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Website finished 11 Sept. 2023, check the last message!

Aktualisiert: 10. Okt. 2023

Annotation: when a new Blog shows up then the last Blog received its final update

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Website finished 11 Sept. 2023>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Its no longer about that one, AI/Satellite versus Martin Mostbauer (Arcanum), and

he is called dark fire Charly (EMF, massive dark fire production)! = out of balance, it will never work!!!

and as written, obedience and city, we would need something else! (yet also not old catholic stuff:-)

and because of future Tech (productivity, later 3D print etc are way more fast) we even need the nature reserve

(to set limits, Psyche, yet need also other things, but its easy done)... wherefore the Vienna CITY Conversion is

another idea from me, build it higher and "ready for the future, Minimum ~ 50 percent green (& for Helis etc.)" as soon as we are ready with material science etc. and before that we start with the nature reserve etc.

The one whose face is not by everyone recognized, thats correct:

Its no longer about that one because this fools (Cult of Catharism etc.) never

understood Transmutation nor Holism:

Child born out of the Mysteries, thats correct, and also Europe Borealis, Corona Borealis:

The cave, thats correct, he is jealous etc. and just wants to play the Boss! he is the WEAKLING!!!

and he uses strongest EMF against me, and therefore fears me to the bones!, now lost his face!

and also how they look upon money = BLACK magic or better to say: insanity, check ZET currency, triple holistic truth

And even when there is a bit dark fire in nature, ETGA (tax products) will work (directed Evolution), EvoTechnoGaianAnlagous together with GHDWC.ARI (Gaian Harmonized Digital Wheel Coverage for the Autarchic Related Industry)...and also I explained something about durability (30 Years - products, future/Tech, what we can do, economy etc., it will still work, even with CI-infrastructure jobs), and I had no time to present other innovations

because of him! and again I have to tell you, this BASTARD is so weak

that he must always turn on EMF when I write something!!! thats how weak he is... and still I got all my stuff done!

That the Arcanum is now no longer hidden (partially because of them, check Movie),

and but the same can be said about Satellites, that is correct:

So also I must provoke them because he never stopped with that sh*t, that is correct

(you see it in the Movie, he provoked it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! never forget that)

Therefore, do you like my Nature reserve (you & Soros)???

Here we are!, even multipolar order can no longer be stopped!!! yet he stays here!!!,


UPDATE 1: he simple wants that we become his PUPPETS, thats what he wants = we want DEATH PENALTY

UPDATE 2: the Website got still some updates like the new templates (and 7 questions correction, and other little corrections, and but mostly explained via Video, and its also for Website Designer), but overall its done

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Corona Borealis & EU Flag>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

The Hymn is not perfected, and I have written it some years ago (EU Flag - History about it, Corona Borealis!/clock!):


I put the TEXT here, tell it UN & etc., he turned fully EMF on... but told it them right now, 11:00, 11 September 2023

And I have the higher Soma!!! ===> TEXT not corrected now (written before Pandemy), and I dont need to correct it, just thoughts written down about the flag, and its not about perfect english, more like brainstorming:

EUROPE FLAG: Against the blue sky of the Western world, the stars symbolise the peoples of Europe in a form of a circle, a sign of union. Their number is invariably twelve, the figure twelve being the symbol of perfection and entirety...Paul said: The five-pointed star is used on many national flags and represents aspiration and education. Their golden colour is that of the sun, which is said to symbolise glory and enlightenment... Their arrangement in a circle represents the constellation of Corona Borealis and can be seen as a crown and the stability of government. The blue background resembles the sky and symbolises truth and the intellect. It is also the colour traditionally used to represent the Virgin Mary (child born out of the mysteries). In many paintings of the Virgin Mary as Stella Maris she is crowned with a circle of twelve stars ==>>>> CORONA, THE PHOENIX WILL ARISE... WIKIPEDIA: In 1987, following the adoption of the flag by the EC, Arsène Heitz (1908–1989), one of the designers who had submitted proposals for the flag's design, suggested a religious inspiration for it. He claimed that the circle of stars was based on the iconographic tradition of showing the Blessed Virgin Mary as the Woman of the Apocalypse, wearing a "crown of twelve stars” (wherefore Paul and Heitz had their discussion and officially it is not so clear, but let it be now clear to you)... According to graphical specifications published online by the Council of Europe in 2004, the flag is rectangular with 2:3 proportions: its fly (width) is one and a half times the length of its hoist (height). Twelve yellow stars are centred in a circle (the radius of which is a third of the length of the hoist) upon a blue background. All the stars are upright (one point straight up), have five points and are spaced equally, like the hour positions on the face of a clock. The diameter of each star is equal to one-ninth of the height of the hoist......... Wikipedia: The seven stars!!!!!!!! that make up the constellation's distinctive crown-shaped pattern are all 4th-magnitude stars except for the brightest of them, Alpha Coronae Borealis. The other six stars are Theta, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon and Iota Coronae Borealis.... and for sure we know the different Myths: The hero uses the crown's light to escape the labyrinth”... it was called Caer Arianrhod, "the Castle of the Silver Circle”... Corona Borealis was known as Darželis, the "flower garden”... Men's Law, Women's Law and Law of both sexes come together and consider matters of existence...etc... ==> the MAN-CHILD is born out of the mysteries... Europe... the gospel brought to the gentiles (Land der Dome etc.) ==>>> Greek and Jews and Greek is part of Europe and the heart of Europe is Austria... and Israel we do not forget (and the final revelation we already understand, neither male nor female = divine energies (not that crap)...etc.)... And now, the big question, do they bother about the STONE? like it was with the Pharisee... again, because we go now one step higher this time... a bigger revelation... science and religion comes together… in the heart of EUROPE!!! And you said about the flag: Their number is invariably twelve, the figure twelve being the symbol of perfection and entirety...Paul said: The five-pointed star is used on many national flags and represents aspiration and education. Their golden colour is that of the sun, which is said to symbolise glory and enlightenment (5pointed = also 5 Elements… plus light/glory). And I write this book 500 years after Luther, it started 500 years after him… ==> and yes, Austria, Borealis announces that it has started production of meltblown fabrics for face mask applications on its unique pilot line in Linz, Austria???!!!… ==> lets find the true SELF!!! EU FLAG: Their arrangement in a circle represents the constellation of Corona Borealis and can be seen as a crown and the stability of government.... CORONA VIRUS.... MAN-CHILD... MUSICIAN: Agnes Obel – the curse. PROPHET: Martin Mostbauer (bat) ==>>> Nomad, IAM HERE...the MOVIE… later more about our FLAG!… EUROPE BOREALIS… we must find a better BALANCE for the future city!!!

