not the Bible, and the Bible has the stone, yet also in the Bible many stuff is missing)... Certainly We wrote in the Zabur (Psalms), after the Tawrat (Torah): "Indeed, My righteous servants shall inherit the earth”... When the Mahdi appears, Allah will cause such power of vision and hearing to be manifested in believers that the Mahdi will call to the whole world from where he is, with no postman involved, and they will hear and even see him... The face of the Mahdi shall shine upon the surface of the Moon (NOMAD: correct)... His forehead will be broad and his nose will be high, his face will shine like a star and he will have a black spot on his left cheek... Modernism: Besides these, the coming of the Mahdi and that of Jesus from the heavens are also regarded as signs of the Day of Judgment...BIG ASSUMPTION: The dominion (authority) of the Mahdi is one of the proofs that God has created all things; these are so numerous that his [the Mahdi's] proofs will overcome (will be influential, will be dominant) everyone and nobody will have any counter-proposition against him... The Mahdi will conquer the world; at that time the world will be illuminated by the light of God, and everywhere in which those other than God are worshipped will become places where God is worshipped; and even if the polytheists do not wish it, the only faith on that day will be the religion of God... ==>>> here is seen that they seek for an answer but who can eat my book??? Wherefore not every Muslim is in the TWELVER aka Islamic state... Mahdi in essence means being anointed by God or appointed by God the term "Mahdi" means guided by God, thus both imply a direct ordination or commissioning and a spiritual nurturing by God of a divinely chosen individual... WHAT IS WITH THE CUBE IN MEKKA? House of God... NOW, similar as a bigger part of Christendom cannot eat LC, so probably not fit for the Mahdi :-)... even when making it back into the apocalypse, ya, then this saying would fit: People will flee from him [the Mahdi] as sheep flee from the shepherd. Later, people will begin to look for a purifier. But since they can find none to help them but him, they will begin to run to him (Nomad, also eevryone did run away from me!!!!, IAM NOT EVEN JOKING!)... but I have not yet received that promise that I can purify many (and what means many?)... ==>>> wherefore if you say that Mahdi has longevity like Enoch, this is the BIG PROOF that it is our Mahdi... then I must remind you, the Cube is found in new Jerusalem, and you also know that cube and if this is the noble goal, then not all people can reach up to it in one life-time… but maybe many... so where do we go without reincarnation? You FORGET that I have some SUFIS on my back: Reincarnation is not universally agreed upon among Sufis, some believe, some don’t, but we do in our teachings.The afterlife will depend on the condition of your soul. If your soul is angry and fearful in this life, there is little realism in expecting an afterlife very different from anger and fear. Equally so, if your soul is harmonious and loving in this life, it will likely be harmonious and loving in the next. We don’t view life and death as linearly as commonly depicted. For example, your soul entering a heavenly state and staying there forever and ever, this is not how we view the afterlife. Through the teachings of the Judgment Day (Jumm ul Qiyamah), already one type of resurrection is hinted at. Moreover, there are Sufi teachings (as well as Quranic verses) pointing towards reincarnation. For example [Quran 2:26]:“How can you disbelieve in Allah when you were lifeless and He brought you to life; then He will cause you to die, then He will bring you [back] to life, and then to Him you will be returned.” Nomad: Mohammed said it rightly, Quram 2:17,20 Their example is that of one who kindled a fire, but when it illuminated what was around him, Allah took away their light and left them in darkness [so] they could not see. [DARK FIRE]... The lightning almost snatches away their sight. Every time it lights [the way] for them, they walk therein; but when darkness comes over them, they stand [still]. And if Allah had willed, He could have taken away their hearing and their sight. Indeed, Allah is over all things competent.... But if you do not - and you will never be able to - then fear the Fire, whose fuel is men and stones, prepared for the disbelievers... And give good tidings to those who believe and do righteous deeds that they will have gardens [in Paradise] beneath which rivers flow. Whenever they are provided with a provision of fruit therefrom, they will say, "This is what we were provided with before." And it is given to them in likeness. And they will have therein purified spouses, and they will abide therein eternally... It is He who created for you all of that which is on the earth. Then He directed Himself to the heaven, [His being above all creation], and made them seven heavens, and He is Knowing of all things... Again: reincarnation: The disbelievers said; “This is something strange and unbelievable. Once we are dead and become dust…? No, such a returning will never take place... And He made the earth to your growing place…therefrom We have created you and into that shall We return you and therefrom We shall bring you out (to the life) once again!... In this worldly life and its next life(64)... And a small minority supported Re-incarnation, which means re-birth of human beings after death. Those to be mentioned are; Ikwan al-Safa or Ismailism, Hemarih, Tarih , the followers of Ahmad ibn Khabet, and Shia Ghulat. Even in our time other communities like Druze, Alawi, Ahl- e -Hagh and some Sufi orders still believe in Re-incarnation... Indeed, nothing belongs to the human being but his/her own actions. And indeed s/he will face his/her actions soon, until his/her reward will be completed, and indeed, towards your Lord will be the Final Destination... And they (the disbelievers) wonder: Once we are bones and destroyed, will we be raised up through a new creation again?! Don’t they see that God, Who has created the heavens and the earth, is truly able to create similar bodies ?! These two verses clearly show that the belief in the identity of the human being as his body has always been the belief of those disbelievers! Besides, the body of Resurrection is a similar body, not the same body. I will return to the verses above later... Have We been worn out and incapable by the first creation?! But they are still in doubt about a new creation! (15)... The deniers said: This is something strange and unbelievable. Once we are dead and turned to dust…? No, such a returning will never take place. Surely We know what the earth reduces from them and with Us is a Registry Book... From the earth we created you (in form) and into the earth we will send to back (your form)... And at the Time of The Raising we will bring them in groups and change their images as blind and dumb and deaf…such things are their punishments as the result of covering of Our Signs by them... Tell them! Shall I reveal to you something worse in the sight of God? It is those whom God throws far away from His Grace and rages against. And turns them into apes and pigs and slaves of the Evil Power. They are in the worse place (abode) and they are lost to the right path... Those whose images are changing to the Hell! Yes, they are in worse place (abode) and they are lost in the wrong way... Allah is Him Who created you, then after supplied you, later on takes your life , and later on brings you to back to the life once again. Is there any of your godlike partners who would be able to do such a thing for you?! Purity and Supremacy to Him Who is beyond what you take as His partner... And the disbelievers said; ”This sounds very strange . Despite we will be dead and turned to dust?! No, such a returning will never take place... Later on you will be dead, and later on, at the time of rising up, you will raised up again... Did you not hear about those thousands of people who left their lands and homes in order to save their lives, yet Allah told them to die and afterwards they came back to life?! ==> According to Hadiths, the numbers of these people were actually countless, and long after they died their bodies disintegrated into earth. Yet, Allah created them again. This means they were all resurrected! And, according to the idea of Resurrection, they will be resurrected once again at the time of Rising up! It means the repetition of resurrection on the earth! But, that also means that Resurrection MUST be the law of nature. [Spiritual, Allah judges]... He Who has created everything in the best and most beautiful manner. And began the creation of “the human being” from Mud, originally. And turned the creation of humanity from the creatures from the humble fluid... And We made from the fluid (water) all living creatures. ==> NOMAD: WATERY STONE... And He send down some water from the sky in order to grow vegetables from a dead land. Suchlike this way, you will be brought forth!…And Allah made you to grow like a vegetation. Later He will send you back to the earth and brings you forth again. The verse means, the way of the new creation at the time of  ” Returning ” is not a unique one. Rather, it has ALREADY taken place at the first creation. So why would those disbelievers deny something which they have already experienced? And, this is the meaning of the word ” disbelief ” or ” Kufr ” ( الکفر ) in the Qur’an; to COVER up the Truth, and To hide a reality which they already KNOW about it.... The believers in the idea of Resurrection, generally believe that by the time of Qiyamah or Uprising, this materiel world will be destroyed and a new world will be arise which is completely unknown to us ==> this is only partially true as you SEE, you must understand the STONE, reincarnation is in the Quran… and additional at one point the CUBE gets more revealed on this planet!!! The disbelievers said; “This is something strange and unbelievable. Once we are dead and become dust…? No, such a returning will never take place. Now, the very concept of Returning indicates that we will return to the life of this materiel world. You cannot RETURN to somewhere you’ve NEVER been before. That why, the Qur’an explains it even more clearly here: And He made the earth to your growing place…therefrom We have created you and into that shall We send you back, and therefrom We shall bring you out (to the life) once again! In this verse, the Qur’an emphasizes, at least three times or in three different forms, that Ma’ad or ” Returning ” will be to the life of this materiel world. Firstly, it explains in a clear way that the place of ” Returning ” will be exactly the same earth as we were born and will die in. Notice, that ” the same earth ” includes the same LAW OF NATURE. This means, we will be BORN in the same manner as we have been in this life, according to the laws of nature. Otherwise, it cannot be considered as the SAME, or « منها », in the verse above. Secondly, the design of the verse is in such a way, that the pronouns « منها » and «فیها  » came before the verbs. This stress on the pronoun makes the tone of the language, Thirdly, the words: ” once again” or « تاره اخری » , in this verse of the Qur’an, indicates “Repetition“. ==> RESURRECTION TRIPLE MEANING ==> for further informations (and alos because I don’t know very well the KORAN):

13) THAT PART YOU CAN ONLY READ IN GERMAN (but its limited to that part, and I use only some nuggets)...WHAT WE NEED, that is, GEISTIGE SELBSTSTÄNDIGKEIT, was du sähst wirst du ernten, so auch die Wiedergeburt, diejenigen welche reinkarnieren, und die welche höher hinaus wachsen, sie können länger in anderen Spähren verweilen (andere Himmel). So auch unsere Talente, wir nehmen is mit uns... Und es ist nicht gesagt dass diejenigen welche höhere Sphären erreichen, das sie jemals wieder auf diesem Planeten reinkarnieren, nein... vielleicht würden sie einfach in höhere Sphären verweilen oder irgendwo anders wieder erscheinen, andere Optionen was ja auch bekannt ist im Buddhismus. Und es ist nicht gesagt dass die Brutalität welche sich über Nomad ereignete, dass ein Anderer genau den gleichen Weg geht, nein, ein bisschen Schicksal spielt auch eine Rolle und ansonsten hät Ich nicht dies Buch gebschrieben. Und auch mein Erdenvater wollte nicht dass Ich als Fisch geboren werde, und so kam Ich halt ein paar Wochen früher heraus... aber nicht wirklich als eine Frühgeburt, nur ein bisschen früher. ==> Und wir lernen von unseren Fehlern, und die physiche Welt is eine Art Vorschule, aber auch eine Art der Identifikation (Gedächtnis, intern), weil wir müssen ja wieder rauswachsen and so kehrt der verlorene Sohn zurück zum Vater... GEBEN: Ein freundlicher Blick, der Ausdruck des Vertrauens, eine mitfühlende und liebevolle Hilfsbereitschaft - diese Gaben können von allen ohne Unterschied des Wohlstands gegeben werden. Noch mehr! Wir sollten vor allen Dingen dem Bedürftigen helfen, sich selbst zu helfen, sei es finanziell, moralisch oder geistig. Wir sollen ihn nicht von uns oder anderen abhängig machen... Man sei sich dessen bewusst, dass die Macht des Gebens nicht immer mit Reichtum verbunden ist. Unüberlegtes Geben von Geld kann sogar von Übel sein. Es ist richtig, für einen guten Zweck Geld zu geben, aber ein Dienst ist tausendmal besser, vergiss das Kirchengequatsche, du gibst dem Priester 100 Dollar und später bekomms to es dreißigfach zurück... diese Leute sind einfach nur verdorben. Wobei die in Deutschland lehren auch die DREI HIMMEL. Der erste Himmel, da gibts es auch Häuser als Reflexion, Besitz schöner Häuser, Blumen, SOMMERLAND, sie erbauen sich diese Dinge aus dem feinen Empfindungsstoff... Manche Rosenkreuzer glauben: Die Tätigkeit des Menschen in der himmlischen Welt beschränkt sich nicht ausschließlich auf die Umgestaltung der Erdoberfläche, obwohl sie die Stätte zukünftiger Kämpfe und die Unterwerfung der physischen Welt sein wird. Er ist ebenso eifrig bemüht zu lernen, sich einen Körper zu erbauen, der (für den Geist) ein immer besseres Ausdrucksmittel wird....Es ist ein Naturgesetz, dass niemand einen tüchtigeren Körper bewohnen kann, als er zu erbauen fähig ist. Zuerst lernt er, Körper von einer gewissen Abstufung zu erbauen, und dann erst lernt er darin zu leben. Auf diese Weise lernt er dessen Fehler kennen und erhält die Lehren, wie sie zu verbessern sind (Sophia, righteous body, to attain more easy resurrection life)... Und der DRITTE HIMMEL: Wenn nun das Ego alle Früchte seines letzten Lebens aufgenommen hat und die Gestalt der Erde so verändert wurde, um ihm die nötige Umgebung für einen weiteren Schritt hin zur Vervollkommnung zu liefern; wenn weiters durch die Arbeit an den Körpern anderer gelernt wurde, sich selbst einen geeigneten Körper zu erbauen, durch den es möglich ist, sich in der physischen Welt zu auszudrücken; und endlich das Ego den Intellekt in der Essenz aufgelöst hat, welche an dem dreifachen Geist baut, dann steigt der unbekleidete, individuelle Geist in die höhere Region der Gedankenwelt, in den dritten Himmel, auf...WOBEI ICH GLAUBE AUCH AN DAS PANAROMA, ICH HATTE EINE SEHR STARKE VORAHNUNG IN MIR: Nach einiger Zeit kommt das Verlangen nach neuen Erfahrungen und die Erwägung einer neuen Geburt. Diese lässt eine Serie von Bildern vor dem Geist entstehen: ein Panorama des neuen Lebens, das seiner wartet. Aber man beachte wohl - das Panorama enthält nur die Hauptereignisse... Die Bilder im Panorama des zu erwartenden Lebens beginnen bei der Wiege und enden am Grab... und SCHMERZ lehrt uns: bis wir endlich gezwungen sind, uns einer anderen Richtung zuzuwenden... WIR VERLANGEN NICHT DANACH, aber wir nehmens hin... frohlocke in deinen Trübsalen... Die Wahl ist unser. Solange wir jedoch noch nicht alles gelernt haben, was wir in dieser Welt lernen können, müssen wir hierher zurückkommen. Wir können nicht in den höheren Welten bleiben und dort lernen, ehe wir nicht zuvor die Lehren des Erdenlebens bemeistern. Das wäre geradeso unvernünftig, wie wenn wir heute ein Kind in den Kindergarten und morgen an die Hochschule schicken wollten... Wir können nicht einmal alle Ereignisse unseres gegenwärtigen Lebens zurückrufen. Wir erinnern uns nicht an die Bemühungen, die uns das Schreibenlernen kosteten, aber wir haben die Vertrautheit mit dieser Kunst erworben, ein Beweis, dass wir gelernt haben... SIE STIMMEN MIT MIR ÜBEREIN, ZWECKS ALKOHOL: In den Tempeln war bis dahin nur Wasser verwendet worden, doch nun änderte sich auch das. "Bacchus" - ein Gott des Weines - ersteht, und unter seiner Herrschaft vergessen die fortgeschrittenen Völker, dass es ein höheres Leben gibt. Keiner, der dem falschen Geist des Weines oder irgend eines alkoholischen Getränks (dem Produkt der Gärung und des Verfalls) opfert, kann jemals etwas von seinem Höheren Selbst - vom wahren Geist, der die Quelle allen Lebens ist - wissen. (ja, dass ware ein Epoche, sie haben den Geist vermehrt vergessen, Eroberung der physichen Welt) ==> ABER NUN SIND WIR ZU SEHR GEFALLEN... und so WARNE auch ICH betreffend der FLUID DYNAMICS. ====>>> so wie die sieben Erzengel Intelligenzen sind welche uns helfen, betrachte auch den Stein, ja sogar haben Einfluss in unser Inneres... so ist Jesus quasi aus der höchsten Sonne und vermag von innen heraus eine Änderung in unseren Empfindungskörpern hervorrufen... so auch das Chrism, der GESALBTE... und er repräsentiert auch den Höchsten... aber neben all diesem Gerede zwecks GEISTIGER EVOLUTION... was ist wichtig? Wichtig ist zu erkennen dass Jesus sagte, JETZT, die Zeit is reif... ERGREIFT DAS KÖNIGREICH... und in diesem Sinne warte Ich nicht andere Wiedergeburten ab, nein... weil wenn Jesus repräsentiert einen Bewohner der HÖCHSTEN SPHÄRE, nun denn, alle welche dies auch erreichen... SIE SOLLEN ES UNMITTELBAR ER-ERBEN... Und wir wissen: Zur Zeit des alten Testaments war der Pfad der Einweihung nicht frei und offen, mit Ausnahme für einige Auserwählte. Die Hierophanten der Mysterien sammelten um die Tempel gewisse Familien und isolierten sie von dem übrigen Volk.... was sich nun auch irgendwann mal ändern muss... so wie Ich sagte, der Würfel wird eines Tages vermehrt geoffenbart werden... Christus sollte durch Seine Mission nicht nur die Verlorenen retten, sondern Er sollte auch die Einweihung allen möglich machen. Darum war Jesus kein Levit, kein Angehöriger der Klasse, die Priesterschaft als Erbrecht erhielt. Er kam aus dem Volk, und obwohl Er nicht der Klasse der Lehrer angehörte, waren Seine Lehren höher als die des Moses. Christus-Jesus leugnete weder Moses noch das Gesetz und die Propheten. Im Gegenteil, Er erkannte sie an und führte sie als seine Zeugen an, weil sie alle auf einen hinwiesen, der da kommen sollte. Er sagte dem Volk, dass jene Formen ihren Zweck erfüllt hatten, und