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Logiacolumn & Sacrifice

Aktualisiert: 5. Okt. 2023

Annotation: when a new Blog shows up then the last Blog received its final update


Thats how it ends with this Psychos

ANTI HOLISTIC PSYCHOS / PIGS... no way around it & ZERO Balance

The F*cking Pyramidhead with his Babel Tower

End for your souls, 11.9 (29.9)... and believe still in the cross? NOT for you

§ 107 and Ignorance?

Good by

You believe the evidence on the table and just go on...???

are you serious? and forgiveness... where do you get it, from me later? shall I laugh?

END OF SUMMER & 6 Days (here you remain as pigs and no way to escape...)

He has lost, but no one wants to accept it... normally the military should end you... but ok!

AND THE OTHER THING, he does not even stop, also with other people - like you know too much or...

You deserve a death penalty!

Gesendet: Dienstag, 26. September 2023 um 20:10 Uhr Von: "Martin Mostbauer" <> An:,,, Betreff: Dumm gelaufen für euch

gebt mit alle Schuld, ihr hinüber, Gelb EIGENE ANGST erkennen! dein Spruch Nehammer afterlife, manche werden sich wünschen niemals geboren worden zu sein und ihr immer mit Ausreden parat der größte Dreck 119

und ca. 1 Jahr EMF.... aber erst am ENDE die Steigerung und hat härtestes Zeug benutzt...

gleiche gilt für UN Hunde, übrigens!

The police will hear it from me on this DAY... they shall die (death penalty)... and afterlife, my stuff is known!

I shall bow down, now? you must be insane!

The LOGIACOLUMN SYMBOL will be upon it, that means something, will be about life & death

I will see what you will be bale to endure



You will get my Logitemplate

You believe I stay with PIGS here?

NEVER, we will have a last SHOWDOWN, and thats it

The Arcanum, its so laughable for people, no one in my family would believe in it... yet I stay above it... and it will spread later a bit... and this PIGS will so or so not endure... and I have my place in afterlife!

We have BABEL peak, what more to expect?

§107 §302

Number 2 for DUAL

I have enough of the good MACRO FLUID DYNAMIC ("Karma")

AND WHAT REMAINS FOR HIM (Satellite guy)??????!!!!!!!!!:


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