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THE WORST THING IS THAT THE WESTERN RELIGION CANNOT REALLY USE THIS REVELATION BECAUSE LATER ON IN THE TEXT WE PROVE THAT JESUS HAD A SOUL LIKE WE HAVE (via the sevenfold energy we will also explain the triadic dynamic... the eternal wheel, flash upon the glass, dark on the other side and centered via the energies, the glass [mirror] is quasi the middle pillar, ya and like a battery with male and female pol...three "pillars"...more to it later!!! And we have even some science regarding afterlife... some will stay in other heavens... some must reincarnate very fast etc... we will also use soul science and how souls differ etc. And another problem for them will be the BOOK OF REVELATION (apocalypse/symbols)... ya... they would maybe loose all their people in the church... and nor can they fully confirm the Mystic eye... because Sages must have seen it with their own eyes... anyway... what I say... they cannot just take the credit for themselves, they would need to change something... HIGHER TRAINING needed... that churches stay useful

AND NO, WE DO NOT DENY THE CROSS! NEVER!!! =======> and the Arcane Symbol relates to the 7 Spirits and the energetic field

JA DU (als Antwort hier) BIST NICHT GANZ DICHT, WIR SIND DIE EINZIGEN WELCHE DAS GEHEIMNIS DES LICHTBOGENS KENNEN, darum TOXONSOPHIST und wie in Buttons erklärt, mit Absicht nicht alles 100 Prozent hier korrigiert weil es geht nicht, dafür gibt es LC und zweiter Punkt ihr spricht nicht Mal darüber und dass Ich es anspreche SAGT ALLES AUS...!!!(Referenzpunkte eruierbar) ==> dadurch dass Ich/wir die DIVINE VISION kenne/n, so weiß Ich wie Wasser agiert, Feuer... und was den Bogen ausmacht... & haben das Feuer... ihr spekulierts und Ich baue LC, unsere eigene Sprache niedergeschrieben auf den Säulen, Symbole für die Referenzpunkte etc... DAMIT HABEN WIR ALLES und können es mit dem ersten Wissen kombinieren!

INFO: Until now I had not found the time nor the "patience" to read it all again and to correct little mistakes... but overall it should be ok and with the well chapter etc, then you see it all (put the "puzzle" together!!!)... and therefore we have no big problem... thats for sure... but... its long ago and...wherefore "font bold" gives you the hint... so far I have read it again and for important stuff I use "font bold" (fette Schrift)

Find the last questions

Find the last questions

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Video: 10 May 2023, long after Divine Science got written

in August 2023 I do better, even when they hit me hard with Satellite, Video name:  "Sealed 144000!!! & Dogma etc"



                               *** SEVENFOLD ENERGY***       ***TRIADIC DYNAMIC***     ***DIVINE REALITY***


1) NOW, when we can do nothing without Him, then this implies, that OUR NON-BEING or not-being is really our being made whole, ya in fact the word NON-BEING is nonsense because we have our ETERNAL IAM and it means only that we have a GOD SOURCED SOUL (We can do nothing without the source, everlasting flow). And rather many people have no true "I". Now, understand, no finite object has intrinsic substance, whatever has intrinsic existence is infinite, while what comes from it, owns nothing within itself that has intrinsic existence, it is created and finite, everything in the created universe is a vessel for intrinsic substance, GOD is reality itself and therefore God is the intrinsic substance and every finite object that exists must come from that reality (animals, plants etc. receive the existential energies from God but they are not made in Gods image, they have not received the LOGOS)! Ya, anything that has intrinsic existence is the reality itself that is the source of everything, any continuation of God is God and UNION with GOD comes therefore through CONTACT (we are centered in God). And when we say non-being, that means, that we can do nothing without him, and consequently, we can not own life just in ourselves (we do not own the flow), which means [for us] that nonbeing is really being, be the stream of the cosmos (or universe), knowing the root of all things (a house not made with hands which reflects our personality, that is, that which is inside is outside displayed! And we have our individual stream because we have also a soul). Therefore, union with nothing yet here all abundant life is found, we get liberated because on the other side people can be made to a nothing, that is, artificial, lifeless... so again what does UNION WITH NOTHING mean? Answer, we inherit all things yet in the divine reality we realize that it comes all from God (the source)

2) SOURCE SCIENCE: Mutability and eternity are utterly inconsistent [therefore the ever renewed image via the creative impulse [GLASS] which remains steadfast in the apocalypse ==> as you have STARTED with the WELL CHAPTER, as first introduction] ==> It is contrary to the nature of immutability to be without eternity; God could not be an infinitely perfect Being, if he were not eternal. God would not be the first cause of all if he were not eternal; but he is the alpha and the omega; the first cause of everything, the last end of everything: that which is the first cannot begin to be [therefore the abyssal Eye well – and CUP which never runs out] ==> If God were not a Spirit, he could not be infinite. If God were not a Spirit, he could not be self-sufficient and independent. If God were not a Spirit, he would not be immutable. If God were not a Spirit, he could not be omnipotent, omnipresent. If God were not a Spirit, he could not be an absolute and perfect being [the REALITY must be found in SPIRIT = GOD REALM, supreme consciousness of God]. The world taken as a physical phenomenon existing on to itself does not exist (that is Babylonian reasoning), and we have transcended all visible things... mind moves all matter, the universe is concentrated and reflected as an Unity, we enter the “vortex” with the inflow and leave with the outflow, the divine water is the acting and moving power in all our faculties, and we move with Him. I follow the Way of the water, I impose no course of my own, I reflect things in a mirror, with an eternal liberty of free will, our being as Capacity, that feels all things [bosom Glass], the Act is immanent, but we feel also the things which are remote (inflow - mirror - outflow = three "pillars"), the whole universe is seen and known in God [a whirlwind saint]

3) If any object would be better then GOD, it would make GOD to a lesser GOOD, and every human desires naturally the end which is supernatural and that is called aleph, a return to the beginning, the ANCIENT DOOR, the door to the God realm, the Truth is in ourselves, but is not our mere bodily self as this outward 'we or me' is foreign to our true Self because it is not the clear vision of the unseen world, seclusion is needed for reaching to God, a holy abstraction from creatures and to be removed from existential things. Father-Creator is hidden within, the home is in eternity - only few perceive the throne.  God is both, the invisible and that which is seen. And the universe can be contemplated as a person, we are fed by the universe, and only blind people think that the shadow is the substance. Listen, the mirror must be polished, get rid of your bitterness, because the holy spirit wine, translucent wine, the joyful stream – the universe is in my heart, standing solitary at the origin of things, recognizing our shapeless body, our sphere, superficially it appears abstruse but in its depths it is not obscure. We are not like the unenlightened man who tries to force his [heavy ego] will on events! We move like water, possession of the Way is a capacity for dealing effortlessly with external things. Its theoretical limit is absolute power:-), therefore, be passersby! We are godlike, using our mind like a mirror in the single breath of heaven and earth. Nothing shall disturb us, leaving the confusion and muddle as it is. It is before the foundation of the world!

4) Since God is not found in any object, as he is all in all, consequently any external object is united to the intellect as its form (bosom - intellectual light, with the form of our intellect in heaven [LOOK AT THE POOL WE HAVE BUILD AND HOW WE SIT IN IT, THE ABYSSAL POOL SEEN WITH THE INNER EYE], song of songs 8:6 seal upon your heart). And therefore, accordingly to our capacity, or to say, in the circumference or Sphere with its eternal limit. Therefore, the angelic life is the life of the blessed, here, we become powers of God. And the carnal mind thinks only about things received by its senses, he can not see the incorporeal but the perfect man understands all things, the immoveable kingdom, to discern the creator in all things, ignorance is removed and because of the flow – it is above reason but not without by contemplating God as the supreme good, the eternal blessedness of God. And further to acknowledge, if benevolence has a constant OBJECT, it cannot be universal! Our thoughts are like His when we have such conceptions of all figures and shapes as God has [very thoughts of His bosom, THE POOL IS ALSO THE DIVINE INTELLIGENCE, THOUGHT AND ENERGY]. All the gold of the world can not compete with the cornerstone. UNDERSTAND: God looks at all things rightly, having a glorious Spirit that abides within, which is in the flow and extended to all the objects (roundabout). TRUE COMMUNION, contemplating all objects via the bosom of God ==> The whole cosmos ministers to us via the UNIVERSAL SPIRITUAL MOVEMENTS in divine Love! God is the guide and spring and end of all finite objects. Therefore, all men see the same objects, but not all men rate them in a righteous way [and we must find the highest treasure, infinite treasure]. And only Divine [eternal] Wisdom contains nothing inadequately, it beholds in a single and simultaneous vision all visible and invisible things, realizing that God sees all things simultaneously. The heart of men is deceitful, mixed with lower animal passions [but the bliss which outshines everything, that is, realisation of the infinite], ya, when divine love is lost, animal passions arise. Wherefore we can make a comparison, that is, if there is a white object in front of people, then, this object has different degrees of white, a white with a little radiance and a white which is ultra radiant in the highest degree, then, in the GOD realm we are filled with internal light and extended to the surrounding! And below the God realm their surrounding is more coarse and material for them. Thats why the Lord said, you have to be filled with light, the eye is the lamp of the body (with a washed clean soul, blameless, childlike). CLEAR AS CRYSTAL: Consciousness is one continuum, from the highest vibratory levels where non-duality is the reigning principal [or we can also say duality integrated via the mirror], down through the realms of light into the realms of dark matter [matter turned dark, in which the mind is dissipated among many things versus highest realms of light and pure consciousness = Spirit realm]. We transcend into an infinite life, that is, our lesser life will be merged into wholeness [the REALM OF BEING, liberated, truly to know yourself is the highest art, and to be known by GOD, our light-beingness]. Wherefore, if an unbeliever would deny consciousness, he would consequently say that his intelligence, thoughts and soul is only matter, mechanical or automatic; with that in mind, he could deny that the ground is intelligent, he is a person who does worship the image of the beast, linear-intellectuals who ignore the inward looking intuitive. Listen, the universe was made by God in the image of the pattern of his Mind and we are in Him and the appearance of the Lord is to everyone according to his quality and no one can escape from it. We realise that the real notion of “our world” means man’s sensation of the extreme remoteness from the Creator. It is paradise lost or paradise found, the seeking after the lost world or new world (God realm), as and only when you are saturated with the bubbling fountain, then you will realize, the primordial kernel of your neighbour (you will no longer just look at the flesh). We enjoy the highest Good but no stranger can approach to it. Behold: that divine wisdom is not comprehensible by the understanding; it is above reason but not without, the cup which never runs out, overshadowed by Gods surpassing power. Faith and love transforms Heaven and earth into a paradise [the mud in the soul, the dark clouds have to be cast out].

5) The internal stream of the universe is our nectar, absolute perfection surrounds us, and we [as gods] are one in another [the kernel, like fractals, like a honey comb], roaring thunder-step, immoveable lightning-palace, not entangled with the old earth, the dragon under our feet, conquered the shadow king, conquered the oblivion, conquered the archonic reaper, it is the opening of Pandora’s box and we spit it all out, we are above the architects of Cronos, we never bowed down to the elements of this world! And listen again: the Problem with Prometheus, he thinks too much and feels too little, similar, Icarus left the Labyrinth in which was imprisoned the half man, half-bull monster but Icarus did fly high, too high, the Absolute melted Him and he fell in the sea, the forces crashed Him, a rude awakening and a rude rebound, therefore, may the end be found, that which knows no end, that which is effortless, nevertheless it is good to use the stairway to Heaven and not to take it all at once [with a few wing beat], and also you need a step by step introduction in this book here and otherwise all reader would call me a liar, not knowing that we have to overcome the animal Image [that is, the animal passions of the body, the old body with its limited senses, which is bound to mere nature]. I tell you, really, we need some good angels who secretly impart to us, who flow from their own memory into us, and make us aware of the higher revelation:-), it is written, we are gods (we need to be filled with all the fullness of God), the house of the Elohim, to escape the world prison [Matrix] which steals our energy! We have to be clothed upon with the house not made by hands, the apocalypse (God revealed in us) is the place in which the visible and invisible creations, the tangible and the intelligent creations, are linked together and only the inner eye sees the world in its proper place. Kingdom intelligence! The spiritual substance within the world of the divine intellect, the unmanifest of infinite form, the very radiance that brought both Intellect and the bosoms widespread Intellectual objects into being, to manifest the objects of the inward world by which the whole world surrounds man as a circle surrounds one point. Which means, that all things are related to this point like a seed in a apple, and then the world has become the Aeon (eternal realm), then the truth is received in the images, the very breath of life. All is change in the world of the senses, but changeless is the supreme God of Love! The eternal now is the person as a seed, the conjunction of eternity and time is in the seed, called you... In the world, man is stimulated to seek employment and to perform uses, and he wants honor or glory or to be praised...  (how much is your self a fragile self?), ya, men do not know the depths of depravity within their own souls! All imaginations have to be cleansed in the vessel, the Spirit of Life must increase in us so that power comes to us and our souls are strengthened! INNER STRENGTH!!! The whole external phenomenal world including man's selfishness (in that sense I call it ego) is an illusion and therefore evil/disharmony, because this mud or rust or dross or glue or slime upon the soul is a departure from God. Your goal in life is to shake off this illusion. Wherefore regarding our progress/spiritual evolution outward forms profit little because they keep alive the illusion, alive by feeding on it and this includes self righteousness and personal merit about which we want to be too often too boastful, ya ignoring the source (from where it all comes). Therefore we need to contemplae the higher things!!! Look: when man is born into the world and grows up, ya, via an excessive life he grows very fast dark, the world eats him up, he surrendered his thoughts to folly, a kind of stupor - hypnotized by the forms and sensual realities, ensnared by objects, it fetters him with its chains and ir bounds all his limbs with the bitterness of the bondage of lust for visible things of the perishable realm (because fathers realm is found in stillness, resting before anything, sustaining it all with his goodness and by which become the light of the world). When your hope is set upon the world alone, earlier or later, you will corrupt your soul, animal passions arise in you and sweet will become to you the poison of the enemy, your heart gets darkened, it deforms your soul. Therefore, if you give way to the passions you are lost, but if you attend to the promptings of Divine grace, to the spark or flame in your soul, and repent (by sacrificing your inner animals, to turn the key within), you get converted, and you journey back! Therefore, watch and pray, that you come out of the flesh, of any bitterness, and that you will never ignore the wonders of your own house because you will not get liberty from anyone else or better to say, you are responsible! You fall into the world or you surrender to God. So also to be the number one in the world, money and business, friendships with unbeliever, the distractions of this world including an addiction to television, internet pornography, and all the many carnal entertainments and advertisements captivate people and control too often their every-day. And we get also remembered to the old saying, that is, man invented the machine and the machine invented man, the machine is deified, radical transhumanism, the materialistic secularized postmodern world. And to the question if alcohol drunkenness can darken the soul? My answer, one glass is ok, but drunkenness per se, the snake can bit you, and cannabis smoking will bring you into sleep mode, but there are many addictions, JUST AVOID IT, THIS IS SIMPLE, JUST AVOID IT to be too often drunken!!!... take care about the chamber of your heart, guard it, but and also stay simple, keep a simple life my beloved child, devotion is key and via hope you draw close to him. And acknowledge that Creation is nothing else but a revelation of the unfathomable God and that the goal in life is to know yourself. He who has known himself has achieved knowledge about the depth of the all via an universal rebirth party, the phoenix rising from the ashes, which banishes from the mind the apperception of the world [the ascend to the thought of God, to his bosom]

