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Science is here called second knowledge because we have to make a distinction and the first knowledge deals with TRANSMUTATION, TRANSFORMATION, IMMORTALITY, DIVINE REALITY (MYSTIC EYE), SYMBOLS and the LANGUAGE (LOGOS) regarding gods! And the second knowledge deals with SCIENCE as most people know it... and LC (LOGIACOLUMN) is HOLISTIC... that means that we built  a BRIDGE between the first and second level... or between the first knowledge and second knowledge

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INFO: Until now I had not found the time nor the "patience" to read it all again and to correct little mistakes... but overall it should be ok and with the well chapter etc, then you see it all (put the puzzle together)... and therefore we have no big problem... thats for sure... but... its long ago and...wherefore "font bold" gives you the hint... so far I have read it again and for important stuff I use "font bold" (fette Schrift)






1) QUESTION: How do you determine if things exist or not? As long as you have no answer for that, you are no match to us, or those who call us Alice in Wonderland, but I do not say it as provocation... I just go directly to the ground if you will. Science long ago started with the will that we want to explain nature and our role in the universe... it may be that you have started to ignore that today, yet we have not and never will ignore it. You claim that your reason is the greatest power and you subdue nature, yet you go in decay like all mortals and nor will you build a machine which will stop this your problem completely... for you would become worst then a brute animal and having no more real life in you (or but you could live a bit longer, thats ok with science... but never gain paradise because its found in the all[entirety]).... and all what would be left is phantasm...ya, reason has helped humanity in many things... yet, the extremist today will not go into real evolution... no, they are left behind, they just do not know it yet... and the answer is simple: fluid dynamics on one side, and on the other side the urge in humans for a better life... that inner desire... and if they get pressed only in the extremist artificial view of reason and like there is nothing spiritual about us... it gets destroyed earlier or later.. And Iam not against REASON, my whole book is reason based even when written in the deepest darkness (for much more darkness was not possible, I guess I hit the fullness of it), now then, show me the DNA which makes you immortal. You have it not! The TRANSHUMANIST GETS ANGRY... HEY, you can do what you want yet I will not BOW DOWN before you. And I never said that Iam against medicine or against doctors or... similar we are not all on that level yet... and even if more would reach that level, we have still learned something and we will learn still many other things. Yet the radical Transhumanist in their extreme view, they are nothing but insane and someone needs to tell them. You will not survive it, and you are not higher then the gods and nor are you the final answer. And you will ask me, what are you doing, where do you go? Yea, we simple tap into that energy which is boundless...invisible and visible, and it is still your right that you say that this energy does not exist... and I do not force my book on anyone... yet I have also my right to tell you what I see about the Fluid Dynamics. (and you can brainwash yourself as you like it). The divine reality is based upon revelation (sons of God, knowledge of the son), and it is based upon contemplation, on the direct perception of reality (which has a similarity to traditional knowledge). And science, ya, they understand reality via the mind, they include logical and mathematical constructions (space and time...)... yet via intuition every human being (for the case he became not totally dark), he should have a little feeling and understanding of oneness, that he is not really something separated, and so I also explained the tree and the void. ==> and this tells us also that the true equilibrium (in its finality) can only be found in the void (our philosopher vacuum), the void is the way, the way is the void. FINALITY (no further argument is possible) is on our side and not on the side of fools (who grasp only the secondary level and talk about physical interactions and believe that they should form a public opinion about the theory of everything, yea, they are not even the majority among scientist, they are a small number) ==> Therefore and again, when you ignore the TREE and the VOID (the tree and everything around the tree: sun, rain, earth, leaves, root, stars... unchangeable only found in the void), then you also ignore everything about traditional knowledge (yea, life itself, you became senseless, now its only about your head, shall that be more real???), and when you do not ignore the tree and the void, then we could assume that a BOUNDLESS ENERGY does exist (and why it is found in the unchangeable, that is somewhere else explained in the book) And for the case you my reader say yes, that is also what my intuition tells me, now then, in one strike you figure out that it is only found in the invisible (quasi transcending all visible objects) and we have to enter the ground of it. And also, do you want to find the final truth in that which changes? And what is that which changes? Do you say: matter, form, shapes? And you say, energy is how things move and change (capacity for doing work).... potential, mechanical, thermal, electrical, chemical, motion, elastical energy... and pure energy is not a stable particle... and energy can be converted, changed into the other forms...A toaster transforms electric energy into thermal energy. A blender transform electrical energy into mechanical energy. Our bodies convert chemical energy from food into mechanical and electrical energy to allow us to move and so on = NOT THE FINAL TRUTH. ==> the first evidence of energy conversion from the early ages is when the ancient humans discovered the use of fire. They burned dried plant, wood, and animal waste and used the resultant energy for cooking and heating. This was followed by the use of mechanical energy that was used to harness the energy of flowing water and wind ==> And another word for energy is animated, keenly alive, alertness, what is spirited... ==> does it make CLICK IN YOUR HEAD? SOME SAY: Energy is not a substance, not something in the sense of “some thing”. Energy often appears to be a substance that flows, for example if charging a battery or an electrical capacitor. AND OTHER PEOPLE SAY: Should university physics professors see energy as "just a property?" or is energy "substance-like”? The controversy goes directly to the heart of science. More than that, it goes directly to the heart of existence itself. Wherefore some people intuitively feel that substance and property are mutually exclusive properties...but and also scientists often become comfortable with the idea that both concepts can be true. ==> THEY KNOW NOTHING [concerning the ROOT] BUT SOME OF THEM TALK ALL DAY LONG LIKE THEY HAVE THE TRUTH!!! And therefore where do you get your final truth? I guess, you seek it in your secondary equilibrium? Anyway, we have now enough said, and our equilibrium is known to us, something which they do not have!!! NOT ALL but some of them call us esoteric and fools, yet poetically speaking they are shoot down like a rabbit in the field, and we know form and that which produces form and therefore my reader, do not ignore your intuition... because it is part of the path to VICTORY!!! First we finish off 21 century religion and now, we must also finish off that part! You must learn from Master! Or is Chuck Norris still alive? He shall take care of you :-) He always must win at the end, I like that part. COHERENCE: infinitely small (like quantum world) and infinitely large, where is the bridge? Where is my fractal universe? When I know the invisible, then I can discover by correspondence, in the corporeality of natural systems. As a 3D being you believe in many things when the day is short and science is not less a religion. New inventions via science, there is not a big difference to us, they brood over something and when they are persitent and wait in stillness, here and there the divine intelligence can shoot something into their mind...something lights up... (their autonomy is not neglected)... the secondary level cannot even be neglected... and similar when Iam in the apocalypse, I will still use my car or ride a bike (and so la la I understand the mechanics of it) or whatever... Why do you always have this foolishness in mind that everything else disappears in the apocalypse? No, we inhabit new earth (the old is gone, that is the meaning thereof, the philosopher stone)... yet we are much more liberated... and only in that sense we are a thread to the system... but nevertheless also here we can add our part... Yet I believe also that science evolves to something bigger of which I have no idea yet, only a vague insight, and it will be more about signs and symbols and relationships, similar to today... but with a more vast language, like one symbol can tell you many things at once and we would have many symbols (I have no better words right now) We talk all day long about many things, yea, but if we push out some symbols like Odin, yet for sure now in a scientific way which at the same time points also to the spiritual house and etc.... then you waste less time... and further their mind is more fast in the apocalypse, they would have it much more easy to handle that, and partially you have it already in science fiction movies... you know, like they sit in a spaceship and symbols appear on a transparent screen, and then they push some buttons... no one knows what they are doing but it looks good... this ideas are not from the devil... the divine intelligence has also something to say:-), and the artist who got inspired... And in conclusion: THEIR THEORY OF EVERYTHING, it is nothing else then the same old question and a kind of restlessness which drives them and I can tell you that they will never find rest... And regarding the apocalypse, the opposite is true, you will never stop learning regarding creation... and beside that oneness will also not disappear... CHECK: when Jesus was a carpenter, I guess he had to learn something and even when Musashi does not fit here because he was a ronin, yet what he told about different skills and the way, here you can learn something from him, and we may call it Musashi in Christ style. Others learn how to take care as a farmer about their flock, other learn arts, others learn engineering, and others learn... and I even say, be versatile... yea you must start with something more specific yet if it is possible, then be more versatile, which serves you to stay dynamically, similar my book, I have not ignored the engineering stuff, then I had my arts (sometimes a bit offensive or crazy but I like it), philosophy, this and that...

2) Objects either emit, reflect, refract, absorb or scatter light into various energy levels which we call frequencies or wavelengths. Red has the longest wavelength so it has the lowest energy of any color. Violet (purple) has the shortest wavelength so it has the highest energy of any color. Below the frequency of red, light is no longer strong enough to shift the energy levels of electrons. Instead it is only enough to agitate the entire atom. This we feel as heat. What is less well understood is why an object appears to have a specific colour in the first place. Each human has specifically engineered life stories that are intertwined with the rest of the universe [grey town or transparent colourful town, next life] ==> I KNOW ONE THING, SCIENCE CANNOT LAUGH ABOUT ME, BECAUSE THEY HAVE NOT THE FULL ANSWER, SO WHY SHOULD THEY LAUGH ABOUT THAT WHAT I SEE WITH THE INNER EYE?, yea, my writings are not fully clear now but one thing is also sure, much less should they dare to laugh about my BLOOD behind the veil. Jacob said: They are like seven living and conscious rays contained within the original colourless ray, and broken into seven different tints by their passage through "matter." [correct] Now and further to understand the world today: British Scientist C.P. Snow warned that the scientific and the humanistic communities were growing further and further apart, to the degree that a member of one“culture” was not only incapable of understanding the language and interests of the other, but did not even value them... Metaphysic and Theosophy: The time has come, Basarab Nicolescu suggests, for science to stop cutting itself off from such matters and concerns, as if they were any less “real” than the waves and particles to which physics has reduced our world. A leading theoretical physicist in Paris at the Centre National de RecherchesScientifique, he has also been a major force in advocating a “transdisciplinary”approach in modern science and culture, an effort he describes as “a first step towards a dialogue between different fields of knowledge,” particularly between science and traditional religious ideas. ==> behind the veil = without the fantasies of the mind, yea we do not even look any longer at reality through the veil of the conditioned mind, and it is essence identity (no identification with other achievements like to be ego inflated, like I have this and now Iam that... no need for compensation, the dignity is comparable to the light of the world)... The STONE is the PRIMORDIAL TRADITION, you have the seven days in front of your eyes yet you see it not. The same can be said about the number 360. Evolution (also gradual development and complexity)-involution; continuity (also our inexhaustible source, and understand you must first reader the first chapters in my book for otherwise you don’t understand me!!!)-discontinuity (forms and shapes, wax stamp, via seed energy); simplicity (also our oneness with everything)-complexity (also a developed structure in the universe, ordering force via the cube grid, wisdoms looking glass); invariance (also our mirror, immutable)-variation; holism (the sum-product is more then simple the sum of its part like for example the human body or the tree [and the void] about which we have spoken)-reductionism (in the program, finite objects – a mechanism like for example DNA (second level) but this are only links in the chain); hierarchical structure (plants, minerals, animals, humans...); constancy (also equilibrium [abyssal nothing above it] and energy preservation, unmoved)-change (moved)... cause and effect... And with the souls eye the non – dual consciousness… with the dual nature, senses and the intelligible (and so we also include Hermes seven principles) ==> These cosmic energies (qualities or energies) or “fountain-spirits" are interdependent: the seven wheels are hooped round with fellies [Felgen] like a round globe. And yet that a man may see all the seven wheels turning round about severally apart, as also the whole fitness or coming to pass of the frame, with all its fellies and spokes and naves. The seven naves in the midst or centre being as it were one nave, which doth fit everywhere in the turning about. Unity and diversity themselves form a contradictory pair; the energy that is found in the physical universe is not the energy of unity... the true substance must be seen with the inner eye... we must find that place in which where permanence does tolerate impermanence, and unity does tolerate diversity (because diversity cannot be conceived without unity). Basarab said it rightly: True imagination is like a river of information which crosses all levels of reality, assuring their coherence, their coexistence, their non-separabilty... because reality flows ceaseless (a fabulous reservoir of data)...imagination, that is, to give a form to, to fashion (modeling the substance and actualizes it, wherefore the English word for imagination does not fit here). And in the infernal movement people have their own imaginations (dark fire, maya) – not fully awaken, they quasi have “eaten” the dark, which contracts, the akash is no longer expanded (akash also called tent), as a result they became quasi material overshadowed and live in grey town... a break in the evolutionary process, absence of divine love, that is, it confuses itself in animal passions, it is little death, because evil is a lesser good... the person enters also decay or he cannot reach up to the indestructible point by which he could stay in youthfulness (golden age 20s)... The divine program (established by divine intelligence, we are made in the image of God) is already ready to receive humans as his immortals yet only few humans so far have reached that point. Adam or the first humans who got the logos, they were too immature, like infants... now, but the solution is ever present... we can reach that point and we mature... ==>ETERNAL IAM in God==> and I would not see the mirror or glass (upon which everything is reflected) without the sevenfold energy... (religion is nothing without the sevenfold energy, they are dreamer, thats what they are), REST = seventh day... THE SHAPES APPEAR AND DISAPPEAR CONTINUALLY (like waves that come and go on the surface of the vast stillness, that is the divine ocean, and its emptiness), A SINGLE WHOLE [this ENERGY is the MEASURELESS or boundless, the spirit given without measure, and the globe has its eternal limit] UNDERSTAND THE HEAVENLY COMPASS and the DEEP or ABYSS (which I have shown you in scripture, even in proverbs 8), now, take a paper and draw a circle... the formless point meets the circle which you have drawn = NON-SEPARABILITY = GODSPEED = MY BUBBLING UP VORTEX (inner eye) and energetic cube shift, and polarity (moon & sun) and RETURN (and the square is the outer limit, SALT IS SITUATED AT THE VERY LIMIT OF THE INNER AND THE OUTER DOMAIN) = and we must include that pattern (sacred geometry) because otherwise we cannot understand the divine reality with its mirror (as all philosopher told us, TRIANGLE, CIRCLE, SQUARE). ==> And also different cosmos can come and go, yet the rythm never ceases... and this is called day and night. And, so it has been forever and ever, and will continue forever and ever, without end, ceasing, or interruption. An expansion of this Divine Essence from without inwardly, and from within outwardly, an out-breathing of the 'unknown essence' produces the world; and an inhalation causes it to disappear [YET, this is also DIVINE REALITY, when it fills again the deep abyss] and therefore it is not said that a cosmos cannot endure, similar my body endures in the star light being via God, equilibrium, yet but it is possible that universes come and go… I hope you understand me:-) ==> man as microcosm, I can attain a celestial body and this celestial body will endure forever]... Now, look at a flame, perceive to be present, under and at the centre of the flame, a dark, transparent, "something" which is the "essence, cause", similar the dark is perceived in the divine reality, inner eye and flame... Listen: again, time is the measure of changing existence, the perceived number of successive movements... When God takes upon itself the robes of Manifestation it proceeds to manifest the appearance of Things—these Things each displaying Form, and certain qualities, properties, or attributes which distinguish them from other manifested Things ==> ETERNAL NATURE IS HIS CLOTHING OR GARMENT, yet he is untouched by matter. The word "Infinite" implies simply an absence of limitations, bounds, or form, and does not indicate any limit, bound, or form no matter how extended... yet every Globe has his eternal limit, in the boundless flow, and since he transcends infinite center, he has no parts (and this is our mineral water, myriads of bubbles in the divine ocean). ==> the Logos gives order and regularity to the movement of things, yet God is not frustrated and disappointed by the indisposition of matter, we recognize him as a higher providence, which, presiding over it, does often supply the defects of it and sometimes overrules it (specially through us in the apocalypse, seven Spirits governing wheel… it flows also to the lower world… co-centered),... similar with healing miracles... ==> the soul gives life to the body, and in the apocalypse we realise the 7 Spirits wheel in her essence (a God sourced soul), therefore the Soul weaves bodies for its manifestations, similar we receive the light body in the apocalypse, strong eyes etc., which is far removed from our comparatively gross earth-plane (as and also earth in the apocalypse is a crystal earth, a transparent realm, heavenly shining, by which we gain a celestial body, and by which the person sees herself in the well). In Nomads ministry symbol the cross is male and the circle is female ==> it is also the origin of every positive and negative pol in science (the term negative should be not misunderstood, which is here rather the generation of new forms of energies). Now and further about the DIVINE REALITY: MYRIADS OF BUBBLES ARE IN THE ONE GREAT OCEAN = THE MANY IN ONE... And another thing becomes clear to us, that is: EVOLUTION and INVOLUTION or UNFOLD (UNROLL, UNWRAPPED) and FOLDED UP (WRAPPED UP, ROLLED-UP)... to know the ROOT OF ALL THINGS: that makes us happy behind the veil ==> As the Rosicrucians rightly said (yet I have not his name, anonym saying), men of advanced science are beginning to whisper to each other that "The Universe is Alive, as a Whole and in all of its parts." Surely this is a remarkable change in scientific opinion, and scientist have even created „living crystals“ ==> contention of the Materialists that Life and Mind are but qualities of Matter, and are to be found in all forms of material objects, needs but to be inverted AND there is no reason that FOOLS should rule as teacher in our schools in Austria, FOOLS destroy creativity (wisdom and progress), we have to chastize you politicians in Austria and I will do that, we change that soon ===> April 2023, was so easy, the reservoir + Master Poesy ==> As Life is the Essence of Spirit, so is Consciousness the Essence of Life. Spirit is One, yet it manifests in many forms of Life. Life is One, yet it manifests in many forms of Consciousness. While the forms of manifested Consciousness are innumerable... (similar we can purify ourselves, awareness increase. And we also realise also that the “I" is entirely absent, and the mental activity is more or less automatic and instinctive in the lower plane versus ETERNAL IAM in GOD, yet we can heal them again, not everyone but many, depends who heals them and etc., and it is clear, we see another similarity, that is, in the case of animals the consciousness is always directed outward, and so it is with animal passions)... And nor can we deny the intelligent work of cells, or of DNA. ==> Therefore my reader, do not get INFILTRATED BY ANIMAL – LIKE MINDED PEOPLE, they say FORTSCHRITT und WISSENSCHAFT but are complete blind because they have never drunken from the breast of wisdom, no, they have become vain in themselves. Man attaches himself to "things," and creates for himself artificial wants which he must labor to meet. His intellect often fails to lead him upward, and too often merely enables him to invent new and subtle means and ways of gratifying his senses in a way impossible to the animals or primitive man. Some men make a religion of the gratification of their sensuality and their appetites, and sink below the level of the beasts in this respect. Others become vain, conceited, and filled with an inflated sense of the importance of their personality. Others become morbidly introspective, and spend their time analyzing and dissecting their moods, motives, and feelings. Others exhaust their capacity for pleasure and happiness, by looking outside of themselves for happiness, instead of within. These are the dark shadows, the shadows always found as the "opposite" of all real evolutionary progress... NEVERTHELESS THEY SCREAM: WE NEED NO WISDOM... yea, but we are the ones who are free from mental torment and it gives us also concentrated power, we are taking the "short cut" to the higher sub-planes by means of careful training along the lines indicated by capable teachers... AND Nomad HAS THE KEY, which by the way results also to fellowship with all Life, and yes, I could even share it with Rosicrucians and I could also rewrite everything and say, it all comes from me… yet IAM not in NEED to do that… I give also other people some credit and I mention all Mystics and still I know the whole arcanum!!! I see myself as the apocalypse and I gather my Kangaroos (now SNOW LEOPARDS!, they also make bigger jumps), that is, those who want to make bigger jumps forward ==> and what is with TRUST in GOD? the aquirement of a feeling of trust, certainty, and confidence, which is beyond the comprehension of those who have never experienced it... also that gets restored during ascension, together with compassion, and kernel unity reality [divine love, like the light of he sun]...

3) My THEORY OF EVERYTHING is GOD. Conclusion: You can be an animal or just matter or you believe in a living source! Wherefore with the right correspondence (and the hermetic principle, which gets today by the way more and more proven in science), humans could make also much progress in science and the necessary creativity comes into action, because it needs also discovery and not just a merely learning about “fixed mechanism”, but and again, it is like with me and religion, they are in their own 21 century religion, and so it is with the secular order and their theory of everything, they say, this mystical reality has nothing to do with us! And therefore I write first of all rather to myself and swim again against the stream of the world and against the stream of religion. Nomad as Alice in wonderland with her looking glass versus the grasshopper :-) forgive me, take it with fun ===>>> first as you have seen in my book, we have the first body or mental body (our star light being via the source), the Universe itself, at an underlying and foundational level, is Mental, all things share a connection in the fact they exist within the Mind of THE ALL (so also we have the inner essence, and the bosoms widespread intelligible objects), therefore, our thoughts are not tied simply to the physical plane, making a science of all phenomena of the universe, now, and we have always a correspondence between the laws and phenomena of various planes that manifest as being and life. Grasping this principle is what allows one to deduce the hidden solutions to problems by looking at what exists a layer above!!!!!!!, and below the problem, to infer the pattern!!!!!!! and shadow nature of what is in-between... As the knowledge of Geometry allows one to measure the cosmos and map its movements, as a dance of spheres and spirals, via correspondence, we can come to know the whole of the Universe by exploring the higher and lower nature of things, which surround the mystery (for example man as a star)... And about vibration, the highest rates of vibration, the rate and intensity are so rapid it appears to be motionless, ya, that is what some teach about vibration, yet it is non-dual consciousness and this secret is not full revealed to everyone: it does not just appear like it is movement and rest but it is movement and rest and equilibrium... And further we realize according to vibration, we feel like some chords are pleasant to hear, and others feel inherently wrong (I only need to feel the vibration, and often I just have to hear the voice of a person and I know what is going on...) Now, and further we have polarity, rhythm, gender, cause and effect. As an example, I started with nothing in my hand and then a bit later on I had only small things... but by knowing that these little causes will lead to new effects, which will put me further on the path of what I want to achieve (in my case, to write down the cosmic holistic truth). And this is also simply as a rule of nature….. and for sure the divine intelligence helped me also... And yes, male, that is also, to look upon the WINS, to get something out of it, we check the causes and the effects we want to experience tomorrow… And do I say that I have found now my rhythm? Answer, I guess… I have already the full picture… and now via rhythm I revisit this book… and get some order, different chapters which I use… etc., Iam no longer so chaotic like in the beginning... LETS CHECK NOW OUR GLASS: NOW, my reader, about our watery stony Glass in the apocalypse which is seen with the inner eye, you may ask about correspondence in nature and I say to you: Natural Glass: It is sometimes said that glass in very old churches is thicker at the bottom than at the top because glass is a liquid, and so over several centuries it has flowed towards the bottom. This is not true. In Mediaeval times panes of glass were often made by the Crown glass process. A lump of molten glass was rolled, blown, expanded, flattened and finally spun into a disc before being cut into panes. The sheets were thicker towards the edge of the disc and were usually installed with the heavier side at the bottom. Other techniques of forming glass panes have been used but it is only the relatively recent float glass processes which have produced good quality flat sheets of glass. Theormodynamics of glass: Many solids have a crystalline structure on microscopic scales. The molecules are arranged in a regular lattice. As the solid is heated the molecules vibrate about their position in the lattice until, at the melting point, the crystal breaks down and the molecules start to flow. There is a sharp distinction between the solid and the liquid state, that is separated by a first order phase transition, i.e. a discontinuous change in the properties of the material such as density. Freezing is marked by a release of heat known as the heat of fusion... Crystalline solids: molecules are ordered in a regular lattice. Fluids: molecules are disordered and are not rigidly bound. Glasses: molecules are disordered but are rigidly bound. And therefore it is said: Glass, is actually neither a liquid—supercooled or otherwise—nor a solid. It is an amorphous solid—a state somewhere between those two states of matter. ==> and I simple know the divine reality because of my first ascension and therefore I agreed fully with the Philosopher of the stone about our stony glass (watery stone), and now Iam “shocked” like you, or better to say I laugh myself to the bones and Iam very glad, yea, Iam very HAPPY that this fits, as we also need other confirmations, it helps us on our journey and I thank the divine intelligence which brought today this inspiration into my mind, because I had forgotten it, once learned in school yet later on forgotten… NOW and we check further: A liquid has viscosity, a measure of its resistance to flow. The viscosity of water at room temperature is about 0.01 poises. A THICK OIL might have a viscosity of about 1.0 poise. As a liquid is cooled its viscosity normally increases, but viscosity also has a tendency to prevent crystallisation. Usually when a liquid is cooled to below its melting point, crystals form and it solidifies; but sometimes it can become supercooled and remain liquid below its melting point because there are no nucleation sites to initiate the crystallisation. If the viscosity rises enough as it is cooled further, it may never crystallise. The viscosity rises rapidly and continuously, forming a thick syrup and eventually an amorphous solid. The molecules then have a disordered arrangement, but sufficient cohesion to maintain some rigidity. In this state it is often called an amorphous solid or glass...!!!!!!! Some say, it would be convenient if we could conclude that glassy materials changed from being a supercooled liquid to an amorphous solid at the glass transition, but this is very difficult to justify. Polymerised materials such as rubber show a clear glass transition at low temperatures but are normally considered to be solid in both the glass and rubber conditions.... It is sometimes said that glass is therefore neither a liquid nor a solid. It has a distinctly different structure with properties of both liquids and solids... (this explanation I have taken from Philip Gibbs October 1996, IS GLASS LIQUID OR SOLID) ===>>> AND I TOLD YA, somehow the SECRET OIL is also hidden in it, ANOTHER CHRIST, OIL LAMP (the eye is the lamp of the body), and we TASTE it in the apocalypse, MENORAH... and we know about the Jews, the story about the miracle oil, as described in the Talmud which describes how the finding of a jug of pure oil that was to be enough to light the lamp for one day; instead, it lasted for eight days. [Number 8, we know already the meaning thereof, and we have our purified oil behind in the apocalypse] Wherefore and again, do not be confused about the oil, the sevenfold energy remains, this oily compound is just a taste in it, like a gushing forth, and similar we have the sharp salt in the fire with its harsh dark to it... And the sacred oil is known in almost all religion, oil lamps used in different religions. What I know, the whole compound has an oily taste. (first matter made by the 4 elements and akash so to speak, then light (visible) and the dark, this are the “sharp distinctions”, similar no one can put away the watery stony glass or immoveable earth, the habitation as the air, the fire, light reflection)… and therefore additional we have the intermediates... NOW, OK, WE UNDERSTOOD OUR GLASS: and we know that we have to get rid of dark - earthly oil, we want our purified oil, that is, indestructible oil, transparent liquid, our burning glass lamp, and it is clear that we seek our EVERBURNING LAMP, to receive our SHINING PEARL (perpetual light). And insofar all the impressions are fiery and oily... with the return, and air proceeding out of it... Our oil is prepared from the glass... the body goes into the oil and gives off the sweet oil (in similarity, the oil rubbed on the skin as we know it in scripture)... the oil goes over the helm (with sweet smell and beautiful colours), a fragrant oil of great virtue... And here the answer to your question why the fire does not stop to burn in me in the second ascension, and I said, that is, because I had my first ascension and then I did fall into darkness yet the fire does not stop to burn in my second ascension and that is because once I have already broken through the bonds of matter… and now I got also here a confirmation from one of the Philosopher, my friends help me in all what I need: When the outermost nature and power has collapsed into its interior, and its interior thrown out and has now become an oil that lies hidden in its innermost and depth, well prepared and ready, and henceforth it cannot, unto the last judgement, be brought back to its first essence. And this is true, for it has become so subtle and volatile, that as soon as it senses the power of fire, it flies away as a smoke with all its parts because of its volatility [in my first ascend I broke through the bonds of matter, and ya, I must even include that also the physical sun can amplify the fire in me, even that I found out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!] ==> This oil you must store with all possible precaution so that it receives no damage. For you now have a Heavenly Oil that shines on a dark night and emits light as from a glowing coal. And the reason for this is that its innermost power and soul has become thrown out unto the outermost, and the hidden soul is now revealed and shines through the pure body as a light through a lantern... And the power of the Spiritual Wine reaches very far and to great heights. For when it is rightly used according to the Art of Medicine: I tell you, you have a heavenly medicine to prevent and to cure all kinds of diseases and ailments of the human body... Spiritu vini, that has received the power of the Antimony, fall into a small glass of wine. This has to be taken by the patient [drops of unadmixed tincture] ===> 1 Corinthians 15:37 And that which thou sowest, thou sowest not that body that shall be, but bare grain, it may chance of wheat, or of some other grain...we sow only the outer husk which does not belong to the basic substance... Ezekiel 37:9,10, Then said he unto me, Prophesy unto the wind, prophesy, son of man, and say to the wind, Thus saith the Lord God; Come from the four winds, O breath, and breathe upon these slain, that they may live. [FOUR WINDS, NOMADS MINISTRY/APOCALYPSE SYMBOL with the whirling essence]... And so we gain the spiritual body and our secret oil... ==> the Image in the generative oil of plants, the flower reveals its form (and we have to get rid of the dark, earthly oil, then we receive the best fragrance as manifested sons)... ==>>> LIKE A PAINTER, all his works are painted with oil and pigment (and multiplicity via the fiery, like carving) – THE OIL PAINT, PICASSO!!! And because the oil operates together with the stony glass, yea, some philosopher have also called it mercury, they called the oil mercury, but we know what they mean, it is ok... mercury, sulphur, salt, we understand us... and the akash I mentioned simplified as love sphere, and when people grow dark, they go into their own manifestation (with its weird imaginations, and material overshadowed), and every disease is a corruption of the oil!!!! ==> the purpose of this book is as I said, to make it simple. And whoever knows mercury, sulphur, salt, he belongs to the great sages… yet also Iam real here, I must make some little corrections later… once Iam back in the apocalypse… the last revisit...just tiny corrections