dass nun die Liebe an die Stelle des Gesetzes treten muss (aber lasst uns keine falsches Bild zwecks dem Begriff Liebe haben, es hat viel mit dem Superparadies und Befreiung gemein, es ist nicht einfach eine niedrigere Art von Liebe, vergleiche es mit Sonneschein, und es ist eine höhere Vibration...).... UND IHR HABT DEN BEWEIS HIER: Offenbarung 3:12, Wer überwindet, den will ich machen zum Pfeiler in dem Tempel meines Gottes, und er soll nicht mehr hinausgehen... und: 1 Korinther 15:23 Ein jeglicher aber in SEINER ORDNUNG: der Erstling Christus; darnach die Christo angehören, wenn er kommen wird... Und dass ist richtig: Nicht dass wir Familienbande verlassen oder unterschätzen sollten, doch wir müssen lernen, uns über sie zu erheben. Vater und Mutter sind "Körper", alle Verwandten sind Teile der Rasse, die zur Form gehören. Ja, und fanatischem Patriotismus etc. Müssen wir vermeiden... bla bla bla… TOXONSOPHIST = RIGHT BALANCE, for what the elite does today, that is not right balance... ==>> UND BEHARRLICHKIET IST WICHTIG, UND SO AUCH DIES BUCH, DASS IST WAS ICH JETZT BEWERKSTELLIGEN MÖCHTE... NUR DIES BUCH, ICH GEHE SCHRITT FÜR SCHRITT VOR UND DER REST, VERTRAUEN IN GÖTTLICHER FÜRSORGE, UND ICH HATTE KEINEN PLAN, NICHTS IN MEINER HAND, DAS GANZE BUCH, ALLES IST NEU UND DOCH HAT ES NUN BEREITS EIN IMMENSES WISSEN, nach nur vier Jahren. UND DIES IS PERFEKT ERKLÄRT VON DEN ROSENKREUZERN (, Im gewöhnlichen Leben sind die Menschen da, um zu essen, zu trinken, uneingeschränkt ihre geschlechtlichen Leidenschaften zu befriedigen und sie verlieren bei der geringsten Ursache ihre Fassung. Obwohl diese Menschen äußerlich sehr "ehrbar" sein mögen, so bringen sie beinahe täglich vollständige Verwirrung in ihren Organismus. Die ganze Schlafenszeit wird vom Empfindungs- und Lebensleib benötigt, um den Schaden, der während des Tages entstanden ist, wiedergutzumachen ==> Nomad: ICH BIN MIR DESSEN SEHR BEWUSST und in der OFFENBARUNG, da haben wir nicht mehr dieses Problem. Die Formel welche die Rosenkreuzer benutzen: Der Aspirant des höheren Lebens pflegt die Fähigkeit, willentlich von einem beliebigen selbstgewählten Gegenstand, dem er sich zuwendet, aufgesogen zu werden oder besser gesagt, von keinem üblichen Gegenstand, sondern von der Vorstellung eines einfachen Dinges... Nomad, nun, für mich ist dies einfach die KONTEMPLATION der GÖTTLICHEN REALITÄT (wobei Andere blicken auch auf die Kreuzigung oder was auch immer, um sich nicht in den fünf Sinnen zu verstricken, Materia, dass it auch in Ordnung und inkludiert in LOGIACOLUMN)...UND WENIGER UNORDNUNG = die Träume werden lebhafter und weniger CHAOTISCH!. JA JA JA, willkürlichen Hellsehens, dass ist nicht so einfach… und viel UNFUG ist in vielen KÖPFEN… darum LC und richtige Kontemplation… und harte Konsequenzen existieren immer noch… darum, meine Schüler lernen alles… sie sollen den STEIN verstehen… SCHLUß mit UNFUG...

14)And for sure: reincarnation as a big stone of stumbling... FALL BACKWARD (rush backwards) and be broken, snared and caught. And the body is the prison, happy is he searches also the deep things of God... then he does not need any Institutions... and all the ancient texts will confirm him, and science. DAY AND NIGHT (Isaiah 28) = this is real my friends and read about hell in that chapter, they are pushed out again... ==> each incarnation our Spirit-self sends forth a new/unique image… and to some degree we can bring forth in any lifetime (internal memory)...images (like fractals) it ever projected and Born under Astrological Laws… therefore some remembrance or we may recognize it also with some dislikes and likes we have… some have Chinese furniture and other… and bla bla bla...NOW, and LET ME TELL YOU also WHAT CLEMENT SAID: Faith is an act of choice, an act of construction of one’s own set of consciousness, for which man is totally responsible. Through faith man can model a future situation, making it possible to secure himself against numerous troubles. Only a religious (spiritual) person understands that behind the external chaos there is a transcendental personality who has brought us into existence, that life here is only a preparation to the eternal life, and that the sense of life is in the afterlife existence which is a summit of bliss. Possessing such an attitude, one can easily overcome all hardships of the life here. The believer’s goal is learning of God – gnosis, i.e. mystical and spiritual knowledge. Such superior understanding of God is contrasted with the moral and legal knowledge and compliance with the letter of the Holy Writ as most Christians content themselves with... Clement’s Christian Gnostic—as opposed to the heretical Gnostic... According to Clement, the Christian was to live under the Logos as befitting a citizen of heaven (new Jerusalem city) and then, in an order of priorities, under the law (nomos) as a citizen of the earth. If a conflict should arise between God and Caesar (i.e., the state), the Christian was to appeal to the “higher law” of the Logos. Clement tried to familiarize readers with the basics of gnosis – a special verbal tradition preserved by a select few within the church.... He deliberately does this in a fragmentary and obscure manner. “Some things here I will pass over in silence or only give a hint... The reason: unpreparedness of most readers for the secret knowledge of Christian mysticism: “And certain things that I even recalled I deliberately omitted, fearing to write down what I bewared of talking about... I feared to lead my audience astray and be blamed for giving a sword to a child.” One of the aspects of the secret verbal knowledge is the teaching of reincarnation which Clement refers to in a nutshell, just hinting, and only prepared readers can understand it ==> Wherefore I also checked it now in Austria [~ 30 percent belief in Austria in reincarnation, 2018 study, today probably a bit higher percentage believes in reincarnation]. Reincarnation as the Soul’s Way to God. Salvation Teaching by Clement of Alexandria... He believed that the human centre emerges not at conception, but much earlier – in the Kingdom of God. The immortal human essence, which Clement called the soul and which is currently called the spirit, descends to this world, and after the body death it has a chance to return to its “heavenly motherland”. Stromata:“God has created us naturally social and just; whence justice must not be said to take its rise from implantation alone. But the good imparted by creation is to be conceived of as excited by the commandment; the soul being trained to be willing to select what is noblest.” = soul “training”... “We must, as it fit, in investigating the nature of the body and the essence of the soul, apprehend the end of each, and not regard death as an evil… For the end of all things is death. But now, being made free from sin, and become servants to God, you have your fruit unto holiness, and the end everlasting life.” = a righteous person can achieve everlasting life... “Home” or the place of the initial emergence of human souls is how Clement calls “the Highest”, i.e. the Kingdom of Heaven... Clemens professed: “...the reward and the honours are assigned to those (souls – A.L.) who have become perfect; when they have got done with purification, and ceased from all service, though it be holy service, and among saints. Then become pure in heart, and near to the Lord, there awaits them restoration to everlasting contemplation; and they are called by the appellation of gods, being destined to sit on thrones with the other gods that have been first put in their places by the Saviour… = THRONE CONFIRMATION! Will they be forgiven and get blessed “for nothing”, not being ready for that and even not believing in God? No, one needs to be freely willing to be saved, according to Clement:“…neither is God involuntarily good, as the fire is warming; but in Him the imparting of good things is voluntary, even if He receives the request previously. Nor shall he who is saved be saved against his will, for he is not inanimate; but he will above all voluntarily and of free choice speed to salvation.” Therefore, this implies that they need to achieve a relevant level of spiritual perfection… and that cannot be done in one lifetime... “The purpose of birth is learning and perception, while the purpose of death is further restoration.” People are born in order to learn gnosis, i.e. to gain spiritual experience and restore themselves in the Kingdom of Heaven after death. Yet, within one life only a few gain spiritual experience sufficient for salvation... Clement describes the punishment: But those who are bad from infirmity, having fallen from vicious insatiableness into a depraved state, neither controlling nor controlled, rush round and round, whirled about by the passions, and fall down to the ground... And for sure he uses the revolution term: These salutary revolutions, in accordance with the order of change, are distinguished both by times, and places, and honours, and cognitions, and heritages, and ministries, according to the particular order of each change, up to the transcendent and continual contemplation of the Lord in eternity… = also a foolish level in churches exists and some people ended up in those churches as preacher and etc., as we very well know and thats why we have also THIS BIG WALL BETWEEN US… they hate my teaching or they want the STONE without the BOOK OF REVELATION – FLUID DYNAMICS (higher symbolic meanings in that book, ye we cannot separate it!!!)... “He, then, who faultlessly acts the drama of life which God has given him to play, knows both what is to be done and what is to be endured.” = incarnation implies to have a certain role in this world... But before the foundation of the world were we, who, because destined to be in Him, pre-existed in the eye of God, the rational creatures of the Word of God, on whose account we date from the beginning; for "in the beginning was the word." => THE BOOK OF THOMAS THE CONTENDER: Now, since it has been said that you are my twin and true companion, examine yourself, and learn who you are, in what way you exist, and how you will come to be. Since you will be called my brother, it is not fitting that you be ignorant of yourself. And I know that you have understood, because you had already understood that I am the knowledge of the truth. So while you accompany me, although you are uncomprehending, you have (in fact) already come to know, and you will be called 'the one who knows himself'...BEAST CONFIRMATION, BOOK OF REVELATION MOVIE: Now that which changes will decay and perish, and has no hope of life from then on, since that body is bestial. So just as the body of the beasts perishes, so also will these formations perish. Do they not derive from intercourse like that of the beasts? If it, too derives from intercourse, how will it beget anything different from beasts? So, therefore, you are babes until you become perfect...DARKNESS BEHIND THE LIGHT: Yet when the light comes forth and hides the darkness, then the work of each will appear. And you, our light, enlighten, O lord."... Therefore it is necessary for us to speak to you, since this is the doctrine of the perfect... the ignorant: seeing that there are some who, although having wings, rush upon the visible things, things that are far from the truth. For that which guides them, the fire, will give them an illusion of truth, and will shine on them with a perishable beauty [BABEL LUXURY, lust]... And the savior answered, saying, Blessed is the wise man who sought after the truth, and when he found it, he rested upon it forever and was unafraid of those who wanted to disturb him.... REINCARNATION and SCORCHING FIRE CONFIRMATION: The savior said, "Yes, it is useful. And it is good for you, since things visible among men will dissolve - for the vessel of their flesh will dissolve, and when it is brought to naught it will come to be among visible things, among things that are seen. And then the fire which they see gives them pain on account of love for the faith they formerly possessed. They will be gathered back!!!!!!! (VESSELS) to that which is visible. Moreover, those who have sight among things that are not visible, without the first love they will perish in the concern for this life and the scorching of the fire. Only a little while longer, and that which is visible will dissolve; then shapeless shades will emerge, and in the midst of tombs they will forever (age long) dwell upon the corpses in pain and corruption of soul... The savior said, "Truly, as for those, do not esteem them as men, but regard them as beasts, for just as beasts devour one another, so also men of this sort devour one another. On the contrary, they are deprived of the kingdom since they love the sweetness of the fire and are servants of death and rush to the works of corruption. They fulfill the lust of their fathers. They will be thrown down to the abyss and be afflicted by the torment of the bitterness of their evil nature. For they will be scourged so as to make them rush backwards!!!!!!!!, whither they do not know, and they will recede from their limbs not patiently, but with despair. And they rejoice over [...] madness and derangement [...] They pursue this derangement without realizing their madness, thinking that they are wise. They [...] their body [...] Their mind is directed to their own selves, for their thought is occupied with their deeds. But it is the fire that will burn them.... You darkened your hearts and surrendered your thoughts to folly, and you filled your thoughts with the smoke of the fire that is in you! And your light has hidden in the cloud of [...] and the garment that is put upon you, you [...]. And you were seized by the hope that does not exist. And whom is it you have believed?... Woe to you because of the wheel that turns in your minds! ==>>> check also seven Spirits wheel... Woe to you who dwell in error, heedless that the light of the sun which judges (Nomad, I said, the sun scorches them, book of revelation movie, I know that...Iam a total witness to it, my testimony) ===> and looks down upon the all will circle around all things so as to enslave the enemies. You do not even notice the moon... The sun and the moon will give a fragrance to you together with the air and the spirit and the earth and the water ==> we have also 4 Elements proof... For if the sun does not shine upon these bodies, they will wither and perish just like weeds or grass. If the sun shines on them, they prevail and choke the grapevine; but if the grapevine prevails and shades those weeds and all the other brush growing alongside, and spreads and flourishes, it alone inherits the land in which it grows; and every place it has shaded it dominates. And when it grows up, it dominates all the land and is bountiful for its master, and it pleases him even more, for he would have suffered great pains on account of these plants until he uprooted them. But the grapevine alone removed them and choked them, and they died and became like the soil.... THE ONLY THING WHICH COULD BE QUESTIONED IN THAT TEXT IS THIS ONE: Woe to you who love intimacy with womankind and polluted intercourse with them!... but how much he means adultery or... ==> it is difficult to say... or at which point it becomes polluted... you know, like an addiction for some people... ==> sexual energy is not really the problem, but how we handle it, an old gnostic view is also to complement each other, woman and man... and for sure, marriage was important... because it is not just about sex... and I do not go deeper into it... I just give an overview (and yes, some needed no condoms, because they controlled the semen, but here we go into controversy and Iam myself not interested in it because it is simple not part of my way towards the mountain top, one way beyond the way but many ways which lead the mountain top)

15) You ask and I say, Thomas Gospel, Gospel of Philip, Dialogue with the Savior, Mary Magdalene, some Essene books, and other lost gospels and Odes of Solomon, and so on are rather very accurate... and what is with the book Pistis Sophia? Answer: the Pistis Sophia is a bit chaotic and we see also a little contradiction in this book which contains more scrolls, and so I say, some scrolls in the Pistis Sophia are accurate and some other scrolls are not (mixture)... Wherefore I will also read it once again, and I will use that which is useful [to some better degree, yet needs not to be perfect], and it is also not that way that all gnostics simple said that the OT God is the demiurg, rather some wanted to expose it when humans have spoken in the lower aeons, similar with the false image in the human himself, the creator made humans and the human in the lower aeons gets deformed or it produces another image (gives breath to that image), or dimly glass, and what we want to reach, that is the heavenly image, so its a coin with both sides, and ya, I do not agree with the whole text of Pistis Sophia, no, some scrolls have mixture, others are ok and we may better understand it with the energy construct and with the dark fire and the water which is below (genesis), the demrurg does not own materia but he alters it (skin quality as explained), rather he owns only the dark fire. And we have our pure emanation or image in the apocalypse, and contrary, the dark firé quasi wants his image, the thief breaks into the house, and again, we seek that aeon where we find our pure virgin Sophia = apocalypse, wisdoms glass = soul salvation ==> the dragon is quasi a copy cat, and he will say, it is written in scripture, and he makes his own ideas out of it, for example to be a god without the source, or to think that jealousy is in God or he thinks, this is my image and so on...ok, lets start with the text: And he had not told his disciples: "I have gone forth out of such and such regions until I entered into that mystery, and until I went forth out of it"; but, in teaching them, he said to them: "I am come forth from that mystery." For this cause then they thought of that mystery, that it is the completion of completions, and that it is the head!!!!!! (head, sphere, remember) of the universe and that it is the total Fulness........... the day on which the moon is full, on that day then, when the sun had come forth in his going, that there came forth behind him a great light-power shining most exceedingly, and there was no measure to the light conjoined with it. For it came out of the Light of lights, and it came out of the last mystery, which is the four-and-twentieth .mystery, from within without,--those which are in the orders of the second space [Nomad: eternal space] of the First Mystery. And that light-power came down over Jesus and surrounded him entirely, while he was seated removed from his disciples, and he had shone most exceedingly, and there was no measure for the light which was on him... in one great immeasurable glory of light; it stretched from under the earth right up to heaven... surrounded him entirely...And when the disciples saw that light, they fell into great fear and great agitation... the world will be rolled up (NOMAD: changed like a clothing, check also Thomas gospel, earthly tabernacle dissolved… entered god realm, scroll within and without)........... WHAT I LIKE VERY MUCH, THAT IS, THE IDEA THAT ALSO JESUS HAD TO CONTEMPLATE HIS MISSION, STEP BY STEP HE RECEIVED IT: It came to pass then, when I had known that the order of the ministry for the sake of which I had come, was completed, and that that mystery had not yet sent me my Vesture, which I had left behind in it, until its time was completed, thinking then this, I sat on the Mount of Olives a little removed from you.... Nomad: Some magicians know some geometry and with it they invoke names (powers), as horoscope caster and fate telling... and maybe there was a time when they were more advanced... yet, for us, not really so interesting, and we have to overcome the outward influence... ==> the idea is that and this is disputable, that is when there is too much astral influence, then this changes also the direction of RELIGION and finally we have almost no perfected souls on this planet... like they are in complete folly religion and teach nothing right and out of GREAT FEAR [via similitude] they go against Nomad... like you should not teach this or that... this are the fake leader, wimps of western religion and they are an obstacle for the spiritual ones who need right teaching and then we would also need that the Holy Spirit falls with a bit more power on people...