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MM, a true Prophet! otherwise I had no chance against the government {Master Poesy}, yet I gave them also a deal...

nature reserve for Snow leopards etc. in A

but in April 2023 we got another confirmation: graphene...? yet only in the manufactureing process (but measured something)! Macrofluid: Feb. 2022 (Police), 8 Nov. 2022 (negotiation, Judge/sworn ==> April 2023 = 14 months  - HOUSE OF CARDS BREAKS!!! And the Satellite, you should not give it into PRIVATE HANDS [5G/6G], and they have all the DATA!!! and you see already the environmental degradation with 1,8 GHZ. You can say Iam crazy, I say: check the DARK FIRE

(seven questions section etc.)!!! 

AND ALREADY BECAUSE OF THE ENVIRONMENT,  IAM HAPPY WHEN PEOPLE START TO HATE THAT STUFF!!! AND SO I KEEP IT. We have 1000 peer review papers versus one ridiculous WHO paper! & LIFI is the future!

Update Button, its now only in the MOVIE, many old Blogs got deleted, but we have it in the Movie & in the reports etc., dont worry:              

(Ganze Humor auf der Strecke geblieben!!! es gehört alles dem dunklen Feuer an):

and NO, its not Bundeskanzler Nehammer = falsche FÄHRTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he sits in USA but...!!!

This Website received now true divine magic, no one should delete it, and if somewhere is a problem... I can correct it

Now is available! (13 April 2023)  

wherefore on 12 April 2023 I invented the LC Logo, and the colors of these old Blogs do not fully fit until

7 May 2023 (final Blog Design, green/yellow) 

INFO: Some important people tell you they become Immortal 2030 (Transhumanist), only IDIOTS stay with them!

And I destroyed them because of the huge Area we get (for the nature reserve) through my Innovation etc., and

regarding them: only excuses come out of their mouth! 

In the beginning MM seen as crazy (Judge/Poem etc.), then Transformation, turned it around!!! In the Movie, leave the Movie, Fluid Dynamics!               without indoctrination

General: whoever does not build the reservoir belongs to the swine rearing facilities! 

The Cult called Catharism, to deny Transmutation and to play the BLACK!!! STONE guy = & the Fluid Dynamics will finish them off naturally... check your Philosophy. I just smile  about your KEY because God can be without matter but matter not without God = You scratch the surface! Dissolve the whole flesh!!! in every step (Alchemy), Show me!



MILITARY, Universities... - Police (also all cities, per email) ==> firefighters & we have the protest people ==> flyer also (not just) for hairdresser! AND TELL THEM, WE HELP THE MILITARY & WE ALSO WANT THE NATURE RESERVE (so you are without shame)

INFO: Since 10 October 2023 we present 3 Categories [Blogs]

1) NEWS/INNOVATIONS                 


3) JUDGE (LC & our problem & how it ends) 



(emails were written in German and etc.) ==> we have some good stuff and most stuff is in english written, just check all the chapter in the Top bar...I would not use YANDEX (with links) but for example with FIREFOX - ADD ONS & THEMES (you find it in the right BUTTON in the Browser), and search: "TWP TRANSLATE PAGES" & the default = German, translate it to English or France... its very good! ==> perfect!!! (with the puzzle Symbol (Firefox) you just translate it) FIREFOX is FAST, DEFINITIV YOUR CHOICE with that TRANSLATOR! or Y know something better!

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29 May 2023

Website Saved via "Movie 1&2"

& "the final part for

the Movie 1&2"

Only in German language (translate it via your browser)

It is called Logiacolumn because earth & heaven are connnected through Logiacolumn, and in that way I received the nature reserve for the snow leopards etc. in Austria, and further the reference points for the 7 Spirits will be written upon the pillars! "MASTER POESY"


in correspondence with the Mystic eye/ DIVINE REALITY/in GOD

cube 2.png

From the formless point it bubbles up, and shifts to the square 

[mirror = LIMIT of the inner and outer domain].

In the energetic field the Sphere and cube is interwoven, and like it bubbles up and then like a BOW FLASH it shifts towards the glass [Toxonsophist] ==> but at the end its not a circle in a square, but only the square, it fills the square... it bubbles up (spherical, circling) and then it hits the glass (fills it)

First it bubbles up like this circles, exactly like that picture (our cup which never runs out, well without bottom)


Bild von Rony Michaud auf Pixabay

Then comes the BOW flash (only the BOW, without arrow, without string)

Then it hits the mirror (and fills it)


Bild von Maria Saveleva/Gerd Altmann auf Pixabay

And the Seven Spirits alternate within themselves (fire, earth, air, water etc.), in that flow, as One Energy field, and perfect equilibirum!

And it fills again the abyss... like in breath and out breath...

And like in the EXPERIENCE, like a bit from behind, it bubbles up from the formless point and the mirror in front of you, and then EAST is always before your face! And the outward like  a whirling essence, roundabout, but not chaotic, and the objects are translucent, not to see fully through this objectes but like crystals! because full of light!

And all fractals [whatever is around you] are reflected upon the mirror.