6) Topic: The Seven Spirits (seven planets or seven stars - the big dipper, but also the Menorah and the rainbow are a symbols for the 7 Spirits), the philosopher stone, the Holy Grail which is a star map of our holy star visitor, holy alchemy, the book of nature in our heart. Now, lets start, first of all, you will wonder that I say that the 4 elements are not a fairy tale and that there is a reason why we find this 4 elements in many ancient writings, ya spread around the world, wherefore a so called element is not the most basic particle of matter, and also the term "atom" originally meant something indivisible, ya, it is an archaism now employed only for convenience, it has lost its original meaning. About the 4 Elements: a building is build by bricks, and this 4 elements make up the building, but this is a building not made by hands, and the 4 Elements are the components which make up everything that exists. And when you stop analysing and quantifying and just apprehend nature as it appears to you qualitatively, then you will soon realise that there are in fact only four kinds of things: earthy things (solids, ponderosity, wherefore the element earth has to be seen as a crystalline earth in the divine reality and is quasi the ground of the other 3 elements), airy things (gases, fresh, wind), watery things (liquids, meek), and fiery things (incendiary, fierceness). Air blows up fire, fire moves water, earth is constant, water volatile, as that which is constant remains, which you may see when something is burned, while that which is volatile evaporates etc. From the limosity of the elements God created Adam, namely, from the limosity of earth (ponderosity, ground), water (river of life, living water), air (holy breath) and fire (carving, carves its way), in that mansion of light. Poetically: What is most transitory? Wrongful possession! Who knows the universe? He who knows himself! What is the eternal mystery? Divine Love! With whom does it reside? With Wisdom! What is the seat? An infinitely mobile liquid which reveals the inner and outer impression by the most sensitive movement! Listen, my beloved child, the Book of nature is within your heart. Today, the vast majority of man is learned in superficial science, believing in his own imaginary superiority, Iam God without an almighty God, seeing himself as separated, a kind of "I stand alone in my own power [complex]" versus the true ETERNAL IAM reality, ya today it is the intellectual age in which all is concentrated within their heads, they forget that the centre of life is the heart and if consciousness does not take its residence in the centre of life, then, their life’s will become a desert. And if man wants to see the truth again, he must return to the ear of the heart. Behold: matter represents a perfect and inseparable union of the four elements, Nature is one, true, simple, perfect in her own essence, animated by an invisible spirit [see bosom Glass light Sphere]. Holy alchemy consist in purification of the soul, and in transforming animal man [old nature] into an angel or god-like being. Listen: only the wise understand the invisible principles, Nature is not, as most scientists seem to believe, an agglomeration of fundamentally different finite objects, that is, they see fixed mechanism everywhere, nay, but NATURE IS A WHOLE, and everything in the organism acts and is acted on by everything else and man is a microcosm or a little world, and primordial matter is UNITY, the never ending circle of Eternity. And the cornerstone is corporeal yet spiritualised and therefore we call it eternal nature and aqueous because of the immaterial river. Ya, matter is subtle penetrative by the Spirit. The 4 Elements are the most subtle elements, and our Stone is found in all mountains, lakes, all flowers, all trees, all herbs, and animals, and with all men. It wears many different colours, and contains the four elements, ya, permanent water is measureless great, which, however, cannot be permanent without its body [projection field]. It flows like water, yet it makes not wet, clear, limpid, and brighter than the sun in the sky. Yet now you say to me but in scripture, it is written about the seven Spirits of God and not just about 4 elements! And the answer to it, that is, that light and darkness has to be included, but this darkness is not evil, darkness is only evil when a person’s heart becomes dark, but the seven Spirit in the apocalypse, they are in Harmony, similar light is displayed through darkness (in the wheel darkness must be before (I mean behind) the light and not the other way around and that is called: filled with all light). And these are the qualities: 1) Darkness – spirit or energy, it properties are harshness, bitterness, Anguish...2) Fire - spirit or energy, it properties are fierceness, elevation, consuming, devouring... 3) Water - spirit or energy, it properties are meekness, gentle, mild, soft... 4) Light - spirit or energy, it makes the Water clear and luminous/transparent and the Fire bright, and therfore light hides the Darkness in her own glory... 5) Air – spirit or energy, wind or breath, brisk, refreshing, quickening... 6) earth as common ground, the common body and receptacle, ponderosity, corporeity... 7) Love-fire - spirit or energy yet also the akash. 


Next, you must understand, that they are one in another and can not be without another, and generate one another! As already mentioned and for example: light is displayed through darkness! And further, even in the seven Spirit harmony also bitterness has its function, we can compare it to some taste in our mouth, bitterness versus sweetness etc. And this 7 Spirits never loose their own essence, for example: the darkness hungers after the light, an indissoluble band and eternal wrestling wheel and therefore these 7 Spirits are co-essential. And now you ask me, how do you know that? The answer is simple, as already seen in this book, they are generated by father, and they are flowing forth from the light well (which is seen via the inner eye), and this Elements are thin, subtle spiritual seen, within, out of the well, with its qualities like a fire-blaze with the dark as ground and the light race and water-flow and breath towards the mental Glass! And they make up an ethereal oily substance (which is called anointing and is no extra element, the mixture of the 4 elements etc. make this oil). Ya, and the 7 spirits are rendered sweet like honey in the apocalypse (God revealed in us), like ravishing waves. Ya and the sevenfold energy is also called SIMPLIFIED called immaterial river (stream) because all the 7 spirits are in the FLOW. And they are quasi additional generated, they are a passive principle, the universal mind generates them and they stand via the Glass in the midst, like a flash, like in the twinkling of an eye, and the universe is pervaded with this subtle essence. And now you ask, but how can they have a distinction impulse and still be ONE? As already mentioned, via the ever born now, go back to the beginning of the book, it is this inner fecundity, the spermatikos logos, via the ever born now lightning Glass - the 3 fold creative force subsist in their own eternal fullness/ completeness, and the seven Spirits are embedded (to have the triadic), a forming under Gods hand, an ever circling wheel, and in the apocalypse, it becomes for us the 7 Spirits Governing wheel, like a magnet, which rules over all the lower wheels, like co-centered, like a pinging or tinged, like a redemptive chain reaction, as also evil is no actual thing, evil does exist but it is a lesser Good, and therefore, we are a Microcosm, and about the philosopher stone is said: the arcanum of all arcana— Elixir of Life, holy grail, the Divine virtue and efficacy which is hidden from the foolish, that in which resurrection dwell, is a round sphere – the holy star map, the spirit alone gives strength and life, the habitation in the highest region of the firmament has its shining realm in the Heavens. This is what the LORD says: The heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool: where is the house that ye build unto me? and where is the place of my rest? Listen, the internal essence is of inestimable value for the removing of all defects, healing of all diseases with its vitalising power, bringing imperfect men to perfection, through the transformation of our heart, ya heart and soul being purified, so that the everlasting light enters us, the panacea, the glorious Phœnix, the most precious of treasures, the chief good of Nature, the triune universal essence, the universal triune Stone, Chief Good of the Universe, blessed medicine and eternal Sabbath. As our noble sir said, it is familiar to all, yet none knows the way to find the spring, and also the whole world desires for its virtue, it brightens the eyes, banishes sorrow, reveals all hidden treasures and blooming youthfulness is preserved, weakness destroyed, beauty in its perfection preserved – receiving a spiritual make up skin and halo, ya, light pierces through the skin (see Mose and new covenant), abundant life ensured. O you spiritual substance, lovely above all things! O you wondrous power, strengthening the whole cosmos! O you invincible virtue, highest of all that is, although despised by the ignorant, yet held by the wise in great praise, honour, and glory, for from it flow the water of life, the oil and honey, and thus has it nourished them with honey and water from the rock. Behold: if you want to have the whole world, you need only God, therefore, Hail to the marblestone which bears the new Heaven and new earth, the mighty symphony which fills the universe.

7) Transformation, transmutation (soul and body), called the dark hour. Now, this mud or clouds are interwoven in the soul, symbolically called black raven and we can also call it astral influences, and this does not mean that all people have bigger demons but this does simple mean, that a person can become clouded via sin (= miss the mark) and it includes the mind with the passions which arise, wherefore sin is not just wilfully sin, but everything plays into it, from all kind of shame and rejection problems, traumata, generational stuff like useless habits etc. And this mud, repressed consciousness material which has also a stirring up, for example, to attack the weak point of a person and bring him into rage (primitive attacks), now, this mud or astral essence operates in conjunction with the body, as similar anger is also expressed in the body or we feel the weight of depression. And also often seen, during any hardship or suffering, ya there comes a moment in which man gives himself up, he surrenders himself to the black raven and later he accepts being merely flesh [or matter, of the world]. He does it so that the torture will stop, to drift into oblivion and not for any other reason. In doing this, he looses oil, which is in scripture a symbol for the Holy Spirit, oil for the lamp. And since he has quenched the Spirit, now he will no longer listen to the voice inside which shouted at him to oppose, never to surrender himself, to always fight for his liberty; that voice which he hardly heard. Therefore, only a sober and watchful life can protect you, with simple words, to take care about your soul, and St Paul even said, rejoice in your tribulations. And the flesh has very much "space" in the spiritual realm, that’s why a person if he really wants it, he can grow very dark. Wherefore, the dark hour represents the return of the soul when repressed consciousness material is pressed out, here, the light of heaven flows in! And during tranformation they are often inwardly distressed and often have a shiver like those with fever, and that is, because they are in direct opposition to the Divine, as infernal fire is the love of Self (here I mean selfishness). Ya, the world and every worldly lust which has a form of delight but is in reality a snare. Therefore, heaven and hell are in man and this mud operates quasi as a cross birth in the soul and thats why St. Paul said: in the flesh dwells nothing good. Envy, hatred, revenge, anger, cruelty, fierceness, any falsities from evil encompassing man like a cloud which is black and dense according to the degree of his evil. In scripture anger and wrath, jealous, zealous are attributed to the Lord, but they are in man. And it is so expressed in scripture because first of all he speaks in such a way to infants, to bring them back and second of all such is the appearance to man when he is darkened, and vice versa he who is in the light knows his mercy and loving kindness, yea, even paradise because through ascension the white dove is brought forth, ya, we are actually lifted into heaven’s warmth, love and light via an opening of our inner rills love flows into the deeper rills of our minds and into the deeper rills of our bodies and dross gets cast out and this results in a lifting, as though we were brought out of the fog into clear air, or out of the air into the ethereal. And therefore, everyone walks in his own atmosphere or in his own spiritual field (each being has within it the LOGOI as the principle of its own development, the universe can be contemplated as man). God is a consuming fire, and he cleanses his vessel, the refining process. Via ascension the body receives the lightness of the Spirit, the purer breath rises and becomes Heaven (transformation, transmutation) and we receive in Heaven also the heavenly WILLPOWER. Listen, righteousness is very well seen and proven by appearance because those who are known to Sophia, their faces are serene and radiant and their eyes burn in divine love. Therefore, further in conclusion, if there is still something or a bit of the black raven left in the soul/body, then the Elements have strife [disharmony]: heat against cold, fire against water, earth against air, each is death and destruction of the other, also sickness, plaques, wrath are a result of it, wherefore wrath must be here rightly understood, that is, everything which does not let us experience the supernal inexpressible joy in paradise and therefore it is anything which presses a person down. And similar, a very sinful person, he looses not just living knowledge or swims in bitter water, he becomes also heavy and material overshadowed - contraction power (the dark contracts, later more to it). Behold, the act of creation goes magically with us via the sevenfold energy, because we are embedded in the wheel, as God sourced souls! Wherefore about this Mystery, the proud Wiselings of this World have always trampled it under Foot with Scorn and Contempt. And to the question if weeping can help when someone has something done wrong (remorse)? The answer is a clear yes, that’s why you read in scripture: blessed are those who mourn, this is nothing else then the soul which wants to return to her former innocence [to get rid of shame]. And weeping can easily break up the glue, but for sure we speak not about worldly sorrow which is something entirely different, ya, it simple must come form your heart! And therefore resurrection begins every time that a person plunges this world's opaque, curse-riddled multiplicity modality into its God-centred modality.We have to return to the immoveable and to unity, redeeming the time because the days are evil. Via repentance we go to the Lord and then we are drawn upwards towards heaven, the wheel gets inflamed. We are the garden of paradise, and the weed or tares are sown by the enemy, it is up tous to keep our garden clean. Listen: via the Microcosm, and the inner fecundity it is seen that it is a cosmic wheel which begets itself in itself, and everything contrary to God will separate us from God (energy split off), hindering us to awaken from the dream of external life. As and also the universe has been created out of the cornerstone, out of the seven spirits of eternal nature, even all colours are made by the seven Spirits [LOOK AT THE POOL, WE HAVE BUILD, THE RAINBOW IN THE POOL, ANOTHER SYMBOL FOR THE SEVEN SPIRITS]. Wherefore the ideas existing in the universal mind are innumerable, so also all the forms, therefore, you will not find any truth in any form, you have to return to the formless! The crystalline earth is found in that spherical realm [in which all objects shine in transparency]. And the mirror is also called sea of glass because everything is reflected upon it. All nature has been made an Image and it is up to us if we choose to live in a sun scorched land (plunged in darkness, sore, heat, to be a naked one, a false prophet, clothed with sulphur flesh and in extravagance, the Babylonian pomp). Ya, in the apocalypse, the inner senses are renewed in order to perceive the highest beauty, to hear the highest symphony, to smell the heavenly fragrance or incense, to taste the highest delicacy, enjoying the Gifts of the five senses in a spiritual Way when the light within us lights the whole world – the crystal palace, light shining all around! Therefore, the blessedness affects the sensory functions and the corresponding divine realities flow directly into our minds, acknowledged by looking at objects which can be opaque or translucent - crystalline. And when the objects are crystalline, then we stand in the true sun, ya, the earth lightened with his Glory, clothed with a cloud (the circumference of that realm is unknown to us, that’s why it is also called cloud, Glory cloud and the habitation is in the air). Our life can be changed into spiritual pleasure or into wrath – and those who climb up to the mountain top of divine vision, they are drinking from the river Lethe in order to forget the old man, at least very much of it, ya to forget the earthly life, that is, all the soul blockages and so on are cast out, we are quasi saved by eternal Wisdom and we have also gained enlightened understanding! The immoveable Kingdom is by itself most glorious, magically, colourful, the supernal world (God may be all in all). And understand it rightly, when our soul gets dark, God the sun did not grow dark, the sun did only hide herself and heaven and hell universally co-exist because of free will! 


And since the soul is God sourced, that means, when we cast off our body, that the circle has found its limit – and with sickness and death it is the same, because via the 7 spirits wheel God seeks and finds himself eternally (and the body is like an additional scroll)! And regarding this inner fecundity God always generates, incessantly, but about our souls, we have our similitude and figure via the mental womb and the will has its foundation in eternity. And the artifical Spirit (mud) is shackled (enchained) to the soul and not to the body – and therefore when you discard your body, then the soul takes the Spirit to other planes. Hellish means, to bath in your own poison and so people differ like stars differ in splendour. The sun has one degree of glory, the moon another, and the stars another, and so it is written that everyone will be judged by his works – already in this life. Ascension = we return to a state of innocence (wherefore we dont mean here childish innocence, and it includes also boldness and bliss and etc. and the term liberation may better fit to explain it). Ya, and the adversary operates in the external (Kingdom divided), he is not in the number 1000 – the number 1000 which is the God realm in which the immovable race of perfect humanity dwells... Wherefore I do not say that everyone outside of the apocalypse will go to a hellish plane in after-life, no... and the afterlife topic is a topic by itself!!!


Further, this knowledge here makes the integration of all man possible, we have on common ancient abode, and it connects a variety of phenomena, as the seed, so the tree, as the tree, so the fruit (fruit of the Spirit, virtues), universal truth. Truth is a person. And blessed is he who is before he came into being (firstborn out of the mental womb, our light beingness), as and also only those who have come to know themselves will enjoy their possessions, for the Aeon is fullness for them, the blessed Stone is only obtained by its own seed, out of which it was made from the beginning [God needs no outward help]! Join heaven to earth in the fire of [divine] love and you will find in the middle of the firmament the Truth – thanks to the Spiritual Architect. And regarding transmutation the colours will be the clearer and more distinct the purer your water of life is, or as the Lord said: let the one who is thirsty come, that is, you have to plunge deep to reach into deep wells within you and should you do that, then he will strengthen you! Wherefore we get also reminded to Noah, as the springs of the great deep burst forth, as the well is our basement reality in the apocalypse [LOOK AT THE POOL WE HAVE BUILD]. Two worlds, we are in-between and the one above is paradise (God realm). And in paradise THE WATERY MATRIX will be known to us, deified matter. Recapitulated: the eternal realm is Fullness to us and the seeking of truth has found its end, that is the mind stamp of the Majesty.