(and watch this leader and their excuses and how cowardly they operate... it seems that they love more the archonic grid)....And the materia is also a bit a problem, like it is too glue-like, and it takes much to be more quickly purified... Similar, if there is a community walking in high vibration (and maybe some have the chrism, secret oil), now this will help other, no doubt, even regarding the materia... ==> and it is a quite “dangerous” planet, for I shall speak the mystery but on this planet are also dogs and swine and what else, who could get really angry and I can also not just get rid of them (looking upon my “own karma”)... NO WONDER THAT MANY DID HIDE IT!!!!... When we look upon new Jerusalem and its CUBE form, descending, that is not thing else than the more widespread message, the STONE will get at one point more revealed on this planet... WHO GOES AHEAD? AND WHEN?.... ==> should we not assume that when Adam was here, that also the second Adam should be here at one point?.... ==> INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR (and Image)... the lion faced ruler is below (dark fire)...O, how they hate Sophia...regarding scripture... but I do not say that people just hate us when we are in the apocalypse, no, because most people like still the superparadise smell... but about religion, and the confused word in them................All the rulers in the lower aeons mock us... wherefore Sophia cries in them: Save me out of the matter of this darkness, that I may not be submerged therein, that I may be saved from the emanations of god Self-willed which press me sore, and from their evil doings [yet they hear it not]... But let them not be reckoned in the lot of those who purify themselves and the light, and let them not be reckoned with those who will quickly repent, that they may quickly receive mysteries in the Light... For God shall save their soul from all matters, and a city shall be prepared in the Light, and all the souls who are saved, will dwell in that city and will inherit it. ==> THE PURE WORD HAS REACHED THIS PLANET, FATE CHANGED (cut through)... let us go to the city of light!!!... ==> without the gnostic you will ever go astray because the OT is Demiurg mixed and the superparadise reality gives proof to it (as I said, some prophets spoke the pure word but also some stuff does not fit... Jesus confirmed that, he brought the pure word, Jesus said (paraphrase), it is written but now I tell you... and Mose said this, I say this....)... Meditation: Let them be put to shame and con-founded who seek after my soul... May they turn straightway and be put to shame, who say unto me: Ha, ha... [Nomad: rise above the birds]... May all who seek thee, be joyful and exult because of thee, and they who love thy salvation, say ever: May God be exalted...Turn not away thy light-image from me, but have heed unto me, if they oppress me; and save me quickly at the time when I shall cry unto thee... I am become as a demon apart, who dwelleth in matter and light is not in him, and I am become as a counterfeiting spirit, which is in a material body and light-power is not in it... I am become as a pelican in the desert; I am become as a screech-owl in the house... I have passed the night watching; I am become as a sparrow alone on the roof... Because of thy wrath and thy rage; for thou hast lifted me up and cast me down...but... He hath regarded the prayer of the humble and hath not despised their supplication... I sing praise unto thee in my hymn with which I sang praise in the height and with which I sang praise unto thee when I was in the chaos. Let it come into thy presence, and give heed, O Light, to my repentance... Because he hath looked down on his holy height; the Lord hath looked down from the heaven on the earth... To hear the sighing of those in chains, to loose the sons of those who are slain, To proclaim the name of the Lord in Zion and his praise in Jerusalem...But I have sung praises unto thee, O Light, and my repentance will reach unto thee in the height... Let thy light come upon me...This is then that mystery which is become the type in respect of the race which shall be born; and the race which shall be born will sing praises to the height... So that it may lay its name in the soul and its mystery in the power...On thee have I had faith. Let me not be scorned; let not the rulers of the twelve æons, who hate me, rejoice over me... For all who have faith in thee shall not be put to shame. Let them who have taken away my power, remain in darkness; and let them not get from it any profit, but let it be taken away from them...Out of the depths I have cried unto thee, O Lord... My soul hath waited for thy word...Let all the powers in me trust in the Light when I am in the darkness below, and may they again trust in the Light if they come into the region of the height... O Light, show me thy ways, and I shall be saved in them; and show me thy paths, whereby I shall be saved out of the chaos... And guide me in thy light, and let me know, O Light, that thou art my saviour. On thee will I trust the whole of my time... I have abandoned myself unto thee; let me not be put to shame and let not mine enemies mock at me... O Lord, show me thy ways and teach me thy paths... Call to remembrance thy mercies, O Lord, and the favours of thy grace, for they are from eternity... Mine eyes are raised ever unto the Lord, for he will draw my feet out of the snare... Look upon mine enemies, how they have increased themselves and hated me with unjust hatred... Preserve my soul and save me; let me not be put to shame, for I have hoped on thee... The simple and sincere have joined themselves to me, for I have waited on thee, O Lord...On thee, O Light, have I hoped. Leave me not in the chaos; deliver me and save me according to thy gnosis. For thou art my saviour and wilt lead me unto thee. And because of the mystery of thy name lead me and give me thy mystery. And thou wilt save me from this lion-faced power [Revelation 9:17, false religion, dead letter bible – machinery of this world = demiurg religion], which they have laid as a snare for me, for thou art my saviour...And in thy hands will I lay the purification of my light; thou hast saved me, O Light, according to thy gnosis. Thou art become wroth with them who keep watch over me and will not be able to lay hold of me utterly. But I have had faith in the Light. I will rejoice and will sing praises that thou hast had mercy upon me and hast heeded and saved me from the oppression in which I was. And thou wilt set free my power out of the chaos. And thou hast not left me in the hand of the lion-faced power; but thou hast led me into a region which is not oppressed.'...Let the mouth of them be shut up, who would devour me with guile, who say: Let us take the whole light in her,--although I have done them no ill... Incline thine ear unto me, save me quickly. Be thou unto me a protecting God and a house of refuge to save me... And thou wilt draw me out of this snare, which they have laid privily for me; for thou art my protection. Into thy hands I will render my spirit; thou hast redeemed me, O Lord, God of Truth... Be gracious unto me, O Lord, for I am afflicted; my eye is distracted in the wrath and my soul and my body. For my years have wasted away in sadness and my life is wasted in sighing. My power is enfeebled in misery and my bones are distracted. I am become a mockery for all my foes and my neighbours. I am become a fright for my acquaintances, and they who saw me, are fled away from me. I am forgotten in their heart as a corpse, and I have become as a ruined vessel. For I have heard the scorn of many who encompass me round about. Massing themselves together against me, they took counsel to take away my soul from me... But I have trusted in thee, O Lord. I said: Thou art my God. My lots are in thy hands. Save me from the hand of my foes and free me from my persecutors. Reveal thy face over thy slave, and free me according to thy grace, O Lord. Let me not be put to shame, for I have cried unto, thee. Let the impious be put to shame and turn towards hell. Let the crafty lips be struck dumb, which allege iniquity against the righteous in pride and scorn........Let all those who would take away my light from me utterly, lack their power. Let them face about unto the chaos and become powerless, who would take away my light from me utterly. Let their power be as dust, and let Yew, thy angel, smite them. And if they would go into the height, let darkness seize upon them and let them slip down and turn to the chaos. And let thy angel Yew pursue them and cast them down into the darkness below. For they have set a lion-faced power as a trap for me, although I have done them no ill, from which its light will be taken; and they have oppressed the power in me, which they will not be able to take away. Now, therefore, O Light, take away the purification from the lion-faced power without its knowing it,--the thought which Self-willed hath thought, to take away my light; take away his own and let the light be taken away from the lion-faced power, which set the trap for me. But my power will exult in the Light and rejoice that he will save it... For they have risen up against me, lying against me and saying that I know the mystery of the Light which is in the height, [the Light] in which I have had faith. And they have constrained me, [saying:] Tell unto us the mystery of the Light in the height,--that which I know not.... And they have requited me with all this ill because I have had faith in the Light of the height; and they have made my power lightless... But when they constrained me, I sat in the darkness, my soul bowed down in mourning. And do thou, O Light--for that reason sing I praise to thee--save me. I know that thou wilt save me because I fulfilled thy will ever since I was in my æon. I fulfilled thy will, as the invisibles who are in my region, and as my pair. And I mourned, looking unceasingly and searching for the Light. Now, therefore, have all the emanations of Self-willed surrounded me and rejoiced over me and sore oppressed me without my knowing [them]. And they have fled away and ceased from me but have had no pity upon me. They have returned again and made trial of me and they have oppressed me in great oppression and ground their teeth against me, desiring to take away my light from me utterly. How long, therefore, O Light, dost thou suffer them, that they oppress me? Save my power from their evil thoughts and save me from the hand of the lion-faced power; for I alone of the invisibles am in this region... For indeed they have fawned upon me with sweet words, asking me concerning the mysteries of the Light which I know not, and have craftily spoken against me and been enraged against me, because I have had faith in the Light in the height...(NOMAD, so also with me, religious people of the old order get jealous or...) And let them not say in their heart: Our power is glutted with her light. And let them not say: We have consumed her power. But rather let darkness come upon them, and let those who long to take away my light from me, become powerless, and let them be clothed with chaos and darkness, who say there: We will take away her light and her power. Now, therefore, save me that I may rejoice, for I long for the thirteenth æon, the region of Righteousness, and I shall say ever-more: May the light of thy angel Yew shine more and more. And my tongue will sing praises to thee in thy gnosis my whole time in the thirteenth æon......... Let them be put to shame and abashed who strive after my soul; let them fall back and be put to shame who imagine evil against me... They have requited me evil for good and childlessness for my soul... O Lord, when wilt thou look upon me? Restore again my soul from their evil works and save my only one from the hands of the lions... the men who shall receive mysteries, will be first into the kingdom of heaven... I am as a fruit-bearing olive-tree in the house of God. I have trusted in the grace of God from all eternity... He loved cursing,--and it shall come unto him. He desired not blessing,--it shall stay far from him... I am carried away in the midst as a shadow which hath sunk down, and I am shaken out as grass-hoppers. My knees have become weak from fasting, and my flesh is altered from [lack of] oil. But I have become a mock unto them; they saw me and wagged their heads. Help, O Lord God, and save me according to thy grace.... Let them who pursue me, fall down and let them not see me... May a smoke-cloud cover their eyes and an air-mist darken them, and let them not see the day, so that they may not seize me... May their resolution be impotent, and may what they concoct come upon them... My hope is in the Lord, and I shall not be afraid, for thou art my God, my Saviour... NOW: The Light hath become a wreath round. And though all the matters be shaken, yet shall I not be shaken [kingdom not shaken]. And though all my matters perish and remain in the chaos,--those which the emanations of Self-willed see,--yet shall I not perish. For the Light is with me, and I myself am with the Light........... The idea of seven archangels is most explicitly stated in the deuterocanonical Book of Tobit when Raphael reveals himself, declaring: "I am Raphael, one of the seven angels who stand in the glorious presence of the Lord, ready to serve him." (Tobit 12:15). Michael, One of the seven primary intelligences of our solar system. Michael in the Sun is an ineffable Archangel. Yet, Michael within us is different. Michael is an independent and cognizant part of our own Being… Michael and Gabriel, who symbolize the Sun and the Moon, and as we known the sulfur and the Mercury, serve the Alchemist in order to perform the Great Work… Michael and Gabriel are two Self-cognizant and Self-independent parts of our own Being, skilled in the science of Alchemy. As Michael and Gabriel exist in the Macrocosm, they also exist within the Microcosmic Human Being. It is obvious that we always receive the Mysteries of the Light of the Height by means of the sulfur and the Mercury. Sulfur and Mercury are fundamental in order to receive the light-stream. Michael and Gabriel carry the stream of Christic Light [to give intelligence to the seven planets, if you will... so we find this symbolism, to give origin to the Philosophical Stone, the SEVEN and in the TRIADIC].... Wherefore know one will draw near to God without embracing MINDFULNESS................"It came to pass then, when the light-stream had surrounded Pistis Sophia, that she took great courage, and it ceased not to surround her on all her sides; and she was no longer in fear of the emanations of Self-willed which are in the chaos, nor was she any more in fear of the other new power of Self-willed which he had cast down into the chaos as a flying arrow, nor did she any more tremble at the demon power of Adamas which had come out of the æons...And I led Pistis Sophia forth from the chaos, she treading under foot the serpent-faced emanation of Self-willed, and moreover treading under foot the seven-faced-basilisk emanation, and treading under foot the lion- and dragon-faced power. I made Pistis Sophia continue to stand upon the seven-headed-basilisk emanation of Self-willed; and it was more mighty than them all in its evil doings...The word then which thy power hath spoken through David: 'Whoso then dwelleth under the help of the Most High, will abide under the shadow of the God of heaven,'--that is: When Sophia had trusted in the Light, she abode under the light of the light-stream, which through thee came out of the Height (NOMAD: when you are more mature then lions become your friend, you will no longer fear them)...............And the word which thy light-power hath prophesied through David: 'Truth will surround thee as a shield,'(AUSTRIA SHIELD, RED and WHITE)--it is the light of the light-stream which hath surrounded Pistis Sophia on all her sides as a shield. "And the word which thy power hath spoken: 'He will not be afraid of terror by night,'--that is: Pistis Sophia hath not been afraid of the terrors and alarms into which she had been planted in the chaos... "And again the word which thy power hath spoken: 'He will not be afraid of a thing which slinketh in the darkness,'--that is: Sophia hath not been afraid of the lion-faced emanation, which caused fear for Pistis Sophia in the chaos, which is the 'darkness.' [Nomad: escapism preacher and the whole nonsense which gets preached, archonic grid]... And again the word which thy light-power hath spoken through David: 'A thousand will fall on his left, and ten thousand at his right hand, but they shall not come nigh him,'--that is: When the emanations of Self-willed, which are exceedingly numerous, could not bear the great light of the light-stream, many of them fell on the left hand of Pistis Sophia and many at her right, and they could not come nigh her, to do her [harm]. ==> we become quasi invisible to this powers but we also recognize that maybe MANY do not want