Our Salt (Halit)

Our Quicksilver, shifts between the solid state & liquid state


Bild von Tibor Janosi Mozes/Neal Smith auf Pixabay

Our Sulphur


Earth immoveable, stability, ground / body

Water which seeks to manifest / feelings


Bild von Annca/Sasin Tipchai auf Pixabay

Fire, carving / elevating (Mars, Martin)

Air, habitation, breath internally in that energy field / thoughts


Bild von David Mark/Enrique auf Pixabay



Darkness, contracts


Bild von Alexa/Krzysztof auf Pixabay

Enamoured by his IMAGE, sons of God, wherefore earth womb = female 


Bild von Stranger2156/Mysticartdesign auf Pixabay

From the formless point it bubbles up like a Vortex, and dilates itself in an instant (fills the globe)

And what is INSIDE is also outside, reflected upon the mirror, the Vision is broadened out interiorly! And the FLOW returns again to the source... fills the abyss... in a perrfect equilibrium!, therefore the son is loved by the father and he (expressed image) loves father [back, in all things]. And we are also his sons!, and but also a King is born!

A globe is a central emanation bounded [with an eternal limit], but as I wrote, also interwoven with the cube (and so we have also a mirror)


Bild von Dorothe, Piro auf Pixabay

And because of the equlibirum it has an abyssal Sphere, hanging upon NOTHING (like a ball flying through empty space), the emptiness, and therefore the CUP (which never runs out) is NON-LOCAL, and in that sense we are only local with our body... but it remains a SPIRIT REALM [God realm, spiritualised matter, in POWER]! and therefore the body [physical emanation] is then also spiritualised, and we can say: light skinned race! ===> and the seven angels are also in YOU, we draw closer to God, closer to the immortal mind and then we write it down, about the TREASURE!!! APOCALYPSE! leave the MOVIE... LOGOS

Translucent realm


Bild von Peter Bauer, Alexa...Victoria Watercolor auf Pixabay

Revelation (Apocalypse)

Liquid Flesh,

There is your DRIVE / URGE etc. 

colorful, crystals... treasure...

smell - incense... taste - Honey...




We receive the Cup which never runs out

The Guardian with us

Bild von GypsyS Girls, G.C. auf Pixabay

What is OUTSIDE we have INSIDE, and upon the MIRROR is everything reflected


Bild von Joe auf Pixabay

The cross opens it up... and then a King is born

Bild von Good Bye auf Pixabay

Wherefore the VORTEX picture ist most accurate, but it can be still made better... ya, because it is brilliant, glittering... a surpassing beauty...

Cube into cone 3.png

Why is it called son? Ya, the Moon should go to its original place and darkness makes you passiv... less energy...  ya but then you say, shall I as woman call me son of God? Ya... its here about the energies... in your appearance you will be still a woman...



1) This is what the Lord says, come to me and I will keep you and no one can snatch you out of my hand. Now, my reader, what I want from you, that is, that you build a swimming pool. You build that swimming pool in your garden, where you enjoy your holiday, and I will tell you how you should build it. Firstly, all what you need, place WHITE STONES ROUNDABOUT like in a circle, prepare it like you would build a swimming pool, put water into it, then install a pump, and from the center, let water spread upwards, manufacture the pump and the pipe in such a way that when the water streams upwards (like a little geyser), that when it falls back, that it creates a watery sphere, this is called water bell fountain, then I say, that which you should also do, use some other stones which you place into the pool wall, some precious stones, CRYSTAL LIKE!!!, use the colour BLUE, and the stones shall form a CROSS and on the crossbeam of the cross you should write WATERY STONE, and opposite to the cross, you can use again crystal stones, in the same colour, and you make a TREE (tree of life), and you write below the tree, you write with crystal stones, the FRACTAL UNIVERSE MATERIALIZED - UNFOLDED, and the pipe which is used in the pool, through which the water is pumped, now, manufacture around the PIPE!!! some LED, it should resemble real FIRE, to see some FIRE around the pipe, colors: yellow and red etc. using strong MINI LEDs... to symbolize some FLAMES. And above it use a METAL RING, and inscribe on it: INFINITE TREASURE – INFINITE WANT, INEXHAUSTIBLE CUP – ITS FUNCTION IS UNHINDERED AND COMPLETE EFFORTLESS – UNAFFECTED BY ALL OUTWARD INFLUENCES, SWEETER THAN HONEY  – FED BY THE UNIVERSE, FINEST SPICES, SUBSTANCE OF ALL THINGS. And on a second METAL RING (above it), inscribe on it: WE SIT WITH HIM ON HIS THRONE: OUR LIGHT BEINGNESS (FIGURE OF LIGHT - EXEMPLAR AND IDEA OF OUR CONTRACTED HUMAN NATURE, HE IMPARTS BEING TO US – WE ARE A VESSEL FOR INTRINSIC SUBSTANCE, THEREFORE WE SEE OURSELVES AS FORM IN THE FORM OF FORMS in the pool) – OUR TRUE SELF – OUR SOUL IS DEITY PENETRATED - WE MOVE WITH THE PRIME MOVER. And on a third METAL RING (above it), inscribe on it: THE LORD IS OUR MIRROR, MENTAL GLASSY EYE IMAGE, REST. And then above that metal ring you put another METAL RING and inscribe on it: THE MIRROR STANDS IN AN EVER BORN NOW VIA THE 3FOLD CREATIVE FORCE and is seen with the inner eye, A PERFECT SUPERNATURAL ENGINE, IT COMMUNICATES FROM ITSELF, BY ITSELF, THROUGH ITSELF, TO ITSELF via an INTERNAL MODE (and the FLOW is LIMITLESS, IT EXPENDS NO ENERGY WHICH NEEDS TO BE REPLENISHED). HAVING SAID THAT, now above the last metal ring you make a RING OF WHITE LIGHT LEDS, which go every 7 seconds or every 7 minutes on and off = it symbolizes the light flash which stands in the midst/mirror (the light flash is also seen with the inner eye). Now, and above the white led ring, you put another METAL RING and write on it: MORNINGSTARCHILD, SPIRITUALISED BODY EYES, everything is LIGHT IMPREGNATED, THE DIVERSITY IN NATURE DISPLAYED AS A GLOWING RATIONAL PERFECTION - FINISHED AND SMOOTH - THE HEAVENLY CIRCLE WITH AN ETERNAL LIMIT - SPIRIT AND NATURE AMALGAMATED – ABSOLUTE SPACE (a WHIRLING ESSENCE) – SOUL CIRCULAR MOVED - WONDERLAND - THE DYNAMIC WORLD REFLECTED ON THE MIRROR (which is see with the outer eye or body eyes), its a CONVERGENCE OF WITHIN AND WITHOUT, IT CAUSES A TRANSPARENCY TO ALL OBJECTS AND THE COLOURING IS WONDERFUL, A FAMILIAR IN DIAMONDS, GLISTENING - TRANSFIGURED, OUTWARDLY WE RECEIVE THE FIGURE AND FORM THEREOF VIA THE MIRROR, EVERYTHING IS REFLECTED UPON THE INNER EYE MIRROR (ALL SHAPES - ENERGY COMPLETES, RENDERS USEFUL, THE UNCHANGING (mirror) EFFECTS CHANGE)