YA, WE HAVE TO GO FORWARD, THE ADVANCED SPIRIT WINS, IN WORST CASE SCENARIO, WE LEAVE THE EU and SAVE AUSTRIA!!! .. Another question: but Nomad you say that Europe should have states similar like USA, Answer, this was also the primarily idea as I found out later regarding other people, but I say, similar yet not totally the same, we don’t want to end up like USA! And you say that I did go “rampant” (loud voice) because of the Hymn of Austria? Answer: sure, Austria as the heart of Europe has the stone in the song... and I showed you that... and the flag, red and white (Babenberg), eastern realm (World: GDP (nominal) per capita at their peak level, Austria on 17th place, but that for fun, UPDATE: WE KNOW WHAT THEY DID!)...etc. So this is the Mystery behind Europe (seven stars, man-child), MY FRIENDS I WALKED ALREADY FULLY RESURRECTED IN AUSTRIA FOR A HALF DAY and people have even seen me (yet not my family)... And also we spoke about the Proto-Indo-European language. And first people wanted it similar like USA, the EUROPE FLAG, but this was not allowed, now, I combine it with Austria (red and white) and EUROPE 12 star FLAG and similar you have the USA FLAG (in similarity to the states), and you know that I resurrect on that place, in the centre of the earth like a strong heart... ==>>> if I would be the spokesman of Austria, then I would not use two flags like seen on TV when the government speaks... no, I would use the three stripes (without eagle, but yes, I like the eagle because of the hammer etc., and it is no communist symbol according to out country) and the EU flag I would put on the left side of the flag (in similarity to USA) and having the corrected stone hymn (Österreich, eastern realm, garden)... and so our history is totally born out of the Mystery... and no one can blame us that we copy USA. (but that is just my idea and for sure, other countries have their flags and would probably want to see their flags, thats why we should add still something to it) ==>>> but understand: the power behind the flag as I shown here, would be very strong, FÜR EIN STARKES EUROPA ==>>> we have the whole Mystery... God not against us, but what I do not like that we have not a more clear sign regarding the SEVEN STARS (corona Borealis) on the flag... I mean, the three stripes are much better!!! together with the EU flag!!!!, MUCH BETTER, TRUST ME...powerful... but a more more clear sign about the Borealis... that would be perfect ==>>> and a phoenix or eagle would be way too much padding... not acceptable... NO... we put only in the middle of the FLAG the LETTER B or where it fits best, and with triple meaning, BELGIUM (EU SITZ, Brüssel), BOREALIS, and B as second letter = God or divine intelligence is our witness ==>>> for sure, this is only my idea, I like to be creative... to play around (so do not get offended because of my position, you do not have to take it too serious, and yes, B is also the hidden number I3, not just 2)... the EU FLAG would be vertical on it. ==>>>>... and the Alchemist, remember they played a big part in building up countries... and therefore we need the RED & WHITE... and less stripes = more powerful, and so we have the Mystery and because of the room we have, so we could place for example the B into it ==>>> I LOVE IT ===>>> but ok, the problem is that USA has also a flag design very similar to it and I have not made the EU FLAG, but maybe with a bigger B symbol or whatever... we would have a bigger difference... but again, the design is really good ==>>>> USA probably knows that, and THIS GOES AGAINST THE STREAM, but the mixture of modern design and the stars and old design = only with that we WIN....anyway... not to offend you... and BOREALIS WITH WINGS could be also a SIGN for ESA (and a little e build into it), and the wings symbolize therefore not just the PHOENIX, wherefore that you have chosen Borealis is a very good idea ==>>>> wherefore, Germany could be a problem, so maybe we need some black colour. And thats right, the B also for number 13 = M = REAL Mason = STONE... Now, and further, the OREALIS in smaller letter written...... and Europe as the northern light (also seen in Norway, Finland, Sweden, Borealis... they would be happy), but ok, points also to the corona borealis., SEVEN STARS!!! ==>>>... and sure, that France, Kroatien, Netherland has no problem, we need blue, white, red... and also Switzerland, Dänemark, you know, the cross could make problems, but they have the same colours, and Polen is ok,... and the other countries should have no problem and Portugal and Italy etc. get their green... Belgien has their B (EU Sitz)... ==>>> I mean, we could ignore the Austria revelation (all what we said)... and make it with two stripes but Iam not sure if that even looks better... and then also we would need to get somewhere else the number 3, maybe a crown on the B with three spikes. ==>>> I think it does not look better with two stripes... no... Wherefore for sure, colours (more dark or more bright) and design, we can play a bit more around, yet the idea with the e and B and wings = OK, and I wanted a little crown to it (corona borealis)... And when it fits, then everyone from Europe probably likes to identify with the creative Euro flag (wherefore important is to point to ESA, wherefore we do