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Yes, its about products & evaluation (3 things as you see it in the flag, scroll down divine science) and with a Transmutation day = fix the price for all products (price tags will be electronically yet environmental friendly)... and with Digi Codes (small things and the whole like a car, the parts and the car as a whole) and etc., directed evolution and money no longer just in the center (check nature versus Black magic), its triple holistic!

Kairokuklus, translate it, Greek?

Politician are parallel to the wheel

and the Hologramm Cube shows where we are!

There exists a bit dark fire in nature but its ok with the directed evolution! I do not need AI, I need only Philosophy and Divine vision...but Iam sure that AI will tell you that Iam right with this 3 things (about products)... and then they plan it also from the get go!

and tooooooooooo much bureaucracy avoided (just stinks)

Z currency because Russian kill you for the case if I would need to stand before a JUDGE (and land afterwards in prison :-) but also because of the OMEGA point (Z)

I made a joke - Russian... but they would not be happy...

everyone sees it!!! and the LEOS are a big SIGN! they have also

a nature reserve for them!

And yes, you read on the FLAG, ETGA Wheel... ya, I would have a place in Vienna for that stuff, and the WHEEL I would made Yellow/white glistening & Black... according to divine vision... and but also the leading ETGA products are displayed upon that wheel!... and it remembers us a bit to bees... another hint, symbolic language!

And the Hologramm will be calculated with AI... and HEALTH/ECONOMY/NATURE... you know... its easy to see the GOAL... adjustment!... but even the red list I include... because its easy done with the nature reserve! and pesticides are gone because the TECH is here like for example a scanner on a tractor (targeted spraying) + other innovations!

And the ETGA system will accomplish it that the water will be way more clean, also here the innovations are already here.... what we could use... and it goes on... but you know this stuff is for another BLOG (and category), and I just tell you here that BLACK ROCK is senseless and I have to show it to you!

...but still tell me about the CUBE!

Answer: The CUBE I would build like a huge or big Halit and one Side with glass (translucent) so that people can look into it...I mean, also from the outside!...The Hologramm in the cube: ZOOM IN & ZOOM OUT should be possible!

VERSUS about me: Yes The light was so bright I couldn't look into it.


LATER WE GO ON (HERE), when I have fund some time:


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