4) Benton C. Clark: Sulfur is ubiquitous in the Universe and essential to all life forms that we know. It supports the chemoautotrophic way of life and the photosynthetic. It may inhabit niches we cannot imagine, and the life zone about a star may therefore be wider than now estimated…. And further and also that heat plays a major role in the universe I do not need to tell you... wherefore some believe that the big freeze (big chill) is the ultimate fate of the universe… and so we will have a lot of fun at LOGIACOLUMN… yea, and mercury got choosen because of its speed...planet… and it is the only metal that is liquid at standard conditions of temperature and pressure, its the quick in it :-)… and reflects its shining surface (and sulfur contained within mercury, cinnabar(wherefore cinnabar is trigonal, RED WONDER, brillinat red VERMILLION, VULCAN)…)… and therefore we must also understand the ancient people… yea, and we remember, the Venetian mirror-makers were sworn to secrecy and locked up so as not to let out the precious method of mercury mirror production that all of Europe envied. Anyone who entered or left the island, or sold the secret, would be executed. HELP COMES FROM AUSTRIA: Mercury is a highly toxic and dangerous chemical element, which made for frequent deathly accidents (they survived it for 10 working years or something like that). In 1835,Justus von Liebig (1803-1873, Austrian) invented the silver nitrate mirror (and the old method got banned) Wherefore today Iam probably not in need to execute you if you tell my secret to everyone... my special mirror... but if you claim that you know the full vision without me and when in reality you have never seen it... everyone knows that you are a fool... and we at LOGIACOLUMN check to make it all right...logos.. and yes, and again, everyone of us knows the silver moon white (clarity, purity brilliance) and gold sun red pheonix and etc.. at LOGIACOLUMN we must get sure with the LOGOS (and whatever follows) and I believe that everyone understands that

5) degrees of subtility and fixity, like also seen in nature ==> Light is electromagnetic radiation that shows properties of both waves and particles - wavelength and frequency, different colours. Rainbows show the entire spectrum of visible light. And we have the rainbow body in the apocalypse. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet... we understand also: intensity (units of water or light), polarization (for example in water, the wave will move across the water, but the wave will also move water up and down on the surface), phase (like moon phase), angular momentum (rotational moment of an object rotating about an axis). And transparent things have none or very little shadows ==>>> Current scientific understanding: changing magnetic fields generate electrical fields, producing electrical current [coil of wire, induced in the coil, wherefore Voltage = pressure], next, an electric current flowing over a wire produces a magnetic field around itself, a changing magnetic field also gives rise to a property similar to an electric current, and this too creates a magnetic field around itself, next, an electric charge at the source of an electric field, wherefore a magnetic field has no source (magnetic monopole) equivalent to that of an electric CHARGE – again, a magnetic field has no sources or sinks, so its field lines have no start or end: they can only form closed loops, extend to infinity in both directions, or continue indefinitely without ever crossing itself... And if you take two parallel metal plates (electrodes) and connect one to the positive pole and the other to the negative pole of a battery, you will create a capacitor... now, if you connect alternating current (AC) that changes drastically, electric current will start to flow along the two electrodes. Electric current is a flow of electrons... Magnetic fields and electric fields are inextricably linked, and there is also an entity called an electromagnetic field that is solely responsible for bringing them into existence... Now, when UV light hits a metal surface, it causes an emission of electrons (the energy of the electrons does not change whether the light is weak or strong), if light were a wave, strong light should cause photoelectrons to fly out with great power, therefore light as particles (photon)... the DUAL NATURE, wave and particle, the properties and oscillation frequency (= movement back and forth in regular rythm, regular variation in magnitude or position about a central point) of light as a wave and the properties and momentum (energy) of light as a particle ======>>>>>>> Hieronymous: malignant men have darkened our art, perverting it with many words... our earth, our sun, our gold... and why GOLD? gold is a Noble metal, meaning it’s inert: boringly resistant to corrosion and oxidation, our golden tincture (and our rainbow body in the apocalypse). Actual science today: Gold can currently be manufactured in a nuclear reactor by the irradiation of either platinum or mercury... NOW, I want that you take a big bowl, and that you fill that bowl with water, then let a drop of water fall into it, and trust me or not, via light you will watch the waves which it produces, similar in the apocalypse, the heavenly water shines luminious in the light (inner eye, because we have the flame, the dark to it, and the immoveable earth and water, our watery stone). Actual science today [environmental friendly technology]: wave energy technology (converted into electrical energy) lags well behind wind and solar power, with important technical hurdles still to be overcome (INTERESTING: WIND, WATER, SOLAR, wherefore we could also add GEOTHERMIE) ====>>>>>> The medium of a wave is any substance that carries the wave, or through which the wave travels. Ocean waves are carried by water, sound waves are carried by air, and the seismic waves of an earthquake are carried by rock and soil = degrees of subtility and fixity!!! =====>>>>>> A wave according to the dictionary: a disturbance or variation that TRANSFERS ENERGY progressively from point to point in a medium and that may take the form of an elastic deformation or of a variation of pressure, electric or magnetic intensity, electric potential, or temperature... And there are three types of mechanical waves: transverse (UP AND DOWN, perpendicular), longitudinal (LEFT AND RIGHT, parallel, P waves = the fastest kind of seismic wave in an earthquake are examples of Longitudinal waves but for sure, earthquake waves are also longitudinal and transverse and waves that travel within the depths of the ocean are longitudinal waves, we recognize also compression and rarefaction), and surface waves (the waves that travel along the surface of the oceans are referred to as surface waves, also sometimes called circular waves since particles of the medium undergo a motion in a complete CIRCLE = both, longitudinal and transverse as surface wave, and the radius of the circles decreases as the depth into the water increases, more down the ocean = SMALLER CIRCLES). They differ in how particles of the medium move when the ENERGY OF THE WAVE passes through...The medium through which the wave travels may experience some local oscillations as the wave passes, but the particles in the medium do not travel with the wave. The disturbance may take any of a number of shapes, from a finite width pulse to an infinitely long sine wave. We have for example a crowd which makes a wave in a football stadium: they stand up and sit down (transverse wave, perpendicular). Wherefore sound waves in air behave in much the same way. As the wave pulse passes through, the particles in the air oscillate back and forth about their equilibrium positions but it is the disturbance which travels, not the individual particles in the medium... Further, sound travels about four times faster and farther in water than it does in air etc…. Ya, and we have also the example of a BALL upon the water, and the wave travels and the ball keeps its place... =======>>>>>>When a quantum "observer" is watching Quantum mechanics states that particles can also behave as waves. ... In other words, when under observation, electrons are being "forced" to behave like particles and not like waves. Thus the mere act of observation affects the experimental findings. Further, an odd space experiment has confirmed that, as quantum mechanics says, reality is what you choose it to be... Physicists have long known that a quantum of light, or photon, will behave like a particle or a wave depending on how they measure it. Actually, there is no scientific theory which can explain what is light, wave or particle? Rather, to explain some phenomena, we consider photon as a particle and in other, we take it as a wave. So called wave-particle duality... Nomad: I think, they have not yet understood what exactly a photon is. That is why they are having confusion... And a Physic heroe said (who has a big problem to accept it, the DUAL NATURE): The situation is similar to that of the ancient belief of the Earth being flat. This belief was quite natural since gravity was not yet discovered. But once it did it allowed the comprehension of the Earth being round. The same happens with the photon duality. As long its environment will be overlooked, there is no other way than to believe that it has a double nature, punctual (corpuscle) and extended (wave)... Quantum physics state that an unobserved photon exists in all possible states simultaneously but, when observed or measured, exhibits only one state...(particles polarizations, once the person in the lab measures the photon, the particle assumes a fixed polarization, Wigners proposal) ======>>>>> THIS DOES REALLY NOT BOTHER ME (seven Spirits governing wheel and tinging virtue, co-centered and the earth makes the square), Ephesians 5:13, but when anything is exposed by the light, it becomes visible, and also I seek the most high vibration (not that merely outward below)... And Vacuum is space devoid of matter. The word stems from the Latin adjective vacuus for "vacant" or "void" and Nomad has his own VOID, the void is the way, the way is the void, the unbroken equilibrium (expanded akash, and untouched by matter, transcending infinite center, myriads of bubbles in the heavenly ocean, yet matter cannot be without it, Spirit in matter), and when we look again on actual science today, String theory: a string looks just like an ordinary particle, with its 1) mass, 2)charge, and other properties determined by the 3)vibrational state of the string (rather strings than point-like particle) String theory suggests that matter can be broken down beyond electrons and quarks into tiny loops of vibrating strings. Those strings move and vibrate at different frequencies, giving particles distinctive properties like mass and charge... the more energetic the string, the heavier the corresponding particle is – fundamental strings are so very small, they form incredibly tight loops and therefore require a colossal amount of energy in order to vibrate – Remember the uncertainty principle? It implies that seemingly empty space is filled with energy, called vacuum energy. Physicists worked out that this vacuum energy could cancel with the vibrational energy of the strings, lowering their overall energy and mass. This cancellation allows vibrating strings to appear as massless, or almost massless, particles (and to get their graviton). THEORY OF EVERYTHING!!! Correspondences and SCIENCE, YES!!! but no insanity! NOMAD has his own seven stringed instrument!!!, therefore, all what is missing for me, AND ya, what will become very interesting later, not just UP and DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT. CIRCLE but why the SPIN?

6) Salt crystals form a perfect cube (DEAD SEA). Dr. Mark T. Ford, a mineralogist at Texas A&M University in Kingsville, Texas, explained: The cubic shape is a direct result of how the Na and Cl atoms are stacked together. The atoms are different sizes and when stacked together in an orderly fashion, the resultant shape is a cube. Thus, as the mineral grows, it also takes this form. The resultant mineral, halite, will always have a cuboidal structure, whether it's teeny-tiny (think table salt) or extra-large, like some of the salt found at the shores of the Dead Sea. And Dead Sea salt crystals get so large because of the high concentrations of sodium and chlorine atoms in the lake. Generally speaking, the more atoms available to add to the crystalline structure, the larger and faster the mineral can grow... ==> within the circle of the immeasurable love... the light stone, our gold...and the Nazorean is the one whose inner eye is open. ==> you may say Martin Mostbauer, MM... and you were a freemason because also they have many symbols and to this I say, I was never in any order, I learned it all by myself... but it could be that freemasons had originally some good intention and that not all understood what this symbols really mean, maybe even today some stuff got forgotten, and became secular (or also the “mafia” got mixed into it, probably depends upon the order and place… and like with churches… some fall.. and some true seeker are also found in their order), I do not know, I can say nothing about it... and I do not care what you believe about me... I go after the truth... and Iam not interested in foolish religion ==> Now and further about the TERNARY: THE SYMMETRICAL ROLE OF SULPHUR and MERCURY, SALT: salt is then intermediate between them (and resultant), SALT IS SITUATED AT THE VERY LIMIT OF THE INNER AND THE OUTER DOMAIN to which they respectively correspond, mercury as plane of reflection [as the passive, like wisdoms glass]... and sulphur as active, by which we also find the fixed and volatile bound together, which makes us the son of heaven and earth... fully realized and perfectly balanced.... universal man... and here also the turtle was as a symbol used, because the upper part is round, a symbol for heaven and the earth by its flatness as the symbol for the lower part and both united... or another example would be a chariot with a circular canopy and square floor as known from Ming Tang etc. ==> And the ACID and ALKALI [for salt formation] as similarity to our mercury and sulphur [and salt as “neutral”, in crystalline form, VULCAN - sulphuric acid) ==>>> THE ALCHEMIST WILL FIGHT FOR THE PRESERVATION OF HIS LIFE, also that you will learn that as TOXONSOPHIST!!!

7) Nomad, do you have a hexagonal insect eye vision, a spherical 3D mesh representing an image that is overlaid with a hexagonal grid simulating an insect's vision, movie: the fly, you also deformed heavy like in the movie, and should we fear you??? Answer, I do not know yet but I will figure it out later and meanwhile you should weaponize yourself, just to get sure. This is still an experiment. I hope that I will recognise you people later, HOFFNUNG STIRBT ZULETZT...“The force that makes the winter grow its feathered hexagons of snow, and drives the bee to match at home. Their calculated honeycomb is abacus and rose combined. An icy sweetness fills my mind, a sense that under thing and wing lies, taut yet living, coiled, the spring.”- Jacob Bronowski…. INTERESTING ENGINEERING: This is an extension of Saturn’s hexagon. When you rotate water in a container at very high speed, the inner hole can take the shape of a hexagon. This might be the key to unlocking why the clouds at Saturn's pole take the shape of a hexagon. In one experiment, the Researchers at the Technical University of Denmark in Lyngbycreated several shapes by spinning water at different speeds. They poured water into the bucket and set the bucket to spin.The shapes started to appear at about seven revolutions per second... Even the researchers were unable to give a clear explanation on why the hexagon is formed when water spins at high speeds! Philip Ball: The researchers found that once the plate was spinning so fast that the water span out to the sides, creating a hole of air in the middle, the dry patch wasn't circular as might be expected. Instead it evolved, as the bucket's spin sped up, from an ellipse to a three-sided star, to a square, a pentagon, and, at the highest speeds investigated, a hexagon... This set-up is very similar to the rotating bucket that Isaac Newton used in the seventeenth century to investigate centrifugal forces. ===> LOGIACOLUMN… and yes, the abacus is a counting tool, the exact origin is unknown, used mainly to teach arithmetic, and it includes the four basic operations [addition, substraction, multiplication, division] and also square and cube roots… and yes, we know very well the little balls etc… and yes I know, the abacus (abax) is also a four-square plate upon a pillar… and yes, we all know the ROSE WINDOWS (and sacred geometry) which we find in old church buildings… FURTHER, THE SHADOW OF THE OCTAHEDRON IS THE STAR OF DAVID (3 dimensional into a 2 dimensional perspective) ==> see also Red pyramid and Bent pyramid… and yes, you have also the great pyramid as 7 (height) to 11 (base length) or 14 to 11 (half length of the base)…. this is important when we look at the Pyramid and other things (ratio)... anyway… Listen!, cornea of our eye, strands of our DNA, snowflakes, pinecones, flower petals, diamonds, nautilus shell, branching of trees, sunflower, HONEYCOMB, stars, planets – you can also read: a little book of coincidence by John Martineau etc... smaller grids and bigger grids... that is all what I say, and there is one creator... Albert Einstein, I want to know Gods thoughts, the rest are mere details. THEREFORE, this revelations change the world forever, because the world is brought back to harmony in us [in God, new earth and new heaven = ANOTHER SECRET ABOUT THE SINGLE EYE (modus), sacred geometry in a supernal way, leaving the temporary construct of reality (spaces perfected), and without dichotomy ==> the highest foundation in new Jerusalem is an Amethyst (wherefore its interesting that it is like the David star hexagonal and can appear as prismatic crystals)…. And no, Iam not so interested in NISSAM HARAMEIN (vector equilibrium), BUCKMINSTER FULLER etc. but WALTER RUSSEL said something interesting about his vision: For creating matter, he describes two aspects: (1) "positive electric condition compresses large volumes of light waves into small volumes by winding them centripetally into spiral vortices by forcing them inward" and (2) "negative electric condition expands small volumes of light waves into large volumes by unwinding them centrifugally into voiding equators where matter disappears. Radiation thrusts outward from within to depolarize matter & void motion."… Nomad: not exactly what I say, but stuff like that serves as inspiration... AND FURTHER YOU ARE WELCOME AT LC and also we must check the pyramids in Egypt… again, first we need the capstone and we need to know exactly how the sevenfold energy is arrayed with the three principles. And I have also heard and read from the site: MARSHALL LEFFERTS, that the VE has the ability to “collapse” inward, drawing the twelve outer points symmetrically towards its center point. As it does so it goes from its state of perfect equilibrium (the zero-phase) into a dynamic “spin” that can contract in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions. When contracted and expanded alternating in both directions, it exhibits a dynamic “pumping” action that Fuller called the Jitterbug (after the dance of the 1930’s that was popular at the time he was exploring this phenomenon, DYNAMIC JITTERBURG MOTION OF THE VE, FRACTAL SCALING NATURE OF THE VE) ==> I SAY IT AGAIN, THIS IS NOT THE FULL ANSWER and the SEVENFOLD RULES… but at LC we will figure it out. And yes, the embryo cells, cellular topological pattern is in some way important because similar we have the first sun and we get born of God (Melchizedek order, endless life), so you understand what I mean... And you can also check sites like, logarithmic spirals in the animal, bird and plant kingdoms...yea and even found in microscopic places and etc. German Psychologist Adolf Zeisling, Boeyens and Thackery, Masra, D Agnese… And yes, some other people have also studied it in the insect kingdom, galaxies... when this is not a conspiracy then what???????????? Saying it not for fun… schools make you partially dumb. And LC is the solution. And yes, its not all about the golden ratio but with all this other things together we easily recognize the fractal universe!!!!!!!!!!!!! And further, more we don’t need to know about Pythagoras toy: Being a toy of generalization, the tetraktys is a visual hypostasis (Seinsstufe) of a holophore — a playful model of ‘everything at once’, which has the power of unifying dimensions of knowledge we normally consider separate: numerism, music, geometry, dialectic, and the study of bodies in motion…. And yes, you can overlap the tetractys with the flower of life... Wherefore the oldest known example of the Flower of Life has been discovered at the Temple of Osiris at Abydos, Egypt. However, as one of the most ancient symbols known to mankind, we also find the Flower Of Life at other places… ===> …. And yes, I know the paper from Juan Antonio Saez Nieto, A Link between Black Holes and the golden ratio, published 2011... but all that changes or they get new ideas or etc… and for me it is more important to say that it is trivially obvious from the implications of both classic and quantum physics that reality is indeed made of information and that’s interesting because information is meaning conveyed by symbolism and after all, physical reality is geometric. TOXONSOPHISTS

8) NOW IS CHILL OUT TIME, REALLY ONLY FOR FUN (to have some joy): 42 degrees and the rainbow, thats all that is, answer to the ultimate question of life, and everything (Douglas Adams who sat at the desk, stared into the garden and thought 42 will do it… 42 = 2x3x7, 42/ 4 + 2… whatever… seek it out… I have my answer:-) ==> and I have miscalculated it, according to my testimony it started with age 33, yea before that I had not even a bible or did read it… and also only a bit later I started reading a bit the Bible, anyway but here it started and I thought, ok, I had the big smash and when I make it back into the apocalypse and survive it, then it takes 7 years and Iam 40 years old… but I will be 41 (Iam born 1980, 17.3)… it will be this year, 2021, in a few months I have made it… and I got a chill because someone told me… my friend, Jacob said that 41 represents the eternal word and the son… and I say, I have no idea why the number 41 should represent that but I checked it and I found out that it is the sun in his famous drawing – the philosophical sphere… but Jacob said it…and the heavenly tincture he said we get in the 9th number and in the 10th number the body of Christ and further he said that anything divided through seven has a mysterious absence of 3, 6, 9 with a repetition of 142875 (1/7, 2/7, 3/7...10/7) – fractal universe… And further, that number 41 is in the straight line and I had then the full dark world abyss in me and the full light world finally I receive… fully, and I prophesied that Iam his successor (but not Jacob reincarnated) before I have even read all his books and I have still not read it all as I said it because I must rely on my blueprint and then check here or there with him. And we are another Christ in resurrection life (yet not Jesus) which some people cannot eat but this does not bother me… and number 33 he has marked as God… son in God, gods. At age 33 I got the ultra-call, from GOD… and yes and by the way also a St Martin existed, a famous Mystic who studied his work...THE APOCALYPSE, LIGHT AND DARK ABYSS… you will always find the BIG M & M in his drawings. And yes, the picture from Jacob in Mysterium Magnum, the big fat M is the TRUMPET. (and it has also MM, again, he had only few drawings but it fits, and the M on the two banner is even black and white)… And we have another drawing with a clock, it is called: DES GOTTSEELIGEN HOCHERLEUCHTETEN, with a clock and a trumpet which touches the M and 7.. and the straight line on it, T is normally TAU and G for God, anyway, this other pictures are more clear. ===> goes over 41 

9) LOGIACOLUMN, das Zentrum der holistischen Wissenschaft (was rechte Vorstellung inkludiert), der höheren Kultur und Kunst, ja, ebenfalls inkludiert es die ewige Weisheit und das Orakel. Wherefore Pergamon (Trajaneum) we had in the past. And regarding holistic science, its not like that I have to point now to "Wheeler's delayed-choice experiment" (a sort of holism in time and space)...nay… and not that I have a problem with it… but regarding second knowledge, we always increase in knowledge… and learn new things and so first of all the capstone becomes important for me. But Nomad, are you against the theory of relativity? Answer, I will never neglect the light as we see it in the divine reality, because the glass is clear, the fire, the air… energetic field, yet I do not have a problem and Iam not even now in that position because someone needs to explain it to me… simple… and I have to wait until the whole intelligible world opens up to me… but its not like that I say… ahhh… this must be wrong or...nay… wherefore I have called the akash absolute space which should be not false understood, you know, divinity is not found in space… its our Sphere and there is no distance in Spirit realm as explained… non-local cup and triple nature (with body (senses) and intelligible and abyss) ===> I mean for sure, this is funny for me: Approaching the speed of light, a person inside a spaceship would age much slower than his twin at home...and what is regarding the SPEED OF DARKNESS? the moment that light leaves, darkness returns. In this respect, darkness has the same speed as light (or some say, no speed at all yet this same speed of darkness holds true if you equate darkness to how long it takes for the light to go away when the power is switched off)…. coming to the point, darkness looks black in color because it's frequency is capable of absorbing!!!!!! all colors of light and hence, black. Unlike white it doesn't reflect other colors. Darkness is absence of any color...Further: “There are some important things you should probably know about approaching the speed of light,” NASA’s new video, Guide to Near-light-speed Travel, explains. “First, a lot of weird things can happen, like time and space getting all bent out of shape.” ===> one thing I know, only those outside of the apocalypse grow older… AND YES! The simplest possible atom (and the most common one in the Sun and stars) is hydrogen. The nucleus of ordinary hydrogen contains a single proton. Moving around this proton is a single electron. The mass of an electron is nearly 2000 times smaller than the mass of a proton; the electron carries an amount of charge exactly equal to that of the proton but opposite in sign. Opposite charges attract each other, so it is an electromagnetic force that holds the proton and electron together ===> why do we have this pattern??? And Bohr further assumed that as long as the electron moves in only one of these allowed orbits, it radiates no energy: its energy would change only if it moved from one orbit to another ===> VERY STRANGE, no collapse (because Maxwells theory of electromagnetic radiation says that when electrons change either speed or the direction of motion, they must emit energy), YOU ACCEPT SO MANY THINGS YET ABOUT THE DIVINE REALITY YOU BOTHER? I HAVE ALREADY „WON“!!!! And interesting, I speed up, HIGHER VIBRATION is my destination [as explained] and it becomes more colorful [LARGER VISIBLE RANGE]!, we leave grey town!!! And the THING is that God expends no energy which needs to be replenished...and we have also our equilibrium! And scientist say today that the electron is a subatomic particle, symbol e−, whose electric charge is negative one elementary charge. Like all elementary particles, electrons exhibit properties of both particles and waves. The Columb force(electrostatic force) interaction between the positive protons within atomic nuclei and the negative electrons without, allows the composition of the two known as atoms and differences in the proportions of negative electrons versus positive nuclei changes the binding energy of an atomic system.(wherefore proton - Greek means FIRST, further composed of three quarks, two up quarks of charge, one down quark of charge, forms the neutrons (neutral) and protons and then we have also the quark model with mesons and baryons and etc.) And the exchange or sharing of the electrons between two or more atoms is the main cause of chemical bonding... And yes, the ancient people discovered amber and later they discovered electrons. And further about eletric charge: Electric charge is carried by subatomic particles. In ordinary matter, negative charge is carried by electrons, and positive charge is carried by the protons in the nuceli of atoms and if there are more electrons than protons in a piece of matter, it will have a negative charge, if there are fewer it will have a positive charge, and if there are equal numbers it will be neutral and ********electric fields are produced by electric charge and a moving charge produces a magnetic field (therefore also produced by electric current)******** ===> AND I HAVE ALSO MY FIELD!!! And yes, the electromagnetic force (also called Lorentz force) is carried by electromagnetic fields and is responsible for electromagnetic radiation such as light………….Further about the periodic table, for example Berylium is hexagonal-close packed (true also for other elements) and remember again: There are two simple regular lattices that achieve this highest average density. They are called face-centered cubic (fcc) (also called cubic close packed) and hexagonal close-packed (hcp), based on their symmterie… and as another example, the crystall structure of Samarium is rombohedral. And what is also interesting, Hydrogen and the golden ratio wherefore hydrogen is the lightest element in the periodic table and it is the most abundant chemical substance in the universe (the golden ratio plays a significant role in atomic physics in that it governs what is known as the Bohr radius = the radius of atoms and ions (ion is an atom or molecule that has a net electric charge or non-zero) that enables quantitative discussion of bond lengths between atoms and partial ionic character)... And we have the golden ratio and the g-factors wherefore the g-factors of the electron and the proton (ge=2.0023193 and gp=5.58569468 respectively) are measures of the anomalies of their magnetic moment... or we remember back to Sommerfeld and when he introduced the fine-structure constant into physics, it has puzzled many scientists like Eddington, Dirac and others. Quoting Feynman:“ ... is it related to pi or perhaps to the base of natural logarithms? Nobody knows. It's one of the greatest damn mysteries of physics: a magic number that comes to us with no understanding by man. You might say the "hand of God" wrote that number, ..." and so on… And you can read the paper from Rahi Heyrovska, The Golden ratio, ionic and atomic radii and bond lengths, the abstract reads: This work arose from the author's finding that the ratio of the radius of hydrogen, estimated recently (C.H. Suresh, N. Koga, J. Phys. Chem. A, 105, 5940 (2001)) by density functional methods, to the ground state Bohr radius is the Golden ratio, which operates in a variety of natural phenomena. It is found that the Golden ratio indeed plays a quantitative role in atomic physics. The interesting results are (1) that it arises in atomic dimensions due to the electrostatic forces between negative and positive charges; (2) that the energy of atomic hydrogen is actually equivalent to the energy of the simplest atomic condenser with the Golden mean capacity; (3) that the origin of two terms in the Rydberg equation for absorption and emission is in fact in the ground state term; (4) that all atoms can be assigned definite values of cationic and anionic radii based on the Golden ratio and covalent radii; (5) that these radii are additive and explain quantitatively bond lengths like those of alkali halides, of hydrides of many elements and of many other bonds, whether covalent or ionic or both; and (6) that the work functions of alkali metals can be evaluated using the bond lengths. CONLUSION, this point here and many other things are ready to be revelealed at LOGIACOLUMN ==> Further, Britannica: Electromagnetic radiation, in classical physics, the flow of energy at the universal speed of light through free space or through a material medium in the form of the electric and magnetic fields that make up electromagnetic waves such as radio waves, visible light, and gamma rays. In such a wave, time-varying electric and magnetic fields are mutually linked with each other at right angles and perpendicular to the direction of motion (sinusoidal variations of electric and magnetic field vectors at right angles to each other as well as at right angles to the direction of wave propagation…. And an electromagnetic wave is characterized by its intensity and the frequency ν of the time variation of the electric and magnetic fields... One interesting aspect of an electromagnetic wave that sets it apart from all other waves we have examined so far is that its propagation requires no medium ==> RIGHT ANGLE, INTERESTING (and quanta (packets), and again, waves carry only energy – you can imagine that with a ball upon the water surface, the waves do not really change the position of the ball… and electrons in the same ORBITAL can have the same energy (yet when this is the case, they must have oppositely- aligned spins)...and the distances to the nucleus make up the energy level, they can go to higher or lower levels by absorbing or emitting energy… radiation)