Now, for the next step and to make it more colourful, put on the inside of the white stones some flagging, circular, make a RAINBOW with flagging (this symbolises the SEVENFOLD ENERGY). And on the outside on the ground, so to speak, around and outside of the lower white stones, use a material which functions like a MIRROR (metal), circular placed, use a GOLD colour like a GOLDEN RING, like a ring around it (this symbolises that the outward is entirely reflected upon the inner eye mirror). Wherefore that construct is very important, because you must acknowledge, that true Fantasia is without the fantasies of the mind, that true fantasia is boundless and Martin the Rechabite is not mad and only Babel is mad, their prophets are mad, and blessed be the Lord, in new Jerusalem, we have the shalom of God, which surpasses all understanding. Ok, ok, ok, having that said, now, what you do next, that is, that you should paint an EYE on the bottom of that pool, quasi in the middle, where the pipe is installed (and together with the flash [white LED ring on the pipe], we have the twinkle of an eye, and similar we go out and in at the same time, and we stay fix in the God realm because of the mirror which is seen with the mystic eye, the kingdom is within and without). Now, and again regarding the painted eye in the pool you write around it ABSOLUTE POWER, ABYSSAL WELL LIGHT EYE (Gods eye), FOUNDATION OF THE EARTH, WOMB, SEAL, CELLAR, UNIVERSE LOOKING IN, SEED OF THE TREE, ENFOLDED, WE ARE EMBRACED BY THE SOURCE. And further, on top of that pipe, you can install the number 8, use metal, and inscribe on it: MICROCOSM – MACROCOSM HARMONY via the 4 ELEMENTS, DARKNESS, LIGHT, FIERY LOVE = sevenfold energy.







Cube grid, like many fractals ==> branches Tree, unfolded (inside, enfolded), upon the mirror like all fractals reflected

alles gespiegelt, everything mirrored ====> I guess Jacob is right, the flash in the midst... because fire like a blaze, air - whirling - all directions, water fountain... and LIGHT as clear rings!!! from the formles point (bubbling up)...and shifts to the BOW lightning and hits the glass ====> and Venus I made just to the middle in the sense, father loves the son (expressed image) and the son loves father back in all things

====> yet light is light like most fast or... we check it later, subtility & fixity, ==> the reference points for the SEVENFOLD, only later in the EYE of the ABOUT US chapter

THATS WHY TOXONSOPHIST, THE BOW LIGHTNING only explained from us (proof)

