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In honour to (and some inspirational words used from): Basilius Valentinus, Saint Chrysostomos, Augustine Baker, Madame Guyon, Miguel de Molinos, St. John of the cross, Rulman Merswin, Thomas Bromley, Smith Wigglesworth, St. Basil, Meister Eckhart, Jacob Boehem, Jane Lead (yet no agreement with universal salvation, this was astral), John Pordage, Hadewijch of Antwerp, Catherine of Siena, John of Ruusbroec, Johannes Tauler, John Heslop, Mechthild of Magdeburg, Elder Sophrony, Marguerite Porete, Gemma Galgani, St. Mary of Egypt, Gregory of Nyssa, Evagrius Ponticus, Macarius of Egypt, Maximus the Confessor, Dionysius the Areopagite, Isaac of Nineveh, Symeon the New Theologian, Hildegard of Bingen, Hugh of St Victor, Henry Suso, Julian Norwich, Walter Hilton, Nicholas of Cusa, Thomas Merton, Thomas Traherne, D. H. Lawrence, Morienus Romanus, Bonaventure, Bernard, Seraphim of Sarov, E.Swedenborg, Francis of Assisi, Augustine of Hippo and many other, including also some ancient writings in China, India, and from native Indians, Jews and generally around the world etc.



Bible verses, using here the common known King James version, to every verse I give a short comment


Isa 45:15 the hidden God

Heb 9:11, 2Cor 5:1, Heb 3:6, Eph 2:20-22, 1Pet 2:5 tabernacle or house not of this creation or building, we are his house, habitation of God through the Spirit, spiritual house, not made by hands

Psalm 17:8, Heb 4:13, Mt 6:22 Gods eye, keep me, all-seeing eye, eye is the lamp of the body, be filled with light

Heb 1:3, Joh 17:22, 24, 1Joh 5:18, 3:9 radiance of the father, and we are one with him - our light beingness before the foundation of the world, seed consciousness – begotten of God

1Pet 1:23 imperishable seed

Isa 60: 19, Isa 33:16,17 the Lord as everlasting light

1Joh 2:16, Joh 14:13, 20 father is not of this world, father and son make their abode in us, Iam in Him

1Cor 8:6, from father (well), through the son( glass), and we are through him

Eph 4:6 God beyond us but not excluded, the center within us and this center is really everywhere

Jer 23:23 God, the Near-far away

2Cor 3:18, Job 37:18, 1 Cor 13:12 beholding in a glass, looking glass, Glass or mirror – I shall be known by God = bosom glass

2Pet 1:4 partaker of divine nature

Heb 12:28, 29 Kingdom that can not be shaken, immoveable Kingdom

Heb 4:3, rest, creation completed in the apocalypse (God revealed in you)

Lk 17:21 the Kingdom of God is within you

1Cor 2:9, super-sensual, ethereal oil, bosom glass


Gen 1:7 separation from water and immaterial water

Psalm 36:8,9, Psalm 23:5, Psalm 42:7, Hab 2:14, Ezek 47:5,8 fountain of life, in your light we see light, my cup runs over, deep calls unto deep, all your waves swept over me, the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory as the waters cover the sea, swimming

Job 38:1-22, spiritual meaning: cornerstone, sea burst out of the mental womb, recesses of the deep, waves stop in the circumference, clay under a seal (creation consciousness with the garment around), wickedness shaken out of it

Psalm 33:7 gathers the water as a heap – all-filling internal power, similar to Ezekiel 47:8, 43:5 the glory which fills the house or temple

Prov 8:22-29,35, in the beginning, fountain of the deep (abyss), set a heavenly circumference, the sphere

Isa 51:16 that I may lay the foundation of the earth, the apocalypse basement

Psalm 87:7, all my springs or fountains are in Zion

Joh 4:10, 11, Isa 12:3, Jer 17:13, Prov 5:15, Psalm 46:6, Rev 22, the well and the living water river, this river is the same river which flows from his throne, the crystal clear river

2Cor 12:3 whether in the body or not, I do not know - because of the immense divine vision, the bosom glass


Isa 11:2,3 seven Spirits

Rev 4:5, Rev 3:1 seven spirits, seven stars

Isa 33:14, Heb 12:29 who can dwell with everlasting burning? God is a consuming fire. Therefore, we have the 4 Elements, the living water, the fire-blaze and the air (pneuma breath, spirit), and the stone which represents earth.