us!!!...............And I have become sure-trusting in thy light and purified light in thy stream... And thou hast smitten the basilisk with the seven heads and cast it out with my hands and hast set me above its matter. Thou hast destroyed it, so that its seed may not raise itself up from now on. And thou wert with me, giving me power in all this, and thy light surrounded me in all regions, and through thee hast thou made all the emanations of Self-willed powerless... Thou hast put into them purified light and unto all my limbs, in which was no light, thou hast given purified light from the Light of the Height. And thou hast made straight the way for them [sc. my limbs], and the light of thy face hath become for me life indestructible. Thou hast led me forth above the chaos, the region of chaos and extermination, in order that all the matters in it which are in that region, might be unloosed and all my powers be renewed in thy light, and thy light be in them all. ===>>> YOU CANT HAVE THE STONE!!! without THE BOOK OF REVELATION MOVIE and if you try to do it, you are more or less bound to your own folly and destruction (wherefore I say, more or less) – NO RELIGIOUS SPIRIT CAN SUCCEED, rather even more will be taken from them......... and here is some prove that they included resurrection, the STONE: Thy way is become indestructibleness and thy face [also]. Thou hast led thy æon above decay, so that they all may be loosed and renewed and thy light become a foundation for them all. Thou hast piled thy riches upon them and they have become a holy dwelling-place. --it is the word which Pistis Sophia hath spoken: 'And thou hast smitten the serpent with the seven heads through my hands and set me up above its matter. Thou hast destroyed it, so that its seed may not raise itself up from now on. Thou hast made straight my way to lead me out of the chaos, because I have had faith in thee... And thy light hath [become] foundation for them all,'--it is the word which Pistis Sophia hath spoken: 'And thy light hath been in them all... O Lord, my God, I cried up unto thee, and thou hast healed me. O Lord, thou hast led up my soul out of hell; thou hast saved me from them which have gone down into the pit... The Light hath become my saviour. And it hath changed my darkness into light, and it has rent the chaos which surrounded me and girded me with light... The Lord hath become my helper. He hath changed my lamentation into joy; he hath rent my mourning-robe and girded me with joy... Who forgiveth all thy iniquities; who healeth all thy sicknesses; Who redeemeth thy life from decay; who wreatheth thee with grace and compassion; Who satisfieth thy longing with good things; thy youth will renew itself as an eagle's... He hath led up my soul out of the pit of misery and out of the filthy mire; he hath set my feet on a rock and made straight my steps. He hath put in my mouth a new song, a song of praise for our God. Many will see and be afraid and hope in the Lord... AND YES WE CAN CALL THE TRIADIC ALSO TRIPLE POWER (in that flow, formless point – mirror – back, and the sevenfold integrated)............................... AFTER-LIFE: They who have received the mystery of the Light, if they come out of the body of the matter of the rulers, then will every one be in his order according to the mystery which he hath received. Those who have received the higher mysteries, will abide in the higher order; those who have received the lower mysteries will be in the lower orders. In a word, up to what region every one hath received mysteries, there will he abide in his order in the Inheritance of the Light. For which cause I have said unto you aforetime: 'Where your heart is, there will your treasure be,'--that is up to what region every one hath received mysteries, there shall he be (not just letters learned on paper, also a heart issue). And John answered and said unto Jesus: "My Lord, will then every one abide in the region up to which he hath received the mysteries, and hath he no power to go. into other orders which are above him; and hath he no power to go into the orders which are below him?" THIS IS ALSO WHAT CHRISTIAN SEER TOLD US: Every one who hath received mysteries of the Light, will abide in the region up to which every one hath received mysteries, and he hath not the power to go into the height into the orders which are above him. So that he who hath received mysteries in the first Commandment, hath the power to go into the orders which are below him, that is into all the orders of the third [?] space; but he hath not the power to go into the height to the orders which are above him.... LIGHT LEVEL and etc...different heavens (many levels)... And he who hath received the master-mystery of the First Mystery of the Ineffable, that is the twelve mysteries of the First Mystery all together, which rule over all the spaces of the First Mystery, he, therefore, who shall receive that mystery, hath the power to pass through all the orders of the spaces of the three Thrice-spirituals and the three spaces of the First Mystery and all their orders, and hath the power to pass through all the orders of the inheritances of the Light, to pass through them from without within and from within without and from above below and from below above and from the height to the depth and from the depth to the height and from the length to the breadth and from the breadth to the length; in a word, he hath the power to pass through all the regions of the inheritances of the Light, and he hath the power to bide in the region where he pleaseth, in the Inheritance of the Light-kingdom. And amēn, I say unto you: That man will at the dissolution of the world be king over all the orders of the Inheritance of the Light. And he who shall receive that mystery of the Ineffable which I am, "That mystery knoweth why the darkness hath arisen and why the light hath arisen. And that mystery knoweth why the darkness of the darknesses hath arisen and why the light of the lights hath arisen. And that mystery knoweth why the chaos hath arisen and why the treasury of the light hath arisen... And that mystery knoweth why the judgments have arisen and why the light-land and the region of the inheritances of the light have arisen (even so FLUID DYNAMICS). And that mystery knoweth why the chastisements of the sinners have arisen and why the rest of the kingdom of the light hath arisen. And that mystery knoweth why the sinners have arisen and why the inheritances of the light have arisen. And that mystery knoweth why the impious have arisen and why the good have arisen. And that mystery knoweth why the chastisements and judgments have arisen and why all the emanations of the light have arisen. And that mystery knoweth why the sins have arisen and why the baptisms and the mysteries of the light have arisen. And that mystery knoweth why the fire of chastisement hath arisen and why the seals of the light, so that the fire should not harm them, have arisen.(that which scorches). And that mystery knoweth why wrath hath arisen and why peace hath arisen. (wrath, dark fire stream) And that mystery knoweth why slander hath arisen and why songs of the light have arisen.(logos and fall, new song) And that mystery knoweth why the prayers of the light have arisen. And that mystery knoweth why cursing hath arisen and why blessing hath arisen. And that mystery knoweth why knavery hath arisen and why deceit hath arisen. And that mystery knoweth why the slaying hath arisen and why the quickening of the souls hath arisen. And that mystery knoweth why adultery and fornication have arisen and why purity hath arisen. And that mystery knoweth why intercourse hath arisen and why continence hath arisen. (and male & female). And that mystery knoweth why insolence and boasting have arisen and why humbleness and meekness have arisen (even the divine water). And that mystery knoweth why tears have arisen and why laughter hath arisen. (even we know the translucent wine). And that mystery knoweth why slander hath arisen and why good report hath arisen. And that mystery knoweth why appreciation hath arisen and why disdain of men hath arisen. And that mystery knoweth why murmuring hath arisen and why innocence and humbleness have arisen (and healed through contrary, after sorrow comes joy). And that mystery knoweth why sin hath arisen and why purity hath arisen. And that mystery knoweth why strength hath arisen and why weakness hath arisen. And that mystery knoweth why motion of body hath arisen and why its utility hath arisen. And that mystery knoweth why poverty hath arisen and why wealth hath arisen. And that mystery knoweth why the freedom [?] of the world hath arisen and why slavery hath arisen. And that mystery knoweth why death hath arisen and why life hath arisen. That mystery of the Ineffable knoweth why unmercifulness hath arisen and why mercifulness hath arisen. And that mystery knoweth why ruin hath arisen and why everlasting eternity hath arisen. And that mystery knoweth why the reptiles have arisen and why they will be destroyed. And that mystery knoweth why the wild beasts have arisen and why they will be destroyed. And that mystery knoweth why the cattle have arisen and why the birds have arisen. And that mystery knoweth why the mountains have arisen and why the precious stones therein have arisen.(STONE KNOWLEDGE) And that mystery knoweth why the matter of gold hath arisen and why the matter of silver hath arisen. And that mystery knoweth why the matter of copper hath arisen and why the matter of iron and of stone hath arisen. And that mystery knoweth why the matter of lead hath arisen. And that mystery knoweth why the matter of glass hath arisen and why the matter of wax hath arisen. And that mystery knoweth why herbs, that is the vegetables, have arisen and why all matters have arisen (STONE KNOWLEDGE, seven metals, check also the books from ENOCH). And the mystery knoweth why the waters of the earth and all things in them have arisen and why also the earth hath arisen. And that mystery knoweth why the seas and the waters have arisen and why the wild beasts in the seas have arisen. And that mystery knoweth why the matter of the world hath arisen and why it [the world] will be utterly destroyed. (earthly tabernacle dissolved, new earth, liquid flesh).That mystery knoweth why the west hath arisen and why the east hath arisen (SUN, KINGS FROM THE RISING OF THE SUN). And that mystery knoweth why the south hath arisen and why the north hath arisen. Yet further, O my disciples, hearken and continue to be sober and hearken to the total gnosis of the mystery of the Ineffable. That mystery knoweth why the demons have arisen and why mankind hath arisen.(DARK FIRE...). And that mystery knoweth why the heat hath arisen and why the pleasant air hath arisen. (CORRECT). And that mystery knoweth why the stars have arisen and why the clouds have arisen. (WE must also understand the light cloud). And that mystery knoweth why the earth became deep and why the water came thereon. And that mystery knoweth why the earth became dry and why the water came thereon. And that mystery knoweth why famine hath arisen and why superfluity hath arisen. And that mystery knoweth why the hoar-frost hath arisen and why the healthful dew hath arisen.(YEA, the DEW in scripture, but also the spiritual summer we must understand, cold and heat well tempered, as mentioned somewhere else). And that mystery knoweth why the dust hath arisen and why the delightsome freshness hath arisen. And that mystery knoweth why the hail hath arisen and why the pleasant snow hath arisen. And that mystery knoweth why the west wind hath arisen and why the east wind hath arisen. And that mystery knoweth why the fire of the height hath arisen and why the waters have arisen. And that mystery knoweth why the east wind hath arisen. [? miscopied.] And that mystery knoweth why the south wind hath arisen and why the north wind hath arisen.(YEA, the FOUR WINDS we must figure out). And that mystery knoweth why the stars of the heaven and the disks of the light-givers have arisen and why the firmament with all its veils hath arisen. And that mystery knoweth why the rulers of the spheres have arisen and why the sphere with all its regions hath arisen. (and some ZOIDAK INSIGHT)And that mystery knoweth why the rulers of the æons have arisen and why the æons with their veils have arisen. And that mystery knoweth why the tyrant rulers of the æons have arisen and why the rulers who have repented have arisen. And that mystery knoweth why the servitors have arisen and why the decans have arisen.(this includes mankind) And that mystery knoweth why the angels have arisen and why the archangels have arisen.(if he means, the archangels as the seven intelligences, I must look later again). And that mystery knoweth why the lords have arisen and why the gods have arisen. And that mystery knoweth why the jealousy in the height hath arisen and why concord hath arisen. And that mystery knoweth why hate hath arisen and why love hath arisen. And that mystery knoweth why discord hath arisen and why concord hath arisen. And that mystery knoweth why avarice hath arisen and why renunciation of all hath arisen and love of possessions hath arisen. And that mystery knoweth why love of the belly hath arisen and why satiety hath arisen.(animal passions configuration). And that mystery knoweth why the paired have arisen and why the unpaired have arisen. (includes sun and moon, parents). And that mystery knoweth why impiety hath arisen and why fear of God hath arisen. And that mystery knoweth why the light-givers have arisen and why the sparks have arisen. And that mystery knoweth why the thrice-powerful have arisen and why the invisibles have arisen. And that mystery knoweth why the fore-fathers have arisen and why the purities have arisen. And that mystery knoweth why the great self-willed hath arisen and why his faithful have arisen. And that mystery knoweth why the great triple-powerful hath arisen and why the great invisible forefather hath arisen. And that mystery knoweth why the thirteenth æon hath arisen and why the region of those of the Midst hath arisen (midst? triple power midst?). And that mystery knoweth why receivers of the Midst have arisen and why the virgins of the light have arisen. And that mystery knoweth why the ministers of the Midst have arisen and why the angels of the Midst have arisen. And that mystery knoweth why the light-land hath arisen and why the great receiver of the light hath arisen. And that mystery knoweth why the guards of the region of the Right have arisen and why the leaders of them have arisen. And that mystery knoweth why the gate of life hath arisen and why Sabaōth, the Good, hath arisen. And that mystery knoweth why the region of the Right hath arisen and why the light-land, which is the treasury of the light, hath arisen. And that mystery knoweth why the emanations of the light have arisen and why the twelve saviours have arisen.(I guess again, the 12 powers, Jerusalem city). And that mystery knoweth why the three gates of the treasury of the light have arisen and why the nine guards have arisen.(nine guards Hermes?, number nine?) And that mystery knoweth why the twin-saviours have arisen and why the three Amēns have arisen. And that mystery knoweth why the five Trees have arisen and why the seven Amēns have arisen.(and the supersensual) And that mystery knoweth why the Mixture which existeth not, hath arisen and why it is purified. (it leads into nothingness, Babel fallen)... YES, I NEED TO FULFIL ALL THAT(ya, inlcudes also WET, DRY, HOT, COLD), wherefore be encouraged:"Now, therefore, I say unto you: For every one who will renounce the whole world and all therein and will submit himself to the godhead, that mystery is far easier than all the mysteries of the Light-kingdom and it is sooner to understand than them all and it is easier [?] than them all. He who reacheth unto the gnosis of that mystery, renounceth this whole world and all the cares therein............. AND SOME SAID: to restore the divine creation to a state of equilibrium, in order that, the unities of the Plērōmas (or three phases of the Plērōma or ideal cosmos) being reduced to an equality, there might be a common product of a single power from all of them in all of them. Thus the 7 obtained the power of the 8, and the three spaces became equal in their numbers (triple power), namely, 3 eights, and these added together are 24.... Now as to the creation of the sensible universe: the Logos, as creator, uses as his minister, or servant, the seven-numbered "greatness" (that is to say, the septenary hierarchy of the ideal universe, the Plērōma or Mind of the Logos, symbolized by the seven vowels), in order that the fruit of His self-meditated meditation may be manifested... And 888 = 24... tetrads and so on... So also, the moon encompasses its "heaven," the lower boundary, in 30 days (and full moon cycle); and the sun completes its cyclic return in 12 months. There are moreover 12 hours in every day, and each hour is divided into thirty parts, according to the 12 great divisions of the zodiac, each of which has again 30 sub-divisions, 360 in all; the earth again has 12 climates......