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A SYMBOLIC BUILDING, REPRESENTING THE HIGHER SELF etc... ===> but again written during hard Ascension, not corrected now, I CARE NOT NOW, MY MIND IN ASCENSION... but the SYMBOLS will fit ===>   anyway the diligent reader will find answers in Divine Science, Transmutation, Apocalypse/Symbols, Science, the Well... it shall be about the stone for them... and this here was just for fun 



This gives you just a little insight about the MUSEUM (building) and how it will look like, yet again the whole clarification follows later =============> if you read it, TAKE CARE, IT IS MIXED WITH SOME JOKES!!!!

protection system.png

Protection system
since the government
sells our country

we keep them all out, wherefore saying it also with fun... but yes, our government does not well today... what they want to implement in the EU etc.

One change, Snow leopard instead of Kangaroo

Eagle view MUSEUM


Bild von Christel SAGNIEZ auf Pixabay

Sand around.png

Front view MUSEUM

Archdoor and hammer.png

Dome which connects to the cube




1) What we can also do that is, that we not just built something regarding the 7 Spirits, 4 Elements, akash and so on, no, not just that but the pupils have also to recite words which I give to them via the LOGOS, and like to go from one station to the next, and also I want a bell to produce some attention in-between… yea… we would had really more things… through which in that little “journey” we form a perfect imprint in the soul… and simultaneously the outer part is included... All that as additional stuff, on one side this tools we built with direct involvement (like a special water basin, but it will be more then that) and on the other side again other symbols added… And then for sure Satsang and etc… I could do endless things… to built that… there is no end...yet important is to use the most impressive tools… and to use stuff which does by no means confuse our people, yea, which shifts in that sense the consciousness back to simplicity. Yea, and further, also bravery is important… and then some training… body training, this and that… but that is also individual based (and sure we have also some likes and dislikes, they need also to have their own free space to decide what they like most right now)… ==>>> And since we have different branches at LOGIACOLUMN, now this is the Mysticism part and I do not want to call it MAGIC because we have our biblical associations with this word and that in a negative way but and therefore I would call it MAGICAL. And I want also at LC a room with the prevalent fragrance which we have in the apocalypse like to arrive at the final station. And yes, also honey plays a role. ==>>> what can also happen but I do not know yet, that you face hail and naked you go under an ice cold shower (30 seconds time or something like that) before you go into the Satsang room because I do not want you sleepy, maybe, I do not know yet, or better, only those get it who are sleepy, I just send them to the hail chamber:-) When someone is exposed to the sun on a very hot day, now, if he goes into a cave then he experiences the coldness in it yet it is not really cold in that cave but he was acclimatized to the hot temperature out there and so the cave afterwards seems to be more cold. And in the same way when someone is lifted into the heavenly warmth (uncreated light increase) it often happens that this person experiences also a cold chill, again because he gets exposed to the heavenly warmth and this is a FACT and I experienced it very often during ascension and what is more funny, this is part of the waking up process… And therefore in similarity we have the hail chamber… and it serves a purpose… And don’t try to copy me via this book, you will fail… I will built it via the LOGOS.. Yea, and also the PORTAL we need at Logiacolumn… and again to your question, right, because of the sulfur and mercury it is all well tempered in the apocalypse, heat and cold, yet we also call it endless spiritual summer because we come out of darkness and get filled with all light (halo body and so on), and you can read that also in the Book “the shepherd of Hermas”, that he got right, called it summer time… And further we know this other associations (mental connection between concepts, events, or mental states) with summer time… Ya, an inner circle will gte more pushed at LC… or those who want full training, recapitualted, this is the message.

2) The first sun is apparent only to a highly refined sense of spiritual perception, true essence of Self (light imprint)... And yes we can keep the ancient symbols of SUN and MOON because the sun is so or so the perfect symbol and the moon represents that which is rendered visible...male and female… And further, and as we know about Rudolf, he was not unusual in his interest in alchemy. Many European princes and kings were fascinated by the subject and accepted its belief in a universal scheme of correspondences… and I believe still today… at least many or some understand that we are the FUTURE… Ya, at Rudolf’s court science and art, reason and imagination, philosophy and religion were inseparable ==> about what I wonder, I never heard about his ideas yet we share the same message, y,a in fact, I have never known any of that stuff, yea I started with nothing in my hand!!! and now I look at all this names, mystics and sages… everything I confirm only AFTERWARDS… I KNOW THE DIVINE REALITY!… And we share the same vision, very fascinating (Rudolf II, Habsburg heir, Archduke of Vienna, etc.)… And for sure at that time they had the the physician-astrologer (and also to understand the underlying character, by which I said we have to overcome the outward constellations, and therefore still here I agree with them, it has an influence, zodiak, and we jave that also in most holy writ). And for sure Johannes Kepler and Tycho Brahe and Sendivogius and other were in his boat… and the church in their darkness could not understand them or they wanted to hide this deeper mysteries… so probably this was also a threat at that time (persecution)… the sacred science of the ancients… Wherefore as absurd as it seems but I will finish his vision today (and no, Iam not Rudolf reincarnated) ==> And I dont want to speak about him in abad way but it seems that in his later life he was a weak leader… his mental disposition got a bit worst, yea this can happen but it has nothing to do with alchemy, its sad, he could had done better (in his childhood he maybe got some traumata, he saw too many people burned, inquisition season, or whatever… the HUNT… for sure…)… Anyway, the big names we find like Kepler… ya, he did draw many wise poeple to him...and they acknowledged him as someone who represents the future… yet it was not the time for it… not fully.

3) Do we say that ALL is vibratory? Answer, in some respect we can say so… so also we speak about the creative impulse… yet let us never forget that this energies are supernal and therefore the equilibrium remains… And in some respect we can call the apocalypse the HIGHEST VIBRATION because we receive everything as more colourful (we leave grey town), we see more details, more translucent, better sound, better fragrance and so on… what we called as the constant seven, ever born now – creative impulse (when filled with all light), Sabbath... And yes, the chymical marriage (also the marriage in the book of revelation) is also represented in mythology (remember also the Proto-Indo European language), medieval legend, and mystical symbolism. And maybe we should also have a ROUND TABLE at LOGIACOLUMN… the FIRST matter is the beginning of creation emanated from God (back to the beginning)… restoration via the DIVINE MIND… FUN: Nomad says: Spring über deinen Schatten ==> The healer is attuned to the cosmic vibration, he is not the cause of healing (we do not own the flow yet we re one with the fluid), vibration and bodily repair mechanism work also together… And when he heal other: The healer comes in touch with the subject… The subject should be in a receptive state… This is another part at LOGIACOLUMN (but it belongs to the branch called Mysticism, and yes, prophecy can be also included)…. On top of the stairs at LC, the stariway whihc is outside of the builidng, we have a sun painted, with rays and a PENDULUM

4) From Pythagoras applied by our order: *** Honor likewise your parents and those most nearly related to you (those who care about you). Of all the rest of humanity, make friends with those who distinguish themselves by their virtue..***accustom yourself to overcome and vanquish the following passions: First gluttony, sloth, sensuality, and anger. ***Do nothing evil, neither in the presence of others, nor privately; ***But above all things respect yourself (and the higher path). And do not involve yourself in anything without rule or reason. *** from among the possibilities, carefully choose the best path for yourself ***Let no person, either through words or deeds, ever seduce you. Nor entice you to say or to do what is not beneficial for yourself. ***Consult and deliberate before you act, that you may not commit foolish actions. For it is the mark of a miserable person to speak and to act without reflection. ***Learn all you ought to know, and thus you will lead a very pleasant life *** In no way neglect the health of your body Give it drink and food in due measure, and also the exercise of which it has need ***You shall likewise know that according to Law, the nature of this universe flows through all things alike, So that you shall not hope for what you ought not to hope; and nothing in this world shall be hidden from you (wherefore at LC you receive also the revelation about the infinite treasure) *** PRAY (and listen to the ear of the heart)...Leaving yourself to always be guided and directed by the understanding that comes from above, allowing it to control your destiny *** meditate in your bed: Where have I gone amiss? What have I done? What have I omitted that I ought to have done? ***And when you have eventually divested yourself of your mortal body, you will arrive at the most pure Æther, And you shall be a God—immortal, incorruptible—and Death shall have no more dominion over you. And to add: mental confusion and every negative thought creates an imbalance which seriously disturbs hormonal secretions, wherefore it is possible to be careful without being anxious, to be courageous without being foolhardy, or sensitive without being sentimental, to react to annoyances by adapting to the situation rather than worrying with set ideas (and also the higher consciousness recognizes the birds in them (low level mobbing etc.), we stay also light-hearted)… its the eagle, to fly above the worries of this world, its the bold lion, its the innocent lamb (not wordly conditioned, animal passions cast out, childlike liberated yet not childish naive)… WE DO NOT RESPECT WHAT IS ANTIAPOCALYPSE nor their 21 century religiosity – deception (and it is clear we are not directly made strong or in total liberation but we embrace the right things)

5) but you act often times VERY HARD Nomad, like a brute warrior…ya, I know... what can I take with me? I guess it is what is called Unnachgiebigkeit - intransigence or better to say Hartnäckigkeit – tenacity (Beharrlichkeit) which includes Zähigkeit - toughness and is therefore not just a negative disposition (therefore I do not mean to be stubborn or to be inflexible or not teachable)… THE DECEPTION WAS TOO HUGE HERE ON THIS PLANET… AND THE ASCEND BRUTE… IN FACT YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE HOW BRUTE IAM...AND THIS MADE ME A BIT BRUTE… AND THEY WILL NOT RULE OVER ME... BUT LATER ON I become really much more nice, poeple will just enjoy to hang out around me and I will not look down on them… they will feel happy around me… Yet today often idiots rule… and having just a money ladder… and they are weak to the bones… THEY ARE NO RULER… ya, if you fear death, what ruler are you?… and if you cant guide the population, what ruler are you? Now, lets go on: Giuseppe Chindeme said:...this was understood by the builders of medieval cathedrals who, when producing their grandiose architectural works, were influenced by the tenets and beauty of Pythagorean geometry. They attempted to encode the secret symbolism of their “high knowledge” in their constructions in such a way that their knowledge would be understood only by those who had “eyes to see and ears to hear,” following the Pythagorean principle that “truth is divulged only to those who seek (Cosmos and order). ==>>> NOMAD: this is wrong or better to say has to change today, because on this planet we make too many mistakes and we miss the mark highly just because we had no teacher/MASTER and further it is seen that in the eastern religion they spoke much more openly about some things… and many get drawn to it… yet in eastern religion they made other mistakes as we know… and to be all-inclusive that is the way… Further Giuseppe said: They regarded four, the square, as the number of “universal manifestation.” In our own times we talk about the concept of the “perfect square,” and to ancient Egyptians it was the basis of eternal stability (Pythagoras learned his stuff in Egypt and from that place he had taken on that mindset with the priestly upper class wherefore also Plato spoke much more openly, and why do I again speak about Plato, yea because we see that in the inward man he wanted to reveal many more things yet they had this conflict)...The Monad is the primordial unity at the base of all creation. It is the origin of all things and the source of permanence in the universe. It is both male and female, odd and even; not a number in itself, but the source of all other numbers. The One is however incomplete. It needs an opposite in order to manifest and this gives rise to the even number 2. As the number 1 represents at the same time the principle of unity and the principle of the separation of opposites contained within it (odd and even), this separation is represented by the number 2. • The principle of unity is 1, the One. • The principle of duality is 2, the Dyad. (the Dyad also symbolized by two intersecting circles which form an eye). Then we have the Triad and further the Four, the Tetrad which derives from the Triad with the addition of another unit (representing volume). Point, line, surface, and volume is the totality of the material world of the senses… ==>>> wherefore Iam not interested to go too much in this sort of philosophical reflection yet our salt is known… and the projection-field… ==>>> and I would need for that later a mathematician and physicist (or their inspirations, how to express that in a better way, by which we must look very deep into the energetic field, because the thing is always that other people have already many useful ideas and concepts in their mind, also creativity… yet we have to bring it together and it is not possible that I alone have all this concepts and inspirations and etc. But I have a HUGE FUNDAMENT!!!!!!!).… And the problem with the whole thing is that some have studied it deeply but they rationalized it to death and therefore it needs someone like me and then those other people who studied it. Here and there regarding the pyramids we will find also a hint regarding the divine reality (at least some stuff is found in that place), letters and measurements and... we need to reconstruct it. And I explained of what I did in the Sarcophagus. And further there is a way to build something and to heal with frequencies (also mentally, even weaken the mud), and I know that this sounds very stupid, I know… but I do speak about the ancient knowledge and not the nonsense which we see today. ==>>> If you believe in reincarnation, now I got naturally drawn to all of this and not just that I go forward towards the apocalypse ===>>> and once Iam in the apocalypse a better DOWNLOAD is possible but I need CAUSES and this CAUSES must be presented to me… and then together to put things together and as you see I keep that: 1) MENTALISM. “As is the human body so is the Cosmic body (so also our starlight being via the source). As is the human mind so is the Cosmic mind. As is the microcosm so is the Macrocosm. And as is the atom so is the Universe.”~ The Upanishads. Acceptance of a Universal Mind is the first law because, without it, anything else is meaningless. It is in accessing or being in communion with this eternal, infinite mind that everything is possible. 2) CORRESPONDENCES, 3) VIBRATION, wherefore we can also attract higher vibration opportunities! And it is always better to feel great about life 4) POLARITY 5) RHYTHM, 6) CAUSE AND EFFECT, 7) GENDER ===>>> wherefore we shall not make business to everything and especially in religion when they become actor and liar, at the end, they loose it all… so let us keep a balance between business and “next life” focus... And especially at LOGIACOLUMN we want to stay sober and we want to be all-inclusive and we want to have REAL PEOPLE if you understand what I mean…

6) In my vision this works together (science and spiritual evolution aspect) and those who are gods or walk very high are not in need of kids… and they have more a universal blood if you understand what I mean… and those who walk lower, I always say, family is a treasure… but today we also no longer need to have families by which a mother has 8 kids like it was in the past or etc. Problems we had, I know… (today only in Africa we have bigger problems and hunger)... and in conclusion LOGIACOLUMN is not an obstacle…. Science alone (second knowledge), yea, they can make progress but fully they will not master it and you ask why? Answer: Think of it as your body: what is in the single cell of your body, even in just one drop of blood, is a reflection of the health of your whole body. There is a correspondence between the single part and the entire entity. ==> so we are secure if you will, the radical transhumanits are dumb creatures!!! and we can say so, we will not have a full breakthrough without spiritual evolution. Yea, and you will say, ahhhh, that means we are limited and in a trap… and I say again… both sides of the coin do matter. The other thing my friends, you do not really want to live 1000 years when you have not that superparadise reality… yea, maybe sometimes you will want to live 100 years longer and maybe also science will manage that… could be… but it is not a life worthy like to live 1000 years, the famous number 1000, the last day… ==> that belongs only to the gods!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thats why when Iam in the apocalypse, you can have my DNA… it is all secured

7) Now, that the Logos got implanted at one point, that we can accept more easy but that we grow up as kids and then in the apocalypse we keep a constitution or bodily structure by which we have our youth appearance (25 years of age or whatever), yea, this is difficult to grasp. Again the imprint is known… but why age 25? Answer, this is also maximum effective but still we all had our second birth (second birth because when we say that the first birth means to be born of God so we could call that simple second birth, anyway, we keep that so we have our order, so also we speak about first knowledge and second knowledge) Now, the STONE heals, the STONE repairs and makes young (fresh) but some things are not included like lost hair or additional birth marks do also not just disappear (this consequences), this would need additional miracles, yet again, beside that we have the light body and liquid flesh, so in that sense its done and we are in the equilibrium. Wherefore I could be also wrong because maybe and because of all the devastation in the body which I received on my hard journey (many battles), ya, maybe first we have to go back into the apcoalypse and there could be also a delay… like later this stuff gets fixed via the divine imprint… you know, new cells grow and so on. Wherefore this is so or so not our “main problem” … what does only bother me a bit… that we had a time by which we had to grow up and then later we stop that process or we stop biological aging… Again, the term time we understand now also better… and the eternal now… and without apocalypse it is like a pendulum and we reach our best age (~age 25) and then it goes into the other direction (yet still we learn and and we can become better, do not misunderstand me, yet the body goes slowly into decay, skin etc.)… And therefore as I see it, we simple do not allow the pendulum to swing back. So somehow we have a combination of Spirit and matter! Yes, for sure, the apocalypse, that is, Spirit in matter is revealed to us yet beside that, somehow this has worked together… And what is much more astounding that is that people say today that ageing starts with age 25 (at least we see it a bit on the skin) and some say a bit later… And I have seen it in my first ascension, yes, it looks all a bit different because a bit face change and halo we also receive and so on yet it is around age 25 or something like that. WHICH MAKES MY REVELATION HERE INCREDIBLE IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and immense knowledge, EXTREME ==>>> and slowly but more and more I believe and you will say that Iam crazy, anyway, but more and more I believe that I will bring in the golden age (or the start of it), we will much better understand who we are, science and everything else… all-inclusive… for the case I survive also this second ascension… and much stuff I have already written down... in that sense it already happened... who wants to draw back from it? (only question is how long I stay) ==>>> for sure some few people will not like it but I believe a majority likes it and wants it...WE WANT ANSWERS… EVERYONE OF US!!!!!!!! ENOUGH FOLLY WE HAD IN THE PAST!!!!!!!! AND RELIGION WILL ALSO NOT STOP ME!!!!!!!!!!! Ya, I believe we live in a time by which many people say, WE WANT ANSWERS… and it is also not this boring religious thing and I even say, the divine reality is “wild”… similar some love it to have a great ride on the snowboard, others like this or that and so on… to all this stuff I say its good, ENJOY IT, I ALSO ENJOYED IT (thats why I love a bit our Austrian Matteschitz, Red Bull marketing)… And what is a bit more heavy for us to understand that is the finite treasure revelation, about that we could speak… but I do not say that you cannot drive a Mercedes or BMW or etc… we use stuff… yet it is not the highest! And today we also enter a season in which the environment does matter again… also that I could push in a big way forward via GAIA revelation and how we are connected to it!

8) Wherefore when I think about it and regarding my hugr revelation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Walt Disney or etc., it is not even that big thread for them because they can still play the hero versus bad guy and what else… and additional a new kind of avatar movies like a vision for the future… could emerge… so I would not even have a problem with them. And having a bit less folly stuff in Hollywood, but probably so or so soon some more people will reject their stuff, enough is enough with that cheap comic garbage!!!, they lost it a bit today… And they would probably rather bother me to give them additional inspirations for the case this would become bigger… YEA, use your brain, if they have the equipment to visualize the divine reality (like to have sometimes the avatar perspective) and then make some magic movies and what else… everyone wants to watch it… and I would check if the vision fits… And Iam never against some movies, like to be on a rescue mission and have courage and so on… we all have our STORY and… we go from one thing to another… and also we face attacks (whatever kind) or often we fall, we must overcome, we must stand up again… etc. ==>>>> yet we are also virtue orientated,…. The bad guy is not the hero… and art shall fit... RECAPITULATED: I KNOW, Nomad is a threat to everyone (specially religion)… and the dragon has just a short time… but who knows maybe today you have a few more brain cells… evolutia, maybe via memory, like let us have something new :-) MAYBE YOU HUMANS CAN ACCEPT IT… YET I FEAR YOU NOT, MARK MY WORDS…. You dont know me...

9) Nomad, when you speak later in the same way and you are made holy via halo body… this would be much more strange to us than anything else and it gives us hope, GREAT HOPE (so far we cannot be away…:-). Answer, I will become a bit better… not too much but a bit… and the rest is super joy, its simple me… and you are right… you are not so far away from it… and I had simple my story… you know… some hard stuff behind me...

10) Find your “I” and later your “I” and ”YOU” (in God)...the way is the void and the void is the way, why void? yea, matter cannot change the unchangeable… And I and YOU will be as a REFLECTION and CONTEMPLATION at LC

11) Further at LOGIACOLUMN, you will learn to stay SHARP and FOCUSED… like to use a filter by which you eliminate all distracting factors… which can help you in many things…

12) There is something what we call Anziehungskraft (force of attraction), may it be a PEARL IN YOUR OPEN HAND or may it be a HOUSE (homecoming) or an ISLAND (our being in God alone) or a MOUNTAIN (ascension, revealed matter etc.), or SUN and MOON (moon, rendered visible, reflects), the TAO CUP (which never runs out), GOLD and SILVER, the TREE (of life and also the void explanation), OIL, WHEAT (growing , bread, seeds etc.), HORSE, PRECIOUS STONES (crystals etc.), CANDLE (flame), SHIP (tree and sail etc.), MILLSTONE (wheel etc.), the SEVEN STRINGED HARP and FLUTE… yea… we WILL USE THAT ALSO AT LOGIACOLUMN, THE BEST SYMBOLS IF YOU WILL… and the thing is that, that our desire becomes an infinte want, infinite treasure (because of the flow) in the apocalypse and he who is closer to the apocalypse, now he knows the symbols and uses also symbols… and we have to work with that… and so we point our pupils to the higher things… YEA, at LOGIACOLUMN we will have many things… and thats why it will be also a lot of FUN… and like to explore it a bit… FOOLISH RELIGION WE LEAVE BEHIND US… we have enough of it… they [by choice] can stay in dumb land but we will advance… And thats why we have Bable with all its glamour and glitter (wherefore for some people even their job can become an idol and they get a burn out, get ill) versus new Jerusalem…. Therefore, how do we built our consciosuness? LOGIACOLUMN is the ANSWER (the logos)… and the seven spirits and etc. How do you want to enjoy life when you do not stay energetic? Yes, we can still enjoy this or that… but a better life quality is better… And I do not push myself on other but LOGIACOLUMN includes our CHI and you must be a person who is interested in that according to this kind of TRAINING at LOGIACOLUMN, wherefore another branch is about science and so on… AND LC IS ALSO ABOUT BALANCE… balance it out… your life

13) WELCOME TO LOGIACOLUMN!!! real training awaits and inititiation into the highest mysteries and to stay secure with the logos and to learn to embrace the right things and we become simple with our cosmic holistic truth and etc… But for sure we speak a bit about the animal clothing (animals passion, yea we even say in Austria TIERISCHE LEIDENSCHAFTEN or ANIMALISCHE LEIDENSCHAFTEN, so its not the big deal… its also country dependent… and the Protestant who became total weak, they hate my teaching… they cannot even eat it) and ya, Jacob even called it monstrous clothing as we know Jacob, Germans and Austrians… too easy we make it not for you… but this is also an energy construct and we say, look, when possible make the best out of it… consequences exist as every religion teaches you and it is good when you are hot about it… that is to reach higher heavenly planets (as we call it)… and some bill you will receive, every religion teaches that… and everything about after-life, no one of us knows it all… its much TOO BIG…. similar we have a vast universe...And if we would say, the fire purification before the next reincarnation is painful or whatever we could say, then humans would say, yea, but its not forever... therefore, we can turn it how we want, we know humans... this leads us nowhere… But again HELL FOREVER (after-life) we do not teach as like the protestant or orthodox teach etc., and nor do we fear them… they know nothing about the STONE. ==> we do it that way at LC, and our science fits and etc., this is PERFECT… and still we teach sharp consequences… ya, even via your Spirit you can receive a beautififul body in aftertlife or not… you can do something… and you have your soul image… we never speak it small… LC is therefore also real training… and nor do we know if some could get annihilated… at a cycle end… and also most want to reach the higher heavenly planets… not reincarnate or… and yes, also you can believe a bit different about afterlife yet always remember: REAPING and SOWING… YOU DONT WANT TO LOOSE… or have it hard later or... ==> but do you say its all about a beautiful body??? Absolute not, what I say, you can get problems with your body and you only have it because you must learn your lesson! ==> but also we make here no PHARISAICAL thing out of it... like look, you got ill in a very young age because of your former sins... nay (this is hypocritical self righteous)... and its much too diverse (and DNA we have, environment, exposure to unknown stuff, maybe already in mothers womb) and many factor play a role... but lets say it that way... a real strong soul image... you will be able to endure more stuff OR lets say it that way, that is the best view... virgin seals... you receive a body (beautiful or not... it is so or so Geschmacksinn, and Jacob was also not the most beautiful guy), but you receive a body to get guided to the highest wisdom... and be able to attain it... or get more fast glimpses about the divine vision


14) And yes, earth is easy to understand, for example this book in your hand, water is easy to understand, for example you feel a little rush in your body (or prickling or inward laughter when you read one of the funny correspondences or etc.), and fire is active, doing, elevating… and air is not so easy to understand, but its lofty (soaringly, subtle) like thoughts (like closed mouth inner speaking)... And according ot the Mysterium: The external world has been outbreathed from the holy and from the dark world. It is, therefore, evil and good, and in love and wrath; but, compared with the spiritual world, it is only like a smoke or a fog = dimly mirror (it is the THIRD part destruction in the book of revelation, trumpets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)… we have the three principles by which we explain additional the light and dark world (also mud), spirit and matter - abyss and byss (generation and devouring, wherefore as an eternal love play in the divine reality, also called TAO) etc.,via the sevenfold and then and also we iat LC have the three pearls (GREAT ARCANE SYMBOL) by which we explain the triple nature of man (intelligible world, body senses, abyss) and so it shall be made simple, the three pearls serve as very good illustration regarding the divine reality (and with the ball flying through empty space...the abyss beyond)...Amiel wrote in his Journal Intime (vol. 1, p. 67): We produce our own spiritual world, our monsters, our chimeras, and our angels; that which ferments within us we make objective ==> Book of revelation movie (with its screen) and IMAGE


15) A, B, C, AB, AC, BC, ABC...there is a way to symbolize the sevenfold and to see how the lines come together, and where we have the intermediates and the center to which the other 6 put their face everyhwere… first I need the divine reality… and maybe also sit with someone together who is trained in geometry… and etc… anyway… all that can be done… I know it… And its fascinating… we would have so many ideas at LOGIACOLUMN… ITS LIKE LITERALLY A NEW WORLD… and people will say, Nomad this has no end, what else do you want?

