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Contrary Sphere and Cube

I have not thought about it, let us not just think about line and circle...

but a Sphere just rolls easy on the ground and a Cube ist most stable! so that is for sure a hint regarding the contrary!

And then when we imagine a CROSS in the CUBE, we have 6 directions and the middle point = 7

And in some way we can say, ok Ratio... but Fire & Air [more active] versus Earth & water [more passiv], light & darkness ==> wherefore the reference points, this is for the seven last questions also mentioned at the end of the divine science chapter, and would be written in symbolic language upon the pillars.

But that is not everything, it must be also a double whorl, like expansion and contraction (back to the formless point) in the perfect Equilibrium, interconnected with all Spheres [light on one side, darkness on the other side, and but also eternal wheel with its seeking, can only write it down step by step] ===> I can only check it in the divine vision, before that my mind is too slow


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