(Weather is a short term description of the air in an area measured by temperature, precipitation, humidity, wind, and other factors. Climate is usually defined as the weather conditions in an area over a long period of time.Climate is determined by 1 or more of the 5 causes of climate. There are 12 different types of climate found on Earth. Sometimes climate types are called climate zones) All of which is doubtless to be referred to the tradition of the common source of the ancient Chaldæan and Egyptian religions..... NOW, and further: And that mystery knoweth wherefor the Super-deeps have rent themselves asunder and wherefor they have distributed themselves, being a single order, and wherefor they have come forth from the Fatherless. And that mystery knoweth wherefor the twelve orders of the Unspeakables have rent themselves asunder and wherefor they have divided themselves, being three portions, and wherefor they have come forth from the Fatherless... And that mystery knoweth wherefor the five Trees of the first Thrice-spiritual have rent themselves asunder and wherefor they have extended themselves, standing one behind the other and moreover bound one to the other with all their orders, and wherefor they have come forth from the Fatherless (this includes the five senses)... And that mystery knoweth wherefor the four-and-twenty mysteries of the first Thrice-spiritual have rent themselves asunder and wherefor they are called the four-and-twenty spaces of the first Thrice-spiritual and wherefor they have come forth from the second Thrice-spiritual (that inlcudes day and night, 24)... And that mystery knoweth wherefor the Impassables have rent themselves asunder and wherefor they have set themselves up, being twelve boundless spaces, and have settled themselves, being three orders of spaces, according to the economy of the One and Only, the Ineffable, and wherefor they have come forth from the Fatherless ==>>> wherefore also Enoch taught the seven metals, vegetable kingdom (via Stone knowledge etc.), the course of the sun, Zodiak... and so we shall not wonder, no, Iam quite happy with that!!! NOW, NEXT IMPORTANT CONFIRMATION: Of all these then will I speak unto you at the expansion of the universe--And I will tell you the expansion of all mysteries and the types of every one of them and the manner of their completion in all their figures. And I will tell you the mystery of the One and Only, the Ineffable, and all its types, all its figures and its whole economy, wherefor it hath come forth from the last Limb of the Ineffable. For that mystery is the setting-up of them all...THE POWER IN THE APOCALYPSE (this can also make people speechles): And the soul which receiveth the mystery of the Ineffable, will soar into the height, being a great light-stream, and the receivers will not be able to seize it and will not know how the way is fashioned upon which it will go. For it becometh a great light-stream and soareth into the height, and no power is able to hold it down at all, nor will they be able to come nigh it at all... CHRIST BECOMES ME: "He is a man in the world, but he towereth above all archangels and will tower still more above...them all. He is a man in the world, but he is king in the Light. He is a man in the world, but he is not one of the world. And amēn, I say unto you: That man is I and I am that man... AND THERE IS A NUMBERING OF PERFECT SOULS (not all will inherit new earth, only the victorious): And at the dissolution of the world, that is when the universe will be raised up and when the numbering of the perfect souls will be raised up all together, and when I am king in the midst of the last Helper, being king over all the emanations of the Light and king over the seven Amēns and the five Trees and the three Amēns and the nine guards, and being king over the Child of the Child, that is the Twin-saviours, and being king over the twelve saviours and over the whole numbering of the perfect souls who shall receive the mysteries in the Light,--then will all men who shall receive the mysteries in the Ineffable, be fellow-kings with me and will sit on my right and on my left in my kingdom... "On this account, therefore, I have not hesitated nor have I been ashamed to call you my brethren and my companions, because ye will be fellow-kings with me in my kingdom. This, therefore, I say unto you, knowing that I will give you the mystery of the Ineffable; that is: That mystery is I, and I am that mystery... Now, therefore, not only will ye reign with me, but all men who shall receive the mystery of the Ineffable, will be fellow-kings with me in my kingdom. And I am they, and they are I. But my throne will tower over them. [And] because ye will suffer sorrows in the world beyond all men, until ye herald forth all the words which I shall speak unto you, your thrones shall be joined to mine in my kingdom... On this account I have said unto you aforetime: 'Where I shall be, there will be also my twelve ministers.' But Mary Magdalene and John, the virgin, will tower over all my disciples and over all men who shall receive the mysteries in the Ineffable. And they will be on my right and on my left. And I am they, and they are I... "And they will be like unto you in all things save that your thrones will tower over theirs, and my throne will tower over yours... And amēn, I say unto you: They will know in what manner the world is established, and they will know in what type all those of the height are established, and they will know out of what ground the universe hath arisen (and we walk in apocalypse unity – Jesus throne).....................NEW JERUSALEM, 12 FOUNDATIONS CONFIRMATION: And again in openness: I am the gnosis of the universe. And moreover it is impossible to know the one and only word of the gnosis, unless a man first receive the mystery of the Ineffable. But all the men who shall receive mysteries in the Light,--every one will go and inherit up to the region up to which he hath received mysteries [level we walk].... On this account I have said unto you aforetime: 'He who hath faith in a prophet, will receive a prophet's reward, and he who hath faith in a righteous [man] will receive a righteous [man's] reward,'--that is: Every one will go to the region up to which he hath received mysteries. He who receiveth a lesser mystery, will inherit the lesser mystery, and he who receiveth a higher mystery, will inherit the higher regions (NOMAD: CHOOSE WISELY IF YOU WANT TO HAVE YOUR PART AT LC OR NOT, and if you don’t feel ready problem!). And every one will abide in his region in the light of my kingdom, and every one will have power over the orders which are below him, but he will not have the power to go to the orders which are above him; but he will abide in the region of the Inheritance of the Light. of my kingdom, being in a great light immeasurable for the gods and all the invisibles, and he will be in great joy and great jubilation.[YOU MUST HAVE THE WORD IN YOUR HEART, LEARNING IS GOOD, like to learn from this book, but the soul (heart) is not less important, and as we know, not all acknowledge the stone in the OT, wherefore I gave in this book some examples regarding some prophets in the OT (and higher layer of it). Now, the hierarchy is sometimes described in the same way as I have spoken about the 12 foundations in new Jerusalem city, 12 light level if you will (also called 12 saviours, powers, which saves the soul or brings salvation to the soul) and on every soul light level, the heart receives inwardly the mystery... and when we get the light body = apocalypse = master mystery] ==> thats why I had the debate in the book, shall we subclassify the ascension into 7 steps or 12 steps???, now, this depends about what we are talking, let us have our seven archangels and let us describe the soul ascension via NEW JERUSALEM FOUNDATIONS, and all will be fine (this proves by the way also that the gnosis is in me).....................THE SYMBOLICAL NUMBER 1000 (every man in his own order yet all who have that high call, we will be altogether in that eternal now): Albeit at the dissolution of the universe, that is when the number of the perfect souls is completed and the mystery [through] which the universe altogether hath risen, is completed, I will pass a thousand years according to the years of the Light, being king over all the emanations of the Light and over the whole number of the perfect souls who have received all!!! mysteries......wherefore Jesus gives also another hint: Jesus answered and said unto Mary: "A day of the Light is a thousand years in the world, so that thirty-six-myriads of years and a half-myriad of years of the world are a single year of the Light. I shall, therefore, pass a thousand years of the Light being king in the midst of the last Helper, and being king over all the emanations of the Light and over the whole number of the perfect souls who have received the mysteries of the Light. Of those of the first space in the kingdom of the thousand years. And ye, my disciples, and every one who shall receive the mystery of the Ineffable, will abide with me on my right and on my left, being kings with me in my kingdom. And they who shall receive the three mysteries of that Ineffable, will be fellow-kings with you in the Light-kingdom; but they will not be alike with you (they have not the fulness of Sophia, if you will, apocalypse) and with those who receive the mystery of the Ineffable, but they will rather abide behind you, being kings. And they who receive the five mysteries of the Ineffable, will also abide behind the three mysteries, being also kings. And moreover they who receive the twelfth mystery of the First Mystery, will also again abide behind the five mysteries of the Ineffable, being also kings according to the order of every one of them. And all who receive of the mysteries in all the regions of the space of the Ineffable, will also be kings and abide before those who receive the mystery of the First Mystery, expanded according to the glory [STARS DIFFER FROM EACH OTHER] of every one of them, so that those who receive the higher mysteries, will abide in the higher regions, and those who receive the lower mysteries, will abide in the lower regions, being kings in the light of my kingdom. These alone are the allotment of the kingdom of the first space of the Ineffable and so on, next ones etc.. ==>>> And all who receive of the mysteries in all the regions of the space of the Ineffable, will also be kings and abide before those who receive the mystery of the First Mystery, expanded according to the glory of every one of them, so that those who receive the higher mysteries, will abide in the higher regions, and those who receive the lower mysteries, will abide in the lower regions, being kings in the light of my kingdom.... They on the other hand who receive all the mysteries of the second space, that is of the space of the First Mystery, will again abide in the light of my kingdom, expanded according to the glory of every one of them, and every one of them being in the mystery up to which he hath received. And those who receive the higher mysteries, will also abide in the higher regions, and those who receive the lower mysteries, will abide in the lower regions in the light of my kingdom....Those on the other hand who receive the mysteries of the third space, that is of the first space from without, those again will abide behind the second king, expanded in the light of my kingdom, according to the glory of every one of them, every one abiding in the region up to which he hath received mysteries, so that those who receive the higher mysteries, will abide in the higher regions, and those who receive the lower mysteries, will abide in the lower regions. These are the three allotments of the Light-kingdom (LIKE THREE HEAVENS).…!!!The mysteries of these three allotments of the Light are exceedingly numerous!!!. Ye shall find them in the two great Books of Yew. But I will give you and tell you the great mysteries of every allotment, those which are higher than every region, that is the heads according to every region and according to every order which will lead the whole race of men into the higher regions, according to the space of the Inheritance... Of the rest of the lower mysteries, therefore, ye have no need; but ye will find them in the two Books of Yew, which Enoch hath written whilst I spake with him out of the tree of gnosis and out of the tree of life in the paradise of Adam... ==>>> AND MANY GO TO THE HEAVENS (and reincarnation plays also a role) YET THEY WILL NOT ENTER THE APOCALYPSE... (and we shall not bother here about this categorizations, wherefore why they mention three spaces, that is simple, you should figure it out)........................................... REINCARNATION CONFIRMATION: And ye are in great sufferings and great afflictions in your being poured from one into another of different kinds of bodies of the world. And after all these sufferings ye have struggled of your-selves and fought, having renounced the whole world and all the matter therein; and ye have not left off seeking, until ye found all the mysteries of the kingdom of the Light, which have purified you and made you into refined light, exceedingly purified, and ye have become purified light. For this cause have I said unto you aforetime: 'Seek, that ye may find.' I have, therefore, said unto you: Ye are to seek after the mysteries of the Light, which purify the body of matter and make it into refined light exceedingly purified. BEAST CONFIRMATION, BUY AND SELL: Amēn, I say unto you: For the sake of the race of men, because it is material, I have torn myself asunder and brought unto them all the mysteries of the Light, that I may purify them, for they are the refuse of the whole matter of their matter; else would no soul of the total race of men have been saved, and they would not be able to inherit the kingdom of the Light, if I had not brought unto them the purifying mysteries. For this cause, therefore, herald to the whole race of men, saying: Cease not to seek day and night, until ye find the purifying mysteries; and say unto the race of men: Renounce the whole world and the whole matter therein. For he who BUYETH and SELLETH in the world and he who eateth and drinketh of its matter and who liveth in all its cares and in all its associations, amasseth other additional matters to the rest of his matter, because this whole world and all therein and all its associations are material refuse [pl.], and they will make enquiry of every one concerning his purity (some buy and sell only the beast kingdom, they have nothing else in mind nor do they accpet higher mysteries).........ONLY THE GNOSTIC WILL SUCCEED!!!...............Now, therefore, blessed is he who hath found the [words of the] mysteries [of the first space] which is from without; and he is a god who hath found these words of the mysteries of the second space, which is in the midst; and he is a saviour and an uncontainable who hath found the words of the mysteries of the third space (Nomad: like the THREE PEARLS), which is within, and he is more excellent than the universe and like unto those who are in that third space. Because he hath found the mystery in which they are and in which they stand, for this cause, therefore, is he like unto them. He on the other hand who hath found the words of the mysteries which I have described unto you according to a likeness, that they are the Limbs of the Ineffable,--amēn, I say unto you: That man who hath found the words of these mysteries in divine truth (LOGOS, WORD – HEART, DIVINE LOVE, FILLED WITH ALL LIGHT), is the first in truth and like unto him [sc. the First, i.e. the Ineffable], for through those words and mysteries . . . and the universe itself standeth through that First. For this cause he who hath found the words of those mysteries, is like unto the First. For it is the gnosis of the gnosis of the Ineffable concerning which I have discoursed with you this day...........................AND SO THAT YOU UNDERSTAND: we have to RENOUNCE FALSE SLANDER, but it is not a sin when we speak and say that we have no part with false prophets or that nonsense which some other want to tell us, for they are a snare for sheeps ==>>> in words from T. Hill: Charismatic witchcraft can masquerade as manifestations of the Holy Spirit, Hirelings, wolves, false brethren and angels of light have stolen things from God’s house: The true exposition of God’s Word has been stolen. Anointed teaching/preaching has been replaced with hype, psychological babble, smooth speech, false doctrine; 1 Tim. 4:1; 2 Tim. 4:3b. Worship in spirit and truth has been replaced by performance and entertainment. Seduction and spiritual adultery are thieves; God’s people have “other loves”; Rev. 2:4b. Ministries, movements, denominations and individuals can “lord over us”,stealing our allegiance to the Person of Jesus Christ ==>>> BELLY SEEKER DO NOT LORD OVER A TRUE GNOSTIC.....Say unto those who teach the doctrines of error and to every one who is instructed by them: Woe unto you, for, if ye do not repent and abandon your error, ye will go into the chastisements of the great dragon and of the outer darkness, which is exceedingly evil, and never will ye be cast [up] into the world, but will be non-existent until the end... Say unto those who abandon the doctrines of truth of the First Mystery: Woe unto you, for your chastisement is sad compared with [that of] all men. For ye will abide in the great cold and ice and hail in the midst of the dragon and of the outer darkness, and ye will never from this hour on be cast [up] into the world, but ye shall be frozen up [?] in that region and at the dissolution of the universe ye will perish and become non-existent eternally (so many gnostic say that there is also a possibility for annihilation, because of the dissolution, and now you know why that is also possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)...WHAT HAVE THEY DONE WHO ABONDONED THE FIRST MYSTERY? ANSWER: THEY ARE MATERIAL AND MATERIALIST AND HAVE NOT ONE TINY MYSTERY IN THEM (KINGDOM FARCE, BABEL PROPHETS)... Say rather to the men of the world: Be calm, that ye may receive the mysteries of the Light and go on high into the Light-kingdom... Say unto them: Be ye loving (merciful, peaceful, righetous, good)-unto-men, that ye may be worthy of the mysteries of the Light and go on high into the Light-kingdom.... NOMAD: how do we deal with those who did maybe wrong but want to join the ORDER? TO MAKE A RETURN, ALWAYS WELCOME: Unto, such, therefore, who have renounced in this renunciation, give the mysteries of the Light and hide them not from them at all, even though they are sinners and they have been in al! the sins and all the iniquities of the world, all of which I have recounted unto you, in order that they may turn and repent and be in the submission which I have just recounted unto you. Give unto them the mysteries of the Light-kingdom and hide them not from them at all; The mysteries are for the forgiveness of sins. for it is because of sinfulness that I have brought the mysteries into the world, that I may forgive all their sins which they have committed from the beginning on.........................................THE FAMOUS THREE DAYS, also known in the VEDIC and some BUDDHIST WRITINGS: And the Saviour answered and said unto Mary: "A righteous man who is perfected in all righteousness and who hath never committed any sin of any kind, and such an one who never hath received