16) WE EVOLVE, WE ENDURE, WE SUCCEED… LOGIACOLUMN… wherefore inner joy is also a key (dont let the world steal it from you) And it is not problem to say also LC instead of LOGIACOLUMN (12th letter and 3rd letter), and we have also our liquid crystal and for sure its not the lions club as we know them today wherefore I have alread my MM, medal of merit :-), so yes, LC is nice… its ok… we see us at LC… WE NEED A BIG LQUID CRYSTAL at LC (lets leave the worthless earth)

17) And if there is geometry hidden in the ancient 7 planets glyphs… like for example the bulgarian ancient bronze Rosette Horoscope, yea or should I rather look at the seven metal glyphs which include also the seven planet glyphs (alchemy as we know this glyphs)… and they had simple too many symbols, just when I look at gold… so many different symbols only for gold… and it changed over time!!! And similar many say that the triangle pointing upwards is fire and pointing downwards is water… and etc., ya, maybe the half circle = circulation, the circle = rotation, and symbols we have for cementation, coagulation, boiling, digestion, calcination, fusion, fixation, filtration… ==> THEREFORE, I guess I will make it like Odin, but this here is not about Runes but about finding the right glyphs for the sevenfold… so to get some new glyphs which fit the bill and which represent their working force etc.…(or to keep some old stuff yet to make it better and also with a better in-depth view and explanation)… In guter österreichischer Manier, so sagen wir, ihr könnts mir alle den Buckel runterrutschen und da Ich nicht initiiert wurde, ja, somit mache Ich meine eigenen Glyphen, und vielleicht sogar in einer viel besseren Art und Weise… My glyphs will be much better because they will also explain movement, geometry and the three principles and therefore the ARRAY etc., but it is clear, first of all I have to kill my 3D brain. And further, we can put this glyphs upon the LC PILLARS at LC which will look fantastico.

18) You will say that in Alchemy they spoke also about three persons! And I say, yes, and even I do because father beyond (mutual beholding), me as son (and with a body) and the holy Spirit has overtaken all my faculties (habitation, Sphere) and also Laotzi spoke about a forefather or he said, you Western people call it God. And the Alchemist also said that when you do not understand the mirror, then there is no help for you (you stay foolish in your doctrine). And with that it is also easy for the church to lead you astray. Therefore, yes, three persons but Jesus had a soul like we had… And through!!! me is also the ALL (a gnostic term, look at correct translation) and from!!! father is the All… and you can read or interpret your bible however you want, Iam not interested == yet we know that if the ALL (entirety) would not be through me, then I could not be transformed and further creation would not be for me. Panta ="all" in the sense of every part that applies and then focuses on the part(s) making up the whole – viewing the whole… in Corinthians and etc. we read even THE PANTA… and man is a little universe… and You can pick up every verse in the Bible and put it into your own self made mindset… all that you can do… with your so called word of God… but that topic we had also already… and you are simple not in our league (you are in the brainwashed league). And I know, what they like most to use is John 1:3 All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made… correct translation: (The) PANTA through him came into being or manifested (gínomai means to come into being/manifestation implying motion, movement. Properly emerge, Gods action as emerging from eternity and showing themselves) and without him came no thing into being (not even one thing) = THE LOGOS (the entirety), God within and without ==> so the FIRST IDEA or IMPORTANT message is that THE PANTA is not from him but ONLY through him, and the message is rather that WITHOUT him no thing emerges==> the bishops in churches dont want to hear that (maybe because it does not serve them)… And Jesus called us brother and rock and light of the world and etc… and further it is written that father makes his abode in us and therefore we are also the exact expression of his substance (light being, radiance imprint), with the logos, mirror (all things), by which we have the word of power … MY TENT or tabernacle or house not made with hands is HEAVEN…. I do not own the tent but it is set up by me if you believe it or not, so it is. What do I require so that I have my Spirit halo body? Answer, death and hell, and the world (you know, this third principle) under your feet and then you will subject unto God (and the holy Spirit has overtaken all your faculties). And because Jesus resurrected and etc., he is the reference point, you cannot escape from that… this has to with the center which is also within us and only in the apocalypse we are another Christ (secret oil)… and further it is even written, we shall also sit on the 12 thrones (the 12 thrones which you do so or so not understand) and judging the 12 tribes… and his judgement is true… and you claim that you see, yet you become blind...before us… and our secrets are judged through Jesus Christ (because he is the logos) and there is an apocalypse unity… its called philosopher stone etc., or call it simple total liberty… for we do not need all this symbols, movie stuff or etc… because we made it… that is just for LOGIACOLUMN, to have additional fun and give them some training etc.

19) The dynamic carves ist way, Israel flag, Austria, past and future… but it is like with scripture, it is sealed and we dont see it… so also with the David star, you can be a scientist, this or that, you will not see it… get beheaded (3D brain) and then pray to God… and it shall open up before your eye… and right, this could maybe also have something to do with the Key of David, Revelation 3:7 ==> AUSTRIA & ISRAEL… A HARD STAND… A HARD PAST… YOU ARE THE CHOSEN ONES, THE SUPERCHOSEN PEOPLE (after your religion)… WE ARE THE CHOSEN ONES… you loose your pride… we loose our pride… what a mystery... WHY do we loose our pride? Austrian people ask... And I say, I give you no answer, and ya, Sebastian Kurz even hoisted the flag of Israel in Vienna (14 May 2021, today)... not everyone in the EU was total happy with that... but so it is, a Mystery... who thinks further, will not ask me ==> it is also a Mystery that I prophesied that something will happen... yet its not the end of the world like some Protestant want to see it... and I said that after the BAT prophecy and a bat even visited me and I made PHOTOS of that bat... and what happend... almost on my birthday day... they started with the lockdown... And all the super PROPHETS in USA got jealous about all my talk (the email session, before I started this website), especially because its big business in USA and some thought they rule over me... I have a big name in USA... WHAT FOOL YOU ARE? and they provoked me! And so I became later a bit too agressive and especially because I come out of bigger darkness... and I heard only GARBAGE from many of them..… Revelation 9:18 By these three was the third part of men killed, by the fire, and by the smoke, and by!!!!!!!!!!!! the brimstone, which issued out of their mouths. ==> bad sulfur mercurial water ==> and with a big fat breastplate [to appear very strong and having people from all nations behind you] you worship three almighty gods [and you are your own king without God and therefore having a golden crown on your head]… and you blaspheme our tabernacle ==> 21 century religion,,, And the birds have sung all the time for you and you appear very attractive like womans hair but now comes NOMAD with the HAMMER... And no, everything changed today... I have no anger regarding the CATHOLIC... this is so... but the Protestant, they have all the big visions and they have so many SUPERPROPHETS... so many big names in USA... and what they talk all day long and then they get jealous about me... what shall we do with them? ==> AND THERE IS ANOTHER PROBLEM... someone may argue... now we have corona and problems.. and people have at least more in their mind to stay healthy and etc... and it could even serve me... like they are more calm and seek salvation!... and on the other side... maybe some rich people fabricated that stuff... not all... and they would say... Nomad... we have helped you! AHA, thank you... but I have another future city vision in mind... and I would not had it done that way... I would be rather a harder leader in my country... in a sense to know how to guide the population... AUTARK AUSTRIA and to get that stuff more early done! I could not be ina  bigger conflict and even the EU flag with the clock points to it... corona borealis... yet more I do not reveal here... ==> when someone would ask me, I do not know what happend... it could had been one person who got inspired... or a few more or many more... or a lab flub and we have many coincidences yet we will at LC tlak about it that it is  a lab virus... and especially because someone provoked me... like with the NEXT PANDEMY comes soon... that will not happen... sure not... and about a nuclear bomb you do also not say that it is  a lolipop which did fall from heaven... and they do not even ban that stuff... na, the opposite, now they do the same changes with MERS, more contagious and maybe HIV inserts etc... with the difference that now in USA all further information will not longer be made public... SO YOU PROVOKE US TO THE BONES...

20) You are right, we go back in time through vibration increase and we have also our first sun, highest vibration = eternal now

21) Wolfram Eschenbach, Parzival: And the time when their wandering endeth and the life and the lot of men, He read in the stars, and strange secrets he saw, and he spake again Low, with bated breath and fearful, of the thing that is called the Grail: In a cluster of stars was it written, the name, nor their lore shall fail, And he quoth thus, ' A host of angels this marvel to earth once bore. ==> King Arthur and his knights: One night a stone slipped from my prison wall and I could see a space of sky with SEVEN STARS set across it. Then slowly across the space glided the HOLY GRAIL. My happiness was great for I had seen the vision…. PLEIADES SEVEN STARS (and SOLAR trinity close to it, wherefore also the blazing Venus aligns EVERY EIGHT YEARS!!! with them)...CUP WHICH NEVER RUNS OUT… HOW BLIND YOU ARE, dont you see it? And it is quite possible that this has ties to the human spirit in some way or another… divine intelligence… above and below… and we all know that cup… and also URSA MAJOR (and polar star), also called great bear is interesting… and we have also the ORION CROSS... Job 38:31 Can you bind the cluster of the Pleiades, Or loose the belt of Orion? ==> wherefore we could include that also at LC, to study a bit more the stars… Again: so or so we have our famous Pleiades and solar trinity (Orion is the brightest sign and the belt has three bright stars) and for sure we have the alchemic MILKY WAY sign, horns of Taurus ... And Iam happy with it. STAR SIGNS, a topic for LC.. and yes, Job 38:31, Canst thou bind the sweet influences of Pleiades, or loose the belt of Orion? ==> seven stars (Pleiades) as one BOUND In me via the trinity... Canst thou bring forth Mazzaroth (12 constellations of Zodiak) in his season? or canst thou guide Arcturus (GREAT BEAR (BIG DIPPER), also SEVEN STARS) with his sons? ==> 12 powers of the soul and we have to overcome... Knowest thou the ordinances of heaven? canst thou set the dominion thereof in the earth? And yes, also the leopard (cat, felis, leo minor, leo majory, lynx… yet for sure some signs were later introduced and I do not go here deeper into this topic), bear and lion, serpent… book of revelation, this are also constellations and similar we have also the woman in Revelation 12… it plays quasi together… WHEN I SIT ON THE 12 THRONES… it shall not bother me, it comes forth with me... Micro-Macrocosm (outward influences) ==> we have left the MOVIE

22) Those who are mature can participate in the PSYCHIC-CHAMBER at LC… by which two worlds crash together, but be aware, its a wild ride. For that You have to be at least a 5th degree Toxonsophist… trianing is everyting… we we evolve, we endure, we succeed

23) your right hand does not know what your left hand is doing and still all works together… WHAT I CAN TELL YOU FOR SURE, ITS A COSMIC DANCE… but in this dry religion they have forgotten that total and also not much is in scripture found except my birthday verse, Zephaniah 3:17 (yet on the other side dancing is often used as a means or worship and praise to God throughout the old testament). And you also want to live a spontaneous life… just act, just move, rampant at will… and in the lightning we keep self control ==> apocalypse = a very spontaneous life... so we have also a COSMIC DANCE CHAMBER at LC... later more to it!

24) wherefore you ask me two questions… first as a Protestant you say that it is immense what I do and that I over do it now with LC and etc… and all that just in one book… and then a leader of the world says… its too much what you reveal… and peple must also live a bit more in the unknown and etc. I answer: 1) in Germany or and also especially in Austria you have no chance to have a huge word except it has been proven that you belong to the real sages and you do something extraordinary… and we have Schiller, Goethe… Jacob… and etc… so I must go higher than that… in some way or another, or add something very special to it… 2) the answer is NO… today people are totally fed up with the old stuff… ya, partially we see it even with Hollywood… its over, this cycle is gone… overexcited and fed up… THE NEW MUST COME… and then the NEW will still provide many new things… it just runs… its not like that this is the end… in no way… and maybe hard for you to believe… but you simple don’t know it better right now

25) And we have the EYE of the kingdom (Gods light eye) and the seven eyes and it is clear that they are somehow embedded. Zechariah 3:9, 4:10 (seven eyes), Proverbs 5:21 (Gods eye upon us), Revelation 3:1 (seven spirits… and for sure as stars[wheel]-like embedded) ….And I said that we have an inner part (consciousness), the outer part and the midway… like sulfur, salt mercury… above and below etc., and this is important for LC… the whole building as a contemplation… and all the stuff which we use inside… yet LC will also have a SCIENCE & CONVERGENCE chamber (second knowledge… whatever fits)

26) When you have a bigger desire in you to discover this things and many more things… that is God and not you… or you are in a better place… and nor can I say that resurrection life is everything because there is a margin about the upper league as we have explained it about those who still did grow old but had deeper insights (souls eye or etc.), and then we have much going on in after-life… God even does not want that we make boxes and it is simple not possible… sure, angelic hierarchy exists (and most or many people who hear now about it, ya for sure they want to have a good position as always..)… and there are development stages… different heavenly spheres or planets… only God knows… reincarnation or higher heavenly planets and etc. (and OUR SCIENCE ABOUT the diversity of souls is rather very obvious!)… and our teaching is hard enough with the movie… because that is about chi and tree of life and etc… and no one can say that we teach very soft that stuff… but we also know that different circumstances exist and difficulties for different humans… and some feel like they are forgotten… but thats how its is… and at LC you are also not forgotten… you can still come with a hard background… and what we simple not teach that is one life and heaven or hell forever in after-life… no… we teach consequences… but… its not that black and white church thing…. And with that we have right balance at LC… and we motivate people more then enough… And consequences all religion teach... wherefore often we think that there is even a difference of how we run into some circumstances and some people had not really a chance… so much plays into it… how do we want to judge that? Our conclusion… higher heavenly planets are the ancient goal… and very obvious that will be also the goal of most people who come to LC. And they want to spiritually evolve… yet this includes also science and body training… whatever… CHOOSE LIFE… is the bible message… we want to become better...==> and because we do not teach one life and then heaven or hell forever... for sure, most churches go wild... but it is ok... and we speak it still not small... yet it is not so easy... and whatever you find out... find it out about after-life for yourself and more we will not reveal about it, not even at LC!!! here is FINISH!!!… And yes, the qualities of heaven or hell are eternal, from age to age... its the energy construct… or if Iam total extreme I could say, as long as you have only this outward vision, that is hell… yet we know that we have the whole mixture… but I could still write that way... similar with the animal body... you are not really a full animal... I explained that already... its simple not the liquid flesh... and so it must perish like the lower kingdom. And when you have only the body in mind.. you will feel at one point captivated and loose your joy and you forget the Spirit and the true gnostics were hard in their sayings and that is so even seen with Jesus.. who is my mother? Who is my father? And so on. Wherefore also even that we should not misintrepretate because on the other side when you do not forget your spirit, you will feel much more comfortable and well with your body and under your skin… like with a bit living water… And Jesus had not kissed so often Mary (one of his best disciples yet not acknowlegded by the churches) or anyone else when its all just about the animal body like ahhh…. what an awful thing… no… understand the context!!!!!!! you can also see it as a vibrational thing... And further I have written somewhere else about the mars body and therefore our goal is also to get the body fully back or as best as possible via spirit = high life quality… ==> I teach nothing else then the way of how you stay ultrawell under your skin… and at LC the consciousness imprint and all that other stuff will in alignment with the higher self and accordingly to different levels… so you see one thing… and later again… you will see even a deeper thing about it… LC is like a FUNDAMENT but not the end… Recapitulated: Iam pretty sure that no one want to loose… the revelation is too big… and therefore the Catholic would be wrong when they would argue…. Nomad we cannot discipline them any longer… ya, that is wrong if they would say that… check my whole book and you will easily find it out!

27) Ya, and also people in USA who become interested are welcome at LC (I spoke hard about USA because of other factors yet I know also some spiritual ones exist in USA)… And LC must be accessible (people can drive to it)… but maybe also somewhere near the mountains, lake or whatever… we check the situation… And yes that some would say… Nomad, MAKE YOUR EXPERIMENT somewhere on an island!!!…. This is too big… could become a cultural sock or whatever for Austria… And then I say, in longterm, THE APOCALYPSE has the potantial to solve a lot of problems yet it includes this FINAL „CONFRONTATION“...we are really made in the image of God… no way around it.... Wherefore you are also like LITTLE KIDS because when I would use REVERSED PSYCHOLOGY, and I even really had that idea also in mind as option, that is to make it on an island with chosen people, yea, then many or most of you would scream NO (I mean many of you would not even hesitiate)… because you would say, I also want to know it! Or it shall not be an ELITE THING... Isnt it true?????????????????????????? And ya, LC should be build near a mountain… this fits best...Where do you build LC? FOR tHE CASE I REALLY STAY LONGER AND WE REALLY BUILD IT… then I build it not more then 1 hour car drive away from Steyr because Iam born in Steyr Austria… But you say in Vienna or near the big lakes or... it would be better! Answer, people from more countries come to LC, it does not matter. It should be a bit under 1 hour car drive away, and everyone has today a NAVI!… Maybe we find a good place… And also some Germans would come or… so its in-between… for example STEYR and SPITAL am PHYRN (1 hour car drive)… just an example… and best panorama and best air… and a bit up there… ==> THEREFORE and 100 PERCENT and because the divine intelligence showed me now, WE FORGET THE HIGHWAY and use something like that… and they can even enjoy the panorama (mountains) and etc,.. And now you say, Nomad, when there is high time, where do you put 400 cars? We make parallel to the street another street and then some of them must simple walk 10 minutes or 15 minutes… who cares… but not much longer… we find a solution that we do not destroy the landscape... And further the mountain area is also for artist a good ambience… yea, general for all kind of people… I will not change it and if anyone says near Vienna I will not do it… I GO BACK TO MY ROOT… SIMPLICITY and it works… And if you say its only a place for people with much money and maybe someone has no car, ya, I say we have public transportation… you come at least very close to it and in a real worst case scenario you have to walk a half hour or a bit longer (which is rare in Austria) and if that is too much for them… and that in a nice landscape… ya… stay at home (Iam sorry to be so direct). And people say, Nomad you are not a good business man, ok, don’t be so slothful… do something for your health! And we make a big nice shield: LOGIACOLUMN: NATURE, SCIENCE, ARTS… And ya, we can also hand some stuff over to people who live there… like little snacks to sell (also organic food), people who live on that place and then also the customer are happy… diversity… We have visitor who just visit and leave again… and those in a hotel for the case someone builds a health hotel… their restaurant is also full… but we will check the best place… and this example is very good. And we have to care with the parcel not that other see their opportunity and by additional restaurants… and when someone would say to me… Nomad we buy a part of this or that parcel… yea… but keep the option that you are the one who can buy the rest and that you get priority… not because we want to build restaurants… more of them… but… you know what I mean… and what are we doing with the landscape we must check it. And when you say, ok Nomad, let us build only a small restaurant and we buy a lot of stuff local (meat, eggs, and so on), ok, this goes along with it…

28) LC is definitive a superhuman project, the fulfilment of my childhood dream. ==> I could give so many names for LC… because we are all that… if I would be about marketing… we would had it all ==> see, also when there is a divine intelligence, there is also a true self and should I stay longer and we have this “world status”… it is the same like with Red Bull, he decided the name and so will I… and right now I say LOGIACOLUMN where we train our athletes… And I have also my energy drink, drunk by the universe… YEA St Peters key commercial… insider joke, my reader, find it out………. There is some stuff in nature which can help us… clarity… and health… as we all know… we have even food diversity… anyway, we at LC enhance in clarity, attention and etc… And Cannabis, what they tell you about it is garbage… its not the gateway drug issue… no, its simple another narcotic which makes dull… Now, LC, is sovereign… and yes, we know also the secret manna… another story… And people say that Nomad has his brand name LOGIACOLUMN and he is foolish enough to reveal his prophetic word and other people could steal it now and have success. And to this I say, this is nonsense because it is the anointing on the person and I can just shift it and call it LOGIA and whatever… and you read in your bible… you shall not steal... Therefore, they want to say that its all about the BRAND NAME… yea, so called prophetic voices teach that… like I tap into it and then I win, marketing etc… but they are fools. And its a relative new name… they cannot even have full success… and I have divine intelligence on my side and it gets even better, for the case I would need another name!!!!… for that is a human disposition… do it better!!!! But in the same way RIGHT NOW I have zero ideas regarding any other name but does this bother me? Answer, absolute not… because I just go with the FLOW!!! Iam not a false prophet, I align with divine intelligence and just let it flow… you may call that timing… or trust in God… or whatever… or you say that I know how to tap into it… I don’t care…. Yet I correct this misconception which you have about brand names… according to real prophets… And RED BULL, yea that guy had maybe luck, tapped into it… or he did know it better and probably it worked because of that old archetype, horns and the sun… so red and bull… And later if he would hear about me, he would tell me also about the quicksilver because he has read my book, check his can!… You have to wake up earlier my friend. But Nomad, when you have a Heinrich Harrer seven years in Tibet POSTER, then give Matteschitz just the opportunity to put one red bull can near that poster… and then let him have some jokes on the wall and all are happy… YEA, sure… I give you a better one… how a Master does it: Anna von Boetticher, Red Bull freediving in Grönland…video, she said: I got there over many many steps… my skills, confidence etc. Interesting about the dive, to find back she made a geometrical triangle form in the ice… and at the end of the video she lies crucified upon the snow/ice (cold)… wherefore freediver are extra welcome at LC… we are more on the same line then they believe… yet many of them know it… inwardly... … shared philosophy… its not just the abyss… its also about floating… and back to the origin… and the VOID… pure presence

29) Everyone of my people who are interested into the higher training, they must read my REVISITED book, then we have the mental tools as LC, and then they are allowed to enter the SATSANG room… Toxonsophist, 3rd degree… :-) Nomad, we have also heard about the 5th degree, please tell us, what is the 4th degree? Answer, I don’t tell you now. But Nomad, the 5th degree has more directly to do with the fire of God? Answer, correct ...And ok, I tell you, the 4th degree is the dragon slayer test… and probably some people will need body workout or whatever so that they feel more strong… we have to check… but it is more about overcoming fears… as preparation. You mean, you have a black box like in the movie Dune? Answer, I don’t tell you… see it as preparation. Uppps, have I really said the dragon slayer test? O, then the book of revelation movie must be real!!!