not like so much the 1 Euro coin like to have that in mind) ==>>> B for Brüssel (EU SEAT), we keep the B, and further because it is the SEAT, for sure a little four-square would be fantastic, or maybe somehow hidden in the design of the B and e and crown and wings... = SUPERPERFECT ==>>> Wer nicht (ein bisschen) wagt, der nicht gewinnt... And yes, that was in the past: It‘s been over 150 years since Europe dominated the mining industry. Measured by the production of metal ores, Europe still accounted for 62 % of world revenues in 1860. Europe‘s influence has declined rapidly, and now the EU-28 account for only 3 % of global mining revenues... but ok, we still have the full ROCK revelation, you know, the STONE... and it could be also more hidden in the design, to separate a bit the ORE!!! from the ALIS ==>>> And when we just make the B with its wings a bit more round… the whole things gets perfected. And on the other side I know that with flags some people want only the old design... yet we have also flags with a mountain and sea and etc., see for example New York... and so the creative EU flag would had still at least some form of courtesy (it is not really fully too much). And the Borealis (Norway, Finland, Sweden, our position), it reminds us also to the rainbow: When charged particles from the sun strike atoms in Earth's atmosphere, they cause electrons in the atoms to move to a higher-energy state. When the electrons drop back to a lower energy state, they release a photon: light. This process creates the beautiful aurora, or northern lights (and the original intent was also to point to the corona borealis, we know, the seven stars) ==>>> POWERFUL AND NICE EU FLAG ==>>> and maybe again official we could also say, the rainbow colour represents also all the different colours regarding all the country flags in Europe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... and the Borealis fits also with the EU Sign (woman clothed with the sun, 12 stars sun!!!)... and the crown. What do you want more? And we have Brüssel etc. but AGAIN, if anyone says that this is too much, then point to Macedonia and the yellow sun on a red field, with eight broadening rays... ==>>> another thing it cannot really become Racist or fascistic... all COLOURS.... (it cannot really be misused)... And again, its just my idea... because of the picture as it unfolded here... and so I was interested, yea, what could I make out of it... You will say, the name EUROPE is more important then BOREALIS! Answer: ok, but it has not that power!!! and further the B is also for Brüssel (seat) and it is our expression to show all colours., no discrimination and also all flags... and so on... and as the northern part... Finland, Sweden, Norway... this is a part of us... and etc. And the name Europe does not get smaller because of that, and we have the ore and the alis and the e could be also made a bit bigger but again, we have so or so the B and e... And because Europe is a bit more difficult name, it has no POWER!, yet Europe is not made smaller because of that. And Brüssel is like the white house (USA), maybe we could say that we have the blue house... but that is not so important... Behold: In Greek mythology, Europa was a Phoenician princess who was abducted by Zeus in bull form and taken to the island of Crete, where she gave birth to Minos. For Homer, Europa (Greek: Ευρώπη) was a mythological queen of Crete, not a geographical designation. Later Europa stood for mainland Greece and by 500 BC its meaning was extended to lands to the north.... You can also say Europe Borealis = Europe in the northern region of the earth (what I know, borealis is also Latin or new Latin) ==>>> Europe means wide face or broad eye, now, the eye is also the circle (12 stars), and we point to the northern part. (aurora borealis in Greek = sunrise and winds, and we are so or so Proto Indo European). And when we say, Europe Borealis, then the association belongs to us. (and Iceland is rather generally included in Europe, maybe one day they are also part of the EU, and they are heavily integrated... and all what is left that is Canada, Alaska, and a part in Russia where they also see the Aurora Borealis yet the name belongs to us or generally this is not so the problem). And because Borealis has a double meaning, we can say that the European flag wafts in the WIND... or European wind!!! and we have also the wings on the B.... And you also say NORTH AMERICA, so where is the big deal? The big deal is that we have the whole mystery and it sounds now better. Now my reader you have seen what a Master makes out of it and how boring are this politicians... and further my creative Europe flag, people would love it much more. And in my book this will be kept... Ya, and lets go on, often in news they use terms like WIND OF CHANGE... or to be prepared about the VERÄNDERTE GEOPOLITISCHE WETTERLAGE... oder es weht and anderer politischer Wind... oder FRISCHER POLITISCHER WIND... all that and many more things can be used... a FRESH EUROPEAN WIND... a FRESH WIND FROM BRUSSEL... and similar you can point back to the production of metal ores… Ya and we can say, we are always prepared for the wind of change. And my creative flag makes even a good posture in a SPACE MISSION (wherefore we know also the