8) You are one string in the web of life, and when you hurt others verbally [in a bigger way]; expect that also your own soul gets damaged or is already an abomination of desolation (low level mobbing). Yet again do not misunderstand it... we have a conscience and we can speak loud words when something does not fit... and therefore we use common sense...

9) Sacred patterns: Now, it is true that sacred geometry exists in some way in the solar system and also generally in nature can be patterns found. And yes, even the gemstones which are described regarding heavenly Jerusalem, reveal something, for example the Amethyst! And we can check fractals, hexagons etc. in snowflakes, and we know that also with physical water and how it reacts under different circumstances, and about the apocalypse, there is another advantage, that is, that in our circumference, that for example food gets sanctified because of the energetic governing wheel and similar we saw on the Mt of Transfiguration that even the garment of the Lord did shine white as the light. Further, we could say, breathing light and consuming it with the food.

10) Animal covenant: It is said that antique societies existed in which men were so enlightened, that they were perfectly acquainted with the feelings and habits of living things, they brought them together, trained them and communicated with them like with human beings. They were Masters over all the beasts, and also we read in scripture, in the old testament, in some verses about animal covenants, for example in Hosea. These sages could build via the mind and understanding a bridge to them. And for sure, we get also reminded to Adam in paradise.

11) Miracle worker via the similitude: in the God realm, the Sage does roam the infinite [having creation consciousness which is the mind stamp of the Majesty in the divine water flow]. To pass through metal and stone, to walk upon water and not to get burned by fire, all that is possible. Not that such power are his goal, such Masters are dead to the ego (selfishness); even when they have such power, they make no show out of it and if they use it, then only for the reason to bring people closer to God or because the circumstance requires it... The similitude is the key, via the similitude the perfect man is able to put his imagination into any thing, and it goes along with it because the outward manifestation or appearance has its imprint in the inward, the Logos, the word is its inner reality; all physical things center in the perfect man, everything is a manifestation of that uncreated light! And they are also miracles worker and this includes also healing and to manifest fish and bread etc.

12) Male and female: In the Beginning, Adams Image and Figure did represent God, and that was, male and female, he had the virgin in himself, in imitation of the creator and later on Eve was brought forth, out of Him, therefore, in the beginning, he represented AdamEve. Similar, in the one flesh Mystery, man and women complement each other; the divided paradoxical opposites come into union. St Paul and the Lord taught that marriage is not a sin and both together can make their journey towards the God realm. Nevertheless, there is neither male nor female in Christ, and this can be acknowledged as the virtuous reorientation of the human energies toward dispassionate relationships (and when we speak here about male and female, ya, we speak about the energies, and also some would ask if sex is possible.. later more to it). Therefore, the beauty of the women is a vague reflection of the way beyond the way, a flight of the soul with the beloved beyond horizon bonds, and absolute Union with God is a love which whether death nor life can separate, perfect blessedness, eternal, and a permanent peace, the ultimate reality, the Hymn of the pearl, the pearl of great prize, the Self pearl. In Rev 14:4, we read about those who follow the lamb wherever it goes and that they have not defiled themselves with women, now, this virgin-like state is that which has been explained about male and female, that is because they are light born, firstborn out of the mental womb, therefore this has nothing to do with transgender like it is displayed today, because that is carnal thinking and about the apocalypse, here we become pure intellect and energy etc. aka god-like. Therefore, someone may ask, if someone makes it in the apocalypse and when he is no longer in any need [and that is true!], could he still have children, for example with the idea, that God may bless him with advanced kids? My answer, that what I have written about the redirecting of the energies, that is true, and that sex is rather a faint reflection of it, but women and men can complement each other, also sanctify each other, and yes, family is still a blessing. Further Iam not against water baptism nor infant baptism as seen in the orthodox church, and also the family has to be brought into the church [yet church means also simple a gathering and the common church today did grow old for me because as I see it we have to go on but that does not mean they have not also some useful function like funeral or this and that]. Now, therefore, Iam also not even against Sabbath in the church [and that people meet together which is not a bad thing, same with communion, it helps!], nevertheless the eternal Sabbath is in the apocalypse, and when we have seen all the Bible verse about the holistic truth in scripture, then all quarrel should be gone, because that makes ~90percent or whatever about the Bible [and only blind people will neglect that, yet we do not have to listen to them, and there is also a hierarchy and this includes all the Master who went before us]. And about such little things like this sex thing, ya, it may be a little a offense to some, to be androgyny, but you know, he who walks in such a high level, he has already achieved more then most humans and yes, on the other side, about sex, it is no sin, sex is not a sin! IF we can have sex in the apocalypse, we will find that out later... for now just understand that man and woman get perfected with the energies.

13) Saints with incorruptible body and shining in uncreated light: Some saints who have laid down their body, their bodies did undergo little or no decomposition, or delayed decomposition, which is called incorruptible bodies, yet for sure, there is still some decomposition when they were not fully in the God realm, and yes, we know that phenomenon regarding saints who had also the divine vision or little glimpses, ya, some of their bodies could be seen in churches, wherefore here, the reader can do his own research. And about the uncreated light, internally, it is at the same time as real as the visible physical light, that’s why we have also the Spherical vision [light Globe]. External shining of this light is a rarer phenomenon [light which pierces through the skin, halo] because that would imply a full ascension and not just glimpses about the divine vision, and yes, we have some witness about it in books like “Lavsaik and Spiritual Meadow” and other writings from other saints.

14) The DUAL NATURE: Jesus on earth walked in DUAL NATURE [light of heaven, opening of the souls eye and human nature, a mutual interpenetration]. Ya he had his soulls eye open yet he had also some flesh problems… and later in the resurrection he showed us the perfection. And we shall come now to Him so that the wrestling wheel starts to run upwards towards heaven. About the Lord on the cross, only the spoken word died, but eternity does not die and he suffered voluntarily. On the cross, death did face death, and further we know that the temple curtain was torn from top to bottom, Jesus as the new Adam, which means, we have fully access to paradise. But you must accept the power of the cross to inherit the divine realm (God realm), you must seek death as the entrance to life, you should not fear the death of your old personality because otherwise your fear will cause you to cling tenaciously to the mortal condition. You have to envision and you have to find that which resonates with your innermost reality, as the Lord said, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened, the door to the divine realm. Ya, my people die because of lack of vision and because of lack of knowledge, dry religion will not do it. And you have a free will, therefore understand, for the case you got instructed about the Bible and you know all the prophecies concerning the Messiah and all that which he fulfilled and maybe you know also many shadow meanings regarding the old testament which points to the new covenant, that does not mean [because of Gods prophetic insight] that God controls everything sovereign including your will! You were created in his Image, God knows, sees it all but also you act, and when you do something wrong, you regret. And the Illusions of mortal existence is strong in this world, you feel insignificant and transient, but you did come from divine light and therefore you have the potential to enter into the highest realm, the Lord wants that you believe whole heartily in the resurrection. ==> The deeper meaning of water baptism and communion: A full water baptism means to dive fully into the water and then resurrect out of it, similar, the final reality is also a full immersion into the GOD realm. And about communion: the wine brings us back to the translucent wine behind the veil [in shouts of joy & praise] and the bread is our food, ya with expectation we await his coming [from the outward we go to the inward, strengthened in the inner man], moreover, the sacrament, the world [body] comes back into harmony [new world or GOD realm, immaterial day]… Isaiah 60:8, Psalm 104:3,4 Psalm 68:4, Ezekiel 1 chariot, The God realm is insofar local because we still walk with our body on this planet and yet it is non-local because of the liquid mobile - sphere, similar, Jesus appeared physically on this planet, but when scripture states of Jesus: “But he walked right through them, He went His way” – even when the Lord appeared physically to them, nevertheless he could switch the realm (or place via portals), retracting his physical form that was projected into this realm, and departed from the crowd that wanted to kill him. And regarding the Sphere, we are fixed in suitable environment - corruptibility is exhausted, we do not travel outside our own sphere = its the garden enclosed, fountain sealed and because of that some Master can venture in whatever place they want [in scripture, that is called transportation, we saw it with Enoch and Elijah and Jesus etc.]……...Decoding the Song of songs: You will find the Chariot, the chamber (and wine cellar, valley of the universe), the rose of Sharon, the aperture or window (we become an aperture through which the universe looks out, Isaiah 60:8), hinds feet (which speaks about the energy behind the veil and self control which goes along with it), the honey divine sweetness (we taste the energies), the enclosed garden (sphere) – fountain sealed, water which never fails, the incense which speaks of the heavenly odour in the God realm, the sun and moon symbol, round goblet (circumference and nurturing aspect, Joh 4:32, joy), summer (dwell in the age to come versus winter), the gate to the God realm and so on, wherefore I give here only little impressions, so that the reader can feel himself into it

15) THERE IS A DANGER IN THE MOST HOLY PLACE (apocalypse), the Highpriest was not allowed to drink alcohol, therefore, those who make it in the apocalypse, they should become Rechabites, otherwise, there will be the danger to be thrown in a prison of immense darkness, through unclean spirits and old strongholds (that which kept our vibration on a lower level), therefore, we should not loose our primordial self, and even when the soul rejoices again greatly, we should not never stop in strengthening our soul, never stop fighting and never loose our crown, as and also – there is also a kind of acclimatization season

16) Now we understand this seemingly paradox, that we own nothing [the kingdom within is God generated, we move with Him, the flow which we do not own] and possess everything [as the core of the universe], we are sorrowful [wherefore in the apocalypse, this has to be understood as a holy compassion to all those who are outside of the paradisiacal region, simple they don’t have it], ya, yet we always have joy! And we are unknown [to all those who know not the God realm].


17) In scripture, wisdom is called wisdom full of diversity (manifold), and that is, because via the immaterial water flow one uniquely real knowledge manifests in us! Here we behold all the diversity displayed in nature becoming this one without end, we stay in the permanence, that is the permanence factor within via the mirror and to see God in all things, a delightful arrival. And if we want to speak about destiny, that is our destination, arriving at truth by a flash of light, a lightning that comes out of the east and shines as far as the west, ya, everything is a manifestation of that uncreated light, our star light being. The path which leads us back to Unity, we only have to get rid of our sordid garments, that is, the emotions of the affections in the soul which are defiled… Stay always straight and simple: speaking truth for the sake of truth, doing good for the sake of good, in simplicity, be like a child, in endurance be like a knight, knights of the sun… yet be also not indifferent… what does not fit for you, you can have your saying (don’t be foolish religious) ==> The Lord say, your mind must be cleared from the falsehoods of this worldly realm [this merely outward you], ya if you are to be taught Eternal Truth, I am the door; the person who enters by me will find Eternal bliss. I am the bed; the person who lies on me will enter perpetual rest. I am the Light; the person who sees by me will view all things. I will build my Body on this Rock of Light, so that the gates of darkness will never be able to encompass it. The mind of the Child of Light will be filled with Light, the peaceable things of the heavenly realm. The one, who walks the Way I walk, though he may die, will live forever, for he cannot be overcome. Death is swallowed up in the victory of Life. Behold: Iam the luminous one and when you read in ancient writings that you will see your Image [appearance] before you came into being, that is nothing else then the bosom Glass and Iam as a figure of light in it, and that figure can not die nor can it be shown to others, and since it is an all encompassing vision, this divine realm, ya we will reign over the entirety. To overcome, that means, to put on your garment of radiance and to put on your resplendent wreath, clothing yourselves in light, sitting on your throne of radiance... in Psalm 104:29, 30 we read, that it renews the face of the ground, that is, the earth is filled with the glory of God, with the river circulating through us, and here, our tent got enlarged (consciousness), the house of the Spirit. Gnosticism: You are from the fullness, but you dwell in the place where the deficiency is, but again, when what is alive leaves what is dead, what is alive will be called upon, that is the God realm, and whatever is born of truth does not die. Therefore the pearl has to be found in your own fallen nature. There is in God no more but one only spirit, which comes to succour your whole Being [within and without] and it is further the Stone which is rejected of the builders, and is the chief corner stone; upon whatsoever it falls, it grinds to powder, and therefore so narrow is the gate that leads to divine love that no self-sufficiency can ever enter in [we must be truly born of God, light imprint in the well]. And in the God realm you will see that Harmony with the environment is heaven. And as a Mystical saint rightly said: Those that enter the divine realm: if anyone can reach it, then the whole World could not contain the Treasures, which this seed of Faith should command! Remember Mose and the burning bush, he had to take of his sandals, because he was standing on holy ground. Wherefore, the inmost truth will show you that holy ground [CHECK AGAIN THE POOL WE HAVE BUILT], the well without bottom, that is the hidden ground of our soul, ya, we have to sink into God, and from that ground we become a figure of light, here, we become the same simple ground, leading earth with itself to heaven, to fly through the midst of heaven like a morning mist, the waters overflow the hiding place, and the earth is then resembling a crystal stone, in that liquid pearl. And in that place, our body receives the lightness of the Spirit, having our share in the beautiful and good. Eternal wisdom is a disposition of the heart. Whoever drinks of this immaterial fountain experiences a renovation of his whole nature. God revealed in us is our glorified state, we are gone beyond the world, and we are in God alone…...The mystical experience is the state of union between true Self and universe. It appears with immaculate clarity, without any fantasy of the mind and is in all things present! About Illusion: It is the same with the 8 beatitudes, they are looked upon as something which is weak (meekness, poor in Spirit...) but he who enters it with his heart, he finds all life and paradisiacal joy in it (people in the world are caught up in their own cleverness and the selfish ego is strong, thinking wrong right and shrouded in ignorance). Only evil does destroy harmony, and eternity is harmony and since you have the book of nature in your heart, you have to become simple like nature, the all-pervading energy of nature. And you can not separate meekness from being fearless or from bliss or otherwise you get a wrong picture about it… meekness is like divine water flow!!!

18) SOUND OF MUSIC, apocalypse concert: Psalm 150, God in his sanctuary, the trumpet as a symbol for resurrection, the call into his bosom, by the trumpet blast, the old world is vanished, the tambourine is made in a CIRCLE, moving to the rhythm of the sacred heartbeat, the divine beat of Immortality, with stringed instruments (the harp), all our fellow strings are tuned in, and with organs (the pipe, flute, wind instrument), we have the stream of the universe, and all that with the high soundings of the cymbals which has a bell dome which produces a higher ting, the 7 Spirits governing wheel which rules over the lower wheels. And further, all 4 Elements were also known (in ancient days) as the sound of earth energy - of water energy - of air energy – of fire energy when played on ancient instruments, via different hand beats etc. The apocalypse concert... the flowing Godhead… it is all about the 7th day rest.... Genesis 2:4 – in that DAY God made the heavens and earth, God rests it in... Symbolic for us, it is also the last day, eternal realm. Listen, also we emanate light and colours. Peter walked on such a high level that even his shadow (aura) could heal others. Acts 5:15 That what you emanate reveals your current atmosphere, or better to say, in which atmosphere we walk, and so we also say that the purer breath rises and becomes Heaven (transformation via the sevenfold energy) and simultaneously the body receives the lightness of the Spirit, energy increased. WHEREFORE to explain this secret, leaven as sin (miss the mark), see Pharisee, the rust upon the soul or the dross as explained in this book, this does also inflate the body, and as such, deforms the soul and body and this is also the deepest meaning about the dough – therefore, you have to leave entirely the hellish source and the evil nature, raising yourself above this elementary world. And that is true: the True self does not need contemplation concerning materials, knowing the activities of matter [bosom Glass, everything is reflected upon the mirror]… Therefore, works derive their quality from the love that motivates them. Works done from a heavenly love are heavenly, for what is done from heavenly love is done in the Lord and everything done in the Lord is good. But deeds arising from infernal love are infernal, for what is done from this love, which is that of ego/selfishness and the world (just lovers of themselves, lovers of money, animal passions…). Ya, this is done from man himself. Works, or more properly, his love in act, is what makes the true character of man, is what makes his very life. Isa 9:19 the hellish source is the wrath stream in man, the land is darkened (grey town).