30) Nomad, Toxonsophists sounds too artifical! Answer, not when he bears the universe. And the axis mundi (axis of rotation of the planetary spheres) is also called world pillar and a pillar is also a bridge between heaven and earth… and therefore we are the Toxonsophists at LC. And further, purple is derived of the colour RED (fiery, masculine) and BLUE (blue cool femininity). And the KING will be also at LC. And the hammer is a symbol of power to ward off cold and chaos. And horses are the gods main means of SUPPORT. And a bird has not just a negative meaning, the bird is also the disembodied human soul, free of its physical constrictions… And a circle represents also the totality, wholeness, original perfection, the self, timelessness… and the cube a symbol of stability and permanence which looks the same from any perspective… counterpart of the sphere… and yes, earth as our mother and so our watery stone...and the dance as possession of a higher power, and the DAWN also as Jung said: the notion of the evolution of human consciousness and its connection through language (in beauty (illumination) and in the beast (dark))...And the diamond as invincible spiritual power (incompareable hardness, light and brilliance), and green as renewal, growth, nature… nourishment...and again about the horse which is winged or flying, that is intelligence (lofty understanding, and finally also the ride in the intelligible world, white horse)… And the eagle circles in the sky, it is also the EYE… with the boldness of the lion in his territory.. And yes, we have a male and female trinity!!!!! with our watery stone!!!!!… And the island is also a place of refuge (especially when Babel is fallen, this noisy civilization yet understand it right)… Wherefore about a kiss, I would say it helps us also to be lifted up...often used as restoring cursed people to their original state...sleeping beauty, beauty and the beast… And for sure, waves are a line in motion… And mud, that is also a combination of earth and water… And marriage is a wedding union between two opposites… non dual consciousness, and we move with the prime mover… a duality as potent as heaven and earth… then we have milk, mother, breast… and further, nudity is not just negative, it represents also innocence, unconcealed reality (see also Thomas Gospel, its not just this Christian rigid traditional thing which they display today, and in the apocalypse we have so or so the light body)… And the ocean is also in some respect that what we call boundlesss, a place where one can easily be lost, but that just as addendum… And for sure the rainbow is our celestial wonder...we know that already… and a rose is also often associated with love (yet it can be also a seduction)… AND THE SCROLL MUST BE UNFOLDED (leaving the book of revelation movie, and changed like a garment, departed as a scroll, earthly tabernacle dissolved)… and the tomb represents also the imprisonment of the soul within the body (because we want our liquid flesh, and it has to do with the womb of the earth)… and at the table we have communion… and the valley is yin, shadowy state… and yang (male) as the sunny mountain… and wind we can also see as the vital breath of the universe… And some say the number ZERO is the ultimate mystery, the unlimited, non-existence… and similar we have our void (or abyssal pearl)… And finally I say to you, when we have a male trinity and a female trinity and our watery stone…

31) and no, I must check again all colours in the apocalypse, with the four elements etc… and it must fit with consciousness… you must always have a witness about it, like blue cool or whatever.. with the black – density, and red fire (and the ash)… fire with white light = warmth...the same substance is condensed (earth, compressed), liquefied (water), rarefied (air), and combusted (fire)

32) warm colours: yellow, orange, red and cool colours: violet, blue, green (cool colours are associated with the absence of heat)… and for sure we have male trinity and female trinity… and so we must take care… and check it in the apocalypse… And I have checked the Rosicrucian revelation regarding the which I said, thanks, not a bad job and yea, they associate yellow with intellectual power and blue with emotions, tendencies… and red crimson shade represents love (the higher desire [fiery love], not mixed with passions of hate or anger etc.) and green is envy and jealousy when it has a dark shade… and we have also the green grass…established the earth by his wisdom... And the true white brilliancy, that is the presence of the awakened Spirit, therefore with a transparency (not dull or shady)…and white is therefore also triumph, righteousness, completion, peace.... and the true primary yellow as the highest spiritual illumination (and air is also thought life) and therefore we are not so wrong with our conclusion so far! And in addendum: In Shakespeare’s Othello we read “Oh, beware, my lord, of jealousy! It is the green-eyed monster which doth mock. The meat it feeds on (and remember also the GREEN DOLLAR) and further a GREY aura (pale) is never good, and red for anger, that we can also read in Revelation 6:12, 13 etc. bloodshed, Isaiah 63:1(wrath press) and again green as plants, trees, flowers, vegetation.. rest, Psalm 23:2 etc. and we have other verse which point to flourishing… green grass… And blue for life – water and Heaven (Shamayim with mayim = water). And in the MIND we find the INFINITE TREASURE = GLORY, GOLD, YELLOW, and AIR as habitation… and it is clear that we have in the apocalypse also our golden earth, the new earth, glory all around… our star light being in God… yet the aura is important and etc.. male and female… And further in Revelation 9:17 we read about the dark blue(hyacinthine) and fiery and sulphourous, not crimson red.. and thats why with SMOKE (shady)... => the putrid water of Babel Christians and also this religion which kills you. And yes, white contains all colours… but again, we have to check all reference points in the APOCALYPSE!!! And understand it rightly, when we wear the white garment (without spot or wrinkle), then around us we see the colourful crystal palace = highest vibration. And in alchemy we read: Nigrido (black phase, wherefore it is not really a nervous breakdown yet sometimes hard when we have to come out of a very dark hour, chaos), and often we believe we have made it or think that we have soon reached the goal because of flashes of insight with a beautiful relaxation yet it is not true, and that is also called the peackocks tail, and next comes the albedo, this is less chaotic yet take care that you do not get a Messiah complex, and regarding the yellow phase that is also individuation (now we see more clearly, like this book has now reached that level, we feel ourselves better, we become a bit enthusiastic and like what will we do next?, answer: LC), and we have red which is dangerous when not in the light, ya, the dark fire is dangrous...anger, revenge thoughts, dont come in my way and say that you want to get rid of me or I… therefore black to rainbow, rainbow to light...silver to gold... and for sure, we go more than once through some of this stages.

33) The wind through the trees, there is always music in the air… but the celestial sound you will only hear when you have venus in the black lodge. And often we get remembered to mushball Jupiter, the clouds crackled with electricity, even when it seems that the temperature is much too cold for liquid water to exist, maybe Jupiter has also some ammonia (lowering the melting point)… Mark well, it blows on the 10 000 things and Promotheus thinks too much and feels too little for otherwise he would hear the sound. And again colour YELLOW for the illumination of the mind, intelligible world (enlightenment, and in some way we could also say enthusiasm versus egotism madness)… . And blue is further clear because of rain and sadness… even in Greek mythology… gods did cry… water is connected with feelings but again it does not need to be sadness (and if you have depth of soul, you feel really alive, this goes also hand in hand with trust in God, or simple trust, comfortable)… And the green grass is full of freshness (and I know that even more, because my brother has a robot at his house who cuts the grass, and so the grass which is cut off remains on the soil, and this grass looks really so fresh!!!, heaven cannot compete with it, and yes, in old days they would had used a sickle!, satus)… And understand also very clearly anger (wine press, bloodshed, fire and blood, red) versus super-joy (translucent wine). And again, Jupiter is associated with sky and thunder… And at LC, here I have to say [because Iam already in the apocalypse], you open up the paradise in you [or the garden within you with the fountain head, sacred river]. And beside that we have science etc… ya you walk through that building and it opens up for you and your imprint it into your spiritual man… another reason why LC… sounds fantastic or not? And, ya now you know already better the seven planets… and how it leads back to the ancient path… Mars you know, Satus, Venus, Sun, Moon, Jupiter, maybe also Mercury?

34) What EFFECT do we have on other? Is it a valuable currency? At LC we have paradise… And we should trade useful stuff. (wherefore 21 century religion is an ongoing distortion)… Saturn, Kronos… we have to overcome it, in the apocalypse the mystery is fulfilled, and there shall be no more Kronos = highest vibration (eternal now). And the seed is in the earth, and happy is he who tastes the fresh grass. [with the immoveable earth, and having the inner essence of that which is displayed around us, and then also the gold is sown into the earth by which the materialistic book of revelation reader are not able to understand us… for they are in the movie) ==> When you are really complete down, no one is there, and when you are up, some get jealous.. yet still many good humans exist… so lets go on for the capstone, self brute and without turning back… EVOLUTION… someone laughs, someone cries… the ladder… the movie [who can eat it]... maybe I [Alice in wonderland] should also laugh again? ==> Protestantism = another Massenpsychose

35) Kalki: the avatar who rejuvenates existence by ending the darkest and destructive period to remove adharma and ushering in the new Yuga, yea, riding a white horse with a fiery sword. And in Buddhism, they speak about Kalki and a great war and armageddon...Kalmallkinam: brilliant remover of darkness (Kalki: eternity or time, time is only moved in eternal nature)… Kalki must fulfill the prophecy of Shiva and gather all brahmanas and propound the highest truth. Kalki is awarded with the weapon of Shiva, and also Kalki is supposed to be a warrior… some wanted to see that happening in the year 2025...anyway. And you shall know, hard for 21 cnetur religious people to understand: the second coming of Christ is in us or lets say, first of all in one of us… the SECRET OIL… and there will be no Mahdi who builds an islamic state in the same way as Kalki does not built an Hindu state [wherefore not all Muslims believe that with the islamic state about Mahdi]… And it is not said that Kalki has to destroy this world… depends on your interpretation. Yet the weapon of Shiva… even I want to have it. Wherefore we have a nice similarity between Kalki [the destroyer] and the apocalypse. YA, WE ARE TOXONSOPHISTS… blessed are you when you understand the BOW FLASH and yes, we will also have a bow at LC.

36) Words alone will not do the job, because people see them through their own glass… and some read words with fear or anger and other people laugh… LOGOS issue… and even an angelic perspective exists… we go with that nowhere… yea for sure we keep guten Umgang or simple what is called, come on, be nice to your neighbour… common sense, be a bit friendly...and at best when someone is a bit more mental open (aufgeschlossen, I mean a person who can easily connect with other, like with an inner smile), because then it is easy going… and the rude stuff we all know…that is not good nor very intelligent… especially rude primitive stuff ==> and for sure, we get rid to a high degree of the Labyrinth… but that is also a good thing…. whatever makes you more steadfast… And I can also use a Psychologe at LC, we write the main aspects down regarding liberation or what it means to be a bit more liberated… And you know, we must bring the Spirit alive, exultation...motivation… let it be a journey and discovery… And I really tell you, when we are a bit lower, it all becomes hard and tough or… and when we are a bit higher… EVERYTHING IS LESS SERIOUS!!! So I write something… people read it in 10 different ways. And now also I enter a stage, by which all seriousness disappears a bit more, yet that does not mean that we don’t care… no, just add the liberation factor!...And about Austria: Yet and again, some countries have a better psychological balance… for example Spain is not so bad (Lebensfreude - Atmosphäre), and Austria has potential… but we have lost a bit our goal… and Iam for Europe as explained with the 4 elements and about immigration I say… don’t overdo it! We should built a strong Europe, wherefore it is not good for any country to go too much out of balance! And yes, THE ADVANCED SPIRIT WINS!... And understand: There is a spiritual connection with the people you surround yourself and that what you accept… therefore learn from Master, follow the knight/toxonsophists rules as explained… And yes, you must understand that… you can use also the contrary meaning: I can play with the positive and negative idea regarding an island, a slave or prisoner (prisoner: positive sense, hermetic sealed bubble, apocalypse etc.), then we have spoken about birds, a star, the word nothing or nothingness… and so on… and that is because of the “energy construct”… dark fire and light fire… Wherefore it will help you when you contemplate this side and the other side and your inner disposition...

37) The palm fruits appear purple… a fantastic colour, check it out… and therefore also a symbol regarding the androgynous. Red and blue… And palms were in ancient religion traditions used as an emblem for longevity. When I GO UP, the dragon stays below... falls... understand it rightly... caught up...throne... ==> where is Sharon Stone?, no stone without the movie

38) But Nomad tell me more about the number 12! Yea, at LC… O my, now you get hot! And correct, when I have my sulfur and mercury, then I have also real divine power… the rod… And for sure then people will say, bring us higher… And I say, patience, first LC… And so also about the KEY… for also when I use some words for fun… still it is a Toxonsophists 5th degree issue… And a Kangaroo jumps, from one thing to another… Now, lets check what is written in sripture: A throne of ivory and overlaid with gold, what does that mean? Do you say I do not know??? SEE! SIX LIONS, ON ONE SIDE and ON THE OTHER. And don’t call me a lion because otherwise I eat you up at LC! Nomad, I want that that ypou eat me up and that you mean that spiritual! ARE YOU REALLY SURE ABOUT IT? See, you are my Kangaroos, so one thing after another! Wherefore the funny thing is that we have some margin at LC… and I will give you something and you tell me then what it means… but anyway, the fundament we should have… but for sure… we can play much more around and there is much more to discover…

39) How can the age (or world) not be in our heart when I go quasi back in time (first sun, to the highest vibration)? NOW lets go on about LC: From derstandard newspaper – Austria (neues Gesetz gegen Hass im Netz wird zum Eigentor): Kommunikationsplattformen, die in Österreich entweder mehr als 100.000 registrierte Nutzer haben oder mehr als 500.000 Euro Jahresumsatz erwirtschaften, müssen bald aufwendige Systeme zur Meldung (durch Nutzer) und Löschung rechtswidriger Inhalte implementieren sowie zumindest jährlich detaillierte Berichte darüber veröffentlichen. Diese Systeme müssen sicherstellen, dass offenkundig rechtswidrige Inhalte binnen 24 Stunden gelöscht werden, alle anderen rechtswidrigen Inhalte spätestens nach sieben Tagen. ==> so comments which do not fit and are called hate comments or Nazi comments or whatever must be deleted after one day or 7 days or you get a problem, and this law will be used when you make more then 500 000 Euro per year or when you have more then 100 000 follower on your platform… and therefore this will be used for any platform on which are seen comments of their follower… So if I would built LC (and have our website etc.)… then ONLY for a comment section, yea we would use simple another platform and it will be no longer our problem… ok, then Austria makes less money… shift it to the big social network companies… or it will cost me money and follower… or whatever… we will see later... ==> and further there are many facettes, context…And I dont see that this makes sense: when it is my website and a person feels threatened by comments or whatever… then he must go to the owner of the website and say: delete this comments or I send it to the Austrian internet security bla bla bla or however you call it aka those who take care about hat stuff… That is no solution? I do not know what they want… JUST FOOLISH? And what system shall I implement if I would build LC and I would have 100 000 people and they have a little discussion in the comment section… and above all you provoke us today with that weird corona story and immgration stuff and folly newspaper… SO DONT FOOL US!… dont say that many people have no reason to be angry… dont say… its just about us...

40) what is the biggest drive? politics, economy, military... or religion? And therefore yes, it is religion and they used also religion when they wanted to conquer countries or whatever.. and all that since ancient times. Wherefore that some people want to make second level science today to their religion, sure, this is a bit absurd but also such people exist. And we have already spoken about it… ==>>> And there is no doubt that he who has the STONE has everything, and he can also no longer be deceived. Yet do I say that I would be the best politician for Austria? NAY, no way… because if it is about economy or this and that… you simple must learn that stuff… and we have the 12 foundations...

41)the womb of the earth has much to do with Gaia yet in a higher perspective, we see God face to face… and yes, with a hole without legs… its not really an orgasm, must be understood spiritually… but like feeling at home and like in the womb of the earth in superjoy… ecstasy…its female… supertaste, for also we like the female part (but here I speak as a men, that is clear), and it is spiritual and a marriage… but if someone says: I have it in a lower level with a woman, this may so be true… and we have it with the first country, ya, this womb will never fail nor cease to exist and keeps us forever… ==> wherefore when people keep no balance... everything becomes more robotic... also that you have to understand... there is no higher mystical taste about anything... no matter about what we speak 

42) YES, LC can have some chambers but regarding many symbols, the best solution is to put them upon pillars, and like a real big pearl on top of one pillar, on the next pillar a salt cube, on the next pillar a white horse (with the reigns) etc… and the pillar is must be higher than humans and then therefore on top a bigger art-piece so that many people can see it from distance…Ya, but for sure the well will be not put on a pillar... its clear and I think right now about 15 pillars in a row with three bigger pillars in the middle of it (this is just for the inflow - left side and outflow - right side and equilibrium, so also the pearl and salt cube are upon the middle pillars and a triangle on the middle pillar, and this three middle pillars are higher then the other pillars, and all this other symbols are on the other 12 other pillars)... On the pillars will be also additional inscribed revelations about it and that in a gold colour… And for the SEVEN SPIRITS its needs an extra solution… but also this revelation will be put somewhere at LC and also something which reveals the male and female and alchemy about it… and for sure then also with the clear positioning of the sevenfold as acknowledged in the divine reality. YA, because this does not look so bad, and we have the wooden stage where the person speaks (podium, front of the guests) and behind him the 15 pillars by which we contemplate SYMMETRY and EQUILIBRIUM . And we make also the glyphs and what we said about left, behind, front, right, hot, dry, cold, wet… etc., but for sure not flamboyent (fussy)… and with the right style it will look good. And also the Europe Borealis flag will be in that place… like our symbols rule :-)… And here in such a case it would be allowed, to place on the left side a woman sculpture (a bit more libertine but in archaic art) and on the right side a men sculpture...but I would not place them on the ground (like an idol) but they will be placed in the left upper corner and right upper corner and like pointing with their finger to the middle pillar… something like that. Ya, and for sure a little moon symbol for the woman and a little sun symbol for the men...And than also on the left side BELOW THE WOMAN SCULPTURE we have three bigger stripes with the two cool colors and BLACK (green earth, blue water) and on the right side BELOW THE MEN SCULPTURE we have three bigger stripes with the warm colors and WHITE (yellow air, red fire)… but not corny… ya, and for sure the male trinity and female trinity plays a role and must be also revealed with the colors etc…. what we want is simple a little overview… for the main room. And we do not need to hide that stuff and we have enough other things to do…And not that I speak the revelation small but we want also to accomplish a SIMPLICITY, like almost as it were for kids… and then we have so or so the sacred river and endless creativity at that place, and much other stuff to do. Now, and what do we use for the 12 pillars? We have for example: 1) treasure – throne – king altogether on one pillar 2) Ship with sail, 3) fish [sacred river]… 4) millstone - wheel 5) 5 senses supernal: spices [smell] – crystal [sight] – harp [sound] – honey [taste], hinds feet [touch, grounded] altogether on one pillar, 6) cloud… 7) oil lamp [healing, anointing etc.], 8) wine [joy, ecstasy...], 9) bread [fed by the universe, manna]… 10) dragon (fear, stress…) - beast (animal passions) - false prophet – birds – locust - sulfur altogether on one pillar, 11) sword [and word, logos…], 12) marriage with RED and BLUE colour, silver and gold – white horse [with the ride in the intelligible world explained etc,]… Wherefore the garden and the well (with the water bell fountain) is in the cornerof the building [it can be also build like a well in white colour or whatever and with a black ground for the ABYSS... ... And the furnace (oven) displayed together with the mountain (ascension) and HAIL but also a BUTTERFLY… and the island we have as painting upon a wall, a nice painting, ocean, island, rainbow... (and we write to it because its important to understand that: our being alone in God and in communion with all things). Yea, and the mountain, furnace, tree of life painting will be on one other side and the island on the other side and in the middle, yea, here we build an ARCHWAY MADE OF CRYSTAL STONE and write on top: gate to new earth and that middle space we use also for our TOXONSOPHISTS writings together with a more clear description about the sevenfold positioning etc. ==> therefore this is on the backside wall as a painting vis-a-vis to the pillars. ==> and so my people will learn to know the “energy construct” … And outside of the building… yea, we have the GREAT BEAR SIGN (seven stars which looks also like a CUP)… and the sea of glass will be also artwork like on the ceiling of the room, later more to it… And further, a ANKER is simple upon the door of the entrance… And sure we cannot ignore the three pearls revelation which includes the knowledge about the triple nature and the triple body, yea and also the EYE of the kingdom is an important symbol and such stuff… but we get that easy done… and we can make it in a way that the design becomes not too flamboyent! And on the left side and right side of the room we can have some picture frames, yea, written Hermes law and science, just additional, but we will have many more things… And we must also write something about contraction and expansion, high pressure and low pressure etc… this and that… also like a simple overview. And correct, yea and the middle pillar, the 8th pillar, here we can also write with the biggest letter: truly born of God (and below of it we write last day, 1000 year sage, resurrected, opening of the souls eye)… just additional… and then so we have seven pillars on the left side and seven on the right side... and the main room itself represents the homecoming. And we put rings upon the middle pillars in alignment with the height of the other 12 pillars...And where the guest sit, this represents the people of God and therefore our little city (we can write on the ground behind the last row of the seats city of lights or make a shield or whatever, something which points to it).

