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Seven last questions

Aktualisiert: 27. Nov. 2022

The final question, the last 7 questions about the stone

From point 38, Points to check or confirm or to find out in the apocalypse, 1) all are one (birth of one spirit results from the cooperation of all the seven) but still does light act most fast in the vision? – ratio (poles and opposites), and also regarding the womb of the earth, how do we see it???, 2) coolest point at the convergence point, quicksilver - mirror??? 3) three KEYS, ancient six directions with its center in the cube??? … and therefore general we have to check the reference positions regarding the sevenfold (including hot, cool, wet and dry circle) and 4) where the FLASH hits the glass is it really a four square (mirror), perfect shape, equilateral square or just a quadrangle or a Phytagorean triple (3,4,5 etc.)??? and 5) is love (marriage, magnetic) the center of it, does a middle exist like we see it with the menorah??? and 6) is AIR or FIRE the most fine element??? and 7) color check, cool colors, warm colors, aura and in general??? and then we have our fundament and to be able to explain the light skin, fragrance, age 25, eyes which see more colours, the translucent realm… higher awareness… why we are more fast (and moving in harmony with nature)… panacea… why we do not freeze when running around naked in winter time???… DNA???… why that superjoy and inner peace???… why divine wisdom and enlightened understanding, clarity???... etc. ==> without it you can build no THEORY(theo-logian) regarding the sevenfold in the triadic!!!

Diese Fragen werden später beantwortet


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