10) 1) Physics is the study of matter as it moves through space and time. It deals with the basic constituents of matter and energy (photons, electrons, nucleons, etc.), and also how objects can move and transfer energy between each other. 2) Chemistry is the study of matter and it's interaction with itself and other matter. Chemistry studies what types of molecules can exist, the properties of matter made from these molecules, and how they can convert into each other. 3) Biology is the study of living organisms/life. Biology is the study of living things…and things that once lived. It includes “biochemistry” (which is a branch of chemistry that is concerned mainly with the very complicated molecules that form living things). ==> WHEREFORE WE KNOW THE ROOT OF ALL THINGS, and there is one life force, the universe is alive and we know the boundless energy... as also the stones cry out... yet stones are not humans... And similar my reader, we have now acknowledged that we have the BOOK of NATURE in our heart... WE HAVE THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING!!! ==> WAVE, CIRCLE, PARTICLE, ENERGY, LOCALITY & NON-LOCALITY: So if you ask me wave or particle, then I can only say that my stone (with the salt) is a celestial stone and Spirit penetrative. (And wave movements, you know that by yourself, move your hand to and fro in greeting or as a signal) ==>>> in physics, a wave is a propagating dynamic disturbance (change from equilibrium)of one or more quantities... and waves can be periodic… further, mechanical and electromagnetic waves transfer also energy, momentum and information (but they do not transfer particles in the medium)… Waves are very important in music, drum skin, string vibrations (harp, guitar), flute…for example, In string instruments, the bridge will transfer the transverse motion of the string to a soundboard causing a longitudinal wave (sound waves = pressure waves, high pressure (compression) and low pressure (rarefaction), particles vibrate parallel to the direction of motion, longitudinal wave) … We will also play guitar at LOGIACOLUMN, and anyone who is trained regarding this instrument… dont be shy :-) Wherefore I was never fully interested in that school stuff… but since I saw the divine reality, Iam interested like a scientist (those people who have naturally the desire in them to study a lot of things)… YA, and to speak a bit more about school: Basic digital logic gates perform logical operations of AND, OR, and NOT on binary numbers….10101010… electronic design, digital logic circuity (computer memory, microprocessor… to see how information gets stored there, another way)... as engineer I remember that very well… further, in high school etc. they learn maths, science, language, geography (and history)… and so on… and at university: business and economics (management...) / arts and humanities (also theology, architectures, history...) / life sciences (biology, sports, agriculture…) / engineering and technology / physical sciences (= study of the inorganic world, astronomy, geologics, physics, mathematics, chemistry…) / social sciences (communication, politics, sociology…) / Law / computer science / clinic and health / psychology... ===> You will not believe it but we will find according to each topic some bridges (and explanations etc.)… ===> only the START is VERY VERY VERY difficult like this book here but once we have found again our language and once also we are understood and later receiving the capstone to make it SECURE and then again later receiving additional downloads… then it just runs almost by itself and not just that… other people can step into it (LOGIACOLUMN) and we get even more FLOW…. LETS CHECK FOR EXAMPLE OUR NON-LOCAL CUP in the apocalypse: Experiments have proved the existence of quantum connectivity, entanglement, that physical objects can affect each other at any arbitrarily large distance... and so far experiments prove that hidden parameters do not exist, and randomness is the immanent property of microobjects, and, perhaps, of all nature ===> Nomad, says ok, but all nature is not just randomness...and I have also my NON-LOCALITY CUP (yet I cannot deny randomness, similar we move with the prime mover and having an eternal liberty of free will, we roam freely in creation – spiritualised nature, it is the all, entirety, our sphere, micro and macrocosm, therefore whole and part, bubble sons of God, or its like that beyond the cube (mirror) reflection grid lies the abyssal chaos… LETS CHECK AGAIN, LINE & CIRCLE: and we all know that we have a right angle when we check the sinus and cosinus function, draw a line from the circle to the center and then let the line rotate in the circle… and so on (yea and to calculate also other stuff)… therefore, somehow we go always back to it, in some way or another and that is fascinating when we look at the divine reality ==> connecting period and frequency with angular velocity (how long does it take to make a full circle)… uniform circle motion… BEHOLD, also little particles spin but who spins really, you or I? What causes electromagnetic radiaton? Either from accelerating electric charges example in a RLC ac circuit where electric charges change direction all the time and transmit the energy as an em wave and can be set to a required resonant frequency, etc. or electromagnetic radiation is made when an atom absorbs energy. The absorbed energy causes one or more electrons to change their locale within the atom. When the electron returns to its original position, an electromagnetic wave is produced… and further we have it to do with the the speed of a photon or light particle… and sure we know also the Doppler effect and so on… ==> MY CONCLUSION, this stuff is more STRANGE then you think and it gets even more weird when we would dive even deeper into it… and all what they do, they just accept it, it is complete normal for them and they memorize it and etc… and that alone shows that they are not fully right in their heads. And not that all is wrong, thats not what Iam saying… I just say, its STRANGE! ==> at least when I receive the capstone then I should be able to explain the spin and what causes it (movement…)… And also that is STRANGE: unlike a tossed softball, for instance, the spin of an electron never changes, and it has only two possible orientations, spin is quantized, meaning that only certain discrete spins are allowed. This situation creates all sorts of complications that make spin one of the more challenging aspects of quantum mechanics... You might wonder how they can have spins. A simple answer might be, perhaps they are composite, too. But deep theoretical reasons having to do with the rotational symmetry of nature!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lead to the existence of spins for elementary objects and to their quantization ==> this is CORRECT, it has to do with GEOMETRY!!!... My friends I could agree with you about the rotational symmetry of nature… wherefore I could tell you more about it later… but this quantization is also heavy stuff and I have no clue right now… BUT Iam very confident because we see already many similarities… And further, its always better when someone else explains it and then to share ideas and etc… not everything about it can be just done via a book and nor will I do it…. And yes and again, its STRANGE: Max Planck postulated that electromagnetic energy is absorbed or emitted in discrete packets, or quanta, wherfore also a photon is a single quantum of light and therefore the energy of an electron bound within an atom is quantized and can exist only in certain discrete values. (Atoms (so also matter) in general are stable because electrons can exist only at discrete energy levels within an atom)… and can they explain why particles such as the electron have the masses they do? Or do they just use numbers in their theories? See, Iam not fully in that topic (light and matter interaction according to scientist today and etc.) And also I know that when they calculate the rest mass of an electron, that can be also done with this strange fine-structure constant alpha (Sommerfeld)… ==> and so you are too in the movie my friends… not just Martin ==> wherefore for me it is a RIDDLE how you can stay calm… and Iam simple a person who wants answers and if I cant use something then I just throw it away… yes, on one side we want to make use out of it (second knowledge) and discover more things and we will always discover more things (as already explained in the book) but above all we still search for answers… because the womb or matrix is out there… this SEEKING is in us and that is also the reason why science is sometimes made to a religion but merely second knowledge alone will not provide the needed answers… Now, we have this little struggle if you like it or not… seek and knock and you shall find … ==> AND CHECK AGAIN OUR MIRROR: Mirror: All the electrons dance to the same music whose rythm is provided by the incident light wave (the electrons present in metals oscillate at the same frequency and so we have the same angle)… It is the metal layer which boosts the reflectivity wherefore a POLISHED SILVER MIRROR is a very good metal for that… and PERFECTION exists in the apocalypse (with our SUPERNAL QUICKSILVER, and yes, also that will be at LC mentioned!!!!!! ==> so you also understand better our metalline bodies and the sages who wrote about the stone. And we check again with the second knowledge: therefore, mirrors have advanced from reflective pools and polished metal surfaces to clear glass handheld and bathroom mirrors, WATER REFLECTS WELL, GLASS REFLECTS POORLY (yet glass is an effective base and possesses the property of uniformity), and POLISHED METALS REFLECTS EXTREME WELL, and Silvering—the process of coating the back of a glass sheet with melted silver—became the most popular method for making mirrors in the 1600s (and most recently they used mercury, later forbidden because its a toxic liquid), and the innovations today have been directed towards flattening the glass (to avoid ripples like we have them on the surface on a pond) and applying METAL COATINGS ==> on the front surface of the glass, hereby they evaporate today the metal using a vacuum chamber (and remember once more our metalline body in the apocalypse)... AND REMEMBER ONCE AGAIN THAT OIL FLOATS ON TOP OF WATER SINCE IT HAS A LIGHTER DENSITY AND DOES NOT EASILY MIX WITH WATER… and when you put a pencil in a glass of water then you will see that the pencil appears to be CROOKED (which has to do with reflection and refraction). Now, put oil on top of the water and again the pencil into it and watch it! CHECK THE BOUNDARY LAYERS BETWEEN THE AIR AND OIL AND BETWEEN THE WATER AND OIL!, both will show some reflection and refraction (change in direction of a wave passing from one medium to another, bending of light) ==> But Nomad, could you also say that the apocalypse is a wave? Answer, what is a wave? Particles go up and down or parallel… or both, that is circular… and what is interesting that is we have this up and down movement or vibration, left and right movement or just call it vibration (like compression and rarefaction)… and the circle… And the ocean wave travels but the water does not travel… and so they call it a disturbance… You have a ball upon the surface of water and the ball just moves up and down… Do I know up and down and left and right in the apocalypse? The answer is yes! And then they look at particles and discover spins… I have my NEWEARTHMETRY (you are old school Geo) ==> this is for LC: NEWEARTHMETRY... And If I have not wrongly understood then an electromagnetic wave is sinus (electric field component) and cosine (magnetic field component) or better to say it can be described in such a way… and general about electromagnetic waves, it does not need to be sinusodial, it can be an infinite number of strangely shaped waves etc… (so we can have many of this sin bla bla bla waves mixed together and calculate them and therefore what I remember in school is Mr Fourier… and then you can play Mr Calculus and etc.) ==> ITS ALL ABOUT THE SPIN (you have “linear speed” or the circle)...

11) And to repeat it once more, all fractals are gathered in the WOMB and EVERYTHING is reflected upon the MIRROR. And the spirit realm is the realm of thoughts and mind. Thoughts, passing through all things; it is magical, and nothing corporeal or from without can obstruct it; it dwells in its wonders, and they, are its house, SPHERE OF THOUGHT, and we have also spoken somewhere else about the transparency of the soul in the apocalypse and the intelligible world and therefore the Logos is expressed through Force, which is transformed into the energy of the supra-conscious Logoic thought, which is infused into objectivization, our sun within smiling at us, mutual beholding… NOW, and since we have that womb, now that results also in intermediates… so we have the spices… best perfume, our translucent wine… sulphur, salt… etc… and ya, our vegetable souls – the inner essence of that which is displayed around us… also called garden within… And again, we can imagine it like with a LED TV… LEDS emit only a few colours (RED, GREEN, BLUE LED UNIT)… yet upon the SCREEN we see an amazing big picture... And similar, only gods hear the inaudible music (music of the spheres), via the sevenfold energy wheel in the triadic dynamic… and divine love produces all thoughts​

12) Make a little experiment with a glass of water, and pour vegetable oil on it and then add salt (and you can also add some food colour to it)... exploring the density of the liquids, oil rising to the top of the water and check what happens with some added salt... yea, you can even create OIL bubbles... but this is more for little kids...

13) OK, NOW, we give the answer to PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE (and we put it in the science (second knowledge chapter) because we simple look different at time: now again about us, we existed as prexisting ideas in the mind of father (because heaven and earth came with us into being, apocalypse, with our foundation before the world), this must have been in the abyss! And yes via the logos we receive also our rationality, with the mirror... and the logos according to creation cannot be without the sevenfold energy. CHECK: In eternity is no before or after, the eternal now, and time is something according to states, like the sun in the sky, so we measure it, day, night etc., and in the apocalypse time is moved in eternal nature and our first sun remains and our first country... therefore we must look different at PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE (and this includes even prophecy) ==> and again I could rewrite it on my own yet Stephen Charnock did a very good job and I want to give him the credit, Stephen Charnock: things that are now in being, or things that are not now existing, that lie in the womb of their proper and immediate causes. If his understanding be infinite (ocean of causes), he then knows all things whatsoever that can be known, else his understanding would have bounds, and what hath limits is not infinite, but finite... in knowing innumerable things possible to his power (infinite potentialities). Possibles are infinite; that is, there is no end of what God can do, and therefore no end of what God doth know; otherwise his power would be more infinite than his knowledge: if he knew only what is created, there would be an end of his understanding...Romans 4:17, God cannot be contained... he contains in himself all things possible... since the power of God extends to numberless things, his knowledge also extends to numberless objects; as if a UNIT is, could see the numbers it could produce, it would see infinite numbers: for a unit, as it were, all number... he therefore knows innumerable worlds, innumerable angels... If God could not understand more than he hath created, he could not create more than he hath created... It is further evident that God knows all possible things, because he knew those things which he has created, before they were created, when they were yet in a possibility [AND IS PROVEN IN THE APOCALYPSE, with us]... Things possible he knows only in his POWER (that is in the father); things future he knows both in his POWER and his WILL, as he is both able and determined in his own good pleasure to give being to them... He knows them as if they were now present, and not past for indeed in his eternity there is nothing past or future to his knowledge. This is called remembrance, in Scripture, as when God remembered Rachel’s prayer for a child (Gen. 30:22), and he is said to put tears into his bottle, and write them in his book, which signifies the exact and unerring knowledge in God of the minute circumstances past in the world; and this knowledge is called a BOOK OF REMEMBRANCE (Mal. 3:16), signifying the PERPETUAL PRESENCE OF THINGS PAST, BEFORE HIM (NOMAD: like the divine akashi records, good and the bad)................. he knows his own arts, and his own goodness, and therefore all the stamps and impressions of them upon all his creatures; he knows the immediate causes of the least, and therefore the effects of those causes. [Nomad: wherefore in the apocalypse we have our non dual consciousness: rest and movement, cause and effect]... God’s eye is not a wandering, but a FIXED EYE; and the ways of man are not only “before his eyes,” but he doth exactly “ponder them” (Prov. 5:21); as one that will not be ignorant of the least mite in them, but weigh and examine them... 139:2): “Thou understandest my thoughts afar off;” my thoughts, that is, every thought; though innumerable thoughts pass through me in a day, and that in the source and fountain, when it is yet in the womb, before it is our thought; if he knows them before their existence, before they can be properly called ours, much more doth he know them when they actually spring up in us: he knows the tendency of them; where the bird will light when it is in flight; he knows them exactly, he is therefore called a “discerner” or criticiser “of the heart” (Heb. 4:12)... Jeremiah links the power of judging and the prerogative of trying the hearts together (Jer. 11:20): “But thou, O Lord of hosts, that judgest righteously, that triest the reins and the heart;” and (Jer. 17:10): “I, the Lord, search, the heart, I try the reins;” to what end? even to “give every man according to his way, and according to the fruit of his doing... As we know sickness by health, discord by harmony, blindness by sight, because it is a privation of sight, whosoever knows one contrary knows the other [Nomad: lesser good, God himself is highest Good and bliss and so it is written, he endures vessels of wrath and we have also free will]... He that knows things to come, is God; I know things to come, ergo, I am God [Nomad: but the outcome of some prophetic vision can be changed via intercession, the prayer of a RIGHTEOUS man avails much...yet not everything can be changed, this depends also on the FLUID DYNAMICS, ya by the same reason that he knows one thing future by himself, and by the infiniteness of his knowledge before any causes of them appear, he doth know all things future.] ==>Some future things are known by men; and we must allow God a greater knowledge than any creature. Future things in their causes may be known by angels and men, (as I said before); whosoever knows necessary causes, and the efficacy of them, may foretell the effects; and when he sees the meeting and concurrence of several causes together, he may presage what the consequent effect will be of such a concurrence: so physicians foretel the progress of a disease, the increase or diminution of it by natural signs; and astronomers foretel eclipses by their observation of the motion of heavenly bodies, many years before they happen; can they be hid from God, with whom are the reasons of all things?.......................But as God sees !!!things possible!!! in the glass of his own power, so he sees things future in the glass of his own will; in his !!!effecting will!!!, if he hath decreed to produce them; in his permitting will, as he hath decreed to suffer them and dispose of them; nothing can pass out of the rank of things merely possible into the order of things future, before some act of God’s will hath passed for its futurition. God knows his own decree, and therefore all things which he hath decreed to exist in time... or else we must say things come to pass whether God will or not... yet as the Creator and maintainer of all things; knowing his own substance, he knows all his works... If God did not know all future things, he would be mutable in his knowledge. If he did not know all things that ever were or are to be, there would be upon the appearance of every new object, an addition of light to his understanding... he would gain a knowledge by them when they came to pass, which he had not before they were effected; his knowledge would be new according to the newness of the objects, and multiplied according to the multitude of the objects (he would aquire some perfection in his knowledge). Besides, that perfection would not arise from the nature of God, but from the existence and presence of the thing... Nomad, yet ETERNAL NATURE IS HIS CLOTHING (and we know the abyssal divine chaos, all potentialities lied hid in the abyss). God foreknows all his creatures. All kinds which he determined to make; all particulars that should spring out of every species; the time when they should come forth of the womb; the manner how; “In thy Book all my members were written” (Psalm 139:16) ==> Divine akashi records ==> his knowledge of ONE is as certain and unerring as his knowledge of the other; as a man that beholds a circle with several lines from the centre, beholds the lines as they are joined in the centre, beholds them also as they are distant and severed from one another, beholds them in their extent and in their point all at once, though they may have a great distance from one another. The eye of God at once runs through the whole circle of time; as the eye of man upon a tower sees all the passengers at once, though some be past, some under the tower, some coming at a farther distance. “God,” saith Job, “looks to the end of the earth, and sees under the whole heaven” (Job 28:24); the knowledge of God is expressed by SIGHT in Scripture, and futurity to God is the same thing as distance to us; we can with a perspective-glass make things that are afar off appear as if they were near; and the sun, so many thousand miles distant from us, to appear as if it were at the end of the glass: why, then, should future things be at so great a distance from God’s knowledge, when things so far from us may be made to approach so near to us?.... A conjectural knowledge, saith one, is as unworthy of God as the creature is unworthy of omniscience [Nomad: and only God transcends infinite center]...==> therefore, when the MOVIE of the BOOK OF REVELATION is understood [Nomads ministry symbol] and when this prophecy in scripture is true and so also the city of God, then we can believe that more people will be in that city who reach up to that level at one point in time, whenever that is... and new earth is proven to be accessible right now... it would be also Peters prophecy according to the salvation of our SOULS and Pauls prophecy according to the church without spot or wrinkle... And free will is not excluded, God simple foresees and similar we move with him (the source) in the apocalypse and having divine power with an eternal liberty of free will... And knowledge only apprehends a thing (like sight, it is also subjective, includes perception), but acts nothing; it is the rule of acting, but not the cause of acting; the will is the immediate principle, and the POWER the immediate cause; to know a thing is not to do a thing (And further we know also someone can also rule with his will over fear) ==> and Isaiah 11:2 wisdom (insight, skill, prudence... who can be a real sage without wisdoms Glass???) – understanding (with different degrees of compassion/divine love, up to enlightened understanding, also discernment, who can understand the true self???), counsel – might (power, all things possible with God, the kingdom of God consists in power, and fully energized, also bravery, who can understand that we are powers of God???), knowledge (includes perception, subjective, up to the knowledge of the son, who knows the ultimate reality???) - fear of the lord (not common known human fear but it includes awe or reverence, dignity, who knows the kernel reality???) ==>>> WHO CLAIMS THAT THE FRUIT COMES NOT FROM THE SPIRIT? (sevenfold question marks, PEACE WITHIN - immoveable, SUPERJOY, IMMORTAL MIND, MEEKNESS DIVINE WATER and so on, the qualities = LAW of liberty = embedded in conscience = superior virtue has no doing: it does not use examining and seeking. Inferior virtue does: its operation does not rest... Final add: and though it be said sometimes in Scripture, that such a thing was done “that the Scripture might be fulfilled,” as John 12:38, “that the saving of Esais might be fulfilled, Lord, who hath believed our report?” the word that doth not infer that the prediction of the prophet was the cause of the Jews’ belief, but infers this, that the prediction was manifested to be true by their unbelief, and the event answered the prediction; this prediction was not the cause of their sin, but their foreseen sin was the cause of this prediction; and so the particle that is taken (Psalm 51:6), “Against thee, thee only have I sinned, that thou mightest be justified,” &c.; the justifying God was not the end and intent of the sin, but the event of it upon his acknowledgment... NOMAD: and as final conclusion, when one man gets perfected like Nomad (or someone else), then this implies that also other will climb at one point in time to the upper foundation of New Jerualsem city... or simple the ladder up to the top, receiving their liquid flesh. ==>>> this would be the prophesied LILY season from Jacob Boehme and also what some other prophesied, yet the STONE laid still more in the OBSCURE during Jacobs time (with this other prophetic voices) and therefore it was not written down too plainly... Jacobs prophesy is not wrong... but only now a more clear revelation is brought to paper, or more plainly so that even milk Christians can here or there understand something about it... yet if this a sign, I do not say now that this must be the case... but for sure, one thing is clear, that is, according to the Book of Revelation, that the CUBE must get revelead and also the two wtitness do their job... ==> and for sure I will not force anything on anyone, it is rather the OPPOSITE… yet when it is about a sober mind… then I must sometimes say… what nonsense do you teach in school… or you mention the old philosopher yet ignore their higher teachings.