43) And in Satsang (upper room) I speak to everyone according to his level… fire wisdom. And for sure we check it with the capstone, but yes, my revisited book is the first degree, then the main room initiation is the second degree yet still with some other stuff… a deeper study… and behind the pillars we have another room… and all that is called Verinnerlichung (internalization), yea, which also opens then up their mind in simplicity to the second knowledge as we have spoken about patterns and so on… and the third degree Toxonsosphist, ya, that is Satsang… yet we have also many other studies in-between… And behind the pillar I do not want to have a wall but a curtain which can be simple a white shimmering fabric (cloth)…. And then this is fine, this is also much better for the eye… and this represents also the garment in the apocalypse. And not to forget, we represent the kings of the east and stand as antidote to 21 century religion… And for sure we have the KEY, Odes of Solomon… and we put it on the frontside of the which it is important that we can also put a bank before the podium (and the podium therefore should be also a bit more broad or broad like a bank)… and also the bank should be always on that place and the pad on the bank has two stripes, RED and WHITE… And because Iam very humble, now, at the backside wall in one corner we put a big vase with peacock feathers and on the other corner, yea, there will be seen my book!, yet my book is here only for adornment behind a glass yet on top of it will be some PAPER WORK, whatever psalms, songs, poetry etc. we receive via divine intelligence and so regarding many of this sayings, people can just go to that place and read it. Yea, and on the podium we have a little SPINNING TOP, it should stay fixed on the podium = the achievement, and further beside it we have a wax stamp for the signature ring... this is also part of the story of LC. And yes, also the SEVEN HORNS we should place somewhere… And also not to forget, behind the curtain will be again the seven spirits displayed and the attributes of the elements explained! And like a secret which gets revealed so we will have another illustration about the divine reality... And the entrance is made like a cube, and they step quasi though the door which has the anker on it… ==> … And for sure the idea about LC that it serves also as a little DENKMAL (MEMORIAL, MONUMENT, INSPIRATION etc… and here we gather also all revelations which are also sometimes combined with second knowledge science etc.). But Nomad you speak like that you totally want to have LC. Answer, I say, its a nice thing but Iam still not in need and also I like the idea that my idea lives on… so also in this book. When we built it, we make the best out of it… when not… then… not… I give it to God… And yes, when you look at the LC pictures, then you see also a dome, this is the WOMB OF THE EARTH (GAIA)… and we would even call it GAIA, maybe to write it somewhere on it… and only insider will understand it. => And the dome itself will have a painting on it like the light well without bottom… shimmering… glistening… and etc., also the green grass is somehow embedded ==> PLEROMA (and garden within) => I know the VISION (no problem), and for sure as the bubbling up light well is seen with the inner eye (by which the dome is perfect, to illustrate it) and also the fire blaze yet the green colour is more for the intelligible taste like we have a vegetable soul in the apocalypse...the garden within... but fully and perfect we will see it with the CAPSTONE… and for sure that can be additional explained on a shield at the dome, inside of it, what this piece of art does tell us… Ok, and further, thats right, the entrance to the second floor (Satsang room) is only outside, and you reach it only with a special STAIRWAY….And what will fascinate our inner circle even more, we will have not just the modern kitchen but also an old school wood fired oven (and we get that somehow done, so that the smoke goes outside) and this is our alchemy oven by which fresh bread is served with olives and whatever they want… And for sure and also in the evening and with the right light inside the dome, this must look fantastic and directly made after the divine vision… and also from the inner circle room someone can look through the glass to the dome... NOW LETS GO ON: And further we read in Ezekiel 20:20, 21 As they gather silver, and brass, and iron, and lead, and tin, into the midst of the furnace, to blow the fire upon it, to melt it; so will I gather you in mine anger and in my fury, and I will leave you there, and melt you. Yea, I will gather you, and blow upon you in the fire of my wrath, and ye shall be melted in the midst therof. ==> and the seven metals in alchemy are: MOON (SILVER), MERCURY (MERCURY, QICKSILVER), VENUS (COPPER), SUN (GOLD), MARS (IRON), JUPITER (TIN), SATURN (LEAD)… and so you will ask, where do I find the quicksilver? Answer, this is the QUICKENING... and Jeremiah 22:14 That saith, I will build me a wide house and large chambers, and cutteth him out windows; and it is cieled with cedar, and painted with vermilion. Schindler etc. renders the Hebrew word also by "cinnabar", which is a red mineral stone, and chiefly found in quicksilver mines; and may be thought to be quicksilver petrified, and fixed by means of sulphur, and a subterraneous heat; for artificial cinnabar is made of a mixture of mercury and sulphur sublimed, and reduced into a kind of fine red glebe; and this is called by the painters vermilion... yet other people have a different view about it… no worry… but its the QUICK… And Wikipedia tells us: QUICKSILVER, an old name for the liquid metal mercury, refers to the way droplets of mercury run around and quiver as if alive. It is derived from the Proto Germanic *kwikwaz, which in turn was from a variant of the PROTO-INDO-EUROPEAN form *gwihwos– "lively, alive", from the root *gweih–"(to) live" (from which also comes the Latin VIVERE and later the Italian and Spanish VIVA, and whose root is retained in the English words revive and survive) ==> also the SEVEN METALS will be seen at LC!!!

44) The bee with her yellow and black stripes does remind me very much to the apocalypse… it has a bit similarity to the light flash race… but if I would put a big bee upon the table of LC, yea, people would look even more strange at me! Alice in wonderland… WELCOME TO LC, WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE….. inner circle table...with the honeycomb... Yet and about my Kangaroo, this would be a psychological weapon when we put a Kangaroo outside of LC upon the cube entrance and write upon the breast of the Kangaroo ROCKY, then so or so everyone would think that we are not right in our heads or a box club and so also no one gets offended because of our HIGH TEACHING ==> wherefore these WHITE KANGAROO could also represent our FUNNY side! AND THE ONLY WRITING WHICH WILL BE CLEARLY SEEN UPON THE BUILDING IS LOGIACOLUMN! SCIENCE, NATURE, ARTS (shield outside)... And the four angels will be put upon the terrace and a bit hidden so that it cannot be seen from below… we make no big tam tam… and this has much more style… YET when I think now about it and when we really have the capstone and the absolute clear vision… and therefore are able to make a perfect DESIGN, YA, LC is like another world wonder… at least for us who are in the knowledge…. We will be the first people who show the MYSTIC EYE… ya, we will have even 5 chambers for it… check the LC pictures...

45) LC just gives the right direction and we have training and etc… thats why we use maninly: 1) COURAGE (fortitude), 2) SERENITY, 3) WISDOM, 4) IINNER SMILE (wherefore today not many have it, stressed out song, but we give the right direction), 5) SELF CONTROL (without being pushed around because we leave anger…), 6) KINDNESS (simple to be friendly, even that is also an inner disposition, ascension, easy going), 7) LUCIDITY, 8) FAITH (wherefore that becomes automatically a part of you or better to say… the higher revelation does the job… you take care about your CHI, which includes dedication and discipline, and solitude as a helpful tool – seeking wisdom and the clarity of your own mind, and gratitude is also an inner disposition (its like an inner praise to the all, thankful to be alive), also that you can embrace… and avoid fools (and do not honour them!!!) ….But what means to be a follower of the way and friendly? You stand like a TAOIST (knight), inner smile and be an observer, move smooth, oiled wheels run freely (yet this does also not mean that you cannot rebuke someone, but know yourself, know the water, you hang on nothing, leave all anger)… And inwardly you never deny that you are a TOXONSOPHIST… this can be called pride but in a higher sense = self confidence… you know who you are and your path. And yes the virtues will be written around a knight which we have at LC… later more to it.

46) And yes, regarding the third floor, that is the dome (only the dome), and the dome is upon a cube wall (inside of the building we build the cube below the dome, that is the second floor) … And the measurement must somehow fit with our salt… and yes, the walls need not to be cube high… but it must point to it… we check that later...

47) And yes, that I can reveal, the bubbling up at the dome, it will be painted in rings like in the divine reality with the black and the light but this light has a surpassing beauty and its further not just that… we have also the fireblaze and so on… and with green maybe as a last big fat ring we symbolize GAIA but we will see later… we will need a special artist (yet not a problem to find him, he just needs to be an artist) and then we get that done with its brilliancy and glistening… and etc. And right now this maybe sounds a bit boring but you do not know it better...and it will be based upon the divine reality and higher consciousness… and only so much I reveal here and not more so that my reader understands better the LIGHT WELL, WELL WITHOUT BOTTOM (inner eye)... And what we also can do, that is to have an an additional chamber and we build a bow like chamber (inside we make it bow like)… and on the wall we illustrate the crystal palace… maybe with crystals and painting but we get that done because of the technology we have today (crystal palace chamber)… not even so expensive… by which I want to have on the ground in the center of it a BIG EYE… = THE EYE OF THE KINGDOM ==> WE MAKE THE IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE BECAUSE IAM NOMAD and we even combine it with science… etc. And for sure it is still an ILLUSTRATION but it reveals the beauty and so on… and it evokes feelings and a kind of revival and yea its even an adventure… And the 4 Elements we have behind the white curtain (also for kids),… I mean we have so much stuff... but we call it still an art and illustration and internalization and so on (we do not offend God, its still only a shadow)… ya, we will have the 4 elements more touchable (real earth, real water, a big candle, and for air we can use feathers) and the attributes revealed (what is harsh, what is elevating etc., water and feeling… but also the immoveable earth explained… air as habitation, fiery legs as pillars - carving… you know all that and maybe we have also a mirror on that place) and so on… And I point to everything in some way but still no one can really built it who has not the divine vision (there will be always some insecurity). Nomad, last question, what are you doing with the HAMMER? Answer, I put it on the wall and write upon the stem of the hammer: Hammer revelations produces many little sparks… And further acknowledge: Its interesting that we say in Austria when someone acts noble: du hast ein goldiges Herz (you have a golden heart)…. So we often try to refocus with our language.

48) My reader, did you know that the sun has also many Super-tornados?, yea, some believe ~ 11000 which are always raging across the surface of the sun at all times. Nomad, do you also display the whirling essence (Akash) at LC? Answer, yes, that will be at the round crystal palace seen which has also the eye upon the ground (wherefore here we make a common known eye as we know it). Ya, and on that place we put also another little revelation about the cloud (and more we do not need to reveal in this book about the cloud... YEA also the cosmic dance will be seen in another chamber at LC… another little room attached to the other four chambers (first floor). And yes, the compass I would make with Fliesen (tilework) on the terrace but we have options… and here we could also allow other people to visit that place… to have fresh air and to look upon the compass and further revelations… left, behind, front, right… And yes and again, a Tornado has a WOLKENSCHLAUCH wegen der WOLKENABSETZUNG (FUNNEL CLOUD or CLOUD TUBE (PIPE), like a lowering device because the cloud descends), strong spinning of the air or we could also say: rotating columns of air… And again very fascinating, that is, tornados and lightning and thunder. Ya, this is not just a natural spectacle… no, with good reason it reminds us to something higher… like we have a little awakening or little recall flashes into our mind… or we feel even a bit more fresh or munter (lively, jaunty, frisky, alert…), therefore happy is he who knows the divine reality because even that mystery gets revealed to him… ==> AGAIN, we will have that expression also at LC… Yea, we could simple have a real good tornado poster and lightning poster upon the wall, also in a nice frame… and so its also our little “contemplation church”, its fantastic... This is the NEW THING… vibration, psyche, imprint, internalization, Master teachings, combined with science, meditation, elements (and maybe also with the Zodiak wheel) – discern your weakness, motivation for a bit body work out and to live more in harmony with nature, movie revelation… the whole list... this is our VISION… so you know us… and LC is like a homecoming (and we do not look down on the weak… everyone can come)… and yes yes yes, we will also have a labyrinth painting at LC, at best as we know them as labyrinth garden, the maze at castles... therefore we RULE at LC!!! And so that LC ends not up in chaos… ya, we put there simple fixed golden metal railing stands with a red velvet rope before the big wall painting and before the pillars and all is fine… and everywhere else they can jump around… Lets go on, and yes, also the cross we have at LC, and it reminds us to the God man and higher self… and its a powerful symbol… and bla bla blackness (purification smoke and darkness at the cross)… and no, we do not need a cross on top of the church… simple because we are different… and not that we have fear to put a cross upon the building… but we are much more then just that old school thing… and IESUS is a powerful name together with the secret Manna… and we at LC understand also the ETERNAL CROSS

49) And again, thats right, DARK SAYINGS, DARK SPEECH, PARABLES, SYMBOLS, MENTAL, HIDDEN SPEECH… so also the Essenes had the book of revelation and 3 or 5 years initiation time and when someone was worthy then he got introduced into the higher mysteries and today we have 21 century religion and they have this books in their hand and are brainwashed and carnal… and some of them are not even allowed to see it (God does not allow it, their immature souls have to reject my teaching about the book of revelation)… And you have to understand LC, that is, also upon the pillars will be written in golden letter the explanation for the symbols and how it relates to the apocalypse, like we spoke about the king and his dignity comparable to the light of the world… the throne, the infinite treasure which is altogether on one pillar (we use plates for it, to all the stuff we have...we write some revelations upon plates… to every art piece...)… yea we write that down and also additional a little poetry and maybe also an alchemic saying… read my book, we have enough creativity and also poetry flows in the apocalypse… so our main room becomes an internalization room and we connect to the higher self… we will have enough stuff in the main room… do not worry… and I know how we have to design it… its perfect... And I can give you another example, that is, I could be also not in that place without Shivas bow or the bow as also mentioned in the Bible, yet I would have the bow tightened with an arrow and so that the sinew makes a rectangle... and just put it somewhere… because LC is also an experience… thats what I say… and that not just because of the heaven atmosphere which would be on that place because of me…!!! AND WE EVEN WRITE SOMEWHERE AT LC IN BIG LETTERS: NOT SOLA SCRIPTURE BUT SOLAR SCRIPTURE, 500 years after Luther... Yea, but Nomad, this revelation could change our culture and language… and to this I say… No… we know all that stuff already… some people are really grumpy, other people are complete out of balance… and again other people walk more harmonious… so I don’t care… And similar the ancient path (TAO) was always in some way or another present… in some season we had it more embedded and in other seasons less… And we have this whole mixture among souls and also no one can figure out how much someone is out of balance, at least not fully… so no worry… And many of us act a bit self destructive but only because we do not know it better… and there will be many at LC who will do much better… just because they got initiated. And it can never be about perfectionism (which is illness and not a liberated child) but it must be about a simple LAYOUT which connects to the higher self and serves as elucidation. And then just receive the impartation at LC and live it out easy… not via constraint… but in trust and… And ya, we place the knight also on the backside wall above the new earth gate and write to it virtues… and I write all that in the book so that the reader can fully imagine the WHOLE BUILDING… And so LC would be like an advanced spiritual house (and yes its amazing, we can even explain the fruit of the Spirit via the energies because perfect love casts out all fear [insecurities, worries, deceit, feelings of loneliness, sentimentality] … LC IS IN THAT SENSE COMPLETE EXTREME VIA ALL OF OUR REVELATIONS ==> as the seed so the tree, as the tree so the FRUIT… Therefore LC prepares you also for the fire test in after-life wherefore most Christians today cannot endure it… THE WORD MUST BE NEAR OUR HEART… Away with Sola Luther and welcome Solar Mostbauer, which we can write additional upon a wall, 500 years after Luther.

50) Nomad, is anyone allowed to copy your LC PROJECT? Answer, no, I have paid a HARD PRIZE for it and it is the first PROJECT in this world which is a high piece of ART and which shows us the HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS (MYSTIC EYE) and its an Austrian Project and I would even maybe get also a Förderung (FUNDING) from the state and it is the first project which shows us really the higher Self… and if not in Austria I would get it somewhere else, and the museum would pay so or so off.… ya, I could also do it another way… nay, the LC building itself is copyright… here I must say, so far and not further… just about the LC building I say that… but its even useless to mention it because no one can really build it accurately without divine vision... And we who have the VISION show the PROTOTYPE… and people who go to LC shall receive creativity and a real feeling about the divine reality and observe also their own consciousness… everything at LC will be build on purpose and yes we have also fun… but… we think a lot about the divine reality and do it in a way which causes the visitor to wonder… (and for all that we paid a hard prize, for it is a high art to bring it all together and make it simple… and etc.) And after a person has build LC, yea, after it everyone can say... behold, thats simple... but we know their folly... its not simple... its a high art...made simple. We have now the YEAR 2021 and I worked 4,5 years on this PROJECT and the opinion of all the people was that the mystic eye is incomprehensible and it cannot be uttered or we cannot speak about it… and I was the one and only person who did swim against the STREAM and said: NO… I will make the impossible possible… that is my vision and I go against all nay sayer and I will do that. And therefore I started also this project and this is no JOKE, I started it 500 years after Martin Luther (500th anniversary)! NOW, shall any idiot come and say, I use your 4,5 year work and built my CHURCH and that without having the vision???… but for him it does not matter because it sounds good and he says to himself, I claim YOUR WORK for myself because we are all Christians… And I say, yea… you can dream on… such a thing is not allowed… and I will deal with you later…

51) And what we also do, when we have the knight on the wall above the new earth gate… now, I want to have on both of his feet a FIRE RING… and that shows us that via the fire (carving) we move in the divine reality according to the seven stars (great bear), which is fantastic because we have also the DOME (a great contemplation), wherefore and as I said, it takes a big SACRIFICE to receive all this revelations… there is a prize to pay. And the angel ROBBED with a cloud revelation, yea, we have that saying in the round crystal chamber (with the whirling, essence [akash] and the EYE). And the DOME is also US STANDING IN THE SUN and therefore not just GAIA and the LIGHT WELL WITHOUT BOTTOM and WOMB OF THE EARTH… because and also the earth is ILLUMINATED (glory), and by which we receive our immoveable earth… Therefore the DOME is very IMPORTANT!!! And what we can also do and now it gets really good… by all means we must keep the bow-like CRYSTAL PALACE CHAMBER but next to it we will have another chamber with another sea of glass, but here upon the sea of glass everything is on it like mountains, trees, lakes, houses or whatever… and we call it the REFLECTION CHAMBER and in another chamber we have the COSMIC DANCE CHAMBER. Ya, and upon the sea of glass which is in the main room on the ceiling (above the aquarium)… here and upon it we can also put the lightning flash… and in that way we have the BIG DOME and the BIG SEA OF GLASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! near to it, PERFECT…

52) And yes, the WATER BELL FOUNTAIN will be in the corner of the building (this is also the well chapter of this book)… its clear, this does not cost much and fits perfect….and we can also write SWEET WATER on it… And we also make a GALERIE (gallery of wood or steel with two little spiral stairways (ascend is spiral) and along the wall, when we walk upon the gallery, ya we have the science section… And yes the CITY of LIGHT we build only built symbolic with the podium and with some banks… because the reals discussions and satsnag (can be also online done) we have in the UPPER room (second floor)…. ===> and LC, ya this is also the mountain and ark and many will stream to it (the vision which I received), ya, somehow we get that done and if it gets too wild with people… some solution we will find... But Nomad, how do you display the intelligible world at LC? Answer, we make maybe another chamber and we make on the ground a fractal surface with many many many fractals… and that is the bosoms widespread intelligible objects or to say that we have the inner essence of that which is displayed around us… and so we get that done… and it is also a mutual beholding because we are centered in God and quasi focalized in our body… and we use also here the best art by which the visitor can feel himself into it. It is here that we see God (the invisible), hear (music of the universe, inaudible), taste (vegetable soul yet also a bit of the sulfur and for sure all is rendered sweet, better then honey etc.), smell (best fragrance, spices), touch (with the immoveable earth and so on)… And that chamber would be called the FRACTAL GARDEN CHAMBER (and paradise)… and we reveal a bit about the music in that room… like a similitude… I believe so… but we will see and it can only be a weak similitude… but still... but the most important revelation is on the ground and yes, we could also have some spices in the room… better fragrance… And for sure also in that room we reveal the MAIN thing via written words… what is all about, the bosoms widespread intelligible objects (that we write) but also about having the inner essence of that which is displayed around us and so on… And in summary we will have the 1) GARDEN FRACTAL CHAMBER and the 2) REFLECTION CHAMBER and then the 3) CRYSTAL PALACE CHAMBER (with the eye, whirling essence etc.), and the 4) COSMIC DANCE CHAMBER… and finally the 5) INEXHAUSTIBLE SOURCE CHAMBER, later more to it. And so it becomes a real cool museum… and with the gallery in the main room (for science etc.) and the room behind the white curtain… SEVEN SPIRITS ROOM (tangible the 4 Elements revealed and attributes explained!!! and so on, yea, and you will ask what do you use for LOVE?, answer, a VENUS statue, simple as that, but can be also a rose and...). Yea, and from the gallery they could gaze again on the top of the pillars!!!... And finally beside the TORNADO POSTER and LIGHTNING POSTER (which is very important even when it is just a good picture in a frame), now I would also like to have a BIG WAVE SURFER POSTER because of the LC story (but you can talk to me) and for sure beside the bow we have other stuff about which it is not necessary now to go into it… and people have more then enough stuff to look upon it… it will never be a question like we would not have enough stuff (you see that already with my book and Iam not even now in the apocalypse)… it is only a question how much stuff do we put into it…

53) WHERE IS THE SCIENCE AND CONVERGENCE ROOM (second knowledge)? Answer, first of all we have the gallery and the walls… and this room is above the 5 chambers… in gallery height… and behind it or next to it  we have a little chamber for paintings… so quasi above the first two chambers we have the PAINTING CHAMBER and above the next three chambers we have the SCIENCE & CONVERGENCE CHAMBER...

54) And yes, the REFLECTION CHAMBER, that is also the IMAGE (man is a little universe) because it is also said that we were created in the IMAGE of God… and God is all in all… all that is… all that is reflected upon the mirror… the universe looks into us... THE UNIVERSE WAS MADE JUST TO BE SEEN BY MY SINGLE EYE… and the Satsang room etc, we evolve, we endure, we succeed. And we don’t need so much of this theological PUFFED UP nonsense… LC shall also speak in a simple way to the heart of the people (which is another secret of LC). And REFORMATION is based also upon the purpose to show that science and art, reason and imagination, philosophy and religion (and therefore also the Psyche) are inseparable as also the Habsburg heir had it in mind and he did even draw many high society people to him, and we could also add sports or gymnastics (I gave some exmaple already with the flow and a guitar player, for the case you have not forgotten it… or some play tennis and it happens sometimes that they enter what is called: the flow)… And LC does also stand for that… keep yourself a bit in shape… and to live in harmony with nature (GAIA). Yet I have still not my Lipizzaner… today this Habsburger became really too unfriendly… but at least they can bring one of this horses for a good PHOTO at the LC building and to have that PHOTO of the white horse later on the wall in a nice frame… because and also otherwise Iam in war with them...LOL… And I must repeat it again, this is simple a very important fact that TOXONSOPHISTS use the left and right brain… big advantage... And ya, not to forget, Nomad can help himself, check his white horse car!

55) we are evolved beings (the prodigal son returns). And what we also want at LC, and I do not make marketing and I don’t know her but ART like from Susanne Schönberger (magic bubbles, fractals) and maybe fluid experimental art and if some people hear about LC and have a good idea… you can come to us later… and they could make for example our MAGIC MINERAL WATER BUBBLE bottle as a piece of art which stands also for equality or kernel reality, yet lest not forget that still everyone has his individual stream in his sphere and to keep balance regarding countries, that we do not deny...…

56) Someone may ask, but with the technology today and art and light we could make a moving fire in the dome with the rings welling up and etc… Now, here I say, the dome is one of the most important pieces at LC and I would only like to have a painting (yet still glistening etc) and it works together with the big sea of glass and the knight and etc… for a “calm contemplation” yet when someone really does not stop to beg me… yea, for sure it would be possible to make in another chamber the light well, welling up… etc… moving, shooting out of it… and that still as a shadow of the divine reality but really more close to that reality… for sure it would be possible… We can only speak about that later… and that would be the BEAMER CHAMBER… then we have simple 6 chambers, and next to the cosmic dance chamber we have the beamer chamber and we make it with a beamer, virtual… yet could also use one of this new glassy displays or a mixture… but ya, we can make it also virtual in that chamber…Yea, , this would needs to be corrected in the LC pictures… but I will not do it now. Just keep it in mind…and yes, we will do it that way...

57) people will say that there is zero repentance message at LC… and to this I say that this useless mouth confessions in their life which they make after their baptism are often nothing but useless… yes… but what we will do that is, we have a sculpture with tears in a humble position or whatever and write to it: after sorrow comes joy… and your soul will smile again… or something like that… this is really not so bad for the ambience, when put in right context and we would need to check where we put it. And I could also imagine that a person kneels there and a sword is plugged before him in the ground which resembles a cross… and the sculpture and cross we make a bit more grey. In fact I want that also because it is part of the LC story and we could also put it a bit into a Nische (niche, alcove), not directly in the main room, you must look around to see it… ==> and this makes much more fun, LC, we also live it out… ya, and for example I have no better symbol right now about meekness than a Hawaiian spotted eagle ray (the symbol must show us the effortless part…like loving you was effortless… nature rhythms change with ease...true meekness stays the same in honour and dishonour, and yes, rays are wonderful examples of optimal engineering by nature, they CRUISE, BIRD-LIKE (like soaring), HIGHLY MANEUVERABLE, GRACEFUL, ENERGY-EFFICIENT) ==> and I tell you why, it is important to combine meekness with the divine water flow and the effortlessness part because only then it is better understood and we could also add the inner smile to it… and so we have to explain it also with the symbol, it must not be exactly done that way but similar to it… we speak to the higher self… we like to convey a message not with 1000 words but with few words and a chosen symbol… THIS IS ANOTHER SECRET OF LC and the success story of LC. And thats right, be inspired through this book and we have many really good sayings, and maybe later we use also additional poetry or… and we are total prepared to make LC SUPERFANTASTIC… and thats why this book is now also called LOGIACOLUMN and the reader can imagine himself into it and also this book gets revisited… My talent is not to be the big writer but to take from everything the best and bring it to the point! And may it be that poetry flows also out of me in the apocalypse yet this book is mostly about being PRACTICAL!!! And I can operate like a MAGNET because I know divine reality and was once in that place… and other people just watch me and cannot believe what they are seeing or how that is possible… he just draws stuff to himself… and he has the sages… and so on.