3) Now, and in the same way as you have put the first plate on the surface of the white stones, now you make three other plates, so that the plates are placed in all four directions on the white stones, to have one on the west side, another plate on the east side, another plate on the south side and a plate on the north side. According to the SECOND PLATE, write on it: Therefore with the INNER EYE we see the light well as our ground [of the pool] and like projected out of it we see the mental Glass (divine mirror), that is, we see with the inner eye the round pool which shifts energetic to the square (mental mirror). And with the BODILY EYE we see circular (we are circular moved, turning ourselves in it) in that MENTAL FIELD. THEREFORE WE HAVE MOST MALE (square) AND MOST FEMALE (circle). Now, and the light well eye is father and the glassy eye (or divine mirror and outward expressed image) is the son and the holy Spirit is proceeding from both, like a breath, similar it flows from the round source and enters back into the source (it looses no energy). And further, we see also with the INNER EYE a spiritual fireblaze tempered with immaterial water, and again, with wind proceeding out of the well, and the element earth as energy is quasi the ground of it (ponderosity), and altogether with the light flashing/lightning towards the glassy mirror (this is symbolized via the WHITE LED RING, the flash), and this makes up together the sevenfold Spirit or sevenfold energy. And you must know, as it is written on the metal ring, that the mirror stands in an ever born now via the TRIADIC DYNAMIC  (like THREE PILLARS, INFLOW - MIRROR - OUTFLOW, equilibirum[polarity]). And therefore the seven spirits are embedded in it like a wheel and so we see also an ever new reception of light, flashing towards the glass, and a spiritual fireblaze moving towards it – we see all the seven Spirits with the inner eye. Now, acknowledge, our spiritual body and our soul make an organic whole and it operates in conjunction with the mental star light body (mental field, roundabout, soul circular moved), the Sphere which operates circular, as far as our bodily eyes see. And concerning the sphere: the spirit of God, by contraction draws into itself or by dilation diffuses itself into infinity, omnipotent power (quasi fractals which are self similar. And it is like a BUBBLING WELL (and a Globe is a central emanation bounded as God wills). And likewise we have this pattern in creation, connected together as a whole via the triadic force - it overcomes otherness by itself (because this center is not just in me). And the reflection upon the mirror, this is called, he COVERS HIMSELF WITH LIGHT AS WITH A GARMENT. And again, according to us, interfused everywhere – we are centered and it encircles us (whirling essence). And the eye looks into the Spirit globe (otherwise it would not see anything), and therefore the whole globe is God generated. And so we say, his voice is in the fabric of everything (infinite possibilities, worlds without end). And since this center is really everywhere, God fills himself with himself, he can never fall out of himself, and therefore and again with us, concerning our periphery, its features stand out like those of a (many-colored) garment but how God sees in the mountains, lakes and so on, that is hidden to us, but we are simultaneously sustained through Gods absolute sight, so also we have the abyssal inflow, thats why you read at the BOTTOM OF THE POOL, THE POOL WHICH WE HAVE BUILD, you read absolute power, and again with us it is like an enclosed garden (all-filling power, a variation of one and the same power - according to our Sphere capacity, the FLOWING PEARL). And our bodily eyes are integrated, we are centered in God, to see God: MIND EYE (also called heart or inner eye) and BODY EYE = the vision is BROADENED OUT INERIORLY, therefore, inside, the universe looks into us (and duality integrated via the mirror, rest and movement). We are one with the flow but we do not own it, tasting the symphony and harmony of the whole, in the endless production, our equilibrium itself and having the mind stamp of God, our ancient abode from which all things emerge and to which they go back in endlessly periodic cycles. And the Glass gaze proceeds continually with us (no idols possible, God is the highest good, beauty above all the beautiful), therefore, the absolute or God is beyond all (because we are a vessel) but not excluded - the center within us. And in our star light Sphere, God is only here for us, like a preference mode, Union with God through contact, the true I and its being in the other who is ultimate and has no second, working alongside source energy (the works follow us), we join it in a fluid medium, real bliss and well-being, knowing the root of all things, the kingdom within is God generated, the material cause is God. And all what nature produces, all that is spiritualised, and the spring of reality flows ceaselessly (glassy gaze), the kingdom of heaven is within and without - the internal holds the external before it as a Glass (leaded on by the creative impulse, mirror and equilibirum), called house not made with hands in scripture - our homecoming! Therefore, wherever we walk, there is the way – the way beyond the way (the invisible and visible or liquid mobile), and the whole creation ministers to us (communion), we are local via our body but non-local via the cup which never runs out (the circular path is flexible). Full energy is a disposition of the heart = full breath = light skinned race = expanded consciousness = the mind simplified (hyperspeed and simple) = concerning scripture we read the sense of the letter in its innermost aspect or eternal aspect = knowledge of the son = eternal wisdom = enlightened understanding = in his surpassing power = unchanging jubilation, rejoicing over Gods imperishable glory, a place where we never forget Gods presence, full of praise and joy with a new song in the mouth (seven thunders, seven spirits) = ecstasy and fearless and via the eye, our dignity is comparable with the light of the world (ego death). Eternal nature (spirit penetrative), that is a wonderful regularity and order as a marvellous whole in that God realm, roundabout (all things, whether things on earth or things in heaven, without thorns, new earth and new heaven = all strings are tuned in (harp) = new song, new Adam, new man), drinking from the spring of incorruption, vitalised = gratitude and a higher form of compassion, leaving the world labyrinth, leaving the sun scorched land, the earth he created in seven days (seven spirits), time for one beat under divine heart, the healing water from above, where healing flows like a gentle river. And all head thought chatter is gone, we enter the stillness, full awareness, single eye modus, saturated with the bubbling fountain, we got redirected towards that which can not be contained, we have raised ourselves above the world and we entered the God realm, the senses are heightened, everything looks ultra-alive, we become like rain which waters all things, and we feel protected by the whole, joyful drunk of the cupbearer, vastness of vision makes broadminded, and nothing can boast in his presence, acting in a manner of supernatural processes, the visible matter is a screen to that which is within, entirely realized, entirely awakened, we move without obstruction, we soar freely in Gods creation (eternal liberty of free will), rambling at will, everywhere is the way beyond the way, as this relates us to all aspects of the cosmos, all the vital forces of creation are gathered up in us, the heart as the valley of the universe, reigning over the all (the consciousness stays unconditioned from the world, knowing the formless), holy Elixir, rapture fair, beauty for ashes, liberated from ignorance and oblivion, earthly bitterness changed into heavenly sweetness. The true self remains untouched or unblemishable, Isness is effortless existence, sitting in the depth of the all, the form of nature is flowing, the whole cosmos flooded with light - roundabout. And the midst of the earth is called abyss – LOOK AT THE POOL WE HAVE BUILD, we are part of the universal mind, we find perfect satisfaction in the endless realm, the perfect compass, the life that will never die, the stable internal environment, in the celestial home shines the true sun or first sun, Jacobs ladder (ascension) – Jacobs well, the divine origin, nothing can fetter us, we become sages who know the activities of matter (God abides in the playground of matter, the divine mirror yet matter cannot change the unchangeable). Our mind never ceases to be fixed in God, we have found the ultimate reality, the invisible source of energy of the sun God, and our deeds are purified, true self realization, we see the crystal stones with its sacred brilliance (transparency regarding objects), we have left the land of the dead (grey town or dark land), we are resurrected, we have left the simulation with its indoctrinations and system of beliefs or merely linear programming. Via the source, we live the life which is in tandem with the whole existence – the eternal core – ergo we have all sufficiency in ourselves via God, and no degenerative forces can exist in it, an universal and holistic cosmic truth, and we are one with the spiritual creative power, our light beingness without human birth time, a vessel of the most high, born of God, we have nothing of our own yet we inherit all things! And we realize that the first cause is without beginning, an endless flow, and seeing things in an all-encompassing sense (roundabout). Listen, only the interior act is properly commanded, heavenly speech, divine mind and supersensual (we are struck how fresh everything seems, and we are perfumed with the finest spices, the secret water which makes not wet (the immaterial water from above, a subtle stream = 4 Element energies - mix, and with darkness which is behind the uncreated light, the light which flashes upon the Glass, light race in the sevenfold stream). We know the universe ergo we come to know ourselves and the book of nature is within our heart (endless story, boundless), the inward light is known to us, we have left the ordinary machinery of knowledge and replaced the old self-system of sleep, ya, its the clear vision of the unseen world and only evil destroys harmony. WE SEE THE INFLOW via the INNER EYE, the bubbling fountain (sevenfold energy), and we have the OUTFLOW or OUT-BREATH! Wherefore additional the outflow is manifested by an excessive thickening of air (or like sun heat on asphalt), like a mist as soon as it leaves our body, it is clearly seen but it vanishes without trace (Gods intrinsic substance) and we see it [to some degree], because our bodily eyes are integrated (God quasi fills the deep abyss, he fills it with what is called outflowing ocean or outflowing sea, that is here shall your proud waves be stopped via an eternal limit (according to the light Sphere), and the EQUILIBIRUM is kept! And about the bubbling well it is written: all your waves and breakers have swept over me.