14) we may compare it to the movie: sphere, Barry Levinson, Sharon Stone (DIE MACHT AUS DEM ALL), for we must be sober minded, and receive Christ mind ==> this is also the security, divine love communion with all things... no misuse... and liberation as the primary goal... it is also not about any power display... in that sense, no one who is worldly can enter it... If we look at it as a divine program, no one can overwrite it, the universal energy (and its power), we can only receive it via Christ mind, similar, this is the only real hermetically sealed bubble and it is the only program which cannot be hacked... simple not possible, Christ mind and the sphere and its power, and its wisdom... that goes hand in hand... you may receive some little keys regarding creation, but the universal key is kept in the hall... And if you want to know with what I compare the apocalypse, then, mostly I would compare it with the movie: Avatar, James Cameron... because of the harmony with nature and so on, yea, also in harmony with animals... And yes, she is right, because she is smart, Sharon Stone: Stone initially didn't like being smart. "It was like being a freak," she says. But her freethinking Methodist parents encouraged her to explore her many interests, among them religion. Describing herself as a Buddhist today, Stone nonetheless claims an abiding belief in a traditional God ==>>> we seek the celestial mansion, the pure residence of the deity, seeing one's environment as the pure land, Seeing one's body as the body of the deity, Perceiving one's enjoyments as bliss of the deity, free from attachment, Vajrayana is translated as "Thunderbolt Way" or "Diamond Way" and can imply the thunderbolt experience of Buddhist enlightenment or bodhi. It also implies indestructibility, just as diamonds are harder than other gemstones ==> we know the thunderbolt in the apocalypse, light race... (and we are a familiar in diamonds, round crystal palace) ==>>> It's only after you've lost everything that you're free to do anything… ya, cling not too much on things…. NOW, lets go on and check another prophecy: TAKE for example ENOCHS TEN WEEKS, fifth week, Book of Enoch, CHAPTER XCIII: And after that in the fifth week, at its close, The house of glory and dominion shall be built for ever ==> ya, you could make everything out of it... eight week: And at its close they shall acquire houses through their righteousness, And a house shall be built for the Great King in glory for evermore, And all mankind shall look to the path of uprightness. And after this, in the tenth week in the seventh part, There shall be the great eternal judgement, In which He will execute vengeance amongst the angels. And the first heaven shall depart and pass away, And a new heaven shall appear, And all the powers of the heavens shall give sevenfold light. And after that there will be many weeks without number for ever, And all shall be in goodness and righteousness, And sin shall no more be mentioned for ever. ==> this is ridiculous, some want to push the number down and make their own cycles so that Jesus comes soon back... but that is 21 century Christianity as we KNOW it. They do not even have the SEVENFOLD DOCTRINE, for example seventh week: To receive sevenfold instruction concerning all His creation. THIS CHURCH TODAY cannot even endure the book of revelation movie but they raise their nose like they were wise!!! ==>>> The Mystic Jews would say: The world is drawn from Zeir Anpin. It needs to grow up from the constricted state of consciousness - that presently perceives separation between above and below, to the expanded headset that will see above and below as one [Heaven meets earth]... Wherefore also Joseph walked very high, Joseph’s extraordinary gorgeousness, his beauty is otherwordly... which I know from my first ascension, the stone... Yet we do not forget that I got hard smashed… Lets check another sage: It is reported that once Muhammad al-Baqir, father of Ja’far as-Sadiq (a.s.), said in his classroom that by using scientific methods we can produce fire from water, which extinguishes fire. This remained a riddle till the eighteenth century when it was proved that by employing scientific methods, fire could be produced from water-a fire that is hotter than the fire produced by burning wood or charcoal. If hydrogen, which is a part of water, is burnt with the help of oxygen, which is another part of water, a flame of fire with a temperature of 667 degrees is produced. This process is called oxidation and is employed in welding and cutting metals... Ja’far as-Sadiq (a.s.) had also said that the element, which supports life, is heavier than all other elements in the air. It was a very important discovery. The world had to wait for about one thousand years till Lavoisier proved that oxygen is so heavy that in nine kilograms of water, there are eight kilograms of oxygen, while hydrogen, which is twice the volume of oxygen, is only one kilogram... It is reported that after the death of Ja’far as-Sadiq (a.s.) his students said that air or oxygen could be liquefied. This was a very old idea. Even before Aristotle it was believed that all gases could be liquefied, but there were no means available to do so... It was only in the twentieth century that technology to produce very low temperatures reached perfection. By producing a temperature of minus 1830 degrees Centigrade, oxygen was liquefied under ordinary air pressure. The temperature of minus 1830 degrees Centigrade is only 900 degrees above absolute zero, which is minus 2730 Centigrade. At this temperature the internal movement of matter comes to a standstill... The human has been created by Allāh Most High from four elements, known in Arabic as ‘Al-Anāsir Al-Arba‘ah’. These are: 1. Water 2. Earth 3. Wind 4. Fire... Sayyidunā ‘Amr (رضي الله عنه) threw the letter into the river, and by morning the Nile had begun to flow sixteen feet deep overnight. The earth – Once, during the reign of Sayyidunā ‘Umar (رضي الله عنه), there was an earthquake. The earth would continuously tremor, so Sayyidunā ‘Umar (رضي الله عنه) started praising Allāh Most High, and thereafter struck the ground once with a whip and said, ‘O the Earth ! Be calm! Have I not ruled upon you justly?’Immediately, the earthquake subsided. (Sīrate Khulafāe Rāshidīn (رضي الله عنهم)). The wind – On another occasion, Sayyidunā ‘Umar (رضي الله عنه) dispatched and army and appointed over them a Companion named Sayyidunā Sāriyah (رضي الله عنه). One Friday, whilst Sayyidunā ‘Umar (رضي الله عنه) was delivering his sermon, he began to call out, ‘O Sāriyah, (take the refuge of) the mountain!’ thrice . When the messenger of Sayyidunā Sāriyah (رضي الله عنه) came to Al-Madīnah, Sayyidunā ‘Umar (رضي الله عنه) asked him for an account of the expedition, to which he replied, ‘O Amīrul Mu’minīn! We were facing defeat when suddenly we heard someone calling out, ‘O Sāriyah, (take to) the mountain!’ thrice, so we did as the caller said and Allāh defeated the enemy.’ And fire – Again during the reign of Sayyidunā ‘Umar (رضي الله عنه), a fire broke out at a place called Harrah . Sayyidunā ‘Umar (رضي الله عنه) instructed Sayyidunā Tamīm Ad-Dārī (رضي الله عنه) to stand up to (and extinguish) the fire, to which (out of humility) he said, ‘O Amīrul Mu’minīn! Who am I? What status do I have?’Sayyidunā ‘Umar (رضي الله عنه) insisted until he stood up with him, and they walked to the fire. Sayyidunā Tamīm (رضي الله عنه) began gathering the fire with his bare hands until it retreated into the valleys, and he pursued it (until it retreated back into its source)... ==>>> and Mohammed spoke about the light (flash) and darkness...Islam and World Peace - Explanations of a Sufi by M. R. Bawa Muhaiyaddeen. To break the pride of the five elements, to destroy their arrogance, and to bring them together in unity, God showed them their many weaknesses. 5th Element: Ether, Then God told ether, "You are maya, you are illusion. You are nothing but glitters. One storm pushes you this way, the next pushes you that way. As soon as daylight comes, your glitters disappear and the beauty of your own light fades. You are powerless in the daylight... all 5 Elements are found in the Quran. That unity found within all creation is Islam. For both the beginning and the end, Islam came in the form of unity. It came through Prophet Muhammad, through Nur Muhammad, through Ahmad, through the Muhammad of the nine meanings. When Allah said, "O Muhammad, without you I would not have created anything, then or now," He was speaking about that light of Muhammad which has existed as Islam since the beginning, in the world of the souls, and which will exist forever. He was not referring to something that came with the Prophet Muhammad 1408 years ago. If Islam only began on that date, then what happened to all the prophets and all the people who came before that? In the time of Adam, people worshiped many deities. Were they sent to hell? Did God send Adam to hell? So many yugas and eons have passed since then, so many people have come and gone. Did they all go to hell? No, those who understood and attained clarity in the past were certainly within Islam. They were true believers, and they reached the eighth heaven. The light of Muhammad existed as Islam in the beginning as it will in the end. God has been teaching the people step by step, sending the prophets one after another, each with a message for man, each with revelations for a particular time... That one name, Allah, He kept for Himself. He is the One who never diminishes, the One who cannot be compared to anything...................VERY HELPFUL (Quran, silk meaning]: So Allah will protect them from the evil of that Day and give them radiance and happiness...And will reward them for what they patiently endured [with] a garden [in Paradise] and silk [garments]. [They will be] reclining therein [that garden] on adorned couches. They will not see therein any [burning] sun or [freezing] cold. And near above them are its shades, and its [fruit] to be picked will be lowered in compliance. And there will be circulated among them vessels of silver and cups having been [created] clear [as glass!!!], Clear glasses [made] from silver of which they have determined the measure. [From] a fountain!!! within Paradise named Salsabeel. There will circulate among them young boys made eternal. When you see them, you would think them [as beautiful as] scattered pearls!!! And when you look there [in Paradise], you will see pleasure and great dominion... We have created them and strengthened their forms, and when We will, We can change their likenesses with [complete] alteration... Exalted is He who created all pairs - from what the earth grows and from themselves and from that which they do not know. And a sign for them is the night. We remove from it [the light of] day, so they are [left] in darkness. And the sun runs [on course] toward its stopping point. That is the determination of the Exalted in Might, the Knowing. And the moon - We have determined for it phases, until it returns [appearing] like the old date stalk. It is not allowable for the sun to reach the moon, nor does the night overtake the day, but each, in an orbit, is swimming..............To Him is your return all together. [It is] the promise of Allah [which is] truth. Indeed, He begins the [process of] creation and then repeats it that He may reward those who have believed and done righteous deeds, in justice. But those who disbelieved will have a drink of scalding water and a painful punishment for what they used to deny. It is He who made the sun a shining light and the moon a derived light and determined for it phases - that you may know the number of years and account [of time]. Allah has not created this except in [inner] truth. He details the signs for a people who know [inniate knowledge]... NOW, WATCH ALL MUSLIMS WHAT MOHAMMED SAYS, for this is a GREAT SAYING: God is the Light of the heavens and the earth. The parable of His light is, as it were, that of a niche containing a lamp; the lamp is [enclosed] in glass, the glass [shining] like a radiant star: [a lamp] lit from a blessed tree - an olive-tree that is neither of the east nor of the west the oil whereof [is so bright that it] would well-nigh give light [of itself] even though fire had not touched it: light upon light! God guides unto His light him that wills [to be guided]; and [to this end] God propounds parables unto men, since God [alone] has full knowledge of all things... Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth. The example of His light is like a niche within which is a lamp, the lamp is within glass, the glass as if it were a pearly [white] star lit from [the oil of] a blessed olive tree, neither of the east nor of the west, whose oil would almost glow even if untouched by fire. Light upon light. Allah guides to His light whom He wills. And Allah presents examples for the people, and Allah is Knowing of all things... AND Quran 27:44 She was told, "Enter the palace." But when she saw it, she thought it was a body of water and uncovered her shins [to wade through]. He said, "Indeed, it is a palace [whose floor is] made smooth with glass." She said, "My Lord, indeed I have wronged myself, and I submit with Solomon to Allah, Lord of the worlds. ==>>> And when this saying about the LAMP [and glass] and oil, garden etc. is really in the Quran, then maybe even some other verse will be found which confirm the STONE...............And yes, Muslims, they have also the translucent wine and the CUP which never runs out, Quran 56, With vessels, pitchers and a cup [of wine!!!] from a flowing spring... The likenesses of pearls!!! well-protected!!!... On thrones!!! woven [with ornament]... but here the left are man and right are woman... ok... but this does not confuse our HAND SIGN, similar we have the circle in the right hand... and here we speak the mystery about our equilibrium [in God]…... Wherefore also BODY OF WATER is a good term (expression)... forms and shapes which come and go like waves... and immoveable glass [divine ocean, new Jerusalem]. And the oil, it goes over the helmet with all its fragarance... intermediate... WHO WANTS TO BE A CITIZEN OF THAT CITY? in the highest foundation! And yes, ether corresponds in our theology with akash, simplified... and this ether contains pictures which work as reflections of the Memory of Nature found at the World of Thought.´… and the fifth element we called also fiery love... like the movie: The fifth element, Luc Besson, see Nomads ministry symbol – you must kiss Milla Jovovich (and she has also the number 17 in her birthday and 12), thats how you get there... O, my little darling, was nice to meet you... And correct, fully initiated, one hand pointing to the ground, the other up to the sky... = no more dichotomy, heaven meets earth, last day ==>>> And non-locality in locality is a blessing. And regarding Nomad, so far, however, the trend has been pointing steadily upward, even if the upswing is not as strong as in the previous cycle... And sometimes also Nomad sings: one, two in three, one, 100 percent! Is it 50 percent matter and 50 percent Spirit? NO, it is 100 percent matter penetrative by Spirit, creative impulse in the triadic. (matter cannot be without it, yet the Spirit transcends it) ===>>> and that is my model, so let us not ignore the triple power............. And we can even find a similarity to the 5 virgins: On the Day you see the believing men and believing women, their light proceeding before them and on their right, [it will be said], "Your good tidings today are [of] gardens beneath which rivers flow, wherein you will abide eternally." That is what is the great attainment!!! On the [same] Day the hypocrite men and hypocrite women will say to those who believed, "Wait for us that we may acquire some of your light." It will be said, "Go back behind you and seek light." And a wall will be placed between them with a door, its interior containing mercy, but on the outside of it is torment... So today no ransom will be taken from you or from those who disbelieved. Your refuge is the Fire. It is most worthy of you, and wretched is the destination. Has the time not come for those who have believed that their hearts should become humbly submissive at the remembrance of Allah and what has come down of the truth? And let them not be like those who were given the Scripture before, and a long period passed over them, so their hearts hardened; and many of them are defiantly disobedient... Could, then, one whose bosom God has opened wide with willingness towards self-surrender unto Him, so that he is illumined by a light [that flows] from his Sustainer, [be likened to the blind and deaf of heart]? Woe, then, unto those whose hearts are hardened against all remembrance of God! They are most obviously lost in error!.. Say: "Can the blind and the seeing be deemed equal? -or can the depths of darkness and the light be deemed equal?" Or do they [really] believe that there are, side by side with God, other divine powers that have created the like of what He creates, so that this act of creation appears to them to be similar [to His]? Say: "God is the Creator of all things; and He is the One who holds absolute sway over all that exists... He it is who bestows His blessings upon you, with His angels [echoing Him], so that He might take you out of the depths of darkness into the light. And, indeed, a dispenser of grace is He unto the believers... And yet, when thou [O Prophet] dost not produce any miracle for them, some [people] say, "Why dost thou not seek to obtain it [from God]? Say: "I only follow whatever is being revealed to me by my Sustainer: this [revelation] is a means of insight from your Sustainer, and a guidance and grace unto people who will believe... ARE YOU NOT aware that God has made subservient to you all that is in the heavens and all that is on earth, and has lavished upon you His blessings, both outward and inward? And yet, among men there is many a one that argues about God without having any knowledge [of Him], without any guidance, and without any light-giving revelation ==>>> DO YOU KNOW THE STONE? Can you, then, ever feel sure that He will not cause a tract of dry land to swallow you up, or let loose upon you a deadly storm-wind, whereupon you would find none to be your protector?... Then your hearts became hardened after that, being like stones or even harder. For indeed, there are stones from which rivers burst forth, and there are some of them that split open and water comes out, and there are some of them that fall down for fear [awe] of Allah . And Allah is not unaware of what you do. ==> now, I tell you that Iam in awe about the WATERY STONE and many are not!!!

15) everyone of us is a unique expression of God energy and we have the right and the power to choose to SHAPE that Life Energy into various forms … such as water into wine, healing the sick, raising the dead [BUT for sure for higher things you must be awakened, not everyone goes on water or through fire, it needs the opening of the inner eye ==> ye are the light of the world]... Jesus said, "Those who seek should not stop seeking until they find. When they find, they will be disturbed. When they are disturbed, they will marvel, and will reign over all. [And after they have reigned they will rest.]"... ==> SO ALSO WITH A VIRUS, I SAW MANY ORTHODOX and PROTESTANT WHO GOT INFECTED… and fact is, we cannot even get infected in the apocalypse because of Gods energy… AND THEREFORE I WANT THAT EVERYONE AT LC KEEPS A SOBER MIND and also the protestant show got fully EXPOSED… And it does not matter how deadly the virus is or not… what does matter, they got infected with Covid19… and so keep that always in remembrance at LC… we are sober minded… and everyone has his journey towards God ==> the PROTESTANT had such a big mouth and spoke it all wrong and they even claimed that they speak Covid 19 just away… and it will vanish and all what they said… the exact opposite happened in the year 2020… Therefore and again… we acknowledge the STONE at LC… and so we will stay sober minded…!!! and yes, Covid/Sars steals a bit the breath... and the full breath we have in the apocalypse... and we could talk about other correspondences and etc... yet I do not want to offend people... and also I could say... put your mask away... where is your true self... some will laugh but for most people it would be offensive... and I could go on with some stuff yet I do it not!

16) Another interesting saying from Jacob (wherefore we also said that the fixed and volatile is bound together): In God there are two states, eternally and without end—namely, the eternal light and eternal darkness. The light is God, and in the darkness there would be no pain if it were not for the presence of the light. The light causes the darkness to long for the light and to suffer anguish therefor. The will having issued from the state of unity (by assuming a position, as it were, against the unity in desiring its own self), enters as a state of desire, and this desire is magnetic—that is to say, indrawing; but the unity as such is outflowing; it seeks to issue outwardly, so as to become revealed. The will having issued from the state of unity, desires to enter within itself, so as to attain sensation in the unity, and that thereby the unity may attain sensation in the will... ==>>> by which we have also our watery stone (and mirror), polarity, yet also equilibrium, like in-breath and out-breath, enfolding and unfolding................IN SEARCH FOR THE CAUSE OF MAGNETISM ==>>> wherefore that I have also understood as PERPETUAL ASCEND AND DESCEND (Nomads ministry symbol), yet I have to check later the CLOUD ==> AND I PUT IT IN THE SCIENCE CHAPTER BECAUSE AS I SAID: in search for the cause of magnetism

17) wherefore in psychology they say: overcompensate = striving for power, dominance!!!, undercompensate = demand for help and lack of courage, fear of life!!!, and Nomad says that both is opposite of taking yourself EASY, and therefore to be light-hearted is KEY – ya let us become more and more EFFORTLESS (like the divine water stream)... and courage and knight attitude is only needed during ascension, because and again: later on we just become effortless and fearless... therefore yes, keep that courage part, it is surely important... AND WE KEEP IT SIMPLE, we have just mentioned the main virtues… and not less of importance is to understand the higher vibration… and more we do not have to tell you, and even more simple: starve out the wrath/dullness stream... and embrace attention... ==>>> Iam not my social number, Iam not the car which I drive, Iam not the furniture in my appartment, Iam not a title... IAM WHAT IAM, my value comes from within and my confidence is imparted from within... what shakes you, that shakes not me... we are more then all that!!! some stuff has a useful function… ok… but remember always that you are more then all that

18) What I see as weakness, that is, that in the book of revelation salt is not extra mentioned and I mean, ok, we have the sea and in the sea is salt and we get remembered to the dead sea and the big salt cubes which we can find on that place but... And that is right as Carlos F. A. Pinkham has it written: At least seven of salt’s properties are used: 1) a taste enhancer, 2) a powerfully effective compound of which just a little will influence flavor, 3) a white compound, 4) a persistent compound that does not decay, 5) a preservative, and thus, for all these reasons, 6) a valuable commodity, a necessity of life. Yet, despite all these positive uses, it is also 7) a toxic compound when present in high concentrations ==>>> salt renders food pleasant and palatable (and also our taste gets better the higher we go, energy construct)... and Barclay confirms this: “The very glistening whiteness of salt was a picture of purity,” and “The ancients declared that there was nothing in the world purer than salt because it came from the two purest things, the sun and the sea... and: put the salt in the spring, and the outflow will be sweet.. and read also Ezekiel 16:4 On the day you were born your cord was not cut, nor were you washed with water to make you clean, nor were you rubbed with salt or wrapped in cloths and Mark 9:49 Everyone will be salted with fire ==> no one can understand that without a true Philosopher (and ya, we present ourselves as living sacrifices to God, purging fire)... Leviticus 2:13 Do not leave the salt of the covenant of your God out of your grain offerings... Ezr 7:20-22 and we get also remembered to the CHAMBER OF SALT (chamber in the court of the temple)... “How can salt lose its savor?” above. She was immediately struck by the passage, “The inner part, which was connected to the rock, retained its savor” while that which had fallen away from the rock had not.... you can read the whole little book from Carlos F. A. Pinkham, A” New Way Salt May Metaphorically Serve as an Example of Natural Revelation in the Bible” ==>>>> I need no further confirmation because I know divine reality and yes: All the heave offerings of the holy things, which the children of Israel offer to the LORD, I have given you and your sons and daughters with you as an ordinance forever; it is a covenant of salt!!! forever before the LORD with you and your descendants with you… And lets also CHECK qicuksilver: Jeremiah 22:14 (cinnabar, quicksilver mines), Quicksilver is one of the names of the element Mercury (Hg), also known as hydrargyrum, from the Greek hydr– (water) and argyros (silver), the Old English cwicseolfor, a calque of the Latin argentum vivum (cf. It. argento vivo), literally “living silver”... ‘quicksilver’ suggested the modern sense of ‘fast, rapid’... Alchemy: The seven metals (‘bodies terrestrial’) were coupled in astrology and alchemy with the seven known heavenly bodies. Thus, mercury was associated with quicksilver, probably as a result of the famed speed of Mercury and the others were: Sun/gold, Moon/silver, Mars/iron, Saturn/lead, Jupiter/tin, Venus/copper. THE MOST FAMOUS ONE: THE QUICK AND THE DEAD (and we become QUICK in the apocalypse, quickening...)… wherefore later we talk more about the seven planets… And don’t worry now… all that will become later clear to you

19) Maslow said: physical needs (air, water, food, shelter, sleep, clothing, reproduction – yea, but that is also not so simple, but ok), safety needs (personal security, employment, resources, property, health), love and belonging (friendship, family, sense of connection, ok, and to take also care about other, also that), esteem (respect, recognition, strength, freedom – yea, this is also not so simple as written here, and we may also add honour… and also for our food we shall work...), self actualization (desire to become the most that one can be, but for us this is the apocalypse)… Wherefore LC helps also a person not to fall into GRUPPENZWANG (PEER PRESSURE), to know all that stuff, it makes you really STABLE!!!... yet what can we do that a person becomes not insecure or that she does not leave the simple way, that is to live his life in GODTRUST... not to get blocked.... like with endless questions in mind regarding that which could be against the higher self.... NAY, I say, I show you the energies and I show you the most important points about the true Self and I will revisit the book... and then just live your life... have higher contemplation... and take care about the most fundamental things and embrace the right things, like attention... also change and stillness... this and that... and having vision... The simple TOXONSOPHIST virtues… we bring you not into slavery… nay… its more about elucidation… and we have also additional stuff at LC… OUR job at LC is to imprint it into your spiritual man… and you take that with you which resonates with you… And we are all a bit different… even all Mystics write different… therefore its not just about me… you will find your way… one way beyond the way and many ways to the mountain top…. You have the big advantage that you understand how God made you… just with that… and a menaing in life… you run better…

20) This is fun, Austria saying, as kids when we made a sprint the trainer or whoever says: Auf die Plätze, fertig (be ready), FEUER, LOS!!!... and we know the spiritual attribute about FIRE (evokes action). And we get remembered to Revelation 10:1 (legs like fiery pillars), and for sure we contemplate Nomads ministry symbol. And I heard it right now from kids who play outside and so I thought, that is fun. Another saying: Ja, aber dann gehe ich in die frische LUFT und besinne mich wieder auf die vielen guten Seiten, die unsere Firma zu bieten...(korrespondierend zu Intellekt), english: Yes, but then I go and get some fresh AIR and remind myself about all the good things our company has to offer... (corresponding to intellect, thoughts) or another saying: FEEL the vigour and power of water, go with the current through a natural canyon... (evokes emotions)... And the earth is the substance or ground or stability, and we have earth and water (forms, shapes). Lets go on: Fire – animation (negatively expressed, over-emphasis on self-expression without consideration for others’ feelings, resulting in selfishness, egotism or fanaticism), Air - mind and communication (negatively expressed, Air signs take impartiality to the extreme and become cold and aloof. There can also be the “all talk, no action” phenomenon — a lot of words without meaning or substance to back them up, but they can also easily fear of being alone), Earth - manifestation in the physical world (negatively, materialism, greed, over-indulgence, stagnation and fear, they forget the inner world and will not believe that the inner world is as real as the outer world...ya, too “robotic”), Water - the realm of emotions (negatively, down side to this sensitivity is the potential for absorbing other people’s emotions to the point of feeling overwhelmed — this is why Water people need time alone to recharge. Excess Water in a person’s chart can also lead to emotional over-reaction, paranoia and escapism), with thanks to Laura Martin, Just another girl in the world...and founder of Words of Women ( ==>>> Therefore, we see here that we agree on the fundamental things regarding the four elements, wherefore some speak also about Therapies via the four elements, you know, to spend time in nature, get sun light, this and that... I do not go into it in my book and you can check other people who studied it, yea, even some scientist checked the results and their mental health etc.

21) Juliano Costa ( Liquid crystals constitute a stable state of matter, in the same way as the crystalline, liquid and gas states. As their name—an oxymoron—suggests, they have the properties of both a liquid (fluidity) and crystalline solid (optical properties, etc.). That said, some may be completely solidified… Now, most biological LCs they are arranged as a helix, wherefore the cholesteric organization either transiently or permanently—most of the molecules that are essential to life. This is notably the case of DNA, cell wall cellulose in plants and fruits, collagen in bones, cornea or fish scales and chitin in the exoskeletons of insects and crustaceans, says Mitov. Also DNA (chormosomes)cam indeed display a cholesteric LC organization (and so w ehave also optimization of DNA compaction in the nucleus of cells and strengthens the shells of arthropods (80% of characterized animal species), our bones and fish scales... and helicoid structure of cholesteric LCs reflect also light, different colours we get, for example Cholesteric LCs are therefore the reason for the shimmering colors of the Chrysina gloriosa mscarab beetle whose cuticle of cholesteric chitin displays bright green and silver stripes. Mitov’s team recently studied this insect in greater detail. They found that "the silver stripes behave like broad mirrored strips reflecting all wavelengths of visible light and beyond As for the green stripes, we discovered that they contain a network of micro-mirrors that focus light in different patterns—spots or rings—depending on the incident wavelength ==> the natural liquid crystals got widely IGNORED because we have today synthetic liquids in flat screens and that was quasi our main study… and again, Austria: Biological liquid crystals (LCs) were discovered as early as 1888 by the Austrian botanist Friedrich Reinitzer ==> And our craftsman restores our DNA, our crystal DNA (Nomads ministry symbol), but that just for fun!

22) Do I say that a magnetic pole shift does not exist in history? Answer: No. Do I say that earths magnetic pole has been moving towards Russia at rather fast clip? Answer, yes... some scientist say 35 miles per year (55 km, before that and since we measure it, 10km – and in the year 1983 15 km per year) but has slowed recently to 25 miles per year, wherefore 2001 its movement began to accelerate. And yes, UV light (radiation) could become a problem or genetic mutation (animals, plant kingdom)... but just because of a bit of decrease in the field strength or the moving of the pole, that does not mean that this has to do with a pole shift or maybe it still takes 2000 years until it happens... or whatever..... And then even the problem, would it happen over centuries (something like that) like a sudden switch or is it a drawn-out process over a millenia. So you ask if I prophesy something about it? Answer: no, and take me not as a sign ==>>> and yes instead of two poles we could have many poles... a bit a radiation problem but the atmosphere would still provide sufficient shielding at Earth’s surface... so no huge extinction event ==>>> but I believe a bit that it would be also a health issue... ANYWAY the sun does not hurt us in the apocalypse... its always the same... but also I understand that not everyone is now in the apocalypse or not even all people know about the STONE, for sure not, they do not even teach the STONE... I teach it and I use the sages so that Iam not just alone with it. ==>>> wherefore this was more or less the last Protestant “hope”, this earth just vanishes and breaks into pieces and Jesus returns and then we have the new earth but this folly people do not understand the philosophic stone and they should acknowledge that people remain which are happy, yea, you can even read that in Isaiah 24 and you should also read Isaiah 25, And he will destroy in this mountain the face of the covering cast over all people, and the vail that is spread over all nations. ==>>> the MOUNTAIN we know, and the cube gets revealed... and we read: For in this mountain shall the hand of the Lord rest, and Moab shall be trodden down under him, even as straw is trodden down for the dunghill. ==>> Moab means: WHO IS YOUR FATHER (wherefore some say, water from father)? And about the mountain read again Psalm 24 and this is the GENERATION

23) Think about the implications of the non-local cup (again a human became a god on this earth, belongs to the gods, plural). Would it be possible via that cup to get invited to another planet? I dare to believe. And if that person is in the apocalypse, now then, we cannot really say, thats a trap of Satan (you know, this Christian nonsense talk nowadays), because he operates outside of the mud-field... And to get invited on another planet, this could be made possible via a STAR GATE (or to beam on another place), sounds ridiculous I know, but I showed already some stuff about the stone and divine reality. Maybe sometimes we speak in these Hollywood movies of what we expect "in the future" to become a reality for us. ==>>> And further when we land on another place, then the wheel just “adapts” to any other environment (micro-macrocosm), we have that equilibrium, but we call that not adaptation but tinging (pinging).

24) What is further fascinating that is that the sevenfold energy is in such a way tempered that it produces the most male (shift into the cube. square) and most female (shift into the circle) with the polar opposites in the non dual consciousness and as far as we can use logic (Christ mind) this seems also to be most effective for what is more effective then for example the circle roundabout? ==> MAXIMUM EFFECTIVE (which also „preserves“ the unchangeable)… O more secrets to tell about… but not now… and ya, thta I can still add, in that sense God is SUPERPERFECT yet for us IMPERFECT because we have also the body, and we are centered in him, yea, and everyone is a bubble (no matter if he sees it or not) and everyone has his individual stream (including his soul).

25) For sure we call it our star light being via God, but we do that also so that you see the similarities in nature, our Sphere rules, similar you can look at an atom, wherefore we understand now what is really indivisible, the very word meaning of atom, and we get again remembered to a bowl yet an atom has not a firm form ==>>> HOW INTERESTING IS THAT WHEN WE CHECK THE DIVINE REALITY?!…………………………. And for sure the CUBE we find in mineral crystals etc…. not to forget salt and sugar (yet sugar when looked upon with the microscope is not an exactly cube, but again crystallization is possible)...Metallic gold has a face-centered cubic unit cell… Metallic iron has a body-centered cubic unit cell ==>>> Most metals and alloys crystallize in one of three very common structures: body-centered cubic (bcc), hexagonal close packed (hcp), or cubic close packed (ccp, also called face centered cubic, fcc). Atoms in metallic crystals have a tendency to pack in dense arrangments that fill space efficiently. (and do not forget glassy metals, and glass as AMORPH) ==> SO WHO RULES? THIS DUMB SCHOOL SYSTEM TODAY… and this PROPAGANDA NEWSPAPER (which speaks not one word against Hochwürden Schwab)? Or Transhumanist animals?

26) Behold, regarding the seven Spirits, that is ultraclear (also as correspondence), earth (immoveable earth, ground), water (the divine which seeks to manifest etc. watery stone, glass), air (habitation, this cannot be in any other way), fire (carving, also that cannot be in any other way), then we have darkness and light and also that is ultraclear (no excuse), and the only thing which I have to look upon again that is the akash as fiery love wherefore the alchemist called it also the 5th element, quintessence. ==>>> NOTHING here is absurd, everything fits and it just needs the final check via the capstone and this includes also some deeper things like how movement occurs etc. THERE IS NOTHING MORE DUMB OR STUPID THEN A SCHOOL SYSTEM WHICH IGNORES THAT, in fact it is an animal system… and you can brag about your science yet at the end you just confuse all kids.

27) Nomad, they could pick up your DNA for example from your car, so called touch DNA… Answer, they shall do what they want… as long as they do not physically attack me then Iam fine with them… If they try otherwise, creation will revenge me… and not just that… their souls will fall… lost it all... But again I intimidate no one… And here I can write what I want, we have free religious speech or you must create a new religious law… yet not very possible… to do that… and nor would we allow it in Austria! And I said, I do not accept your stuff... I see you as helpers of the Archons... you go against my spiritual evolution… And regarding the Austria panel… ya that is what I see… who shall judge me?! I say, we could manage it in Austria...