aurora borealis from space) ==> and we have also the number SEVEN hidden with the five pointed star + yellow (or golden)!... and if you are in space and you meet an Alien (making a joke now) and if he does not understand your language yet still because of the design he maybe believes that you are wise... and the B must fit in the four-square.... so that it gets perfected… Now, BOREALIS has EIGHT LETTER... and we have the FIRE LIGHT (red and yellow, red sun)... so la la we could say that the SUN is the biggest sign in the constellations... and for sure, with ore in different colours... we point again to the TRIUNE STONE... our gold. ==>>> definitive there can be made something out of it... The creative EURO FLAG... One example would be also: Es ist nicht einzig Glück im Leben nach Geld und Edelstein zu streben... and therefore it refers to edle Menschen, and we could search for a possible proverb like from Johann Wolfgang Goethe: A noble person attracts other noble people and knows how to keep hold of them... What else do we need, but the noble gesture of bringing people together?... As hot water melts ice, so a good temper melts and annihilates one's sins...Ricardo Muti: Nobility of spirit has more to do with simplicity than ostentation, wisdom rather than wealth, commitment rather than ambition... Jean Rostand: The nobility of a human being is strictly independent of that of his convictions... Wellins Calcott: It matters not from what stock we are descended so long as we have virtue; for that alone is true Nobility....Chalres Caleb Coton: Nobility of birth does not always insure a corresponding unity of mind; if it did, it would always act as a stimulus to noble actions; but it sometimes acts as a clog rather than a spur... Marcus Tullius Cicero:True nobility is exempt from fear... Rebecca West: Life ought to be a struggle of desire toward adventures whose nobility will fertilize the soul.... ==>>> and further we use here noble also simple as kind (which implies to be cheerful) and etc. ==>>> so when we have the BORE and the ALIS... now then... we could even search for a new proverb..... Antoine Rivarol: Gold like the sun, which melts wax, but hardens clay, expands great souls... Gold authenticity can only be tested under maximum fire... George Herbert: That is gold which is worth gold... Jonathan Swift: Midas, we are in story told / Turn'd every thing he touch'd to gold / He chipp'd his bread; the pieces round / Glitter'd like spangles on the ground...John S. Morril: Like Liberty, gold never stays where it is undervalued.... ==>>> The problem is with the people today, they are too weak and too fearful or maybe too boring... yet I would had made it in a different way as now clearly seen with the FLAG... and the aurora borealis saying would also somehow fit... when we speak about the people and all colours, all flags. We could had made something out of it. THE FOUR PILLARS ENVIRONMENT, ECONOMY, IMPROVEMENT AND DEMOCRACY ARE CLOSELY INTERTWINED AND FLOURISH BEST WHEN MANS HEART GROWS NOT TOO COLD, THE GOLDEN SUNLIGHT OVER EUROPE SHINES. THIS OUR CONTINENT, THE DAUGHTER OF THE SUN RED PHOENIX, NAMED BROAD FACE, FOUND IN THE NORTH AND KISSED BY THE SHORELINE, THE STABILITY OF A ROCK ALSO THE COUNCILS SIGN. MINING THOUGHTS FOR UNITY, EVER PREPARED FOR THE WIND OF CHANGE, EUROPE BOREALIS! ==>>> Lets go on: the Sun doesn't send the same amount of energy all the time. There is a constant streaming solar WIND!!! and there are also solar STORMS!!! (coronal mass ejection), the Sun burps out a huge bubble of electrified gas that can travel through space at high speeds. The solar storm comes toward us, some of the energy and small particles can travel down the magnetic field lines at the north and south poles into Earth’s atmosphere... we have 'Aurora borealis' in the north and 'Aurora australis' in the south... There, the particles interact with gases in our atmosphere resulting in beautiful displays of light in the sky. Oxygen gives off green and red light. Nitrogen glows blue and purple... Auroral displays appear in many colours, pale green and pink are the most common, beside that we have shades of red, yellow, green, blue, and violet... and it light up the sky with an eerie glow. ====>>>> ABSOLUTE MASTER WORK AND KEPT IN TOTAL SIMPLICITY BY WHICH IT HAS NOW SPIRITUAL POWER AND AT THE SAME TIME WE GET NO PROBLEMS (not a fascist thing)... and it is the SIMPLICITY WHICH WILL SPEAK TO PEOPLE.... And yes, we need the WHITE & RED as stripes (the STONE, all sages) and we also said that two stripes look not so beautiful and you maybe say that the third stripe could be yellow or green. And to this I say, the problem is that it gets maybe too colourful and we have no longer that symmetry, you know, and black is not a good choice and so you could only use green or yellow, again, this distorts the picture when we want to read the middle stripe. Ok, the third stripe with blue colour could be used but also that is not the best choice. Therefore, the best choice is as presented here... I have no doubt about it. And a bit GREEN we must keep because of Italy etc., ==>>> And we should mention the FLAG OF GEORGIA (USA), they did copy it from Austria... we have influenced them… so USA shall not bother about us!!! And again about ALIS, the word starts