                  wherefore we have also a MIT Innovation, plants that glow, use it later for the city



4) The THIRD PLATE, write on it: Knights of the sun virtues (called first sun), we have this virtues in the supreme reality, this are fountain virtues with universal benevolence (yet do not misunderstand it, we are in harmony with creation but contrast exists and so we also judge, we are not indifferent). Now, when our vibration rises, we manifest higher peace, love, joy, goodness, gentleness (like divine water), patience, kindness (inner smile), faith, courage (boldness), awareness – self control, confidence, guilelessness (a kind of innocence), because love produces all thoughts, and all fallen flesh feelings (works of the flesh) like anger, loneliness (buried shame, rejection...), complaining, discouragement, worry(stress), insecurity, hatred (lower vibration), doubt, jealousy (envy), negativity, arrogance etc. are cast out.


Listen, if you want to be merged into wholeness, learn from the Master: 1) survival and fear, get rid of it, 2) earthly pleasure - addictions and guilt, also other people whom you have hurt in life and a run away, get rid of it, 3) shame, get rid of it, 4) sadness and loss, get rid of it [because unconditional love is still the cosmic energy, loved by the source], 5) lies about ourselves, masks which we wear, get rid of it 6) the Illusion of separation (even the separation of the 4 elements is an Illusion because the 4 elements are 4 parts of the same whole), get rid of it, 7) earthly attachments, let it all go or otherwise you can not let the pure cosmic energy flow into you from the universe. And about the law, the law is in the heart. The 10 commandments point to paradise and some people keep the 10 commandments, but this is only the road towards the goal because it is a commandment and not God, it is therefore the road towards the fountain of divine love, wherefore to arrive, that means to enter the everlasting gates, to enter the God realm, and that means, we have entered into his rest. And we have no fear behind the veil (God realm, opening of the inner eye), ya, we just laugh, nothing tyrannizes our hearts, what strikes the oyster shell does not damage the pearl, and we are not merely the shell (or body) ==> we are pure intellect and energy, love, bliss, ecstasy!!! – joy, gratitude, courtesy (yet we can also speak loud and use some harder words, dont be religious), inner strength, loyalty, fearlessness, firmness, absence of wrath [absence from human anger because it is paradise – VERY IMPORTANT, this lower vibrations does simple not exist]. Wherefore superior virtue has no doing: it does not use examining and seeking. Inferior virtue does: its operation does not rest. Behind the veil (divine reality) = divine virtue, NOT IN OUR POWER ==> GOD penetrating us entirety, and therefore this are the virtues flowing from GOD, childlike liberated!!! (and divine love cannot be understood without the ecstasy - paradise feeling), not self absorbed [from the fake self liberated, the fake Self which is called old man in scripture].