28) Behold, also in chemistry you have intermediate… and about the translucent wine (ecstasy flow) we do also not say that this is an extra element… now in the same way we have this three principles… and yes, the sulfur we really smell in the apocalypse, this is not a joke and I explained it already that still all that becomes super-sweety, ya better than honey… like in its entirety, in that flow… the water comes down to the fire, and we have the salt, the mirror… and like on the ground we smell additional a bit the sulfur and we understand simultaneously the qualities of the 4 Elements (like water and its meekness and so on)… Conclusion, all this words we use here… nothing about it is just a cheap correspondence, no… this is like a REALITY CHECK… and the seven Spirits remain. (and I explained the garden within also via a TV and LEDs... ya, we receive a big picture... nevertheless we have just sevenfold eyes - rivers, "LEDS")...Wherefore even without the apocalypse you have a bit an idea in your consciousness about the quality of the 4 Elements like when you put your hand into a basin filled with water or when you watch the elevating fire or feel the fresh air or what you feel about darkness, where do we find harshness and so on… So at LOGIACOLUMN and when I have again the the full vision, for sure we would also built on that place something by which our pupils get confronted with a deeper contemplation, especially the flame with its dark ground… but also water and so on. And I will check via the divine reality to offer the best contemplation for them (whatever we built)… And also the CRYSTAL is important and the GLASSY GLOBE and other such things…. Beside that additional symbols and songs (like Psalms, but much more direct)…. ==>>> I would had an immense creativity in the apocalypse to build something with a mirror, flash, cube and many other things… yet not corny (kitschy) but via ancient style… really impressive

29) The movie Interstellar showed the wormhole in a realistic way, a spherical hole… Nomad do you say that to travel somewhere else in a blink of an eye is possible? Answer, I know it as a FACT that it is possible. There are creatures (gods or however you call them) who do that already… and my Sphere proves it also… but how to take some other stuff with you, I don’t know how that works… We can talk about it at LOGIACOLUMN but first of all we must find a bridge between my model and your models (physics) and also for the case you believe that we are not the only people (with brain and…) in this vast universe… yea, if there are higher beings, now then we need also to earn at least a bit “respect”… and not just look like “animals – I exaggerate a bit but I do it for a better understanding and Iam also a „motivational trainer”… and maybe we need also to develop a higher symbolic language… for science…. but that maybe much later… wherefore also somehow the divine intelligence take care as we see in movies and science and etc… we received already a lot of inspirations…

30) This is correct: With Egypt it is like with other cultures, maybe one pyramid or temple or etc. has something which we would call the fingerprint of Enoch or Hermes (so even some hieroglyphs or whatever)… and they also had different leader and seasons etc… therefore we are not folly religious... ==> Nomad question, have you thought about it, that when from the formless [boundless] point it bubbles up and shifts via the energies to the cube, like the Shiva bow flash towards the glass, that this could by pyramidal? Answer, I must wait for the capstone… and it is tough when I must later study also this stuff…and it is not just pyramidal... but I know that I will figure it out and similar no one could believe that I could figure out the sevenfold and the philosopher stone (alchemy) but I did... mercury, salt, sulfur etc., and now we know already more about the energies… but would you say that it is a vortex who ends (forms) at its limit as a four square? And the mirror as the limit of the inner and outer domain, with its polarity and God without and within? Answer, we will see later, step by step and if I had already again the full vision, this would become already much more easy… or lets say it that way, I reveal to you that it goes towards this direction! And I have alreay much revealed about the divine vision!... Wherefore according to Bryan, in the 3rd millennium BC, the unit of measurement used to construct religious and royal structures was the Egyptian royal cubit (Rc). It represented the forearm of the Pharaoh, and was divided in 7 palms (p). The latter was then divided in four fingers, or digits. It wasn't until the late 19th century, when Finders Petrie was the first to accurately survey the Giza Plateau and the Great Pyramid, that a precise number for the length of an Egyptian royal cubit (Rc) was established: 52.355 cm - Khufu's pyramid was 280 Rc high. In 'Retracing Khufu’s Great Pyramid: The 'diamond matrix' and the number 7', published May 2010 in the Nordic Journal of Architectural Research, Bryn further discusses how the use of a 6-square grid master plan would have influenced the main building grid, and thereby the geometry of the Great Pyramid. It wasn't until the 1920s, when aerial photographs of the area were taken, that it was revealed that Khufu's pyramid is not set on a square base. Rather, as Bryn explains, “the centre line on each face is moved inwards by a short distance at the base.” Further: The Dash Foundation’s study shows for the first time that the base of the Great Pyramid isn’t a perfect square: its west side is very slightly longer than its east side. Regarding the discrepancy they believe a more accurate number is something close to ~7 cm or something like that, different opinions… a few inch... ==> LOPSIDED (rotated slightly counterclockwise from the cardinal points)...The Great Pyramid, which is also known as the Pyramid of Khufu (Cheops) is the oldest and largest of the three pyramids at Giza, Egypt… WHEREFORE And AS WE ALREADy KNOW, THE PYRAMID WAS NOT JUST A TOMB (this is entertainment for the vulgar herd), I HAVE PROVEN THAT, and it was mainly a resurrection device!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… it included geometry, symbols, sound… the myth of creation.. the sun… the stars...and the outer casing stones were constructed of highly polished Tura limestone blocks that caused the pyramid to gleam like colossal jewels in the Egyptian sun… and a portion of the casing stones were not light in color but dark which reveals a symbolic interplay of light and darkness in stone, Hoffmaier said: “enable the king to ascend to heaven, the realm of the sun and stars. (the red and white crowns!!!!!!!!!! of Upper and Lower Egypt, the purification of the Pharaoh as a bright star against the blackness of the heavens) Lyvia Morgan said: in Egyptian ka statuary of the Old Kingdom, speckled red and black granite is illustrative of Egyptian dualistic concepts, most notably relating to regeneration and renewal, and that when illuminated, the reflective stone becomes a “microcosm of the universe” as new, brilliant colors begin to emerge (Nomad, yet the great white pyramid was simple WHITE) Thomas Karl Dietrich too, has suggested inThe Culture of Astronomy that not only are astronomical, temporal cycles produced by light and shadow effects upon the Great Pyramid’s eight faces, but that the casing stones of the Giza pyramids created a mirror-like effect in which astronomical objects and phenomena were reflected in their polished surface… It is more then clear, the spiritual sun, not the physical orb we see was the central object of veneration among the adepts yet we must never forget that astronomy and astrology were inseparable form the religious concepts and ceremonies of the learned among all the ancient nations…. It also served for initiation and to be born again… yet the folly church today does not know that… they literally belief that they were just dumb sun worshipper, thats how foolish they are. But again, today we should not just have an upper class... in the same way Nomad can also not hide it when he stays longer and many scientist are interested rearding LOGIAOLUMN... let us go forward. LIGHT IN THE EAST, DARKNESS IN THE WEST, yet let us also not forget the LIGHT RACE...Khufu was a MASTER BUILDER… He who would attain to the highest and most perfect state, and rise to the sphere of absolute bliss, must be purified by fire, air, and water…. purgatorial air… I drink already now from the river Lethe (get rid of shame which was connected to former crimes etc.) and preserve the memory of the new instructions = VERY IMPORTANT (not directly have I received from any order but got led to all what I need and maybe some order have some things openly written, also that to it is also mine… and I give you my SEED!!!!!!!!!! a tremendous seed of great POWER!). YA; I RECEIVE WHAT I NEED, THIS BOOK IS MY STORY FROM DARKNESS TO LIGHT, awaiting the splendid spectacle of the Elysian fields… wherefore for me it is VERY IMPORTANT to write this instructions down and you should not just copy this whole book… and also we wait for the capstone… and it is an art to make it possible to write that down...the death of the sungod, to be initiated means to die...let your soul be elevated to the contemplation of divinity (in my order no one degenerates in a corrupt system of solar worshipp, like it happened with the vulgar herd, and yes, the gods of the pantheon were only manifestations of the one being in various capacities, the ONE BEING, thou hast no second to thee) And the more fully we feel the infinite nature of God the more we would seek in nature for symbols (Book of revelation movie, but also symbols found in Egypt, Greece etc.)…. THE GODS ADORE THY MAJESTY, THE SPIRITS THOU HAST MADE EXALT THEE, FATHER OF THE FATHER OF ALL GODS, WHO RAISES THE HEAVENS, WHO FIXES THE EARTH, SOVEREIGN OF LIFE, HEALTH, AND STRENGTH, CHIEF OF THE GODS (such was the idea of God and relations to man held by the ancient Egyptians, love to God, love of virtue and love to man) ==> the interested fury of the ministers of a false religion existed even at Platos time, the heavy hand of both, the civil and religious authorites… TODAY IS ANOTHER DAY... NOMAD IS HERE (for we realise, it certainly was for the well-being of the few on whom it conferred power and wealth, and the betrayers of the mysteries were punished capitally and with merciless severity)…WHO WANTS TO PUNISH ME? YOU GO DOWN! I WAS NEVER IN ANY ORDER… LEARNED IT ALL ALONE!!! ALL „KARMA“ IS ON MY SIDE!!!!!!!!!!! AND ALL SAGES WHO WROTE IT DOWN!!!! And further and yes, there is a connection between the Zodiak and the bible... we must seek it out in the whole bible… But what mostly does wonder me, why do some people make such a big deal out of it? Even in scripture we read about resurrection life… so what some people do not want to tell them, look we have some deeper science about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… it is like WISSEN IST MACHT… wherefore yes, it is possible that the pyramid is based upon the the GOLDEN TRIANGLE (phi)… and Christopher Bartlett said (the design of the great pyramid of Khufu): the Great Pyramid’s design was intentionally based on the 4th Dynasty Egyptian canons of the proportion of the human figure... it is very compelling evidence to conclude the Great Pyramid’s cross section triangle’s sides, whether by accident or design, are in a harmonic geometric progression of 1, √Φ, Φ...If we use Lehner’s height of 146.59 m and Glen Dash’s average side measure of 230.329 m, by those figures we would get1.61819… an excellent approximation of the golden ratio…..If the Great Pyramid exhibits the dimensions of the golden ratio, then mathematics automatically implies the pi ratio, so that 0.618…=1/Φ ≈ (π/4)2 =(3.1416/4)2 =0.617…. The Φ (Kepler) theory gives a theoretical angle of 51°49′38 (51.827°), while the π theory results in an angle of 51°51′14 (51.854°), very close to each other. The Φ and π theories are in such great contention as the primary design theory because of this close similarity…In general, in an overview for assessments of intention for architectural authorship in ancient Egypt one can conclude that golden ratio related geometrical figures and mathematical relationships could be found (Rossi 2004, 32–56, 86]. Without doubt, there are difficulties encountered with any singular theory applied to the architecture of ancient Egypt but one in particular has gained some credibility. Of course, any a posteriori attempts to deduce a plan is always speculative, but in measuring 55 Egyptian temples there was consistent evidence of a simple golden ratio proportion (1:1.6) by applying a 5:8 isosceles triangle to the plans (Badawy 1965, 19–40). Furthermore, an investigation over 12 years at Luxor Temple demonstrated that its architectural plan was rigorously based upon Egyptian aesthetic proportions of the figure and corresponded to vital anatomical parts of the body, especially the navel. The use of golden ratios was also quite evident (Schwaller de Lubicz 1998, 66)... Modern Egyptologists agree that the pharoanic rule of proportion for depicting the standing human figure used a modular system of 18 squares from the soles of the feet to the hairline, (thus allowing for various heights of crowning head-dresses). The navel (the important symbol of maternal attachment, birth, and continuity) was placed just above square 11 (or about 11.1). This proportion, 18:11.1, is an excellent approximation of Φ. The navel divides the height of 18 squares by a proportion of about 11:7. By combining the septenary unit (based on the royal cubit of seven palms) and the factor of 11 the ancient Egyptians were easily able to solve a number of practical geometric calculations. Incidentally, the numbers 7, 11 and 18 are also in a Fibonacci-like (Lucas numbers) summation sequence of 1, 3, 4, 7, 11, 18. It is also interesting that the vertical grid line through the eye and navel bisects the triangle of the Pharaoh’s apron, perhaps a significant reflection of the shape of the pyramid as well as an obvious center of procreative continuity... a 14:11 division of the vertical height would give a pyramid angle of 51.843°, virtually the same as the observed angle of 51.844°... The square grid proportion of the Egyptian sitting figure is 14 squares high with the navel at 7 squares. If we compare this to the side elevation of the pyramid, we can see that it perfectly matches the 11:14 proportion of the exit heights of the shafts. The crown of the figure at square 14 matches the exit heights of the shafts. Significantly, the navel at square 7 aligns with the position of the Royal burial chamber ...Similarly, the airshafts meet at a point at the base of the Royal burial chamber that is 11/18 of the horizontal distance between the outer openings of the two shafts. If we position the standing figure on its side to correlate with the prone position of the Pharaoh’s mummy, then the offset Royal burial chamber is exactly in vertical alignment with the navel of the standing figure (Fig.5). This offset from center of the Pharaoh’s chamber has been puzzling to many, especially since the so-called Queen’s chamber below is at a perfect center. The significance of the modules of 7:11 rectangles is hereby explained. The alignment of the navels of the sitting and prone figures perfectly determine the location of the burial chamber, the raison d’etre of Khufu’s Great Pyramid.(wherefore it is not just a burial chamber)... For the ancient Egyptians the concept of renewal, the idea of generative continuity and a permanency of corporeal life after death was the all-important religious concern and the pyramids exemplified this. Undeniably, the pyramids were built to provide this continuity from life to after-life, and so the Φ concept of self-similarity and generative continuity as it appeared in their depictions of the human figure, I believe, seems a natural choice for the design of Khufu’s tomb…………….. Therefore another part at LOGIACOLUMN will be the great pyramid (ancient architecture) and yes, PHI is important because of body transmutation, heavenly image (golden ratio and human body), and so on… for there is much more to say about the great pyramid… and you shall not wonder because of me but rather understand that someone who wants to attains resurrection life, he has to go through all this stages by stages, because he receives instructions… and the FUNDAMENT must be clarified because and also the divine intelligence will not allow it that someone stands in resurrection life and then does ignore the cosmic holistic picture… no, he shall be prepared and also regarding this planet (history, science etc.). QUESTION: do we need today an upper class who decides which revelations other people should receive or not receive... and in ancient days they could calculate the sun and the position and could play prophets and they did hide higher mysteries… now as I see it, I need not 5 different religions, I need not this or that but only the cosmic holistic truth… and why would anyone say that this revelation could not solve problems? especially when I would appear with the resurrection body? And many or most scientist are not the problem, no, I even know many or at least some… they like it and are interested… so who is always the problem? I say, a few fanatics who are in an old mindset! And WOMAN should also get offended, because in many of this order (highpriest class) you were not allowed to enter it (even today, aprtially) or you would not be initiated into the highest mysteries and this is even today partially the orthodox etc. mindset. I will not do that at LOGIACOLUMN and I know that I will also „need“ them… Iam not really in need but you know what I mean, teaching and learning...

31) This is an old TAO saying, I enter the vortex with the inflow and leave with the outflow (Nomad: the heavenly kingdom is within and without you, on the other side of the black hole is a white hole yet we speak about Nomads EVENT HORIZON, there is a way with wormholes. Anad about second knowledge: Now, can the single point have infinite density? Quantum mechanics? How do you get a point of infinite density with no mass?, bouncing out again?, can information be destroyed? And small black holes are invisible because they are smaller then the wave-length of light? One thing I know my friends, that is, my earth remains fixed and [but you do not need to believe] the Akashi record do not vanish… and about Lucky Luke it is said: “man who shoots faster than his shadow”, AUDIOMACHINE GODSPEED, PROMISE, John 14:12 Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greaterworks than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father (YET also a greater revelation and science plus divine reality = greater works, LOGIACOLUMN, the words are shut up and the BOOK is sealed until the apocalypse person comes, no one can escape this prophecy and thats why I should not complain too much that other people have things hidden in their order or… YA, WHEN I SURVIVE, THIS IS THE SEASON, no one can escape this prophecy, LOGIA!!!COLUMN, THE WORD NO LONGER SHUT UP, and as it was at Jesus time, they thought that it happens in another way, and so we have today Babel Christians who want to play the army of the Lord in a carnal way and other hope only for rapture (like beam me out Scotty) etc., and they still cannot believe it even when they read here. And you ask and you say, but other order have heard about you when you started to write online, they (the very hardliner of them) could also go against you? Answer, this got already explained (information is today out there and etc., it needs only the person who receives the capstone and I made no secret vow) and further, they are not crazy… they must also wait, they know the prize to pay when going just against it or any physcial attack… and the divine intelligence is above… And further Iam not made of sugar… anyway...

32) CERN homepage, will CERN create a black hole? The LHC will not generate black holes in the cosmological sense. However, some theories suggest that the formation of tiny 'quantum' black holes may be possible. The observation of such an event would be thrilling in terms of our understanding of the Universe; and would be perfectly safe. ==> Iam ahead of them and when they say that they are safe, now we must give Nomad a chance :-) is it safe with me… I dar to believe

33) its FANTASTIC, we have also another way to look upon it, similar I reach again complexity, that is, because I leave grey town… or I enter the „ highest vibration“… Too much chaos had scaled-down the visibility range (colours, details etc.) but not just that… my body movements became more narrow and stiff … and etc. Which is very odd, because in movies like THE MATRIX they must display agility and the movie includes martial arts elements but its not just about this movie aas and also we see the same desire in a shaolin temple or etc. Wherefore the only person who knows the REAL MATRIX that is NOMAD (and for sure we include some other sages). And yes, we could also think about David and his songs about hinds feet. The Master who knows the stone knows what he really means… ==> and that is also the reason why our world formel is above their world formel and we WIN because we have direct proof, we do not even need to say that this is just a theoretical model… no… its also tangible… and for sure our world formel includes God. The SAGE knows the activities of matter and without that knowledge he cannot be enlightened. Lets go on: when we are in grey town the wheel is out of its course and if you will we can say that the speed does not fit (no Micro – Macrocosm harmony). Wherefore Iam very well aware that you use the term Microcosm for your little particles and we use the term Microcosm for man. But slowly an surely you will also understand our langauge, similar some called the akash absolute space, yet we have already clarified that, divinity is not found in space and there is no distance… it refers rather to ultimate reality… and should we call it divine space? This is maybe also foolish… absolute space is for us simple the amalgamation of Spirit and nature… our Sphere… and similar we have our void… but maybe we look later to get better terms. And BEHOLD, when I or we get filled with light, then at one point we enter again the equilibirum and I simple called it the constant 7 (in Gods rest), non dual consicousness by which we have the 4 elements as one without strive („fight“)… And You are not in super-serenity because you do not have the 4 elements as one (only we escaped into the new world) = so you also lack energy. Wherefore you can also watch the movie THE HOST (Andrew Nicoll, the human race has been taken over by parasitic aliens called "Souls"), its a good example about this little fears in humans and what they contemplate about unity and so on. And I say that also for fun because we have also a ring in our eyes (like in the movie) if you understand what I mean....And further, You can say what you want about the first alien movie (Sigourney Weaver) but this movie had an atmosphere and not many movies have that… yes, we have movies but… And similar the immoveable race, wow, I would had such a good concept but I guess that Iam in the wrong season but we will see later and also I have to make it first back in. Ya, we have also our ALIEN EGG (and get alienated to the worthless earth if you understand what I mean:-) ==> Nomad, do you still know yourself? Answer, at least I can write Martin Mostbauer on a piece of paper, yea, I can pretend… this is not much but it is something. Yea, know yourself is the highest… its a nice saying and some truth is in it… but a bit alien style is included. CHECK, I have written this book during ascension and so we easily recognize that we all have our individual stream (and style) yet a bit Alien style we also need to calculate and that will serve you best as an answer…. The higher self is still and also the higher self… we have to get of some ballast

34) For also what we call [enlightened] understanding or eternal wisdom or knowledge[of the son] or counsel… that results out of the sevenfold and even so seen in Isaiah 11:2.. and if you want to comprehend the information (knowledge as accumulation of facts, data) which you have learned then you need also fire, separator, unity versus diversity, to develope understanding, to understand it!!!… and for decision making, be wise, to gain wisdom… WE WHO ARE NOT AS OTHERS MINE MEANING OUT OF INFORMATION (like Europe Borealis, EU flag and our mining idea), see through the facts of the dynamic of what, how, why… yea… even Hermes seven laws are included. And with wisdom we do not make the same mistakes again like just accepting the garbage from the Protestant, ya We have wisdom, then we know what actions to take NEXT… LOGIACOLUMN… and further understanding is mental, therefore some people can act with compassion or not… etc., connect the dots, and understand our first knowledge (divine reality, knowledge of the son) and second knowledge. And we have also spoken somewhere else about the transparency of the soul in the apocalpyse and the intelligible world and therefore the Logos is expressed through Force, which is transformed into the energy of the supra-conscious Logoic thought, which is infused into objectivization, our sun within smiling at us, mutual beholding ==> and thats why we will have our glyphs (let the other laugh about it) and all the symbols which point to the higher things, like for example a pearl in your hand (attraction or desire)… RECAPITULATED: DIVINE REALITY… fire energy like carving… results in understanding! A GREAT REVELATION! NO human can explain really what „understanding“ is… only gods can do that for you!… we define what understanding is… yet only we can explain it

35) regarding the polarity it cannot be in any other way because it is the glass of its own likeness… the internal drives out and manifests itself in figures. And when the image or mirror is also the mind, we call it also son after our definition (also our seat Godhead gulf seat)… now the abyss has to receive it again… therefore its also a principle via the sevenfold, for otherwise we would only have a nothing and not the ALL and not just that… if the abyss would not receive it again, then father would cease to exist. Wherefore Jacob explained it good with fire and wood, the wood becomes black and the matter gets burned…, one knows not the other yet they work together...and thereby we know that one spirit, which divideth itself into two Principles, into two spirits, but not severedly, and yet fleeing one before another, and the one catcheth or apprehendeth not the other, and the one is the life and cause of the other… Jacob was a still great… he pushed it forward… what would we do without him?

36) A north wind is a wind that originates in the north and blows in a southward direction. The north wind has had historical and literal significance, since it often signals cold weather and seasonal change in the Northern hemisphere, the same is true for Jerusalem, cold winter etc. ==> OUT OF THE NORTH HE COMES IN GOLDEN SPLENDOR and we read in Song of Solomon 4:16 (Acts 27:13, Luke 12:55, Job 37:16,17) the south wind could be hot or gentle… and the EAST WIND is distincty, powerful dry and hot wind...and when He uttereth His voice, there is a multitude of waters in the heavens; and He causeth the vapours to ascend from the ends of the earth: He maketh lightnings with rain, and bringeth forth the wind out of His treasures." Jeremiah 51:16.. and we have the FOUR CORNERS OF THE EARTH and THE FOUR WINDS… and Solomon declared: The wind goeth toward the south, and turneth about unto the north; it whirleth about continually, and the wind returneth again according to his circuits ==> this we know for sure, the WHIRLING ESSENCE =>A hurricane has a north, south, east and west wind all in one storm and we know THE EYE IN THE HURRICAN!!! ==> A "west wind" is coming from the west and blowing toward the east. A "south wind" is coming from the south and blowing toward the north. An "east wind" is coming from the east and blowing toward the west ==> THE HABITATION IS IN THE AIR and the AKASH IS A WHIRLING ESSENCE, GOD SPOKE OUT OF THE WHIRLWIND. Further we know THUNDERSTORM CLOUDS, wherefore about a hurrican, low pressure is at its center (like warm ocean water and moist, humid air, air pressure is lower), winds flow (spiral) towards the center of the storm and air is forced upward, air rises, water vapor within it condenses, forming clouds. Wherefore evaporation is the reverse of condensation = to change phase from liquid to gas (it breaks free from the chemical bonds, like clothes dry in the sun) and strongest high-pressure areas are associated with cold air masses… And low pressure is associated with cloudy, rainy or snowy weather and high pressure with nice weather...because sinking air is associated with warming and drying conditions, and rising air = moistening, high pressure is associated with sinking air, and low pressure is associated with rising air… so also air flows from high pressure to low pressure and therefore, localized areas of warm air are less dense [at its center] than their surroundings [areas around it], this warmer air rises, which lowers atmospheric pressure. Areas of high and low pressure are caused by ascending and descending air. As air warms it ascends, leading to low pressure at the surface. As air cools it descends, leading to high pressure at the surface. NOW, and we have also our HEAT and COLD, SULFUR and MERCURY… but more detailed we will figure it out with the capstone - wherefore and let us not ignore that we have also our own DIVINE COMPASS because of the WEST-EAST direction, as we have our first sun, so we have our first compass. ==> but be of good cheer, only that we need to figure out and also without it I cannot belong to the great sages… and not that we OVERDO it here… but that CORRESPONDENCE belongs to the sevenfold etc… and we should get the right meaning. ==> an lets not forget Moses, the cloud COVERS THE TENT(day: cloud, night: fire), and in the book of revelation we read: ANGEL WRAPPED IN A CLOUD...SITTING ON A CLOUD (so also we read in the book of revelation)... the thing is that that this whirling essence is a bit like a MIST(STEAMY) wherefore we have to figure out the exact reference point ==> we do that at LC or here via the capstone… and yes Jacob said also about air which proceeds [and I have read it now] that it goes forward after the wonders, in the will of the seeking of the essences, which are the stars: and therefore it maketh whirlings, and cometh from many places; as from above, from beneath, and sideways, and many times round about like a wheel, all according as the fire-seeking is kindled by the essences of the stars.… ==> simple embedded (with the polarity) but as I said we check all reference points with the capstone… LETS CHECK ALSO THAT ONE: BOILING: hot pockets of water vapor (H2O molecules begin to break their bonds), the long-awaited, boiling-up bubbles, gaseous molecules of water vapor, which float to the surface as bubbles and travel into the air ==> you may say we have no MYSTERY and creation is boring but for us with the STONE, everything is a MYSTERY… density and fixity and etc. So you ask me, why is the rainbow not a square? Answer, if I would tell you this high secret, and you are not ready, the earth would swallow you up alive. So lets keep it as secret!

37) Thanks to Reb Jeff…: When we read: in the beginning God created: Bereshit Bara Elohim Et Ha-Shamaim V-Et Ha-Aretz” {בראשית ברא אלוהים את השמים ואת הארץ} = ‘God created in the beginning ===>"In the beginning of God created." like "B'reishit mamlechut Yehoyakim," "In the beginning of the kingdom of Jehoiakim... and we have another examples with the exact same words, Rabbi Shlomo Yitzchaki (known as Rashi), observed that the word b'reishit cannot be explained grammatically in this verse as translated in your Bible...The tautology makes no grammatical sense or temporal sense, but it makes great spiritual sense. The world was created, but it never stopped being created ==> and WE GO BACK TO THE BEGINNING, here is his THRONE, THAT YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN… CREATING IS HIS BEING YET HE IS UNCHANGEABLE and they are also seven powers, because they are also powers, similar the abyss gets filled again… now also called Elohim (pluralization of power)… and you do not even understand the UPPER WATER nor the Spirit who moved upon the water (with the DEEP, ABYSS)… so dont try to built your own stories about the SEVEN days.… this universe is sevenfold and trine… and God created the seven in an blink of an eye… the unchangeable cannot be broken… or we could also say his equilibrium cannot be broekn ==> USE LOGIC, GOD CANNOT FALL OUT FROM HIMSELF.. and we can mediate fruther about it because we can also say: WITHOUT DESIRE he is no GOD (and also when it is an eternally seeking and finding… yet the desire awakened in him and finds the end)...

38) Different soul images: So when it is written, throw no pearls before the swine, yea, there can be 5 people on the same light level… they all react different… and one person sees all what he wants to have in this revelations (or he is simple fully in the same line and a seeker)… and another one is merely material operating regarding his mindset and etc… Believe me or not, all that exists… just OPEN YOUR EYES… and not just that, there are some people who are like soul brothes or sisters on a higher level, independent of light level (or the light level is not everything, like for example me and Jacob yet still we are a bit different)… or lets say it that way, lets make 12 foundations and according to the light filling you are on the 6th foundation… and we have a vast amount of people who belong to this foundation yet they all react differently… you will still figure out that some are more spiritual and other less… and myriads of other things… and all what I say… the light filling alone cannot explain it… for if it would, then we would say… you have so much light in your body and thats why you fit perfectly to other people who have the same amount of light in them… yet it is not true… I have seen it too often that it is not true… and may it be that some are more angry, a bit more in darkness or bla bla bla… yet something about their soul image tells me that they are more mature… and vice versa other are more light filled… yet… they are by no means closer to „our league“… ==> WE SHALL NOT NEGLECT REALITY… especially when we use divine science... ==> BUT there is also VERY GOOD NEWS... you are not limited... theoretically when you are a seeker, so la la... you could make it to the highest heavenly planets... you are really not limited... you need right training and etc... its not like that God says... I will not allow it that you come up to me... nay... it was always the person itself which did go against it.... remember the Pharisee or other... understand that well!!! (or I could go further, its rather the opposite today... its just because of the huge deception that many do not reach a higher level... anyway, what I say, to make it more simple for you... I will not sit at LC on a throne and then say... you are not chosen or you are chosen and you go home and bla bla bla... this is ridiculous... and you are also not a Neanderthaler... you are a seeker... you can go up... but some will have it simple a bit more difficult... depends alos upn the mud and etc..., but surely I say not... you are limited... nay... this does so not exist)

39) in old times mercury was known as quicksilver, and it was believed to be able to shift between liquid and solid states and therefore in alchemy mercury was believed to shift between life and death.

40) LETS HAVE SOME FUN: Wherefore the 3fold pattern we have also with the golden ratio spiral etc. and 9 is the unity of 3 and 6 (180 degree and 360 degree = 9, 60 degree x 3, 90 x 4, 108 x 5, 120 x 6, 135 x 8, 140 x 9, 144 x 10… bisecting a circle is always 9) And the sum of all digits excluding 9 is 36, SIX AFRAID OF SEVEN, because 7, 8, 9… that for fun

41) Why are we more fast in the apocalypse (body movements, awareness)? Answer: because [quasi] time is drawn back to the first sun...

42) Now, when there is a male trinity and a female trinity, then we understand again a bit better the David Star (or shield)… the seal of Solomon is the 5th element and the circle and the triangle is able to rotate with and against the clock and this property is called spin in physics ==> what I say is this: the SPIN really exists in the divine reality... And a Hexagram is a 2 dimensional cube, a 2 dimensional (orthographic) projection of a cube…. Wherefore also the MANDALIC CUBE is interesting... Wherefore some Jews say: Uriel, Gabriel, Raphael, Michael – earth, water, air, fire – north, west, east, south – green, blue, yellow, red – cold and dry, cold and wet, hot and wet, hot and dry – left, behind, front, right… four seasons etc…. Some say, real number system as it exists today has been with us for a few centuries. In foundation it is monovalent, monophasic, and sequential. The probable number system dates to prehistory but was lost in the mists of time until recently rediscovered and resurrected. In contrast to the real number system it is foundationally bivalent, biphasic, and cyclic. The probable number system has considerably more structure than the real number system and is therefore more robust. In this sense, it is similar to the complex number system. In contrast to the complex number system, the probable number system in its foundation presupposes that numbers can assume wavelike forms capable of constructive and destructive interference operationally through the compositing of higher to lower dimension. ==>Nomad, I have not further studied it… I juts put it into the book as an inspiration or for later ==> And you will not push my kids under the table, because I will show them also line and movement and wave and then going to “high school” or university, that is like eating cornflakes with milk… because they become simplified and use the left and right brain. For think about it, that is all about, ENERGY, what is MATTER, LIGHT, LINE and MOVEMENT and WAVE… cause and effect, negative and positive pole, unity and diversity, so also complexity and the opposite to it… VIBRATION… and we use the term MALE and FEMALE, we still keep that… PSYCHE… RYTHMUS, fundamental GEOMETRY in the universe...and so on… and when you really have understood that, yea, at least to some good degree… every other stuff becomes more simple, its like discovering a pattern or something like that, and now I work with it and check what else I can discover… How do you want to compete with this guys or girls? WE PUT YOU UNDER THE TABLE and they will say, Iam from LC where the Master taught me! And we have some nice pictures for ILLUSTRATION, another reason why LC becomes very important… we make it simple (only the start is difficult for a real deal sage, once we have the blueprint, its like magic how simple we can make it if we really want it)… and further, other people learn at university, then they share with us… and we contemplate together… to built LC a bit higher if you will, we can say so.