19) Have you ever contemplated that Jesus calls us his bride and that the bridal ring is round? Behold, we praise naturally God behind the veil, and God eternally enjoys himself and creation, and as it is seen in Psalm 73:25, the Kingdom within is God generated, none other to desire, wherefore the sight of the well fills the heart of the beholder, a sight so glorious as no words can express... ya, and you have to understand that if the saint has really attained silence and the energy of God works through Him, then physical proximity is necessary, it does a great job by itself, to help others [removing ignorance, the mind sinks into the heart], the very presence of such a saint invokes a higher mindset, similar Jesus had the power to bring his disciples closer to the Spirit realm which can be easily seen because Paul had at least glimpses about the divine vision, then we know it about Peter via extra biblical sources, Thomas and probably Matthew and John lived a very high life etc.... further, people have to learn, that they can not act independently of God, love is universal, happiness is their inherent nature, the bliss within, so, the first love – singleness of mind, wherefore early Christianity did know that and it was in reality a religion of the Spirit, ya the enlargement of the human consciousness was vital, true wealth, that is, to know yourself. CHECK: when the Kingdom of God is within you, then the realm must be of God, to become a dwelling place of God in the Spirit……….Isaiah 11:2 Spirit of Jehovah, understanding/discernment/consideration (receptacle of wisdom) – wisdom/skill, reverence of Jehovah – knowledge/know, might/strength/mighty acts – counsel/advice/plan ==> via ascension, this 7 Spirits go hand in hand with the 7 spirits properties (4elements, light, darkness, love), and the ascent is combined with a revealed matter, Spirit in matter; the revealed [matter] is the ascent of the mountain. All the realities of our existence, inflow & outflow & equilibrium (three pillars), yet in their effects transcend Nature. Apocalypse, that is about the universe, ya the individual soul and God appear in it… CHECK: also the ancient Hebrews have known the seven: (Beth) Sun, (Gimel) moon, (Daleth) Mars, (Kaph) Mercury, (Pe)Jupiter, (Resch)Venus, (Taw or Tau) Saturn and Gold, Silver, Iron, Quicksilver, Tin, Copper, lead and wheat, barley, grapes, figs, pomegranates, olives, date palms. And the symbolic numbers: 1) God, unity & harmony, 2) House, Duality integrated (Man is inside the world, like in a house), 3) 3 fold creative force, perfect spiritual manifestation, 4) door, door to the other world, 5) window, light comes in, grace, 6) hook, sinful nature, 7) sword, rest, creation is completed or divine completeness, 8) new birth or new beginning (which I also call world rebirth party aka born of God) ==> You need a pure heart and a renewed mind to understand the ethereal imprint in scripture. A lot of Scholars have changed the Bible with their translations. They do not understand Numb 12:7,8, Psalm 78:2, Lukas 8:10 etc. and that the Mysteries of the kingdom of Heaven are not given to everyone, which means, you must be mature to receive it, the same is true with the dark sayings, similar God spoke with Mose face to face but not with everyone. Logos: uttered by an abundant living voice, as divine reasoning, wisdom is included, and therefore there is no harder shell then sin (brainwashed by the machine world, ya, they became artificial)… CHECK: The veil represents this world as a barrier, and behind the veil, there is not even any delight in sinning, the infinite treasure is a never ending bliss, the God realm. And behind the veil the ecstasy is not in contradiction to compassion; in fact it is paradise which makes real compassion possible because by acting from the ancient abode, from the place of total liberation…. CHECK: You have to understand, that we were not originally created for the purpose to suffer, to have disease or even to die but rather that we would be Master over creation in a love relationship, wherefore a good amount of the heretic infant religion which is out there, they will deny that fact, thus, they deny also the all-pervading life – love - light force, paradise and the new Adam and the holistic picture in scripture, ya they see it not. And if you want to know the secret why the sun in the sky can not bother you behind the veil, Psalm 121:6, that is, because everything in nature is inspirited and impregnated by the uncreated light (highest vibration, ever born now bosom glass)... CHECK: You have to get rid of any earthly outlook, similar we could ask: do you want that matter does control you or that you will begin to understand the spiritual aspect in matter? Behold: during this process, during ascension, the person has to break the old image about himself, ya the black raven needs to be cast out, and during this process many things will come into his mind about his past life, also regret and learning, and at the same time, his soul gets quasi reconfigured via the light filling, healing rays. The person must always choose for himself if he wants to go further or if he wants to fall back into worshipping the animal image - to fall back into the world, and sometimes a great onslaught is necessary because of the astral cravings [and the stimulus of his outward presence], ya the path of renunciation and of pain (to take up your cross). The pride of intellect must be overcome, and understand that you also build your home quasi in the other Heavens (afterlife), and only spiritual and beautiful thoughts produce beautiful surroundings (or better to say, it needs the higher contemplation). And further, we have to become pure to become a channel as also more angels will be drawn to it (check also Psalm 90:11), speaking here also about messages, messenger, to receive higher promptings, which often sound like our own thoughts, by which we often dive into the higher spirit realm unknowingly, as also all that helps us and it brings with it a brighter understanding. It is the love-light that fills the universe (landscape).... and in the higher spheres, there is an initiation into the secrets of the universe, ya, again which needs higher contemplation, the inner heaven contemplative state, to be linked to the whole and having the wisdom thereof – as and also, how you perceive the world is nothing else than a reflection of your current state of consciousness (from a crude, dense material expression to a consciousness which integrates the modes of all manifestations), ya, alchemy changes the mundane into the supercelestial, and ascension, that is, a change in the rate of vibration!!! And the goal of spiritual growth is Union with God including emotional and cognitive well-being. Behold: Ether is a state of condition that pervades the universe (the air is the spirit). The law in nature is only the external concept of the love pipe (energizing force). Similar if we loose the life force in a bigger amount, then easily disease can manifest and I know that by myself because I made a mistake after my first ascension and I lost a huge amount of life force and I got birth marks very fast, beside some other problems, and only the harnessing of the energy did heal me again to a better degree... Listen, the vast majority of scientist and many Christians call their idol nature and they are complete ignorant to the Spirit, but we know that nature is inspirited in the apocalypse, mind over matter is our motto. And the higher spheres are invisible to those who are below it, those in ignorance, they have no real vision and since they are material overshadowed their thoughts are very gross in correspondence to the dark land in which they live (ensnared by objects). And therefore, we should not ignore the Microcosm science… And so you ask me, what can I do beside the contemplation which I learn here? Answer, be still and wait on God, an important tool for climbing up the ladder, besides fasting from the world, and yes, fasting from food can also help to starve out the mud in the soul. Climbing up the ladder = light, life, awareness, love, peace increase in a holistic way… And also people can later meet me at LC… for the case we really built it!

20) And as another secret, in Ezek 1:27 you read that he saw the colour of amber, that is, that this could point to electrum, at least it would make sense, because Gods energy has a similarity like to be electrified. (amber effect, ancient people carried it as jewels, amber rubbing)… And ya, an inaudible thunder is heard in the apocalypse, the wheel turning itself in it, charge & discharge Job 36:29, Rev 4:5…. generated via the sevenfold energy… Ya, we have to built a clear basement, and that includes the divine vision, and not just that but it must be presented in such a way that milk and meat Christians can understand it [without going astray or getting too much headache], and that they can feel themselves into it, then this Glory church or new church would become a stable building and because of the reconfiguration of the mind of people, ya, the devil should flee in a greater dimension. We change the world from the inside out, and further, there should be an ongoing revelation, visionary and creativity and generally new things will appear, wherefore a lot of people of the church system are a bit blind and do not believe in ongoing revelations. CHECK: behind the veil = faith of God, Heb 6:19: the anchor for the soul, firm and steadfast which leads us into the most holy place, ya, this Blueprint in this book is about transformation, to have some knowledge and vision, hope, and to make the best out of your life, as it is also very important to know the WHY. We can either be conformed into his Image (image and likeness) or to the pattern of this world, and further, our goal is the unity of faith, Eph 4:13 (full measure of the stature of Christ), and it is also about reconnection to creation via GOD, Rom 8:22, to be a good steward… CHECK: 1Cor 2:9, eyes had not seen nor ears heard...the visible and the invisible [and in mystical language, that means, to be beheaded, martyrdom, to receive the Christ mind], and ya the immaterial water flow is the Spirit without measure. Psalm 11:6, 7, Psalm 27:4, John 14:21 he manifests himself to us, God as the object of mans happiness, to behold the beauty of the Lord. When we read in Isaiah 51:16, my words in your mouth, covered you with the shadow of my hand, and lay the foundation of the earth [LOOK AT THE POOL WE HAVE BUILD, here you will find the foundation], ya, some Mystic call it also the wine cellar in accordance with the joy which flows with it, to be drunken by the Spirit, wherefore in Gen 1:27, this Image in Hebrew is called tselem and means: to shade, similar we read in Psalm 91:1, to abide under the shadow of the almighty, the shadow is a representation, resemblance. Union with God is made via contact, and here we reflect Gods perfection, begotten gods.

21) True Christianity is about waking up and about he expansion of consciousness and further we have to understand that the conscience is included. Therefore, in conclusion, when the conscience is included, then we easily recognize that some Christians speak about keeping the commandments but nevertheless their conscience can be very dull (with a thought chatter, swoosh in their heads etc.) and therefore, it is rather an obligation for them and [according to their dullness] it is no longer the law of liberty which is found in paradise. And when someone would say that it is not fully true of what I said about the 10 commandment and the dull conscience, then you have as first prove that behind the veil we love God above all the visible things, then there is the second prove about the mud [and lower passions] and the third prove about the problems in Christianity which are played out today, legalism problems [too rigid etc.], self righteousness, even the question of how to keep the commandments which becomes behind the veil obsolete. Therefore, they simple have not the liberty and inexpressible joy which is behind the veil and so on, and the list could go on and on. Therefore, most Christians make always their fit for themselves in their teachings...and stumble...and I have seen it all and in conclusion: the term true self and awakening are appropriate. And we can also look at the Epistle of Clement [Ethiopian Bible] Shall we become slothful in well-doing, and cease from the practice of love? God forbid... let us hasten with all energy and readiness of mind to perform every good work. For the Creator and Lord of all Himself rejoices in His works. For by His infinitely great power He established the heavens, and by His incomprehensible wisdom He adorned them... with His holy and undefiled hands He formed man, the most excellent [of His creatures], and truly great through the understanding given him the express likeness of His own image. For thus says God: "Let us make man in Our image, and after Our likeness. So God made man; male and female He created them... How blessed and wonderful, beloved, are the gifts of God! Life in immortality, splendour in righteousness, truth in perfect confidence, faith in assurance, self-control in holiness (wherefore holiness means in reality to be HEALED)! And all these fall under the cognizance of our understandings [now]; what then shall those things be which are prepared for such as wait for Him? The Creator and Father of all worlds, the Most Holy, alone knows their amount and their beauty. Let us therefore earnestly strive to be found in the number of those that wait for Him, in order that we may share in His promised gifts... put away all slander, iniquity, along with all covetousness, strife, evil practices, deceit, whispering, and evil-speaking, all hatred of God, pride and haughtiness, drunkenness, vainglory and ambition [boasting can not exist behind the veil, we become powers of God]. For they that do such things are hateful to God; and not only they that do them, but also those that take pleasure in them that do them... And it does not need more then the 10 commandment which are in the ark and the ark is in you, therefore to keep it very simple and behind the veil, because of the divine vision, this is complete idol free. And the Sabbath is found in the apocalypse, eternal rest. Why shall I be in marriage? Answer, because first of all, there is a mystical connection build between women and men and secondly if you were a child, you would not ask this stupid question because no child wants to see divorce and conflict, contention. It is only that people grow dark and dull and become too selfish, that is all about it and secondly you should not be too controlled by lust, it should be kept in the boundaries of marriage, but even here, when people grow dull, it becomes only a dull animal thing, as everything which death represents is a loss of energy, they become artificial [but people simple do not see it because they have only one consciousness and so they feel just a bit more robotic but they do not fully recognize it]. Therefore, everything is kept simple. Why should I curse no one? Answer, because it is not about mortals and you want to be embedded in the web of life, the way to immortality and see Microcosm. What is your answer? I understand now clearly and it is simple, but what is with friends? Answer, good friendship exists only when they are full of life [which is rare, and most people have wounds] and when the world is darker, then you need a holy abstraction from creatures, and further, never stay with fools, therefore, it is simple. And you do not need the religious nutcase attitude which is often displayed. The secret is to understand the web of life [and the divine vision, which is like the flowing of water] Further, we know of many saints who had such a sensitive and clear conscience, such a high awareness that even any tiny stumbling were mentioned by them as horrible sins (horrible, because they wanted to taste paradise, to know Christ, and they wanted to avoid anything which blocks them) and here we speak about sins which a common believer would not even recognize. For example THEY ARE NOT FEARLESS!!!, THEY HAVE NO IMMORTAL MIND!!! And again, the saints in the apocalypse become dispassionate because all their energies have been redirected and therefore lust and other works of the flesh vanish completely in them and I know from my own experience that it is a return to innocence and so I realized through the cleansing of my soul that my conscience [in my youth] operated in a higher purity and that later in life I gathered mud in my soul. And about the apocalypse, we have to go even further in the cleansing process and return to the beginning, the place were we see God face to face. A true Christian must let the flame burn in him and make every effort for further ascension and he has to keep a simple life with a vision in mind and therefore he has to ask himself: What is my goal in life? How do I look at the world? How does my inner voice become again very clear and do I have real devotion? And how should I look at after-life? And which part of Christianity [or religion] has to be ignored because of the traps which they put into my way and so on, and above all, to know that heaven and hell is in man and that preacher and teacher are very well able to deceive others. Therefore, when speaking about reality and discernment and by looking at preacher and teacher etc. who are senseless according to their conscience and when they display a pitiful imitation of Christ or when they are in complaining and murmuring, self righteous and when they taste almost nothing of paradise [which is revealed in us in the apocalypse], when they get shaken by every wind and when they are always fearful [embrace cowardice and negativity?], then, in conclusion - we have to say that they became wells without water and simple gathered up too much mud and my advice would be, that you should avoid sleepwalker, those who have fallen in a very deep sleep as also many of them do not want to change! Further, you have to understand that Perfectionism is a sin (to miss the mark) or that it is fake, as and also behind the veil is full liberty. And we often see, that religious people operate by the love of appearing, they do it not from the interior liberty [and if you are mature, you will recognize it], wherefore the true Christian knows that the good is from the Lord, he is in the interior liberty, and about transformation - there should be a conjunction, draw close to God and he draws close to you and that means to starve out the works of the flesh. And when we reach a higher level, then all hate and anger, jealousy etc. and offense does disappear as it is written in 1Corinthians 4:5, Luke 8:17 And when the healing rays appear upon the soul, then he will bring also the HIDDEN THINGS to light [awakening, transformation, Illumination]. And as we have seen that the kingdom within is God generated, therefore nothing of the visible can be put above God, not even our earthly father or mother (Luke 14:26) and then for sure, in the second place we love your neighbour [Kernel reality]. Now, lets look of what scripture says about the works which will be judged: Romans 2:11 God shows no partiality and in Romans 2:7 we read that he renders to everyone according to his deeds [or works], similar to 1Peter 1:17, Colossians 3:25 he judges impartially and Matthew 12:36, everyone will be judged (and the tongue is also who we are), and Matthew 16:27 The Lord will render (give back, return) everyone! according to his works. Now, and when we read in 1Corinthians 3:15, about the fire test and that He himself shall be saved as by fire which implies that Paul is not speaking of works which are floating somewhere around but about the quality of the person and his heart! Ya and maybe there exist something like additional rewards but here in this case Paul speaks clearly about the persons quality (character), he himself shall be saved but only as through fire and this becomes even more evidently because Paul goes on and says that the temple of God is holy and that we are that temple. And further, as we know, God is a consuming fire! And the kingdom within [in the apocalypse] can not be moved (God realm) as confirmed in Hebrews 12:28, the immoveable Kingdom, and this immoveable Kingdom, that is soul salvation 1Peter 1:9, exult in inexpressible joy, refined... Further, we are not folly religious, that is, if somewhere lives a native Indian who searches the Great Spirit and keeps himself in meditation of heaven and of God [supreme Spirit], then the Lord is very well able to come via his Spirit to him and so it is also written in Rom 2:14 they do by nature things required by the law, written in their hearts. And the native Indian will have an inner knowing and therefore and again, everyone will be judged – Proverbs 15:24 the path of life leads upwards for the wise that he may depart from hell beneath, Job 24:20, 38:14 the wicked shaken out of it, Proverbs 22:8, Ezekiel 18:26, 33:13, 15, 16 (turn away from wickedness and get restored, and nothing shall be remembered or mentioned about your former wickedness, and Micah 7:8, 9, 19 can be also applied to the old man mud, to drink from the river Lethe, all that which blocks is cast out in the apocalypse. And further to acknowledge, to confirm boldness, Proverbs 28:1, the righteous are bold as a lion. Rom 2:9 anxiety and distress on all wicked... Further, about mud, if there is a child which had received less love or is in some trauma but gets a Jesus encounter, and that can be also done via apocalypse saints, then, they can change that child very fast, to help that little child and this is also or should be probably much more fast done because this little children have often not such an attachment like some adults who became full of mud, therefore, learn from this book which you read. And Heb 3:12 speaks about an evil heart of unbelief, therefore, unbelief is evil and those who do not believe in paradise and who do not believe in the apocalypse, they are mixed with evil, and therefore, we have the Microcosm and Heaven and Hell in man, and this is very evidently because Paul spoke about Gods rest and that rest is found in the immoveable Kingdom. ==> recapitulated: it is utterly nonsense to say that Christians go to heaven in afterlife and every non Christian ends up in hell… complete nonsense… everyone will be judged by his works (and if reincarnation exists or etc… about that we can speak later) ===> and yes, I know Jews had more woman (wive)... and they but had to take care about them and so on...