mysteries of the Light, if the time is at hand when he goeth forth out of the body, then straightway come the receivers of one of the great triple-powers,--those among whom there is a great [one],--snatch away the soul of that man from the hands of the retributive receivers and spend three days circling with it in all the creatures of the world. After three days they lead it down into the chaos, so as to lead it into all the chastisements of the judgments and to dispatch it to all the judgments. The fires of the chaos do not trouble it greatly; but they will trouble it partly for a short time ---- And again they take pity on it quickly, and lead it up out of those regions of theirs and they do not bring it into the æons, so that the rulers of the æons do not carry it away ravishingly; they bring it on the way of the sun and bring it before the Virgin of Light. She proveth it and findeth that it is pure of sins, but letteth them not bring it to the Light, because the sign of the kingdom of the mystery is not with it. But she sealeth it with a higher seal and letteth it be cast down into the body into the æons of righteousness,--that body which will be good to find the signs of the mysteries of the Light and inherit the Light-kingdom for ever (this is not just baptism, but also baptism has its meaning, yea but to live a life which leads really upwards, no longer really worldly interested, seals are givne according to the SOUL IMAGE, so also Nomad found a way) ... But amēn, amēn, I say unto you: Even if a righteous man hath committed no sins at all, he cannot possibly be brought into the Light-kingdom, because the sign of the kingdom of the mysteries is not with him. In a word, it is impossible to bring souls into the Light without the mysteries of the Light-kingdom (Nomad: wherefore this is broad in its meaning, what are this mysteries???, we may say he must be a spiritual seeker, similar the light kingdom symbolizes something heavenly, not of this world ==> he IS NOT COUNTED WORTHY IF HE DOES NOT SEEK ON HIS OWN (this seeking after the mystery must be in him, virgin light seals in their soul, spiritual orientated people).... And so far regarding the next point and as I KNOW it, this is ANOINTING BASED: the third mystery of the Ineffable and say: Carry ye the soul of this and this man of whom we think in our hearts, carry him out of all the chastisements of the rulers and haste ye quickly to lead him before the Virgin of Light; and in every month let the Virgin of Light seal him with a higher seal, and in every month let the Virgin of Light cast him into a body which will be righteous and good, so that it goeth on high and inheriteth the Light-kingdom... ==> the IDEA depends upon this, that we are one BODY (Adam) and one anointing can bring favour upon others...when they are in their hearts...but this is disputable, I know, yet we cannot fully deny that also blessings exist, and intercession... And even Holy Spirit gifts can be imparted (or whatever additional power, healing the lame and the blind and the deaf and the dumb and all sicknesses and all pains,--in a word, or etc.) and so we have the other side: First Mystery which hath mercy on every one, and say: Thou Mystery, which we have given unto these impious and iniquitous souls who have not done what is worthy of thy mystery but have made a show of us, turn back [then] the mystery unto us and make them for ever strangers to the mystery of thy kingdom. And shake ye off the dust of your feet as a witness against them, saying: May your souls be as the dust of your house. And amēn, I say unto you: In that hour all the mysteries which ye have given unto them, will return unto you, and all the words and all the mysteries of the region up to which they have received figures, will be taken from them) ===>>>... FURTHER: Amēn, amēn, I say unto you: He who shall keep in Life and save only one soul, besides the dignity which he possesseth in the Light-kingdom, he will receive yet another dignity for the soul which he hath saved, so that he who shall save many souls, besides the dignity which he possesseth in the Light he will receive many other dignities for the souls which he hath saved... For regarding the souls of such men I have spoken unto you aforetime in a similitude, saying: 'If thy brother sinneth against thee, bring him over between thee alone and him. If he hearkeneth unto thee, thou wilt win thy brother; if he hearkeneth not unto thee, take with thee yet another. If he hearkeneth not unto thee and the other, bring him to the assembly. If he hearken not unto the others, let him be for you as a transgressor and as a stumbling-block.' ==> THEREFORE (who read this book)YOU ARE ALLOWED TO SHARE MY BOOK, point to it, website ro whatever!!!, AND ALSO YOU GET A REWARD BECAUSE THIS BOOK IMPARTS MASSIVE FAITH!!!!--….. POSSIBLE ANNIHILATION: "Amēn, I say unto you: The soul of that man cannot be cast back into the world from this moment onwards; but his habitation is in the midst of the jaws of the dragon of the outer darkness, the region of howling and grinding of teeth. And at the dissolution of the world his soul will be frozen up [?] and perish in the violent cold and exceedingly violent fire and will be non-existent eternally...........BIGGEST DANGER, TO RECEIVE REVELATION AND THEN LATER TO GO INTO MASSIVE SIN (that which is written in scripture, to receive Christ and then to turn massive away from him, and the only possible forgiveness then can only come from the ineffable, but Jesus Christ becomes a show to them...because of internal memory)..............NOW, mud is not simple mud: Be reconciled with thy foe as long as thou art on the way with him, lest perchance thy foe hand thee over to the judge and the judge hand thee over to the servant and the servant cast thee into prison, and thou shalt not come forth out of that region till thou hast yielded the last farthing (the body is the prison, they will reincarnate very fast). Therefore the counterfeiting spirit (dark fire) is hostile to the soul, making it do all sins and all mischiefs, and it transferreth it in the chastisements because of all the sins which it hath made it commit; in a word, it is hostile to the soul in every way (Caesar coin, copper and silver) ==> you have another chance, that is what I said: you weaken the mud: the mystery of the undoing of all the bonds and the seals which are bound to the counterfeiting spirit, so that it may cease to haunt or be assigned to it, quasi a detachment mystery, so that you fly more easy upwards later [yet MANY Christians follow still that counterfeit Spirit, often unknowingly] ==> DO NOT MAKE the nonsense failure like the WESTERN RELIGION which looks in a carnal way up to heaven and then they speak about God, and complain and what else... no... be responsible about your soul (and people are simple people, your failure if you get too bound, anger or what else).... WHEREFORE the mystery of the ineffabel, that is those who received a glimpses about the Mystic eye (ya, not just teachings! Thats for sure, and what I teach is nothing lese than THEOSIS, which is well known, plus transmutation now more clearly revealed yet it existed also on paper… already… and the SPIRIT of the gospel needs to revealed! We must go on!): And the Saviour answered and said unto Mary: "Amēn, amēn, I say unto you: All men who shall receive the mysteries of the Ineffable, blessed indeed are the souls which shall receive of those mysteries; but if they turn and transgress and come out of the body before they have repented, the judgment of those men is sorer than all the judgments, and it is exceedingly violent, even if those souls are new and it is their first time for coming into the world. They will not return to the changes of the bodies from that hour onwards and will not be able to do anything, but they will be cast out into the outer darkness and perish and be non-existent for ever. ==>>> therefore it also utterly dangerous to go so high like Nomad...==> THIS IS THE HIGHER LAYER about salt and I know that salt: I have seized on the words which thou hast said. Now, therefore, my Lord, this is the word which thou hast said: 'They who shall receive the mysteries of the Ineffable,--blessed indeed are those souls;but if they turn, transgress, and cease in their faith, and if they go forth out of the body without having repented, they are no more fit from this hour onwards to return to the changes of the body, nor for anything at all, but they are cast out into the outer darkness, they will perish in that region and be non-existent for ever,'--concerning [this] word thou hast spoken unto us aforetime, saying: 'Salt is good; but if the salt becometh sterile, with what are they to salt it? It is fit neither for the dunghill nor for the earth; but they throw it away,'--that is: Blessed are all the souls which shall receive of the mysteries of the Ineffable; but if they once transgress, they are not fit to return to the body henceforth from this hour onwards nor for anything at all, but they are cast into the outer darkness and perish in that region ==>>> Nomad, in my case tt was foolishness and fate which brought that misery and so I can return, yet my body must survive it and here for confirmation about the ineffable: the mysteries of the vestures of the Ineffable and those of the First Mystery, who are lords over all those of the height and all those of the depth!... ONLY the ineffable can bring me out again and here as another CONFIRMATION, NEXT LESSON CONFIRMED: those who walk very high, they can forgive sins, especially those with the chrism, to whatever degree, they can bring other people higher, more fast, but again also this is dangerous: it is the mysteries which are higher than those which he hath received, which hearken unto him and forgive his sins. Now, therefore, Mary, let thy brethren give him the mystery which is higher than that which he hath received, and they are to accept his repentance from him and forgive his sins,--the latter indeed, because he hath received it once more, and the former, because he hath towered over them [the lower mysteries] upward,--the latter indeed hearkeneth not unto him to forgive his sin; but it is the mystery which is higher than that which he hath received, that forgiveth his sins. But if on the other hand he hath received the three mysteries in the two spaces or in the third from within, and he hath turned and transgressed, no mystery hearkeneth unto him to help him in his repentance, neither the higher nor the lower, save the mystery of the First Mystery and the mysteries of the Ineffable,--it is they which hearken unto him and accept his repentance from him ==>>> THATS WHY I SAID, about fire baptism, THEY MUST FIRST READ MY BOOK (ANY IGNORANCE WILL OR CAN DESTROY THEM UTTERLY, MORE FAST) ==> 'The slave who knew the will of his lord and made not ready nor did the will of his lord, will receive great blows; but he who knew not and did not, will be deserving of less. For from every one to whom more is entrusted, of him will more be demanded, and to whom much is handed over, of him much is required,'--that is, my Lord: He who knew the godhead and hath found the mysteries of the Light and hath transgressed, will be chastized in a far greater chastisement than he who hath not known the godhead. This, my Lord, is the solution of the word....................... REINCARNATION MISTAKE: Mary continued again and said unto the Saviour: "My Lord, if the faith and the mysteries shall have revealed themselves,--now, therefore, if souls come into the world in many circuits and are neglectful of receiving mysteries, hoping that, if they come into the world at any other circuit, they will receive them, will they not then be in danger. of not succeeding in receiving the mysteries?"(Of those who procrastinate, saying they have many births before them) The Saviour answered and said unto his disciples: "Herald unto the whole world and say unto men: Strive thereafter that ye may receive the mysteries of the Light in this time of affliction and enter into the Light-kingdom. Join not one day to another, or one circuit to another, hoping that ye may succeed in receiving the mysteries if ye come into the world in another circuit...And these know not when the number of the perfect souls will be at hand; for if the number of the perfect souls shall be at hand, I will now shut the gates of the Light, and no one from this hour onwards will enter in, nor will any one hereafter go forth, for the number of the perfect souls is completed and the mystery of the First Mystery is completed, for the sake of which the universe hath arisen,--that is: I am that Mystery. And from this hour onwards no one will be able to enter into the Light and no one be able to go forth. For at the completion of the time of the number of the perfect souls, before I have set fire to the world, in order that it may purify the æons and the veils and the firmaments and the whole earth and also all the matters which are on it, mankind will be still existing. NEXT CONFIRMATION, WE MUST BRING THE STONE REVELATION TO MORE PEOPLE (WARNING TO ALL CHURCHES, all who just call us heretic): "At that time then the faith will reveal itself still more and the mysteries in those days. And many souls will come by means of the circuits of the changes of the body, and coming back into the world are some of those in this present time who have hearkened unto me, how I taught, who at the completion of the number of the perfect souls will find the mysteries of the Light and receive them and come to the gates of the Light and find that the number of the perfect souls is complete, which is the completion of the First Mystery and the gnosis of the universe. And they will find that I have shut the gates of the Light and that it is impossible that any one should enter in or that any one should go forth from this hour...Those souls then will knock at the gates of the Light, saying: Lord, open unto us! And I will answer unto them: I know you not, whence ye are. And they will say unto me: We have received of thy mysteries and fulfilled thy whole teaching and thou hast taught us on the high ways. And I will answer and say unto them: I know you not, who ye are, ye who are doers of iniquity and of evil even unto now.... ==>>> AND ALSO ENOCH PROPHESIED IT (even Muslims) which I will show you later, the cube gets more revealed!!! And there will be also many at one point who hope for their next reincarnation, in that age, that the Mystery will be more known on this planet (so that next time they can grab it more easily)... now, I give you no timeline and I make no pressure... but little by little it goes towards this direction, , such cycle must or will also come!!!.........IN CONCLUSION, WHAT HAVE WE LEARNED? Answer, those who have received more (for example chrism, secret oil! Or so to speak fire baptism) and also those who maybe would get an impartation (higher gifts whatever kind, like Elijah for example), they have a much higher responsibility (and it has also to do with the soul and internal memory and etc.).................................THE POWER PRAYER OF ANOTHER CHRIST: The soul of such or such a man of whom I think in my heart,--if it is in the region of the chastisements of the dungeons of the outer darkness, or if it is in the rest of the chastisements of the dungeons of the outer darkness and in the rest of the chastisements of the dragons,--then is it to be removed out of them all. And if it hath completed its number of its circuits of the changes, then is it to be led before the Virgin of Light, and the Virgin of Light is to seal it with the seal of the Ineffable and cast it down in whatever month into a righteous body which shall find the mysteries of the Light, so that it may be good, go on high and inherit the Light-kingdom. And moreover if it hath completed the circuits of changes, then is that soul to be led before the seven virgins of the Light who [are set] over the baptisms, and they are to apply them to the soul and seal it with the sign of the kingdom of the Ineffable and lead it into the orders of the Light. And if it hath not yet completed its number of circuits in the changes of the soul, or [in the changes] of the body, the Virgin of Light sealeth it with an excellent seal and hasteth to have it cast down in any month into a righteous body which shall find the mysteries of the Light, be good and go on high into the Light-kingdom [in similarity to Acts 16:31, yet the heart of God, that is not a merely believing... the key which openeth the door of the universe and shutteth the door of the universe, and thy mystery comprehendeth them all)....... ====>>>> CORRECT, AFTER-LIFE = he cometh forth out of the body, will inherit up to the kingdom of that mystery (according to his level or space). And seals in the soul secure that someone goes up higher like for example my testimony or those of other, and we must do also our part, otherwise no good destiny...THIS IS THE TESTIMONY... and so JESUS SAID: For this cause, therefore, have I brought the keys of the mysteries into the world, that I may free the sinners who shall have faith in me and hearken unto me, so that I may free them from the bonds and the seals of the æons of the rulers and bind them to the seals and the vestures and the orders of the Light, in order that he whom I shall free in the world from the bonds and the seals of the æons of the rulers, may be freed in the Height from the bonds and seals of the æons of the rulers, and in order that he whom I shall bind in the world to the seals and the vestures and the orders of the Light, may be bound in the Light-land to the orders of the inheritances of the Light....THE CROSS IS A BIG SIGN, who wants to deny that, we made even the calender after it...For this cause, therefore, hath John the Baptizer prophesied concerning me, saying: 'I indeed have baptized you with water unto repentance for forgiveness of your sins. He who cometh after me, is stronger than me. Whose fan is in his hand, and he will purify his floor. The chaff indeed he will consume with unquenchable fire, but the wheat he will gather into his barn.' The power in John hath prophesied concerning me, knowing that I would bring the mysteries into the world and purify the sins of the sinners who shall have faith in me and hearken unto me, and make them into refined light and lead them into the Light...==============>>>>>> OMEGA POINT: This is its interpretation: iōta, because the universe hath gone forth; alpha, because it will turn itself back again; ōmega, because the completion of all the completeness will take place. ======>>>>> Not only will I purify your sins, but I will make you worthy of the kingdom of my father. And I will give you the mystery of the forgiveness of sins, in order that to him whom ye shall forgive on earth, it will be forgiven in heaven, and he whom ye shall bind on earth, will be bound in heaven. I will give you the mystery of the kingdom of heaven, in order that ye your-selves may perform them [sc. the mysteries] for men. (ODES OF SOLOMON, Father forgive them... whose names are these, but first they must follow the commandment...).

16) MARTIN MOSTBAUER, but you have written possible annihilation! YA, more I do not reveal… I give it to you… some will say no and other will say, maybe… and about reincarnation etc. we have our divine science… and about a possible annihilation… you would need to trust the whole text...or etc… and it is quite fair to say… no, I don’t believe so or yes… and I have enough revealed about after-life… more we shall not even know… yet I do for sure not say… its all just a game… no, no religion taught that.

