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Aktualisiert: 30. Mai 2023

Annotation: when a new Blog shows up then the last Blog received its final update

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Go Pro 9 and Iam no longer in politics>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Today, now I have to say yesterday I bought a GO PRO 9, for FUN, in Wiener Neustadt [Media Markt], which I should call old city...anyway... 20 minute discussion with this guy, this person who sells that stuff... and he was a bit too loudmouthed yet a nice guy... has a fireblade and says 300 he drives with it... and everything perfect with the camera! and so I had to test him on all level... and you can also use that cam under water, maybe tomorrow I throw it into the river... and then later a YT video... and but he said for salt water it needs an extra proection which you can buy... like in Croatia and diving etc.

And now I will focus really upon LC [inclusive afterlife]... more washed out = becomes really important for us... and the other stuff no longer of interest, ya, I do not even watch any longer politics on TV nor read media... and my philosophy is clear, and I dont see any chance for them by looking at the FD and if that stuff breaks in 1 year or 10 years or... whatever... just watch USA... and ya Iam real about it: I have ZERO TRUST... but that is true for many like they must do their own thing (here I get my food, there I get... but... and so on)... and because and also too much corruption today and supercapitalism end in USA... the list is long!

Here you become but also crazy, 3hour? charging time with GO PRO 9 and that USB cable... and then what? 50 minutes with 4K videos and charge it again!

And I focus more upon FUN... first of all a river test

GOPRO9 setting:

1) Not 5K but 4K and 60Fps (so you can turn the camera more fast)

2) Not wide or superwide because you would mess up a close distance video and with superwide you loose quality,

in the same way use linear but NOT linear + Horizon leveling

3) I keep the Shutter (Verschluss) on Auto (its good enough and you could mess up fully the light, also with 1/120)

4) I keep also white balance on Auto mode (its good enough)

5) ISO min 100 and ISO max 800 (right now, higher ISO maybe get a noise (Rauschen)

6) Never use Hyper Boost but just the normal (middle) stabilization because you would loose again quality

7) FLAT color but other people maybe like GOPRO color

8) Turn Wind off so that the micro works better

9) HVEC compression in setting, need less Mb

10) Bitrate on Standard, yet some people like more bits but you would need ~ 40percent more MB and the difference is not so big... rather use 4K and not 2,7K, better light etc...

Maybe today I test it in the river

With the VIDEO TEST you see how I change fully the situation, half indoor and turn it fast around!!!

And RUMBLE seems to be better with the quality, have to check it again:

change the setting on rumble to 1280x720 , O no the full setting was not ready on Rumble!!!, now I have 1920x 1080 and 3840 x 2160, clear.... wherefore it seems the 1920x 1080 is good enough

O No, strange right now Youtube looks also not so bad, yet you do not need 4K on YT, 1440 is good enough!!! (setting) and who knows what monitor you have etc., anyway its good enough, its perfect

Therefore with Superbike and so on it should also work good...

And the Handy App I do not use... its worthless for me,

...and YES, 1920x 1080 you should have with your monitor or most people

And for underwater surely you have to change the white balance manually

And as I see it, its a 70 percent thing... because the naked eye sees much more details... but good enough

...anyway the most EASY camera... maybe should test it also with higher bitrate

wherefore now we have 32 seconds and 235 MB

I test it also with higher Bitrate:

Again 32 seconds but with higher Bitrate

and Youtube

but also Youtube messes it up a bit, coding...

32 seconds = now 388 MB, that is way more!!!!

My conclusion, its not worth because you need way more MB but the difference is marginal...

Therefore I stay with STANDARD Bitrate

and thats it

And I would say around 2033 you would have a more REALITY real camera (with more details),

and until 2033... its good enough, a toy! and the best thing is you look at trees and check details!!!!

And also today not everyone turns the YT setting to 4K... so for the next 5 years... not in need for another camera!

I guess NO... they get not much done... and it would become interesting with 10K or whatever and then again 9K more perfect like now we see it with 4K and 5K... and a monitor you should have at least for 5 Years!!! everything else is a bit insane.

And outside this Camera is perfect and INDOOR too much noise... and yes with a software you could reduce noise [afterwards] but first its still not perfect and secondly who wants to do that work? Therefore as Webcam or something like that... only with a window in front of you!!!

And the GoPro color is no longer natural... we would need 15 or 20 percent more colorful!

BUT tHAT YOU DO WITH AN FILTER!!! so something to accomplish very easy

and then PERFECT! (color grade Go Pro footage)

Use FLAT color and later GoPro Studio (free, gratis) and then make the fit with the color... 3 minute work!

I will upload later the same Video with Color grade!

And GoPro Studio is not too professional... simple stuff

Sh+t, the HVEC file gets problems with Go Pro Studio

Maybe need first a converter

Then first I check VSDC Editor instead of GoPro

BINGO, that works, VSDC VIDEO Editor (for free)

and just put first the size into it, 4K and 16:9...

And stay around the MIDDLE which is ZERO, dont use too much!

And start with the Contrast (Kontrast), around + 9

and maybe brightness (Helligkeit) - 3

THERE IS ONE IMPORTANT THING ABOUT VSDC, you have to put in the SIZE and now I see also the format:

use Youtube = MP4

otherwise you get troubles with some other formats... and very important you can keep HVEC compression!!!

and the size went further down to 200MB

Now, I just upload the Video, only thing which I did was "AUTOMATIC contrast"! VERY GOOD! show you!

First Youtube

and now Rumble

Quite ok, one day work to to get it done, and with VSDC it would be 2minute work!!!

And for sure you could perfect it with VSDC... but for just now its ok and later some little things to find out and thats it

and it takes a while, ~ 5 minutes until the 1920 size shows up in the setting of Rumble

NOW, lets check it... and use that size... maybe 5 percent it should be less colorful but its ok!