with ALI, nobel... wherefore I know that ALIS is also used in LATIN like for example naturalis (natura + addendum) = natural (nature already created + addendum), regalis, orientalis, dualis, orginalis ==>>> I understand that... BORE: Old English borian to bore through, perforate, old English bor, instrument for making holes by boring or turning, from Proto-Germanic buron (old norse bora), or BORE from boredom, a thing which causes ennui or annoyance by dullness, usually said to be a figurative extension of bore on the notion of move forward slowly and persistently, be tiresome or dull... BALIS: The surname Balis is derived from the Old French word baillis, which is the nominative form of the word bailliff. The name was originally occupational for a bailiff, a deputy of a king or lord, whose duties included collecting of rents and administering justice…. Mining or drilling, digging for wealth….BORE... Anthony Liccione: At the end of every light, is a tunnel of darkness.... ==>>> so you have always your recall about our flag and hymn. And only You are BORING with your EU flag (not finished yet)... wherefore my FLAG reminds you always that we can bore into this or that direction. ==>>>... And again, when we look at the Aurora Borrealis, then the common colours are: pink, green, yellow, blue, violet... OXYGEN: RED-ORANGE or LEMON-GREEN and IONIZED NITROGEN: DEEP RED and NITROGEN: BLUE-PURPLE... when mixed with currents at different altitudes the entities create other colors like pink, yellow, emerald blue, magenta and purple. THE FINAL OPTION WHICH WE HAVE, TO MAKE THE CROWN AND E BLUE AND ALSO THE B WITH THE WINGS (blue house, Brüssel) AND ORE BLACK AND THE A RED-ORANGE, AND THE L LEMON-GREEN AND THE I BLUE-PURPLE AND THE S DEEP RED (ALIS) ==>>> and it is better that it is not so colourful because otherwise it looses its majesty and this is VERY IMPORTANT!!! AND SO WE HAVE ALSO OUR ORE ==>>> THIS IS PERFECT!!!... ==>>> COURTESY AND DESIGN AND ENOUGH MAJESTY. And when we place the golden star rather over the ORE then we have again our TUNNEL (dark) and LIGHT... and somehow we also dig together, majesty even better restored. And ALIS or ALICE etc. is so or so not so clear in peoples mind, yes, a bit it is out there and in them but it is not so obvious... And the FLAG includes also a certain AUFHEITERUNG (cheering up) which is never bad (climate). And you may say, but Nomad one thing does not work, because borealis in new latin this would be northern Europe, nördliches Europa... yea, but to this I say, Europa lies north = nördliches Land..., therefore not Nordeuropa but nördliches Land! And again Europe (Latin, etymology from Ancient Greek Εὐρώπη(Eurṓpē), means also WIDE FACE or BROAD, therefore the NORTHERN WIDE FACE or NORTHERN BROAD EYE... And we say also AURORA BOREALIS and not BOREALIS AURORA and AURORA means sunrise (Morgenröte, also in english aurora), wherefore Boreas means also wind. And we have total won because also the oldest sources, and the Iliad, claim that she (Europe) is the daughter of Agenor's son, the "sun-red" Phoenix!!!!!!!!!! And the AURORA BOREALIS is not seen in whole Europe and so we point only to her father!!! Now, and the story of the TAME WHITE BULL and EUROPE is summarized in the following saying: LOVE CANNOT BE FORCED yet the WHITE BULL WHO IS TAMED MAKES IS POSSIBLE and all THE COLOURS IN THE SKY SPEAK OF EQUALITY AND ANTI-DISCRIMINATION. And the SUN is used for heavenly warmth versus cold heart.... the golden sunlight over Europe shines, as read in our Hymn (heart of the earth). And I know that some could also refer to the Minotaur and the Labyrinth or to the sacred bull or to the sacrificial bull. Yea, sure, and some other call it the RAPE OF EUROPE but Europe also embraced the bull and so we can only call it the ABDUCTION OF EUROPE. Yea, and in Egypt also KA (life force) was represented via the bull (later the bull was associated with Osiris, fertility, resurrection life, similar to the Romans and similar to Dionysus who was strongly linked to the bull etc.). And somewhere else the bull was a symbol for power and strength. The bull, lunar or solar (Mesopotamia, India), the circle like with the horns!!!, you know, the moon upon the head of the bull. So also Hathor is displayed as cow goddess with head horns in which is set a sun disk and therefore closely related to KA and also called the EYE, or we get also remembered to ISIS with her horns... And since Zeus (king of gods) showed himself as a TAMED WHITE bull, now then we do not need to associate it with the labyrinth, yea, this would be even wrong! And Zeus' symbols are the thunderbolt, eagle, bull, and oak (also called sky father). Plato, in his Cratylus, gives a folk etymology of Zeus meaning "cause of life always to all things”. Diodorus Siculus wrote that Zeus was also called Zen, because the humans believed that he was the cause of life (zen). Wherefore Europa is mentioned among the mortals…. NOW and further, and the two major points about the EU are JUSTICE and EQUALITY... and so if we want to combine it all, ok, we could also add a scale symbol on the flag, on the right side and we can add bulls horn in which is set a sun disk or moon disk, wherefore a black circle with no colour looks maybe better on the flag ==>>> BORE (tunnel) and sun