17) O Martin, where is my mind, do you get it back? Sure he does, little by little, drop by drop... O let it rain. NOMAD, MY IMMORTAL ONE... Matthew 19:28, And Jesus said unto them, Verily I say unto you, That ye which have followed me, in the regeneration (or new world) when the Son of man shall sit in the throne of his glory, ye also shall sit upon twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel... The words en te palingenesia, translated as “in the new world” should really be translated, “in The Reincarnation”. The fact is that the noun Palingenesis long before Jesus and in His day meant only one thing: Reincarnation. IN THE REINCARNATION = final resurrection – the day of graduation... And we also remember you again to the 12 signs of Zodiak... 12 thrones = complete powers of the soul... Titus 3:5 We are saved by the Bathtub (Boiler) or In the Washtub of RENEWED BIRTH... Mystic N. Raynoff describes this part of the Soul’s journey as follows: “Along the lonely road travelled by Man there are bends and corners and abysses. Here and there is seen a monument standing erect pointing to the heights, where crippled hand with bleeding fingers has scratched in the attempt of one’s fastening himself upon the Rock. Everyone travels this same long Road; everyone scratches with his hands the cruel cliffs and presses toward the Top – whether he wills or not. Sin tortures many, indeed all of us; it seduces our souls, it hypnotizes them and keeps them captive…But the reign of Night is not long; the Sun will arise for everyone… He continues: ”Man is not attractive either when fallen, nor when proudly erect. He is attractive in his rising (wherefore purgatory = cleansing, so also in ascension we get purified). Of all the footprints along the Path, I like the steps that blunder ===>>> the crown = immortal mind and he shall go no more out, ya, he must know the apocalypse and the stone and etc.... the soul which repeatedly puts on corruption ==> correct translation: anastosin-rise (final stand up), egeirontai-raise (waken), night and day, resurrection, as explained in the book, God of the living. Ya, we must put on incorruption, finally to enter a higher stage of existence along the endless ladder of spiritual evolution ( the complete loosening – aniemi – of all the ties that bind the Soul to this earthly panorama – the salvation FOREVER, 1Petere 1:13 realm without decay).… Therefore we have the resurrection to judgement (mud, deeds etc.) and to life (resurrection to spirit = immortality (life everlasting, eternal existence of the Spirit, eternal life, he has attained to that self-consciousness which is not interrupted by death)... The Lord preserve thy going out and thy coming in (returning to the spirit world) from this time forth (from this embodiment) and forever more (to the end of the cycle of rebirths) Ps. 121:8... repay even the last penny... and they have again wrongly translated it, because it is not the resurrection of damnation but correct translated: resurrection of judgement!!!... And when we read: be ye perfect as your father in heaven, THE PERFECT ONES, over whom death has no power ===>>>> the flesh is the CADAVER, the material body of flesh and blood (not the liquid flesh) ==>>> AND NOMAD BUILDS THE ARK, the ARK is finished and ready, when Martin has left the book of revelation movie... and then he becomes even another one who can more easily bring other people upwards... like we read in Odes of Solomon. And we know that Creation groans, and finally the CUBE gets more and more revealed (like Jerusalem coming down from God out of heaven). And creation will be set free from its bondage of decay and obtain the glorious liberty of the children of God (the final human wave is brought in).. THIS IS THE GENERATION (hebrew dor)... Dor is "generation" in Hebrew. It is related to the word kadur (ball) and therefore implies a cyclical perception of dor rising and passing away. As Kohelet proclaims, "One dor goes; another dor comes. Ecclesiastes 1:4 ==>>> dor = permutation, re-genesis, process of change... To change and fully remodel one’s deeply ingrained characteristics– father and children... reincarnate, and we are ALSO our own children, ==>>> ...............AND MANY PLANES EXIST: Russian orthodox Nicolas Berdyaev had his own idea: “Theosophical theory of reincarnation cannot be accepted by the Christian mind.” After so saying, however, he points out at once: “But it is essential to recognize that man’s final fate can only be settled after an infinitely greater experience in spiritual worlds than is possible in our short earthly life.” If this be so, as seems to me an inescapable conclusion for Christians and one supported by the long and ancient tradition of an “intermediate state,” why the rejection out of hand of reincarnationism as something quite unacceptable “by the Christian mind”?...All the distortions of personality that take place in our fallen world are overcome through a long process of development in many world aeons. "If we refuse to accept the slavish and terroristic doctrine of everlasting damnation, we must admit the pre-existence of souls on another plane before their birth and their passing through other planes after death. The theory of reincarnation on one place is incompatible with the wholeness of personality and the unchangeability of the very idea of man, and is untenable; but the idea of reincarnation on many planes, which makes man's destiny dependent upon his existence on planes different form that of the objective phenomenal world, may be accepted.... Nomad adds: I make the science very simple about the soul, almost hard and solid proof and it can by no means be denied and those orthodox leader who ignore the science about the soul (who ignore that we are all different, soul images), now, they will not distract us or keep us just in folly ==>>> and there is an inherent justice like when I make it back into the apocalypse, somehow Iam still worthy of it and after all and even after some of my mistakes I fought a fight which was acceptable and bearable according to my soul... (and still we give all glory to God, ya, wherefore that part is maybe difficult to understand, we have the MOVIE, GOD, we do our PART, and finally praising God (all that is) in the apocalypse... having reached a maturity by which we only want God + in communion with all things)


1) And for sure the vision which also the Essene had, that is, a community representing the city, in separation to the old temple building, again: an eschatological model in which the earthly Jerusalem plays no role, as is the case of Revelation, was already developed in pre-Christian Judaism within a Jewish community that lived in the desert... and for them maybe even the Jews were counted as people worshipping the beast (you know, with the Pharisee it reached a climax) but also they themselves were Jews, just another group... with initiation in higher teachings and etc... ya, all that was already going on before Christ appeared... wherefore you probably do not even know from which corner John came... and nor is it said that this John which is mentioned in the NT has written the book of revelation... ==>>> and finally also that to clarify: no Jew wrote totally open about alchemy etc., so it is clear that the Book of Revelation has its own style, it must be spiritual interpreted, same with the four horses... so also marriage... and etc., the repeating of ONE THIRD (seven trumpets) and many other things... no carnal perspective makes any sense... beast out of the earth etc., out of the sea… ya, this becomes ridiculous... ... and even with our science we can make a fit (image), layout in symbols and order of the trumpets and bowels, divine vision comparison, correspondences etc... no coincidence. Wherefore THE SEVEN ANGELS, SEVEN STARS STONE will bring a SEPARATION, we cant avoid that... some churches will stay in the old, we see it already... some are not READY for that, they have taught it all wrong also regarding the tabernacle... yet claim to understand the book of revelation, therefore where do we go from here???... and my reader may also meditate about that. Ya, and I have even proven to you that the Jews were in alchemy and did know the seven planets (seven stars which goes way back in time) and not just that, but it included also seven metals etc., And we will go step by step regarding the book of revelation and we will confirm many things!!!

2) Abaddon (apoleia = ruin): the moon can block out / destroy the Sun's light at will, proven by the lunar eclipses by the Moon of the Sun… and the same can be said about a swarm of locust who darkens the sky… and so Abaddon is the king of an army of locusts... and in some other ancient myths, its a place identified as a realm in fire and snow… ==> wherefore remember also our science and what we taught about hail etc.

3) Revelation 13:16 And he had power to give BREATH!!![PNEUMA] unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed… YOU SELL AND BY ONLY IN YOUR RELIGION… our STONE is not in your hands… but above all, tell me how you want to have the full breath when the animal passions give also breath to the image (that is, mud steals the breath)? HAPPY IS HE WHO KNOWS THE HABITATION, EARTH AND SEA and GLASS, in the IMAGE of GOD… and for sure you like nothing more then to bring us into captivity and to kill us either with the sword or sword which means also your word (prophecy, false prophet), for a REAL PROPHET must have the revelation of GOD… Yet I say, let me receive the true LOGOS, for that is the only golden crown I want to have… the SPIRIT is the habitation, pneumatic people. And regarding the angel, Revealtion 18:1, BABYLON (and Babel language) is FALLEN when the earth was lightened with his glory [the DOOR, our star light being via the source, God, crystal earth - glory]… and we have here past tense, was lightened...its the wheel… but this does not matter so much now… Further, we know the rectangle sail (blowing in the wind)- ships and the tree or trees wherefore the locusts cannot damage the tree of life, Revelation 9:4… because the seven angels are Master (they send you into the WORTHLESS EARTH, PUTRID WATER)... And the SOURCE (also from the formless point) is the FOUNTAIN… and so also it is written the garden and the fountain sealed, song of songs etc. And about HAIL we have also spoken, coldness (energy construct)… not in heavens warmth… which is also a heart issue… And when the sun and moon is darkened… that means no just that the illuminated crystal earth (kingdom FULL of LIGHT) is manifested for you… but this are also cycles and when a dark peak is reached… like today with humanity… and also we as gnostics call only those animals who are enough else then radical transhumanist… everything else is just called animal passions… energy construct, so don’t get offended here too much… And the book of revelaion is also an ascension book but its also about cycles... And only when we are in harmony with creation, then the second sun cannot burn us… and the ancients had no better symbol than the millstone, turning wheel and STONE (wherefore outside of the apocalypse the wheel is out of its course and therefore the speed does also not fit, check divine science chapter etc.). And no one can deny that the garden with the four rivers points to the 4 elements… except you are blind and know not the ancient Jews, and also check the Hebrew words regarding the four rivers (ya, also represented as four angels) WE ARE THE KINGS OF THE EAST and this is here is our spiritual battle...armageddon… which even Swedenborg prophesied rightly (we can say much about him, he liked maybe a bit too much his dreams but he had also his science and… some good stuff)… and he told us that he who comes, he goes into battle with 21 century religion… And finally and for another confirmation and as I and Jacob said, we want the 4 elements as one (not in strive, „fight“, Micro-Macrocosm harmony), thats why we read: one river in the garden and from hence it was parted and became into four heads, Genesis 1:10… and sure we know now also the upper water, Genesis 1.. And WE ARE THE STARS OF HEAVEN… and when the king is born (dignity compareable to the light of the world = no longer I live = IAM IN GOD alone – island, loved not their lives unto death, Revelation 12:11). Now he also sits on the throne… marvel not about the marble:-)… And finally, as there are SEVEN STARS, SEVEN ANGELS, sevenfold energy… now the Mystics or Jewish alchemist or etc… ya, and also seen in the Apocrypha, ya, so we have also seven Archangels (Michael etc.) and the alchemist said that this battle is also in us...anyway, this is not so important and here everyone could say that I make that up with the seven archangels… but still for those who are interested, I can tell it to you. And it is clear, the TURNING WHEEL (millstone) crashes Babylon, Revelation 18:21 (mark well, Babylon is CAST DOWN!!!), and so we have also the DOOR (everlasting gate. To enter the God realm). And you have a final question, that is, wood is clear to you, wood of life but why do we not just read red and white but silk (dyeing, very shimmering etc., or white wool) and red scarlet clothes (fine linen) in Revelation 18? Answer, because we have our white light garment (that star light being in God is our garment, clothed upon, house not made with hands, changed like a clothing) and colour purple symbolizes the king, very clear to you… but important also our white and red… one craftsman is left, and we move with him (it is the father, living in me, who is doing the work, John 14:10). Ok, the fine flour and bread (the bread that came down from heaven is also Jesus said) and also wheat is understood, very clear, Revelation 18:13, and iron everyone knows who knows alchemy but also that is widely used in scripture, and yes, we are totally liberated but that is still called a slave of God… as also Paul said it… because we are in that realm without decay, closed off if you will...and regarding this planet we shall follow our God given inspiration… and so I build LC… or lets say if I build it or not does not matter now, but the idea lives on... etc.,...Now, the trumpet is clear and the blink of an eye, the seven stringed harp, music of the spheres, the bride and marriage and the lamp, best fragrance (odours, spices) and the secret oil is very clear and etc., and what does wonder you that is the term beasts, what can we do with that word in the apocalypse? First of all there is an animal covenant in the apocalypse and I would like to refer also to that but second of all, its also the four beast chariot… merkaba… Enoch… Ezekiel 1 chariot or we can read it also in the book of revelation chapter 4, wheels within wheels, rainbow, four beasts (living creatures) etc. And further, the sea of glass is like crystal, Revelation 4:6 and the lightning is the light race… ! And the two witness will finish the job and bring in the capstone… Zerubabbel… book of revelation MOVIE… IAM YOUR APOCALYPSE, you cant escape it (the last day revealed) = for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy = not the false prophet… And as we know, strong meat (mars body) revelations urges them to flee to the caves… let us hide for a little while… we want to escape that revelation… we are 21 century religion… or… WHO SHALL BE ABLE TO STAND? And shall we ask what happens when they see the FIRST RESURRECTION (1000 year sage, last day, Nomad comes to make experiment)? Would they still deny the MOVIE? I guess, because they live in caves! ROCKS FALL ON US… And I give you another saying: And in Austria we have a good old saying: bist du denn von allen guten Geistern verlassen? (it means something like that: are you bereft of your senses?, yet the correct translation: are you abandoned by all good Spirits?) And therefore this reminds us again to the birds in the AIR (and air and thoughts, and birds in the soul or in the head)… ==> we have no doubt regarding the revelation about the birds in the AIR… it is what it is, VERY SIMPLE…. Yet we have much more to say later...