22) The energy flow behind the veil is all-encompassing and can not be faked. In comparison, any fake “demonic energy” may shake in one part of the body and then somewhere else, all that is fake and wrong and can by no means be compared to the apocalypse. And ya, In scripture we read that some people lived a few hundred years, that is, because they had so much life in them, in scripture this is called Zoe life, tree of life, water of life, abundant life which is also available to us. Further, to say that the God realm is not supernatural or that the vision can be described without supernatural knowledge, that would be the same insanity as to say, explain life to me without experience, and therefore it is a peace which surpasses all understanding, an experiential oneness knowledge, but nevertheless some bridges can be build about the vision, and as I was also an engineer and lived in more than 40 countries around the world and I had also bigger projects, so also, the only thing which I do, that is, to combine the supernatural with logic and with vision and symbolic language, and via bridges. And further we see here, that the other knowledge needs to be puffed up because it ignores that which is higher, that which is above reason but not without, that which is all-encompassing, that in which all liberation is found, in which the mind got liberated. And to explain it more clear: Imagine a big grid and the whole grid represents Christ, then the lower mind is too slow, he can only pick up a few crossroads and his senses are hypnotized and if you give this lower mind only short sayings to explain the God realm, then he will draw a kind of similitude from the dark land in which he lives because his senses are not renewed aka the face of the ground is not renewed, Psalm 104:29, 30 because he lacks energy and breath, wherefore this similitude is build via matter [and imaginations thereof] because he is more material overshadowed and so he stumbles and limits himself by himself in this limits, as and also, only oiled wheels run freely. Therefore, never assimilate to 21 century apostles who have no understanding, ya rather understand that Jesus opened for us the way to paradise [apocalypse], and that includes all joy, happiness and to be liberated from the cares of this world, as in paradise the cares of this world do not exist [we are not in need], paradise is the utmost potential which a human being can reach and all who see it, they want it, and that is the true light displayed by real saints and shown to others. Further all the names of God manifest behind the veil because he becomes our all in all, his righteousness, receiving all strength, exorbitant joy, most delicious heavenly taste [and all senses are supersensual, renewed in heaven atmosphere, Psalm 34:8], he becomes our providence, our shelter, everlasting, peace, heals us, he sees us, most High vibration, Almighty (eternal nature is his clothing), he guides (shepherd), ancient of days (ancient abode), creator, liberator, redeemer (Eden restored), Abba, Lord of hosts, Jehovah (the great Iam, he who causes to be) – Jesus (God saves), holding the seven Spirits... therefore, all the Hebraic names for God, we have it in one breath behind the veil (aka in the God realm). Further, healing miracles are done by compassion [and sometimes via unseen spiritual messenger or whatever, wherefore everything is created by his energies]. Jesus said in scripture, when he rebuked the storms, you of little faith, why are you so afraid?, Jesus often spoke about faith and how little faith others had, and yes, this includes even Gods providence, as many people are today wrapped with the cares of this world but behind the veil is lily season, again, not in first the kingdom and his righteousness and all the other things will be given to you... very important... Delight! yourself in the Lord and he shall give you the desires of your heart, Psalm 37:4, trust in him and he shall bring it to pass

23) There are a lot of preacher and teacher who spoke in tongues (this strange brabbel of the Pentecostal movement in USA) and did this and that, nevertheless they went astray and into other religions with false doctrines or simple lost faith, therefore be not deceived, many speak many words but that is only surface talk and the mud in the soul (which deforms the soul) is real and behind the veil = faith of God (liberated from rejection, liberated from all earthly habits, liberated from loneliness, and liberated from all this other problems (wounds, sloth, anxiety, nightmare dreams etc.) A further problem with so called religious leaders, many build their own kingdom and as I have already mentioned that in the biggest part of the western world, that the God realm is not known and therefore a lot of their doctrines are worldly. Jeremiah 6:16, at the crossroads, ask for the ancient path!!!, and you will find rest for your soul. Listen, God is everlasting joy (he knows no disappointment)… About friends and school: You may ask if I have a problem if someone learns something in school. My answer is no, I do only say that you should detach yourself from the Babylonian stuff, doing it for yourself, to stay as a simple child of faith as and also that which the world wants to destroy about you, you should not allow it, as and also the world can not offer paradise nor does the world want that you reach up to paradise [here, this includes even friendships, worldly friends who know nothing about the Spirit…] ==> Nothing of the mortal sense can see the Kingdom within… wherefore every healthy little child which plays joyfully with others outside, complete blithely, easy going, lightheartedly, we could even say they closer to the eternal now, such a child proves that hell exists and that hell exists in man including religious people [nothing good dwells in the flesh], all the different myriad problems and worries with its played seriousness, and often anger, to be complicated, to be carnal analytical and what else, to be self absorbed, all that which is often seen in adults, all this is nothing else then hell, as and also many wanted to be wise or wanted to be this and that and in reality they became fools and that people do not see that, that shows their immense blindness. And therefore and also for the reader, yes, I have seen demons and other things, now, but SEE, you can have a more easy prove regarding transformation by looking at a little child! And yes, also when you get sometimes a glimpse about a hidden higher awareness, maybe a smell or etc, that is a recall for you, that there is more available. Wherefore when we return to the state of innocence [because of the White dove purity], yes, this is childlike liberation nevertheless not childish naive.´(leaving the routine machine)

24) At least when you climb up the ladder or back to innocence, at least you should feel and experience in your awareness that something invisible (the Spirit) penetrates the visible, something intangible and likewise here you taste at least something of the living water, but LOOK!, most people [the vast majority] are caught up in their own cleverness and see or feel it not [they feel and know only the material world, it is quasi the scheme of the Demiurg, and this includes fashion (insecurity), their social number, their acting, their fake archetypes, their wrong role model, their learned ignorance (projections), institutionalized, their separateness to the environment; as similar and even a self centered religious person can express himself in rituals and piety, quasi by outward appearance, ya, many of those religious people who are half footed in the world are rather concerned with fitting in and being accepted by those around them (including social status). Listen, if you want to reach up to paradise, you have to be a “holy outlaw” who does not fit in, a radical one, because the apocalypse makes you radical independent of the system and that is the last thing which the system wants about you [and in really most of the cases also your parents can distract you, they are not less an enemy according to this topic, not that we hate them or do not honour them or do not love them but it is their assimilation to the world]. Who really reaches up to paradise, God is his insurance and God is his liberty and not the routine machine which wants to make us sick with the cares of this world and other things, yes, which wants to make you weak so that you conform to the counterfeit surveillance of the world, the mortal sense control system dominion [an illusive Darwinist, Hegel, communism... whatever construct], a redirecting of minds with all its advertisement, fashion, media, secularism, materialism etc. and survival fear and assimilation to worldly burden etc. and what else... The world says: get drunk, have party, and this or that makes you groovy or special or to be just a womanizer or whatever, believe in our 3d brains, fear the future, fear that you do not be prepared for the next level in your life, that you do not have the bigger car or better title or... And therefore it includes also the system which always conditions people to go from one level to another, school, higher school, to have more things, better title, working in a working place which becomes a routine machine and so on and therefore only the wise see that it never leads to life itself, and it is the mud which makes people believe that they can buy happiness, but see again, see the wise, happy are those who are liberated – because they live fully in the moment [and are one with the external in an encompassing term, imperishable realm, we become one with nature (via God), and that is real life] And even if such a liberated person would had plans, they do not change him! And I do not say that you should not work, I say, see through it, understand the deception.. And further about the ladder, about the visible and invisible experience, later this awareness becomes more a oneness [and to discover an order in the universe, a symphony], to feel connected with everything and again later, more and more joy is filling our belly or from within and we feel even more the living water, we become more fresh and the water makes us easy going, and yea, we can compare the living water with normal water because it has a similitude, and again later at one point, the souls eye opens up [the imperishable realm]. Therefore, that which I explained with the intrinsic substance and that no visible object has intrinsic substance or can have intrinsic substance (all visible things are made by the invisible), that is not a scholastic learning via letters written on paper but a state of consciousness and inner knowing which someone can have already before the souls eye is open. Ya and this consciousness is maybe more known by most healthy teenager but they just do not express it or explain it, they only live it, therefore about the purification level, that would be like an older healthy child [by comparison, and similar below that experiential knowledge which is simple, below that is already a bigger “animal mind” which knows nothing about God and such people are not intimately known by God, and further, their life is heavy and weary but they have accepted it because of assimilation...And now to end it, to give a last example: SEE, I go back to the apocalypse and even if my body got some scars (and other problems) because of the second ascension which was needed [as I made a mistake in my first ascension], still, if I live just for one day fully, fully in the moment!!! I have won the whole race and no one, absolute no one else can top it!!!! Iam in the void, the void is the way, the way is the void. And this void, to clarify also that one, only blind religious people have misused the term void, because this void in the apocalypse is a void and it is called void because it can not be contained but nevertheless it connects us to all things and therefore it represents a communion with all things and it is not a dead nothingness, similar and also behind the veil, a person is good or behaves good because he does it by his interior liberty, that means, because he likes to do it, expression of his true self, he tastes paradise.

25) Listen: You must enjoy all things [eternally] as God does enjoy them, and that is infinite blessedness and if you should be one of the blessed who does enter the apocalypse, then, I tell you, you could stay the whole day with your feet in the sea and watch the waves and what else and a bright magnificent reality is displayed before you and it will not get boring... but the consciousness of a lot of people is so dead, so utterly dead or dry that they have to run from one place to another and experience almost nothing, so what are they doing? Answer, first of all they say that the other heaven [afterlife] is very wonderful and this life here on earth is miserable, but I say, look at these hypocrites, look at them, they know it not that Heaven is in the soul and further, since God is love, lack of love destroys the body – earlier or later (magical healings can only give you some pause or some relaxation but the whole magic is the God realm), Microcosm factor. And someone will say, when you speak of such an extreme ecstasy in the apocalypse, then it is fake religious that some are in prostration or humble prayer and such things? Answer: to this I say, NO, because exactly such things are sometimes [not always] the exact right approach to God, that is, that his grace and fire works in them and breaking their ego, proud and shifting them into a moment of recall (holy moments) and heart washing (mourning, breaking glue, awakening), similar the same is true if there is a presence of an extreme saint aka someone in the apocalypse, so also some people get exposed before them and they get confronted with their hidden “higher self” and therefore it is possible that tears run down on their faces or etc. It is simple a heaven atmosphere encounter. QUESTION: when Jesus walked above the water, could he also walk under the water? :-) How can the body be immaterial and tangible? Answer: the body is immaterial because of the bosom glass and it all stands in the lightning or flash upon the Glass, the whole Sphere, and the body is tangible because it is simple tangible in that construct – by the Spirit as universal power, all power. The body is dissolved and like a phoenix resurrected and made into its heavenly properties. We are quasi Kings of our [God given] Kingdom in that divine realm (we live in the age to come, new era), the divine realm collides with the world but we are stronger then the entire world (that’s why we posses the earth, Matthew 5:5), ya, already because of the 7 Spirits governing wheel. And our Kingdom is clean (ethereal). We are Master and reign. And because the glory or divine realm is a collision [eternity] with the world and because of the governing wheel, also those outside will taste something about it, aka those who are not in the supernatural world, like a bit of rain coming into their world. My advice: GET RID OF RELIGIOUS FOOLS. Why do you listen to the people who say every day that tomorrow ends the world? this wiselings of the world do not know that the end of the world = God realm and God realm = shelter, see Psalm 91, and walking on a new earth with a new heaven, and here we have lost our mortal sense and therefore this “prophets” can only play on the feelings of the immature sheeps, wherefore I call that boring and for me it proves and I do not want to offend someone but it proves that they are utterly lost in the world, made weak by the world, muddy. Apocalypse saint are STRONG: John 10:18, no one can take my life from me – and as said, we see ourselves immortal and further, we have even no fear about judgement, 1John 4:18, a perfect confidence and perfect love casts out all fear. Keep a little bit self-brutality when you go through hard times, otherwise God can not use you fully but never ever be self destructive but focus steadily on the goal and the goal is the Spirit or God realm which is the end of all suffering (paradise found). And all traps have to be learned and I say it again, no alcohol is allowed in the God realm, the highpriest in the most holy place, but before you have entered the God realm, one glass wine or something like that is ok... Now, the orthodox say that 1John 3:9 can not sin, seed remains in him, 1John 5:18 the evil one touches him not... that this speaks of Theosis (divinization), to which I agree, and the evil one can not touch us because of the Light sphere and we can not sin because of creation consciousness and the animal passions with the conjunction to the body are not possible in the God realm, nevertheless we have to understand the spiritual rules, and this planet is a test!!! Further, alcohol per se or any other drug becomes useless behind the veil, nothing can top the immense ecstasy which is experienced in God, and everything becomes a kind of spiritual pleasure (5 senses). And be simple, just avoid pornographic images (you know all this addictions) because the flesh will feed on it, with your will you go into all kind of imaginations which steals your awareness (the white dove is purity). Avoid any ruling with merely the flesh. Behind the veil, defence is possible, but wrath does not exist as and also only the divine water makes the body fast; a polished awareness = highest vibration. And as you see, I teach you very simple things (simple to avoid carnal stuff). ADVICE:: it would be good to stay grounded on your feet, and also to go outside, make some excursion, go hiking or do whatever to have some variety in your life.