above it!!!... and so we have also not too much padding (option). And further, the WINGS on the B can also point to her father, the SUN-RED. And the woman clothed with the sun... it remains hidden on the flag!!! And we have no problem with other religions, you can see a sun or moon between the horns... wherefore also when we would make it yellow, it should be no problem. NOW, and you ask if you could write also something about the bull in our Hymn? To this I say, yes, but maybe it is not so perfect. and it would get a bit another direction * * * * * * * ******************************************************************************************************************************** THE FOUR PILLARS ENVIRONMENT, ECONOMY, IMPROVEMENT AND DEMOCRACY ARE CLOSELY INTERTWINED AND FLOURISH BEST WHEN MANS HEART GROWS NOT TOO COLD, JUST AS AND AS THOUGH THE SUN WERE PLACED BETWEEN THE HORNS AND THE GOLDEN LIGHT OVER EUROPE SHINES. THIS OUR CONTINENT, THE DAUGHTER OF THE FIERY RED PHOENIX, BROAD FACE SHE IS NAMED, AND BRILLIANT TINTED HER FATHER SHOWS UP FOR HER, DANCING IN THE NIGHTSKY! YA, EUROPE, FOUND IN THE NORTH AND SALTY KISSED BY THE SHORELINE. FORSOOTH, THE STABILITY OF A ROCK ALSO THE COUNCILS SIGN, LAND WITHIN AND WITHOUT, MINING THOUGHTS FOR UNITY, STEADFAST UPON THE LIGHTNINGS WAY AND EVER PREPARED IN FRONT OF THE WIND OF CHANGE, EUROPE BOREALIS! ALL COLORS, ALL FLAGS, ALL PEOPLE! BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN HARMONY COMPARED WITH THE STARS OF THE TENT WHERE GODS SONG NEVER ENDS! BOLD THUNDERING KRIMML WATERFALL, WIDE AWAKE ETNA, SERENE MT BLANC, OPEN MINDED LAKE VÄNERN! JOYFUL RAISING A GLASS FOR THE GOOD SPIRIT, AND WITH ENLARGED HEART TASTING THAT WHICH FOREVER REMAINS** * * * * * * * ******************************************************************************************************************************** And all what they could say that is, that Europe and the bull reminds also to love as a trap but that is nonsense and a misinterpretation, the bull was white and tamed etc. ==>>> and any interpretation cannot go wrong, because sometimes some other countries are a bit like a bull and like we feel alienated... and further no one of us gets kidnapped:-).. And they probably dont have that in english: Darf Ich dich kurz entführen?............ And another little secret, since alis we have made in different colours, now to read it in the other direction and we have SILA: (in Sanskrit) or sīla (in Pāli), "behavioral discipline", "morality", "virtue" or "ethics" in Buddhism... Sīla is an internal, aware, and intentional ethical behavior, according to one's commitment to the path of liberation etc. And we have the two horns in the middle, one points in this direction and the other into the other direction (extended). And so we have the ORE, and the tunnel with BORE and SILA and the B is simple kept as B. For I guess some will say that alis as alice as noble is not perfect... again, sila integrates the noble part. (Proto-Indo Europeans). Ok, then you say, but the word BSILA does not exist! Ok, then we make the wing of the B black. This is even correct because it is her father and it stands together with the BOREALIS, AURORA (sun-red) BOREALIS... What do you think ye fools? The answer to Zerubabbel, do not despise these small beginnings... and sure we start a bit bumpy but when the divine intelligence does lead me to it... and now, look at the FLAG, and I have also build my book in the same way. Yea, and if you go now total wild, then you ask, what is with EBORE? but that is not totally permissable because we place that e on the B in another direction, but yes, ebore is Latin and is an inflection of EBUR and is figuratively an elephant, ebur (ebor) means a thing made of ivory or ivory. Psalm 110: Thy people shall be willing in the day of thy power, in the beauties of holiness from the womb of the morning (dawn, sun red): thou hast the dew of thy youth... The Lord hath sworn, and will not repent, Thou art a priest for ever after the order of Melchizedek.... and we know also the FIRE LIGHT... ==> Now, since we have clarified all that and for whatever reason the divine intelligence had guided me to it... and yes, again something for the puzzle or testimony or teaching, also to show you with that how spiritual power can be brought into the flag and how the mind of the population can be directed in a good way and etc... man-child born out of the mysteries... now our inoffical song for our creative EU flag is probably Rammstein, Sonne, but that just for fun!!!...........And interesting, they have chosen for the Europe Hymn as I found now out, Friedrich Schiller,"An die Freude" ("To Joy", which is also mystical) in 1785 as a celebration of the brotherhood of man.. After Schiller's death, the poem provided the words for the choral movement of Ludwig van Beethoven's 9th Symphony.... But it is only INSTRUMENTAL without text (they have not found a right translation yet or skipped it) => I think it is a failure to take only things from the past, similar when we have only the circle... what I mean with not taking things just from the past, ya I simple mean that we should have a new composition. Wherefore if I would want to make a Hymn, I would need still walk a bit higher and then check it all in the apocalypse.