4) the four forces that shape the world. Arrayed in a circle or "wheel", known since ancient time, similar breakthrough as the DAY as Gods light, growth as new birth as wood, the sun as health, old made new, vortex can be chaos – nothingness – entity - destroyer, initiation as secret – uncertain meaning, strength as ox – sacrifice, wheels as complexity, opening as torch - ulcer, staff of power as device of power, pit as traps – danger, warrior as victory – star, standstill as ice – wall (blockade), communication as signals – oracle – holy, constraint as sorrow – lesson, destiny as the unknowable, fertility as the legendary hero, crown as nobility - leadership, erosion as decline – collapse, gate as giant – demon – thorn (and remember also oppsoite meanings are possible), deceit as deception – illusion, flow as sea – source – water, movement as horse (riding), disease as insidious evil, wolf – common beast – survival, partnership as gift from above, tower as residence – home, rainbow as power - beauty – crystal, journey as travel – quest – desire, mother as peace (mother earth), retreat as separation or wealth, manacle as submission or helplessness, dragon as mighty evil – fear, betrayer as infiltrator (false prophets...)... staring into the dark waters below, after which he gains the knowledge he searched for. Doing this was basically him making a sacrifice of himself to himself, a sacrifice that made him worthy to obtain the knowledge he wanted - the needed Martyrdom to become a 1000 year saint, having left the animalistic nature of this material world = resurrection, the wolf is needed (survival, to reach our destiny, defence if really necessary but let us not forget the virtues, a coward gathers up much more mud, be like water, and beside that keep peace with everyone, I said defence, you know like TAO, as long as the immaterial day is not our day, yet after it, liberation – courage – serenity and immortal mind... ==> when you read in scripture about the white horse (riding), that is we move with him (source), and having divine power and the crown on our head, and the name on the forehead - even from all-father. Isaiah 51:15 He hath made the earth by his power, he hath established the world by his wisdom, and hath stretched out the heaven by his understanding. (and since this are intelligible objects, the bosoms widespread objects, we associate the moving, the ride on the white horse also with enlightened understanding via the source, ride, intelligible world)

5) THEOSOPHYTRUST.ORG(now I do not agree with everything from them… but here I give all credit to them, nuggets by which I agree… and its the only thing which I copy a bit more direct in this book from other… therefore go to his website, he has more stuff… and if he has a problem because I took that, contact me, and you will know who Iam… and my book is the whole arcanum, and yes, I give my answers to it… so its not so much which I did copy): Alcohol is a lower form of ether which is released upon the withdrawal of the Fiery Life within the grape. It is a sort of counterfeit of this Life-Force in that it seems to stimulate and contribute to transformation (ecstasy, liberation and transportation) as well as destruction (disconnections, lesions, misalignment and disintegration), whilst being incapable of providing the vitality of the Life-Force. Through the false sense of liberation it deludes man, even whilst accelerating the weakening of the connection between his higher Triad and lower quaternary, as well as 'muffling' the function of the pineal gland... ==>>> Nomad says, people can drink some alcohol, and yes, true gnostics do it not… they also have the secret manna and etc... yet everyone knows, over long term too much alcohol, excessive parties… you have a nous and etc., it up to you if you bring it into too much turbulence or not… the energy construct is known)... The analogy here can also be drawn on a larger canvas to include the example of the descent of Spirit into matter during the first half of a manvantara and its ascent at the expense of matter during the second half. The restraining influence of the Fiery Lives on the lowest subdivision of the second plane, which is that of microbes, can be illustrated in the fact that when the cells of organs do not find sufficient oxygen, they form ferments through absorbing oxygen from surrounding substances, thus 'ruining' them. One cell robs its neighbour and so on, the process steadily commencing precisely in the way that just a few enzymes produced by yeast can bring about a fundamental change in large quantities of substance... BUT what is our true wine? It is said that this delight or 'wine' of Soma is concealed in "the growths of the earth, the waters of existence, and in our physical beings". But, it is warned, this essence is so powerful that only those "baked in the fire" of suffering and experience can assimilate it and accommodate the overflooding, stormy ecstasy it brings. To grasp it prematurely is to risk the madness that overwhelmed the maids and matrons who killed Pentheus. The 'wine' is within and it must be slowly purified with the strainer (pavitra, the one who is holy) which has been spread out wide in the seat of heaven (the realm of pure mental being) to receive it: apas pavitram vitatam divas pade. Its fibres are made from the purified metal of heart-consciousness won through tapas. Such fibres are further strengthened by the lofty purpose of the Christos within, under whose purifying influence the diffuse vital forces of the wine of Soma can be activated upwards ==> and NOMAD say, someone must keep strict RULES and cycles to secure the whole thing in a much better way… ya, then it can really help a great deal......................… Vice versa, to know no secrets and be tossed and fro by this world...this is nothing but the whore with the maddening wine (book of revelation, Babel) who have the milk gospel in their hand wherefore be of good cheer because I know how to bring kids upwards, those who want it, UNDER MY STRONG HAND... more healthy, more strong, more happy, yet they need to accept some sacrifice yet again this becomes more easy under my hand... and when they learn it early... its not the big VERY HARD deal... Now, lets go on: the bow, which is the symbol of masculine will-power and the feminine crescent moon... The penetrating flash of Shiva's Third Eye is conveyed or surmounted by the silver arc of the new moon which, bow-like, adorns his forehead. He is called Chandra-Sekhara, 'the moon-crested', and within his grasp lies the shining curve of his bow Ajagava, 'the eternal unborn ox'...Brahman the mark...(sin correct translated = miss the mark, mark = full circle, the crescent moon which heralds a quickening and change of forms had brought death, and so we are even in line with the Jews and their full moon view), bow in the cloud... Nomad: long ago as little child I did build a bow, my earthly father showed me how to make one... Heraclitus related the tension of the drawn bow to the spiritual life-force which, in its very preparedness, hearkens back to an original condition. (horn bow, again, our EU FLAG, horns). The Zen masters say that "you find your own character at the moment of shooting", and this is linked up with the bow never knowing when the arrow is to go. Once the arrow is released, the archer at once reaches Zanshin, a calm reflective state of mind, and the ultimate goal of Bushido.... wherefore as already shown in this book, the Jews had their view about sin and about full moon and we do not neglect that part. When I would look at the divine reality, also I refered to a bow… WE ARE TOXONSOPHIST, WE EVOLVE, WE ENDURE, WE SUCCEED! You know, it circles, from the formless point (bulls eye), welling up, bubbling up, and shifts into the mirror image... bow-like flashing towards the glass, and that is in reality Shivas bow. And for sure when he did draw the bow... he formed the triad (sinews). You make your journey towards the goal, and you have to hit the target, opening of the souls eye and then you will know the higher meaning of the bow flash. When Shiva pointed the bow upwards towards heaven and when he did draw the bow, then he also formed a rectangle (four square, pointing to the mirror, with one straight line of the sinews parallel to earth and the other side of the sinews straight upwards towards heaven). And for sure, the arrow can be also set on fire (fire light, the summit of the arrow also resembles the formless point, you know, the fire with its dark ground, internal display, and light flashing towards the glass, and earth = four square). Wherefore he had so or so also the trident in his hand. And it is common known to hide the sevenfold via the trident and the square (4 + 3), yet about that particular revelation, he would need to confirm it to me, but Iam pretty sure, SHIVA CAN TELL ME LATER… he should belong to the gods, maybe we can invite Shiva at LC, he achieved a god-like state, ya my Christian also Enoch achieved the translation, read your bible........................Now, bright oil, pure oil, shining oil, the purifying oil of the gods, oil which softens the sinews of man! ... When one of the Eight Immortals of Chinese tradition wished to test the sincerity of would-be converts to his doctrine, he travelled as a seller of oil. During an entire year he found only one old woman sufficiently unselfish not to demand more than the amount of oil that the price warranted. To her alone he gave the wealth of his teachings... The primitive hunter with the bow and spear has smeared their sinew backs with animal fat for tens of thousands of years. In the arctic cold he rubbed his body with blubber and burned his wick in its melted stream just as ancient villagers in warmer climes burned their cotton yarns in olive oil lamps...oiled wheels run freely... it involves a release of energy which can enliven the vestures of man... Like the golden oil of the diviner, it will rise up in the water as an omen of spiritual ascendancy... The wheels of human relationships can turn effortlessly when greased with the perfumed essence of reciprocal flow. That this requires selflessness is evidenced in the example Nature affords us when we recognize that the sweet aroma of the oil is released only with the sacrificial crushing of the seed. This requires a complete abandonment of the psychic frenzy accompanying the desire to possess oil... And we know the U.N. and the debate about oil wars (that does not mean that Iam against any use of oil, but it is similar with gold and not knowing the infinite treasure, wherefore today we leave a bit more oil and go towards salt, check the white horse car which runs with salt...batteries… we get a much better balance with that...)........................Lake: If one sits at evening beneath an arabesque cupola suspended over the darkening flow, one's mind melts and becomes merged with the lake, reflecting the scattered rays of the setting sun. The soul's knowledge of the relationship between man and all of Nature is released, and a great peace surpassing the grasp of intellect settles within one's heart (some use that also to receive visions in the mind but not everyone can do that).... Like the clear, unpolluted lake, the mind must become utterly pure in order to reflect the highest Akashic intelligence and perceive its presence in the world around.....................Island: The island is a symbol of solitude and death, but also of immortality. Gods were born on the White Isles in the upper world, and Elysium was called the Island of the Blessed, to which mortals who had successfully come through a triple test in life were transported. The Greeks also held that, when slain by an arrow guided by Apollo, Achilles was lamented by Thetis and her sister nymphs, who snatched his body from the pyre and bore it to the White Isle in the Euxine Sea, where he was restored to eternal life. To the Hindus this sacred place is the Essential Island. Its golden slopes and rounded banks are said to be encrusted with gems... (book of revelation, sun, moon, island, you can feel alone or you become a bit dumb or the other side, that is, our being alone in God and liberation and immortality, enlightenment)....................... Ships: The gods of many an ancient religion were believed to sail the skies in heavenly ships... Ships carry the seed of promise but they also bear the dead across the unknown waters to the world beyond (I remember a good old movie)... When the Vikings spread south, they came as seamen so deeply inbred with the spirit of their ships that they seemed a new kind of people. Theirs were certainly not the first vessels to open up new worlds of trade or conquest, but never before had ocean craft embodied the very essence of a culture...WHAT DO YOU TRADE? (trade winds, struggling in the storms and so on)... Bow ornaments were very important to sailors as charms and as that to which they entrusted their lives. They thought the figure, like the ship's name, conveyed the life of the vessel, its unique individuality...ships guided through the ocean.... Lucky and unlucky captains and ships tended to be like self-fulfilling prophecies ===>>> O how much art and mysticism we have lost (people today are like zombies sitting in classrooms and having lost the better smell, now and therefore we should bring science and the ancient path together, and yes, there is more to say about ships, and yes we know what SCHWAB wants to accomplish with the PLUTOKRATEN… this guy will learn a lesson… we will see who is god… and they want indoctrinate them only with transhumanism etc… paid NGO media)......................River: Divided in fours or in sevens by the Sacred Sapta Sindhava, the living globe is moulded and shaped by running waters which leave their mark upon human consciousness as surely as upon the earth's crust (Nomad, again, the 4 rivers, four elements, earth, water, fire, air, and as we know the sevenfold. Like Sakti spiralling out to the circumference and back towards her union with Siva, the river's current assumes the same serpentine pattern that describes the movement of all manifested energy)........................Flute: seven basic tones the diapason of nature (secrets not to be written into this book, vibration and that which intones the visible world. And the light of the logos, only someone knows it who is a seer, who has vision, sound and light, scale and harmony, music of the spheres, analogous to chemical elements, five sense, ascension etc., joy of the dance of the logos... the seven octaves of the Lord's cosmic melody flow unfettered through the sheaths, each aperture of the divine flute leading the sound from one upadhi to another, Flute – air, breath of God... God sings over us). ==>>> INDO EUORPEAN LANGUAGES, and our EU FLAG and with this book to get a good picture.

6) Was ein Schiff betrifft, so haben wir ja auch den Großbaum und ein viereckiges Segel und etc., so nun studiere dies eingehends und letztlich wirst du verstehen warum in Nomads ministry Symbol es ist ok zu sagen: dry tree trade. (ship, mast (mastbaum, mast-tree, square sail, mast and boom, mast trees, single trunk of a confiner tree or etc.,square sail, simplest form of rigging and the most ancient) ==>>> in Nomads ministry (apocalypse) symbol, I have put it together and I simple called it: dry tree trade (because of the shortage of space, our ministry symbol gives just an overview)... Now, again about the city: Isaiah 54:11 “O you afflicted one, Tossed with tempest, and not comforted, Behold, I will lay your stones with (in) colorful gems (Hebrew: bappuk: antimony = silver white, antimony means also: a metal not found alone), And lay your foundations with sapphires. And I will make thy pinnacle (Hebrew: shemech - shimhotayich: sun rising, sun, therefore as glittering) of agates (ruby: blood red coloured), and thy gates of carbuncles (fiery glow, sparkle crystal), and all thy borders (walls, Nomad: this would be roundabout) of pleasant stones (precious stones) ==> wherefore about precious stones, that is the best SYMBOL what we have for the apocalypse, it is still solid yet more translucent and more colourful… And that is further the reason why precious stones have also their own attraction for YOU!!!!!!… LC will clarify all this things and you will say, O I DID WONDER WHY!!! Therefore, YES, we will also have PRECIOUS STONES at LC… for we will show this and that etc., and what we do at LC, yea, no one really has done before us or if they have something done… yet somehow different… but we really use it all… and we will speak a lot about the PNEUMATIC SELF. And you ask, can you confirm it another way? Answer, yes, you can read also about the city in Psalm 46 etc., God is in the midst of her; she shall not be moved (shaken): God shall help her, just at the break of the dawn!!!... ==> BOOK OF REVELATION MOVIE RULES ==> wherefore material people call themselves also Christians but they would not understand it even when we confirm everything and Iam sorry to say that… but we have clarified already a lot and the whole language as also EARTH (foundation), SEA (with the compass and the deep, bottle, and the sea and its decree…, sea of glass), GLASS, RIVER, FOUNTAIN, SUN, MOON, (7)STARS, MOUNTAIN, ISLAND etc. Ya, that was used by OT prophets...and the list goes on… CITY = MANY HOUSES, house not made with hands… city of gods, Gods people ==> and we will have the full LOGOS… and yes, the fire round about (all around, circuit) is PERFECT because we know how the fire is mainly situated in the apocalypse, Zechariah 2:5, and details will be explained at LC. ==> so we also know now that the prophets in the OT were really more illuminated. Wherefore I must add: not that we see the fire in the outward but we know it because of the inward…and the divine reality got already explained to some good degree… ya, and it is true, in that sense also all the impressions are fiery and oily, the volatile, and in the outward-drawing and our bodily eyes are integrated, it shines also through every sense perception and so we have also that whirling essence, roundabout. ==> The Essene have probably overhyped it a bit with the food which they should eat and so on, because they were very second Adam focused... but this is not so easy as I mentioned it earlier... because of our fallen state. And maybe the same could be said a bit about the prophet Daniel, and he ate only vegetables and so on. Wherefore I judge no one about that, and if someone feels that this is better for him, ok... you must find it out... and it is not illegal to be vegan :-) and if you aks me, I say, IAM not… just eat healthy…. And also more vegetables etc. ==>>> The Essenes, the Gnostics and early Christians taught that the Teacher of Righteousness was the indwelling Holy Spirit who teaches all things to those who have been anointed from above. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth and Righteousness. Salvation comes only to those who have been anointed from above then they become Teachers of Righteousness... And the Essene used already baptism, but Christians today say that John was the first one who came up with that idea, yet this is nonsense... Wherefore the Essenes were very strict: Only a repentant and upright spirit ensured the effectiveness of ritual immersion to obtain the external purity necessary for inclusion in the sacred rites of the community... By the HolySpirit of the Community, in His truth, shall he be cleansed of all his sins; and by the Spirit of uprightness and humility shall his iniquity be atoned. By his soul’s humility towards all the precepts of God shall his flesh be cleansed when sprinkled with lustral waters and sanctified in flowing water. And he shall establish his steps to walk perfectly in all the ways of God, according to His command concerning His regular feasts; and he shall step aside neither to right nor to left, and shall make no single step from all His words... you can read the paper from Stephen J.Pfann, Center for the Study of Early Christianity, Jerusalem... ==> And about John the Baptist, they knew what he was doing, he was baptizing; and this probably emerges from the idea of ritual immersion that existed in Judaism long before (similar sacrifices existed in Egypt, which goes back to Mose etc.)... and therefore you can also read about the Mandaeans in the dead sea scrolls, and so we have not just the Jewish Mikva... this stuff was older... ==> Wherefore also that we can acknowledge, some of the Essenes did wear swords, but they used it only in absolute defence mode... as the very last option, probably to protect little kids or whatever. (and there were some different communities, they were very similar but not the complete same pot)... Further, and what we find out, they have also cast lots (like Urim and Thummim) ===> and we know the ESSENE BOOK OF REVELATION ==> and before Christ came, they had mentioned the NEW JERUSALEM and ARMAGEDDON in the dead sea scrolls, furthermore, the community itself metaphorically believed that they were the New Jerusalem and the new temple... The community of Qumran understood itself as a spiritual temple replacing the polluted temple, but it also understood itself as a new Jerusalem, replacing the polluted Jerusalem, and we read: This (the community) is the tested rampart, the precious cornerstone that does not/whose foundations do not/shake or tremble from their place” (QS VIII) ==> THIS IS MY STONE, MY ORDER (in which the anointing stays) ==> an eschatological model in which the earthly Jerusalem plays no role, as is the case of Revelation, was already developed in pre-Christian Judaism within a Jewish community that lived in the desert. You say, John the baptist has written the Book of Revelation... but the Essenes had it before him. And nor was Jesus (Jesus walking on this planet) the first one who mentioned the spiritual temple... the Essenes had already prepared it... and also prophets who spoke about the stone in the OT, for which you need eyes to see... And if Jesus was a member of the Essene, that I cannot tell you, ya, and some believe that also about John, and I will not make a quarrel about it... at the end, facts matter, what we have, that we write down, so also our science.

Iam sorry, I will not reveal all apocalypse symbols here, we do that at LOGIACOLUMN
but you shall know that this book has nothing to do with religion as you know it... wherefore many stuff got already revealed... so you get an insight


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