Acknowledge; we have 2 suns, one sun in this physical realm and the other sun, the uncreated light, also called heavenly sun. We could say, in the apocalypse (God revealed in us), the sun in the sky is drawn back to its essence, the essence is the everlasting light (for the Glory of God gives it light), we become a Guardian of the divine light, and so we have the first emanation which is in our innermost temple [the temple is the inner eye and the court is the outer eye, the outward being]. The symbol for the liberation is the lily (without the cares of this world). The symbol for innocence is the lamb. The symbol for strength (energized) is the lion. The symbol for sacrifice and compassion (to loose our own life, ego death) is the ox. The symbol for the Spirit realm is the eagle (and to fly above mundane concerns, and also the body receives the lightness of the Spirit). The symbol for Immortality is the crocus or Rose of Sharon, the Rose as an indissoluble band in the circle of Truth, the sphere of affections and of thoughts thereof (or intellectual pearl) via the Glass because the ground of the pool is the divine intelligence and seeing things in an all-encompassing sense, we become an emblem of the Creator, the Kingdom within us can not be shaken, its the land of the abyss [AGAIN, LOOK AT THE POOL WE HAVE BUILD], we are light bearer, an echo of his voice. And the perception is vivid, everything looks ultra real and alive, a rare vibrancy, pregnant with divine reality, and wearing the invincible shield (because of the omnipotent power). Ya, a naked intuition is eternal truth, an eternal gaze or infinite gaze, our being is uplifted in simplicity, the Sphere as our enclosed garden (also called garden because our we smell the energies, a pleasant perfume), a fountain sealed. And our soul is infinite without mode, nowhere corporally through the intrinsic essence [sole pure and incorporeal applications of the intellect, in the prime mover]...oh Home of fadeless splendor, without thistles, and flowers that bear no thorns, acknowledging that GOD preserves the order and good relations of the whole, the spiritual light has cleansed our mental vision [the dimly Glass is gone], we are translated into that Principle where one perpetual everlasting day does shine, the translucent sphere (a kind of transparency regarding all objects), all the heavenly transparent objects are colourful and shine bright, in delightful Glory, we are free from all grief and curse, separated from the unstable and fluctuating mutability, we entered the supersensual ground, in that beatific vision! Gods force clings to us inwardly and outwardly (INFLOW, MIRROR, OUTFLOW, like polarity and EQUILIBRIUM), he shines out to us in all things, awakened from the sleep, the act of reconciliation, the world is brought back to Harmony within, behold, all things have become new, renewed oneness and wholeness! From the Spirit we reap eternal life. From pledge to inheritance, the Promised Land [or spiritual Israel, married the land because of earth energy].


The Lord said about the cup: Don't you understand that the one who made the inside is also the one who made the outside??? We run from the Valley of the shadow of Death, to the Mount of Immortality, an encompassing Vision of God’s Face in Glory, then, the soul is so elevated in spirit that she seems to be all spirit, almost like separated from the body [because of the Glassy light Sphere], whether in the body or not I do not know (we are fully aware about our movements but its like a LIQUID BODY), the whole body is vitalised. Look: The Kingdom within us is uncreated, without beginning, likewise divinization is without beginning and uncreated, the cup which never runs out, we can only be separated from God in our awareness, consciousness or to say, in our realization and sense of being, because God is omnipresent, omnipotent and we can't get away from Him, in him we live and move and have our being, the light of truth is the light which is in heaven!!! Heaven and Hell are everywhere, and universally co-exist - it is an actual state of being [7 Spirits – Microcosm construct, and this realm here is only an additional scroll, not denying that other heavens and hells exist, but heaven and hell is also in man, and hell is deformation and lower vibration] And in heaven, this is a place where the source of Love can be embraced, a place where time has no meaning, where the luminosity is excellent and the warmth thereof very soothing, a place where joy comes by gnosis with enlightened understanding, a place beyond time and space, as time is only moved in eternal nature [this are states], but the place which is beyond, the way which is beyond the way, this is the knowledge (epignosis) contained within creation, the liquid chariot or sun chariot (with our mirror), surpassing all boundaries, a place even angels long to know, a place where we can roam free in His creation, years beyond number, in which the loveliness of the trees and the grassland, the flowers, the clouds in the sky, the grandeur of the mountains, the glint of distant lakes seem familiar, yet spiritualized, the happiness of solitude, the ultimate God is full-spectrum. Wellness is the most obvious symptom of spiritual awakening generated by wakefulness.

