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Mistake / and why I have now even more trust in FD

Aktualisiert: 24. Mai 2023

Annotation: when a new Blog shows up then the last Blog received its final update


Who shall help you in one month?

Come to me Edtstadler, I should have so much FEAR because of LC... in one month

And I just speak prophetically in the Video, cant endure because of Distrust etc.

And yes, sit only the shadow because otherwise problems with camera!

And who cares what FPÖ now says... you had 4 months... I give you one! as explained

BUT you can choose, young ÖVP Woman ends with SOUL DEAD eyes or leaves or Edtstadler leaves

And she can test herself... and no one touches/threatens her in a human way

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Transmutation chapter>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I added a VIDEO in the TRANSMUTATION chapter because time went by and also to check a bit the quality of Wix Video

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Why not live in an expensive house?>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Why shall I ask someone? In the apocalypse Iam able to endure over night in the Gleinkersee [in a cold winter time]... what use is your house? You speak about Plato and etc..., yet the full story is hidden to you!

You laugh about me... I turn you eyes dead! like nothing is left in you... so you had 4 months... thats how we do it!

IAM not from here... first lesson... and you made jokes about me and felt secure!

... but does that I mean I care what other think about me? NO, not directly... yet you attcked me in the first place!

the least thing what I can do now for you

A police person in Austria laughs and thinks its all a Joke... yet this fool watches me in 3 Months and what happens! and runs to other... this NAME... leave him alone

Do you think I have anything to do with your stupid SHOWS on TV? NOTHING is the answer

And I will always stay with the message: pigs versus real gods, except you can show or proof to me something else about pigs! old VIDEO you find here:

And if I for whatever reason should leave earlier this place, only with the ARCANUM! that means, there is ZERO what you can destroy about me! and the BODY is just the shell and the pearl is UNKNOWN! The dark fire is no longer able to get a hold/grip on me... everything became too volatile! as in your words you would say, its a done deal. Its like one ray of the second sun reaches me and some dark clouds leave my body... just a bit heat, even done with the secondary level, this physical realm, to find words to illustrate/clariy/point out/describe it! so then the same is true with afterlife... just go through the fire... again, to clarify it... what is attached to you? how does your soul imprint look like? and how strong is it attached/absorbed/ reference to your soul???

And money... its a wrong system... but about goods... ya, I do not say people shall not have goods... but something entirely different is the infinite treasure!

I just enjoy day [later]

And you GAVE me that power! because you turned it all upside down... and attacked me yet the dark clouds about it already cast out... its like you want to destroy the whole world, everything done as PIGS.... and you want to bring everyone to your PIG PLACE... what worst thing should be possible? yet you have no grip on me!

Yes, we are not indifferent in the apocalypse... but you have no HOLD on me!

Yes, you could say, someone needs to cut an arm off from you... or... NO... I explain later the shell!

In some way I went through everything, but here I really mean only because of you... because the PIG place is recognized as what it is... no worst thing possible! and poor are those politician who maybe even have read my stuff and go on and on...

NOW you still laugh, yet in 3 months... not more to say!

And its up to you to demonstrate/validate/verify the opposite about the pigs!

I HAVE NOTHING IN COMMON WITH JESUS ON THE CROSS [the Cross story] yet he was was necessary in the first place, even for me! otherwise you interpret me in a wrong way! therefore lets look later in another way upon the shell!

Also the reason why people fight who was Jesus? because he should be able to overcome any flesh problem... yet, we do not go into that now... or say it that way, when it is true, sevenfold & triadic and Jesus had a soul like we had, he probably had to overcome at the cross and destined for the cross and did know how he can open up the way for other people who follow/ed him later! I can never replace the cross... with me its like you should not say a WORD in pride when you have not reached the level by which you FEAR nothing... and thats the final stage... no other way...

Now, you say, when you need nothing but why do you want the reservoir? Thats a stupid question, I simple speak with FOOLS as we should speak with fools... and you simple get nothing if you dont build the reservoir and if more people had a mind and less SHOW stuff, and are less like pigs... we would not even be in need to speak in such a way...

And why to OVERCOME? At the end the FLUID DYNAMICS will always be RIGHT/FIXES THE PROBLEM... so it needs more trust and often we have not all the answers... how something breaks etc...

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<VDB fool?>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

or who else? ÖVP?

And now they want to destroy again everything social like GUEST HOUSES and come up with the NEXT lie... you NEED inflation so that people work longer! ==> WEF joke... since the TECH stuff is done... now... what are they doing?, they go on with their JOKES and fall into the opposite... we need all the jobs... what is with AI??? cant help them!!!... its a circus... and by themselves they show us: they are a JOKE... and in REALITY its neither this or that!

And its not like that you cannot adapt to anything because just look at JAPAN or...


CATHARISM, Aristrocratic fools, and choose one side, what is now?

Ask Rex Mundi! or the Bogomil, the fools you are... I give you Aristocrats a LESSON as mentioned above!

Thats how it works!... must find a solution for yourself... no other way!, demonstrate it!!

And YES, I mean it also in a physical way ==> second level... with the reservoir!

If I take an axe and you do not know what part of your body I cut off or if I do it and you show fear...

LEAVE me very fast... dont mess up with me and you started it!

How can you look upon me like Iam just a slave... thats what you dreamed about! you started it all!