FINAL TEST: when you can read what is on the FLAG every day and it does not bother you (or to get bored to death)... then it can stay on the FLAG... and further we have also the symbols above it. And should that be the case, that you are still fine with it and you like it even after weeks... then it is a Master work, yet still founded upon simplicity.... MY CREATIVE EU FLAG IS A KIND OF MAGIC…. Song,Peter Gabriel, my body is a cage. (my mind holds the key)...Soap &Skin, me and the devil… ITS TIME... to come out of it alive… FINAL CHECK ALIS... ALICE... WHAT IS THE ANSWER TO THE DARK [tunnel]?... BORE!!! ==>>> wherefore we point also to the fiery red hole... (abyss and fireblaze, inward sight), and so nothing goes wrong with the FLAG... and for sure ero could remind us a bit to eros with an hidden S in the B... but that is fine... nothing goes wrong with the FLAG ==>>> it would be allowed that you make the design of the B in such a way that in a small way it reminds us also to the number 13 and a S... also for SORE. And EROS per se is no problem... also God is a bit EROS behind the veil... just spiritual. And the three pearls upon the little crown should be kept. (with a hint to the original intent, corona borealis) ==>>> and then the Master piece is finished. ==> THE POEM CAN BE STILL MADE A BIT BETTER BUT ONLY VIA LITTLE CHANGES AND I JUST SHOW THE FUNDAMENT, and the same can be said about OUR FLAG... A BIT BETTER DESIGN... I have not put much time into it ==> There can never be made something better when we intervene with our own feelings and our own thinking against that what God has ordained... NO... I will stay fully on the track and every time when God intervened, yea, it was a little bit a SHOCK and it was total unexpected how it got unfolded... Jesus had his mission and the Pharisee were shocked and I have my mission and no, Iam not Jesus, forget that... but I will reveal and fulfil AFTER Jesus the apocalypse. And somehow later it goes into its own balance again... ==>>> thats why I have also made the EU FLAG (12 stars original intent, man-child and white red, eastern realm (heart of Europe), hidden within, and the seven stars etc.)... And Europe means also WIDE GAZING (or broad EYE, or broad face) which I like because of the ENLARGED TENT. So we point to the garden and to the enlarged tent and to the TRANSIT, bull ride. Yea, and instead of the rainbow, we have a little compromise but it is no full compromise: aurora borealis (instead of the rainbow) ==>>> and we have so or so the NAME AURORA: In astronomy, an aurora is a luminous phenomenon that consists of streamers, arcs, or ripples of dancing vibrant light that appear in the upper atmosphere of a planet's magnetic polar regions... and also we know some of the rainbow-like aurora borealis in Scotland skies. ==>>> and regarding the sulfur I would point for example to Ätna (Sizilien, wherefore I was also on that place, and for whatever reason I have taken a sulfur stone with me, but we have also other vulcanoes, yet Ätna is called Mongibello which means mountain or Ätna means simple burning, and they have many of this special made crosses and etc. which they sell on that place, Mount Etna, Europe's highest active volcano) ==>>> so we could also add something in the Hymn like: 1) couragere like the thundering Krimml falls (Krimml means Krümmung (bend) or Herberge (hostel), we do not know exactly, and Iam sorry, the highest waterfall is in Austria, and yes, you can’t help but feel insignificant when confronted with the sheer force and scale of this cataract, which thrashes immense boulders... and I know that some want to point to the Rhine falls (Switzerland), you can decide what is better, I have no problem regarding the poem), 2) vigilant like the awakened Ätna (not sleeping), 3) authentic and serene like the unshakeable Mont Blanc (Mont Blanc means WHITE MOUNTAIN), 4) open minded like lake Vänern... and instead of KISSED, we write SALTY KISSED* * * * * * * * and we get a bit remembered to Psalm 29, thunder voice, lightning (correct translation: divides the flames of fire, and we understand that now), flood... powerful, majestic...