58) You say but for EQUALITY and KERNEL REALITY we can also use a STERNENZELT (starry canopy) on a ceiling above the CITY OF LIGHTS ?… you are right, if you like that very much and we can also speak with artist, yea, we can do that but the mineral bubble bottle just vibrates with my Spirit… I want that… and I want to have a bit fun… And there will be easy found a way by which we are all happy… and we have also the Europe Borealis flag… And further, maybe because it fits better to the 4 Elements behind the white curtain by which we have also an entrance to that room (and we use that here for our imagination), now instead of a Venus statue we could also use a rose for the 5th Spirit… or both, whatever... Ya, we do that also with the ceiling! PERFECT and fits with the flag! And our star light being in the apocalypse

59) Nomad, the expanded AKASH you need also to put somewhere! Answer, I have no idea but because of the breath of God and air as the habitation, yea, maybe we could use the image of a child blowing up a birthday party balloon. (made simple: the dark which contracts [too much] is cast out [through the fire], living water enters, and the purer air rises and becomes heaven… and then we have also the internal breathing = kingdom within and without, and this is therefore also called the full breath and filled with all light and with it we receive the expanded akash, so that the wheel runs in harmony, Micro – Macrocosm… the immoveable race, the old body putrefied, and we even become happy with our endless spiritual summer, sulfur – salt -mercury, therefore also the HEAT and COLD plays an important role according to out divine science). Wherefore someone may argue, we dive here so deep into the apocalypse that we go in danger that wherever we gaze we only see LC… Answer, then lets use the balloon but it must not be a child blowing up a birthday party balloon and for sure I used that also because of the truly born of God message. But normally this is half so wild because people switch very fast in their everyday – life… and again, we make it half so wild because we also simple call it higher or lower vibration… and it is not like that the SELF is now complete gone… we just go to the higher Self… we all have our individual stream… NEVER FORGET THAT! Nomad has still his mouth as always regarding his individual fundamental style but when you want to be without ballast or more stress free, less angry, less hateful, less primitive (rude, low level vulgar stuff)..., take a bit care of you CHI (the simple things to know) ==> thats why it is called fruit of the SPIRIT (a better character, more stable) ==> this is known and no secret!… so yes, we keep that piece of art at LC!!! fantastico

60) Nomad, the substance of all things and we as vessels for intrinsic substance (via the inexhaustible source)… what can we use at LC? And he expends no energy which needs to be replenished...UNAFFECTED BY ALL OUTWARD INFLUENCES, COMMUNICATING FROM ITSELF, BY ITSELF, THROUGH ITSELF, TO ITSELF, INTERNAL MODE...matter cannot change it yet matter can also not be without it… and another point which we must clarify that in Spirit is no distance (which we have explained somewhere else already)… and we have our equilibrium secret. A, and for that we use another chamber for it, yea next to the other chambers which fits perfectly… they go from one to the other chamber and receive the revelation… and we call it the INEXHAUSTIBLE SOURCE CHAMBER… And for the unlearned, untrained and not so wise people [who are still very interested] we must find a simple solution… and what we need for sure that is to show them in the most simple way that they shall not imagine it like now we have INFLOW and THEN we have OUTFLOW… and like they look at it like upon a material river… NO… at whatever point we look in the OUTFLOW, so then also we have it simultaneously in the INFLOW… and the ABYSS gets filled again… and like with the middle pillar of equilibrium, harmony, balance, unity. And so that their mind does not go into turbulence we must also point to the NON DUAL CONSCIOUSNESS, REST(fixed) and MOVEMENT (volatile) and EQUILIBRIUM ==> Not that I boast but I said to the theologians that I will finish them off and even a little child (under my hand) will put them under the table when I have brought in the Blueprint but its not like that Iam in fight with theologians but I always had simplicity in mind regarding the fundanent, ya and the LC building has the fundament… and that is also important because that is not the end of the story… it goes on… which some do not believe right now (and I will not explain again why that is so)… yet we have more stuff...and etc. And the fundament is therefore not the end but most important! And to add, therefore we use again logic and one thing leads to another like we walk from one chamber to the other, now, we easily recognize that we cannot find superjoy just in any material object (may it be even a big house or car or… because it is also temporal and often we forget that yet I do not say that you cannot have house and for sure when you live ina city or bla bla bla and when you are no hardcore ascetic… its important for all of us… to have roof over our beds and etc…), Now, the INFINITE TREASURE is therefore mental… found in the intelligible world… infinite want, infinite treasure and in communion with all things… and additional we have that what we call first level (with the non-local cup, cup which never runs out) and second level (as we walk also with a body) ==> at LC you will not fall into sleep mode… and ya, check it out, SLEEPING AT LAST – SATURN (OFFICAL MUSICAL VIDEO)… nice video

61) And yes, fire was also symbolized by the salamander, and water as a mermaid or fish. And we have sulfur, mercury, and white and red, white rose and red rose… and silver also as the as the king… and rubedo as the red phase of the work… And again, be attentive to the Master, the 1000 year sage… he has a liquid flesh (and the smoke left his body), and the false prophet is exposed… the true king is born… the image is clean… and the dragon operates only outside of the eternal now (last day), in the same way as we are alienated to the worthless earth but still it is not hidden from our eye that other people around us are not in that place now…

62) My reader we have the white cube entrance at LC, with the door and anker but instead of the black curtain we use a dark or dimly glass on that place which automatically opens and closes…

63) Nomad, last question, why did you want the new earth gate made via crystals? Answer, not so much because of the crystal palace but I thought that we do not just look upon the Zodiak but also upon the 12 thrones in the soul and many used also the 12 foundations as ascension symbol because you know we have on every level another FOUNDATION and in the apocalypse its the womb of the earth = final foundation and because we have this precious stones so I thought that this gate we can make with precious stones or something which looks like this stones… But as I said we can play here around… and in the book I show only the fundamental structure of LC… which is important… what is it all about and you ask me again: ARE YOU REALLY ABLE to do such a thing??? THE FIRST PROJECT in the world to show the mystic eye???… YES, IAM… and in addendum, yes, also when we speak about 12 foundations ya still seven stages complete a cycle of transformation. And the great red DRAGON, Revelation 12:3 now we know already what the color red stands for… And ya, that is so, we describe it as the 12 powers in the soul (foundations, ascension)… and via the sevenfold...

64) Alchemy has existed for a minimum of 4000 years (Egypt, China, Greeks, Arabians and sure we have it also in Europe…), wherefore what Jung said about dreams (with their symbols)… this are only harbingers of spring… and we have also the above and below and our language… and therefore finally and only few know that, yea it leads to the DIVINE REALITY (liberated soul as true Self or higher self)… and that revelation alone is such a milestone that LC will be almost like forever known for the deep insights which got revealed at that place… in fact Austria (but not just Austria but here it began) receives a Renaissance of incredible magnitude. AND WE HAVE THE KEY… the great awakening when spiritual heights are reached and the adept becomes one with nature (and for sure the inner psychic experience has its chemical equivalents but not just that, we spoke also about physics and our non-local cup and etc. and biology and other things…). And yes, so also gold and sliver are allegorical equivalents, by which the mystical experience is expressed... enigmatic for outsider and complex for insider… Wherefore around 300 years ago they began to look upon us as PUFFER (fools) on a senseless quest but lets turn it now a bit around… And ya, in some text they put the colors about the 4 Elements in that way: earth (black), water (white), air (citrine which is a wonderful confirmation), fire (red)…. but also GREEN is used for earth and BLUE for water (blue queen)… so we are not wrong (and it has rather to do with the WHITE GLASS!)… and the white for water does not lead us astray, check also the quicksilver and black for the ash, its a bit a trick… and therefore we must carefully look upon the male trinity and female trinity in the apocalypse. And you ask why? Yea, one thing they did hide most were the seven Spirits, you will NEVER hear them talk about the seven Spirits but rather about the four elements and quintessence and maybe sometimes you read somewhere about seven sages or… so also with color… hide it...wherefore the GREEN is definitive earth because of the garden within...but yes we have also the fire and ash (ash is solid)… And we have the four elements EARTH, FIRE, WATER, AIR… and the four qualities HOT, DRY, COLD, WET...and when we put a square into a square in such a way to get 4 triangles… and write in clockwise direction: AIR, FIRE, EARTH, WATER and wet and hot for air [triangle], cold and dry for earth, so we get also wet and cold for water, hot and dry for fire which we must also check in the apocalypse (not just because of Aristotles but also Geber spoke about it and he was a high Kaliber sage)… ya, we have seven Spirits… I can only discern the energies later in the apocalypse… ==> female trinity: earth, water, darkness is cold… male: fire, air, light…. what is with light and darkness? It should fit with the Menorah? Two contrary opposing principles we have with the sun (gold red king) and moon (silver white queen, passive, receiver...) like Yin and Yang or Isis and Osiris (but Egypt is less of interest here in this book)… so we must have the MALE TRINITY and FEMALE TRINITY… And we must also add because I have not mentioned it until now, that is, another Zodiak association, 1) LEO (digestion), 2) VIRGO (distillation), 3) LIBRA (sublimation), 4) SCORPIO (separation), 5) SAGGITARIUS (ceration), 6) CAPRICORN (fermentation), 7) AQUARIUS (multiplication), 8) PISCES (projection), 9) ARIES (calcination), 10) TAURUS (congelation), 11) GEMINI (fixation), 12) CANCER (solution)…==> this is not so important, but thats who they used the symbols, just to know it... And further, because fire is wounding, cutting, penetrating, therefore also the hammer is a symbol for it wherefore as you have seen my reader we have the hammer also at LC with our saying. And even Satsang is a hammer session :-) wherefore don’t take me here too serious. And we shall also remember Paracelsus who said wisely: Let the suns fire be drawn by concave mirrors into a glass globe: there will form therein a solar powder which will purify itself of other elements =====>>>The external fire is controlled and stimulated by the inner fire in order to prevent the vessel from exploding (so we could even play around with the Austria flag, two red stripes), and the projection we have via the glass… And the athanor, that is the brooding FURNACE… FLAMING SWORD AND TREE OF LIFE…a sharp two edged sword… FLASHING SWORD, Deuteronomy 32:41… SPLITTING and RE-ASSEMBLING of the FOUR ELEMENTS from Adam leads to an EVOLVED COMPOSITE UNITY. And the moon is interpreted as being opposite to the sun as it is a reflector of sunlight and therefore an image of reversed polarity…. So also the seven metals arise from two seeds, or the male and female principle… yet we have only ONE FRUIT… And further I cannot be so ANTI-BIBLICAL because I use mainly the Bible, check all the symbols… except maybe Quicksilver is hard to find. (which had also a revival with mercury mirror (liquid and solid) wherefore we know also the sun mirrored in a lake and so on…). And we do also not forget Albrecht Dürer, mathematician, graphic-designer, painter, art-lover, lover of alchemy symbols… for example Dürers RAPE of EUROPE mixed with alchemy symbols… and so Iam for sure not a Dürer but we see our common root… Europe Borealis… and we have also a kind of melancholia when we face the BLACKNESS and so the skull remains also in our hand. (wherefore I have now for the first time looked upon this painting from Dürer… so its rather that we meet each other… and I do not copy him… somehow we got lead into areas of arcane knowledge)… Therefore my reader we should also have a skull at LC and something which resembles the dark hour… so and also in that sense even a skull can have a positive meaning… we make progress. And when we check again the wall of LC where we have the island and rainbow..., and in the middle of the wall we have the new earth gate and the knight and the virtue points and so on… and then the furnace, mountain hail, butterfly... and here we could also place to it the tree of life and a person eating from it and above the tree of life we paint a two edged flaming sword by which on the left side of the sword is the moon and on the right side of the sword is the sun…. Ya thats how we do it… this is our big PAINTING in the main room.

















65) The mirror is an all-embracing reflection of the universe… and therefore it is also an instrument of self contemplation (and man is all things for he has a likeness with all things). And it shall not wonder that those who draw near to the infinite get lead to the arcane, the symbols… no longer just infants… and so also we have the book of revelation movie and fluid dynamics… and people create their own chimeras and monsters (dark fire)… Olympiodorus: in lead (Saturn) there is a shameless demon who drives man mad… and that madness also we experience sometimes during ascension (and those who do not see the movie are mad without knowing it)… And LC must have a clear structure and balance… we don’t lead people to endless self contemplation, that would be an error!!!… and therefore we solve that problem because of our simplicity and the huge revelation... Therefore what we do at LC, we use HIGH ART made simple with a clear overview and then additional they can still contemplate a bit this or that like Plato or whoever… but we have already generated a balance… we do not make an endless seeking which could end in an abstruse endless self contemplation… no, no, no, and so we succeed… we know balance… and training. And then we can say with confidence, THE ADVANCED SPIRIT WINS (LC WINS)

66) THEREFORE THE CAPSTONE WILL BE ABOUT 1) all are one (birth of one spirit results from the cooperation of all the seven) but still does light act most fast in the vision? – ratio (poles and opposites), and also regarding the womb of the earth, how do we see it???, 2) coolest point at the convergence point, quicksilver - mirror??? 3) three KEYS, ancient six directions with its center in the cube??? … and therefore general we have to check the reference positions regarding the sevenfold (including hot, cool, wet and dry circle, also called FOUR QUALITIES) and 4) where the FLASH hits the glass is it really a four square (mirror), perfect shape, equilateral square or just a quadrangle or a Phytagorean triple (3,4,5 etc.)??? and 5) is love (marriage, magnetic) the center of it, does a middle exist like we see it with the menorah??? and 6) is AIR or FIRE the most fine element??? and 7) color check, cool colors, warm colors, aura and in general??? and then we have our fundament ==> AND WHEN WE HAVE THAT, THEN OUR KIDS AT LC NEED NOT TO BOTHER TOO MUCH WITH THEIR MIND like get confused or whatever... but fully you will me not understand now... and I just throw it now already into the room... thats all that is... be patient!

67) New and fresh meanings in symbols and images of higher levels of consciousness are revealed at LC!!!!!!… it can never be just the materialistic search for knowledge and power… the inner Self flows also from the unconsciousness… sometimes dark, sometimes light, sometimes dreams repair us… sometimes we get tormented by them… yet by looking at the different stages it is clear that the ascension to the divine reality shifts the symbols into the highest meaning.

68) Correct, green grass, Austria flag and sickle, Saturn and sickle… and sometimes connected with Kronos because time is only moved in eternal nature and we have also spoken about the eternal now, immoveable earth and highest vibration, And Saturn can have also a positive meaning because under his rule humans enjoy the spontaneous bounty of the earth without labor in the golden age (Ovid, Hesiod) .. satus = sowing… seed and sowing… seed and the earth... and the feathers on the Austria flag are also associated with air… when Zeus was victorious over Saturn (Kronos) he did set up his STONE at Delphi and is constantly ANOINTED WITH OIL.. the stone wore a RED CLOAK..,. And then Saturn needs no longer his WINTER CLOAK… and so also we receive the endless spiritual summer in the apocalypse. And a Saturn statue was sometimes filled with oil. And because we are PROTO - INDO EUROPEAN and because we KNOW the SEVEN PLANETS (seven days) and because of our Europe Borealis flag… now we reveal them DIRECTLY at LC (and my book is so or so known)… and it fits perfectly… and many people love OVID and so on… But where do we do we reveal that my reader? Hmm, I would say (and for your imagination), at LC behind the white curtain where we also reveal general the seven spirits, the four elements... And right and also to add, when Saturn is associated with blackness… now this is not the illuminated earth (which we have with our star light being in God in the apocalypse) and we may also call it grey town… And Newton believed that gravity is a quality related to Saturn, Newton was not a stupid man, so he also contemplated his stuff from different angles… And also to add, so we have also the close relationship between Saturn and the moon. And the sun is also active, because this is also this bubbling up (rings, welling up), which we show at LC with the dome (inner eye) etc. And what I do also want, that is, as we have the lightning and nice tornado poster (and maybe the big wave surfer) in a nice frame so also I want to a poster about nature by which we see the sun mirrored in water….

69) And regarding animals at LC, I would like to have just one Aquarium and there can be sand on the ground and like how we make normally an Aquarium yet there shall be only one BIG STONE in it and some GOLDFISH… THIS IS OUR WATERY STONE… and kids will love it… ya, and directly next to it we will have some turtles… and as we said, above of it will be the sea of glass.

70) And as you see in the DESIGN, where we put the inner circle table, here we can also make a GLASS by which it can be looked outwards but not into it (a one way glass, transparent on one side, reflective on the other side) and this glass we could also put on all 4 walls below the dome (which is quasi the second floor, cube salt glass). And the visitor in the first floor see just a cube reflective glass below the dome… or we let it look like the salt cube… Therefore the inner circle can still see a bit from the dome!!! And further one BIG PHOTO we will make from the pillars and so on… and another big BIG PHOTO from the other side… and one BIG PHOTO from the terrace (compass design) and 6 LITTLE PHOTOS from the CHAMBERS and etc. And we will have this PHOTOS at the wall near the inner circle table and vice versa to the glass and so we have the ambiente (ambience). And in any evening discussion the light in the dome can be turned on. And similar we can also have another one way glass by which can be looked upon the terrace and Innenhof (inner courtyard which has the three trees and the bull etc., later more to it) and more far back in the same room we have the office and there we can have also normal windows… And so we have also the INNER CIRCLE PLACE and direct next to it the office… yet that is not the end of the story...later more to it... And ya, we put another piece of Art on the terrace and so it becomes even more interesting. And we put there also some mermaids (siren) around an arcane treasure (and with light in the evening, so that it can be seen from the inner circle room yet not from the outside of the LC building).. and for balance we have also the red alchemy oven in the inner circle room.

71) And for sure we need also the colour purple in the inner circle room because this is also the Kings office… wherefore we have many ideas… and in the apocalypse it just flows… And the most important aspect is that it will be really in alignment with divine reality etc. And no, the mermaids need not to be extreme libertine (like just focus upon the breast)… we make it just normal as known mermaids… or do you also get offended when you go to the beach? Some religious people get offended and Iam not kidding you but I get not offended… We don’t worry, we have our balance… And the arcane treasure is like a treasure which is slightly open and which has an arcane symbol on it. And I prefer the seven pointed star with a little circle in it as known (symbolizes also the week) and in the circle the eye of God (in the center of the star) … for the seven spirits… and we could put some other stuff to it… And the outside door by which the inner stairway to the inner circle room is reached, yea we can hide it a bit with Thuja (Hecke, a hedge) and other green plants and trees... and the BIG LOGIACOLUMN WRITING will be so or so above the main entrance… and we will also write somewhere ENTRANCE… therefore there should be no problem… And this works optimal because on that other side of the building we make also a PARKING area only for the inner circle and so we place also a RED WHITE STRIPE BOOM BARRIER to it… WELCOME TO AUSTRIA. And the inner circle has the KEY for the building. Nomad, would you like to have one of this colourful rose windows? Answer, I know, they can be made with the David star… and I would not have it like in churches but we would have also some fractal very colourful rose-like patterns at LC and yes, one window we could make in that style… but I would not prefer it… because and also known to me is the Vastu-Purusha Mandala and by this grid they have built the Hindu Temples as a Model of fractal cosmology… so rather I would not prefer a rose window (and we have art in the building)… yea, rather I would have a little fractal tower on the LC building and at best accessible from the inner circle room, quasi from here we could go on the top of it… and maybe 8 people or whatever could stand on the top and have a nice overview… And from the outside is seen the fractal tower (tube)… as connection point to heaven or something which symbolizes infinity…. And the whole LC building and the TOWER and DOME would be WHITE. But a simple tower would not fit and so it would be a fractal tower (art upon the tower) and on top a round terrace, and the terrace is therefore broader then the tower… the FRACTAL TOWER is round (like a column) and on the top is a circular terrace which ~ ¼ broader then the tower… and here we have also the TORCH ==> and this is also the HOLY GRAIL (another hidden meaning). And whatever is up there… holy grail… this is only known by the inner circle. And ya, the top of the second floor, we make the top just a bit oblique so that the rain water runs down... and we have not so much snow now in winter time and if necessary then we just cleanse the roof in winter time… and so we can also place the tower (holy grail) directly into the corner of the CORNERSTONE (our white stone), and this looks good… and this could be also built later...and from the inner circle room we have access to the roof of the second floor and therefore we can also go to the tower. And we built a bridge to the tower… and the BRIDGE is a MAJOR SYMBOL. And further upon the tower I would also place a SHIELD. For me its not so a bad idea and we could have a little round table on top of the tower for summer time evening, and so that it is not seen from below… yet still so that we have the overview and maybe with a little step (tier) roundabout… and 12 LIONS sculptures lying upon the top ring (this does not even cost so much) and so people can look between them and have their overview. And for sure also mystic art will be around the round table and some other secrets… And in the inner circle room will be the stretched out wings of an eagle but we use just the wings!!!, we put it directly next to the glass and therefore near the table and up there on the front wall... All what is missing is the BOREALIS BULL (or the bull of the four beasts, or OX)… also that should be in the eye sight of the inner circle (wherefore here we do only speak about the main things, that is clear)… now, where do we put the OX? As already said, we put him into the courtyard, ya, and it will be an OX turning a millstone. And when we make the OX in metal… then we do not need to worry because of the mermaids… because somehow it must fit together… yea, and I would have the ox in BLACK colour and a piece on the mill we make in GREEN COLOUR and so we get also remembered to Kronos… and it just fits better with the mermaids… and the lions remember us also to GOLD but we have them in white, we make their tail gold which is seen from the inside cup (holy grail cup).

wet dry hot cold.jpg

72) We get easily a few thousand follower and for 5 Dollar membership per month… up to date as explained… videos… revelations etc… other benefits…from the Satsang room and so its not difficult to pay it off..LOL… and as soon as we get more people we can go down with the prize… 4 Dollar or 3 Dollar etc... which we will directly tell them. And I have my WHITE STONE with a new name on it… FIRST LEVEL which is the apocalypse and SECOND LEVEL… the LC building. And further, those with membership must not pay for the museum which will also cost maybe 10 Dollar, I don’t know what is the museums prize… And someone must also clean that house… take care about the goldfish… and so on...And should we have later additional money... we use it also somehow for LC (and a bit for us) and also we give something to the poor or those in need... We go definitive down with the prize and so membership must be also seen as DONATION… to pay off the building… and we do a lot of work… and all the members have real benefits. Maybe we get only a few thousand people, then it is so… but when we have enough people we could even go down to two Dollar per month… and you will be able to join many different topics… also science… and for sure Satsang – higher Self connection and the list goes on…Ya also higher training, and because of the non local cup… I could even direct some anointing… And those who are early in the boat… they have priority for Satsang in the house… to visit us and join Satsang directly at LC… to get a place… but we have also another solution for more people… because the satsang room is way too small… later more to it… and it will include baptism... Ya, we should also have a pond on that place for animals… you know, some green stuff… we keep some harmony… And if we make also something open air in smmer time… we speak later about it… dont worry... And yes, I know the MUSEUM will always a run… some people will always come… It is the FIRST PROJECT IN THIS WORLD which shows the mystic eye… And no, I build no imperium! And if you ask me if I want to become rich? I just laugh… I can leave this planet whenever I want and I know the infinite treasure and I will stand there with liquid flesh… You dont know with what you have it to do… money would be only needed for a car and some stuff… and some who work at LC… and so on… And yes, you will say, its unfair to those who cannot pay a few dollars for membership… and to this I say… they cna have some videos free after one or two years… and so all is fine… and who knows how fast the building is paid off… and I still dont know yet if I really wnat to build it… we see later...Now, lest go on: Descartes says, in fact, that philosophy is like a tree whose roots are metaphysics and then the trunk is physics.The branches coming out of the trunk are all the other sciences… And again we also keep the seven planets (seven stars) because of psychic transformation and through our direct revealtion all that becomes simple (similar and to give an example, just check the name Jupiter, he is called SKY god, you have it now directly in front of your nose but again, yes, regarding some things they did hide it more and for sure we have some mixture in old MYTHOLOGY, and things changed over time… this includes even alchemy). And when we speak here about metaphysics then we simple mean that we deal with the first principles of things, and the mystic eye is outside of human sense perception (it cannot be reached just through objective study of material objects), and so we at LC deal with the FIRST KNOWLEDGE (like and also we have the first sun but it can be also called the knowledge of the son) and then we have also the SECOND KNOWLEDGE (like the second sun, second level)… At LC we are fusing knowledge and faith into one purified and incorruptible whole. This is a new kind of RENAISSANCE (french word for rebirth, classical learning and wisdom), we are no longer constraint by folly religion, and further we use reason, the divine reality and how it makes sense to us and etc. And because we are MASTER who know the DIVINE REALITY, now we can make a clear BLUEPRINT (and still use some old stuff, and even in alignment with our Psyche)

73) And thats right, at LC, the golden lion also remembers us to fire (sun red), the ox to earth, the wings to air, the mermaids to water… And yes for both the visitor and the inner circle, we place wings into the cosmic egg grid wherefore the grid is like a GATE build in that parking area, later more to it… The visitor who check the compass on the terrace will see the lions on the tower, the wings up there, the ox in the courtyard and the mermaids... And yes, we have our own Arcane symbol on the building which can be seen from the tower and from the visitor who stand on the terrace and this symbol invented the Master and it stands for the unity of the three pearls… inner and outer and abyssal… and it will be embedded into the blue sapphire wall… the blue wall which we have on one side of the terrace, and on the other side they look into the courtyard… therefore from outside, when people walk towards the LC building, ya the mermaids are not seen because they see the blue sapphire wall with the huge arcane symbol...