26) the dark fire is interwoven in the soul ==> the world becomes more opaque ==> the body becomes more heavy ==> it steals breath and energy etc... As wax melts before fire, so let the wicked perish at the presence of God... and see fire test, 1Corinthians 3:13, 2Thessanolians 1:9, the Lord revealed in blazing fire and Matthew 25:46 and these shall go away into everlasting punishment. And see the Kingdom which can not be moved, Hebrews 12:29 God is a consuming fire... Matthew 10:28, 7:19, the tree which brings no fruit , Job 38 the wicked shaken out of it, Matthew 7:13 narrow is the way and small the gate that leads to life! (why is it small?, another interpretation, that is, that you can not go through the gate with all the mud in the soul, it is like a donkey who does wear all the ballast and who can not [with the ballast on him] enter through the small gates of Jerusalem) etc. Wherefore a return is always possible, also Mary of Egypt and many other have proven it, even I myself, I stay as witness because I come out from an immense darkness and probably because of my attitude, Iam still alive, and that means, to spend day and night before the cross, to crucify myself, I even sell all what I have so that I can fasten completely from the world, away from all distractions and cease from my own will and let the heart get cleansed via his grace and to throw myself into a kind of nothingness, continual inward prayer and meditation etc. as and also the Lord said, they are worthy of me. And I had no spiritual teacher, I had to learn it all by myself, and also to search for the truth, to put it all together. I received Jesus at age 33, and now at age 39 coming out again from darkness and to finish this book. And again, to make it more easy, Heaven and Hell will always exist because of free will etc. and so also you can go to the upper levels or to the lower levels, and the upper levels, that leads to all abundant life and it is the soul which gives life to the body, it is all one simple holistic truth, and the after-life depends on your relationship to God, as there are also different planes [and capacities]...And about apostles, prophets, teacher etc. when they do not teach heaven and hell in man, you can ignore them completely because they are only in vain talk and fix everything according to their own fallen soulish desire and they have no part in the truth... Symeon said to his religious fellows: If you really see, how is it that you stumble like a blind man and your whole body and soul are covered with black marks? Everyone has a measure of faith in Him. And I say, behind the veil = faith of God... and it is very well possible for you to become too much a child of hell. And no, I do not deny the cross, I simple say, there are more heavens and hells, and if you want to have a good position in after-life, then you should surrender to the Lord, which is so or so your liberation. I say, have no [bigger] part with religious people who treated down the Mystery and all the Masters who went before us and who left us some witness and teachings. Ya, this fools ignored it all and often fight each other with all their denominations or different churches and whatever and they teach only from their fallen soul and neglect paradise,... as in doing so, many are able to build their own kingdom, but here you will get a book which will initiate you in all necessary things to know, so that you have a meditation of who you are, to get rid of linear thinking and leave traps and to know a bit about paradise and about the divine vision which is here simple presented and written in such a way that you do not go astray. God has brought you to this book; discern it with your innermost being and if it does resonate with you. CHECK: In my first ascend, I had not studied it all and I was a bit perplex, that is, because my eyes received more light, the crystal kingdom or ice palace (translucent factor, LOOK AT THE POOL WE HAVE BUILD, familiar in diamonds), now, also my skin changed and because of the huge amount of light in my eyes, I was not sure of how much is my own perception about the change of the skin and halo, but for sure, now all is much better understood of how the soul gives life to the body, how the senses are renewed and the 7 Spirits wheel is known to me, and so it is written: Matthew 6:22 the eye is the lamp of the body, if your vision is clear [single eye], then your whole! body will be full of light, how much more clear can it get? And I know as an absolute fact, that the biggest part of the washing about my sin life (mud which I gathered) is from ~ age 13 to age 33, that means, if some children [who maybe have also some or a bit better past life], if they are trained with a book similar to this here, then they have only a stones throw when they make it right, yea, very well possible that they can have very fast some glimpses about the divine vision [and they can avoid a lot of pain and suffering]... yet again the biggest part of Christianity is full of nonsense and without vision and in lack of knowledge. Now, you ask, what is stillness? Answer, one of the reason why a person has such a tremendous peace behind the veil, that is, because he enters a supernal stillness, an immense stillness, what do I mean? I say, that we have such a strong awareness that we can just enjoy the moment, just to be fully aware and there is no thought which can disturb us or blow us away or distract us, or to put it more simple: We are full alive and live fully in the moment [therefore, the heavy flesh is fake and most people believe in the counterfeit, but the mind should be liberated like breathing]

27) Logos (miltha, memra...) About the God realm, the darkness comprehended (understood) it not, John 1:5, God realm = enlightened understanding and the souls eye open. Now, what is this darkness if not infernal fire, the dark fire? Job 18:5 the flame of his fire gives no light, the light in his tent (house) grows dark. Proverbs 4:19 darkest gloom, they do not know what makes them stumble!!!, Proverbs 13:9 but the light of the righteous shines brightly, Isaiah 50:11, Habakkuk 2:13 the labor of the people only feeds the fire, and nations weary themselves in vain [finding no rest, wells without water]...Wherefore when you ascend, then the hellish mud gets cast out = through the air which blows the dross away = increased breath and willpower + more light + more living water which makes it all mild and sweet = the 7 Spirits, to explain the drastic energy and strength increase in a simple way, Psalm 84:7, Psalm 28:7-8, Psalm 118:14-15, Habakkuk 3:19, Ephesians 3:16, etc. and for sure, self control is included, full awareness etc. And further about the Logos: because they seeing see not, they hearing hear not, neither do they understand (their heart is waxed gross, dull, unfeeling, stupid) – Matthew 13:20: the seed thrown on rocky ground is the one who hears the Logos and promptly receiving it with joy but do not understand, that is, they are forgetful, wrapped with the cares of this world and with deception, the wicked one etc.... read it for yourself, and the Kingdom of heaven = the God realm, 100fold, therefore, blessed are those who receive this Mystery, to whom it is given to know it... wherefore the Lord calls also those foolish and blind who do not recognize the cup aka when the inside is clean, then also the outside is clean, which speaks also about the God realm and the mirror (bosom glass, all is light), Matthew 23:26, Luke 11:40... LOOK AT THE POOL WE HAVE BUILD. Further about the foolish church: it can get also worst with people, if after repentance of heart (= turn around, ascension) he turns back to his former evils, then it can get worst, also I had to learn this lesson (I made one mistake and got smashed into darkness), but a return is possible... and about forgiveness, it means that you move from suffering to healing, similar, our sins (sin consequence, old man) are not vanished by just one prayer to the Lord, this is complete ridiculous because of the old man, but we are made able to focus better on the Lord and therefore this pulls and triggers (weed, sin consequence) can be brought under submission, and through the sanctification process, then mind, emotions, will, understanding, knowledge changes, which leads us to total liberation... highest vibration. See seven churches in the book of revelation and those who overcome and sit with him on the throne. And also, if there would be no sin consequence (hellish source, left in the soul), then every admonishing in the Bible is useless, every redirecting of the mind is useless, yes, even most revelations which are mentioned are useless... but they are not, because no one is directly in the God realm (habitation). AND to believe that someone who lives a complete crucified life and another one who is with one foot worldly, that they have the same reward in the after-life, only for depraved people this sounds righteous, and specially because the Lord said: everyone will be judged by his works and see fire test etc. And the Lord desires a pure bride. About the energies: the reason why this sulphur which is interwoven in the soul, why it is not so directly comprehended by people, that is foremost because of the flesh and their senses are not in the Spirit dimension (otherwise they would smell it, produced via 7 Spirits) and the other thing, that is that they have assimilated to the world and only when someone would taste immense paradise, then, very fast he would see the hell of his former life, or the hell which was mixed/ interwoven in his soul. Therefore, it is the boiling frog parable, a frog being slowly boiled alive, not recognizing the state in which he is [except someone is in depression or total bitterness (and realizes it) which I ignore now, as and also, when we speak general, then everyone is a bit bitter who is not in paradise, again, they are assimilated to it and think that this bitterness is normal and so they are complete lost and blind to the truth about paradise). Wherefore you shall not fear this revelation, I just show you that a higher VIBRATION is accessible... And further, sometimes, it takes some pain (the Lord called it cup of suffering) to be brought into this higher levels, to disjoint the glue, the mud (cast out from the soul/body), refining process etc. And further, here you can read about the Microcosm factor: Deuteronomy 30:14, 15, 19, Deuteronomy 4:26, this day, I call the heavens and the earth as witness against you, Romans 10:8 (we have to become one with nature via God). And we ascend via: Isaiah 30:15, in repentance and rest, in quietness, in TRUST, we bring ourselves into the manifested presence of God which brings us step by step closer to the most holy place. Many are called, few are chosen. And yes, it is necessary to avoid distractions because when the mind is all the time distracted, then Gods grace can not work fully and the senses are always entertained, the senses which have to be renewed (be still and know that Iam God, open yourself to the inflow), and no, you will have it difficult to see your progress because of dark hour in-between when dirt gets pressed out and you have only one consciousness but yes, awareness and increased peace and stillness as explained are some signs beside joy increase [within] and etc. That means also, to turn off your TV (television) which is so or so cheap [except you can pick up some movies which speak to your heart etc.], and ya, do not to listen to blind people on the internet... and you can combine it with spending more time in nature, and seek not just any little thing, God is found in everything, the transparent light globe, to discern the creator in everything…. For this book is also about higher life quality… and fi you want to have it… ya you must learn some things

28) And yes, some gifts can be imparted to other people (like a mantle) yet everyone has his own soul, walks in his own atmosphere... Now, there are 2 major problems for ascend, first, that is the old man which needs to be broken and that is often connected with mourning by which the current character needs to be confronted with the higher good so that awakening can happen, to taste also the higher love and energy, the second point that is the mind and its attachment to the lower astral forces, this hellish source which produces sulphur, aka spirit of the flesh etc., and so a recalibration of mind is involved so that the mind gets rid of the boxes and habits and old thinking (stinking) patterns which were build.. All this takes a great onslaught and needs a will to let go and to get rid of the fake self. And no common Christian is able to just jump into the full presence of father, it would drive him insane [little or big, it depends on the maturity of the vessel] and not just that, but if such an “impartation” or confrontation would be possible, he could not endure it and the astral forces would shoot back on him because of mind attachment and because of the fabricated void which would be also in him... therefore Gods fire burns it step by step out in me and whoever makes it into the apocalypse, he needs further some acclimatization season, to really become more grounded…. Ya, what you learn in this book, that is the WHY, WHAT, HOW, the whole transformation which leads to the most holy place. God has brought you to this book and it will liberate you from the fake religion [because the fake religion builds concrete walls, Babylonian mixture, unbelief etc.], as it is also written in 2Timothy 3:8 depraved minds – always learning but never able to come to the knowledge of the truth and truth is a person, truth is Jesus, truth is the God realm… DIVINE SCIENCE: the 7 Spirits do nothing else then to give you the full symphony, and this includes also the 5 senses [full spectrum] And gentleness and sovereignty expressed in body language (be like water), a hiding place, a home wherever Iam, Iam at rest, stillness can not be shaken. Further, understand, sometimes during transformation a heavenly odour can arise and it smells like some special incense, that is, that you step closer to the most holy place and mud gets cast out, see also song of songs [in scripture]… again the sevenfold energy produces it… Behold, life is enhanced through increased awareness (faculties), therefore all intoxication is fake and it gives only a short pleasure by which the mind goes in turbulence [the spirit of the flesh messes up the system, the soul is fragmented, lost harmony]... there is an almighty God, as there is also a designer and the light Sphere, but the harnessing of the energy is your business, you must align. The highest vibration is highest bliss and peace and perfect communication, the perfect sound. Creation can not be separated from the source, and there exist innumerable worlds, endless universe – see center and circumference and the worlds are somehow connected via the ongoing process, like from ideas to ideas which I would rather see as a more subtle wax stamp and I must touch the higher dimension otherwise I die. Therefore the past shall not rule over me [mud in the soul, which makes carnal (spirit of the flesh), animal passion, that is also self sabotage]. Ya, I redeem the time. The creator as he is also the source gave the Logos [wherefore when that exactly happened, this does not matter] and you are responsible. Everyone walks in his own atmosphere; humans can walk in a dense and heavy realm or in the higher realm which becomes entirely spiritual, inspirited, in the final stage, and the atmosphere of this highest realm is called ethereal. The reader will ask; you speak hard? To this I say, the world can only fool you when you never got taught divine truths which lead you to the ultimate truth [God realm, here, the seeking has found its end], same with friend circles and so called friends who are worldly and which want that you play their game so that you get accepted, they have no power over you when you understand this book, this book will make you to a soldier. Now, the worst enemy is the Babylonian whore and Christians used by the enemy, as they twist the truth and manipulate and play games which has bigger consequences because scripture is God breathed and they can bring you into snares, one snare after another with their soulish witchcraft and what else. If you want to make progress, you have to be hard in your determination and do not listen to the whore which does weasel all day long with words, for the devil has 1000 of years of experience to manipulate and fool you with words. Therefore, you cut them off from your ear as written in this book. And also the flesh (spirit of the flesh) has no mercy for you, ones it gets you, therefore be soft in your movement but hard in your determination and forget that completely that we are all Christians and we just love each other, the whore will also use that so that you get caught up in her filthy water. You learn from Master, those who live today and all who have gone before us and you will avoid much suffering. Therefore better listen. And if you have a problem with that, you put that book now out of your hand, you are not worthy of it... And to whom can I listen? Answer, to those who align to the biggest part with this teaching here.