5) FOURTH PLATE, write on it: THE ABYSS: God is quasi the big underground stream which waters the whole of creation (energizing the universe, with design information, immaterial stream). All visible things are made by the invisible. God is invisible, indivisible, without organs or parts, shape or figure. The stone (eternal nature is his clothing, all objects are quasi like a wax stamp) is prepared out of nothing in the whole universe (it comes from the ABYSS which is seen with the inner eye), ever flowing [our watery stone with the stony Glass]. Listen, God extended not the Logos (divine reasoning) to animals, but he gave it to men. God owns the universe and via us he can take a big look in the mirror, without us, God would be only endless fractals, because he is self sufficient, there is no divine mirror outside of God. We are the Universe (God) looking at itself, our supreme consciousness of God, part of all that is. Therefore, since nothing else is inexhaustible and limitless, therefore, the Uncreated is Alone in itself; he uses its force without effort, inexhaustible as the Root of the cosmos. And therefore in the perfected saints GOD is imperfect as superperfect because we have also a body, as our double relationship to GOD, the intelligible cosmos and our bodily relationship to the cosmos of the senses, which constitutes the Microcosm Character, harmony between us and the environment [it is a Dual nature in Unity, the body contained within the limitlessness of the soul via the Prime mover, He flows into and through us according ot our Sphere capacity]. And the circumference is nowhere but in God himself (eternal limit). And therefore, eternally rolls the wheel of being = the Spiritual Sphere - as and also, the divine is not found in space, space partakes in the intelligible in an incomprehensible way, a whirling essence, this Sphere, it displays on every side its power; and dilates its Self in an instant, Gods sight sees, and he sees above and below, roundabout and all things at once, and we sit in it, and are encircled by it (bubbling well (Welling up) and  flowing pearl) As a ruler of the centre, it is the re-centering of the self. The centre is the vital point in the microcosm by means of which the Kingdom within is seen. The centre is the convergence of within and without, on the point which is equidistant from all directions. An immaterial river [divine energy] which through brimming with water remains ever the same, it is a kind of Vibrasphere leaded on by the creative impulse within yet it stands always in the EQUILIBRIUM. And it shines back into all the powers of father, into the abyss], a great influx which is emanated upon us from the Eye and we become a vessel and a place and basement or foundation for that influx [eye of the kingdom], and from God the influx is distributed to the world (omnipotent power). You must understand: this LIGHT WELL is Gods EYE, and his seeing can not be organically understood but his uncreated LIGHT is his SEEING, all that, his seeing, hearing, the tasting etc. is understood via the Spiritual faculty of God and in the same way we feel EMBRACED BY THE SOURCE and we feel IMMENSE LOVED and he (as a good father) REJOICES OVER US in a spiritual way, flooded with joy, ravishing waves (energetic)... the eye light well is enamoured by his Image which are we, we become powers in God (mutual beholding, because we centered in him). Ya, here, we have a similitude to all things, He imprints it into us, man is all things for he has a likeness with all things, remaining constantly with the divine permanence, all our actions as His actions; all our features as His features, we move with Him in our true Self, and via the inexhaustible creation consciousness source, what flows in, surrounds us, and therefore, we are in relationship to all things by that which flows in and out of us, and again its function is unhindered and complete effortless [divine love is purity], the secret water, which has in itself all things, to be in relation to all things by that which flows in and out, relfected upon the mirror. And INSIDE the inexhaustible there is nothing else that is inexhaustible, therefore, how can we ever possess it? And we did not create our own body nor is our own body our possession, It is the shape lent to us by God. All forms at the end, must take us to the formless, has tremendous love a form?, therefore the BOSOM GLASS has a form but it is found in the formless WITHIN us (seen with the inner eye), God is Spirit, God is love, and since the flow is a divine water or living water, this tincture remains unaffected by all outward influences, and also nothing can defile divine love, nothing can touch it, it endures, and will endure, forever, Gods heart & mind & life & peace FLOWS out of us, and this influx is distributed to the whole world, via the 7 Spirits Governing wheel. And as we abide in the supernatural world, we cause a redemptive reaction according to our surrounding, and this is the invisible liquid mobile, the outpouring of the immaterial river! And via the Glass, through all created things, we discern the creator. Listen, we have nothing of our own, neither in nature, nor above nature, we possess nothing yet we inherit all things. And we pray: OUR FATHER, that is, the universal coincides with the singular, anyone of us, so we say, there are many houses in Jerusalem city, and in every house he is known to us that he will never forsake us! Ya, via the mutual beholding, in the fountain of life which is welling up, the stream of life. And consequently, this Flow, his light well seeing is also his moving, working, providence. And with the mental bosom GLASS as his Star light children, we see God face to face, the INFLOW and OUTFLOW, or BREATH [breath in and out, holy breath, holy Spirit]. Ya, we can do nothing without Him and therefore we move with Him, and having divine power. And we can not hate ourselves, we see ourselves as an Image in Him, as a father loves his son (we are his sons). 