Deut 32:18, Rom 9:33 the Rock that begat thee, the chief cornerstone

Habak 3:4, Eph 5:14, Joh 12:36, 2Cor 4:6 rays flashing from his hand, Christ will shine on you, children of light, light shine out of darkness and shone in our hearts

Psalm 97:2, Psalm 18:9, 11 made darkness his hiding place

1Joh 4:8 God is love, 4 Elements + light/darkness + love, 7 spirits

Jam 1:18 Of his own will begat he us with the LOGOS of truth


Prov 3:18 Wisdom is a tree of life

1Cor 2:6, Heb 6:5 wisdom among the mature, not of this age or world (dwell in the age to come)

Eph 1:18 eyes of the mind or of the heart, the bosom Glass is seen with mental eyes

Eccl 3:11 olawm, eternity or world in the heart

Job 26:5, 10, Gen 1:7, Psalm 104:3 etc. watery Matrix, aqueous stone


Rev 4:6, 15:2 sea of glass, clear as crystal – the crystal ice palace in the apocalypse


2Cor 3:11, Eccl 8:1, 1Thess 5:23, light skinned race (radiant face), halo, wisdom makes the face shine, spirit/soul/body blameless

Hosea 2:18-20, Isa 55:12 covenant with the animals, creation shouts in joy - paradisiacal region

Isa 43:2 pass through fire, not be burned

Philip 3:10, 11 resurrection from the dead, might attain it

1Cor 15:23 every man in his own order!

Rev 21:5, 2Cor 5:17 all things new, new creature

1Pet 1:8 soul salvation - unspeakable joy

Isa 62:4, 5, 6, Isa 61:10, 51:3,11, Heb 12:22 marry the land = Gods land, marriage, Eden, we are part of heavenly Jerusalem

Psalm 19:3 logoi in all creation


Rom 12:2, Eph 4:23, intelligence made fast and simple, renewing of the mind, put off the old man

Psalm 103:1-5, Isa 40:31, Psalm 84:7 raiment of youth, renew their strength, and go from strength to strength


Isa 59:5, 6, Rom 7:18 mud, the serpent deception – also associated with Leviathan, flesh reaper, rust, astral birth, impure forces, dross, opposite fire or energy, cross birth

Mat 3:12, Joh 15:2,5, Mat 7:19, Lk 13:9, Isa 1:30,31, Jer 2:13, Isa 33:11, Isa 45:7, Jam 3:6 Heaven and hell in man, purging, without him we can do nothing, not in our own power otherwise without water and your breath will consume you, sulphur flesh


2Pet 3:10 Heurisko translation (works found, discover), 1 Cor 3:13, 15

Psalm 73:25,26, Isa 58:11, Prov 17:22 my flesh and my heart may fail = liquefaction, watered garden = a strong body frame

Philip 2:13, Eph 1:19 energize (in Greek), refers to Gods energy


Heb 11:3 all physical existence was created by Spirit by an orderly system, not by impersonal laws but by the creative voice of the immanent and universal Presence, the Logos, it is spiritual in essence, originated in spirit, flows out of spirit,


Philip 4:7 peace which passes all understanding, above reason but not without

Psalm 136:2 God of gods

2Cor 5:16 we look no longer at the flesh – but we look at the Kernel

Jer 17:8,9,10,12, from the beginning our sanctuary, a glorious high throne

Hag 2:23 signet ring or seal, mind stamp of the Majesty

Mt 23:9 one father who is in Heaven

1Joh 3:2, Mt 5:8 to see Him as he is, blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God and inherit the earth

Dan 12:3 shine like the brightness of the firmament

Job 36:29 (with the cloud), Job 18:6,7,13, 33:25, 29, 5:22:23 laugh at destruction and famine, covenant with stones, peace with animals, secure in the tent etc. wherefore tabernacle, house, temple is interchangeable

Zech 2:13, Hab 2:20 be silent all flesh and earth

Mat 1:17 the missing 42th generation is the immoveable race

Gal 5:4, faith working through love

John 10:9 You go at the same time in and out, enter the vortex with the inflow and leave with the outflow, the door

Psalm 18:26, Col 3:6 to the pure you show yourself pure, to the other you show yourself shrewd [wrath or inexpressible joy]

1Cor 4:20 Kingdom of God consists in power

1 Cor15:50 Irenaeus of Lyon: the inability of flesh and blood to enter the kingdom of God in refers to man’s inability to enter the kingdom of God in the absence of the Holy Spirit, (Martin Mostbauer: the white dove has to come forth, watery matrix), life is brought about through healing, and incorruption through life. He, therefore, who confers healing, the same does also confer life; and He [who gives] life, also surrounds His own handiwork with incorruption. He says, Ye have been reconciled in the body of His flesh, because the righteous flesh has reconciled that flesh which was being kept under bondage in sin, and brought it into friendship with God - For that thing is reconciled which had formerly been in enmity. Now, if the Lord had taken flesh from another substance, He would not, by so doing, have reconciled that one to God which had become inimical through transgression