And you simple must deny Transmutation... so maybe you fear here also that you loose all your occult faith

... or if you do not demonstrate it because you say, we are not on that place right now, ok, then philosophical explain it

From my PERSPECTIVE it is clear why I write that way, you may also call it firm belief!

Ya, you say, dont mess up with politics... then she has to send me a letter, explains it all and an excuse! so it is, and...

And beside that, no one is able to explain the highest inflation in Austria yet theses games should stop now, nevertheless its not the reason! Behold you made AUSTRIA to a TARGET NUMBER ONE in all things

And again about the apocalypse: Yes, if you want you can call it liquid flesh, because of the flow


You ask: is it just symbolical with the fire in afterlife? No, but just how we present it and simple this essence will test you, fire... and when your mind is not ready... so it is... but then you ask: is it possible to make my mind much bigger ready and not like as known with religion today? YES... but the more someone learns and... the bigger the danger... he must be ready for it... and this/his little inclinations shall not be his priority... the evolutionary aspect of the soul... but normally you see it with people like it is known: material, psychic and pneumatic people... and yes! not every religious teacher must be spiritual... maybe he just wants to earn money or likes to stand before a camera... many fools exist in religion...

Its the SEEKER... but its not a difficult thing to figure out if some people are ready and want more or... its like you build an LC building and some people just like the art and... or... and other, I want more, I want more, I want more... yet not said now that I build on the second level LC... maybe, maybe not... it would not bother me!!! only when someone wants to delete my Website without contacting me!... because now I start to love the STYLE of it... and it is also no longer about graphene, like I have to show it to everyone... other people have it already!!!... and but this Website is about LC, and the design like with the LOGO and the Blog colors, and later to correct SCIENCE & LC BUILDING [last little mistakes in the text] and... yes, it gets some STYLE, step by step

NQW, the other point about fast ascension... you must be a bit stronger... must test a bit if you are able to overcome some cowardness

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<no Problem, you are without religion, not even Satanism nor Cathar belief>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

=========================> NOTHING IS LEFT FOR YOU EXCEPT DEAD SOUL EYES (degenerate)

AND YOU WILL SAY YOU HAVE NOT WRITTEN DOWN THE ANSWER TO THE LAST 7 QUESTIONS AND SO ALL YOUR DIVINE SCIENCE IS INCOMPLETE! Behold, this is just "detail" and but everything confirmed in ancient writings etc., and partially some stuff got already revealed... like water stone... or...

And but you say, you speak now all kind of words, and then you dont care and the JUDGE fears you in 3 months! and just says something like SAT has still hit you even when not!!!... The answer is I will not do it... because I do not put Judges in that position and for other reasons... and what is it good for? to prove something? ridiculous

I just go on here! and its YOU who are anot able to give any answer, not even to "your" Cathar Cult... and ya something like VDB is a fool is in the frame... and Iam not even interested in more... but Edtstadler... with Leitner.. your cult, answer?


You believe we play a a game but its not like there are ZERO consequences! And then you say JESUS was just forgiveness yet he sits there and says not one stone upon another and the Jews got slaughtered like never before seen in history, even went into cannibalism... nothing was left for them! study history! And you say you never want to give us any chance... and you started also with harsh words... very old stuff of this Website/ now not seen... maybe... yes... but you have no answer... thats the problem... and about graphene, no matter what is behind it or not... it shows the direction... and at the end you must say gods versus gods (with your Rex Mundi), and I neglect not science nor... but... you AVOID every answer because you are PIGS!!!, and then you see later its not just a game...

IAM not even dependent upon you... and the FACT remains that I would even get what I want later... lets say LC building so that they learn something but or however (already clarified)... and I was interested why you do what you do... yet at the end... I see no answer... just an occult belief! and then you must FEAR that you loose control... and remain as STUPID PIGS

Further, I know even who Ganesha is... if you will personally... but its not what you think that it is... its not in any sense a manifestation like in this realm... Ganesha could even show up to anyone... also not a complex "structure" yet not that I want to make Ganesha artificial or something which is not of worth and nor someone to whom I pray... nor did Laozi stand before idols.... as I become stronger you will not hear words from me... like I could ever bow down before you... but I do also not say, do this or that or die... no... but I say you will not endure if you have no answer, even independent to me!

And again about Ganesha, its more like a Parallel Universe on a complete different level... not like this 3D thing... and it can cross each other...

You build a little box like you need as much memory as possible to win as Transhumanist... but you will never figure out the Akash, you loose again!!! Behold at the end the question is VERY SIMPLE, just save this Blog for yourself!

IF YOU HAVE NO ANSWER, THEN YOU SEE ONLY ON ONE SIDE THE MAXIMUM (I just call it revelation, resurrection life), AND YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE WITH YOUR MAXIMUM FOR THE CASE YOU HAVE NO ANSWER! ARE NOT ABLE TO COMPETE IN ANY WAY! go into your nothings ness YOU PIGS!!! AND THEN (and further) THE FLUID DYNAMICS (FD) WILL DESTROY YOU, SIMPLE AS THAT! or better to say, you will not endure. Thats how it is Aristocrats!

Von: "Martin Mostbauer" <> Datum: 08.05.2023 23:55:05 An: <>, <> Betreff: Give that to the Aristocrats


They shall search for an answer!

And check out that EXPLOSION! (and to clarify again the dead eyes, no other threat between the lines)



And the 17 Symptoms + etc... SAT... you read it in the other Button: evidence and not guilty, yet these are old Blogs, Problem with colors, because of new BLOG DESIGN


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