29) CREATION: Ya, and the ancient people had 360 days in their calendar which reminds me to a circle. And the question would be also how a more perfected creation would look like, all the patterns, because we humans mess it up with our low energy, or we could call it hell influx in creation, the sacred geometry is messed up... yes, even the water you drink responds differently when you are in the apocalypse. Wherefore some people will say that this sounds crazy that humans make creation to such extend dirty (all the foundations of the earth are shaken), but to this I say, these humans have no idea of how powerful that apocalypse really is, aka created us in his image. Seven as the deepest contemplation about nature, and the book is in your heart, and yes, I would include also other factors about creation, and yes, the divine Magi, he who enters the apocalypse, he has brought the harmony back in himself - the perfect geometry, man and universe, which can be compared to my birthday number 3.17, all what it needs, that is the 3fold creative force, the 7 Spirits and the oneness as also that God realm is fullness to us. And about my country which is called Austria (eastern lands), ya even that country I could use symbolically... as we get embraced by the true sun (rises, with healing wings), therefore, what I say, also when the patterns in creation changed or even change further, nevertheless geometrical perfection is still found in the higher hidden layer, the Microcosm perfection and the governing wheel. And the number 8 is the world rebirth party, that is, the order of the celestial world via the God realm, established on earth, new earth and new heaven, new man or new creation, resurrection. Last day = Genesis 2:4 heavens and earth were created, in the day!!! that the Lord God made the heavens and the earth (correct translation). Last day = resurrected, the God realm or eternal realm is fullness to us, John 6:40 I will raise him up at the last day. Genesis 1: 31 about creation, behold it was very good, behold all things are become new, Hebrews 4:3 works were finished ==> the immoveable Kingdom, the kingdom which can not be moved. Again, we are non-local [via the cup which never runs out) and local [via the body which is still tangible but made light, all is leaded on by the creative impulse, bosom glass] and Babylon is fallen with all her pomp. And every monarch and mighty person on earth is merely a shadow by comparison to the begotten god reality (in symbolic speech, all hills melt like wax, Psalm 97) and the filthy cup religion is overcome, so also the world. And ya, all power comes from within, the soul has a hidden abyss, untouched by time and space that is the bosom glass pearl ==> be detached from desire, that is, be content, think lightly about yourself, never be jealous, if you loose someone, a short grief is ok but then go on, unconditional love is still the cosmic energy (deathless), be [always] without resentment and complaint, be indifferent where you live [the house not made by hands is your destination, be strong, and thankful for the little things], do not act following customary beliefs, do not fear death [you should have a resolute acceptance of death], you may abandon your body but you must preserve your honour [before the source], never stray from the way, don’t let lust control your life, learn acceptance [resignation, even in suffering] – circumstances should not rule over you... A Master is like a rock, inaccessible to anything at all, immoveable race yet still in communion with all things, take care, he represents the core of the universe. Make yourself into a silent immoveable giant. Thats what the mountain is. Psalm 24:3. Dont waste your time trying just to impress people, yes role models exist and we follow boldness etc… yet achieve results but do not boast too much, 1Corinthinas 1:29 (nullify), seek not just the glory of man [mortal fame, the crave for human honour, your honour (dignity) is higher then all of that, as knight of the sun, the dignity is compareable to the light of the world], John 5:41, do nothing that is not of use! Yet you can have fun in life and you make fun… what I eman, get not ensnared! In the void is virtue and no evil, by knowing what exists, you can know that which does not exists [that which can not be contained, the invisible], that is the void, from one thing, know ten thousand things, therefore, be not stiff necked. And yes, we can say that the saints dignity lies in the fact that he represents the core of the universe, nevertheless it is not accomplished without the surpassing source, and without spoken words he emanates naturally praise, his whole being, and he is perfectly embedded in inspirited nature, to become a power of God, Ephesians 3:16, and one with the fluid, feel the power in you, all power comes from within [unlimited resource, flowing endless through you], guard it, dive deeper still [deep calls unto deep, Psalm 42:7]CHECK: Thomas Gospel, saying 77, Jesus said, It is I who am the light which is above [presides] them all. It is I who am the all [over the all]. From me did the all come forth [Iam the entirety], and unto me did the all extend [goes, attains to me]. Split a piece of wood, and I am there. Lift up the stone, and you will find me there.... Psalm 102:26, heaven and earth, like clothing you shall CHANGE them; but the LOGOS (logoi) of me will not pass away Luke 21:33 = Psalm 119:89, firmly fixed in the heavens, God remains the same [to live from the living one, the house not made by hands, not of this creation, LOOK AT THE POOL WE HAVE BUILD] etc. Expanded consciousness = enlarged tent, Isaiah 54:2 = highest vibration = as the seed so the tree (universe materialized or unfolded), as the tree so the fruit [divine love, inexpressible joy, kindness, self control, total awareness – overcome the world... [liberated from Babel language, from a stammering tongue] ===>>> The cosmos: everything exists in context of interconnection, and the cosmos has a self similar design (fractals), likewise all the fractals are gathered up in me (bosom, in the flow, with body eyes integrated, LOOK AT THE POOL WE HAVE BUILD, because everything is reflected upon the mirror). Ya, the cosmos can be contemplated as my true self, in relationship to all things. Aristotle proposed the “dichotomy paradox.” Suppose someone wants to walk home. To get there, one must first walk halfway home. To walk halfway home, one must first walk one-fourth the way home. Since the distance home is infinitely divisible, one must complete an infinite number of tasks to get there. So theoretically, one can never walk home. With simple words, we have to find our true home or house! [a continuous object (a distance from A to B, here, the line just continues, and example would be applesauce) versus finite number]. To be part of the whole, God enfolds and unfolds all things, the mirror (duality integrated), I reflect things like in a mirror (the external birth (many coloured garment) takes its archetype (seal) from the internal birth), Job 38:14, Psalm 104:2 = POLAR OPPOSITES (diversity and unity)

30) also Isaiah 40:22 shows the tent: it is he that sits upon the circle [compass] of the earth... that stretches out the heavens like a curtain [tent], another one would be Proverbs 8:23 set up from everlasting, from the beginning, set a circle [compass] upon the face of the deep [abyss] ==> CHECK AGAIN THE POOL WE HAVE BUILT... similar, we have to return to the beginning, to find our star light being or Self pearl, and we have more Bible verses but the reader can search it out for himself... and also a help, Psalm 136:6, Isaiah 42:5, Jeremiah 10:12, Psalm 104:5 + Psalm 93:1 (earth (or world) can not be moved, clothed in majesty, the Logos, immoveable kingdom) which is non-local, Isaiah 44:24, Job 9:8, a perpetual stretching out = the cup which never runs out!!!, therefore, the earth hangs quasi on nothing Job 26:7, as it is the land of the abyssal eye (the kingdom roundabout), Psalm 33:6, and yes: tent (tabernacle), house, temple, this words are interchangeable. Nicolas Tesla: Be alone, that is the secret of invention, be alone, that is when ideas are born... the gift of mental power comes from God, divine being, and if we concentrate our minds on that truth, we become in tune with this great power [wherefore the “solitary” enter the God realm, begotten gods = filled with all the fullness of God] ==> but who will understand me? the short lived are enclosed in the narrow horizon of their physical body, somehow reduced to being a thing (via the artificial Spirit which makes him blind, he belongs [partially] to the hive of the world, the scheme got him)... Therefore, run my child; learn from me my child and do not listen to the puppet Master... and everyone has to die who seeks rather his own [and not God]

31) PERSONAL STORY: Wherefore someone would ask if it was my total intent to write this book? Answer, not fully, the divine intelligence got me, caught me, somehow connected via the memory pool in me, which explains why I had tattoos on my body which I could not even understand, all the symbols like fractals, scripture verse and many other symbols and sayings... but I do not say that you should make tattoos, this, about me, that was more a breaking out [of the prison] QUEST and later I could decode it, because of the divine vision. And yes, I had other things experienced in my life like the pyramids and the sarcophagus secret, by which someone must hit a very special sound from the throat [and no one else should be in the room otherwise it does not work], and then the whole pyramid vibrates and echoes very strange... I simple had experienced this things before Christ, and all was quasi a bit a journey [and coming out of Babylon etc.] and without the bigger smash after my first ascend, I would had never ever put so much effort in it to write the divine vision etc. down with all the downloads aka revelations and to make it eatable also for those below it... as and also every person can say afterwards, that this book is easy to understand, as afterwards it is always easy, and people forget easily, that is, to acknowledge all the words which were necessary for it, all the symbols, all the holistic understanding, all etc... and also blind people will try to imitate it [and use only little sections of this book] but they will fall, because it does only work via the whole book because the whole book covers every corner of the mind [otherwise people twist it or mix it with carnal stuff or...]... And yes, I had only ~5 year Bible study and with it, I also looked into all the writings of the saints who went before us [and today we have the advantage because of some communication tools to find very fast ancient writings in the internet, ya, also this book includes many other sayings, it is not all directly from me, some very ancient sayings are included and also a few sayings from saints who walked ~ 3000 to a few 100 years ago... And I simple know how to put it into context because of the language of the Mystics - which has also to do with divine intelligence etc. Isaiah 12:3 well of salvation…. Only we understand the well

32) Pride: that is a superconfidence and high esteem in your own abilities also known as vanity. Pride fools you into thinking that you’re the source of your own greatness, as in the opposite the healthy True self love is accomplished via the source (then you love your Self in a sense to feel love... you are simple happy). And that is the meaning ins scripture: you have to hate your own life so that you find the true life, never save your own life, Luke 9:24, then you reach up to the source, a transparent soul = poor in Spirit, liberated from all vain imaginations in the heart. To empty the mind, that is to keep silence and to listen to the ear of the heart, also that helps. Behold, I can do nothing without the source [contemplation] And sloth must be avoided, and so we have another reason why going out into nature [to do something] is helpful. And about slander and whispering, that can not be in the web of life, in the eternal word, all that is mud but not a transparent soul [as and also all that just vanishes in the apocalypse, it has zero usefulness, it can not even exist in it, the mind stamp of God]... That is how it works: You draw closer to God = you feel more love from within and joy = more filled with light = better discernment and therefore, you get less offended and you become more stable in your internal environment, with inner strength, finally all external things do not really bother you, therefore you become complete effortless, you go into the immoveable mountain [you become quasi a pillar, with the mirror]. And mark well my child, You have here the advantage to learn from someone who knows all the steps of the ladder which lead to the final divine vision [Jacobs well, Jacobs ladder], 7 or 8 billion people on this planet but only few who know the divine vision [got glimpses of it] and those who fully resurrect, you can count them with your fingers, therefore you should not be foolish and listen to the other (who deny transformation) and this book has at the end, the full paradisiacal vision explained. 2Corinthians 10:3 [many blind people know not their measurement]... And you will say, but you judge? My answer, yes, why not? And I do no look at outward appearance, and it is not a personal thing, I show the way, and I show deceptions and there is a difference between slander and judging. Proverbs 10:31 The mouth of the just brings forth wisdom: but the froward (perverse) tongue shall be cut out... Avoid unprofitable words. And now you ask; how do my words can become sweet? I say to you, when you enter ecstasy, then your words become sweet too, because you are happy everywhere and even when you would need to speak loudly, it would be still in that ecstasy, this fake serious mask does not exist behind the veil, a person behind the veil can be loud but he does [still] not loose his comfort. The highest vibration is divine love and all the bliss with it. Before that, a person can align himself to the higher state but he is not in the apocalypse. The microcosm determines also the environment, Behold: people say, God sits up there in a corner and he loves me, and I say: you would not need that talk if you yourself would become pleasant. All that God talk about God loves you and this and that, yea, you simple do not have that love nor do you understand the microcosm, nor do you live in a higher state, for if you would live in a higher state, no one needs to talk to you in this way. Look: what you have invited and accepted with your will in life, now this spirits (of the flesh) haunt you [interwoven in your soul like glue or mud or dark clouds...] and your vibration is low [your emotions more bitter and mixed] and your environment is more coarse and dark and you get easily shaken by circumstances, you are more far away from the supreme bliss / the immoveable Kingdom... And again, someone would ask me, you, Martin Mostbauer [also known as Nomad], you are very brute and you could live even with that fact about your hard ascend that your body got many hits and lost mass [and face lost beauty etc.] and how can you live with that? Answer, I can live with that because I had trained my body beforehand and even when I got damaged, at the end it is the soul which gets liberated and here, and that is true, even the light pierces through the skin [Microcosm perfected] and I have won the battle and about after-life = escaped and entering the highest realm. Look, there exist some ways for harder ascends [climbing up the ladder] but that is only for the small circle and it will not be written here in this book. What do you want? How much do you risk? Are you able to give up everything, even your fake Self, etc.? And what many do not know, but the supreme intelligence will reward it when someone like me who had no spiritual father learned it all by himself and had to clean up his messed life [because I got not trained and I was rebellious] and now I even give this knowledge to others, it is like a seed... and there are causes and effects [sowing and reaping], and all the battle I did alone in my first ascend, I did not go to anyone... I would had also not known anyone, the principle of sacrifice, I had no one, but it does not matter, I just write all my knowledge which I attained through big battles, I write it compact in this book, I give it for a cheap book prize. [for I could keep also everything in secret, which would make me “sovereign” to many other people but no, I say, kids, if you learn it directly in a young age..., you have a big advantage and you can not pay me enough for it with money, at least regarding some of the more important revelations, ya, so that you have a clear vision to which you can align, to know how the soul functions etc. CHECK: a lot of what the media [world, propaganda] sells you, that is, that you should believe that you are merely flesh [matter], and that is insanity and also the school system knows often only secular indoctrination, and this has probably also to do with agenda and manipulation... And since the microcosm is a fact, I know it 100percent, and since it is an ascend via the heart [and the will of the soul stands in the apocalypse in eternity], and since I got it all confirmed via scripture [afterwards!!!] and since I could take a knife and cut of a finger of my body [for a test] and acknowledge that I have still the same Microcosm factor (awareness, consciousness), that means, the soul endures and if any sanity is left in other people, they would understand me. And I was an engineer, thats why I prove and explain also the supernatural, but I do that also for me, because all my battle shall not have been done in vain...for the fool says in his heart, there is no God. Psalm 14:1... And it does not even matter if you believe in reincarnation or not, fact that is, they have build their own consciousness prison and bath in their own poison… MY FRIENDS, LIFE GOES ON… and another check: when someone says, this mortal life, it is not worth to live forever, he is right, only the highest bliss is worth of immortality, an endless treasure, infinite want, infinite treasure, sheer delight and world or worlds without end...[all this lower human emotions and expressions do not exist in the apocalypse], and with that, you have another prove ==> Infinity belongs to the source [God], he expends no energy which needs to be replenished, endless recycling cycles, the flow, non –local. If you speak about an infinite number, you can not even imagine it nor is a human able to reach such a perfection in anything, and it does not matter what he builds, therefore, ye blind people who are in radical transhumanism, ya or whatever machine they want to build etc., you can never build consciousness and only we reach perfection – going back to the source. And I know that the dragon will tell them that you will not die and that you can build such a thing, but you are nothing else then a tool of the artificial Spirit and in vain imaginations

