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Not just population reduction

Aktualisiert: 28. Juli 2023

They use not just LGBT and nonsense like you are without gender (complete nutcase)

„Um die Fortpflanzungsrate zu senken, müsse nicht nur Geburtenkontrolle vorgenommen werden, sondern überhaupt solle Sexulaität von der Fortpflanzung abgekoppelt werden. … Prostitution, Homosexualität, Trans- und Bisexualität, Selbstbefriedigung und Pornografie jeglicher Art, die zum Abreagieren des Triebs führen, sollten als enttabuisiert werden und als normal gelten.“

It is also about communism, destroy society... and for sure we know the vax

Their biggest fault was the mandatory Vax in Austria (but at the end they failed)

NOW, you have already minimum 2 million hardcore people who would fight you

Agenda is one thing, to say you cannot live in Austria without getting the shot,

this means your own destruction

Why does every judge [in Austria] turn his head away? Maybe this idiots have handed it over to the UN, Agenda 2030, anyway, the money flows to the stakeholder (fascism, Big Tech, Big Corp... and destroy small companies), they make the profit and therefore the prosecutor in Austria are not less guilty of high treason! 1) Malthus, 2) WEF Stakeholder now hidden in the UN apparatus, WHO as private company - business, 3) Black mailed scumbags as seen in 317 Button [Start side Logiacolumn Website], 4) Dystopia Vision which does not work, not even the CO2 tracker and I explained why, 5) fully overdone in Austria, and we could manage a real GREEN switch without that crap

And a new party in Austria


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