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The Quicksilver

Aktualisiert: 14. Dez. 2022

I will add it at the end of the Well chapter

That means the cube is manifested through the 7fold because and also on one side we have the liquid-solid state = mirror, and east before the face. And the cube gets quasi crystallized like Halit.

And on the ground in the divine Vision, it has more the sulphur smell, harsh and fire, but the blaze pushes also towards the mirror! Therefore it must be an enenergetic "construct" manifested through the 7fold. And I guess the light is full expansion, circling... but also we could say the mirror as the "middle pillar" is the center point of divine love... wherefore Jacob spoke always about the flash, but lets not forget, father loves the son (expressed image) and the son loves him back, and also we are sons of God, anyway, I have to check it later with the divine vision!

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