43) And yes, we do not forget: There are three kinds of cones typically found in the human eye: red, blue, and green. It’s these three kinds of cones that work together and allow you to see millions of colors. If a person is missing one kind of cone or all of these kinds, they might have a kind of colorblindness. And about babies or animals, whatever color they see we do not know because they dont tell us… we dont know it exactly… and some animals have more cones… And some people can see 100times more colors than you!!!, that is even proven you FOOLS!!! you are! so stupid!!! And for sure you have heard a lot of songs about bright shining eyes, which I will show you at the end of the book what that really means and if you want them also and want to skip this fools, you better come to LC!!! and preserve or increase your CHI. And you must understand all that because this religious blind people will not accept the book of revelation movie and speak out of their own depraved belly and so their reality!!! Yet I dont want to sound too hard yet I know the deception which is out there, now… therefore also lets have some fun: MY READER, MY READER, MY READER, this is a HUGE DIFFERENCE!, Iam alienated to the worthless earth but Iam not an alien, I have a Mars body (and Martin reconciled, red planet, the iron in the red, Haem’ means blood and ‘pyr’ means fire - blood and fire! These are indeed the Mars-attribute) but Iam not a Marsianer.

44) the inner world and the outer world, knowledge of self, knowledge of God and knowledge of nature were all one knowledge. ==> this is the true school and everything else is garbage. And they did hide it via parables, figures, similes… shadows… and if you had no atmittance into the same school… then you are nothing else then religious deceived. And if you had very good circumstances in life which did lead you in some way or another to the opening of the inner eye or etc… ya, but its hard… and rare… and… too much life energy got wasted in most cases...for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life… And should today exist such schools, now, I have built it all through my own knowledge received from God together with some other sages etc. and what they revealed… but its all me who puts it together... I have „Karma“ fully on my side…. Lets go on, do I agree with John here? the Still Eternity is the original principle of Eternal Love; and therefore it is called the Kingdom of Love, because here is the birth of Love, and here the blessed Trinity dwell in the eternal unity of their Love-essence, which is the first and last of all beings and essences whatsoever. ==> VENUS, and in our blueprint, Nomads ministry symbol also akash and 5th element, and what we called the symmetry… and yes, I know, Jacob divided the flame, with the fourth and fifth… cross birth (with mud, dark fire)… how he did choose his numbers and ya, another time he spoke about the pure state… And Jacob also played around with Saturn and Moon in a close relationship (almost like he interchanged it), because the Moon is that which is rendered visible…and we must overcome Chronos ==> THEREFORE LET US HAVE OUR BLUEPRINT and we make at LC first of all a clear sevenfold description and how they are situated and without cross birth... and Jacob is Jacob and Martin is Martin... Yet understand, the real sages help each other and because much stuff got already revealed… now its time for LC… and this old school priestly class thinking, we dont need that at LC… whoever wants to come shall come…

45) The AIR and the SOUND, the music is in the air (which needs softness - thickness, hardness – motion, therefore high pressure and low pressure as we know it with stringed instruments and the flute)… and therefore I do not stand somewhere with a harp all day long in my hand for the case you have that in mind because of the book of revelation… Ya, is it not clear to you? And you will say to me, I had a vision by which God spoke out of a cloud or about angels with harps… yea, you had nice dreams or whatever… so this is the lower heaven in after-life… or whatever… but we teach the APOCALYPSE! ==>>> and this is clear (ear), Babel makes its own music… and also all disharmony shall disappear… And not just that, sometimes we jump angry or whatever on other people without reason… birds in our soul… or other hear the music of fear (the sound becomes more dark and dull like an instrument which is not perfectly tuned) but all that cannot be in the apocalypse (which has the heavenly sound).… ==> as in the same way we have also the expanded AKASH in the apocalypse (enlarged tent, large place, and the speed of the wheel fits again, the ancient symbol was the millstone… wherefore you can confirm also that with the OT, now, and the speed fits because of the light, filled with light, and the seven Spirit generate even the inaudible music in the apocalypse… music of the spheres...God sings over us)

46) And what is also fascinating that they have checked M87, galaxy Messier 87 and they revealed a picture at the heart of that galaxy and which showed us also a RING OF FIRE SURROUNDING THE BLACKEST OF SHADOWS, “It feels like looking at the gates of hell,” says Heino Falcke of Radboud University in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, one of the leaders of the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) collaboration……... Topic switch: Someone may argue, but to study economy (goods(physical things), service (things done by people)] is no longer of interest when we understand the highest foundation and to this I say… this is nonsense, for even in economy you can discover cycles (expansion (growth), peak, contraction (recession), trough… or whatever, trades, exchange with a system of finance), and you even learn something about humans, and there is a broader interpretation about this word economy… and it has also to with household, yea, and you even have to take care about your family… and you will find therefore in everything something which could become useful for you, to know about it… and on the other side we all know that nothing of this is perfect…just check our system... this is no secret. Wherefore we will also speak later about our future city vision. And in conclusion our Europe Borealis flag with the hymn will not become a trap for you… like we would be too worldly… no… check my whole book… we learn and also as you see… people will have it hard to manipulate LC people… frogs and gnomes rule not just over us...nay… WE EVOLVE, WE ENDURE, WE SUCCEED… ya, and if they want to make Europe to hell… this leader will also rotten...

47) YA, when someone asks me then I say: Freuds Iceberg theory is not so wrong… because of the chambers of the soul and on the surface we often just react because of blockages which are deeper down in the soul… some have few, some are often in bigger stress etc… ==> I mean that we will be the ultimate Master at LC I don’t have to tell you… because we know the “energy construct” yet I do not say that we have all that second knowledge and thats why it is also a place for scientist etc… and to contemplate together.

48) Ballon pilot: A. moving into a different layer of air B. regulating the air temperature inside the balloon (ascend = the pilot heats the air in the envelope and if he wants to descend then the ballon has to become heavier then the air) C. adjusting the amount of air in the envelope D. changing the amount of weight contained in the basket…

49) Why are the final points important for you Nomad? Answer, Isaiah 25:5 Thou shalt bring down the noise of strangers, as the heat in a dry place; even the heat with the shadow of a cloud: the branch of the terrible ones shall be brought low… Job 6:17 My brethren have dealt deceitfully as a brook, and as the stream of brooks they pass away; Which are blackish by reason of the ice!!!!!!, and wherein the snow is hid: What time they wax warm, they vanish (the flow stops in the dry season): when it is hot, they are consumed out of their place. The paths of their way are turned aside; they go to nothing, and perish… GOD CALLED THE DRY LAND EARTH... PSALM 63, my tattoo (probably not seen on the old PHOTO, its above the big fat CORNERSTONE) ==> JUDGES 6:37 – 39, KINGS OF THE EAST, from the rising of the sun (Revelation 16:12)… And it is clear that Hermes would „bother“ me when we do not figure out the last points for LC… =======> “Capitulation” (and sages help each other), right now, I have to check Aristotle and also it seems that Geber was in that boat. Now lets see what he said: Aristotle used two pair of opposites: hot-cold, wet-dry to define the four elements (that which was touchable for him), and the 5th element was immutable for him (and even also he said that it exists only in space as I have figured out right now, and that fits for me and Iam very happy because I call it akash, yet he adds, moving only in circles… while the other 4 Elements move linearly., anyway this is not the end of the story). And some people say that he has not always identified hot-cold with active-passive and light-heavy... and I say, maybe sometimes he did it not… and I cant tell that because I have not read all his books… And further and to complete the story, he had also arranged the 4 Elements in a circle into which they transform into each other by flipping one of hot – cold or wet – dry… So we have a circle and in the four directions he placed on top air, then to the right water, and then earth, fire… ya, between air and water: wet, between water and earth: cold, between earth and fire: dry, between fire and air: hot… => and that seems for me to be correct. And this then would resemble INTERMEDIATES between the 4 Elements… And in rough equivalence to inertial and gravitational mass in physic, inert/passive would be heavy and dense. Aristotle said: Now, the fine is such as to fill up. For the fine consists of subtle particles, but that which consists of small particles is such as to fill up, inasmuch as it is in contact whole with whole and the fine exhibits this character in a superlative degree, Hence it is evident that the fine derives from the moist, while the coarse derives from the dry (so also moist is adaptable and follows the outline of that which is in contact with it, fill up). And the hard derives from the dry, for hard is that which is solidified, and the solidified is dry. And soft derives from the moist… wet-dry, soft-hard, viscous-brittle (Austria: zähflüssig (viskos) and spröde wherefore remember also the SECRET OIL), smooth-rough… IMPORTANT TO NOTICE: according to the circle and its arrangement: Thus the process of conversion will be quick between those which have interchangeable complementary factors, but slow between those which have none. The reason is that it is easier for a single thing to change than for many. Air, e.g. will result from fire if a single quality changes: for fire, as we saw, is hot and dry while air is hot and moist, so that there will be air if the dry be overcome by the moist. Again, water will result from air if the hot be overcome by the cold: for air, as we saw, is hot and moist while water is cold and moist, so that, if the hot changes, there will be water. So too, in the same manner, earth will result from water and fire from earth, since the two elements in both these couples have interchangeable complementary factors. For water is moist and cold while earth is cold and dry- so that, if the moist be overcome, there will be earth: and again since fire is dry and hot while earth is cold and dry, fire will result from earth if the cold pass-away… the transformation of fire into water and of air into earth, and again of water and earth into fire and air respectively, though possible, is more difficult because it involves change of more qualities!!!!………...And “on the heavens” Aristotle considers air and fire as light and water and earth as heavy and the 5th element is neither light nor heavy……..all locomotions, as we term it, is either straight or circular or a combination of these two, which are the only simple movements... Now revolution about the centre is circular motion, while the upward and downward movements are in a straight line, upward meaning motion away from the center, and downward motion towards it… For if the natural motion is upward, it will be fire or air, and if downward, water or earth… circular motion is necessarily primary. For the perfect is naturally prior to the imperfect, and the circle is a perfect thing (Nomad: thats why he called the akash circular, I understand how he wants to express it)… And: things are heavy and light relatively to one another, air for instance, is light relatively to water, and water light relatively to earth (Nomad: density and fixity). The body, then, which moves in a circle cannot possible possess either heaviness or lightness. For neither naturally nor unnaturally can it move either towards or away from the centre ==> NOMAD: xs, but also the mirror is the very limit...and the soul is also soul circular moved...but I understand what he means… because that is the MARRIAGE!!!! and we have the abyss beyond it. For we have 1) up and down (fire and air, water and earth), 2) mirror as the very limit (bubbling up, shift to the square, and polar opposites) and with the akash, Venus, 3) left and right, south to the right, north to the left (and also soul circular moved, spin), front and behind (east and west)… ==> and UP and DOWN, HEAVEN MEETS EARTH (no more dichotomy, new earth and new heaven, immoveable earth and air as the habitation)… And Cicero (45 BCE) attributes fire and air to active, and water and earth to passive. (Aristotle sometimes mixed it, moist and dry as passive, hot and cold as active, bodies are formed by heat and cold. Nomad: but again, we have the salt but also the circle and the square, and the later Alchemist agree with me and Cicero… but we will check all that in the apocalypse)………….Lets go on with Aristotle, on the heavens (I use that which is useful): All magnitudes, then, which are divisible are also continuous = correct, and only in Spirit is no distance = the bubbles (kingdom within and without) yet the Sphere has still its capacity… and this is correct: But all movement that is in place, all locomotion, as we term it, is either straight or circular or a combination of these two, which are the only simple movements… Nomad: the body is 3d (from length to surface = two ways, to body = three ways) and the apocalypse has an additional dimension (for sure, so also we have the eternal now in the apocalypse by which we overcome distance)...yet as body found its completion in three dimensions, so its movement completes itself in three forms ==> ...yet Nomad says also the line is perfect because we can have the line and still have no distance in Spirit...again, the equilibrium in the apocalypse, and therefore I call also the line perfect as and also regarding the limit I call it an ETERNAL LIMIT…Further, if, on the one hand, circular movement is natural to something, it must surely be some simple and primary body which is ordained to move with a natural circular motion, as fire is ordained to fly up and earth down = correct…. NOW and further: Let us then apply the term 'heavy' to that which naturally moves towards the centre, and 'light' to that which moves naturally away from the centre. ==> this is correct, and per fun I called it white whole and black hole (yet this must be understood supernal by which the heavy meets the light and therefore infinite density is found only in the polar opposites in the equilibrium (its a property which we can only comprehend via “geometry”)... And as we have the abyss beyond it so we must agree with Aristotle: this body can possess no lightness or heaviness at all… ABYSS and BYSS, when we speak about the triple body or the all)... ==> the reasoning which applies to the whole applies also to the part (Nomad, and for us it is important to check all the reference points of the sevenfold in the apocalypse)... ==> For it is in contraries that generation and decay subsist. YA, and in the apocalypse we have the non dual consciousness... For alteration is movement in respect of quality; and qualitative states and dispositions, such as health and disease, do not come into being without changes of properties… correct (and we also want to have the Micro-Macrocosm harmony)... And so, if the body which moves with a circular motion cannot admit of increase or diminution, it is reasonable to suppose that it is also unalterable… correct... Now he says: Our theory seems to confirm experience and to be confirmed by it. For all men have some conception of the nature of the gods, and all who believe in the existence of gods at all, whether barbarian or Greek, agree in allotting the highest place to the deity, surely because they suppose that immortal is linked with immortal and regard any other supposition as inconceivable. The common name, too, which has been handed down from our distant ancestors even to our own day, seems to show that they conceived of it in the fashion which we have been expressing... the same ideas, one must believe, recur in men's minds not once or twice but again and again. And so, implying that the primary body is something else beyond earth, fire, air, and water, they gave the highest place a name of its own, aither, derived from the fact that it 'runs always' for an eternity of time ==> the difference between me and Aristotle is that I KNOW RESURRECTION LIFE FROM EXPERIENCE… I know the whole transmutation as a FACT!!!……….. Concave (shape that curve inward) and convex (shapes that curve outwards) are a not only regarded as opposed to one another, but they are also coupled together and treated as a unity in opposition to the straight….==> this will be also important at LC (rectilinear motion, related to a straight line, as a child I did grow up with a Boa, also they can move rectilinear, rectilinear locomotion, and even light waves travel in a straight line, rectilinear propagation, so there is an obvious tendency to oppose the straight line to the circular) ==> that which moves in a circle, at whatever point it begins, must necessarily pass through all the contrary places alike = CORRECT, I simple called the circle as most effective, nothing is more effective… but why do I call the cube most male and the circle most female (and see also LC design, 15 pillars), ya, because we have the formless point, the bubbling up, the square as the limit… and so its obvious… just because of the divine reality… For sure Aristotle says that the infinite cannot revolve in a circle...but about what w are talking, I say soul circular moved yet I do not deny at the same time movement and rest and nor the immoveable...or the abyss beyond it...(and time is only moved in eternal nature, and what time is, also about that we have already spoken in this book)… here I crash with Aristotle: so a surface cannot be infinite in that respect in which it has a limit… Aristotle… I have still my MIRROR!!! and the mirror is not finite, its found in the intelligible world… ==> and let us look at the pyramid, two ways = square, and formless point on top of the pyramid (three ways, 3D)… And when we say that the heavenly circle has its limit, ya, WE CALL IT SIMPLE AN ETERNAL LIMIT (similar the abyss gets filled again and so we have also the non-local cup which never runs out)… And when fire or air is ordained to fly up, so water or earth down (by which we have the air as habitation and we breathe internally in the apocalypse and we have the mirror upon which everything is reflected, earth immoveable… and altogether we have also the marriage… for sure this sounds rough today, you speak about the 4 Elements ya but can anyone deny that it fits? And we also call it sevenfold energy)...…. Now he says: The infinite cannot be acted upon by the finite = Nomad: not true, because matter cannot change the unchangeable but matter can also not be without it...(and this center is not just within us, it transcends)… And because the sevenfold is one: Therefore, since the movements are the same, the elements must also be the same everywhere... The particles of earth, then, in another world move naturally also to our centre and its fire to our circumference… And this is perfect: What I mean is this: if the portions in this world behave similarly both to one another and to those in another world, then the portion which is taken hence will not behave differently either from the portions in another world or from those in the same world, but similarly to them, since in form no portion differs from another ==> NOMAD, the above and below and similarities (even language, logos)………...For instance, to recover health is to change from disease to health, to increase is to change from smallness to greatness. Locomotion must be similar: for it also has its goal and starting-point--and therefore the starting-point and the goal of the natural movement must differ in form-just as the movement of coming to health does not take any direction which chance or the wishes of the mover may select. Thus, too, fire and earth move not to infinity but to opposite points; and since the opposition in place is between above and below, these will be the limits of their movement...Nomad: again we have an ETERNAL LIMIT!!! ==> I guess, Aristotle explained first the merely natural world when he speaks about the square… and I have directly the intelligible world in my eye… and so I made my comments, anyway I keep it that way in the book (so or so helpful because we focus upon both, and we must also understand that the mirror is found in the FORMLESS when we speak about the mirror in the apocalypse, our QUICKSILVER, energy completes, it shifts between this two states, ya OK; the mirror is the limit of the inner and outer domain and we have an eternal limit)… And I agree: In one sense, then, we call 'heaven' the substance of the extreme circumference of the whole, or that natural body whose place is at the extreme circumference. We recognize habitually a special right to the name 'heaven' in the extremity or upper region, which we take to be the seat of all that is divine. (b) In another sense, we use this name for the body continuous with the extreme circumference which contains the moon, the sun, and some of the stars; these we say are 'in the heaven'.(c) In yet another sense we give the name to all body included within extreme circumference, since we habitually call the whole or totality 'the heaven'. The word, then, is used in three senses ==> Ya, ya, ya Aristotalis, and w ehave also three Buddha bodies… all is fine... and more IMPORTANT: Its unceasing movement, then, is also reasonable, since everything ceases to move when it comes to its proper place, but the body whose path is the circle has one and the same place for starting-point and goal (NOMAD, and Isness, creating is his being… and what flows out we have inwardly)...generated things are seen always to be destroyed yet the unchangeable remains (and the unchangeable goes hand in hand with eternity and our body is kept in the apocalypse because of the harmony with nature and because of the seven spirits governing wheel, and this is called before the foundation of the world and Plato said rightly that heaven will exist to eternity, and as I would say, the generation is included(and GENERATIONS)… because of Spirit and matter, whatever got moved in eternal nature, and there is even no other way because we must be also able to explain the fountain of youth… age 25 and immortality)… THIS IS CORRECT: The terms 'generated' and 'destructible' are coincident; this is obvious from our former remarks, since between what always is and what always is not there is an intermediate which is neither, and that intermediate is the generated and destructible. For whatever is either of these is capable both of being and of not being for a definite time: in either case, I mean, there is a certain period of time during which the thing is and another during which it is not. Anything therefore which is generated or destructible must be intermediate (actually or potentially) ==> yet when I say that creating is his being, I include all potentialities and he who creates is above the created, transcending all center, and within me, he imparts being to me (my IAM in GOD)…. ==> for if the orthodox say that only God has being, this is garbage, because he has life in himself and he has granted the son to have life in himself (with our free will, yet he imparts it to us, and when I realize my non-being which is in reality a bit misleading, this word… now I see myself only in God… with the light imprint, in the well, I move not without the prime mover yet still he imparts being to me, as and also I have a body/physical emanation)… PERFECT: Hence it is well to persuade oneself of the truth of the ancient and truly traditional theories, that there is some immortal and divine thing which possesses movement, but movement such as has no limit and is rather itself the limit of all other movement. A limit is a thing which contains; and this motion, being perfect, contains those imperfect motions which have a limit and a goal, having itself no beginning or end, but unceasing through the infinity of time, and of other movements, to some the cause of their beginning, to others offering the goal... And he understood the effortless part (the FLOW is not affected by outward influences): The ancients gave to the Gods the heaven or upper place, as being alone immortal; and our present argument testifies that it is indestructible and ungenerated. Further, it is unaffected by any mortal discomfort, and, in addition, effortless; for it needs no constraining necessity to keep it to its path, and prevent it from moving with some other movement more natural to itself. Such a constrained movement would necessarily involve effort the more so, the more eternal it were-and would be inconsistent with perfection…NomaD: and there must be also a reason why we become EFFORTLESS in the apocalypse!!!!!!... And in some way or another he agrees even with my ministry symbol (left and right, right hand of the father, but this is more ascension talk): Clearly then the invisible pole is above. And those who live in the other hemisphere are above and to the right, while we are below and to the left (and in the apocalypse the speed of the wheel fits again, highest vibration, in Austria we say: auf dem rechten Weg bleiben, righteousness, be attentive to the Master, they are below(the dark contracts) and to the left and see only his back, moon sick)… Aristotle seems to become one of my best friends, I cant believe it: The unnatural is subsequent to the natural, being a derangement of the natural which occurs in the course of its generation. Earth then has to exist; for it is earth which is at rest at the centre. (At present we may take this for granted: it shall be explained later.) But if earth must exist, so must fire. For, if one of a pair of contraries naturally exists, the other, if it is really contrary, exists also naturally. In some form it must be present, since the matter of contraries is the same. Also, the positive is prior to its privation (warm, for instance, to cold), and rest and heaviness stand for the privation of lightness and movement (and the habitation is the air)…Further, it is inconceivable that a movable body should be eternal, if its movement cannot be regarded as naturally eternal: and these bodies we know to possess movement. Thus we see that generation is necessarily involved (this is our WHEEL)… SPHERE AND LINE: Now the rectilinear is bounded by more than one line, the curvilinear by one only. But since in any kind the one is naturally prior to the many and the simple to the complex, the circle will be the first of plane figures. Again, if by complete, as previously defined, we mean a thing outside which no part of itself can be found, and if addition is always possible to the straight line but never to the circular, clearly the line which embraces the circle is complete. If then the complete is prior to the incomplete, it follows on this ground also that the circle is primary among figures. And the sphere holds the same position among solids. For it alone is embraced by a single surface, while rectilinear solids have several. The sphere is among solids what the circle is among plane figures. Further, those who divide bodies into planes and generate them out of planes seem to bear witness to the truth of this. Alone among solids they leave the sphere undivided, as not possessing more than one surface: for the division into surfaces is not just dividing a whole by cutting it into its parts, but division of another fashion into parts different in form. It is clear, then, that the sphere is first of solid figures…Nomad, so also it bubbles up from the formless point………………………... THIS WAS ALSO MY PROBLEM (the abyssal sphere): If, again, one orders figures according to their numbers, it is most natural to arrange them in this way. The circle corresponds to the number one, the triangle, being the sum of two right angles, to the number two (Nomad, but regarding divine numbers it has the number three). But if one is assigned to the triangle, the circle will not be a figure at all... Now the first figure belongs to the first body, and the first body is that at the farthest circumference. It follows that the body which revolves with a circular movement must be spherical. The same then will be true of the body continuous with it: for that which is continuous with the spherical is spherical. The same again holds of the bodies between these and the centre. Bodies which are bounded by the spherical and in contact with it must be, as wholes, spherical; and the bodies below the sphere of the planets are contiguous with the sphere above them. The sphere then will be spherical throughout; for every body within it is contiguous and continuous with spheres ==>NOMAD, BUT I ADD AGAIN, IT BUBBLES UP (therefore exists a point by which the circle remains) and it SHIFTS to the SQUARE (therefore exists a point by which the cube remains) and the MIRROR is the VERY LIMIT OF THE INNER AND OUTER DOMAIN (wherefore we have to add, in ancient language they say that earth has his body or plane, air has his body or plane… and as we know, we have seven planes)...Nomad, and for sure, its movement is REGULAR... Now, about the revolving bodies: It is the same here with the revolving bodies: for the are intercepted by two radii will be larger in the larger circle, and hence it is not surprising that the revolution of the larger circle should take the same time as that of the smaller. And secondly, the fact that the heavens do not break in pieces follows not only from this but also from the proof already given of the continuity of the whole ==> so we have also the 4 elements, fixity and density, this must be supernal understood!!!…………….AND IT IS TRUE THAT THE STARS TWINKLE (in the twinkling of an eye, man is a star)…And because of the oneness earth occupies the centre equally every way or simple the earth remains immoveable…………...Empedocles says that it is the vortex which keeps the earth still-: but in that case we ask, where would it have moved to but for the vortex? It could not move infinitely; for to traverse an infinite is impossible, and impossibilities do not happen. So the moving thing must stop somewhere, and there rest not by constraint but naturally ==> also Nomad called it vortex...bubbling up vortex yet he also spoke about the bow flash… And Leucippus and Democritus say that the primary bodies are in perpetual movement in the void or infinite ==> also Nomad said, the way is the void, the void is the way… and…make them combine by the power of Love… ==> that which spreads itself out widely is fine, therefore in the apocalypse we have the full flame inside us, and the air rises and becomes heaven… and for sure we received our living water… expanded akash and the translucent realm… all that fits perfectly.………….. And Iam not like Plato to give to every element a specific shape or geometrical figure… this he can only mean symbolical… because its sevenfold in the sphere… and still now Iam not sure if fire or air is the finest element… most people would say it is fire but I had often air in my eye because of the habitation (and so we also say HEAVEN & EARTH, heaven meets earth, both extremities) ==> and the “middle” is water & earth, glass...projection towards and away from, yea, I know, the middle we have and also sulfur, salt, mercury… and when we speak about the projection…. we have to check that later again….and earth is most solid (like crystallisation)… THE FINAL SEVEN QUESTIONS are listed on the AUSTRIA PANEL (SUMMARY sections)… wherefore as I said… I do not knów yet if I will answer them in this book (and website) or only later...