And in all love there is a love begetting, and a love begotten [son], and a love proceeding, that is, the FLOW, THE GLASS (ever born now). It is an inexhaustible treasure, which gives us much greater joy then anything else!!!, fount of riches, no constant object can do that, we bear the universe!, a great primordial simplicity. Listen, none of the wise of this world can obtain true bliss, ecstasy, inexpressible joy, since they are ignorant of God, ignorant about the paradisiacal Region in God. Those who are in real bliss and well being, they are united with the unapproachable and immortal God, an ever-inexhaustible happiness and infinite treasure. Wherefore you must know about the heavenly sphere, there is an acceleration when Gods eye opens up in the soul and only then also the sphere becomes striking clear. And THE FLOWING PEARL is “refining thought,” “purifying breath,” or “purifying thinking,” or “purifying consciousness” which goes hand in hand through ASCENSION/TRANSFORMATION, and it generates the Pearl, and then, we enter the everlasting gate. Listen: God did not create us for sensible pleasures, or for pain, but rather it is a certain spiritual capacity for pleasure, supersensual, the whole creation is one [all things are gathered together in Christ, both which are in heaven, and which are on earth] Only an awakened person renders the word spiritual, we have become void to the world, the entering into the bridal chamber, the morning star arises in our heart. YET do we say that we exclude the external world? Answer, NO!!!!!!! but the external is not above the internal... we enter in communion with all things, all-encompassing, so to speak God is loved above all other things, first love!!!!!! Ya, in that realm, and if you ask about our periphery, then we say, by meditation, we do nο longer consider the physical properties of an object, its dimensions, what is left from nοw οn is οnly a symbol with a position (in that whirling essence, roundabout). Ya, he created us in His image which gives us the capacity to know His eternal life - which is called in Greek Zoe life, the tree of life, waters to swim in. [and the earth hangs on nothing, LOOK AGAIN AT THE POOL WE HAVE BUILD, THE ABYSS SEEN WITH THE INNER EYE, THE SOURCE , BUBBLING UP ENERGIES]. Ya, in the emanation of the splendour of our essence we find perfect satisfaction, God energizes us, and He is all-pervading. THE UNIVERSE WAS MADE JUST TO BE SEEN BY OUR SINGLE EYE, for now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known in the broad and glorious expanse of heaven. And we witness depth of soul, ignoring for what the world lives, to Him all Glory, who disposes our mind aright! God subjected all His creation to man, gave him authority, as Master over all things under Heaven, with an indestructible life.



Additional thoughts

Later in divine science you will read more about the cube and sphere, and therefore also about the mirror

but one thing to add:


I have not thought about it, let us not just think about line and circle... but a Sphere just rolls easy on the ground and a Cube ist most stable! so that is for sure a hint regarding the contrary! ​ And then when we imagine a CROSS in the CUBE, we have 6 directions and the middle point = 7 And in some way we can say, ok Ratio, different degrees of subtility and fixity... but Fire & Air [more active] versus Earth & water [more passiv], light & darkness ==> wherefore the reference points, this is for the seven last questions!, also mentioned at the end of the divine science chapter, and would be written in symbolic language upon the pillars. ​ But that is not everything, it must be also a double whorl, like expansion and contraction (back to the formless point) in the perfect Equilibrium, interconnected with all Spheres [light on one side, darkness on the other side, and but also eternal wheel with its seeking, wherefore I can only write it down step by step]===> I can only check it in the divine vision, before that my mind is too slow ​ THE QUICKSILVER That means the cube is manifested through the 7fold because and also on one side we have the liquid-solid state = mirror, and east before the face. And the cube gets quasi crystallized like Halit. And on the ground in the divine Vision, it has more the sulphur smell, harsh and fire, but the blaze pushes also towards the mirror! Therefore it must be an enenergetic "construct" manifested through the 7fold. And I guess the light is really fast, full expansion, circling... but also we could say the mirror as the "middle pillar" is the center point of divine love... wherefore Jacob spoke always about the flash, but lets not forget, father loves the son (expressed image) and the son loves him back, and also we are sons of God, anyway, I have to check it later with the divine vision! Therefore, later the answer to the seven question will be found in the Button (underneath) Points to check or confirm or to find out in the apocalypse, 1) all are one (birth of one spirit results from the cooperation of all the seven) but still does light act most fast in the vision? – ratio (poles and opposites), and also regarding the womb of the earth, how do we see it???, 2) coolest point at the convergence point, quicksilver - mirror??? 3) three KEYS, ancient six directions with its center in the cube??? … and therefore general we have to check the reference positions regarding the sevenfold (including hot, cool, wet and dry circle) and 4) where the FLASH hits the glass is it really a four square (mirror), perfect shape, equilateral square or just a quadrangle or a Phytagorean triple (3,4,5 etc.)??? and 5) is love (marriage, magnetic) the center of it, does a middle exist like we see it with the menorah??? and 6) is AIR or FIRE the most fine element??? and 7) color check, cool colors, warm colors, aura and in general??? and then we have our fundament and to be able to explain the light skin, fragrance, age 25, eyes which see more colours, the translucent realm… higher awareness… why we are more fast (and moving in harmony with nature)… panacea… why we do not freeze when running around naked in winter time???… DNA???… why that superjoy and inner peace???… why divine wisdom and enlightened understanding, clarity???... etc. ==> without it you can build no THEORY(theo-logian) regarding the sevenfold in the triadic!!!  7 Quetsions, Not fully answered now... only later (7 questions chapter)

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