Psalm 139:4 the soul becomes one with the logos or word; and still retains in its own essential being, in that union via contact

Mat 5:14, Psalm 13:3, 19:8, Deut 34:7, Prov 4:18, Rev 18:1, Isa 6:3 filled from the internal lights and complete from the surrounding light, light of the world, lighten my eyes, Moses eyes were not dim, similar Elijah and Enoch (and maybe John) got translated, shining light that shines unto the perfect day = last day (eternal realm)

Proverbs 20:27, Psalm 18:28, Psalm 43:3 mans spirit is the lamp of the Lord that sheds light on one’s inmost being or belly, lights up my candle, light and truth at his holy mountain, the mountain represents the ascension

2Cor 4:7, 1Cor 15:43 all-surpassing power is from God, we are raised in power, raised in glory, Christ the hope of glory in you etc.

Mt 6:28 lily season

2Cor 4:17,18 a place where time has no meaning, eternal weight of glory

Mal 4:2, Matth 17:2, Psalm 67:1, Psalm 80:1 sun of righteousness, transfiguration, his face shine on us, the other sun

Isa 33:17 to see the king in his beauty, the absolute beauty is the divine majesty

Extra biblical Sirach 24 wisdom – came forth from the mouth of the most High, covered the earth like a mist, my river became a sea, circuit of heaven... in comparison to 2Pet 2:17

Extra biblical Thomas Gospel 111, Psalm 104:2 the Lord and his light garment

Extra biblical Barnabas 3:4, 6:12, 15:8 other world = God realm, some call it also new world, age to come = Sabbath = God Realm

Extra biblical Shepherd of Hermas explains also the saints which dwell in the age to come = winter versus summer

Extra biblical 2Maccabees 7:28 bringing things forth from nothing

Extra biblical Wisdom 1:15 for he created all things that they might exist, generative forces of the world are wholesome, without destructive poison, righteousness is immortal!

Extra biblical Wisdom 7:26 wisdom is the brightness of the eternal light, unspotted mirror of Gods majesty, image of his goodness


Eph 4:22, 23, Heb 5:14 put off the old self, solid food is for the mature

Eccl 12:6 golden bowl (sphere) is crushed, pitcher or jar shattered at the spring (spring of water), wheel is broken at the well – your body laid down

Col 3:2, 3, 4 hidden ground of your soul, hid with Christ in God, Christ centered vision

2Pet 1:11, 17, 18 God calls out from the world and into His eternal kingdom and Peter makes a pointer to the Mt of Transfiguration

1Cor 1:29, 31 no boasting about anything

1Joh 4:18, 2Tim 1:7 perfected in love = fearless, without worry

Joh 10:37,38, 5:44, 2Cor 3:5, Psalm 62:7 competence (sufficiency, security, worthy or to be fit) comes from God, my salvation and honour depend on God

Joh 7:24 when you are without universal benevolence, that is, to eat from the wrong tree

Gal 2:20, Lk 17:33 no longer I live = not-being

Joh 4:32 I have food to eat of which you know nothing, nurtured by the universe

1Cor 6:17 united with the Lord, one with him in spirit = one with the fluid, in the river, flows into and through us

2Cor 13:4 yet by God’s power we will live with him, to become powers of God

Jer 33:3 Ask me, I will tell you remarkable secrets

Isa 30:20, 26, 29, 30, Psalm 24 the pipe in the mountain top divine vision, the ascend

Romans 8:11, 12, 13, Rev 21:6, Joh 11:25, Rev 2:7 – Gen 2:9, Mk 9:43, Joh 10:10 quickening your mortal bodies, life in greek: zoe – physical and spiritual, all zoe life throughout the universe, is derived and sustained by God's self-existent life – the architecture of life, the water of life, the resurrection life, the tree of life in the center of paradise (the center within you), abundant life

2Cor 5:4 clothed upon with the house not made by hands, the heavenly God realm

Mt 10:28, 1Kings 17:21, Acts 20:9, 10 THE SOUL IS PRECIOUS, The soul is our very existence, the center of all our energies and our thoughts and the soul gives life to the body, and when you believe in “out of body experiences” or “near death experiences” or in scripture as it is seen that some souls returned to their bodies etc., then fear not him who can destroy the body but rather him who can destroy body and soul in hell, What shall it profit to you to gain the whole world and lose your own Soul?


THIS CHAPTER IS FINISHED HERE, only the Blog remains & Videos

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