50) And for sure Aristotle, Dante and Copernicus had the seven sphere model with the seven planets from the inner ring expanding to outer rings…. and often the sun in the center or bla bla bla… You can only fully understand this big names with my book!!!!!! wherefore also I struggle a bit and in the divine reality the final points will be clarified……………………………. Aristotle, on the generation and corruption: it is only in one sense that the magnitude is "divisible through and through", viz. in so far as there is one point anywhere within it and all its points are everywhere within it if you take them singly one by one. But there are not more points than one anywhere within it, for the points are not "consecutive (aufeinanderfolgend)": hence it is not simultaneously" divisible through and through". For if it were, then, if it be divisible at its centre, it will be divisible also at a point"immediately-next" to its centre. But it is not so disivible: for position is not "immediately-next" to position, nor point to point... NOMAD: LINE AND CENTER, VERY INTERESTING!!!….and we have composition… and for example: if water has first been "dissociated" into smallish drops, air comes-to-be out of it more quickly: while, if drops of water have first been "associated", air comes-to-be more slowly ==> Nomad: yet also the opposite can happen: when grass is exposed to a cold, clear sky it becomes colder than the surrounding air. Tiny water droplets on the blades of grass are cold enough that their evaporation becomes very low, but the air, which is not as cold, contains enough moisture that the condensation rate onto those tiny dew drops exceeds their evaporation rate, and the dew drops grow… and further water evaporates off the floor, so it takes longer when we have a galss of water because the surface area is smaller (and water evaporates faster at high temperatures)…………. I would use that one from Aristotle for ABYSS and BYSS (all that is and nothing): there is no need even to discuss the other question we raised-viz. Why coming-to-be continues though things are constantly being destroyed. For just as people speak of "a passing away" without qualification when a thing has passed into what is imperceptible and what in that sense"is not", so also they speak of "a coming-to-be out of a not-being" when a thing emerges from an imperceptible. Whether, therefore, the substartum is or is not something, what comes-to-be emerges out of a "not-being": so that as things comes-to-be out of a not-being "just as much as it "passes-away into what is not". Hence it is reasonable enough that coming-to-be should never fail!!!!!!! For coming-to-be is a passing-away of "what is not" and passing-away is a coming to-be of "what is not" ==> in the apocalypse the way is the void and the void is the way, a life beyond life and death, immoveable race ==> yet we do also not deny a coming-to-be of something and passingaway of something, which is called qualified (so water evaporates or air condenses, changes are effected, a difference in material like for example as we have it with molecules etc., yet and again the true universal substance is only found in the apocalypse) ==> therefore we must follow STRICTLY NOMADS DEFINITION and catergorize it, that is, we have the FIRST KNOWLEDGE (so also our first sun and the true substance of all things etc.) and the SECOND KNOWLEDGE (the sun in the sky and also a vegetable or whatever in your hand may it be called an apple or carrot is still called an apple or carrot and we also say that is has a substance (atomic structure, molecules etc. arrangement) and this is embedded in our everyday language yet only fools believe that the shadow is the true substance, and therefore regarding the second knowledge we could only call it an intermediate substance – actually or potentially, and still the VOID we cannot neglect. Ya, we must find here right words because otherwise this would confuse our pupils at LC and for the case we would ignore it, ya, we would become dumb like the 21 century fools! And again, behold: whatever it is, second level, it has no intrinsic substance because it cannot be without the whole… the void is the way, and this is very important to know… only then we mature much better…. Forget the animal school regarding such matter… first comes LC, secondly you go to school!!!!!!!!!!!!!…Now and regarding second knowledge we say that change is ALTERATION, and the PROPERTY is predicted of the SUBSTRATUM (and that what came to be, that is generated, may it be a banana or whatever)…Therefore, when the change from contrary to contrary is in quantity, it is "growth and diminution"; when it is in place, it is "motion"; when it is in property, i.e. in quality, it is "alteration": but, when nothing persist, of which the resultant is a property (or an "accident" in any sense of the term), it is "coming-to-be", and the converse change is "passing-away".…"Matter", in the most proper sense of the term, is to be identified with the substratum which is receptive of coming-to-be and passing-away: but the substratum of the remaining kinds of change is also, in a certain sense, "matter", because all these substrata are receptive of "contrarieties" of some kind ==> NOW, and therefore we have also our FIRST MATTER and simple in the second knowledge we call it also matter.…And whatever effects we experience in daily life, ya, in the apocalypse we acknowledge the all-cause, in the non-dual consciousness (cause, enfolding versus effect, unfolding via the mirror… and so also rest and movement)…And so also we have in the second knowledge magnitude, we draw lines or circles but regarding the apocalypse we speak about the celestial supernal sphere…And another problem, things can change but do not grow, for example condensation and evaporation or we call flesh flesh when it did grow old yet clearly an alteration happend (in fact the body grows, we did grow up and later diminishes, the skin became old, or when someone stops to eat, the body diminishes etc., and therefore something accedes in that process) ==> wherefore here a kind of simplicity goes along with us in the apocalypse because we have simple the all-seed in us and regarding understanding we spoke about fire and differentiation into particulars ==> and its the same with chaos and order (orderly arrangement like flowers and their seeds etc), and in the abyssal chaos lie hid all potentialities…………. And LC harmonizes with sense perception and therefore when we say that the all is one, we still do not deny that fire is not ice and if we would do that then we would be mad! Wherefore we can be very easily understood via geometry and duality – opposites, and the 7fold energies, the triad, the equilibirum and etc ==> and some theoretic physicist today are indeed more Alice in wonderland then we are ……………...And further we agree that things possess the power of generating (when I eat much protein etc. and lift heavy weight then Iam able to generate a muscular body), and things possess the power of acting and of suffering action, this in addendum, ya, and we speak of composition and combination depending if we speak about the whole texture (the way in which a whole or mixture is made up, ya, and it is clear that via a combination we combine individual parts) ==> we know that all power comes from God, in the apocalypse we become powers of God and therefore in themselves alone things possess not the power to generate (so also with heat and water I can generate bubbles in my kitchen, its not just the water or just heat or could it be done without me?, therefore the way is the void and the void is the way and God above and still you can make your bubbles in your kitchen ==> the difference to the apocalypse is that we see God in all things and still we achieve results (generating power). And in the same way we combine the first and second knowledge, and similar if I want to drive with my car in the apocalypse, now I should check sometimes if enough oil is in the bin because the engine gets destroyed if it would not receive enough oil… so why should we deny that??? and similar the immeasureable is known to us (the supernal flow), yet also what can be measured is known to us...bodily senses and supernal senses, 5 – 5, therefore now we turn ourselves in that divine reality, and this reality is different but still we have feet and walk and so on… and so also we take care about animals or etc... And everything else is absurdity!!!!!!!!!!! ==> people from below operate only on one level, we operate on dual level, ya, we would say triple nature if we would also add the abyssal sphere, like body senses (bodily eye...) and inner vision (with the inner essence of that which is displayed around us) and abyss beyond it (with the void), but for a simple understanding we just operate dual, and this can be also proven because of Jesus and how he talked, sometimes he spoke in parables, then about nature, then… ==> but why again do you want to make it triple? Answer, the abyssal sphere like a ball fyling through emptiness (void, God above all that), the spirit body (and also having the inner essence of that which is displayed around us) and this physical emanation)…...OUR ARCANE SYMBOL RULES!

51) One last time: Someone may argue, but when the elements are bound up with a contrariety regarding the apocalypse which but also means you have them as one and in, why do you say that the body receives the lightness of the Spirit or why do you call it endless spiritual summer? Answer, we also have the cold and heat in the apocalypse and well tempered and because below the apocalypse is called winter time, now then only for that reason we call it endless spiritual summer and in a similar fashion we speak about the light body which receives the lightness yet still the darkness will be in the wheel yet behind the light… And also we say that we ascend the mountain. And the DOOR is also clear… everlasting gates… and finally enter the God realm...

52) The Master says, you may compare it with old color TV, color broadcast can be created by broadcasting three monochrome images, one each in the three colors of red, green, and blue (RGB). When displayed together or in rapid succession, these images will blend together to produce a full-color image as seen by the viewer, now, and in the same way they can show us a GARDEN! And further we must always think CYCLICAL… And alteration is change in respect to the qualities of the objects of touch… second level, second knowledge...And regarding any intermediate, lets take for example air and water, it must be coarser than air but finer than water!!! Therefore in some way we can say that the elements are the building bricks… and this may be confirmed when we look upon the microcosmic level regarding the second level and behold the particles and how they combine etc. In the same way the argument follows that people who are not in the apocalypse live in grey town wherefore we just call it grey town and different degrees exist and this is emperical proven (and we could say the same about dryness, dry land versus my first country where Iam firstborn born of God) . Again Aristotle said it here rightly: Hence coming-to-be and passing-away must occur within the field of "that which can be-and not-be".==>Nomad: and the FIELD is also in our heart... This, therefore, is cause in the sense of material orgin for the things which are such as to come-to-be; while cause, in the sense of their "end", is their "figure" or "form"- and that is the formula expressing the essential nature of each of them. ==> Kingdom within and without (figures and shapes thereof)…And yes, circular motion is continuous (and come-to-be cyclical)…. And Plato was right, that virtue was sufficient for happiness and this is embedded in the energy construct, the fountain of virtues (and we evolve spiritually), and this can be still combined with Aristotle, that is, that we need adequate social constructs to help a virtuous person feel satisfaction and contentment, and again to combine it with Nomads theory, that is LC, to bring it all together with revelation and training… for we change after the channel we watch...and we spoke also about DFI (dark fire imprints)...LOGIA CHANNEL... and also Aristotle created an early version of the scientific method to observe the universe and draw conclusions based on his observations ==> this is the SCIENCE CONVERGENCE CHAMBER AT LC and we also understand that many ideas from Aristotle were later discarded but they served to open lines of inquiry for others to explore ==> now, how much creativity will we have at LC? How many lines of inquiry will we open? And even when we are not fully engaged in politics yet we can formulate improvements (so that people can live a good life and perform beautiful acts, because and also man is often a political animal by nature and therefore he must be taught) And another argument follows when someone would say that if I can really write down the apocalypse and later build LC, then it could become an obstacle to scientific progress because my works would be deemed so complete that no one can challenge them (the same was said about Aristotle) ==> but this is nonsense because we have the ABOVE and the BELOW and infinite possibilities… or lets say, creativity helps us to discover more things…. we simple do things which we had not done if… for if you say the apocalypse is complete then I say… there is no end regarding the second level… and you must also evolve and you need as special kind of knowledge in the ability to draw comparisons. This is even evidence of a pre-existent soul. (no one can simple copy Nomad, he is a bit wild, he has art, he puts his nose into everything and sometimes he acts seemingly crazy and funny…ya, but also fun we have at LC... and we are who we are and we have to overcome some stuff and whatever you learn… you have also an internal memory as explained, and we said that we have our weakness and I even spoke a bit about my problems and the 4 elements). ==> and even if you are one of those who says that you are a true gnostic and you want to go deep into that stuff which we have later at LC… ya, but you can never skip your mind in the same way as you need to walk some miles with your body or do whatever because otherwise it would be not healthy… or in most cases because of your inward disposition you would not even accept it to be ignorant to that truth (except something is wrong with you, drug addict or...)… therefore you must do something (and we have the INNER and OUTER)… And its not just about development but also joy is minimized if you would ignore that or try to force you to skip the other part… and so also only after you did achieve something you feel happy… and sometimes its just an excursion or whatever… in the same way as you need fresh air from time to time… and therefore the best approach is to combine it, so also you can contemplate higher stuff and etc… But Nomad you are in contradiction because you spoke also about the logos, therefore you have no prove about the pre-existence of the soul! Answer, yes we have the logos BUT just compare different mystics who had glimpses about the divine vision and you will find that they all did approach this topic in a different way… and if he was a Mathematican like Cusa then you saw his style in his writings and if he is a Martin Mostbauer then you see his brute part in ascension (which tops most mystics yet I say it not to brag) but also he has his own „weird style“ of putting things together because that is his disposition, how can I integrate it all???...etc… or we have spoken about souls in different degrees of darkness and by which we could say that some people stand together on the 4th foundation yet they all act different like for example some accept fear and even embrace it to be a rabbit and others could by no means accept it and operate like knights yet maybe they have another weakness… and you can traumatize people in the same way (via war for example and..) and still they act different (therefore we all have a special kind of knowledge on the ability to draw conclusion for in the same way how can some people accept to run away and are in escapsim mentality and others seek honour?, and the list goes on in a big way… and nay, we dont look at anyone down at LC just because he has some littel fears… yet we teach the higher self...)... YA AND ALSO TO ADD, at LC you receive light fire imprints... so we cannot just say that Plato is right and Aristotle wrong, no, this is total folly... and if you would grow up in a community which walks in a higher level... now what an advantage for you!!!!!!!!

53) I know when enough air is supplied than the flame becomes blue (which has also to do with carbon and hydrogen) and you will say that perfectly pure hydrogen in totally clean air (without any “impurities”) does not make a visible flame and therefore and also pure white we would receive in the highest temperature. And copper would be green and then red instead of blue...(yet with a firework regarding copper it would be also blue because of the copper chloride). And general we could speak about soot (carbon) as red or yellow and about sodium as orange (and maybe yellow?), it depends because regarding incomplete combustion it will be red… and the closer to the white the hotter the section of the flame is (and we have it blue colored when the amount of soot decreases, enough air supplied)... And we can also check steel, heated in the forge starts out red hot, but if heated further, even gives white-hot. When we go after the colors and heat then we have RED, (orange) YELLOW, WHITE ==> BUNSEN BURNER versus candle flame... it depends on the combustion, complete (transfers more energy) or incomplete (less energy released = yellow) ==> the hottest part is at the tip of the outer blue cone, the coolest part of the flame is inside the inner blue cone. And even regarding a candle flame, the hottest temperature is on the mantle of each section (and we have also the top, temperature goes UP and its the place where you capture most energy (but even that depends on the nature of the flame, geometrical shape etc.), therefore regarding a candle flame it is not the Verdampfungszone, its not the evaporation zone of the candle flame, no its the surface, where there is also the best contact with oxygen, and the blue color has also to do with the release of hydrogen), it is nonsense to say that blue is the hottest part in a candle flame... And now about the apocalypse, we speak also about the FIRE LIGHT versus DARK FIRE and it operates together, wherefore the dark section in the flame is here relative (temperature)… because bla bla bla, for us the dark is simple the ground of it. And blue is definitive the cooler part of the flame (and hydrogen also burns with a pale blue flame, and water atoms exist of three atoms, an oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms) ==> therefore so la la we can keep that. Now and further and I know that some may argue that the outer zone of the candle flame is blue and this is the hottest part yet when we just look at it, then the blue zone is inside of it… and the outer zone becomes also non visible… and yes, with the bunsen burner we have the blue color (tip of the outer blue cone is hottest)… and a bit yellow mixed into it (here it gets also white blue)...wherefore this has not even to do with blackbody radiation, we have the chemical reaction which emits much stronger blue radiation and so the blue masks the faint yellow glow. Blackbody radiation: 1000K RED, 2800K YELLOW, 5500K WHITE (and blue white) ==> but we go after wavelength and the rainbow and so we have our cold and warm colors (make here no trick). And similar we could say that air heats up faster than water (but also cools down fastest), ok, and we check the four qualities later. And what is heat? Shall I ask now Austrian Ludwig Boltzmann? KINETIC ENERGY? The more heat you supply, the faster the molecules move and the further apart they get. Eventually, they bump around so much that they break apart from one another. At that point, the liquid you've been heating turns into a gas: your water becomes steam and starts evaporating away. And the opposite can happen in a refrigerator: the more heat water loses, the more kinetic energy its molecules lose, the more slowly they move, and the closer they get. Soon or later, they get close enough to lock together in crystals; the liquid turns to solid ==> and we have our CRYSTAL STONE in the APOCALYPSE and we have our GLASS. YA, and AIR is a gas, it has relative little mass… (but you can say that water can act as a heat reservoir, while having its temperature change by a small amount, ya and therefore fact is that you would need to supply much more heat energy to raise the temperature) ==> and also when we speak about the four elements, we speak about direct experience, the forms of experience, and how they represent themselves to the unfolding of consciousness. (and it is a fact, at least for me that we have the sevenfold, and that I know the FOUNTAIN and SACRED RIVER, the fire from the inner vision (and its volatile behaviour), the glass (and reflection), earth immoveable (and so also that earth in the apocalypse is definitive the womb of the earth, GAIA, and yes, it has also to do with fixity and density (compactness)), water, and air as habitation...internal breathing...and the light race… heat and cold, well tempered...divine love) ==> yet because its a sevenfold energy therefore I cannot fully say that it corresponds to solid (Earth), liquid (Water), gas (Air), and energy (Fire) ==> And as mentioned in the beginning of the book: if you stop analysing and quantifying and just apprehend nature as it appears to you qualitatively, then you will soon realise that there are in fact only four kinds of things: earthy things (solids, ponderosity, wherefore the element earth has to be seen as a crystalline earth, think also about a crystal rock), airy things (gases, wind, breath, think also about a bird in the air), watery things (liquids, flow, think about any river who finds his path in earth), and fiery things (incendiary, fierceness, and think also about the hammer at work) and additional love, light/darkness (think also about absence) ==> therefore earth has the least dynamic or changeable qualities (you can also pour earth upon fire, it would not evaporate, technically most effective, and any building endures very long), water, it is just a bit less solid and stable, it is also more adaptable, takes on the form of any container, if water would be a bit more inert it would just stay in the ocean, and it is less dynamic or changing than fire and air… THEREFORE WE HAVE THE FACE!!! OF EARTH AND WATER… and the FOUR CARDINAL WINDS OF HEAVEN… and the MANIFESTATION IN LIGHT… And lets go on: Gnoms, Nymphs, Sylphs, Salamander... And we know fire opposed to water (triangle pointing upwards and downwards), air to earth, DAVID STAR and the seventh point at the centre of the interlaced triangles is the child of that marriage, and therefore the golden crown (see white horse, logos, marriage, book of revelation) ==> And for sure someone could argue that in light (like sunlight) it gets warm… ==> and when we say that it is a wheel and a light race, now just to explain it, there is not enough “time” or touch so that water and earth could be the warm part and therefore mercury is the cool part and sulfur the warm part and the warm colors I use for air and fire, in my conclusion right now I could stay with the Aristotle circle yet only in the apocalypse I can check it all. ==> we have to fix that with the ANCIENT SIX DIRECTIONS… as I said, its about the last seven QUESTION on the AUSTRIA PANEL… the answer come only later... And lets check also that one: PISON (fire, joined together), HIDDEKEL (air, freely flowing), GIHON (water, burst forth), EUPHRATES (earth, bountiful, fruitful) ==> GARDEN OF EDEN… NAHAR (one river, 5th Element). And here I agree with them: Ignorance is one of the deadly evils but, knowledge wrongly applied leads to spiritual destruction... And in India the 5 Elements mostly are listed that way: ETHER (Akasha), AIR (Vayu), FIRE (Agni), WATER (Apas), EARTH (Prthivi) ==> And flames are not solid nor are they liquid and they are more like a gas (and fire is not really made up of things (material), its just the chemical reaction from heating certain materials... and so I know to call it fluid is not fully true wherefore also only a very hot flame could be called plasma and COMPARE it with LIGHTNING (plasma)!!! and 99,9 percent of the universe is made up of PLASMA (by which the ions roam freely), VERY LITTLE MATERIAL IN SPACE IS MADE OF ROCK LIKE THE EARTH ==> and we have 3 types of heat: CONDUCTION (contact with matter, it makes atoms and molecules to move, they bump on each other), CONVECTION (gravity, pulls it down and heats it), RADIATION (energy waves)==> and air has also heat in it (compare with absolute zero) and strong wind can blow out a flame. And when I look upon the fluidity of fire and air, now, then air can act much more subtle like we see it in a whirlwind… or etc. Therefore Nomad should maybe say that AIR is the most fine element and yellow (and water is blue) and it is the FIRST SUN!LIGHT! which makes it warm (also the fire would be cool without it)… so also we have the warm and cool colors and the female trinity and the male trinity…. But who knows, maybe he must correct it later… who knows… only God knows… he will tell us later... ==> Wherefore Jacob places the fire first: From the fire originates the air, and from the air the water, and from the water earth (and he makes the sole principle their center yet he speaks also about the heart and love as the center (and the flash of light within love)… and VERY CLEARLY he speaks also about a cold fire… therefore this is clear… its the first sun light which makes it warm…density and fixity, in that way we have to look upon the sevenfold (LIBERTY IS ITS ENKINDLER = FACT), and BEHOLD: I would place sol only in the middle to explain the divide: dark fire and light fire, and because everything which manifests is manifested in the light (made visible), remember grey town etc., and again according to fixity and density Mercury has cool colors and sulfur warm colors ==> And further you SHALL KNOW that the INITAL SHAPE of ICE is a hexagonal prism (which has to do with the bond angles of water)… And finally you ask if then light (which has also its contrary) should act most fast like as the flash light race in the divine vision? Answer, again, will be answer on the AUSTRIA PANEL or maybe only at LC… … PFFF... and yes and also to add that one, I have also read about HOMOTHETIC CENTER, a point from which at least two geometrically similar figures can be seen as a dilation or contraction of one another ==> AND YOU ARE RIGHT, now you got confirmed the 4 RIVERS... also important to know because of the BOOK OF REVELATION!

54) and if I would say that earth is VERY COOL and water is COOL and put them together, now this does not make the mirror VERY VERY COOL or SUPERCOOL (to make it colder, wherefore I know that we could check also the the SUPERSILVER glass today which are also called heat-reflective glass solution, SUNSHIELD GLASS and etc., anyway... ==>>> the CUBE must have a ABOVE TO BELOW KEY, EAST TO WEST KEY and NORTH TO SOUTH KEY! The cube has a cross center in the middle of the cube. And the lines of the square on top of the cube would be named: EAST ABOVE (line on the front side of the square), WEST ABOVE (line on back side of the square), NORTH ABOVE (line on the left side of the square), SOUTH ABOVE (line on the right side of the square)… and so we have also a square on the ground of the cube and a square on the left side of the cube and a square on the right side of the cube and we could name the lines... Now, we all WANT TO MAKE our MARK on THIS WORLD!!! but this here is not about fame but rather about victory… Lets go on, the JEWS say, the name YAH (IHV) *He looked above, and sealed the Height with (IHV) *He looked below and sealed the Depth with (IVH) *He looked forward, and sealed the east with (HIV) *He looked backward, and sealed the west with (HVI) *He looked to the right, and sealed the south with (VIH) *He looked to the left and sealed the north with (VHI) (Jews and the cube of space, 6 FACES, 12 EDGES mixed with Zodiak, ya but this helps us not much… And we will find a simple solution after divine reality later… WE ARE LC, WE MAKE IT SIMPLE!!!… we have our own stuff and Iam not interested...bla bla bla… and also we must understand that they wanted to hide a lot of stuff… ya, in the apocalypse we simple we simple discern all the energies and so we will get our SIMPLE BLUEPRINT!!!!!!!!, And yes, IHV is AIR, WATER and ETHER or FIRE and the seven double letters produced the seven planets, the seven days, and the seven apertures in man (two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, and one mouth). Bla bla bla He divided the twenty-two consonants into three divisions: three mothers, fundamental letters or first elements; seven double; and twelve simple consonants, three "mother" letters (Aleph, Mem, Shin), seven "doubles", (Bet, Gimel, Dalet, Kaph, Pe, Resh, Taw), and twelve "simples" or "elementals" (He, Waw, Zayin, Heth, Teth, Yodh, Lamedh, Nun, Samekh, Ayin, Tsade, Qoph) and Italian Amelia Carolina Sparavigna wrote: God stands in close connection with the Universe, and just so is Tali connected with the world, that is, an invisible, celestial or universal axis carries the whole fabric. In the year by the sphere, in man by the heart, and thus is the ruling spirit of God everywhere… And by the way you are welcome at LC just call us… and this is correct: it is the light in them, which is working as the word of God = LOGOS… I have seen it yet I don’t know what to do with your 10 Spheres, do you not make it too complicated??? We find a simple solution for LC!!!!!!! And thereforeYes, we do not use the 10 Spheres at LC because we can make it more SIMPLE (and the ten spheres were rather a helpful tool for them, to have a nice picture)!!! And similar the three mother seem very important and earth seems almost secondary??? (Mem predominate in primitive water, and crowned it, to establish the earth… yet behold, we need to establish the mirror) and you say: heat created from fire, coldness from water, and moistness from air which equalizes them… AND WHAT IS WITH THE DRY STUFF??? behold, and again, earth must also have the correct position and sometimes Mystics just simplify stuff or talk in bits and pieces… and yes, this needs a deep study and sometimes words fail or … and YES!!! the holy temple is in the center of the SIX directions!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PERFECT!!!!!!!!!... and further, in some way this proves also reincarnation because all this Jewish mystics taught it... and I thank you that you showed also the Jewish root... Wherefore, and as they do not know the STONE today... so also have they ignored REINCARNATION in their Christian religion… but again, my LC member know already that alos some options exist… REACH THE HIGHER HEAVENLY PLANETS…… and think also about that: DAWN, MIDDAY, SUNSET… BIRTH, MATURITY, DECAY...And someone said it rightly: that rebirth does not of necessity imply return to this planet which we call Earth, nor does it imply that we shall again put on the "coats of skin" which, in the book of Genesis, refer to the enclosure of flesh-what we call the human body in which the Divine Spirit was confined when, as we read in that book, "Man became a living Soul". That soul is a manifestation of the Divine Being on this plane of existence and, therefore, each human being is a positive aspect of the same Divine Being. If we really could understand that every person we meet is a manifestation of the Supreme Being, however imperfect that person may appear to our imperfect eyes, the divisions and dissentions of this world would assume a very different meaning than they have now.

55) I WILL NOT MAKE THE SQUARE TO OUR MAJOR SYMBOL… or like the freemason have build their stuff… ya, their stuff is much too artifical… and dead… and dry… nay, we make it with art and fun… and we are TOXONSOPHIST… and we will simplify it and give an answer to the last seven quetsions (AUSTRIAN PANEL, SUMMARY SECTION)… because I have read some stuff about them in the internet… FORGET IT… and then this ecrecy stuff… FORGET IT… NONSENSE… WE AT LC RULE… and alos kids have their fun on that place… this is much better… yet I do not wnat to offend anyone… but also that I „hate“… beside the Protestant garbage… bla bla bla … and it is also not just about the sterile letter or dead letter… or about learning the Jewish alphabet...and like only then you succeed… that is all nonsense...

56) And then later after we have build LC we get the next Wolfgang Ambros - Für immer jung ==> wherefore he gets also his poster at LC (with that song) next to Heinrich Harrer, this fits perfect. Na, and because its Austria and also when he is now American, Arnold gets his poster at LC… because of primitive strength, not that I say that he is primitive and maybe we should say archetypical strength… yet he has no movie which fully fits… and Conan could be misinterpreted… and maybe rather fascinating for us the LIQUID TERMINATOR because of the liquid flesh but the end scene of Conan is better (wellspring of life), the death of 21 century Lutherian religion, it does not need to be the beheading photo but standing there with him. ==> and someone may ask, maybe he or… does not like the LC PHILOSOPHY… Answer, I don’t care, it fits to my story… and as actor or… whoever… we have our ART! And as it fits… what message we take is our business… and similar I will influence many and some will use some stuff from me yet maybe I will not like what they do with it… yet… or I will maybe not agree with everything...

57) Inside all of us is the altar of incense, for people will ask about it since the whole book of revelation MOVIE is part of LC. And do we not pray all the time for more wisdom, ya, even in dreams guide me my God (divine intelligence), let me finish my job. ==> yes, not all do that but I speak about us and those real seeker.… And who knows maybe a real prophet prophesied, my DARK M and LIGHT M… who had also a lot of wisdom

58) And thats right, in every dark cycle or simple at some point… a new light appears….and we are in a dark cycle… lost the knowledge (arcane)and etc… and this would be also a study by itself why that is so… and maybe this is a major sign for me that humanity is not complete lost… and somehow we also learn… and Jesus even prophesied that and others… whenever the sun turns too dark and etc… yet this is not for milk Christians… a new era appears… for a new kind of people [who are not too much indoctrinated] , ya, who are able to be flexible enough to make the change…. NOW, when there is a new DISPENSATION, then there must come SOMETHING NEW, what is it? Answer, first of all this few saying which we have from Jesus are not enough, the ARCANE got lost, second of all LC is a PROTOTYPE which looks right now a bit rough but it is understood what I mean!!! And as it was with Jesus and the PHARISEE so it is today with this PHARISEE and they will not recognize me, they all wanted something else… (rapture me out or whatever, and they say: please teach not the kingdom within nor combine it with science… and bla bla bla ) ==> yet you shall not misunderstand me, there are millions and millions of people out there who seek exactly what I present here… and I was just placed among the little PHARISEE group to write the book in “counter attack mode”… turned their teachings around… ya, and this PHARISEE will be very fast forgotten later ==> Shock me not!!! Since 21 century religion is full of DFI, now the whole LC building is build upon LFI (light fire imprint)… LC is cult.... another cool saying... LC with LFI.. AMAZING... we will have fun!

59) Too easy I make it not for you! As already Homer said about after-life, the gods’ favorites remain favored, and he ALSO presented a lively after-life…. which underscores the importance of the heroic glory… Now, wherefore I have seen that Plato and Socrates spoke about a thousand years of bliss or torment (symbolic number) and after it comes the selection for the next life, and the fate of the soul depends entirely on its ability to examine itself and make the appropriate judgement... and what we also recognize that is the vivid picture of the soul stripped naked and revealing all its deformities and scars to the expert eye of the judge, an image of the Socratic elenchos, the suffering in the afterlife corresponds to the shame of the elenchos, the effect of the defeat ==> quasi fire cleansing (and we can end up in higher or lower planes in after-life, so the message)… And Socrates did know, he spoke also about new earth: The true earth, viewed from above, is a sight to behold. It is marked by bright colors, some different from any colors we know. The plants are also pure and beautiful, and the mountains are smooth and made entirely out of rubies, emeralds, and other precious stones, as well as stones more precious than any of which we know. Gold, silver, and other precious metals are also to be found everywhere. The people who live here are surrounded by air and ether, and are superior in every way: their senses are more acute and their intellect sharper. Their temples are inhabited by the gods themselves, whom they speak to directly. They also see the sun and moon and stars as they really are, possessing a true understanding of the heavens. And again regarding Reincarnation Plato added the Element CHOICE, yet not just that but somehow he made it also hierarchical, which is VERY STRANGE FOR ME because I received a similar “inspiration” before I had read Plato and his after-life view. And for sure, the incarnation serves for training but also it can be punishment… in some way… and those who are just guided senseless, ya, they have probably no choice, and what we know, the gods or those in higher planes, ya, for sure they must be asked to come down… so probably all that is not totally wrong… and my reader shall make his own conclusions, and as FACT (as I know) I just tell you, yes, different planes exist, yes those who reach the higher heavenly planets should have a choice.. and bla bla bla… the rest about reincarnation you read in the apocalypse/symbols chapter… and recapitulated… ya, also Homer and Ovid we can study at LC. And ya, ... as long as a Christian is out of touch and without knowledge of the Kingdom, he has not achieved much… he is captivated by nature... Therefore, a person must have inner knowledge about the logos… The whole bible teaches that yet they see it not. He must achieve the spiritual birth from above, with living water and Spirit… what you are is imprinted in you and so also the mirror which finds you in after-life (mirror of thoughts, coupled with present life)… And the foolish virgins say, give us some of your OIL!!!! I say no, you have fooled around, and we are the WISE ONES, and further the traveller with the stone builds LC, and there may not be enough for both of us. Have we not prophesied in thy name and did this and that… YA, you did a lot when the day is short, I never knew you! … Therefore, children come to me, my Kangaroos hear my voice, its about the true philosophic life which leads to success…. Further to acknowledge: Should I have put my hand on your HEAD, laying on of hands, biblical sense (when I was in the darkest point)? I don’t think you would say yes… Therefore let not the protestant fool you, often they baptize each other with the devil and call it the movement of God!!! And many seek just an experience… and for sure money plays also a role… to get attention!!! and then they shake weird their heads and speak the most weird words and call it prophetic…. Ya, I have seen a lot of GARBAGE!!! ==> the good shepherd takes care about his kangaroos. You learn it all in that book! The whole fundament!