74) And also the number 8 we place somewhere on the building, here I prefer just the number EIGHT which stands also for rebirth… And what some people will offend but we still will have it (alchemy), that is a HERMAPHRODITE which symbolizes the male and female energy in the apocalypse, and directly above the office/inner circle DOOR and I PUSH BOTH OF MY HANDS INTO THE CEMENT (number 10, also balance between Spirit and matter, and so we write near the left hand matter and near the right hand spirit, wherefore we have spoken about the supersensual etc.)… to be like angels… and we have already explained that it is really here about the energies and shall not be misunderstood… and this sculpture which is not too libertine… we find balance, now this sculpture is in sleeping position upon the roof of the second floor and where we have also placed the bathroom, toilette… just directly sleeping on the roof (and maybe write to it, Eve in Adam). And the mermaids and the treasure are placed upon the end-piece of the terrace (yet also a little cornerstone with bricks like a stairway are placed into just one corner because I do not want that it is seen from the outside and the mermaids are also a bit elevated from the ground) . But Nomad where do we put the number 8 so that it can be also seen? Answer, we put it upon the DOME, on top of it… and the dome is also the womb of the earth!!! The whole building is white because it is the WHITE STONE, and even the lions are white, yet for a little help only the ring upon which the 12 lions lie, we make it in red white stripes. And when people look upon it and together with the boom barrier about which we have spoken, then they just get remembered to Austria… so from the outside no one can fully discern it and the bigger LOGIACOLUMN writing, yea which colour do we use? Answer, I guess we make it simple in black but we put also to it the LC LOGO (which we have not developed yet) and here we use crystal colour for it, just for LC… (and so the logo will remember us to liquid crystal). And ya, the number 9 stands also for the completion of a cycle and only that is now missing and then we have it… where doe we put it? We make a drawing of AUSTRIA and turn it 90 degrees and then we get the number NINE and this represents the knowledge of the first and second country, that is, the first country has priority but the second country is not forgotten. ==> this is also the EAST WEST DIRECTION, also that we add to it… 6 and 9… we make that in the courtyard and a bit bigger...and that via fixed stones on the ground, with many stones

75) The CORNER of the LC building points to the GIZAH PYRAMID and we write even the degrees on a plate on that corner… and with that we make the bold proclamation that we are the ones who have the CAPSTONE.

76) And yes the Micro-Macrocosm idea we display also at LC and we do that in the 5 chambers. And WATCH I have another good idea, that is we place a clock to the millstone and so we understand much better the bull. But this watch has always the small clockhand on NUMBER 2 and the big clockhand on NUMBER 1 and in a hidden meaning we symbolize age 25 (02:05)… because I said that this is the age where we grow older and normally I would say that the apocalypse is ~ age 25 (when we forget hair loose or… I have explained that already), ya so we make it … Matthew 11:28-30 MY YOKE IS EASY (immoveable earth) ==> THIS IS a HIGH PIECE OF ART which can only be done by true sages… it belongs to LC…. honour to honour… much work we do so that people can have really good spiritual food at LC. ==> YOU CANNOT JUST COPY ART FROM OTHER PEOPLE (and so also I do it not and even when I used just a few words, yea, I mentioned Jack Hemsey or whoever). And yes, and now lets go on, on the backside of the clock we write: MY YOKE IS EASY because we are also a direct revelation and we call ourselves the apocalypse. And yes, so that it becomes even more wonderful, yea the Austria drawing made with many stones… the bull with the mill is simple inside of it… and therefore the Austria border map we make big enough, rather very big by comparison… so that it fits well. And you ask again about the bridge? The bridge to the holy grail at LC, yea here we gain miraculous power therefore first of all the hero must prove himself worthy to be in its presence, ya, he must even grow spritually and mentally before he can locate it… and therefore the BRIDGE at LC is build like a TUNNEL and on the outside of the bridge is a little dragon (ART METALL PIECE which is like a painting on the side of the tunnel, and because we are in Austria it will be a LINDWURM in similarity to the arms of Bad Goisern Hallstättersee) ==> And there will be also no light in that tunnel and the key must be still put into the door of the „holy grail tower“. And the Kangaroo we put upon the cube where we have the main entrance of the building and we put it close to the wall and this is our INSIDER SIGN, Nomads sign: we make bigger jumps, the advanced spirit wins (and beside Austria Australia was always my favorite country and I lived also for some while in Australia)

77) SILVER TO GOLD and SILVER AND GOLD, SPIRIT IN MATTER (spiritualised nature)… our whole art at LC and so also written somewhere at LC. Now, lets go on: In Austria we say VATER (father) and here we see that the letter V is sometimes used instead of the F, Phoenican WAW… hook… and at LC we have the f with a hook because the GALLERY goes back to the dome… and the gallery forms an F. And in the earliest form it was an Egyptian hieroglyph that literally was the picture of a snake… and that means that science without first knowledge becomes a snake…. RADICAL TRANSHUMANIST ANIMALS (fools who want to to expand awareness and become immortal with technology alone etc.) GET EXPOSED AT LC...And this is correct, the gallery (and the F) can also symbolize that they have elevated themselves like animals and as Max said: It is indefinitely more disastrous that Science is killing (true) Religion, for now even HOPE, the only gift of the gods left in Pandora's box, may vanish before MATERIALISM and AGNOSTICISM (and we add transhumanism and the machine is God… and everyone is just flesh etc., therefore they are the real animals) wherefore at LC we put only a sign upon which we write: F is a hook and science without first knowledge is that hook or snake (radical transhumanist will not fool us)… And thats why they also have to go up and down via the spiral stairways.

78) And again, the long stairway which leads to the Satsang etc. room symbolizes also ascension (it a bit a meditation walk, now prepare for heavenly stuff)… and we use here also a symbol for it… that is, a sun with rays upon the top of the stairway… Ya, we make it simple, we place up there a SUN WITH RAYS AND A PENDULUM… even seen from the ground…. Highest vibration... And yes, the white red stripes on the ring with our 12 golden lions on top, here we have another secret, we get also remembered to the holy grail and the immortal blood and yes in fact we write that into the cup and that is only seen by the inner circle: IMMORTAL BLOOD (ENERGY FIELD, as the seed so the tree, as the tree so the fruit, ceased from our works… God works through us, imparts being) and beside that other secrets will be shown in that cup. And for sure we plant three trees in the courtyard!!! ==> A CORRUPT TREE BRINGS FORTH EVIL FRUIT and we have this mixture… only evil destroys harmony and perfect love casts out all fear (wherefore the PSEUDO CHRISTIANS WILL TRY TO DENY THAT) ==> but as I said, and again for your motivation, many had the opening of the souls eye and did still grow old… so its not so black and white and we have a little acceleration on top regarding ascension steps…

79) Wherefore someone would say that we would look in a secret way on people behind the cube glass but that is nonsense and it is also more for evening discussion (most people are gone or no people in that place) and with the light in the dome and to have the ambience in the inner circle room… And we can also put some flowers or green stuff into the corner (Garden idea)… or just have some other style… it all depends how big we build it… NOW, You cannot understand it all at once… because only I have the picture in my mind… but you get a first impression about the LC building: And regarding the first gallery, that is our F, now vice versa they can look at all the art etc… and they do not touch it… for we put simple some stuff up there… so everything is used. ==>>> wherefore I have it so la la calculated here with a chamber length of ~ 6m, therefore all 6 chambers + the main room = ~ 50m long is one side of the cornerstone ==> wherefore I have no idea how big it should be built, yes the chambers should be big enough but the rest… anyway, its a bit hard for me to imagine (the main room without the dome on one side of the cornerstone ~ 30 x 11 m or whatever?)… the size, I never did it… but we have many stuff to add later… many revelations and art… and people would come from different branches… it all adds to it… ==> yet when someone would argue that much smaller we should build it then Iam not interested ==> I know many people and their art and they cannot compete with us, it is rather that they become better together with us, another reason for LC… ==>>> and therefore so la la this is the size for the museum yet the other cornerstone length, 40m would be enough, that can be shorter… And this should be big enough for the prototype… upper room for Satsang yea maybe only for 80 people… we check that later again… because also baptism should be in that place… with a wonderful stylish pool...==> but whatever we do we would get so or so full with people and regarding the museum I just think now about the main things, to bring all that into the building (all that stuff which we have already)… and for sure later we would had even more stuff… ==> and yes, we have today new tools like the Natural Spaces Domes Building System etc. by which they can be build for different climatic places… so to buy one of this domes (which endures very long with a good r-value…) … and we can just put them on top of the building and we are flexible… and therefore and also the dome stays also in the third floor ==> and yes they have even Aluminum dome and whatever… And the salt glass cube has simple the height of the second floor… we are flexible with the height. And yes we make on the TERRACE a wall along the cornerstone side which aligns with the second floor but we can check later the design, ya, but for sure we make it also WAVE-LIKE, as it fits for this blue sapphire wall ==> And with the huge ARCANE SYMBOL it becomes a BIG DESIGN PIECE!!! in Sapphire blue… YA its our WATERY STONE...The question which is left that is, where do we put the end-piece of the dragon bridge because one side goes to the holy grail and the other side is above the second floor and therefore how do you connect it with the inner circle room??? We make it along the cornerstone line simple because it is the best design and then a 90 degree turn and along the dome and let it end before the inner circle roof and therefore her we can go up to it… yea we use a little piece of the Satsang room… just for that… 1,5 m. And the dragon is seen on the other side of the bridge and so it is seen when people walk to the main entrance. And further the blue sapphire wall fits also to the mermaids, and beside that we have the green courtyard with three trees… and if necessary we put somewhere else some yellow or red to have balance… And further the best thing about the bridge is that it looks like a KEY. And yes, the tunnel bridge I would keep probably black because otherwise it become too colourful and because of the dome and the inner meaning… And also to add, we have not just the goldfish watery stone aquarium but also additional to it a turtle aquarium… we put it in the middle of the hallway under the sea of glass. And the animals do well because for the turtles we make a long aquarium and put 5 or so into it and the visitor can search them out… and with the turtles we have the sea and land...which we display… and the TURTLE is a major symbol… they will know it… and laugh… AGAIN: as I see it, we make one side longer of the Cornerstone and we just keep the dome ~ 11-12m (36-39feet) in diameter (so also the breath of the stone), ya, one side 40 m long and the other side simple 50m long and then will be no quarrel… for when we just make it 10m longer, this does not matter now so much… and it all fits… Therefore we make the other side of the cornerstone (which has the blue sapphire wall on top) only 40m long but we make it 1,5m broader and we do that so that we get less troubles with the 15 pillars and so we have also our developed system as and also I will not ignore the 15 pillars and whole LC will have a developed system including contemplation of all that stuff…etc…. And I think the LC colours we will have in TWINNI ICE colour (green and yellow mixed together, red and yellow mixed together to get this orange done…), this is simple inviting and remembers me to my childhood… just an option or idea… and the LOGO will be so or so on a plate… ==> ya, maybe we can combine it with that colour and make it liquid crystal-like… we see that later and I do not forget the LIQUID CRYSTAL MESSAGE ==> and check the CHRYSINA GLORIOSA (SCARAB, so we have already one colour)... And we must have solar modules and fact is after few years we have an advantage with money and the museum and we should represent a GREEN museum, so maybe its a 5 million project or whatever… YA, NOT SO CHEAP but its hard for me to calculate!!!!!!!!! And an Architect will tell us, what is most efficient with the size and etc… and you must understand that when really more people are in the building and that we use also the middle piece of the room for art (on two sides parallel, we put their long tables in the middle of the main room). And Iam sure when it is 10m broad, this is too small because 1m on both sides is used on the wall for art, and then we have 8m in-between and a 1,5 - 2m stony table piece which we use as middle piece in the hallway upon which we use art (and similar also the aquarium is in the middle of the hallway), so we have then for the corridor on both sides ~ 3m and that we do also need… And people do not stand directly in front of that piece of art!!! So we need for sure the 11m yet for the stony table we can manage it with 1,5m breadth, and then we have ~ 4m corridor… on both sides. Wherefore in most cases Art is not so broad and so to make the glassy stone walls with the different colour only 80 cm(2,62 feet) broad and not 1m which is total ok (the glassy stone walls separate the room a bit in main sections… this pieces are just at the wall, left and right side... later more to it)... and then we make the diameter of the dome 12m and the stone table only 1,2 m (3,93 feet) and we put on it whatever fits, ya, that would be possible… and then it can work… 12 m - ~2m = 10m, and so we have 5m (~16,4 feet) corridor on both sides and that we also need, no other way, and I see it right now! ==> so it fits and Iam happy that I see it now!!! And because we place everywhere golden shields with revelations and explanations, ya, people normally draw a bit closer to the objects and yet still we need enough space so that people can walk in-between… you know, people can also move… here and there… and the gallery is 3,5 or 4m broad (and some people stand at the railing) and we have no troubles… and we have a margin with the middle stony tables as middle piece… some stuff a bit broader and some stuff is less broad… 50m – 12x2 (dome + corner-piece with the well) = 26m - ~ 5m (aquarium which must somehow fit to the sea of glass on the ceiling) = ~ 20m left and we make two stony tables and always 2m space in-between (tree of life, stony table, stony table, aquarium) = 14m left and so we have two stony tables by which every table is 7m long = PERFECT… we get it all done… this is enough for out PROTOTYPE!… And better to say because the tree of life is more in the middle of the rmain room, so we integrate the tree of life in the middle of the first table and then we have also another yellow white natural stony table for the Jupiter section (because we separate the amin room into sections, 5 planets)… And the Jupiter (air, sound stuff art is on the ceiling, therefore we have that above the yellow white natural stony table) and additional above the well we have on the ceiling some Mars stuff (above the well) and beside that we use simple for the main room a cheap blue plastic ceiling with integrated lights and so we have now the clear line in LC… And yes, additional art on the wall… this does not matter… all 4 Elements mixed… just revelations and etc… And to have the symmetry we make just on the left and right side of the Mars plate red glassy stones from the floor up to the ceiling, also 80 cm breath (the rest is simple a white wall on that side)… because so also before the tree of life we have on both side on the wall the green glassy stones, then next before the yellow white natural table the yellow glassy stones (or simple where the table begins, so la la) and before the aquarium the blue glassy stone (as we have spoken, always a 80cm glassy wall in a right angle and is also used for the sections, and we must cut simple something out of the F gallery, this is ok)... And the city of light has a cement wall, yea we put the city of lights upon wood floor and left and right of it we use garden stones… like we have them in a garden… it does not cost much and it is funny… and the podium and that behind the white curtain… yea, also wood and or garden stones (plates) on the floor… and also I want to have tangible 4 elements behind the veil a bit more archaic and like nature, later more to it...we have the main room and we have the ancient path room (which is below the terrace, and has the 15 pillars)...LISTEN!!! we have the very nice white checked granite section with the golden Damascus texture wall in the main room. And then the red curtain on the wall as seen in the picture and the city of light, here we want to display our oneness with nature and so we will even have some ausgestopfte Tiere (stuffed animals, fossils) on that place, the seven horns and etc… And the 15 pillars don’t need to be complete white, we find a solution for that and how to integrate them (we make them like pillars but see for example the colour of the Lena pillars in nature)… And this makes us again different to all other and we win because of LC STYLE and also the animal covenant I want to display on that place!!! And for sure we will have not a stuffed Tiger because of our conscience but another big animal…and some birds etc. and some bones and the seven hornes… yea maybe about a black bear we could think and to have one behind the white curtain (~ 2200 Euro)…. And also thats why the other side needs not to be 50m long… no… 40m – 12m (well corner place) = 28m, this is enough…. ~,10m the city of lights, ~ 5m for the podium and pillars, ~ 5m behind the white curtain, and regarding the rest... this is also the place where we have the cosmic dance chamber entrance, quasi the last one of the 5 or 6 chambers)... here we do not use a stony table on that place… we use something else… ==>>> This little section has not granite on the floor and we have at the corner also the green glass stones on that corner (80cm inwards)… and we have the metal plate Mars wall on the other side (right angle to the big wall painting)… so this fits together… and again because we speak here about the MAIN things now the last question, what do we put on that place? Answer, we put there the WHITE BLACK STONE SECTION on the wall and with it we quasi simulate the ABYSS and so we have a SUPERFANTASTIC LAYOUT for LC! The Abyss goes 3 - 4m or whatever inwards toward the wall and general for the whole section we use black/white stones…we make the whole section black white and then we build there a cube or whatever… and it turns inwards and at the end is simple black, maybe 4 m we need or we make it even 6m… like to gaze into the black...and the stones which turn into it… hard to explain... and we will see later with an artist… ==> wherefore you say, its not good to have also some stuffed animals and to this I say, we take care from whom we get it... and we will describe at LC why we have it... and its museum stuff and in reality we want to point people to nature and that wildlife is important, also in Austria... and if it would be not a museum, then we would not have it.

80) What I also want is a seven headed beast painting and together with seven rivers which we can have in the painting chamber to which they have access via the F gallery… And another bridge painting but here with additional explanation to it, that is, its also a bridge for the psyche… language, symbols, above and below… and LC is also that bridge… And we make a PHOTO from above so that they can see the KEY and that the round table in the HOLY GRAIL is BLOOD RED which reminds them to the blood. And further, beside the sapphire wall with the BIG 3 pearl arcane symbol we have on the frontside of the building above the entrance LOGICACOLUM written in black and LC (in crystal colour logo design)… and so all that looks quite nice. But you ask, how do you get even more atmosphere into that building? Answer, we put one “tree “into the building in similarity to the Cambridge mosque (Uks first green mosque)! We do not need so much wood like they have but I show you the idea! ==> this is quasi our tangible tree of life at LC ==>>> but now you say, where is the balance… we have the WELL WATER BELL FOUNTAIN, THE BIG TREE OF LIFE, THE LONG AQUARIUM (and sea of glass) and so we have much BLUE and GREEN! But what is with fire? Answer, we can have ART on a bigger metal plate and it becomes fiery when we use the right technique with light… and this will be also the GLOWING METAL (and Mars, iron fire) ==> this plate on the wall is vis a vis to the well and tree, in right angle to the big wall painting, directly at the corner… And further beside the tree of life we have also a BIG SICKLE HANGING DOWN FROM ABOVE ==> THIS IS HIGH ART MADE SIMPLE AND BELONGS ALSO TO LC... (so we have Saturn, Mars, , ya, and Venus with the rose is found behind the white curtain, and regarding the mercurial water, yea we can also put something into the aquarium, let them discover it!!!)… And Jupiter, air, sound… as already clarified, we put it on the ceiling in that hallway and somehow create a smooth TRANSITION… and as I always said, we speak here only about some main things. And LC IS ANCIENT YET ALSO MODERN!!!

81) The second gallery, which is below the dome….its only a HALF RING or not even fully a half ring… its for the bow flash… And with this bow gallery we make also a bow-like wall to it in deepest Black and in golden letter will be written upon this black wall: The Master of LC says: The bubbling light well shifts into the light bow and the flash hits the glass by which the earth remains immoveable

82) Genesis 28:18, as oil poured on the human head so also upon the STONE… And at LC, now here also a man stands (sculpture) and he pours oil just on the top of a BIG STONE… we make that sculpture simple in colour and so that the oil is also better seen… and that is not everything, because the STONE is also his head… but how do we get that done? See, we will work with artist at LC and we have much more to say… much much much more... Now, but how is he also the STONE? Answer he himself has also a STONY HEAD… HIGH ART AT LC… belongs to us

83) NOW, we repeat it again… and you will see it more clear: Along the hallway (called main room, therefore not the city of lights hallway), ya, here we simple make more alcoves, we separate it a bit… one theme can be 1) the dark hour (like we had it with the person and skull and the black raven etc,) and 2) the grey person kneeling in tears before the sword which is pushed into the ground and so forms as cross (with the writing to it on a golden plate)… and so on, and then again another theme like 3) the kid with the balloon or 4) the stony head person sculpture who pours oil on the top of the stone and so on… And what I have not mentioned so far and what is a bit heavy that is we could also have 5) a little robot made via art and written something like: we are just flesh says the artificial spirit yet not our true self. And again another theme, that would be 6) two sculptures, one putrefies and the other beside it is shining indicating transmutation… And we could check to make a 7) liquid body on another place indicating the liquid flesh… And again versus the heavy yoke, that is, we should show the 8) hinds feet and that in the apocalypse the body receives the lightness of the Spirit….and so on… ==> and this here are just 8 points and everything of it is important… and this would be already ~9 m (32 feet) along the hallway depends how big we make the sculptures yet about the main stuff… we should use a bit more space...and therefore the whole hallway needs to be ~ 40m long (131 feet)… the rest is the dome…therefore all in all 50m long ==> and yes we have also other places for art, I know that, but I say we will have so much stuff later… so I do not calculate it too big, it should so la la fit… and yes because the hallway is broad with ~ 11m so we have also in-between some space and along the city of lights we have also place for art etc. on every side, but that place we get full directly at start (at least that something is on that place along the city of lights)… and along the F gallery they can enter the science & convergence chamber is SCIENCE and as I said, I would part it into TWO ROOMS, ONE FOR SCIENCE (SCIENCE CONVERGENCE CHAMBER, because of divine reality also called convergence), THE OTHER CHAMBER FOR PAINTINGS CALLED PAINTINGS CHAMBER, and so we have this EIGHT CHAMBERS, the six chambers and two chambers above the six chambers)!!!... And for sure the best saying we must also put somewhere and everything in an order… like a real experience…, anyway, but now you understand the LC building much better and yes, just the final capstone points are missing.==> FACT is we can have a building which does not cost so much, easy design yet make it perfect... and we have our white stone. And the tunnel we can also make via plastic (or a special plastic)…. And the major thing is that we have just much stuff which we can add later to the building… once it flows… it simple runs… by which we fill many little spaces or wherever we find some free space ==> THEREFORE I HAVE NOT CALCULATED SO WRONG WITH THE SIZE OF tHE BUILDING AND AT LEAST WE GET THE JOB DONE, WE HAVE OUR PROTOTYPE, THE APOCALYPSE etc. ==> and for sure regarding the F GALLERY, it would be perfect when it would be ~ 3,5m broad so that people can walk and do not crash together when they go in opposite direction and meet each other… but then the dome or hallway should be ~ 11 - 12m (36 - 39 feet) broad and maybe the cornerstone length ~ 45m (147 feet) or as I said, 50m… so la la… and the other side shorter.... And the F GALLERY IS A MAJOR SIGN for us!!!!!!! And the 15 pillars, yea, then every 70cm (27 inch, 2,3 feet) we have a pillar. Pillar diameter = ~ 37 cm (1,21 feet) and remember on top we have all the symbols… so we need this space between this pillars… ==> this is so la la our minimum size LC ==> and correct, to have the PROTOTYPE… And Iam not in need to build it… but and also I say, a smaller one I will not build… makes no sense for me!