...and he has read it, all what I have known beforehand:

what needs their future city vision? 1) more censorship, 2) more surveillance, 3) cryptocurrency, 4) green deal (with this absurd Co2 idea, about data, Co2 tracker - Dystopia), 5) get rid of small business and maybe also to get rid of the middle class, 6) control the information stream, 7) get more power/influence (money)…8)EINHEITSMENSCH (together with the state as our family yet demoralization is ok, it serves them... we shall become insecure and etc., update: Transhumanism). 9) ya, also the ongoing immigration shall make us insecure, and SOROS said that we shall call it NEW NORMAL (update, I am whether left nor right but...)

and yes I have much more written down, this parasite - easy to see through it

And YES, Europe Borealis: it would be then with ETGA, ZET Currency (triple holistic), and decentralized constitutions (like we have our constitution in Austria and A as a wheel and Neurolaw etc...) oderwise soon Chaos!!!

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<His only Answer is EMF, lets kill them later>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

He wants to kill me, this LOOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, then we should kill them

(death penalty, per law)

and also, we take it all away from them:

They have no life in their bones and want to make me weak, all the time, lets kill them!

and yes:

No with the military more countries, kill them (DEATH PENALTY, per LAW), read the rest, and is a weapon

und keine Antwort von Ihm, mein letzter Blog, dieser LOOSER?!!!!!!!!!!!! wir werden alle Stellen in allen Ländern informieren (Militär unabhängig zur Politik) = duty, ihre Pflicht und töten später dieses Ungeziefer, diesen Parasiten (und jemand wird schon ausplaudern)

Und mit Länder meine Ich nicht einfach Bundesländer

sondern Italien, Frankreich, Deutschland, Schweiz, alle Stellen = PFLICHT, der Sache nachgehen... mehr Leute ist auch immer besser und jeder könnte ein target sein und habe sein Maximum erkannt, 15 beam bullets in paar Minuten, da will er dir den Schädel wegfetzen eine richtige Dreckswaffe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! völlig unterschätzt!!!! und merke, erkenne die Veränderung der Leute in meinem Gebäude, "gruselig"... aber kann nicht mit allen reden... ist nur einer... und sonst sind es andere Leute von woanders, weil dann würde Ich schon auf der Straße sitzen würden sagen, WEG MIT DIR!

Fw: letzte mail: oder er ist so verrückt, hat 2 SAT auf mich gerichtet

weil wegen Energie, Solar und SAT??? keine Ahnung...

und bin da so genau... weil es sollte nicht mal ein kleiner Fehler erlaubt sein, Erläuterung

(die 15 beam bullets in paar Minuten)

HE is a COWARD & a PARASITE, you see it all, should be not possible what they do here in AUSTRIA!!!

wenn er bei der UN sitzt, geholt via Militär

scheissegal ob du blackmailed bist oder nicht

dann letzte Ausrede? USA? erzähl es uns! wird Zeit!

aber du hast gesagt bei Umkehr Vergebung

siehe, er ist noch immer hier!!! frage dich ja!

und in der last conclusion, einfach geisteskrank, dann muss er abserviert werden/sterben!

du scheiss Hure Ich weiß was es ist und mache deinen eigene UMPOLUNG/DRECKSVIECH

und wenn du noch spielst, du Hure bist hinüber/Seele... afterlife over... jetzt kannst noch lachen

und grinst auf CIA CNN oder MSNBC... du Hure bist auch hinüber

Nothing left:


maybe later some news here (updates):

failed, to seduce Africa!!! (they go after real independence), this Mafia failed!!!

failed, to seduce India!!!, this Mafia failed!!!

Colombia... the list is now so long!!!!... what is left for them??? G7 puppets are isolated, then KILL them!!!

they all leave them!!!

9/11 self-inflicted attack, grab oil??? War on terror???

Question: the world’s leading terrorist entity, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION, will they finally go bankrupt after the September 30th fiscal year-end or what are they doing now?

bankrupt = End of IMF - or better to say the end of this BIS Mafia

wherefore with SPECIAL Ops we would stop their Satellite Show very fast!!!!

Gesendet: Montag, 11. September 2023 um 16:15 Uhr Von: "Martin Mostbauer" <> An:,,,, minister.justiz@bmj.gv.a Betreff: alles was übrig bleibt

was zufleiß tun... und dass mit behavior control, aufgeflogen oder krepier später sieht man, erkennt man, stehen isolated da, Dollar Ende... 40 Prozent in 'USA bereit mit Waffen es zu richten war es mit Dir, her damit (die Namen)

And yes, my comments no longer show up on Youtube (only I see it, registered)

Gesendet: Montag, 11. September 2023 um 17:23 Uhr Von: "Martin Mostbauer" <> An:,, Betreff: Meine Kommentare scheinen weder auf Rumble noch YT auf, hat der Hacker

nur Ich sehe es wenn angemeldet!!! Irre!

Blog End!!!,

and here you get PHOTOS about the BULGES:

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