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Aktualisiert: 5. Okt. 2023

Annotation: when a new Blog shows up then the last Blog received its final update

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<template email military (countries EU)>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Betreff: ULTIMATUM UN, Satellite attacks on Austria & France ground

Report Police, you will find the BUTTON on the Website!!! (Summary Satellite weapon, Report police) please Translate it... you get an exact explanation about the EMF WEAPON better than intelligence... all what is not right now available is just another measurement (like Satellite communication gauges) DO YOU GIVE UP or do we build it new without this scumbags? and check my nature reserve and my innovations... you find it also on the website! Know your real enemy!!! your kids or their kids? please study it and speak later with France!!! FRANCE knows it normally much better... their population is angry, very angry The Arcanum you get also for free and I show you a wonderful future... all what is possible... for we are able to manage it all (the Tech is already here like Hydrogen Hot Tube or... the list is very long) and the scumbags are LIAR, they are VERY FEW, and they dont have the best innovations, we do not need them!!! and they made a BIG FAILURE in AUSTRIA... RED LINE... Satellite attacks are still here and they dont care about police nor prosecutor... because also the police is now involved...!!! FIGHT on OUR SIDE, we have a better VISION for the future!!! such a scenario, normally it is our duty to inform every place within the military, lower and higher ranks, all people... We do not ask them, we DEMAND an answer from this scumbags In Austria we will also use millions Flyer (later) Iam a main target, therefore I write openly about it... it does not matter any longer... other people work behind the scence...I was the first person who figured it out... and it is clear why we did not had that stuff in the past but only now... PANDEMY, GREAT RESET... this scumbags! IF YOU GUYS (and woman) from the military dont have that weapon, there is only one direction left & it must be in private hands, please figure it out very fast (and the reports shows it also who is behind it)

Thats the "problem" with Satellite, we will find very fast the OWNER... and then we will demand something!!! You can be sure... because its an UGLY WEAPON (against the population and they are nothing but sumbags)

Betreff: wherefore a last thing I have to tell you

the population believes only in me (90 percent), thats a HARD thing for this scumbags even for a politician! or judge,

I fear nothing, the evidence we have!!! and its not called REPORT but Anzeige (my language)

so its no joke.. NO, and a movie does also exist and the FOOL card was important in the beginning because he reacts to me with Satellite, and now turns crazy... he cant believe it that Iam still alive...

and one thing for sure: they are able to shoot some bullets in a few minutes... not GOOD!!! in private hands???


last you have military background?

where do you got the skill to do that?

I have something similar...he simple messed up with the wrong person.. thats all that is but again, this weapon is very UGLY... you would not believe! and I would never bother you and the MOVIE shows it and the report (Anzeige), read first Anzeige 1 then 2, then 3 END

And I have to tell you, the best innovations do not come from them, no, they are just BIG TECH, a bit BIG PHARMA... FOOD company USA and... etc... and BANKER... so I give a fuck about them

SPECIAL OPS (with Transformation skills)

§107 versus § 302 Austria law

Automatic weapons & rockets versus scumbags

WE SIMPLE HUNT THEM DOWN (DEATH PENALTY)... RED LINE in AUSTRIA is already here, on 29 September 2023 (§107 ==> check the last PICTURE in the "7 questions chapter" BUTTON - TOP BAR[last one]), and yes, they attack everyone!, so you can imagine it!

And yes, the UN is now their HIDING place (report 3)


What is with the ARCANUM? thats something like my "Hobby"

In my language: jetzt haben wir die Schnauze voll!

Here with music

WE have 4 REPORTS, and it is from now on in the FILE

(my emails, 29.09. 2023):


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