84) therefore one cornerstone length is the ARCHAIC part and ANCIENT PATH… with the city of lights and 15 pillars, 4 elements and so on… and the other cornerstone length is the modern art… or simple called main hall… and this main hall is longer… ~ 50m… versus ~ 40m

85) Correct my reader, the dome is the inner eye vision, and then they can walk to the garden fractal chamber… and every chamber will also have a golden plate on a stick (and also the pillars etc. have golden plates) and upon it is written revelation and information… and so whole LC will also becomes an amazing experience… And then they will say, ahhh, this would be my inner eye… and that I see with bodily eyes and now I turn myself in it and ahhh because of that the earth remains immoveable and so on… And then when they get excited… so then later also about science, our philosophy… and how we connect dots… And then we have TRUE religion when religion (and psyche), art, science is taught unitedly… and therefore and also not neglecting imagination and reason. And you ask, ok, you have also this book on this place but why do you say to us that you mention all the names of the sages and this is in your conscience and it needs not a law for that or it needs only a law for milk people who are dumb and have no conscience… Answer, because we are still everyone our individual stream and why shall I boast in the work of other? And what is my part is also seen! (and some animal passion religious people don’t see that but we stay sober)

86) And in-between along the hallway I want also a little study of how it all leads back the ANCIENT PATH (different religions, this and that) ==> this is also a very important point… but this includes also what things they use in their religions… therefore it is not just about Lao Tzu or… but why do they use this or that stuff in their religion, why the oil, why this Buddhist stuff, whatever it may be???… a topic into which I do not go now deeper… and yes, we have also some of that stuff at LC.

87) But how do we crystallize a bit more the white cornerstone? Ya, just along that side (which has not the blue sapphire wall design), ya, when they build the building, they just make the roof of the first floor ~ 1m broader so that we have a little terrace along that whole side of the stone (yet for sure not used as a terrace) and this shows us better the line of the cornerstone… And we can also make this 1m terrace along the side of the stone (roof height first floor), ya, and we can make it progressive via 4 steps… The thing is that that they have architecture awards today for so many ugly buildings (yet some are also beautiful but… they have really also ugly building)… now we are simple, white and blue sapphire and dome for GAIA and so on… and we have our SUPER WHITE STONE… our philosopher stone… and we are the apocalypse…. And regarding cosmic egg door (parking area), yet in a smaller way but similar it would be like the Florida Polytechnic University design… I just say similar… I would just build there additional to the building (dome side) a big arch which symbolizes the gate… with such a grid structure… quasi from the dome to the end of the parking place ==>>> this serves us a MAJOR SYMBOL for the prototype and then we have it all and Iam happy! So, with that project I could say, ok, I would do it! Just use a grid structure etc.

88) And with the Holy grail design we have options so that it fits well, I show you a picture, but we can change it… ==> we can make THREE THINGS OUT OF IT: HOLY GRAIL, HAMMER, MIDDLE PIECE WITH FRACTAL DESIGN (COLUMN), and we have the KEY and the tunnel topic together with the bridge… And the arch door grid is also the cosmic EGG… And the big FIERY PHOENIX we put upon the front piece, the stick upon which the bridge is build… so that it is better seen that the hammer has his own SHAFT!!!!

Archdoor and hammer.png

89) And the blue sapphire wall (with the three pearl arcane symbol) as I said, we make it also in WAVE FORM… we have some options… And similar instead of the shield and what is better, yea, we put a FIERY PHOENIX on the stick upon which the bridge is build, ya, this fits better… And now comes the best thing, the little RED/WHITE stripes on the upper ring of the Holy Grail fit together with the little 12 lions and then we have the PHOENIX and therefore together with the HAMMER (sparks) and with the red we have the FIRE, and with the blue sapphire wall we have also WATER… and we have the CORNER STONE (earth) and all that fits together aesthetically, and sure the cosmic EGG is also a symbol for CREATION and the only thing about what could ask ourselves… ya, should we also symbolize on some place AIR or is that enough for us? Wherefore again, this belongs to LC!!! And that the BLUE because of the sapphire wall is a bit more in our EYE, yea, we also want that because of the WATERY STONE. Ok, now, the AIR is the habitation and we have the cosmic egg arch door, and when we put ito the grid a FEATHER (or wing), then I would say only together somehow with the GRID DESIGN of that door, just so that it is a bit seen, like we enter the HOUSE, and air is the habitation. And then we are REALLY HAPPY! FINISH! And YA, do not forget the GREAT BEAR SIGN a little bit bigger on the front wall, also that looks good!!!! and we use that for LIGHT(like stars shine), having EARTH, WATER, AIR, FIRE, LIGHT/DARKNESS… the CUP and the SEVEN STARS…TRANSFORMATION (HAMMER, EGG - DOOR, WOMB) = LC OUTSIDE DESIGN… and for MARRIAGE (love, akash) we could use the colour purple… ==> but this would not fully fit because Iam now really happy with the design and the colours… as we have it… and the only thing what would not bother me, that is the stairway on the side… and here we could simple embed something and it fits because of the stairway… on top of it regarding the RAILING (quasi when we go toward the main entrance of LC, now to see also the railing of that stairway and the top of it) ==> we have also two meanings here, the highest vibration (as we have spoken about the sun with rays and pendulum symbol above the door to the Satsang room) and then also we leave the dry bones… so also the water waves (sapphire blue wall) ==> so what do we use as marriage symbol or Verlobungssymbol (betrothal symbol)?==> someone would say, two doves looking at each other… but… I mean we can check it out later and its just embedded on the top of the stairway railing... ==> and further thats why we make also the 1 m terrace along the stone (first floor) also with 4 STEPS!!!, in alignment with the stairway ==> THIS IS NOW PERFECT, VERY SIMPLE (cost not so much, easy building) and MASTERPIECE… And further above the entrance of every chamber we write the name of the chamber! ==> this will make us known worldwide together with the divine reality dome… O I forgot, I have the world in my heart, Iam not in need… tzz tzz tzz… God help us all

90) So now my friends we understand that much better, that is, Toxonsophist 1st degree (to read this revisited book), 2nd degree, contemplate all that stuff at the LC building, 3rd degree Satsang session (yet also some seat or banks will be up there… we are flexible), 4th degree, the dragon test, that is I wait for you with a golden axe in my hand in the holy grail (Iam kidding you, ahh who knows), and 5th degree, Gods fire

91) As you see now my reader that our LC CORNERSTONE DESIGN looks also a bit friendly… inviting… and we can put later also some green stuff to it… I would like to have some plants and so on… a bit garden atmosphere… And the only thing which is missing for me that is WOOD… like to have a bit wood design… so I thought maybe (but this is now really not important yet to make the upper part of the cosmic egg grid in white and with the grid and the lower part via wood... (so la la just in front of the cars, parking area) ==> and when we look now at all together, now the architecture design award I give it to myself… wherefore this is now really everything about the outside design… nothing more to talk… ahh and also the medal of honor… receive it from my heavenly father.. Now to repeat once more: Someone will argue, you should not make the three pillars higher because of the other 6 on both sides and I answer to you, no, we will keep the 15 pillars and the three middle pillars are higher (with the pearl, triangle, salt cube) but what we do that is, we make a RING on both 7th pillars and the ring is on the height of the other 12 pillars (6 left, 6 right to it) and then we have a good contemplation…. And at LC you will understand it better… I cannot write everything into this book

92) And Iam very well aware that today we have better tools of how to make the floor in the chambers and this and that…. And I have absolute no idea what that costs, the building itself is easy or rather easy to build… yet the dome itself costs not so much (right connection we need) ==> wherefore and regarding the chambers, all that is easy possible because they have even 3D floor today yet we need a perfect material which endures… regarding artificial stone flooring floor tiles… WOW… I have great ideas… maybe if good material, 400 - 800 dollar per square meter and one chamber has 36 square meter and we have the cost for the design which needs to fit for the divine reality… yea, what is important that when we use such stuff ya then the best choice material, it must endure… but we can get that design done… with right connection… the 5 chambers can be made also with just 150 000 dollar… and if 200 000 dollar… no one does worry because we have the most fantastic thing at LC… ==> we have this TECHNOLOGY TODAY, all what you need is a Master who brings you the whole CONCEPT and then we make it after divine reality… even the dome… We are flexible, we use sculptures, this and that and we use new stuff… LC becomes also a complete experience… WE ARE ALMOST TOO BIG, I have so many ideas… who wants to compete with us? UNBELIEVEABLE!!! how good I sell myself… NOMAD, stop now with your jokes!!! OK... And what we also have, that is the design like seen at Saint Giovanni Battista from Mongo in Valle Maggia, Ticino, Switzerland… not exactly like they have it but the black and white we bring also into LC and it will be not like he did it with the ARCH DOOR but we build it in another way… And the well can be made modern like in the Cathedral of Christ the light… just to give an example but yes it can be also made modern… we have options and but with the water bell fountain. And at one place at LC we will really play with colour light and fractals… which we could also do in the COSMIC DANCE CHAMBER… to put that together… And also about the sixth chamber, yea, here we can talk to have an animation, something fast which shows the divine reality… yet the city of light with the pillars and the other chamber and the dome and the sea of glass and so on remain as “calm contemplation”… and then we have additional all the other art, revelations, information… etc. And science on the F gallery and also in another room up there the science convergence chamber… And as we said another chamber for paintings… yea, and maybe later we make also some stuff which they can buy… LC stuff… anyway, this is the CONCEPT! My reader this makes fun for me no matter If I build it or not… now lets say the 6 chambers and with the dome painting cost 200 000 Euro… then we have the major points, the BIG TREE OF LIFE (as explained) which also goes to the ceiling and all the branches on the ceiling… a BIG MODERN STYLE WELL… the BIG SEA OF GLASS and AQUARIUM (maybe together 100 000 Euro)… THE PAINTING ON THE BACKSIDE WALL maybe 20 000 Euro, the BIG MARS PLATE… the PILLARS and CITY OF LIGHT, maybe 50 000 we have mentioned the 8 sculptures (just some main things), we need ~ 25 or more of them… maybe 200 000 Euro (when really useful stuff)… the compass and the terrace stuff, maybe 40 000 Euro… the KEY on top of the building maybe 100 000 Euro… yea, all in all when finished for sure… and then the ancient path is more cheap, stones… ancient design... but the floor for the main room… maybe 250 000 Euro (with Monte Rosa Granit plates (white and spotted), or different section with Granit and therefore not too expensive (a more cheap granite) and the city of light upon wood, and ya, we can do nothing wrong with granite… endurable and it fits, and for sure we need it not for the Satsang room but also for the office/inner circle, and for the wall at the city of lights we use a cement deco or we need an artist, how we can do that… yet this is more cheap. Now, and the first floor is ~ 7m high, not much higher, and we get that done, and regarding the wall in the main hall we use golden texture fleece – damascus, like architonic, which looks amazing and fits perfectly and is not so expensive)… and the black white theme by which we make a vortex and other stuff… maybe 20 000 Euro… yea, and then other stuff wherefore I have no idea if I calculate here anything right and maybe it costs more but 1 million Euro or 1,5million Euro… not so wild… when we calculate that the building cannot cost so much… so rather lets have this easy building construction and easily use 1,5 million for the stuff inside… and in fact when we do more stuff on walls along the Cornerstone… make it better… I don’t know what it will cost… OUR BIGGEST ADVANTAGE IS THAT IAM ON THAT PLACE… and all the other stuff we do later… And we don’t pay on a mountain where LC is build a prize like for an apartment in NEW YORK or something more expensive in Vienna… and still people come to that place… THIS IS ALMOST TOO CHEAP FOR ME… but ok… Nomad, you are again funny? Answer, this time I don’t care… I just say, that is what we need… and otherwise I don’t build it… it would not make sense for me!!! ya, with a few millions it gets done.. and the reason why we win so brute… yea because we have all the revelations… and Iam on that place… OK, lets go on, on the side walls in the main hall we have a developed system with some DECOR and SECTIONS… and for sure upon the ceiling, we have to do some stuff… And ya, I have seen that a hall can be built with very good insulation (wall, outside) but also the ground of the building.... now, this project could be made probably with ~ 4 million (with the white steel cosmic egg on the side of the building)… and it would look even really good!!!… And yes I calculate ~ 3 million because of better material etc.. but the lower part of the building is still like a hall with better material and insulation and so also the Satsang room etc… And yes, the SPIRAL STAIRWAY WE MAKE WITH BEGEHBAREN GLASS (WALKABLE GLASS). And the RAILING (Geländer, Linder Metalltechnik) we make in triangle style!!! And we separate it a bit because as there is a WHITE curtain behind the pillars, now there will be also a red curtain (crimson) yet this curtain is pushed open and therefore just fixed on the wall on both sides and so when you go around the corner, ya, before you enter the city of lights, there will be on the left and right side the crimson red curtain (like you know it with a window at home)...ya, we cut just a piece out of the F gallery, and the curtain is complete pushed to the wall… its only for the symbol (silk and crimson). And the ceiling we keep simple in BLUE and put some lights in it, just a cheap plastic on the ceiling… And the 6 chambers are a bit SPECIAL (as mentioned but solutions exist, 3 D floor etc. And make it bow like for the crystal palace and so on), ya, and in the paintings and science convergence chambers we have just white walls… wherefore I can calculate also everything wrong here regarding the prize… I have simple never build something like that… BUT WE WILL BE KNOWN!!! and maybe worldwide… Kindergarten money, and I will not spare because of floor or… it is not so expensive… and we make the prototype…. And for sure we could always say, we miss 1 million… but it cannot go into weird numbers like we are total wrong… and that I wanted to figure out now… And also to check: on one side of the cornerstone along the wall we make sections for our developed system by which every section has its art and etc, and yes, the upper part of the wall is used and the lower part… And also to check: on in the main hall along the left and right walls we make sections for our developed system by which every section has its art, revelations and etc, and yes, the upper part of the wall is used and the lower part… what shall I use for section separation? because with style we could even look better then the Vatican! LOL...Yes, but you will say that the Vatican has so much great architecture… and to this I say, it did became still a bit boring and they operate not with direct revelation and also some of this old pantings are simple not my style but yes they have good stuff and we will not have this or that but much can be accomplished with right style ==> if it is ONLY LUXURY, this stuff gets simple boring, I know it… or we can say, at least to a good degree it gets boring after some while ==> Now, lets go on, how do we make the sections in the main hall? Ya, we separate them with bronze or silver-like interior architecture and Glassteine (glassy stones in remembrance to the ice crystal palace ==> we use littles walls on the right and left side, in a right angle... for the separation of the sections and so we have blue wave glassy stones for the mercury section, yellow ray for Jupiter, green where we have the tree and on the left and right side of the Mars metal wall we use red fire glassy stones. And this little walls on the left and right side in the main hall are just ~80cm broad and so we get this general sections done along the cornerstone! ==> NAY, I calculated it too high for that stuff we use... but addtional things come to it... and then we get that prize... but maybe its done with 4 million... I have no idea... lets forget it... important is that I show the fundament!

93) OK, lets say ~ 230 people in that building or maybe only 180 (because of Corona), but not all people come at the same time and a year has 365 days… and because Iam on that place even more would come… lets use a low number and say 150 x 365 = 55 000 and maybe 10 Euro for adults = 550 000… ok, so you say when it runs good it is paid off in 6 years (because of tax) or when it runs less good maybe only in 12 years… and that is just the MUSEUM… Now, my reader I don’t know what it costs… but it will also serve spiritual people and those who have membership can also get more photos and direct teaching (video conferences etc, part of the anointing because anointing works also via distance yet I neglect not that to be near to someone is unimportant… but just have Jesus in mind, he healed people via distance… read your bible… and understand the non local cup...) and as I said, as soon it is paid off… we lower the prize foor membership… this 5 Dollars or whatever per month… I don’t need to talk any further about it… because I know people in USA who want money and there you must pay for membership… its nothing then a joke… and when anyone bothers me… I throw you just out… go to your other religious people for you don’t know with whom you have it to do... OR LETS SAY IT THAT WAY... when the time fits, I build it... and my people will know me... and they know what they get... and with this other people.... we dont need them... the only problem is how the spiritual ones can find me...

94) And full water baptism is an “ancient ritual”… so we have a well also in the Satsang room and when we have a bigger pool and someone else makes the baptism… now they go around of it and pass by me later and I touch them… and so if we have more members then we make Satsang more via video conference (distance does not always matter so much, non-local cup) but for sure to meet me one time… they want it… now we do that in this way… and then we can do that for 1,5 hours a day or whatever (1,5 hour before museum is closed… so that they can also later make a tour in the museum without all this other visitor… and need not to have fear that the entrance is closed because of too many people… Now, the museum has official open until 6 O clock evening… and I can meet them at the well for 1,5 hours… and later they can check for themselves the museum… until 8 O clock evening or whatever... THATS IT, so we can handle it... and beside that we have some open air stuff and also with music and etc... on some days... ==> And ya, Which means we need also for half of the floor of the Satsang room special bathroom stones (20m, 65 feet long)… and with a nice mosaic and a big nice pool and in the middle of the pool 70 cm (27,5 inch) water depth is enough to dive fully into it…. And the other side of the room we keep for small group science discussion and art discussion and videoconference for Satsang... which means that the Satsang room we can use ~ 6m x 12 - 15m in the second floor… this is ok… this is enough ==> SEE, WE NEED TO PLAN ALL THAT!!!!!! And yes, maybe 70 people could be also still in that Satsang room for discussion… and Corona will not bother us in the upper room because here we have really the stone… and the energies… and this is even better… for we want to have a useful discussion then less people is better… and whoever comes… one day… we have that topic… another day something else...==>My reader, you ask if I believe in water baptism? I say, I will stand there and the water will also react to the energies… but generally the magic is not in the physical water (this water just reacts when someone is in the apocalypse and further this water will remind the initiated person to the heavenly water and so he can better connect) but still we believe in faith… take it by faith… water baptism is a good thing… it can amplify… but faith alone could also do it… So yes, for our members we use the best ambience and we make also water baptism (even with a real big pool and a nice mosaic stone ground or whatever… we see later but it will be nice and it will fit)… and so you understand us…. But the orthodox and catholic say something else! Who cares? And the Protestant speak against infant water baptism… and I say, that I was strong enough to do it by faith and without water baptism (souls eye opening) and we understand the meaning of the water… And Christians always quarrel about his topic… and my members simple understand my testimony and see that I did it all by faith yet we recommend water baptism… above and below and our connection to it…. And we simple do not make discussions about that at LC… give that to the religious people… with their endless quarrel… we are not interested in that… you should accept that as member of LC. And nor can anyone say, ahhh Christ made only physical water holy, this is absurd… they are blind people… THE LITTLE FLAME BURNS IN YOU and WITH WATER you wash the dirt away! And so you learn it at LC… and with faith we take it… and we are simple like kids.

95) in the SCIENCE CHAMBER we have simple another stairway and so they can reach the terrace and near the stairway will be the toilets… simple as that… My only question is for the case I would really build it, that is, that the divine power should remain on one place and if I should live also on that place… And I could also put another office in the Satsang room... 5m x 12m… to take it away from the Sastang room, here some people could sit and work… and the other office will be connected with the bigger inner circle table and then also a kitchen would be on that place… and some couches... wherefore inner circle, here I mean simple those who love LC very much… and for some discussions and etc…. And in the office will be all the revelations, paper work… and etc… And yes another toilette should be in the big office…, just in the corner… and with windows… mean and woman toilette... And when we do it that way, we can separate it when I put another little office in the Satsang room… 5m x ~11-12m, then in the Satsang room we have 50m - ~12m (dome) – 5m (office) = 33m and – ~ 15m for the pool… = ~ 18m x ~11-12m for the video conference and discussions in the Satsang room… … and we have the style of the pool in the background!!!!!!!!… this is enough, we put enough banks into that place… so that enough people can sit, its for science, art, religion discussion and online connection with members… AND THEN WE HAVE ALSO 15m LENGTH FOR COUCHES, INNER CIRCLE TABLE and I have just somewhere a PC… its not too narrow, its spacy… They have access to the little office from the inner circle room and from the Satsang room and depending on the visitor we can just close that door… ==> the batteries for the solar panel I throw into the courtyard, they get their own little house… Yea and we just build a room above the second floor (yet not the whole length) and from there we have also access to the holy grail (from the inner circle room) and the outside design we can check later… not so important… we can make later a fit...theoretically we could put also up there some couches… and then all important visitor are happy, feel like at home… inner circle table at the DOME and couches up there and access to the holy grail… We can make it that way… and science, arts, religion conference we need it not bigger (Satsang room, 70 - 100 people per session, in worst case some people simple stand near the pool…)… And when I would live there, then on the third floor... yet needs not be big… 50m (cornerstone length) – 12m (corner of the stone) – 12m (upper couch room for guest = 10- 12m x 6m, which is not small), and left for me 26 – 28m length and ~ 5 m terrace beside the dome… = ~22m x 6m for living… this is enough… and the big office is quasi below it...with the inner circle table.. This is only a question because of the divine power… if it should reside on that place. ==> NA, what I eamn, when I would stay longer there in full power... then even after Iam gone... something will remain like a little portal... and also such places exist on this planet... and then they can receive visions there or heaven atmosphere comes more easy down and etc. ==> AND also when there are some art pieces or this and that... we have to put that stuff somewhere... so take a bit away from the big office and to have some space... where we can throw stuff... to be a bit flexible... and for the case I would live there... also up in the third floor... possible to throw some stuff... it does not bother me

96) for people with disabilities… ya, just a little elevator at the end of the F gallery… finished

97) I know only Granite and Bambus (also as ultradensity available, hard like stone), thats it, you can do nothing wrong… ok, maybe here or there marmor… but… Nomads Style.. and the Bambus ultra density we get also for 84 Euros per square meter… for the painting and science chamber and etc, and we will have no troubles… and the city of light has its own nature section… that is more cheap, and the only thing which we do in the main hall, yea we build a Mosaik between the two stony tables into the ground and between the table and the aquarium. Ya, and what we use for the dome… just use a black floor… a black ground and the focus is more upon the dome and we take care how we use light in that room… wherefore black fleece is too sterile and I want to have exactly that what they have in cinema, this black floors… whatever material that is… And the garden stones for the city of light, we can also use them in Schuppe formation (scale formation) ==> the trick is we get them second hand and smooth… like abgefahren (like many cars did drive over it or whatever and now it became unruffled or instead we use ceramic like corten oxidum natural etc., but that will change again, I know that already because some artist exist who know how to build the ancient style… then we make it really more ancient), and its general the ANCIENT PATH, NATURE, ANIMAL COVENANT, FOUR ELEMENTS etc. TOPIC… ya and it has also the city of lights… ancient style… like this old ritual places...