33) Job 37:2 Hear attentively the noise of his voice, and the sound that goes out of his mouth. He directs it under the whole heaven, and his lightning unto the ends of the earth. [Therefore, everything is impregnated with it, within and without (cloud of unknowing, Job 37:21), leaded on by the creative impulse, bosom glass]. Luke 17:24 For as the lightning, that lightened out of the one part under heaven, shines unto the other part under heaven; so shall also the Son of man be in his day. Job 36:29, 30 Also can any understand the spreadings of the clouds, or the noise of his tabernacle? Behold, he spreads his light upon it, and covers the bottom [depth, root] of the sea. [Wherefore, happy is he who knows the root of all things, the holy tabernacle (tent) or house not made by hands, and also the noise of his tabernacle is heard in an inaudible way in the apocalypse, the wheel turning in it]. Psalm 29:3, 10 The voice of the Lord is upon the waters: the God of glory thunders: the Lord is upon many waters. [so also the flow] The Lord sitteth upon the flood; yea, the Lord sitteth King for ever. Jeremiah 51:16 When he uttered his voice, there is a multitude of waters in the heavens; and he causes the vapours to ascend from the ends of the earth: he makes lightnings with rain, and brings forth the wind out of his treasures. For those who have eyes to see, this can be also used for the apocalypse, the God realm, inflow/outflow/equilibrium – ascend/descend (in–drawing/ out-drawing, mirror)...wherefore the reader can search for other Bible verses, what I give here, that is an introduction, and with the 7 Spirits secret and the divine vision clarification or elucidation, all that becomes more and more clear, Jeremiah 51:17 every founder is confounded by the graven image: for his molten image is falsehood, and there is no breath in them. And read also Exodus 40:34 Then a cloud covered the tent of the congregation, and the glory of the LORD filled the tabernacle. [and that points also to the apocalypse, our body is the temple of the holy spirit, behind the veil = raised a spiritual body = new creation, and that is in the glory cloud [God realm]…The philosopher stone (corner stone, spiritual house): beauty instead of ashes, Isaiah 61:3, oil of joy, garment of praise [garment, our mouth will shut in joy when the source embraces us in the apocalypse but also the whole body emanates praise], oaks of righteousness, display of his splendor [spiritual make up skin, halo, divine love bliss eyes etc.], Isaiah 40:31, renew their strength, run and not grow weary [full energy in the Spirit or Glory realm aka God realm, not even the sun can burn us, Psalm 121:6], Psalm 103:5 youth renewed and the list goes on, also here, the reader can search out more Bible verses, and also important, animal covenant, and creation waits in eager expectation! for the manifestation (emerging) of the sons of God, for the perfected vessels, perfected by the potter, that is, fully consumed the flesh and blood of Christ (and the hellish root cast out), Romans 8:19, new creation, all things new 2Corinthians 5:17, and with the liquid flesh we emanate the fragrance of incense (the whole vessel, the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, 7 Spirits symphony, passed through the fire Malachi 3:3, Psalm 73:26 my flesh and heart may fail = liquefaction = spiritualised body, 1Corinthians 2:9 and Isaiah 55:12 as perfect contemplation for the apocalypse, beside some other Psalms about the rejoicing of creation etc., For ye shall go out with joy, and be led forth with peace: the mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands... and that is in wonderland, the God realm, with Malachi 4:2 = first sun, uncreated light, Self pearl, light globe. The highway of holiness...Further, you must understand, that, first, yes, when you draw closer to God, more joy and peace will be with you, nevertheless when the souls eye open, here is an acceleration, the ecstasy and inexpressible joy and similar with it, the spherical light globe manifests itself [like an amalgamation, wherefore it is a big sphere, do not imagine any little thing and no one can say where it ends, 5 senses, only God knows, energy peak, so far as our bodily eyes see] Therefore, not that people say, I see nothing at all of that and then they think that they can discern their progress with that, no, you must understand that the kingdom within does not come by observation, there are indications for your progress as mentioned in this book but nevertheless the opening of the souls eye is again another acceleration. And be sure, nothing is more beautiful then this well, no words can really describe it and the joy flood with it, the ravishing waves, this divine spectacle with the fire moving forward, 4 elements subtle energies and the flash light upon the glass, no one can fully describe it, for how should be an ever born now glass be described, this must be seen with mental eyes and only Gods energies can do that [ever born now], the bubbling well which never runs dry, and this is also the governing wheel [7 Spirits], God is personal, the source embraces us but when we speak about this spectacle, it is a perfect engine, and God can never fall out from himself, and if God were not a spirit, he would not be a perfect engine. And further, the fire is really a very subtle flame moving forward, all the 4 Elements are seen with the inner eye, 7fold energy, it is a constant stream, and a perpetual, ever reception of new light... And all that is above reason, and recognized by a sort of intuition or eternal gaze, peace which surpasses all understanding, Philippians 4:7, Eph 3:17, width, length, depth, height of love, and thats why we say, that the apocalypse is above reason but not without, the heavenly kingdom is inside us and outside of us, creation reflected upon the mirror [glass], the immoveable kingdom [cube symbol] and we are connected to everything by that which flows out of us, and the body is integrated [5 senses], enjoying everything by a kind of spiritual pleasure. Highest vibration, the house not made by hands or tent, that is the garden enclosed [locked up], a spring enclosed [shut up power, inflow and outflow according to the sphere capacity], fountain sealed, song of Solomon 4:12, it is our star light being or our liquid self pearl, and the seal or signature ring is creation consciousness, and nard as perfume is also very close to the description according to the heavenly smell in the apocalypse (but for sure, it includes other smells, it is more then that, it is a heavenly symphony and nothing is better, as it is the highest good, and also all the 5 senses enjoy in all things the highest good. And this earth becomes crystal like, a kind of transparency in all objects, and this is also called the sea of glass because everything is reflected upon the mirror, a familiar in diamonds, roundabout, the immoveable kingdom, Revelation 4:6, 15:2, And regarding the fountain, we say that we are nurtured by the universe... its natural supernatural, the divine Magi’s wonderland, the mind gets quasi liberated in the infinite, God is no longer put into any box and via the similitude (and light body) also greater works can be done. Yet you ask me about the CUBE (or square) and SPHERE (or circle)… Ya, with the inner eye is seen that it bubbles up from the formless point (like a well without bottom) and shifts towards the glass (square) and the mirror is the limit of the INNER & OUTER domain...and it is a sphere because a sphere is absolute perfection, roundabout… yet later more to it… As a Master I guide you… check, my birthday is 3.17, I simple have to accept the magic and return to the beginning [the abode of liberated beings, the abode of immortals, the unborn which bears me and makes me unborn in this birth], its natural supernatural. My country flag [Austria, eastern lands] points to the true sun, illuminating me, breaking the chains, and flying like an eagle above all the superficial knowledge, Judges 4:21, the tent peg, to smote the nail with the hammer into the head, or to get beheaded, to receive the imperishable crown, that is, get rid of the old mindset and receive the new impartation 1Corinthians 9:25

34) And about cannabis smoking, it lowers definitive the vibration, a lot of Christians say the opposite but they are complete dumb. There are some plants which can help a bit for cleansing and raising vibration because of body connectedness, yet Cannabis is a narcotic and it makes very fast dull. Listen, also overeating is never good, the best is to choose organic food [or better food without much pesticide, without GMO (humans who have altered food (genetically etc.) in a poisonous way because they are blind and often greed is a factor etc.], eat less but better is a key, avoid stuff which makes you sloth. Once you are higher up the ladder, then it is easier because of the Microcosm but specially below, use all that which can help you for ascension. And avoid sugar, you have enough sugar in fruit etc., avoid soft drinks and the explosiveness as it is carbonated, that is a wrong vibration, you can drink mineral water, but let the water settle down a bit... keep it simple and pure, that is a key [and your body is made mostly of water, do not forget that]. There is no problem to eat sometimes a cake but also a cake can be made better with some creativity and with less added sugar, and I know that Paul spoke in Matthew 6:25, take no thought of what you eat or drink, yea, but Paul lived not in such a greedy society [with so many people, and then people take less care about each other, nor is it about the old Jewish law, what to eat], therefore this has to be seen in context, and I know that people can pray over food, wherefore we simple can not neglect the Microcosm factor and that a sober person will choose (if he has the possibility) that which brings the body into less troubles. QUESTION: Can you prove the halo on the body? Answer, yes, also that is in scripture, 2Corinthinas 3:7, 11 like Moses face, wherefore about the splendour, the reader will find more Bible verses, and the spiritual make up skin, that is simple because the body gets spiritualised and also that you find in scripture, like oil soaked in a piece of paper, raised a spiritual body, O philosopher stone! [Habitation of God through the Spirit]. And ya, regarding the mansions and the saying in scripture: in Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you... Wherefore I see these mansions as different realms, places in the heavens. WE ARE HIS HOUSE ==> I write for those who are searching for the lost world. It does not need self righteous but only a holistic understanding which prevents someone from doing stupid things, and it needs a vision for the goal, and simplicity for the way, and knowledge, the Why, How, What... many are called, few are chosen. Put yourself under the hard hand of someone who walked it all out, and success shall be with you [and avoid the Babylonian whore and the image of the beast, that is, a false view about the universe]. My child, you see? It is simple, acknowledge yourself as a Microcosm, universal principle. The new world is the river of God, flowing from Him and flowing back to Him. On this ever revolving wheel of being and the selfish ego goes round and round, believing itself to be a separate creature, until it sees its identity with the Lord of Love and attains immortality in the Indivisible Whole. He is the eternal; Reality, the origin and end of all things, all that is eternal, unchanging and that which truly exists.

35) Now, all that what you have read so far, it will make sense to you via scripture, and we have also used logic as far as possible about the divine vision and how it all plays together. You will ask me about other entities (bigger demons)? My child, yes they exist, I had many encounters because they wanted to bring my vibration down and they are not very amused that I expose it all, and that is the only reason why they show themselves more openly to me, because their advantage is that humans should not believe in them. I know their vibration and some did visit me more directly and about bigger ones even footprints can be heard (spirit realm). And since they operate in a lower vibration, then the higher atmosphere does burn them, similar if I get fully washed out, they must run miles ahead in front of me. Therefore, it is their advantage when the vibration of humanity is kept low, with the archonic grid, the web of death [mud]. Why do they exist? Answer, they are just fallen Spirits, similar as you have mind and soul etc. In reality, there is nothing special about it. And most Shamans do also know that this stuff exists... My child, you are in a war, in an unseen war, wherefore when you live a holy life, your willpower should be much stronger, and you need nothing to fear etc. Further, and this here is a separation, the holy from the profane [and with right teaching and understanding, only then you are prepared]. And look at Matthew 25:35 For I was an hungred, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in... Now, there are people who lived in the desert and could not help many people with physical food or etc. or it just was not the main thing in their life, for sure, when they see someone in need, they would help but similar not everyone went to prison Matthew 25:36, nevertheless they reached a high state and they also have it in the after-life. So what, my child? In prison are all those who are under the Babylonian whore church and if you want food, Iam someone who knows how to break through the wall made of bricks, here, you will get spiritual food right to the end of the book with the full divine vision, all your innermost being will be rearranged, even your mind reconstructed and is fed (that is the food) and it will gradually show its advantage for you, it slowly burns in you and dissolves all foolishness in you, ya also unbelief. Matthew 5:40 And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me. Why? See, my child, the innermost kernel, we regard [recognize] no man according to the flesh, 2Corinithians 5:16, and behold, also you have this center (Kernel) within you… THE CENTER IS WITHIN ME… AND WITHIN YOU ==>Evil Christianity builds confusion and disunion, evil Christianity distracts others with their eloquent and smooth speech [to make money, they are often also very learned and only head Christians, sometimes, they are also control freaks, and often, they have a very dull conscience, they are masquerading, you will find no evidence of growth in them, evil Christianity is a system build upon stagnation, evil Christianity is all about the worldly kingdom, they have ignored the whole kingdom within and they are a religion of humanity, preaching a secular social gospel ==> wherefore God says: Jeremiah 3:15, 23:4 And I will give you shepherd according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding... 1Corinthians 10:4 And did all drink the same spiritual drink: for they drank of that spiritual Rock that followed them: and that Rock was Christ. [since you have also the Kernel, and when Iam in the apocalypse, you are allowed to drink from me, but this book is also build upon mind ascension [introduction, with all the scripture verse put together] and the final apocalypse water comes at the end of the book, the eternal word]... Thomas Gospel, saying 108: Jesus said, Whoever drinks from my mouth will become like me; I, too, will become that person, and to that person the obscure things will be shown forth... food which endures to eternal life, John 6:27. And you ask, what are you saying about grace? Answer, it is comparable to a little wound [some blood drops], it heals itself by itself, so also the true self or white dove comes forward, it takes care by itself, and therefore we align with it. And further, you must understand that God is a supernal stillness, understand that!!! And it is insanity to believe that God has wrath in him, God does eternally enjoy his creation, inexpressible joy... and when you search diligently scripture, then you will find out that this human known anger and wrath is only found in fallen nature [cross birth, mud, energy split microcosm]... ya, and also in such a way God speaks to infants, the cup of wrath, his children drink it in disobedience, produced in fallen nature, and when people are stubborn, they store up wrath in them, Romans 2:5, 9, Ephesians 5:6, Gods wrath comes on those who are disobedient! Wherefore that people do not understand that and have build a misconception about God, that is not just insanity, it has brought much confusion and other problems, and some people are so immature that they think about Gods wrath, that they only think about external things which could happen, anyway, here, I finish with this topic. Heaven and Hell is in man. Rom 6:22 have your fruit unto holiness, and the end, everlasting life… that is highest vibration… childlike liberated… not dull, heavy, wrathful with all this blockages in the soul… Ya, and again we can be loud in the apocalypse yet we taste the paradisical vibration! AND ANOTHER CHECK: Can you prove [via scripture] that the universe can be contemplated as the true Self? Ephesians 1:10 he might gather together in one all things in Christ [a person], both which are in heaven, and which are on earth; even in him [which is also our inheritance, recognized in the apocalypse, and nothing is better then that, in harmony with the universe, seen via the eyes of the heart or mental eyes, Ephesians 1:18, invisible and visible, bosom glass (mirror) self pearl] And Colossians 1:17, before all things, all things consist (cohere) in him, this proves further the Self pearl together with Ephesians 4:6 the source is beyond but not excluded [the center is also within me and within you]. The ethereal imprint in scripture, and therefore we speak the same language without confusion [eternal wisdom, enlightened understanding] Now you say, You explained very clear the fractal universe and Christ as radiance and the source (father) via scripture but you spoke about the 3fold creative force, can you also prove the holy breath aka the flow? You see him in Genesis 1:2, then in Romans 5:5 Gods love poured out through the Holy Spirit, then in John 4:13 a fresh bubbling spring, welling up (flowing, bubbling) continually within us into eternal life [which is the apocalypse reality], it is this river from the throne of God, Revelation 22:1, gives abundant life, freshness of life, and I in God we receive the restoration of soul and body, Romans 8:11, 29, quickening of the body. And when the water does not flow, then it becomes stagnated dead water, a pitiful imitation of Christ. John 7:38 from his innermost being (belly) shall flow continuously springs and rivers of living water... And for sure, the holy spirit is the holy breath etc. And can you prove that you see also the fire energy in the apocalypse (the 7 spirits as explained, from the well)? Answer, one example would be Isaiah 33:14, who of us can dwell with everlasting burning?... And you said, you get transfigured in the apocalypse, do you have any prove for that via scripture? Answer, yes, in 2Peter 2:16, 17, here, Peter speaks about the transfiguration of Jesus and directly afterwards he points to us, which is something as complete reliable, and he called it: the morning star rises in our heart, that is, our star light being. You ask further, beside the transmutation of the Body and the 7 Spirits and verses in scripture about resurrection and the spiritualised body [body is the temple of the Holy Spirit] and so on, including extra biblical sources like book of wisdom about our immortality [no degenerative forces are in it] and many other revelations which you have read [halo etc.], you ask, do you have still something else about the unfading God realm? Answer, yes, you read it in 1Peter 1:4, an inheritance which can never perish, spoil or fade, that is, shielded by Gods power, our star light being, garden enclosed, fountain sealed, refined by fire [transmuted, heart washed etc.], golden tincture, glory realm, and the salvation of our souls 1Peter 1:9, in inexpressible joy and for further help you, you can also read the book called: the shepherd of Hermas, as also to Hermas the 4 Elements got revealed and what it means to reign. The soul must be lifted out the world: 1John 2:15, the world and its desires passes away! And, whoever does the will of God lives forever [in the will of God, that is an eternal liberty of free will, we move with him, with the prime mover, our star light being = for we shall see him as he is, 1John 3:2 ==> Behind the veil, aka in the apocalypse, we breath resurrection breath [all mud cast out, 7 spirits harmony], wherefore we could also say, we breath light, it would be not much less true, let the wise understand it. And generally we can say that the tree of life [zoe life, also divine vitality] is not so far away, its inside you, it is up to you to tap into it. Ya, someone has to tell you. And regarding our resurrection you can check Philippians 3:21, Ephesians 1:19, 20 the same power which raised Christ, Romans 6:4, Luke 22:18,19 Here we see clearly that we eat from the paradisiacal body, resurrected body. Listen: The Lords kingdom on this earth, is not a worldly kingdom, but a Kingdom of God, without any of the ostentation of the world, there is nothing external to it, but it is inward, within man, and Jerusalem city, his citadel, ya his dwelling place (new Jerusalem is a metaphor for a group of believer, a city with many houses). And another little help can be the book Theologia Germanica, written anonymous [to use some nuggets]. “That which is perfect” is a Being, who hath comprehended and included all things in Himself and His own Substance, and without whom, and beside whom, there is no true Substance, and in whom all things have their Substance. For He is the Substance of all things, and is in Himself unchangeable and immoveable, and changeth and moveth all things else. But “that which is in part,” or the Imperfect, is that which hath its source in, or springeth from the Perfect; just as a brightness or a visible appearance floweth out from the sun or a candle, and appeareth to be somewhat, this or that. And it is called a (earthly) creature; and of all these “things which are in part,” none is the perfect [and to know that which is perfect, you have to get rid of highmindedness, ya because the apocalypse is also the SINGLE EYE modus]... Single eye: For it is perceived of a truth, that the inward man shall stand immoveable, and that it is needful for the outward man to be moved... And about the saying, “A spirit hath not flesh and bones, as ye see Me have.”, Luke 24:39 These sayings I [also Nomad] interpret thus: you to see Me and follow Me, as I go before you into Galilee; that is to say, into a state in which nothing has power to move or grieve the soul; on which state ye shall enter, and live and continue therein, before that ye have suffered and gone through your bodily death [earthly tent dissolved, and made into the heavenly, liquid flesh]. And as ye see Me having flesh and bones, and not liable to suffer, so shall ye likewise. [this would be similar to the Enoch transfiguration]