60) Nomad possesses a magical ring by which he commands various natural forces… Who knows what ring it is? Nomad, that is too easy! Ok, what colour has the ring?…… SIND WIR NICHT ALLE EIN BISSCHEN FARBENBLIND… sometimes its seems so

61) YES, the body (and face) receives the HOLY PROPORTIONS in the apocalypse including ivory light skin… And as I already taught to you, do not run around and call everyone an animal, but I have no problem when you say RADICAL TRANSHUMANIST ANIMALS (as like the final depravity)…nay, my reader you keep common sense in Austria... LOL… ==> you can see it also that way… its a low definition movie versus a high definition movie (a better overall viewing experience)… so we must leave the low definition movie… and God knows no compromise… ON THIS SCREEN, YOU CAN SPECIFY THE PERSON, PROJECTION SCREEN… for it is the number of man ==> PROTESTANT PROBLEM solved… thats exactly my point… BUT NOMAD, you cant teach that in Austria… this is a cultural SHOCK. Answer, they should take it easy and understand gnosticism. ==> and then you may say, hopefully it goes not wrong this experiment ==> and I say, they see my whole ascension, so they see the whole mixture of energies and the universal energies got explained and we have science… and I said, that many in their youth energy (when they have less stress) are not so far away from the apocalypse… its not that huge thing… a difference, yes…FOR SURE!!!! but… and so we get that done. And when someone really acts like an animal… stay with common sense… and our ART is supreme. ==> SIMULATION, MIRROR OF YOUR SOUL… And we do not deny the supreme being, and you cant put infinity on a microchip. And NOMAD IS A GAME CHANGER, LC is cult. (yet I have to add, even in the simulation, the individual is somehow there… a bit less fruit of the Spirit and so on… but its not like… wuha… Iam a total alien now, again, its more like a grey low definition movie versus a high definition movie and in the apocalypse it all runs better and having the virtues… fruit of the Spirit – without outbursts of anger, self control etc… CHECK: International holocaust remembrance day… you are from Austria, do you also have a Holocaust Photo at LC and combine it with the dark fire message? Answer, I don’t know yet… maybe… but it would be more universal for any kind of atrocity… yet for sure holocaust is a good example for a climax… somehow it fits perfectly because many of them had a supreme race in mind and we have the immoveable race. And someone will say, you speak about HOLY GEOMETRY and the Nazis measured people, their heads and bla bla bla… ya, but I speak about energy perfection… and a Jacob or Martin, or Laozi or Plato or a Geber (Pseudo Geber, he was an Arab) or Mary of Egypt or… you cant find it just in the flesh… we are all different… And in the same way as I correct the foolish religion, so I also make here some Aufklärung (clarification, enlightenment, clearance, resolution)… NOW, lets go on, CHECK: GLOBAL WARMING or GLOBAL COOLING… this is here the question for the Co2 freaks who want surveillance regarding every aspect of our lives… the Dystopia Global cooling… ya, such FOOLS! THE MERCHANTS, its also a PERCEPTION TRADE… hunting this and that… not knowing the real gold… and God is what they make out of him… And understand it rightly: MY READER, MY READER, just because Nomad had maybe sometimes only ~ 2 weeks a shower in his ascetic life… now again this does not qualify them to call me an animal… and so we see again that it is important to have the FIRST and SECOND knowledge… because about which smell do we speak? Let us not forget the bad sulfur!!!… And about history and the pseudo Elite: when the cycle gets too dark… not always all can escape… even for them is sometimes played „the hunt“… wherefore we have already spoken about that… cycles and systems we have… (bigTech, big companies and people who take over… and later we must also figure out how our future city endures) ==> And also you must understand that when someone has a billion Dollar… its even useless in the time we live in… a plane is too boring for me… just transportation… except its a sport plane and abou an artistic show… Ya, then a big house and swimming pool and… ok… but you need not a billion for that… maximum a BIG BOAT is more nice… travel in the sea…“big holiday…“… Wherefore any pseudo darwinistic approach is the most ridiculous thing which I have ever heard… they are just INSANE… those who believe in that ==> And further, this cars we have today, they are ridiculous for me… ok I know only Mercedes and Bmw which I did also have... and bla bla bla… but you know… I get not even impressed by Trumps apartment… when it has not real art style or special architecture… forget it… but that is not a saying against Trump… I speak generally about rich people and their stuff… And ya, so a BIG BOAT, ok, and to travel… and you have everything on the boat… that is nice… but thats it… a BIG BOAT, a HELICOPTER on it, two cars or whatever, a little submarine… diving equippment, snowboard equippment...bla bla bla… and special architecture inside of the boat… and get your pilot licence... and for sure not to forget jet ski, and surfboard… and you can also use both together… ya, we have some tools… but also most people can enjoy some weeks on a snowboard or diving is their hobby (and also I have the SSI, diving training)… Ya, but and also not even everyone likes that… and therefore lets say that you are not that person for that… yea, then you must find other things… ==> And lets not forget, when the world is in some parts more unstable… it will also limit rich people in a big way… for I know that… there are places you have to take care… Take for example Johannesburg, some years ago and maybe also today… when you are a hard guy… ya, then show your money in walk around in the evening in that city… but this is not for a billionair… but we can expand that whenever somewhere its gets more unstable… YA, THIS CAN SO FAST CHANGE WITH COUNTRIES and we know the differences...==> wherefore even in the turkey we had it to do with pistols on our head, other guys wanted to mess up with us (car drive)… but ok… rather „bad luck“ because turkey is rather secure… but there are slight differences and bigger differences… and in the same way with any kind of security, that your car gets not stolen or… in old Sizilien… some like to provoke a car crash… to get something from you… slight differences… but we know all that… This is so, in some places you give a kid 15 Dollar and he takes care for your car while you are in restaurant… and so civilization, this is not so thick as some believe… and especially when people feel betrayed… then problems can occur... ==> WE IN AUSTRIA WERE IN THE LAST YEARS VERY SAVE... the pope also called us one time the blessed island (and because of other reasons)... but you know... so it is... AND THE WORLD IS NOT SO BIG... and most billionair will also rather not live in CHINA or INDIA or AFRICA... And Iam not against India... or say something bad... but you know... they have their own ideas... and I know some rich people and many of them run away and look where it is most secure for them… even at corona start, in the beginning we did good with Austria… now they paid millions for some passports… BUT I could even make more fun… WHAT is with LC? WHAT A SECURE PLACE in the upper room… CORONA NOT POSSIBLE!!! ==> and finally we must add, subhumans will never be able to accomplish social engineering… see bat chapter and Austrian panle chapter in this book… they are too foolish... ==> wherefore we (people) will figure out if we have it today to do with a sort of „scientific“ political media dictatorship…we shoudl be mature not to tolerate something like that… or better to say if some have that in mind regarding their future city vision and etc…...YA, THE PSEUDO HARDCORE CAPITALIST ELITE (just check Weforum, they have some ERZKAPITALISTEN), Ya, the elite only wants to protect their wealth and control everything and to use all surveillance methods, even via banker, define what is domestic terrorism and expand it, cameras in smart TV, what you buy, what you think, GPS handy, with whom you hang out… and Schwab gets total insane… thought surveillance and etc. And censor what not fits for them and manipulate you with media (but they are so or so too weak, already, just laughable… check USA media! Today). Ya, and also they use more and more artificial comments on social media… want to direct you…and want virtual reality people, less social contacts... Therefore, this subhumans cannot rule… or only over a very short time… and then regarding their idea of evolution, also they will be exterminated again… And I have explained it in the book that this old elite system does not work. ==> and you should build a disgusting attitude against them… yet have no anger in you… nay… you must see the bigger picture… we grow also out of that… we go on… when the season fits... ==> And yes, I know all that stuff: 9. February 2021, now they write it openly on derstandard: Corona-Krise als einzigartige Chance auf schnellere Energiewende = WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY (energy transition, away from oil, etc.)… what a coincidence… you will understand it in the bat chapter and Austria panel chapter… its ridiculous… and somethign more sinister is behind it…

62) Nomad, question, are you a TIME TRAVELLER? Answer, only via the first sun!

63) Mika Brzezinski, she must use tons of make up and they use special light in their MSNBC studios… real life versus TV life… for me this is also a problem… all this fake glamour and deception (wherefore when she is the daughter from Zbigniew Brzeziński, anyway, yet what I remember… I guess one of his greatest fear would be that Germany (and little brother Austria) would make a coalition with Russia, yet exactly that could happen… MY FRIENDS, WE BECOME AGAIN A BIT MORE NATURAL AT LC… and when your soul runs good… most other stuff will fit… and yes, especially Hollywood is complete fake… I have seen some in real life… and in cinema, I do not even know how they make up that stuff… MY READER learn very fast… to stay a bit away from this unreal stuff… because that got a bit too big UNREAL… Wherefore I don’t know fully how they do it..., but the music in the background serves as some influence… then they play with cool colours and special filter (camera) and special make up… and then they make scene by scene… and somehow it gets done… concentration and playing their role… AND as we see, many want to be beautiful or attractive… with this tons of make up and… yet somehow I believe they weaken even more with all this show style… NOW, I want you a bit more natural at LC… and we build also on inner strength… and ya, some of them are really BRAVE NEW WORLD REVISITED CLOWNS… like wear your advanced make up and on the outside you will look always young... etc. But we must also add especially about SHOW US today: when you play long enough a facade you become that facade… (a comic figure). And I want spiritual warrior at LC. ==> AND YA!, How frail all that, we watch the past, 50 years ago, 60 years ago… and then we see the spiritual death and the people in the system do not even fully realize it, ya this people cannot even understand it nor see it…

64) Corona, I have a natural disinfection method, and it is called Gods presence

65) Who can deny that? I make here also genetic engineering because illness and decay should disappear in the apocalypse… so something has changed in the DNA ==> therefore I build the super-race... ==> and thats why I call it TRULY born of God (manifested sons), and some other people may also call it NEW BREED… because thats what we build...

66) A society is only productive and full of innovations when we teach them rightly… but Iam aware that I cannot just and only blame the oligarchy… because 2000 years are gone by since Jesus… and we have also many stupid people down the world ladder… and LC presents the NEXT STEP, ya and often I forget that… and I also said, that what is up there (this includes also politicians, corruption and whatever) reflects also society… or very often… And with an LC society things would be different...

67) Now they have studied all the Mars images and speculate if water was in the past on Mars… whatever they talk… I get also my Mars body reconciled… you know, seven planets fun

68) But do you deny transactional analyses and its philosophy? Answer, not fully and also you can always switch to your good side yet you are not now perfected like in the apocalypse but you can always have good will and only when you grow really dark then you loose also common sense and bla bla bla… And nor do I deny the desire for positive growth and you write also your own story (and free will we don’t deny, eternal liberty of free will in the apocalypse as our divine science showed you)… yet have a Master and you do better… no one shall deny training… and positive reinforcement is your overcomer attitude… we evolve, we endure, we succeed – LC. And yes, the PSYCHODRAMA (Austrian Jacob Levy Moreno) is most important for schools, that is to use some stuff or at least symbols for illustration yet Iam not happy with some stuff which they use, as for example: don’t use little balls to explain atoms because in reality they are not just balls, HABASCH… use something more creative… just as one example. And if you ask me if I believe in constructivism (meaning is influenced by the interaction of prior knowledge and new events) … let me say, that we can travel to the logos in us… transformation… and many problems get solved, because the root of all things may not bother us and we sing: O HAPPY DAY

69) Some say that Vampire can be killed with silver bullets… but to get sure… check my SEVEN BARREL pistol… very old… I keep it for LC

seven barrel

70) I have not read much about Bailey, yet that I use: Die Intuition (wie sie der Philosoph versteht) ist die Fähigkeit, durch die Aktivität eines angeborenen Sinnes zu einer Erkenntnis zu kommen, ohne Schlußfolgerung oder Logik. Sie wird wirksam, wenn die Hilfsquellen des niederen Denkvermögens benutzt, erforscht und erschöpft worden sind. Dann, und erst dann, beginnt die wahre Intuition zu wirken. Sie ist der Sinn für Synthese, die Fähigkeit, in großen Zusammenhängen zu denken und die Welt der Ursachen zu erreichen. Martin: but still I could say, I use supernal logic... check LC...And ya, she also said: The imminence of the reappearance of the Christ is sensed and expected by many, belonging as He does to all humanity irrespective of differing religious dogma and doctrine. "He for whom all men wait" will Himself determine the manner and the timing of His appearance and the area of his work in a way which creates no divisions or separations between men, either religious, social or ideological. Not only does He come as the first Son of God, but as Head of the spiritual Hierarchy, the inner government of the planet. He is, therefore, a great world executive, representing the Kingdom of God, and fulfilling a definite function in the world of men.  He is coming to establish through precept and example in world service the principles on which a united, interdependent and interactive world may create its new material systems and spiritual institutions for the new civilisation... For no matter what message or revelation the Christ may embody when He comes, no matter what principle or energy He may anchor on Earth for human use, He is not coming to save humanity from the results of its own sins, but once more to show humanity how to save itself in the new conditions and new opportunities with which the world is faced...==> but we have alos Gods fire!!! And this saying is too funny: To sum up the matter, the teaching in this book should tend to an expansion of conscionsness, and should bring about a recognition of the adequacy, as a working basis, for both science and religion, of that interpretation of the processes of nature which has been formulated for us by the Master Minds of all time.==> NOTHING ELSE IS THE LC BUILDING...==> AND NO, I have not claimed that the future city vision gets perfected in this book… that would be done at LC… yet it shows already in a better way the WAY of BALANCE! (and the city is simple part of the apocalypse, and so I go into all this topics) ==> Bailey, treatise on cosmic fire: Answer, its not the bets book... many failures... seems a bti a mixture but ok: The Sons of God emerged from out their source, gazed on the sevenfold work, and stated it was good.The Stone was set alone. Within the fire, deep at the inmost sphere, as whirled through space the greater Wheel, bearing the lesser seven, the two were fused. The fourth, the fifth, the sixth blended, merged and intermingled.==> cannot in anyway "compete" with my book... I explain it all... and yes, I like that one: The inner burning light and the outer waiting fire,—together with the ROD,—meet on the sphere of crystal, and lo, the work is done. The crystal rends and quivers…. AND I spoke about THREE bodies and that I can also use for the mental body (star light body): This fire may be regarded as the sumtotal of the sparks of mind, the fires of the mental bodies and the animating principle of the evolving units and yes I saw: Atoms and souls are synonymous terms… and NO, its not my book… some weird categorizations… which are not useful for me… and it is not how I operate… really different ==> A REAL MASTER IS KNOWN BY THE FACT THAT YOU DONT GET CONFUSED IN YOUR SPIRIT MAN… HE WILL LEAD YOU STEP BY STEP and even when he uses HIGH ART & FUN… you will know with whom you have it to do

LC is the immortal center... Mars reconciled in me... 7 planets pull:

  • Moon: 1

  • Sun: 0.4

  • Venus: 6 × 10-5

  • Jupiter: 3 × 10-6

  • Mercury: 4 × 10-7

  • Saturn: 2 × 10-7

  • Mars: 5 × 10-8

  • Uranus: 3 ×



Putin: DO YOU HAVE ALREADY FOUND THE ANSWER? FRANZ JOSEF LAND, The Mysterious Stone Spheres of Champ Island Some say, HEAT, IRON and SULFUR and ORGANIC ORIGIN... we may wonder ​ Space and ressources: PUTIN and EUROPE, we have to step in... even huge amounts of hydrogen could be... AHH, you have already something, European scientists have announced plans to start mining the moon as early as 2025, though what they’ll be extracting is neither gold nor diamonds, but waste-free nuclear energy thought to be worth trillions of dollars.The goal is to place a lander on the lunar surface to mine and process regolith for water, oxygen, metals and an isotope called helium-3, which may prove useful for fueling future fusion reactors. ==> ok but later on with hydrogen or... we mine also GOLD and RARE EARTH!!!...2030...Europe isn’t the only one getting on board of the lunar mining train. Both India and China have floated ideas about extracting Helium-3 from the Earth’s natural satellite. Beijing has already landed on the moon twice in the 21st century, with more missions to follow.... BLA BLA BLA...ok.. Rolls-Royce is developing a nuclear reactor that it hopes will be capable of powering mining operations on the Moon and even Mars... NASA is now trying to return astronauts to the moon under its Artemis program for the first time since 1972... mining the moon, asteorids... By 2025, the space agencies will choose a site for the moon base, with construction expected to follow between 2026 to 2035 ==> they do it already with RUSSIA!!! maybe even with ESA, I have never read that.... ahh RUSSIA sees also the mining opportunity... ​ Technocrats: At the end this TECHNOCRATS would like that we say PARENT 1 & PARENT 2 (and with digitalisation, change textbooks), these are PARASITES, wherefore I have to calm down again and look upon my own evolution and liberation, and they know that they are doomed, reincarnation.... not everyone goes upwards, so let not get sucked in by parasites...===>>>> remember we live during BABEL PEAK and they are assimilated to it  Dont trust the WEF government, Idiots: And understand: The DNA is the CODE of life [thats it], complete wrong, narrative, from degenerated nerds like Bill Gates, google etc... you understand nothing about interactions and what interpretes genetic material... you understand nothing about the communication... but the SCHWAB pig has written his great book... here we see again what weaklings you are... and interpretations can even change (context etc.)... on one side doing, on another production... and trillions cells... LIFE IS NOT "IN" THE GENE, that is TRUE... DNA is not the software of life... this is present form of capitalism with you insane people on top ==> and yes, so la la true: harnessed chemical processes are subordinated  to an agenda encoded in DNA... but commercial advertising working constantly to condition us,  yet even this top crazy people fall prey to this stuff... this is similar to the dark fire, they themselves grow also even more and more stupid... they cant escape it, explained in divine science etc...  ​


THIS CHAPTER IS FINISHED HERE, only the Blog remains & Videos

Grow Your Vision

Welcome visitors to Our Site with a short, engaging introduction 

regarding science, first & second knowledge

Nature Reserve in Austria, with snow leopards [with Innovations etc. it is possible to get a huge area, I did it all]: 

INFO: Sorry, for the Blog, you have to use your browser to translate it in english, not all blogs are written in english. Wherefore this Blog got still written during our little fights etc. we had, ya, I had to tell it the government, and ya, US WEF angry about me and so on

===================> JUST SCROLL DOWN THE BLOG: "Innovationssuche", and you see it

Attention: This is just an example, whether WWF nor the Picture will be used on real physical products, except the WWF goes with us,

and also and for sure, we would buy the PHOTOS... its here only about the IDEA!!! and how we get the huge area!!! in Austria

Thanks to Pixabay: Sven Lachmann  •  Zerbst/Anhalt/Germany & Marcel Langthim  •  Regio Bodensee/Schweiz  

Neue Reifen ohne Löwenzahn und 100 Prozent recyclebar - ja auch Ihnen gezeigt!!!

(Rad in Rad mit "Gasfedern", Mikroplastik Problem gelöst und 100PRozent recyclebar)

Azolla (Mehrfachverwendung - nicht nur Futter aber auch Stickstoff hochzüchten (100fach möglich), testen... und 5G weg, Bioreaktor - neue Design ca. 90 Prozent höhere Produktion etc.) ==> kommt darauf an, 50 Prozent möglich (Tierfutter) aber wegen OPTIMUM ~ 25 Prozent (weniger Silage etc.) ==> und Hecken benötigen wir auch!!!! 

Solar foods und ähnliche Alternativen (gibt schon was) als Futter, auch hier preislich passt es bald, 2025

==> Soja Import fällt weg, kommt darauf an ~10 - 15 Prozent ==> mit Insekten aber max. 5 Prozent dazu [inklusive der Insekten] und auf MISCHUNG achten, trotzdem 1 oder 2 Prozent Ackerbohnen etc.

Und Pilze noch als Zusatz für Futter aber NEUE Lösung (welche keine Probleme macht) und direkt Vorort, Kreislauf... solche Dinge!

==> ~ 5 Prozent möglich

Elektrokultur China Ergebnisse!!! 15 Prozent mehr Fleisch (kein Scherz, auch auf WEF Seite)

Und noch mal 40 Prozent mehr Ertrag (N2 Applied (Plasma), und rein organische Dünger)

UPDATE wegen email: 2 Prozent Eicheln aber erst in 20 Jahren

Der Berg /Neutrinovolatik (

(und nicht nur Grazer Thorium, Hydrogen Hot Tube (= FIX), Solar Druck aber auch Neutrinovoltaik (noch checken)!!!!!!!!!, 2,5 Milliarden Deal mit Indien)


Greenmeat LC, benötigt österreichische Lösung, + korrektes Werbeplakat (siehe links), am Anfang ~10 Prozent, später 20 (weil aber eben eine perfekte Lösung, wird später mehr sein, weniger Fett aber Proteine, Frauen, Gesundheit usw)

Pestizide weg... Lösung kennen wir!!!Tech... und Phosphat von Knochen holen, organischer Zusatz... und 3D Druck Zusatz zum Gebäude als Gebäudekonzept Schweine (auch etwas draußen)!

Werbung 6.jpg

1. April 2023, Russia presidency at UN, CLIMATE in Austria??? USA 5years geoengineering plan (Archiv CNN)

Energie in A usw. erledigt.. Umbau Wien und Reservoir... die Liste ist lang aber hier wurden noch einmal die wichtigen Punkte zur Wiederholung weil wir eine Riesenfläche bekommen! Und mind. 400 Millionen hole Ich rein über die Häuser beim Reservat und trotzdem SUPERDEAL für Bauern (greenhouses und Holz Kurzumbetriebswirtsschaft (4fach pro ha Ertrag) und Tourismusgästezimmer = Werterhalt , weil und auch Tourismus gehört in dem Sinne nur Ihnen),Grünfleisch LC: und wir essen ja zu viel Fleisch und die Mineralien sind dabei und Vitamine und vermutlich noch Omega3 ===> realistisches Ziel sind daher 20 Prozent, und Ich bereite ja nur den Anfang mit meiner Idee. JA, und für das realistische Ziel GRÜNFLEISCH LC, schauen immer auf PREISE egal wie viel sie verdienen, weil Geld kann man immer noch wo anders einsetzen, wobei wir wissen es ist nicht ETGA, JA, Fleisch eine Spur teurer... wenn es sättigt wie Fleisch und alles passt... es bleibt ein realistisches Ziel! die 20 Prozent! Und ZIEL FUTTER ALTERNATIVEN sind 50 Prozent, also auf jeden Fall für weitere 10 Prozent noch eine Lösung nötig! Und vorwiegend Methanol (H2 kommt nicht vor in der Natur aber Voest etc. ist ok) ==> später in Methanol Brennstoffzelle, und später ist direct capture (air) billig genug...==> und Sie bringen jetzt schon Meldungen (news), wie klimaschädlich ist Wasserstoff? komplett gestört, google it!!!!! Und 5G weg, vertreibt Insekten, Vögel, zerstört massiv die Umwelt, und LIFI ist die Zukunft (erkennt ihr später: Laser Lampen - total harmlos für Augen, lange Distanz Tech, ins Gebäude Tech, Licht am Schnellsten!!! etc., wobei EMF 5G und Satellit [höhere Ghz] zerstört euch, erkannt im Well/Blog Chapter, und Ich war auch im Ziel - Satellit aber hartes Zeug), und wir haben 1000 peer review papers versus den lächerlichen WHO Zettel!



ALSO DIE MILCH BEREITE ICH FÜR EUCH (Heu Azolla Milch), FESTE SPEISE VERTRAGEN NICHT VIELE (siehe Master Poesie), UND EIN MITTELDING ===> und der Geschmack vom Fleisch verbessert sich später (wegen Eicheln), und die Milchqualität wird besser wegen Azolla! JA, RICHTIG GEHÖRT, WIR BEKOMMEN DIE FLÄCHE UND DIE MILCHQUALITÄT WIRD TROTZDEM BESSER!

Das ganze PROJEKT KLINGT sehr einfach, ist es auch, aber auf alles muss geachtet werden (auch auf Bauern), es ist wie ein Puzzle, so auch die GREENMEAT LC Werbung ein weiteres Puzzlestück, wobei natürlich andere Leute einsteigen können!

Und wir bekommen auch mehr Fläche für die Rinder und was die Schweine betrifft  = zurück zur Einfachheit, Verbesserung!

Pestizide bekommen wir weg mit SCANNER (hinten am Traktor) und gezieltes SPRITZEN! und mit ein paar weiteren Innovationen.


Die AZOLLA (Wunderalge) könnte auch [mit Stickstoff] hochgezüchtet werden! wäre ein ZUSATZ!

Ein paar Visitenkarten/Flyer machen die Runde... Ich möchte mich aber dennoch einfach halten (also die EINFACHHEIT aufzeigen)... ihr sollt es auf einen Blick erkennen! und das genügt mir!



NOTICE, I just choose this place, firemail stolen (Hacker):

FIREMAIL STÓLEN: Gesendet: Freitag, 14. Juli 2023 um 12:57 Uhr Von: "Martin Mostbauer" An:,, Betreff: Zufällige Zeugenauswahl Gesendet: Freitag, 14. Juli 2023 um 13:00 Uhr Von: "Martin Mostbauer" An:,, Gesendet: Freitag, 14. Juli 2023 um 13:04 Uhr Von: "Martin Mostbauer" An:, Betreff: Fw: Zufällige Zeugenauswahl Gesendet: Freitag, 14. Juli 2023 um 13:11 Uhr Von: "Martin Mostbauer" An:,, Betreff: Fw: Zufällige Zeugenauswahl Euch macht es Angst, und Ich gehe nicht einfach unter, Antwort nicht nötig Gesendet: Freitag, 14. Juli 2023 um 13:23 Uhr Von: "Martin Mostbauer" An:,, Betreff: Fw: Zufällige Zeugenauswahl Gesendet: Freitag, 14. Juli 2023 um 13:27 Uhr Von: "Martin Mostbauer" An:, Betreff: Fw: Zufällige Zeugenauswahl Gesendet: Freitag, 14. Juli 2023 um 13:37 Uhr Von: "Martin Mostbauer" An:, Betreff: Fw: Zufällige Zeugenauswahl Gesendet: Freitag, 14. Juli 2023 um 14:03 Uhr Von: "Martin Mostbauer" An:,, Betreff: Ihr könnt ja Druck machen wegen Reservoir Riesenreservoir... bekommst alles unter... und mich hat halt jemand im Ziel aber nicht euch... und wenn Reservoir gefällt... mehr Leute hernehmen... keine Angst haben auf nachzulesen, die Innovation usw. und die Frage? An: Betreff: Jetzte habens meine andere eamil gesperrt aber!!!! Jetzt haben Sie meine andere email gesperrt, aber in comment section die passende Antwort (Video)! und passendes Video... nur zuerst der Narr! Hoch lebe! Und im Science chapter ganz unten diese Sache notiert, und auch als Video bei rumble und habe alle erreicht per neuer email, konnten es nicht blocken und habe andere Leute!!! So schnell gehe Ich nicht unter! (firemail hat jetzt der Hacker, komplett weggenommen) Bei meiner alten email Adresse wurde das PASSWORT geändert, aber nicht Ich habe es geändert!!! und JA, ist ein unmögliches Ding weil in Browser abgespeichert, verschiedene Browser und auch ein einfaches Passwort, wobei bei mir wird ja alles überwacht! Gilt ab 13ten Juli 2023 Zusatz: Es gab davor nur ein paar Namensgebungen wegen dieser SATELLITEN Geschichte aber keine Drohungen! Und Antwort nicht nötig, Hauptsache Ich habe es abgespeichert! Und auch in neuen Rumble VIDEO erwähnt... letzten Videos Und Scham besitze Ich keine in meiner Situation! Fertig Aus Gesendet: Freitag, 14. Juli 2023 um 21:49 Uhr Von: "Martin Mostbauer" An:, Betreff: Und Namensgebungen hätte es ohne Sat so nie gegeben und Drohungen waren nicht dabei Nach dem Richter wollte Ich nur das Reservoir und wegen WEF, schleichts euch, jetzt Ruhe will das Reservoir... aber wäre nie so gekommen... war ja beim Werbeplakat trotz Sat sehr ruhig und er hat es aber immer mehr gesteigert!!! wobei mir egal was gelöscht wird von Blogs Und Siehe... bei Rumble nur ein Werbevideo (bei meinen Videos), der neue PEDO Jäger Film mit dem einen Schauspieler welcher auch die Kreuzigung spielte! Regts euch auf? :-) Betreff: Letzte Widerspruch wolltest es nicht ganz offiziell machen?(Logiacolumn mystisches Auge, Arkanum)... aber einmal geschrieben, alle sollen es wissen JA, verdankst dem Satelliten Typen... er ist verantwortlich und meine erste Aussage = FIX und sagte auch, er will nur alles versauen!

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