98) And if we would really had enough space, only then some Moschusochsen (musk ox) I would have near LC… and some other animals... Musk Ox reached speeds of 50km/hour quite rapidly and when they want to protect someone (calf…), they build a circle and they will stand their ground… and they have no fear of human…. ==> I simple like the ancient style about them! ==> and Iam not sure because when we would had some horses, some people could also go for a little ride… it depends all on the parcel… but when I look now on it… this is really not so small… and Iam not sure if I even build it… and yes, we can skip the musk ox… this is only an idea… for the case… we would buy later more land and it would be possible… I simple know what people attracts… but then again someone would like had a little restaurant there… ==> Therefore: LC = LIQUID CRYSTAL, LOGIACOLUMN, letter 12 and 3, LOGIA and COVID (corona, crown and word)!!! ==>>> wherefore we have now also a superfantastic LAYOUT at LC which endures (to a real better degree)… And even when I build it not.. the idea lives on… and just to check the chambers… its good for my reader… he can imagine himself into it… And above all I don’t want to write a boring book…. Nay… we do something “extraordinary”… stuff like that makes fun.

99) If we want to change something, then we must admit that it has also general to do with the SENSE of VALUES… thats why LC.. Media cannot fix that… they want to give us ERZIEHUNG and make most of time just garbage...And ya, we in Austria did not succeed to conquer the world but we changed the world and later in hunger and cold we learned the hard lesson and today people only need to show KZ photos (Jews in camps)… and if you say Iam wrong then I remind you to: U.S. Scientists' Role in the Eugenics Movement (1907–1939): A Contemporary Biologist's Perspective, Steven A. Faber… and we could add even other papers (and look upon some other countries)… anyway… Our most difficult question is regarding development… can we say today that Austria is better off or is it even a terrible question which no one should ask? My answer is, we should never say: do bad so that good follows and further as we know, when much goes wrong then it always ends in a disaster… so also hunger and cold for Austrians by which many died… now but did we grow up? The answer is yes… but also other countries learned… There is a clear difference when a country has some stuff behind them… and that is hard to neglect… and today we watch countries and cycles (so also depravity, greed, and this and that) and we see some differences… My answer would be… some make simple bigger failures, yet maybe later they become better… something will stay… justification we do not use… we can only look upon it as cycles and failures and lessons… like what we see in small things… learn your lesson… we see it in bigger things… thats also a rule of Musashi which is not wrong, check the tiny things and hidden things and then look also upon the bigger things… And media cannot fix it… they are mixed with pink & brain and they loose balance… or etc… and my book shows you… that both can be kept… the mineral bubble bottle (equality) and balance with a nation should be kept… whether too much into this or that direction… and then also we must check the timeline… and etc.

100) Saturn is in the bible, Amos 5:26, Kaiwan or Chiun, and in Babylonian it would be Sakkuth (slowest moving planet)… Isaiah 65:11 greater and lesser fortune typified throughout the east by Jupiter and Venus, Gad and Meni… Isaiah 46:1 Neba (corresponds to Greek Hermes) as Mercury...and MY BIRTHDAY DATE AGAIN: 2Kings 17:30 Kutha, Nergal as MARS!!! ==>>> and as some people worshipped the sun or the moon, ya so also the seven planets… yet we who know the divine reality know the deeper meaning of the seven planets, seven metals… BOOK OF REVELATION MOVIE!!! ==> STUDY it for yourself… LC rules

101) Nomad, last question, what is with the Zodiak and the 4 Elements which we simple would use a bit for self reflection and also generally to figure out which element is prevalent in a person? Answer, this belongs to the thrid degree, Satsang session, and it will be in the Satsang room… And ya, we have the mountains at LC but no sea, yet I have now figured out that we have some professionals in Austria who build really good swimming ponds… so we can avoid a swimming pool and build a bigger pond… and they look also fantastic. And the foil can endure nowadays up to 30 years… and we could have really a bigger pond. Then we can have some apple trees, even figs (should work) and much other stuff… and then we test some stuff in the apocalypse and reactions of plants… the ground shall be healed… seven spirits governing wheel… this is even in the bible.

102) In Austria we do also say Atemfluss (breath (pneuma) river) or magnetischer Fluss (magnetic river) etc. !!! and therefore we point to the flow and also our language reveals it… and so it is also with the SACRED RIVER, we call it simple river… and so we have it in the book of revelation (fountain and RIVER or RIVERS) and the same we can say about the garden of Eden, and many other OT prophetic sayings… And at LC we will have a piece of art which we will call THE SEVENFOLD SACRED RIVER yet more I do not write here about it… because its art at LC and we have already enough revealed… ==> and further we have people who studied LINGUISTICS and similar stuff… now… I guess we will see some of them at LC!!! so also regarding the PROTO-INDO-EUROPEAN LANGUAGE… especially when Iam back in the apocalypse and by having the eternal word. And ya, today they want to get that done with artifical intelligence… to study all the texts and find similarities… language etc… its even an EU project… but fully they will never get it… the same old folly… And guess what? WE HAVE A SCIENCE CHAMBER AT LC!!! wherefore as I said we use the word science in a more broad meaning… whatever can be studied… Amos 5:24 Away with the noise of your songs! I will not listen to the music of your harps But let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream! ==> happy are those who sing the NEW SONG ==> and dare not to say that LC is a sect, you can study the whole building via HOLY WRIT!!!… And yes, in USA they also have the word FLUX or FLOW (but in our language its the same word as river)

103) Eigenlob stinkt sagt man in Österreich, now then I have a solution, I will not openly put both hands down when making our hand sign! MM

104) When it is about marketing and advertisement for LC, how do you describe visitor? Ya, they are simple illegal aliens on my ground who belong to the old earth yet still I will be nice to them… But Nomad… theoretically we have all the same kernel? Thats right…

105) And well or fountain can mean: Brunnen or Brünnlein, Ursprung, Vertiefung or Senke, Quelle, Quell, Bohrloch, URQUELL (do you see?, URQUELL (original or primary source, wellspring, fountainhead), therefore lets not forget our secret mineral water!, by which Nomad became famous in this world).. And as we know, the place where he has found this secret water, ya, definitive he found it in Nomads land… Can you give me a map? Do you have a Navi? I have google maps! Ok, write into it: IBIDUMM

106) BOOK OF REVELATION: the MIGHTY ANGEL (earth illuminated by his splendor, we know the crystal earth and our star light being in God), now, for that MIGHTY ANGEL BABYLON IS FALLEN as we read in Revelation 18:1,2 as and also it goes on and in present perfect tense it is written: she has become a dwelling for demons, unclean birds, dreadful beast (animal) etc. SEE, how blind this people are who do not see the movie! And he says: COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE… And they live in the land of forgetfulness and thats why they will still try to win this war (armageddon) but 21 century religion will loose it because it is written: the LOGOS of GOD has the victory… ===> But Nomad why does the angel STAND in the SUN (Revelation 19:17)? Answer, in the same way as they stand upon the sea of GLASS (Revelation 15:2) so the angel stands in the sun and LIGHT IS REFLECTED ON THE MIRROR (this phenomenon is also called convergence)… and as we have our KNIGHT with the two FIRE RINGS on his feet at LC so also we will have art by which someone stands on a GOLDEN SHIELD- PLATE (golden earth, illuminated earth, and the silver-moon is that which is rendered visible)… Wherefore we do that with a SECOND KNIGHT AT LC (together with KRONOS and the word CONVERGENCE) and this is also HIGH ART which belongs to LC!!!!!!!

107) The moon governs the night, so the Master says, I stand in the sun, and this is the fullness of the DAY (last day, and then the sun will not smite me by day nor the moon by night, glorious eternal light, having God for my glory)...) LISTEN AGAIN TO THE MASTER AND TREMBLE: when the sun is turned into darkness… gold to silver… the moon into blood (worthless earth, dying - so also the complexity and the colors with it, dark earth)… I see a famine yet not a famine of food or a thirst for water, but a famine of hearing the words of the Lord. ==> now then as I said, we have on the wall also the two edged flaming sword with the moon on one side and on the other the sun… so far so good ==> spiritual reflections from the LOGOS of God ==> W.F. STONESTREET: The bright, generous youth grows into the hard and selfish man; the frank, sympathetic, and lovable spirit shrivels up into the narrow, suspicious, grasping, and unloving seeker after self. A process of transmutation goes on, but not of baser metal into gold, but of gold into copper or bronze. This incident is a picture of this decline from high principle to something less noble and unselfish; it is the emblem of that change too common with us, from gold to brass. (versus the golden shining shields which decorated the courts of justice at Solomons reign) ==> wherefore not to get confused, we have still the seven metals… so its also about how they are metals, seven planets… transmutation and so on. And yes, we use both at LC, the SECOND KNIGHT will stand upon the golden shield (also to refer to the sun) but and also we put some gold on his forehead (illumination of the mind)… and further we are not interested in their cheap religious ideas and like that we could not have also our God given artisitic expressions at LC ==> and this fits also perfect because as you remember we have another sculpture which has a stony head… and pouring oil on the top of a stone… oil as the material essentiality… and we have our golden earth (crystal earth) and superfantastically we have the watery stone in the aquarium and many other things which can by no means be mentioned in this book... Ya, and correct: “Originally” and mainly bronze [Venus] described alloys with tin [Jupiter]... Austria: Bronze und Zinn. And you know the saying: Es liegt Liebe in der Luft – there is love in the air (and remember also the better music in the air)…ya, and bronze has a very good corrosion resistance (sea water resistant). And about lead [Saturn] it is said that it can make you mad… Austria: Blei.., Lewis Carrol: The mad hatter and Alice in wonderland, Austria: verrückte Hutmacher, Quecksilbervergiftung, mad hatter, erethismus mercurialis… and the fearful or stressed rabbit runs around with a clock in his hand (Kronos)… O dear! o dear! I shall be too late!

108) Nomad, for air and thought we have the helmet with the wings on it like we see it with Asterix and Obelix (Gaulish warriors). Answer, and I must say, also I smoked a bit in my life (wherefore cigarettes are no narcotics), and I smoked red Gauloises and on that package we see also the helmet with the wings. Now, ok, we have the stony head sculpture at LC but why do we still keep it? Answer, we have also wisdoms glass by which the earth remains immoveable (founded the earth by wisdom) and then we would have also heaven (established the heavens, in our case we call it also ABODE OF GOD). And what we also know, we still need fire as separator, and similar we have spoken about understanding and differentiation into particulars (understanding works together with differentiation into particular, fixed and volatile, unity and diversity, see divine vision). Ya, and finally we also need water... And therefore, we will have the TWO KNIGHTS and also this other sculptures at LC yet also about the AIR and the music in the air we will find a solution. What we use at LC, that will be similar to a native Indian who has many feathers on his head (or in his hair), it will be a sculpture which has roundabout many many many feathers on his head and also the explanation to it will be given, as you remember we have all the golden plates at LC upon which something is inscribed (revelation, explanation)… And yes, make a check: ouranous, air or heaven, abode of God and the kingdom of heaven is a spiritual kingdom (with our heavenly water, spirit and water)

109) The clear reference points (which are very real), I can only check them in the apocalypse, yet we know already some stuff, air as habitation etc, fire as separator etc. (and so we have also our hammer at LC), water, the divine which seeks to manifest… density and fixity – watery stone - glass… darkness and light (shine like the stars)…oil [over the helmet] and so on and we know that it is sevenfold and trine (with intermediates)… bla bla bla ==> it must fit with the LOGOS… because it is called DIVINE REALITY… we cannot just invent something on our own… it must fit!!!!!! KINGDOM NOT SHAKEN ==> JOACHIM NEANDER (1680, Bremen Germany): Heaven and earth, and sea and air, All their Maker's praise declare; Wake, my soul, awake and sing: Now thy grateful praises bring. See the glorious orb of day Breaking through the clouds his way; Moon and stars with silvery light Praise Him through the silent night. See how He hath everywhere Made this earth so rich and fair; Hill and vale and fruitful land, All things living, show His hand. Lord, great wonders workest Thou! To Thy sway all creatures bow; Write Thou deeply in my heart What I am, and what Thou art. ==> wherefore we must also say that Schiller did “fight” a lot to get it right and he changed his stuff again and again, a bit here and there… ==> and my POETS at LC need a correct fundament!!!

110) Iam born in Steyr!!! You are the illegal immigrants (old earth) and still Iam nice to you… so be nice to me! as it is written: treat others as you would want them to treat you (golden rule yet also not allow it to get fooled) ==> Postleitzahl (post code) 4400 Steyr and so also in my passport, and 4 + 4 = 8, we have the first birth and second birth… and Nomad is born of God

111) Lets say it that way, the purpose of LC is to channel it towards the right direction ==> LC, another name = LOGIACHANNEL

112) Someone will say, you get a big sentence at LC because you don’t allow homosexual to enter the building! Answer, I don’t know what you fear… and I have not said that… I have just spoken about male and female energies and how I see it… And the state is not our parents and we don’t say to kids: choose and maybe we suggest that to be a transvestite is now modern and you should try it… about which I say, that is garbage and you should get a sentence… regarding such an attempt... And for sure I exaggerate now a bit, but its like this funny thing, make women to hyper-feminist (way above what is normal), indoctrinate them from small on that a transvestite is the best choice (for which you should be punished), use even media and Hollywood and later give them a chip and the state is your parents… and decadent animal music serves us also and transhumanism and beside that little shocks will do the rest… for if they are be a bit traumatized then we could manipulate them even a bit better...ya, and not to forget give them narcotics like Cannabis… make them dull… and unfounded… NOW, this will not happen, the hunt has begun… we change that… and such a society cannot endure… and the google CEO will be searched out in USA… for the case now we change how information is channeled… for it is also mainly about information… and who is in charge… and people become suspicious, so also with censorship and etc. Revelation 17:14 These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them: for he is Lord of lords, and King of kings: and they that are with him are called, and chosen, and faithful ==> for it is even a bigger problem that many of them have a pure transhumanism philosophy, you will understand that in the bat chapter of this book… ya, and they just sell it all as progress… Nay, we must find a right balance… and this includes some rights… and we should have a society which is productive and innovative… ==>>> vice versa authoritarian moves will appear… thats what you get when you don’t listen to me… wherefore you will not win… but I know its not just simple this or that… but also general a spiritual problem… and I believe that LC could endure long, and we will check later our future city vision… and yes, there will always be something to make better, and others will come after me…and it goes on... BUT… I tell you… we can become much better… it is possible… ==> YA, we know all this MIND GAMES… the Elite became senseless to us… it does not even fully work any longer… they are Dinosaurus… and don’t get it… THEY ARE FOOLS… and like Brave new world revisited is a perfect book for them… wherefore also about that book we speak later ==> AND NO WE NEED NOT A WAR WITH CARNAL WEAPONS... nicht unbedingt... whatever war... THE WAR IS ALSO IN YOUR MIND... AND THE HIGHER RATIONALITY WINS... we speak later about the book of revelation and the angelic perspective...

113) When the lions in your dreams walk with you and you don’t fear them… and you have joy with them… good for you

114) There will be never an Elite which keeps the population just dumb or makes them dumb and stays itself as superintelligent… no, and about such scenarios… many books got written… ya, but they cant fully escape the dark fire grid and at one point they drive also more insane… All that and many other scenarios I have massive explained in my book… And thats why I build LC openly… And yes, some agendas yet with the population we need right balance…

115) LC I would build with SOLAR… and maybe even with ERWÄRME with a security tool because of fluctuations so that the pump never goes in OVER-DRIVE… => and this is very well possible… with a right calculation and minimum requirement (when almost no people are in the building)… and solar wall ==> I don’t speak about PHOTOVOLTAIK regarding the wall… LC will have its own special wall and yes I know PREFA ALUMINIUMFASSADE (vorgehängte hinterlüftete Fassade – back ventilated curtain facade, VHF, no Schimmel (mildew) possible) and I could also use ROCKWOOL Dämmstoff (STEINWOLLE, for me best, PASSIVE HOUSE STANDARD: 30cm thick!!!, insulation material)… but yes I prefer fully something like that yet there are some further heat energy storage possibilities… wherefore I guess I can do it with KASKADE (cascades)… using the VHF facade and in-between a special designed Wabenstruktur (solar comb, weaves structure)… and for sure we also need to check the sun, winter and summertime… (and yes, I found the company: THE HOUSE, die Zukunft des Wohnens… I guess that was the company of my brother and later they divided… or maybe its a branch of it, my older brother invented the honey comb wall… to store sun heat in the facade, helps much in winter time and cool enough in summer time… and I worked their as a kid ~ 27 years ago… 13 years old, checked the temperature, different material etc...) ==> wherefore this would be efficient enough for me but when I think again about it, ya for LC I would skip it and just keep the VHF...… and in future other structures will exists which will make it even more efficient regarding the facade… ==> it would really cost around 3-4 million Euro with ca. 10 ERDWÄRMESONDEN (maybe 120m depth)… ==> No problem for me… less people are interested… and I would only build it in GREEN STYLE ==> and I need not to build it and the vision remains.. but if someone is interested later, we will see… but even with 5 million and over a 7 years time-period, ya and with the museum its still lucrative… because it will remain as the resurrection temple where Gods atmosphere resides… and I want to calculate it as every other common person… and so again its interesting... and it is built upon durability and energy efficient… and inside we can make all kind of updates… and also the upper room will attract many people… and the FASSADE (facade), what I use outside that is, white glass mosaic (like the Luwoge/Gewoge-Dienstleistungszentrums in Ludwigshafen, System Verotec Futur, einer hinterlüfteten Vorhangfassade mit Trägerplatten aus Blähglasgranulat==> And also to add, the FRONT-CORNER of the STONE has to be made a bit ROUND (round around the corner) so that it fits much better to nature with the holy grail… therefore the main challenge will be the Holy Grail which must fit to the architecture. (the HOLY GRAIL with the red table which is also the HAMMER and the KEY, we cant skip that)…. wherefore when the CORNER is round, now the grail will go along with that… that is already better. And more or less the GRAIL with the tunnel must fit together with the DOME… there must be a component which makes an aesthetic connection… And for sure we have spoken about the fractal infinite design upon the grail tube yet it is clear now that we must here also use the fleece… and still can do that… Wherefore for the PROTOTYPE the whole dimension of the building could be also made a bit smaller, but then less people would enter… I let that open… and its for me mainly the vision for the prototype… But I guess we need it… and yes for fun I keep the Kangaroo near the wall upon the cube entrance (we make bigger jumps forward, and include nature, wildlife… and the other will be left behind, we move on), and its about the Spirit (the grail and dome, alchemy etc.) and its about science… And therefore now we see that here is still something missing according to the building because the main topic is SPIRIT, NATURE, SCIENCE... so what are we adding for science? ==> wherefore here I must also add that during and after Hitler we have lost much creativity… Vienna and etc. was a place for top scientist… later that changed!!! Now, yet what do I use for LC? I guess Erwin Schrödinger: “We are thus faced with the following question: Why should an organ like our brain, with the sensorial system attached to it, of necessity consist of an enormous number of atoms, in order that its physically changing state should be in close and intimate correspondence with a highly developed thought?” ERWIN SCHRÖDINGER… and where do I put this quote? I guess the Lindworm alone upon the tunnel would so or so look too corny and so I put this quote to it… and we will have just a little LINDWORM... and we make that simple in gold or silver, ya, the tunnel(bridge) is in black colour… And too much colour I don’t want to have as we have also the blue glassy wall with the huge ARCANE SYMBOL… up there on the terrace side… But Nomad, must it be a KANGAROO? Answer, this fits best, my Kangaroos hear my voice… and if you want I can put a bit sand around the building, ya, this makes it then even more STYLISH. And ya, so that the 21 century religious people can proudly say that my house is build upon sand yet they do not know that the sand represents the people (wherefore Marmorsplit Gold Ocker from Obi (or…? yet its better when it looks also a bit like sand, ya this would be enough, can also be mixed), something like that, the decisions here can only be made when the landscape is seen together with the building)... ==> and ya, more I do not reveal here  about LC... I show you just a little bit of what I have in mind... enough

Sand around.png

116) Clarity means that you can distinguish for yourself which is the proper direction to take… and to accomplish whatever you want... and then you don’t need to believe anyone… and you figure it out for yourself… And for sure we have here different steps and a ladder… yet we are not a dead letter company at LC….

117) Additional thoughts: Und habe Ich noch nicht gesehen, und Österreich im Vorhof mit der Zeit und Ochse, schaut auch aus wie NUMMER 9, weil die Zahlen habe Ich auch etwas eingebaut... ==> Ich schätze Ich benötige noch die Webseite während Ich LC baue oder wäre besser, etwas übersichtlicher... muss Ich noch hinzufügen

THE VIRTUAL TOUR WILL ALSO HAVE SOME ADVENTURE TYPE LIKE STUFF... like opening a book possible... about the philosopher stone etc., yet LC will get paid off via virtual tour alone... ~ 9 Euro but upcoming updates are included and put directly on the website... so that they can check it out...


Finally, the LOGIACOLUMN BUILDING will be in the new nature reservoir in Austria

==> all the innovations come from me ==> to get the huge area etc...,

as also mentioned in the "science chapter" [at they very end], just scroll down.

===> at the end the fence is the fence of the reservoir!!!

And maybe a mini ice age comes 2030?, so we can build a ramp, snowboard fun!

The Snow Leopards will like it! König der Berge. And therefore lets explain it for the US WEF Club

You could use any interpretation, thats the end I have only figured out

that the dark fire stuff with the Satellite is true (see 7 questions) for any other stuff

we would need a proof! and every year they spoke about pandemy

Tweets 2.png

And Lifi is the future - light is more fast, later it works even with Handy, Laser lamps (everything else in nature stays free from harm)

You see it only later and you do not find everything with google... you need to study it deeply... and even cars will later work...Lidar

And later every ~ 100m mmWave 5G, build your own grave, complete IDIOTS, SCUMBAGS

Master Poesy: Pigs  (Bild von Pexels auf Pixabay)


Master Poesy: Oaks, in 20 years we will have many acorns in Austria (Bild von Kevan Craft auf Pixabay)


Master Poesy: Snow Leopards (Bild von Michelles Photgraphy auf Pixabay)


INFO: Sorry, for the Blog, you have to use your browser to translate it in english, not all blogs are written in english. Wherefore this Blog got still written during our little fights etc. we had, ya, I had to tell it the government, and ya, US WEF angry about me and so on.

And yes they played around with Satellite (seen in the other Blogs)!!! and but everyone in UK speaks already about Pfizer Gate (April 2023), 

and in Austria 1/3 goes fully against them, and additional 10 percent dont like it...bla bla bla


======> and YES, already now this BASTARDS want to mix mRNA (VAX) into cow milk!!!! so you can imagine the CHAOS which will come

(its like forced vaccination)

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Betreff: Jetzt zeige Ich euch das letzte Puzzle Stück

­1.3 LC building | Logiacolumn (
just scroll down, ganz runter
und jetzt daher ENDE mit ALLEM (auch emails), finished!
und LMA an den Rest

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Betreff: Eines noch, ihr habt es gesehen, Wolken in Österreich

­UN sitzt im April (2023) ein RUSSE... ist besser mit Wolken und Wetter bei uns aber vielleicht nur Zufall?
Und USA 5 Jahres Geoengineering Plan (wird im Archiv von CNN gefunden)
vielleicht ein wichtiger Hinweis... um die Hunde zu erkennen


THIS CHAPTER IS FINISHED HERE, only the Blog remains & Videos

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