FOR tHE QUALITY we have right now, it is like ok to watch it on the SCREEN in the size like an A4 paper, my last Word regarding that topic! And we do also not use the full SCREEN when we watch Youtube or Rumble etc...

And yes in the Blog its a bit smaller

And the color is quite ok and with the fast panning shot (Schwenk), and in the morning it was a bit more blue....

and the few percent, to have a minmal Style in that video... not so bad and yes I need one day to figure it out because I never worked with camera, videos etc.

One thing we miss, to put some ~ 3 minutes Videos together, also possible with VSDC??? I have to check it

ITS A ONE SECOND JOB, WHEN YOU START A NEW PROJECT, correct the file size & format as we already have written it down, and then what you import,

1) just select more videos at once and then you have it directly side by side, put together!

And you just have to click on both "scenes" and correct the contrast

And a picture you can also add or some words

And to get back, just click on the top the Button: "alle Effekte entfernen" = most fast

And always select your video, for example that "Videoeffekte" or "Audioeffekte" etc. does work, to be able to use it...

often GoPro is not loud enough, what you need to do, go to Audio effect, then amplitude and "Lautstärke" and then on the right side you are able to increase DB...

2) around 10 DB is ok

And to add a picture, you have it on the right side, and then in German:

"Von der Cursor Option" to for example: "Position an Elterndauer ausrichten" and Enposition (whole length)

yet with a TEXT you have to click afterwards upon the Video and write the TEXT

With that you could "seal" your videos like to write in the corner:

3) In my case I would not add a text but use a picture, and therefore delete again the Youtube Wasserzeichen

=====> a bit complicated and we do not want to waste time because you must add a picture and then on the top you have to click the TOOL Button and change the Opazität to 32 percent or whatever, yet you always want to have the same size and it should be on the same place, and I stay rather with 25 percent because it shall not mess up the video

===> Koordinaten I find, we could use that one, just copy and paste BUT not the size

====> does anyone fool me here or what? I cant change the size manually with Numbers but Iam able to click undo it and then I have 1370 size ===> it was like a TOTAL hit... because now I changed the size in paint, so you can do it

And I guess I put it into the left corner and on the top, and so it goes fast

4) Then you can add the Equalizer, yet you have to scroll down on the right side and then click "Equalizer Einstellungen"

and then you have "Benutzerdefinierte Auflöser" And then you could use for example: "LIVE" ====> I guess LIVE fixes the problem!!!!

5) I use "Auto Contrast" but then on the right side I go down 10 percent = to 90 percent with transparency (Transparenz), and then perfect!

Therefore later I upload again the same Video and then it shall be fine

And so far I guess a 3minute JOB to get it done

Its really a bit for perfection with the 10 percent transparency but could be also 15

==> at the end on YT and Rumble I figured out that I will use 7

Anyway, thats it, will be a 3 minute Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats the important thing

And in that size, HVEC, you get not a lot of stuff, right now!!! so its the Jackpot, Iam sure its not bad!!!

And for sure its also about the prize... to get most done

And for that VIDEO I dont need the 90 percent transparency... maybe for other videos = FINAL CONCLUSION, because with THAT CAMERA SETTING its quite ok

with that you have a MINIMAL!!!! Style, and still real!!!! its up to YOU!

And there is a little difference between RUMBLE and Youtube, for RUmble the 10 percent look perfect!

Lets give a F+ck, I just put it 7 percent down on all VIDEOS and finish

And I do no longer watch politics yet check that 1080 sh+t quality video

Was a mistake, dont want to watch it any longer... because then I check OE24 video and...

= WORST... and then to see them all... its END here...

but I had to know... what quality they have...

wobei ja Petra macht sich gut, sympathisch vernünftig, ausgleichend, aber bei mir ist es vorbei...

sie hat mich überstanden :-)

And Yes, to convert it does cost you 5 minutes (8 minute video or something like that)... but ou can do something else... and the other stuff if you are fast... just a minute... thats really ok

And you can buy a small TRIPOD (Stativ) with 3 legs, ca. A4 length and but the legs are flexible, so you could use a branch from a tree and put it upon it... just turn the leg around it... I guess 25 Euro, all in all 300 Euro with SD card!

And yes with Report 24 because now I had seen Oe24, good show with the police at the Gericht!!!

With me you would need COBRA, not such a cheap show!

...and if you are a bit outside, it could be used for some TV shows on YT... its a fast thing, just have it with you, its small and later fine tuning... for "social" media etc.,

...and now I would need again a Ninja, a bit a problem...

WHAT is with GoPRo 11??? Answer in close distance no difference (because of the difference, lense etc.)... and yes it should have 17 percent more pixels but forget it... yet for sure a bit more smooth when someone uses the Boost stabilization stuff... which I do not need... I can do it with the other options...and with normal stabilization... nothing which really makes the real difference... just slightly... not enough for me!

MAKE THE FINE TUNING AS I DO IT... AND ITS OK... my view about it


Enough, AND ITS THE BEST REVIEW!!!, everything else throw away on YT etc. but you get bits and pieces which is important!!!

And again sometimes we want to do too much, transparency only down when needed and there is some room with Brightness (Helligkeit) just + 5

You go inbetween = brightness ~ + 5 and transparency ~ - 3

...for sure Transparency/Contrast with -

and brightness how it fits

And never make that mistake

higher resolution possible, whatever camera they use but not good as Iam, for sure!!!

and you see the flicker in the video, so they have not corrected the frequency ][Hz] I guess

So, I have compared myself with other people yet there is no REAL COMPARISON

END!!! finish!!!

and a first underwater test and I keep 50HZ

And Flicker if it does not fit, we have to change it manually... the other stuff


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